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Manor House Mr Raj-Singh
"What was it that India found so attractive about British upper classes? Now I'm getting the chance to find out. Mr Raj Singh, tutor
Mr Raj-Singh
Mr Raj-Singh
The People: Video Diaries

Program 1
Watch the some of the cast's audition tapes as they wonder how they'll adapt to life in 1905.
(To view the clips you will need RealPlayer - download it here)

56k | Cable
John Olliff-Cooper
John looks forward to a life based on etiquette when he becomes 'Sir John'

56k | Cable
Guy Olliff-Cooper
As 'Master Guy', the youngest Olliff-Cooper can't wait to order servants around

56k | Cable
Charlie Clay
Charlie, a sales manager, wonders what he'll do when he can't go clubbing when he's a first footman

56k | Cable
Rob Daly
Rob fancies his chances with the maids, knowing the second footman gets a smart uniform

56k | Cable
Jessica Rawlinson
Jess worries about going without make-up as the second housemaid

56k | Cable
Lucy Garside
Lucy will take on the hardest working job in the house as scullery maid. But she doesn't seem too prepared...


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