Manor House Erika Ravitz
As third housemaid, every day "You must rise at six o'clock... and be downstairs ready to work within half an hour of waking." House Rules
Erika Ravitz
Erika Ravitz

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Jess and Erika's
(2nd and 3rd Housemaid's)
Daily Duties

As third housemaid, much of Erika's work involves cleaning the family bedrooms
Much of Erika's work involves cleaning the family bedrooms

Edwardian Life

A Typical Day in the House

How to Address the Family

The People: Erika Ravitz

Edwardian Role: Third Housemaid
Age: 21
Home: Stevenage, Herfordshire
Occupation: Textile Design Graduate

Life before Manor House
Erika joined the project halfway through and was thrilled to take on a new challenge. Erika is a fitness fanatic but imagined that she'd have little opportunity for kick-boxing in Manor House: her exercise would be more likely to be carrying buckets of coal.

Life in Manor House
Erika arrived at the same time as Ellen the scullery maid, and took on the role of third housemaid, so her duties are very similar to those of Jess the second housemaid.

The female servants have to learn to cope with their corsets. These are not only complicated to put on, but also restrict breathing and movement. Not so bad if all you have to do is look pretty like Lady Olliff-Cooper, but difficult if you are doing hard physical work all day.


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