Durst's Workaholic Quiz-Is It Time to Chill Out?

The official Livelyhood Workday that Wouldn't Die workaholic test. Add up the numbers of your answers and check score at end.

1) My idea of getting away from it all is:

driving an hour, unpacking a picnic spread in the shade overlooking a babbling brook and curling up with a good book.
turning off the cell phone.
leaning my head against the carpeting on the side of my cubicle while on hold.

2) In my experience most workaholics are:

unusually driven.
people running the risk of burning out.
slackers with a fancy name.

3) When I need a time out I:

lock the door and take an hour nap.
grab a couple of winks at red lights.
chug a series of triple espressos.

4) A really good restaurant:

has cloth napkins.
doesn't force you to speak into a clown's head when ordering at the drive through.

5) Quitting time means:

when every other person has left the office.
my mental fire extinguisher needs refilling after putting out all the fires.
a quiet ceremony in the shade by a babbling brook.

6) Casual Fridays mean:

everybody else shows up in sneakers and jeans.
only one day to Sunday, which I occasionally take off.
three entire days before anybody is reachable by phone.

7) My kids are:

my strength and my solace.
the reason I work so hard.
reportedly doing much better since their medication was tweaked.

8) A perk I look for in a hotel is:

a modem hookup.
24-hour room service.
the flat soft thing.

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