Season 2: Episode 3 | One Equal Temper

Aired February 5, 2017

As Pinkerton looks at the Greens more closely, they join forces to hide an ugly secret. McBurney, hoping to distance Foster from Mary, sends him to a nearby army camp on a house call. Alice helps Frank escape and Samuel earns Charlotte’s respect. 

Historical Context

Confederate victories continue with Lee’s army pressing into Eastern Maryland; Stonewall Jackson moves on the Union Garrison at Harper’s Ferry. 

Directed by Laura Innes 

Featured in this Episode

Real World Connections

Blog | Young Women in the Confederate South

Blog | Young Women in the Confederate South

Anya Jabour shares context into changes in traditional definitions of southern femininity.

Behind the Lens | Civil War Medical Practice

Behind the Lens | Civil War Medical Practice

Explore the change that European medical practices had on old-school doctoring.

Scenes from Episode 3 | Photo Gallery

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A house guest becomes the focus of Alice’s schemes.

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In the wake of Second Bull Run, Hopkins and Emma strike out to rescue wounded soldiers.

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