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A little humor from THE ONION

Diebold Accidentally Leaks Results Of 2008 Election Early


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I think that we should pull back are troops from the war in Afganistan.

The Bible predicts that Iraq is to be freed by the eagle in the end times.

Iraq war found in Bible part 1

UNDERSTANDING Click the lion with wings above to view the youtube video that explains this directly from Bible verses.

I am currently putting together a group of christians to assist me with
a national news story. A publishing organization affiliated with Salem
communications has recently published their official press release which
openly declares my biblical discovery to the public.

This web sight can provide enough evidence for you to investigate the
validity of my claim. I recently published this discovery which opens up
a chain of clues dealing with King Nebuchadnezzar's repentance
process as recorded in Daniel chapter four. This recorded event resulted
in God blessing Nebuchadnezzar and his ancient land located today in
Iraq. That particular blessing involved future promises of freedom in the
end times through great eagle's wings. The eagle today is certainly
the symbol of the United states currently bringing this freedom to Iraq
as predicted in the Bible.

I am contacting people who represent different denominations who can
understand and explain type and shadow prophecies.. I am confident
that a common continuity of opinion by such persons can validate my
discovery to media sources as a worthy news story. This requires a non
denominational approach to succeed.

The interest factor for the media would be common agreement upon a
specific biblical interpretation coming from differing faiths who agree
upon a sound interpretation concerning one of the most important issues
for this coming election about Iraq. As you know religion has become a
central issue for presidential candidates opening up a rare opportunity
to promote the importance of God and moral issues.

Some of the top conservative sights in America currently have my video
presentation posted and available for public view. You may view my video on
the Rush Limbaugh's official myspace page. You may view it on Laura
Ingrams page as well as numerous other conservative sights and blogs.

President Bush also has a sight on myspace. Each individual submission
into the sight must be examined and carefully qualified before being posted
publically on the sight. My video was approved yesterday and is posted
where it can now be seen on the President Bush sight.

The Iraq war will be of major political interest during the election. This is
rather timely and important. This may be a way for you and others to gain
national recognition by helping us unite christian denominations during a
critical election year. This is also a chance for people of faith to show our
troops a united support for their mission as one christian voice. If you are
interested please feel free to view our video and test my biblical claims.
Please call concerning any and all questions. Looking forward to hearing
from you soon.

Author Paul Gregersen

If it weren't for PBS, the Onion and Jon Stewart, none of the truth would ever get out.

I have checked it out the blogs concerning the Bible prophecy concerning Iraq and 9/11 being in the Bible.
These reports declaring this information are not just another hoax but are biblically accurate! Don't take my word for it just check it out for yourself.

King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon repented in chapter four and his roots were left in Iraq for a latter day blessing
of freedom. This explains why America is succeeding in Iraq inspight of Satan imposing every ploy he could possibly muster to destroy our success there..
Why is this never discussed by anyone else when it is plainly a huge part of Daniels prophecies? An entire

chapter in the Bible is being ignored..

How did this man discover this alone in the Bible and why is every one else ignoreing these prophecies?

This is the first time anyone has ever explained Daniel chapter four to me in my whole life. Why is this?
I have likewise seen those passages several times in the Bible and skipped over them because they made no sense to me.
After watching the you tube video on line and following it with my Bible the lights have turned on brighter

than the sun concerning Daniel chapter four!
This is truly a prophecy about Iraq and also 911.

Am I the only christian out there who ignores Daniel chapter four after being confused? I have asked the smartest

ministers I could find and even they are stumped by Daniel chapter four. I especially liked the clip on

the youtube about Russia representing the evil type for Babylon today. This video pre-dates the Russian

invasion of Georga. The book reveals a warning about appeasement of dictators. Evil must be defeated and
not ignored or appeased. This book explains how
democrats who appease evil have made our nation
vulnerable to Russia and Iran. Why? Because democrats
refuse to drill for oil leaving us vulnerable
to dangerous enemies causing them to take advantage
of our weakness. Democrats are blaming
America and assisting our enemies to undermine
our moral streanth in the world. It reminds me
of a battered women syndrome where one willingly
takes the abuse because they have been taught to
believe that they are the worlds problem and
therefore deserve the abuse.. This book teaches us from Bible prophecy that this deceptive pattern must stop
before it is too late!
Russia surely is the kingdom of the far north
prepareing to attack Israel and Iran is with

Blogs out there actually under-state the power of this Bible discovery as you will soon discover. Why has

this not yet become national news? Is Satan trying to stop this? I nearly chickened out from watching this

video after negative feelings of pressure tried to discourage me from viewing the entire presentation.

That negative feeling turned out to be false, had I given in to that pressure and ran away from this I

would not have awakened to this marvelous news. My heavens, I am feeling chills down my back over an

hour after watching this.

All you bloggers out there please do not take offense but everything you now are discussing just

became dwarfed by this prophetic news that far surpasses anything being talked about before..

It is like lightening has struck and every affected christian slept through this! What ever you do in this life

you must see this entire you tube. Brenda Paul

Bible prophecies of 9/11

I am glad to hear others who are experiencing the same powerfull reaction that I also found after seeing this video and sight. You are right, there is no words to describe how huge this is about iraq in the Bible.
Our husbands in Iraq and our wounded vets need
to hear about this new Bible discovery.
Suppose it could be documented that this Bible
prophecy was verified to have been fulfilled in our
day predicting the war in Iraq?
Thousands of people are entering this web sight...
Critics have sought to rip this biblical discovery a
part in order to disprove it.
Such attempts continue to fail as ambitious Bible
critics seek to expose it as another hoax.
Critics eventually fade as the people who see
value in this fulfilled prophecy are moved to
inform others of this possible miracle arriving in
our day!

Could God have revealed an actual Bible prophecy
supporting America going into Iraq? Everyone is
invited to prove or disprove this newly discovered
If you can demonstrate a way to disprove this claim
you may become a guest on Glenn Becks show or
Shaun Hannity. If you can bring a case forward
which supports this prophecy as being true you
may also become a guest.

This Bible discovery was mentioned on the Rush
Limbaugh show as millions heard of this web sight.
If you can find any evidence disputing this claim
or any evidence confirming it true, please contact
Shaun at...

"Media track"

Or contact Glenn Beck and make your case

to him on line. You may contact

Rush Limbaugh if possible?

For additional information

concerning this matter contact

Ed Cook at ecdistibutions or or 208 251 3519

You could receive national recognition for worthy evidence
if your information is convincing. Why?
If no one can dispute this biblical claim this discovery
can be submitted in the media as an actual fulfillment of
biblical prophecy. If not, you may be the one exposing as
a hoax.
The new President of the united states may be determined
by the condition of our economy and the war in Iraq.
What could a Bible prophecy depicting America as
the biblical eagle bringing freedom to Iraq have upon
this presidential election?
Could it perhaps reveal the presidential election from a new
spiritual perspective?
This biblical prophecy could unite our American resolve
for supporting the Iraq war and help our troops.

A subsidiary of Salem communications has already
declared this work to be a monumental discovery of
"biblical proportions" in their recent national press release.
To confirm this national press release go to the Salem
Xulon press release at- or enter
their Salem web sight.

There has been no theological criticism having any
teeth which has demonstrated convincing red flags
which cast doubt upon this claim. The Bible can be spun
by people who often take things out of proper context.
Today modern writers cleverly manufacture their own
evidences from the Bible and years later we then discover
such insights were false.
This means that the specific criteria for documenting
a fulfilled Bible prophecy is even more difficult to accomplish
than many secular discoveries which also require high
standards from sound research.

We need a consensus from several credible Christians
who can collaberate a consistency of legitamate insights
which identify key prophetic types and shadows clearly
identifying the cyclic nature of true prophecy within
Bible history.
Such an insight for understanding true Bible prophecy
should not require a degree in theology. We welcome

We welcome the critics who aspire to prove this wrong.
No credable evidence has been presented showing
any confirmed manipulation of the biblical text nor its

Watch the you tube video as it takes you through
specific Bible scriptures which reveal the
great modern eagle (America)l transforming Iraq
into a free nation in the end times..

Locate now..
"Bible prophecies of 9-11
Bet Patterson


My hell have you guys checked out the blog above about the Bible and Iraq? The guy is actually under-stating the power of this prophecy. I am chilled all over after watching the youtube which shows actual Bible scripture which is not out of context. What you guys are talking about is of little importance next to this historical event being declared right here.
Its like lightening just struck your house and everybody failed to wake up. No words will convince anyone so go see the video.

The Moyers blog is a many layered onion in itself. A rigged election for President makes little difference when all three major candidates are so weak.

I was tickled by claims below that Bible texts predicted 9/11. If these profiteering prophets saw it in their studies why didn't they warn us by 9/10/2001?

Dick Cheney is no Bible scholar but I think he knew what was coming as far back as 1999, and how it would go down.

There's more rigging in our dilemma than that in our polls, my dears.

It's mind-boggling. We've had two stolen Presidential elections in a row. Not only were the results allowed to stand both times, but we have yet to take meaningful action to insure that future elections will be fair and aboveboard. The (supposed) oposition party pretends that nothing is seriously wrong. The mainstream media pretend that nothing is seriously wrong. Much of the public seems unaware that anything is serioiusly wrong.

Voting machines designed to be easily hacked from outside and easly rigged by insiders are one problem. Dirty tricks are another, such as making sure that districts domated by the preferred party get plenty of voting machinces, while districts domated by the other party get far too few.

Loved It,

Re:Vote Scam
Have the Collier Bros. been discredited? I first read this book in 1992 aftre listening to an interview with Larry King on late night radio. (I later asked Mr. King in another on air interview if there was anything that had been proven wrong in the book and he denied ever having heard of it or the Collier Brothers.)
Thanks so Much!

Charlatans use numerology and cryptic writings from the past to produce prophesy. Any book as thick and vague as the Bible could be used to predict or recap virtually any event. Try opening your unabridged dictionary at random if you want to predict the future. All millenialist (psychotic) Christians should carry a blessed Eightball (toy) to save turning them thar thin pages (onionskin?). "Ain't Jesus coming Tuesday?" Eigthball:
"Maybe." Hey,if you disagree with the Bible you could tear out them ol' bad pages, like Catholic Romans in the 3rd century.

To ecdistributions 3-4-11:21 PM
Psalms 22 occurred way before Christ died on the cross, but some of his last words were in this verse. It has been suggested that He was teaching the Jewish scholars till the end , as they would have been familiar with Psalms.

Can you supply some verses & from what edition of the Bible they are taken, that will help me check out your distribution message?
Billy Bob

A new discovery about freedom in Iraq

The Iraqi people are hungry for democratic freedom and willing to die for it. Many Americans however are voting for the opposite contrast of freedom called socialism this year. Annalists are already predicting a huge sweep of leftists coming into both the U.S. house and senate on the coat tails of the white house this fall. These leftists openly consider christian patriots the enemy of their state even above the terrorists. These people are itching to pass the fairness doctrine to put an end to conservative talk radio. They are already targeting hate legislation aimed directly against all American patriots. They plan a massive overhaul of the judicial system to impose legislation against 1st and 2nd amendment rights.

McCain will make the Iraq war the central issue of this campaign because Obama promises to withdraw our troops regardless if the terrorists declare victory. Christians may have one last chance to grandstand against another Vietnam and the establishment of an anti christian socialistic state in America. But there is now a
new hope!

A new biblical discovery has just been released into the market bringing a miraculous prophecy about Iraq. There are a large number of biblical scriptures which have passed silently under the radar until now.

Iraq is to be freed by a great eagle wings in the latter day prophecy! This is welcome news coming straight from the Bible just before the election. Most Americans still believe in Bible prophecy above political persuasions.

If the war in Iraq represents Gods will actually predicted in Bible prophecy, this may be our chance to unify christians and patriots before this critical election takes place. Obama claims to be a good christian. Could he now become exposed publically for apposing "the great eagle" freeing Iraq in Bible prophecy?
A Salem christian group published an important press release concerning this true Biblical discovery! This stunning declaration comes from one of the most reputable christian publishers in America...

One critic asked the author how he could possibly announce a discovery about 9/11 and Iraq in Bible prophecy?
"Aren't you exploiting thousands of American deaths within this current war and 9/11 just to sell a book?"

Author.." "That is my greatest consulation! Many people including veterans are purchasing this book witnessing biblical references which prove my research has a foundation in true prophecy. People are witnessing biblical prophecies unfold before their eyes concerning Iraq being freed by modern eagle. announces on their web sight they have sold out this book and are now ordering more!"
"There are no unsatisfied customers complaining of not receiving any thing less than promised from the author." "There are steady reports of people finding far more than what they ever expected possible.

It would be unforgivable for any author to promise something like this to exploit a national tragedy for book sales." Many lives have been lost including families with children having lost their parents. This author is not letting people down who purchase this book in good faith. We are delivering a true message taken from biblical prophets directed for our time. "I have four children of my own, if my book were to become exposed as a manipulation of biblical text such would forever mark my children's name as well as my own." I actually

found this message in which I am claiming.

I have been blessed to have discovered such a wonderful message deliberately placed into the Bible which

might unite believers together before this election. I need your help because the media ignores everything concerning this discovery. It is very hard to believe this yourself until you witness it first hand.

Author of this book,
Paul Gregersen

Listen now to an educated critic and his expert opinion regarding this miraclulous book.

"Reading this particular book has made me aware of how christians have come to accept biblical spin and less than honest interpretations when reading books on Bible prophecy." When I started reading "Bible prophecies of 9 - 11" the whole idea of 9 - 11 and Iraq being in Bible prophecy admittedly was quite appealing to me.

But it seemed very far fetched and I fully expected to discover another fiction story cleverly masked behind a another "new" biblical declaration. I fully expected to see the familiar hand picking of quotes deliberately coming from the authors’ selection of unrelated texts to manipulate the meaning of Bible text. I've learned that it is a common trick to cleverly combine unrelated verses from separated biblical context in order to stretch readers’ perception beyond the original focus toward the authors’ conclusions, creating the appearance that authors conclusions are also supported by the Bible.

My first surprise while reading this book was to see this author approach things quite differently by laying a biblical foundation from Adam and Eve with the tree of life story, establishing common threads for his entire biblical claim. As the first chapters began to build solidly on biblical themes I quickly realized this particular author was either seriously attempting to link legitimate patterns of bible prophecy, or he was using an even more clever deception to mislead me. This author surprisingly understood the procedure to outline proper types and shadows and stay within one context while linking proper biblical themes. Since the author was not spinning I suspected that he would postpone taking of his liberties until he would be forced into a corner having to demonstrate 9 - 11 towers falling and eagle's wings into modern Iraq.

To my surprise the transition was smooth and never broke context or prophetic flow. Not only was 9 - 11 coming straight from the Bible but almost every highly specific detail, including the number of planes that hit each target, was referenced in the Bible with numerous exact details specifically related to 9 - 11. This book does not just stop there, but continued to unwind the scenario of America going to Iraq spelling out the exact manner of Saddam’s capture and execution. This was a highly unusual book! This book was based on what was written in the Bible and relied solely upon that premise. How do I react to this other than try to convince someone to read it and find out? I feel concerned that christians are so used to being tricked by each cry of wolf that when the real thing appears there will be a little comprehension that something amazing has occurred. I have wracked my mind as to how this could have possibly been fixed and there is no possible way other than Gods prophets deliberately sent us this intentional message about Iraq and 9 - 11. Ross David


Bill, you might want to check to make sure that all users will be able to access content before endorsing it. I really appreciate the job that The Onion does in general, but they really botched their channel for providing their content. I'm not sure if it is some flavor of Windows-centric idiocy or what, but I really feel bad for the blind users out there whom can't even see the error message I'm getting....

Oh, and fix your captcha--I don't load images from 3rd party sites--they clog up my modem (I'm a rural user, like some 35% of the USA population).

Kinda funny, but was there no better use for the time on the program? Why was this aired while the Sibel Edmonds story is banished to "web exclusive" status where few will see it.

What a waste.

Sometimes humor cuts too close to reality and laughter becomes knowing and hollow. I am not going to cry, but I don't expect my vote to count for anything. The underlying message is that patriotic citizens have other obligations besides voting in times like these. The Tree of
Liberty may have to be watered through the liquidation of undeserved wealth and privilege, and from the blood of the obstinate. Populism is too contradictory and archaic a label for our Resistance.

Makes me want to cry! That's an onion for you.

Lately I have been concerned & confused about this nominating process, but the light bulb just lit. The candidates are selected by behind the scenes power brokers such as Howard "Mean" Dean--for real! Then the candidate is crowned in Iowa & New Hampshire. The big mix up this yr. was when the media figured out how much more money they could make if all the states were involved! Way to go media! Finally candidates are paraded before all the people.
Billy Bob, Florida

!!!!! The MSM deflects blame for ruining democracy onto ordinary "shadowy overlords".Shame!

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