Manor House Mr Edgar
"It is unpleasant to be a disciplinarian, but I have to be to ensure the codes of etiquette are observed."
Mr Edgar, butler
Mr Edgar
Mr Edgar

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The Butler: Daily Duties

The butler's job, with so much responsibility, can be a lonely one
The butler's job, with so much responsibility, can be a lonely one

Edwardian Life

A Typical Day in the House

How to Address the Family

The People: Hugh Edgar

Hugh: On Entering the House

Why do you think that you would be a good butler in Manor House?
"I believe I'm ideally suited as the butler as I am a confident, trustworthy, mature man, with a rich life experience behind me. This will allow me to maintain morale and discipline 'downstairs' whilst simultaneously being able to act tactfully and diplomatically 'upstairs'."

"I'm also personable, with reasonable looks and good mannered. I am an educated, this will allow me to have intelligent exchanges with the master of the house, without ever forgetting what my station in life is. My interpersonal skills are very good and have the ability to relate with comfort with people from all walks of life and of very different backgrounds."

What skills do you have that are appropriate??
"The skills I would bring are varied. I'm a good administrator with high organisational abilities and not easily flappable. Through my own work background I am accustomed to work with people in authority, receiving instructions from them, and implementing these myself or by delegation. Through my life I have been in charge of people, directing and checking their work, ensuring quality is maintained."

"My work overseas has brought into contact with 'naughty young men' and have dealt with them firmly and fairly. Very useful to handle 'a footman dangerous with the maids'."

"I'm a good listener and very discreet with confidences made to me."

What would you hope to gain from the experience??
"During the three months, it will be hard work without doubt, I will have fun and enjoy myself in 'being a butler', for a very long time I have nurtured the through of actually becoming one."

"What an opportunity to have the experience without considering it a long-term commitment!! I would also hope to find like-minded people with an interest in recreating a 'moment in history' with whom I'm sure long life friends will be made."

"As I'm still interested in studying it will certainly help me make up my mind what my masters degree subject could be. I've had a long term flirtation with 'historic houses' and working as a butler will certainly be a help in fully understanding how they operated."

"At a very practical level I would also hope to acquire some new skills yet unknown to one and which will become obvious through the course of the experiment."


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