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Bill Moyers Rewind: Henry Steele Commager (1974)

Back in 1974, on the first season of BILL MOYERS JOURNAL, Bill Moyers spoke with American historian Henry Steele Commager about the Presidency, impeachment, and the Constitution, on the the eve of Nixon's resignation. Here's an excerpt from the interview:

Click here to watch this interview in its entirety. To watch Bill Moyers recent impeachment panel featuring conservative scholar Bruce Fein and journalist John Nichols, click here.

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I think that we should pull back are troops from the war in Afganistan.

I say, there is no time like the present. IMPEACHMENT PROCEDURES, would be the only way of snapping our president, back to reality. This would also be a good start on the road of taking back our political process, our nation and protecting our national security. Some will try and argue that this would devastate our country more, my response is, how can we truly and earnestly continue to support and defend our constitution, if we do not hold this president accountable and responsible, for his actions and negligence as President and Our Military's Commander In Chief.
President Nixon and President Clinton, were brought up on impeachment charges, for less offenses!!

Only two posts, what a shame.
If anyone is out there reading I want you to know Congressman Kucinich was one of the speakers at SOA Watch this year in Columbus, Ga.
Oh well, you're more interested in holiday sales, football and Hannah Montana than in your own human rights. Members of the resistance email me at

I admit that I'm a sniveling coward for not taking to the streets when Afganistan and Iraq were first bombed by Emperor Cheney. Next weekend I go to the SOA Vigil at the Ft. Benning (WHINSEC)terror school. Old man Commager summed up the rules pretty well: The people (not the President) inherited sovereignty from the monarchs. All of us are chicken (as in abbotoire) if we let fear of losing our meager and fleeting prosperity (cruddy jobs,triple priced jewelry, plastic shacks, ipods and cell phones)prevent us from defense of our privacy and civil liberties. Dennis Kucinich, the only presidential candidate to cosistently oppose Cheney's wars has a pocket Constitution in his jacket to consult, but is rebuffed by corporate media. Let's hope it doesn't have to stop a bullet in this insipient police state. Call your papers and broadcast outlets to demand Kucinich coverage. Money isn't everything, but it can be a negative idicator in politics.

What a quaint concept, returning to our constitutional principles. After the Bush administration that might well be unattainable.

We have this mess today in large part to a Republican pardon of a Republican criminal enterprise after Watergate.

Many of the scoundrels like Cheney and Rumsfeld that escaped are the bane of constitutional principles.

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