The Overworked American
  • Americans work the longest hours of any industrialized nation — clocking nearly 2,000 hours a year in 1997. That's almost two weeks more than their counterparts in Japan and two months more than in Germany! - World of Work. International Labour Organization. September / October 1999.

  • In 1998, almost eleven million people regularly worked more than 60 hours a week. - "Hours of Work." Report on the American Workforce. Bureau of Labor Statistics. 1999.

  • The average adult American male works 49 hours per week while women clocked an average of 42 hours weekly. - 1999 Family and Work Institute.

  • Families are working more — especially parents with small children who have added 16 hours to their workweek since 1969. - Ibid.

  • Members of the clergy report one of the longest workweeks, averaging more than 52 hours.- Number of persons at work and average hours worked… Bureau of Labor Statistics. 1995.

  • Overtime reached an all-time high of 4.9 hours per week in 1997 — an increase of almost 50% since 1991. - "Analyzing the Recent Upward Surge in Overtime Hours." Monthly Labor Review. Bureau of Labor Statistics. February, 2000.

  • In manufacturing, automobile makers clocked an average of 4.4 overtime hours per week and iron and steel foundries increased weekly overtime by 3.7 hours. - Ibid.

  • From March 1991 to January of 1998, if employers had hired new workers instead of increasing overtime, nearly twice as many production workers would have been hired. - Ibid.

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