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Season Premiere, Friday, September 3, 1999, 9 pm

What Gets Us Up In The Morning? Is It Like Malaria? Something That Once It's In Your Blood, You Can Never Get Rid Of? Livelyhood looks at the American work ethic -- where we get it and how we pass it on. From the outside of the 72nd floor of the Empire State Building host Will Durst looks back on a few of his 100 jobs, while learning the secrets of a relentless Girl Scout cookie capitalist. We also visit an Austin high tech company where working 16 hours a day qualifies you as a slacker; a Nashville bricklayer studying to be an engineer on her union's dime; and a Detroit healthcare executive giving to his community by reaching back .

Season Premiere, Friday, October 15, 1999, 9 pm

Beam Me Down To My Ergonomically Designed Non-Toxic Workspace And My Personal Digital Assistant With Voice Recognition Will Thank You Scotty! From the Bridge of the Starship Enterprise, host Will Durst sets out on a quest for the ideal workplace; trying to prove what's good for workers and their families, is also good for the bottom line -- and the community. Will pays serious homage to the miracle of coffee and maneuvers both a three hour commute and a five second one. We meet architects redesigning the workplaces of the future and visit the Kansas City home of Harley-Davidson where management and labor have collaborated from the design table to assembly lines. Carpool to Nirvana inspires us to make our ideal workplace a reality.

Livelyhood's Labor Day special "Chipping Off the Old Block," will air on most PBS stations on Friday, September 3. "Carpool to Nirvana" will follow on Friday, October 15. Check local listings or contact The Working Group at 510-268-WORK;

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