Manor House Mr Raj-Singh
"What was it that India found so attractive about British upper classes? Now I'm getting the chance to find out. Mr Raj Singh, tutor
Mr Raj-Singh
Mr Raj-Singh
The People: Video Diaries

Program 5
On the eve of the Empire Ball, Lady Oliff-Cooper tries to wash her hair with salad dressing, Becky lets off steam about Sir John, Mrs Davies is missing her husband and Kenny the hallboy is in dreamland, having got it together with the scullery maid, Ellen

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Lady Oliff-Cooper
Washing one's hair - an Edwardian melodrama

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How to anger a housemaid (part one)
Becky's furious with Sir John after she took him his tea.

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How to anger a housemaid (part two)
Don't walk all over my nice clean floor! I've just mopped that!

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Mrs Davies, housekeeper
Mrs Davies is touched by the efforts made for Sir John and Lady Olliff-Cooper's wedding anniversary

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Head over heels
Kenny the hallboy has perked up mightily since the arrival of Ellen the scullery maid...


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