Manor House Rob Daly
"All I seem to do is clean knives and forks and glass all day every day and carry things upstairs and downstairs again...!" Rob, second footman
Rob Daly
Rob Daly

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The Second Footman: Daily Duties

The footmen relax in their bedroom in the basement
The footmen relax in their bedroom in the basement

Edwardian Life

A Typical Day in the House

How to Address the Family

The People: Rob Daly

Rob: On Entering the House

Why do you think that you would be an ideal footman in Manor House?
"I watched both The 1900 House and The 1940s House and thought what an excellent chance to experience a different way of life these series provide."

"As a footman, I would hope to have one of the more interesting vantages, seeing both up and downstairs. As a significant member of the household staff I'd make contact with most staff members and some of the family, explaining how they were coping with the social hierarchy. "

What do you think you will gain from the experience?
"An insight into the personal relationships between people when placed under a rigid social hierarchy - and the internal workings of a large house before the Great War."


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