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Tommorow's America
I Belong to This
Dustinn & Velma
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I Belong To This
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"I Belong to This," the final film in Matters of Race, is a personal look at the idea that mere survival is no longer satisfactory for American Indians. Dustinn (25-year-old White Mountain Apache) and Velma (24-year-old Navajo) are working for positive change in this new millennium. The realities of living in an environment plagued with drugs, alcoholism, racism and violence have given the young parents inspiration to change the course of their lives. With confidence and the support of extended family on the reservation, the couple has begun the life work of instilling a sense of self and strength of character in their children, who will be a part of yet another generation of Americans. This poetic yet unsentimental documentary is filmed on the White Mountain Apache Reservation, the Navajo Nation and Tempe, Arizona, where Dustinn and Velma Craig reside.

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Is it important to teach your children to see race as a part of their identity?
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"Tradition has always imposed expectations of me, while at the same time excluding me. I don't fully understand my Native tongue, yet I'm expected to have a Sunrise Dance for my daughter, a coming of age ceremony conducted entirely in Apache. How can I embrace something I don't understand completely, and how can I expect my daughter to? Why should she?"
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