Manor House Jessica Rawlinson
"People in my position didn't have much status.
I'm not used to that, and I'm a bit gobby!"
Jess, second housemaid
Jessica Rawlinson
Jessica Rawlinson

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The Second Housemaid: Daily Duties

The three housemaids (from left) Erika, Becky and Jess
The three housemaids (from left) Erika, Becky and Jess

Edwardian Life

A Typical Day in the House

How to Address the Family

The People: Jessica Rawlinson

Jess: On Entering the House

Why do you think that you would be an ideal Housemaid in Manor House?
"I'm 22 years old, 23 in June 2001 and already my life largely revolves around material goods, like my lovely cherry red Peugeot 106, my wonderful computer which keeps me in contact with friends and my beloved television."

"I'm very dependent on modern comforts and I think... well this will definitely be a challenge. I will have to forget everything I have known about the present and re-learn so I can fit in the past."

"Working in an office I regularly put in long hours to complete tasks for deadlines, a tiring process but an achievement at the end. Also with my Dad having been in the army, I have had quite a regimented life, a lot of discipline, and as a result, taking orders comes quite naturally."

What do you think you will gain from the experience?
"Honestly, I'm not too sure. I'm hoping to come out with a greater appreciation for what I have. I never had to go without, always able to get anywhere, when I wanted, if I miss one of my programmes I would either record it or catch it on repeat. I'm apprehensive, its going to be hard, even soul-destroying at times but, I think if I can get through this I will be able to conquer anything."

What do you like doing in your spare time?
"Typical twenty-something - out clubbing/drinking most weekends. I'm into sports, especially team sports - my fave being rounders (always good in the summer). My interests mainly are with books. I do like to read, especially about other people's lives - crime/detective always a favourite."

"I do have to confess, I am quite loopy and my blondeness can get the better of me sometimes, but I suppose that's part of my character."


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