Your Stories - Portraits of Workdays Around the Country

Robin Weckesser
Working in Silicon Valley for 20-years for companies like Apple, Radius, and Pointcast, I’ve wondered at the logic surrounding the productivity of the 80-hour/week mindset… If someone is working 80-hours per week, their life is out of balance, errors creep in, and productivity drops… I do not view workers of 80-hour weeks as heroes, I view them as missed opportunities.
Leah Haworth
Why is it that so many businesses are run by people who don’t get the concept that IF YOU TREAT YOUR EMPLOYEES WELL, THEY WILL STAY. Even the most heartless, bottom line driven manager has got to realize that it’s cheaper to keep the employees that you have than to hire new ones. Maybe someday this idea will catch on and be the cornerstone of every successful business. But, until then, I guess most of us will keep plugging away at our jobs, being constantly asked to do more with less resources, and never feeling truly appreciated. Ah – the mighty dollar. The things we put up with for it.
I personally have worked 17-hours a day, 7-days week for the last 10-years, and it appears to not be enough. We have crews in all parts of the country trying to supply demand, and everyone pulling multiple shifts simply to get
all the work done. Yet, it seems like all we do is work, and why? I notice that with two person working families or even single parents, that there is not enough time in a day. And, then kids become latch key residents of a
household, credit card debt increases, and everyone is working to buy more stuff, yet never really getting ahead enough to look back and say it was all worth it.
Paul Markham
In 1999, I worked 10-months on a 7-day schedule. When one does this, the weekend only comes once every three weeks… Add this to a one hour drive each way to and from work, and your family wonders why you get grouchy.
My employer is a leading technology company in Silicon Valley. They pay for a fast DSL connection linking my home to the company network. It's great for browsing the Internet using this ultra-fast connection. But I also find
myself working more often from home, since all I have to do is boot up my computer and I can check e-mails and my schedule. It's contagious.


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