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The Skinny on Livelyhood Host Will Durst

The L.A. Times calls Will Durst "a modern day Will Rogers." The San Francisco Examiner claims that he's "the heir apparent to Mort Sahl and Dick Gregory." The Chicago Tribune hails Durst as a "new wave hysterical hybrid of Hunter S. Thompson and Charles Osgood." The St. Paul Pioneer Press Dispatch points to his "acerbic wit, wicked glee and verbal brilliance." The Oakland Tribune puts it in simpler terms: "Durst is the thinking man's comic."

Before earning a living making people laugh out loud on purpose, Will Durst held more than 100 jobs including tour guide in a cave, truck driver, foundry worker, and dishwasher in the Grand Canyon. Durst has a feisty streetwise demeanor combined with a sharp wit, warm heart and sense of camaraderie with people who work hard. He'll bring his blue collar soul and humor to the heart of our everyday lives as Livelyhood tourguide.

Will Durst's comedy career and appearances on Letterman, Leno, Arsenio and specials for HBO, Showtime and A&E have earned him the reputation as one of the top political comedians in the country. A regular contributing writer to George and Funny Times, Durst has been a nominee for the Best Stand-Up Category at the American Comedy Awards every year from 1991-95 he has won the Cabaret Gold Entertainer of the Year award, and the San Francisco Comedy Competition.

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