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Livelyhood's Digital Toolkit

Livelyhood is more than an entertaining hour of television. It's television about extraordinary, ordinary Americans and how they are coping with this crazy thing called work. To this end, the show has quite a life beyond the screen. People have used individual episodes and segments of the show to launch public discussions, open conferences, instruct classrooms, and break the ice before tackling difficult issues like child care, employee stock options, and "downsizing."

How this toolkit can work for you.
Because our time is limited on-screen, this website is designed to do some things we can't within the confines of the tube. For each show in the series, we offer a wealth of resources and links for folks interested in learning more about topics from starting your own business to funding public libraries to balancing work and family. The Toolkit is designed to help you take advantage of these resources in as convenient a way as possible. Feel free to print out and share the information below with friends, colleagues, neighbors and others, and please let us know about other resources you'd like to see here in the future.

Our Towns
How are communities preparing for the 21st century? And what can you do to help your town survive -- and thrive?

Resources for Our Towns

Honey, We Bought the Company

Ideas and information on starting your own business, employee ownership, and other ways to be your own boss, including:

  • Everything you wanted to know about current trends in the world of self-employment and other paths to being your own boss.

  • Resources, including organizations, websites, and publications to help you get started on the road to employment independence.

  • Livelyhood's glossary of need-to-know terms if you want to buy the company.

Working Family Values
Okay, maybe you can't have it all. But can is more too much to ask for? Guess what? You're not the only one looking for the answer.

  • Trends affecting working families, including senior, working moms, the living wage, and more.

  • Glossary of the terms every working family should have at its fingertips. ("Daddy, what is breakfast?")

  • Resources, including organizations, websites, and publications providing support, guidance and ideas for working families.

  • Bring Livelyhood to your town! How do you balance work and family? The Working Family Values project can help.

Shift Change Remember your Dad's gold watch -- and the pension that came with it? In today's world, the workday never ends, and most people will never see that gold watch. Welcome to the work world, circa the millenium, where the most valued stock is privately held by You, Inc.

  • Trends affecting the changing workplace, fastest growing jobs in America and what they pay, a closer look at growing jobs, and the ABC's of downsizing and temporary workers.

  • A glossary for people who work, or know someone who does.

  • Resources, including organizations, websites, and publications providing support, guidance and ideas for finding your way through the changing workplace.

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