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"I miss my daily showers and the telephone.
The ears of my friends and family are getting a rest!" Ellen, scullery maid

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The Scullery Maid: Daily Duties

Ellen and Antonia take a break
Ellen and Antonia take a break

Edwardian Life

A Typical Day in the House

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How to Address the Family

The People: Ellen Beard

Ellen: On Entering the House

Why do you think you would be ideal for the role of scullery maid in Manor House?
"I have worked on a voluntary basis at Arlington Court National Trust Estate which is close to my home. I have found the various facets of old fashioned living fascinating and the prospect of experiencing this at first hand very exciting. It is something I would put a lot of effort into."

"I enjoy meeting new people and think I will find it easy to develop a good rapport with the other members of staff, while respecting the hierarchy we have to maintain."

What skills have you got that are appropriate?
"My jobs have required me to be a good communicator, as well as polite and courteous. Consequently I do not have a problem with authority."

"I'm not scared of early mornings or hard manual work and am a methodical thorough worker, happy to turn my hand to any tasks set."

"I am determined and enjoy challenging situations. My good sense of humour keeps my spirits high."

What would you hope to gain from the experience?
"A personal sense of achievement at having been part of such an important and exciting project and having developed my knowledge of the era."

"I will miss my daily showers and personal beauty products, though the lack of make-up does not pose a problem for me."

"With regards to the house, the fact that no modern domestic cleaners will be available is going to be a disadvantage. I would very much miss the telephone. The ears of my friends and family would certainly have a rest!"


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