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I read Salon, listen to Ian Masters, Amy Goodman, Stephanie Miller, Warren Olney, watch Olbermann, Moyers, NOW. Regarding previous post Democracy Now interview with Lou Dobbs. It was excellent, shows the "populist" to be the bully and hypocrite he really is.

I supplement domestic media with Aljazeera English on Utube. I especially enjoy "People and Power" which has some outstanding pieces on the U.S. economy, and the polarization of wealth.
I am a playwright too and enjoy avant guard political works. Like the Russians who "read between the lines", the Chechz who found humor in state lies, and all those who developed new subversions (inspired by African slaves in America) we must learn to make the best of being "underground" in our media relationships. Who knows if fascist corporatism and fading Bushism will inspire a golden age of resistance creativity, a veritable resistance renaissance. Yes, it has come to that!

When we count on other to do our thinking, we will be slaves to the Corporate Media. For one, I do not agree that bigger is better and the holding companies who now hold the election of so many of our politicians firmly in their grasp are really holding what was known in the free world as our Democracy in their hands.
To counter their power over "our" government we would all have to cough up lots of money to buy back what was once ours, but now we do not have the money, nor do we have the opportunity. We are subjects of the Kings of Industry. Tyranny is what our forefathers warned us of,but, Corporate America saw our weekness and exploited it, we have lost what our Revolutionary Army won for us because we were too gullible and self absorbed with gathering money..

The FCC must not limit news media to just a few large companies such as Murdock!! This is not in keeping with our Conctitution!!! Julie Hughes

I enjoyed Friday nights program with Keith O and Ron Walters. They said a lot that interested me. But, I am wondering where people are getting their dictionaries these days.


Because my dictionary does not say that being 'liberal' is evil, in fact it does not explain liberal as being anything but open-minded! Which definitely does not describe conservatives. Nor does christianity describe conservatives. So perhaps one of your guests might take that as a subject to explain. Meanwhile I agree with Ms. Sontag, only instead of the word assentive, she should have used the word SUBMISSIVE!


I frankly only watch the news to see what is not important. All the news are used to run our country down. All the news does is to run down our president, and frankly I'm sick of it. I personally think the comments made in the press are treason. We have to remember that we have American boys in harm's way, and anyting said and done to make their job harder is not only wrong, but should not be allowed. I don't care that people think it's against their first amendment rights, the focus should be on our troops, and their mission. I also don't care what other countries think of us. The reasons for this war can be debated until kingdom come, the time for that was before troops were committed. The reality of the situation is that they are there! Let the historians debate that one.

I intended to post a comment justifying my political information preferences until I read a comment above concerning Democracy Now and Amy Goodman. I was a long time viewer of this program until recently when she dedicated a full hour to attacking Lou Dobbs over his position on immigration.

This was an uncalled for hatchet job against a fellow Progressive journalist over a single issue that, in my opinion, will cost the Democrats big time in the 08 election. I’m not holding Mr. Dobbs up as the ultimate progressive authority on all issues but he is one of the very few public figures that have freely used his Bully Pulpit to question the wisdom of an open border policy in this time of international conflict. With all the right-wing authoritarian cheer leaders spewing their message of intolerance and justification for endless war, one has to question Ms.Goodman’s justification when she attacks a fellow progressive over his beliefs. Can it be that her views on this issue has been somewhat skewed by her Latin co-host who is also affiliated with the ultra-liberal New York Times ?

Illegal Immigration is one of those issues that progressives must look at from a common sense standpoint and reject any compassionate arguments that have a questionable outcome for this country and its current citizens. Considering the facts that all the progressive gains that have been made over the past 70 years have been savaged or totally eliminated over the past ten years and the probable economic collapse of our monetary system based on the current debt crisis that is an historic first for this country, this is no time to tamper with a fragile situation that could result in long term negative consequences for our country to get short term political gains for Democrat Candidates !

While I watch and read most of my news on the internet, that answer is very incomplete.

I watch C-Span online utilizing both live feeds and the archives:

I watch Frontline and other PBS shows online at:

I watch Democracy Now, with Amy Goodman, Tom Hartman and others at:

And Air America at:

I read wonderful and accurate journalism from the McClatchy reporters at:

And The Center for Public Integrity Journalists at:

I read the Nation, Mother Jones, Harpers, and The American Prospect, and the New York Times and Baltimore Sun all available online:

There is a wealth of accurate information available and a wealth of in-depth information available for those that want it.

If everyone who knew all the sports statistics put as much time into learning about the workings of our government, they would do a great service to the nation and the world their children will inherit.

Dear Mr. Moyers,

I was wondering if you would do a show about Edward and Elaine Brown. They both are serving 5 years in a Federal prison for asking the IRS, to show them the law, where it says, We have to pay income taxes. Elaine and Ed were more than willing to pay the tax, if the government could show them the law.. Mr. Moyers, I am so grateful for you and your programs. You are truly a Patriot and a Hero, where too few Americans in the Media are willing to standing up and defend and protect our Constitution. Thank you so much. May all Gods bless you, Cecilia Nall

Most of you sound like you forgot what the hell the video was about and went off on some weird tangent! Who has war on the brain?

Great Journal and good info on December 7. Yes, Bush stole the election. Democrats were known for that in the past, but legislation covered most of the old election larcency. Now, some Republicans, and too many Democrats are willing to let Big Money, influence, and sophisticated vote suppression continue the burglary.

I am an old liberal, and have seen tremendous progress, and YES, we have so much more, better information, almost instantly that we will be making great strides toward justice for all in the next 10-20 years.
Yes, all questions [religious, family - even if in bad taste] are fair, because that is the open political system we have and I defend. Getting to civility and appropriateness are not likely until the next century, although I would welcome its arrival sooner....If you judge some comments not appropriate, I respect that, I may agree, AND there is no way to outlaw it without violating what we believe in. Look at the variety of the comments!
I agree with Dr Jamieson that it is delightful to see NO MONEY Huckabee zoom past the Big Money, and I am not that sure he would be that great a President.

Hillary's need to be seen as tough may have pushed her into the vote to define the Iranian Revoutionary Guard as "Terrorist", and I see that as hurting her. She is trapped by being seen as not tough enough, and obversely, as described in some of the offensive internet sites, because of the linguistic gender carryovers we have in America. I think Hillary is smart, and she is an effective politician, and it will take that to get things done, if elected. Not because of Republican opposition, but because she will have to pull some of a Democratic congress into supporting her agenda. Many of them are close to Big Oil, Big Pharma, Big Insurance, Big Etc. Money is compassion free. All candidates face that.
As much as most Americans idolized JFK, it was Lyndon johnson who got the laws enacted. It was, as I am sure Bill Moyers recalls, hard work, contained political tradeoffs, and as we now know unintended conesquences.
Politics is the art of the possible. We must keep the ideals of healthcare for all, ending poverty, respect from other nations, solving immigration, equality and justice, and push for them through methods that do not destroy our souls, and that are possible in a society that is mant times ill-informed, focused elsewhere, and tends to vote against their own self-interest. And I think that is changing some. Bush, Chaney and Rove may have pushed a lot of us closer to reality.
I obviously lean democratic, and I am delighted with the calibre of the Dem. field, and will probably not decide my vote until my local primary.
In the meantime, would you get your webmaster to put a bigger box for comments, and a spellchecker would help a lot.

I'm disappointed you chose to show the Hillary Clinton images you found on the internet; it only provided more fuel for people who have nothing but hatred, vulgarity, and bad manners.Who knew one woman could threaten so many insecure people. I'm stunned at the viciousness of their attacks. If it weren't so prevalent, I would almost be amused that in our "advanced" society, name calling and vulgarity are the only way some can express themselves. The woman on the clip from John McCain's campaign proved it isn't isolated in any socio-ecomonic group. His inability or unwillingness to respond in a way that would emphasize this is not appropriate is further proof. Will we ever become a society that values all citizens equally? Not until the power bases in this country learn to behave as responsible adults instead of squabbling children. I long for a leader who truly has America's interests at heart.

The corruption which has been allowed to fester for two terms of this regime is something I never thought to see in this country.

Bush was never legitimately elected and his outrageous lies and flaunting of the Constitution have gone unchallenged by the 'opposition', a whining pack of limp liberal poseurs who are nothing more than the left hand of the parasitic oligarchy.

Too many have lost sight of the ugly years of the Clinton whitehouse, the 27 mysterious deaths, the missing documents, whitewater, the betrayal of Susan McDougal and the general sleazy aspect surrounding them.

I have always considered myself to be 'of the left' but I have come to believe that the one hope of the American people for a return to our basic values of freedom and integrity is RON PAUL.

I must take exception to part of the previous post of the Rev. Mr. Schwarzenberg, who wrote "... I am sure that the Democrats pull about as many 'dirty tricks' in the campaign process as Republicans. Your program was shy on examples of this, and as such, did not help to affirm your show as unbiased." Logically, this was analogous to stating "I am sure the earth was created in seven days about seven thousand years age and the failure of science to confirm this merely shows the anti-christian bias of scientists."

Since right wing neo-cons control much of the media, one may be sure that if any plausible allegation could be made it would be trumpeted repeatedly. While "dirty tricks" are not new, per se, the tactics of Lee Atwater, Roger Ailes and Carl Rove have only those of Josef Goebbels as a precedent. Their activities included smearing other Republicans such as John McCain, claiming he had sired an illegitimate black daughter, and exposing covert CIA officer Valerie Plame.

Their only defenses have been "everybody does it", without offering any particulars, and "politics is tough, it they cannot take the heat they should get out of the kitchen". The health of any democracy depends upon reasonable discourse, not trial by slander.

I think the previous poster, Letty is a bit off base and misinterpreted your intent. However, there are plenty of pictures of Rudy Guiliani dressed as Hitler out there. You could have shown some of those for "balance."

My main point though, is this : this kind of ugly politics is not new. Just as current internet technology provides a lots of useful info, it also brings the ugliness up close.

Ms Jamieson said she did not know whether this kind of stuff existed before the internet. It certainly did. Misogyny is at least as old as the Catholic church, (if not older). You can find 18th century French pamphlets villifying Marie Antoinette in the most pornographic terms. Catherine the Great, the only female Empress of Russia was also subject to this kind of demonization. I could go on. So it's nothing new. I also don't expect much in the way of sophisitication or fair play from most Republicans anyway, though John McCain should have been pilloried more than he was.

Will Wetstone

It was said in your interview with K Jamieson that negative info spread through the main media is the one that really affects those who are being targetted. Ms Jamieson
repeatedly said that the sort of info. that comes though blogs, etc. does not really affect candidates as not many people get their info from that media. Ms Jamieson stresseed that what really affects candidates is what is projected through the larger media. This was her experience she told you and toeveryone who saw your show.

It's obvious that you made a conscious choice to facilitate a full display of the pictures selected by the enemies of Senator Clinton, after Ms Jamieson painfully explaned how those kinds of pictures negatively impact on the emotions of those who view them, and how they influence negative campaign outcomes.

Unfortunately, so blinded by your own agenda, you were not listening, or better said, you did not care what Ms Jamieson, a seasoned, respected researcher, had to say. are not for Senator Clinton. You,and your Macho clan itch to inflict blows on the candidacy of a popular female candidate who apparently threatens the rights your gender has been claiming all along.

In my opinion, you have abused the power of your host position on TV at PBS who, I thought was for impartiality.

If you were transparent you would admit that you consciously wanted to promoted your own agenda when you showed those offending pictures on your show. I am definitely offended by your chauvenistic

Letty Brelsford.


Thank you for your report on the FCC's plan to consolidate the media. This was very informative and extremely scary. I hope and pray that this will not happen, as it would be the end of public television for me, as I know it. I watch it all the time and never miss your show. Please keep us informed out here of what the FCC is trying to do to us. Many, many thanks, Catherine

I'm trying very hard NOT to become one of those seemingly many Americans who now choose the news they like, rather than engage in a search for the truth. Hence, I'm all over the internet, and watch Fox as well as more traditional network news...but I like BBC America best, as it's more arms-length and objective, it seems to me.

It is just amazing to me that our President is still in power. The things he has pulled are so atrocious, so un-American, it is difficult to think that a real American would even think this way. Why hasn't he been impeached?

Dear Bill:
Like the first commenter, I am an "old, liberal..." but, possibly unlike him, a "Christian" agnostic because my relationship to reality is by faith and not simply by knowledge.

My Christ said "You know not..." and I have found that to be true for me. Yet there are some things of which I am sure.

However, my comment on the Kathleen Hall Jamison interview regarding religion and politics is with regard to balance. I am sure that the Democrats pull about as many "dirty tricks" in the campaign process as Republicans. Your program was shy on examples of this, and as such, did not help to affirm your show as unbiased.

But keep up your good work. We are so glad you are back after leaving NOW.

Carl Schwarzenberg
Retired UMC minister

P.S. And if we're talking about keeping
religion out of government we already have had "faith initiatives" and forbidding
assistance to women in poor countries (actually contributing to their deaths) because of "abstinence only" attachments to funds given--Bush's regime has been
all about "religion in government" so when are we going to get religion OUT of

Your guest never mentioned Eleanor Roosevelt when speaking about presidents' wives. Hillary and Rice have
corporate supports that make them both
poor choices regardless of sex. And one
could mention Chile's president and others around the world--it sounds like
women-equality is as bad in U.S.A. as in
the likes of Saudi Arabia, our "democratic"
? ally.

I am an old liberal agnostic. I believe in the earth. I have a wonderful family; we are not church goers; we are good citizens. You gave a very fine program tonight on religion in politics. Your two guests were very admirable, intelligent speakers. Religion and politics: like oil and water to me... the two should not - do not mix. These candidates are simply out for votes from the conservative population which fears an open society.

I was fortunate to have studied at the end of the Hutchins Era where you read Malthus, Mill, Machevelli, Trotsky, Marx, Plato and Socrates as well as Luke and Paul. The narrowness of the current field of belief, thought and discussion evidenced in the political debates is appalling, shallow and demonstrative of a lack of education and though if not intelligence.

I try to use the internet to read news sources from around the world, as well as listen to NPR news programs. I also watch Link and Free Speech TV quite often. OccasionallyI will read blogs but am put off by so many of the non-intelligent comments and vulgar language. If you can't say it in language your "grandmother" could listen to, don't type it on the web, is my feeling.

If I were to choose my candidate based on CNN and MSNBC, I would not be voting for John Edwards who has been running a tight race in Iowa.He has lierally been frozen out of the media. Unlike Hilary and Obama, Edwards is not being backed by big money and big business. Edwards is the only candidate that has spoke out against poverty that is now sweeping our nation. I believe that Edwards is a fighter and a truly moral man whose morality comes from his humanity, not from politicized reglion.

hey bill,

how did you get trent lott to dress in drag tonight?

Apart from television programs such as that created by your good self, Mr. Moyers, I frankly don't watch anymore.

Those who want a clear head on the issues, rather than bombardment by propaganda and distracting circuses, should begin by turning the tube OFF -- and, instead, turning to their own good sense and such internet resources as (particularly Thom Hartmann), (particularly Mike Malloy),,,,, and the links they suggest -- as well as the still-reliable BBC and London Guardian websites. (Until recently, I'd have recommended, possibly above all for a quick overview of what's happening, but lately they're spreading all over the road and seem to have axes to grind and causes to peddle.)

Quite frankly, I trust the mainstream press less and less every year. With a handful of corporations owning almost all the media, it is no wonder that they are no longer unbiased or serving us in any way. Over the last 7 years, it has become little more than a propaganda arm of the White House, sad to say. I blame the press every much for the debacle in Iraq as I do the administration, since they questioned nothing and accepted everything. As far as I'm concerned, that is their job and they failed horribly, to our detriment.

Unfortunately, our democracy is harmed significantly without a free press. The only hope I see in that regard is the internet. I now get most of my news from internet news sites and blogs, many of which are overseas news sites.

I started depending on the internet in the weeks following 9/11 and with the beginning of the war in Iraq. I regularly went to: BBC News, the Christian Science Monitor and Le Monde to get a more balanced view of what was going on than I could get in U.S. national media.

Since then, I continue to visit those sites, but have gravitated to certain blogs as well. I feel like I can only get the truth by looking at a much larger picture.

Frankly, shootings at Malls are horrid, but they aren't the main news I need to know about -- their local and sensationalized nationally . . .

What I need to know is if the President is lying to us, what the NIE report says and so forth.

Thank goodness for the internet in this case.

Heck, I found the entire Patriot Act online and could read it without the interpretation of pundits.

Talk about an education . . .

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