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Manor House
"What a project! The chance to actually live in the style of a world that no longer exists is a chance of a lifetime." Mrs Davies, housekeeper
Monseiur Dubiard

Photograph of the family
The Olliff-Coopers

Photograph of the downstairs staff
The downstairs staff

If by chance you meet a Lower Servant, you should walk past, leaving them un-noticed... you will spare them the shame of explaining their presence
Lower Servants: if you meet one of your betters in the house, endeavour to make yourself invisible – 'give room', turn your back, and avert your eyes
"I really don't have problem with having servants...if I'm not being served, they don't have a job. This is absolutely magnificent. I'm enjoying it."
Sir John Olliff-Cooper
About the Series

Manor House
What is the series all about?

TV Schedule
Find out when Manor House is aired near you.

Frequently Asked Questions
Everything that you might want to know about Manor House

Episode Guide
An outline of each episode

Image Gallery
A slideshow of photos from the series

Broadband Promotion
This is a fun introduction to the program. A flash file with video clips - you'll need cable to view it...

The House Rules
The codes of etiquette upstairs, the strict laws governing life below stairs

Resources and Credits
None of this would have been possible without...

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