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On The Road in a Hopi Reservation, AZ

NATIVE SUN -- Hopi Reservation, Arizona

For Debby Tewa, running her own business is less about making a profit and more about meeting an important community need.

The director of start-up venture Native SUN/Hopi Solar Electric Project, Debby sells and installs battery operated solar panel systems, bringing electricity to remote villages on the Hopi and Navajo reservations. Without Native SUN's cost-effective power source, members of both tribes would have to spend thousands of dollars to pull the Arizona Power Service to their remote homes or resort to propane lamps and generators for electricity.

"The people who invest in solar systems, the have their own little power plants," says Debby, who gave up a successful career as a commercial electrician with profit sharing in Phoenix to return to the Hopi reservation. "The reward I get from this job is that I am basically lighting up people's lives."


Livelyhood's third one-hour special, "Honey, We Bought the Company," aired on PBS in September 1998. For information on how to order the show, call 510-268-WORK.


These images captured by the Apple QuickTake 200 digital camera.

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