Manor House Mr Raj-Singh
"What was it that India found so attractive about British upper classes? Now I'm getting the chance to find out. Mr Raj Singh, tutor
Mr Raj-Singh
Mr Raj-Singh
The People: Video Diaries

Program 3
Miss Morrison gets all excited about Tristan's breeches, Lady Olliff-Cooper is worried for her family's digestion, Kelly bows out with tales of her bogies, two new maids arrive, and Becky is touched by a present from her parents. Oh, and the chef has gone missing...

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Morrison, lady's maid
Miss Morrison is delighted - she's got hold of Tristan's breeches!

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Lady Oliff-Cooper
Anna, a doctor in real life, lets us know about the digestive perils of an Edwardian diet...

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Kelly's top picks
Just before she leaves the house, Kelly the scullery maid tells us about her bogies. Euggh.

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Some new maids!
The new housemaid Erika and the new scullery maid, Ellen get to grips with the diary camera...

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Ou est le chef?
Charlie finds out where Monsieur Dubiard, the French chef has been spending his nights.

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Becky gets a present
Becky's parents come to the fete and give her a beautiful present.


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