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Is God Green? Your Environment

How should economic and environmental needs be balanced?

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Backgrounder: Your Environment
Environment-watchers worry that in the past six years have witnessed many attempts to rollback key environmental legislation. The Endangered Species Act, the Clean Water Act, the Clean Air Act, the Roadless Rule protecting wilderness area from development -- all faced challenges in court, Congress and changing federal policy priorities. In addition, the nation has seemed out of step with the international community as the Kyoto Protocol went into effect without U.S. participation in 2005. In August 2006 California took it upon itself to buck the system and tackle global warming on its own. California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger crossed party lines to sign into law the nation's first bill to cap man-made greenhouse gas emissions ... [more]

Class Is in Session...
Many individuals might throw up their hands when confronted with a problem as massive as global warming - that's not the case with the ecological challenges they face in their backyard. The environment is an intensely local issue. "Is God Green?" explores environment and community in the Appalachian Mountains of West Virginia -- where mountaintop coal mining has local residents bringing their faith to bear in their effort to stop widespread pollution and environmental damage. The program explores the real-world consequences of mountaintop mining and its toxic byproducts by profiling residents forced to live with drinking water allegedly contaiminated by a local subsidiary of the region's largest coal company, Massey Energy. Today, after 12 years, the local government is building the infrastructure that eventually will bring clean water to the effected communities. (More on mountaintop mining)

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"I first want to apologize as a Christian for the unfaithfulness of the churches and Christians who have oftentimes - too often - been complicit in the destruction that we see upon the land," says Allen Johnson, who co-founded the advocacy group Christians for the Mountains. "In the Book of Revelation, there's a scripture that says that God will destroy those who destroy the Earth. We're breaking a covenant with God." Allen's group is working to recruit local churches to explore the pollution problem as a theological and Biblical issue, and to join their fight.

Watch the video: Ken Cook

Knowledge is a powerful tool in safeguarding health and the environment. Several years ago Bill Moyers became a guinea pig in study on how toxins in the environment make it into the human blood stream. Researchers at two major laboratories tested for 210 industrial compounds, pollutants, and other chemicals in the blood and urine of nine volunteers, including Bill Moyers. Scientists refer to this contamination as a person's body burden. The resulting report, documented in TRADE SECRETS, found that Bill Moyers has 85 industrial chemicals in his blood stream. Ken Cook of the Environmental Working Group talked with Bill Moyers about environmental toxins on NOW in 2003. (More on health and the environment)

Watch the video: The Earth Conservation Corps

Of course there are federal agencies charged with the responsibility to monitor environmental conditions — and cleaning up problems. But, as experience shows — it's often local initiative that makes a difference in environmental quality. NOW WITH BILL MOYERS documented a unique group in one of the country's most environmentally and economically challenged areas. The Earth Conservation Corps takes local kids and turns them into local stewards of their environment. The Earth Conservation Corps (ECC) was founded in 1989 and takes as its mission "providing hands-on environmental education, job training and community service programs for people of all ages from diverse backgrounds, with an emphasis on serving at-risk youth from the inner-city neighborhoods."

Tell us about your community. And check on local environmental conditions.

  • Where does federal responsibility end for environmental protection? What should be left to states? Local community governments?

  • Consider the mountain top coal mining story in the documentary. Coal mining and its environmental effects have been part of that region for generations, why do you think the local churches have stayed out of the discussion for so long, and why do you think they are involved now?

  • How should economic and environmental needs be balanced?

  • Do you feel that you know enough about your environment?

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Where does federal responsibility end for environmental protection? What should be left to states? Local community governments?

Consider the mountain top coal mining story in the documentary. Coal mining and its environmental effects have been part of that region for generations, why do you think the local churches have stayed out of the discussion for so long, and why do you think they are involved now?

How should economic and environmental needs be balanced?

Do you feel that you know enough about your environment?

The first thing that should happen is to take environmental issues out of the emotional realm and apply good science.

EPA failed to implement the Clean Water Act as the result of an incorrect applied pollution test and ignored part ot the pollution caused by fecal waste and all the pollution caused by nitrogenous (urine and protein) waste. Rivers are still used as giant urinals, clearly in violation of the intend of the CWA. Sadly nobody seems to be interested and this, although easily verified, seems to be too difficult for the media.
If fish only could talk.

It is difficult to know enough about our environment because often the "facts and issues" are not well publisized or known. There are many local issues as the coal mining example shows that are major issues with economic impact but there are also smaller issues such as Watershed protection and clean up in neighborhoods that can be effectivily remedied and contribute to larger issues such as ocean pollution in general. These "smaller" local efforts to clean the environment and keep it healthy need to be increasingly publisized in order for everyone, young and old, prominent or odinary citizen to get a chance to help in this global effort to become good stewards of the earth.The urgency to create a healthy environment is a local, a state, a federal responsibility and also a religious one for those who feel that God created us as stewards of the Earth.

I live in a "red" state, and my city (Casper, WY.) is really "red!"

Nothing is being done in my neighborhood or city to be more green, other than a little recycling.

I hate to see SUV and other gas guzzlers on the streets w hile our kids of low income and the middle class have to do the fighting. Send SUV driver kids and they would be against the war in Iraq. Such hypocrites. This all happened due to our oil dependence for years from the MIddle East infringing on their religious and cultural lifestyles.

my community does street and river cleanups throughout the year, and the city does recycle - the local government is getting some hybrid cars for their fleet and the Officers patrolling in some residential areas and downtown either 'walk the beat' or ride bicycles. It's good community interaction. I live in an apartment complex that has a large greenbelt and several ponds - we all clean up the junk dumped or blown in the ponds and look out for the wildlife that comes into contact with humans. It's not much, but it's a start - and some of the best work done in this country has started as 'grass roots', excuse me, pun intended.

Here in my home state of Oregon,an appreciation of the environment is part of life, and we knew that when the federal government loosened air pollution standards, we decided to work on a higher regional standard. The west coast as a whole is taking the environment seriously--our governor joined with California's and Washington's governors in signing a new restricted automobile emissions policy, and these three states are also developing policies on ocean pollution. We continue to work to develop an excellent public transit system. Despite school funding difficulties, generations of Oregonians have attended Outdoor school in the past, which teaches basics about the world around us, and most people here appreciate, enjoy and understand the significance and fragility of our air, our water and our land. Curbside recycling continues to expand, with some cities leading the way (Eugene, for example), providing recycling of most of what once went into landfills. We have public beach cleanups, and continue to set aside lands, river access and wildlife refuges within the metro area of Portland.
Church member are at last reading the bible more clearly, taking note that God created the world, and we will be accountable for our lives when we pass into the next world. We do not truly own anything; when animal species and plants die from poor quality air, water or soil, they are a foreshadowing of the fate of mankind since we too depend on the earth for our physical needs.
And thanks, Bill Moyers, for coming out of retirement and back to PBS. We have never needed to hear your voice more than now. May God smile on you (and your family!) for continuing the tradition of open discussion in America a while longer.

We have a county school system which recently upgraded all of the buildings and re-educated kids & employees about the value of turning off lights & computers when not in use.
I suppose that the main thrust has to do with economics and slowing down the use of coal to generate electricity.
You will never convince me that the present federal administration has done more harm than good to the environment. Just to have Bush speak nationally and say something like,"Hey,quit wasting so much,recycle everything that you can and every dollar that goes into Arab oil only hastens our own demise", would be so effective that it would blow your mind.
Did he/they even come close to saying anything like that? NO!!

There is a gratifying amount of "bottom-up" activity in many states and cities, including here in Massachusetts. But to cope with Climate Change we must have more than a few CFL light bulbs, we need major national/international policy changes and that means taxes on fossil fuels, incentives for alternative energy, more mass transit, etc. and heavy Washington involvment.

"Scientific facts" and "the power of reason" can take us in several directions. There are lots of scientists on the payroll for big government and big business and they can provide you with "rational" arguments for all sorts of behavior.

QUESTION: Could we control more energy resources and raise the American standard of living by invading Canada and enslaving the Canadians? SCIENTIFIC ANSWER: Yes, that might be one strategy. It's possible.
We do have the ability.

Well, folks, at the end of the environmental discussion, it's not really "science" or the "power of reason" that matters most. Nazi Germany had some famous scientists. Moral values and even qualities like "faith" and "emotion" are often what matter most in influencing human behavior. If we protect our natural surroundings, we're likely to do so because "it's the right thing to do" or even because "it feels good." We're afraid of legal punishment and rising prices. However, I doubt that very many people will become environmentalists because of Physics 101.

Let me explain environmental justice and the power of compassion. A local story is helpful.

In my town, local ecologists shouted, "Turn down the thermostats! "Tell people to save energy!" "Save the world!"

Seems reasonable, right?

Yes, local clergy and town officials could follow that path. However, we would have to ignore the human needs of poor people - including many senior citizens - who are struggling to pay their winter fuel bills.
Telling an old woman on Social Security to "turn down the thermostat to help save the planet" seems nasty. It's not the sort of thing that Jesus of Nazareth would do. However, yes, I suppose that it does suggest some "logical thinking."

Some of our local leaders - the ones who still care about human rights and human dignity - still believe that all people have a right to enjoy safe and affordable sources of energy. Maybe we're a bit old-fashioned.

In our town, it's argued that some Americans need to consume more energy, not less energy... Some Americans would like to reduce their energy consumption but don't have the opportunities. EXAMPLES: An elderly couple would like to fix broken windows and doors but they don't have the ability... A low-income mother, who rents an apartment, would like to have a more efficient heating system but she's afraid that her landlord will raise the rent.

In our town, we're now making an effort to educate people about BOTH fuel assistance and home energy conservation programs. The two should go together. That's what environmental justice requires.

Yeah, it's not very "scientific." Very "emotional." Maybe "too religous."

Sadly, there is little interest for environmental concerns in my neighborhood. I've watched neighboring businesses remove long standing trees and pave over small parks to make a junk yard; I've watched Bell telephone cut down their trees, which used to create a nice visual buffer between our home and the businesses nearby. And this is just my block. Interestingly, I live in an historically conservative stronghold in PA, and I've always been outed as 'the tree hugger'. Though I've always been a liberal democrat (more independent), I've always believed in the biblical view of stewardship. It's funny to me to now hear conservative republicans stepping up to the plate only due to the switch of their evangelical voting base. While I can only praise the green conservatives and sigh with relief and say "finally", in another way it's just politics as usual.

Patchwork Films was commissioned by Christians for the Mountains to produce a series of movies covering the subject of Mountaintop removal.

Global warming may be esoteric and difficult to touch, but witnessing thousands of acres of forestland being whacked off the face of the earth and dumped into rivers is easily described as one of the most devastating sights one can ever behold.

Our mission was not based on theology or philosophy. We simply went out to film what once was a mountain range and to interview the people who lived in and around the destruction areas. At the first sight of landscape turning to moonscape our director, BJ Gudmundsson started crying so hard she had to hand off the camera for she could no longer hold it steady.

If you are agnostic you will understand that mountaintop removal makes no logical scientific sense. You may even wonder what higher being would create such beauty then create men with the will to destroy it. If you are a person of faith then you may find the allegiance of religious leaders who oppose eco-justice suspect.

This is not just putting molecules into the atmosphere. This is wanton destruction of the land beneath our feet – and it is coming your way soon. Where there is coal there will be men with dynamite. In the past ten years over 400 mountains have been lopped off and dumped into the rivers below them. To understand this issue you just have to see it.

So. Is God Green? Give the coal companies another decade and the earth will be the color of gray slate and clay and the answer to Mr. Moyer’s question will be no, God is Gray.

Thank you for this work. I have supported efforts to draft Bill Moyers for President in the past, even supporting a website or two, and would do so again. It is often difficult to maintain hope in these devolving times. It is the end game for our planet. The last blog comment ends with a telling notion. Certainly to me God is Green; all manner of scripture of various faiths indicates that. Sadly though, modern pundits and activities continue to advance the notion that God is Grey.

PS: Personal responsibility is the key. Government is derived from the people. We have met the enemy and it is us.

Change or perish.

Is God Green? Yes God is green because "things" as talked about in the Old testament refer to living organic systems such as trees.

The best way to convince children that God is Green is not continually refer to "things" when the word usage is inappropriate. Especially refering to living organisms such as humans and animals and plants, birds, etc.

There should be no limitations to the scope of Federal, State and Local responsibility for our environment.

To disregard the importance of conservation and protection of our God-given resources; air, water, and the earth, is to be ignorant of greater human rights and the rights of all creatures on this planet.

This problem should not be identified as a liberal or conservative one, but rather one of ignorance or wisdom.

Unfortunately for us the conservative ultra-right has taken upon itself to classify this as a liberal issue to the detriment of us all.

It astounds me that any southern professor or politician would not recognize or respect the environment, considering our history being so closely intertwined with agrigulture and the earth.
I would question that person's authenticity and relevance.

I think the reason that the local churches never got involved before was because they were afraid to speak out, but it is easier now with the support of many others from there community. I think it is a good idea that these churches are doing something to help out the environment.

If you had a house, and an inspector found radon in your house, well, what would you do? You'd get a second opinion, but mostly you would try to find the source of the radon and eradicate it. If someone became sick as a result of the radon in your house, you would be held liable.
Conservatives seem content at this time to play Russian Roulette with our atmosphere, and should be held liable.
It's incredible to me that anyone would even think about risking our environment in this way. I'm feeling less and less patriotic.
I enjoyed the gentleman in Bill Moyers' riveting program, who is sure he is going to heaven, yet is not worried about the poor folks baking on earth after he has left...
(I live in a red state!)

We should all take more of an interest in our environment and doing what we can in order to preserve it.

I am very fortunate to live in the city of Syracuse, NY which is right next door to the Onondaga Nation. The Onondagas have a long history of dedication to the land. About a year ago they filed a land rights claim that is not about getting land back or getting money. It is their wish to work with us--their cousins, as they call us, to do a meaningful clean-up of Onondaga Lake, which is said to be the most polluted lake in the US; and also to engage in a real work of stewardship of the land and all of it's creatures. It has been my great privilige to learn about loving the creator through loving creation.

Because we are all humans most of us have a hard time keeping our emotions in check while being involved in something we feel passionate about.
I have found that Religion, Politics, and Environmental issues, if people have an opinion on, they feel passionate about it.
Somehow we need to all work on these environmental issues together. Not worry about where the blame lays but find solutions and better technology to fix the problems. Whether we are religious or scientist or just the average person we need to quite worrying so much about the neighbor and worry about a solution.

Coal powered factories and mines ara a major concern in the N.E. of the United States. It can cause acid rain which destroys our architectural history, living organisms, and the inability to grow crops. Coal mining also destroys the people's lives who live near them.
Why not stop polluting and reuse our renewable resorces.

I care about the enviroment. And it seems to me that our government at the top and at the local level have good policies in place...but no one enforces them....On a personal level...just today...I noticed where I work, roofers painting our roof using the adjoining woods as their personal dump....it was not easy for me, but as the workers sat in their trucks eating lunch, I walked over and brought this matter to their attention....but as I was talking, one of the guys just sat smoking his cigarette and looking out the window...the young driver said ok...but I don't think they agreed with me....further it was not easy for me to approach these guys....but I felt it my duty.

In my community, little by little people are contributing to small acts that are helping the environment. Whether it be more people recycling or the growing popularity of hybrid cars. Small things can make a big difference in the long run. The problem is just becoming aware of the reasons. People need to learn the facts.

A few months ago, our company (Arnold Creek Productions) made a big shift in our business plan to further the local and worldwide discussion and awareness of green issues. We decided to post, for free viewing via our Web site, a growing collection of video clips on sustainability, green business and all matters related to these areas -- including efforts within the faith-based community. We decided that the insights and advice from local and national leaders in this movement were too important to package only on DVDs we would sell.

Rev. Jim Wallis graciously agreed to an interview recently and we have posted the first few clips. He has been a powerful leader within the Christian community for social justice, environmental protection and other issues within sustainability. We are committed to furthering the discussion about faith and sustainability with more interviews on this subject, including perspectives from a broad range of faiths. And we will continue to make these videos available as our small way to disseminate this information.

This is a time when it seems that overwhelming forces within industry and politics are fighting the principles of sustainability. They somehow cannot grasp that the sustainability movement offers unprecedented opportunities for economic development, improved human health, new levels of social justice, a better natural environment and many other benefits. We all must find new ways to educate and inspire the citizens of our nation and the world to be inspired -- through faith or just common sense -- to change our world for the better. It's our responsibility as human beings.

Combining religion and environmentalism, in my opinion, is like a double edged sword. When we see things wrong in our environment, like forests that need seeded, water pollution, air pollution and so on , we need to clean it up, I think that it is good that people get out and work to
clean up their environmental areas, and it it takes a preacher reading from the bible to promte this - then that's good too. My feeling is that whatever it takes, we need to use what God gave us to keep his earth clean.

In order to help keep our enviroment alive and our needs fulfiled with the suppies that we need. People need to try to cut back on the supplies that the enviroment gives us. Like car pooling to places and saving gas. If a place is close enough to walk or ride a bike then do so. Our enviroment wont be around for long so lets try to save it while we can.

In order to help keep our enviroment alive and our needs fulfiled with the suppies that we need. People need to try to cut back on the supplies that the enviroment gives us. Like car pooling to places and saving gas. If a place is close enough to walk or ride a bike then do so. Our enviroment wont be around for long so lets try to save it while we can.

In order to help keep our enviroment alive and our needs fulfiled with the suppies that we need. People need to try to cut back on the supplies that the enviroment gives us. Like car pooling to places and saving gas. If a place is close enough to walk or ride a bike then do so. Our enviroment wont be around for long so lets try to save it while we can.

It is sad, but the environmental issue comes down to what everyone has on their mind first and foremost. MONEY. PROFITS. THE BOTTTOM LINE. As a retired firefighter for a large southern city, many of us were exposed to toxic chemicals. Unaware of this exposure until recently,it is hard to believe that it was done purposefully during training. But it has left us dying at an alarming rate. Why, you ask? To save MONEY. To keep the city from cleaning up the hazardous materials themselves, they had rookie firefighters clean it up. We have tried to find justice in many different areas, even the ACLU states the case would be too expensive. Since when did the public have to start paying the government to uphold federal law? Also, is it correct to just "forget" about this willful act of injustice?
The environment is up against those who do not care about anything except their own selfishness and greed.

I believe that federal government and it's help with the environment is too broad and the focus needs to be brought down to a more local government, whether it be state of city. For example, in my small town in Wisconsin we don't need to worry about the coal mines as people out west do. We need to be more educated on the local effects of pollution and the federal governmental laws do not do that.

I believe their are different ways to go about helping the environment than shutting down industries and making people loose their job. Everyone whether they believe in Jesus or not should help clean up the environment. It's as simple as recycling which in most towns now is required and I think it should be in every city and state. This is the place our children have to grow up I don't understand why anybody would purpousely try to ruin the earth or cause harm to the earth so our children will have to deal with it.

Why did it have to take the damage from the coal companies, polluting the rivers and people's lives to realize that this type of operation was wrong. The reason people are speaking up now is because there is no way to escape from the destruction. How long do things of this nature: contamination of drinking water, kidney stones and death; have to continue before we realize that it should end? I think that this is in fact a battle between good and evil. A fierce one that will take more than a few voices to put it to an end. Where in the bible does it say that in our quest for dominion over all the animals of the earth that we must destroy them in the process? Not in mine, and I pray it is not in yours.

I think that anything that uses 3 million pounds of dynamite a day is something that should be seriously looked over to see if there is a better, more economical way of doing this. Sometimes monetary costs are not what is most important. I disagree with The Cornwall Declaration, I do not think that Humans should use forceful rule, and clean up the best we can. I think that God has given us this Earth and let it be our temporary home and it is our job to care for all the living things on Earth including the plants and animals.

My town may not have the same environmental issues that they are having in these coal mining regions but every place has some environmental problems and this is a serious problem that needs to be dealt with. What I do know is that both the state and federal government are not doing enough and need to take a look at what we are doing to our planet and start the process of changing our current ways. We all have to share and live on this planet and we all need to work together to take care of Gods creation.

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In Austin, Texas our church held a light bulb exchange. We encouraged members and visitors alike to bring in incandescent bulbs and trade them in for Compact Fluorescent bulbs. Now people want to know things like if the altar candles burning are petroleum-based, or if the insulation in the building is enough. It all starts with one person, one event and goes from there.

In my beliefs, God wants us to care for the planet. Humans get into these ruts, forgetting the world around them. We tend to lose balance, and our spirituality. To be fully spiritual means, to me, to include everything into our lives, down to our roots and deep into the ground.

Does anyone know of some sort of a 'watchdog' group that is quite effective in remote areas of the USA. We have a sanitation company here that has purchased new landfill ground and appears to be doing things they shouldn't to our local environment. EPA, etc. say they can't even take a look without major proof that it has already occured. Ideas for us? Thanks

How should economic and environmental needs be balanced?

Well like the person was saying earlier, we have people driving around in huge hummers/suvs. How is this helping our society stay healthy? We could put a real balance on everything if we just were able to think with our heads. Transportation is one of the big deals that we need to think about. Taking the bus, carp pools, and riding your bike is one way that we can help our economy and help keep the environment safe. Being able to recycle helps conserve our surroundings. I think that we really need to just think about our actions and what we are doing. Just by doing something little like picking up trash off the ground or recycling can go a long way.

How should economic and environmental needs be balanced?

Well like the person was saying earlier, we have people driving around in huge hummers/suvs. How is this helping our society stay healthy? We could put a real balance on everything if we just were able to think with our heads. Transportation is one of the big deals that we need to think about. Taking the bus, carp pools, and riding your bike is one way that we can help our economy and help keep the environment safe. Being able to recycle helps conserve our surroundings.

I have been reading a lot of people discussing recycling and fuel usage in SUV's what I believe a lot of us forget is that just by stopping this it won't make it all better it needs to be done and it will help or situation. But What we need tolook at is the destroying of forest land. It is estimated that one tree will use 1 ton of green house gases in its life time. So what my family tryies to do is take one day a year and plant trees to help the enviroment.

I think that blowing up things with dynamite should be seriously looked at. Th e poor people who live by the coal mines do not even have decent water . Everyone wether they believe in god should help keep the environment clean. I notice people not caring about the world they live in everyday. Taking advantage of the world by not recycleing and throwing garbage on the ground. sadly there is little interest for environmental concerns in neighborhoods.

In my community they are starting to raise awareness of recycling, and environment friendly concepts. Our tax money is going towards proper waste management practices, but we could be doing better. My sister lives out in Colorado, and I'm amazed at how much cleaner the towns, public sectors, and air seem out there in comparison to here. People seem to make more of a conscience effort in the bigger cities than in rural regions. Cities can reap the benefit of public transportation as well, which in turns saves on fuel emmissions. We need to continually shift in ways that are reliable on our natural resources vs. something pushed by capitalism.

In my community we recycle and have weekly pick up. Our high school has classrooms that go to “south woods” and clean up the trash and in turn is a learning experience for the students. All the schools participate in an earth day clean up where that day is spent cleaning the school grounds. Local churches have volunteer groups where they will take one Saturday out of the month to go around the community and pick up garbage and recycle. They also help the elderly get their recyclables to the right facilities. Another way our community is helping the environment is having teams for the major highways and they will go pick up all the garbage that is in the ditches.

In the community there is becoming great awareness for trying to keep the earth clean. Starting from adopting a highway or recycling to trying to find different options for gas driven vehicles. My family has taken great interest in the bio diesel and is trying to find a location to start a plant. I also currently went to a store that is promoting bringing in old pants in and recieve a 20% discount on a new pair. It's so easy to do these clean up ideas... so there is no reason not to!

In my community, people are helping the environment by recycling. Among other ideas, recycling is a big one. You can recycle pretty much anything, from ink cartridges to plastic. With weekly pick up in the city, it makes it much easier for people to dispose of their "garbage" and "recycling" in the right locations. Out of the city is a little more difficult, because you have to deliver. Also in my community we have community service people that clean up our city, picking up garbage. With all the help we have, it really keeps it clean!

I vaguely remembered reading about the environmental impact of space flights in my youth, which was in the mid 70's. My recollection is that reentry was destoying a massive amount of ozone.

Now I am 50 years plus and am using my role as a staff member in an academic library to research this topic again.

The..."hydrogen oxides produced in missile reentry...result in reduction of the ozone layer..." from an article in the Wall Street Journal eastern edition 10/02/1989. This is the first supporting piece of information that supports my point.

Also in this article it is referenced that in 1931 Sidney Chapman and John McDonald, both scientists, discovered this information. Atomic testing creates chlorine atoms that destroy ozone (see Stolarski, Richard & Cicerone, Ralph 1974.) This is also mentioned in the book LAW AND ECOLOGY by Richard Oliver Brooks.

If this is true, why have I never found any reference to NASA that involves harming the environment and our fragile earth? Why are commercial space flights being approved?

Is the damage that space flights can incur to the stratospheric layer of ozone being measured? Are the programs planned by NASA for space stations ruining our atmosphere and making earth uninhabitable?

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