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"When I go to the cinema to see the period films, I'm not looking at the stars, I'm looking at the dresses." Miss Morrison, lady's maid
Miss Morrison
Miss Morrison

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Miss Morrison: On Entering the House

Miss Morrison is responsible for adjusting and mending all her mistress's clothes
Miss Morrison is responsible for adjusting and mending all her mistress's clothes

Edwardian Life

A Typical Day in the House

How to Address the Family

The People: Eva Morrison

The Lady's Maid: Daily Duties

Morning Duties

  • You will be woken at seven o'clock by the Second Housemaid who will bring you tea, a Breakfast Tray, and hot water with which to wash. All the other Servants will take Breakfast in the Servants' Hall at a quarter-past eight; however, you will be assisting the Mistress of the House to dress at this time.

  • Before the Mistress rises, you should put away any clothes from the evening before and prepare what she is to wear that morning.

  • At eight o'clock you must wake the Mistress of the house by bringing her Tea and thin slices of bread and butter, a newspaper and any correspondence. You should run her bath, help her to dress and do her hair.

  • Once the Mistress is fully attired, and only if you have time, you may assist the First Housemaid in dressing Miss Anson.

  • Morning prayers are conducted in the Main Hall at a quarter-past nine. You should make every effort to attend.

  • At half-past nine, while the Mistress and her Sister take their Breakfast, you must tidy the personal effects in their Bedrooms and arrange outdoor clothes should they choose to go riding or walking. v

  • Throughout the day you must be ready to run any errands your Mistress requires.

  • After the Family's Breakfast, if the Mistress intends to go out, you will need to assist her to change into her outdoor attire. It is customary for you to accompany the Mistress if she is going out.

  • At eleven o'clock Tea is served in the Servants' Hall.

  • The Servants' Dinner is served at Midday. You will take the meat course along with all the other Servants in the Servants' Hall before retiring to the Housekeeper's Room (Pugs' Parlour) for pudding, coffee and tea with the other Upper Servants.

Afternoon Duties

  • After Dinner, providing your Mistress does not require your service, you may choose to busy yourself with needlework or repairs to the Ladies' clothing, or wash their underwear and personal garments.

  • Providing you have the consent of your Mistress, you may take your leisure between half-past two and four o'clock.

  • Tea is served in the Servants' Hall at four o'clock.

  • The Mistress will require you to assist her to dress for Afternoon Tea, which will be taken at five o'clock.

  • You should tidy the Ladies' Bedrooms once again, and begin to prepare their clothing for Dinner.

  • From half-past six onwards you should make yourself available to assist the Ladies of the house to dress for Dinner. The Mistress of the house should always be the focus of your attentions; her Sister should only be assisted if you have the time and the Mistress is fully attired and in no further need of your service. Otherwise the First Housemaid will attend to her needs.

  • Between eight o'clock and the Servants' Supper you should tidy your Mistress's Bedroom, ensure that her flowers are fresh, her cologne bottles are filled, her hairbrushes are cleaned and that she has an adequate supply of cosmetic preparations. Before you leave, you must iron the top sheet on her bed.

  • Supper is served in the Servants' Hall at half-past nine.

  • The remaining part of the evening is to be spent at your leisure, until the Mistress retires to bed when you will need to assist her undressing and loosen and brush her hair.

  • Last thing at night you should place your boots outside your Bedroom door for the Second Footman to collect and clean and return to you first thing in the morning.


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