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How Responsible Are Candidates For The Views of Their Supporters?

After Pastor John Hagee of CUFI endorsed John McCain for President, some groups offended by his views called on the Senator to repudiate the endorsement. In response, McCain said today:

"We've had a dignified campaign, and I repudiate any comments that are made, including Pastor Hagee's, if they are anti-Catholic or offensive to Catholics."

John McCain isn't the only candidate to run into trouble over controversial support.

Barack Obama's campaign has repeatedly faced criticism about his Afrocentric church's connections with Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, especially after the controversial minister publicly endorsed Obama. An Obama spokesman said:

"Senator Obama has been clear in his objections to Minister Farrakhan's past pronouncements and has not solicited the minister's support."

Republican Representative Ron Paul came under fire for not returning a campaign contribution from the founder of a white supremacist Web site. A Paul spokesman said:

"If someone with small ideologies happens to contribute money to Ron, thinking he can influence Ron in any way, he's wasted his money. Ron is going to take the money and try to spread the message of freedom... And that's $500 less that this guy has to do whatever it is that he does."

Some have questioned Senator Hillary Clinton over contributions she accepted from lobbyists and her support from corporate CEOs that led FORTUNE magazine to declare on their cover that "Business Loves Hillary!" Regarding the lobbyists, Clinton said:

"A lot of those lobbyists, whether you like it or not, represent real Americans. They represent nurses, they represent social workers, yes, they represent corporations that employ a lot of people. I don’t think, based on my 35 years of fighting for what I believe in, I don’t think anybody seriously believes I’m going to be influenced by a lobbyist."

What do you think?

  • Should candidates accept endorsements and/or contributions solely from those with whom they entirely agree? Is this practical? Why or why not?
  • How responsible are candidates for the views of their supporters?
  • How much should political endorsers and/or contributors affect how voters perceive the platforms and views of the candidates they support?

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    Are you fay or fau you spazzy spammer? People aren't gonna read all that crap. Almost everyone on here knows about polarization of wealth and the tendency of the population to mimic the wealthy. Quit blabbering and tell us what YOU are going to do, your part in fixing it. Some of us are ready to roll....

    Amazing. The first ever global depression will go down in history horribly misunderstood. What a pathetic bunch of ignorant fools we have become. Consumer junkie credit card morons. Perfect little victims. Say that reminds me.

    Don’t believe one optimistic word from any public figure about the economy or humanity in general. They are all part of the problem. Its like a game of Monopoly. In America, the richest 1% now hold ALMOST 1/2 OF ALL UNITED STATES WEALTH. Unlike ‘lesser’ estimates, this includes all stocks, bonds, cash, offshore accounts, and material assets held by America’s richest 1%. Even that filthy pig Oprah acknowledged that it was at about 50% in 2006. Naturally, she put her own ‘humanitarian’ spin on it. Calling attention to her own ‘good will’. WHAT A DISGUSTING HYPOCRITE SLOB. THE RICHEST ONE PERCENT HAVE LITERALLY MADE WORLD PROSPERITY ABSOLUTELY IMPOSSIBLE. Don’t fall for any of their ‘humanitarian’ CRAP. ITS A SHAM. THESE PEOPLE ARE CAUSING THE SAME PROBLEMS THEY PRETEND TO CARE ABOUT. Ask any professor of economics. Money does not grow on trees. The government can’t just print up more on a whim. At any given time, there is a relative limit to the wealth within ANY economy of ANY size. So when too much wealth accumulates at the top, the middle class slip further into debt and the lower class further into poverty. A similar rule applies worldwide. The world’s richest 1% now own over 40% of ALL WORLD WEALTH. This is EVEN AFTER you account for all of this ‘good will’ ‘humanitarian’ BS from celebrities and executives. ITS A SHAM. As they get richer and richer, less wealth is left circulating beneath them. This is the single greatest underlying cause for the current US recession. The middle class can no longer afford to sustain their share of the economy. Their wealth has been gradually transfered to the richest 1%. One way or another, we suffer because of their incredible greed. We are talking about TRILLIONS of dollars which have been transfered FROM US TO THEM. All over a period of about 27 years. Thats Reaganomics for you. The wealth does not ‘trickle down’ as we were told it would. It just accumulates at the top. Shrinking the middle class and expanding the lower class. Causing a domino effect of socio-economic problems. But the rich will never stop. They just keep getting richer. Leaving even less of the pie for the other 99% of us to share. At the same time, they throw back a few tax deductible crumbs and call themselves ‘humanitarians’. Cashing in on the PR and getting even richer the following year. IT CAN’T WORK THIS WAY. Their bogus efforts to make the world a better place can not possibly succeed. Any ‘humanitarian’ progress made in one area will be lost in another. EVERY SINGLE TIME. IT ABSOLUTELY CAN NOT WORK THIS WAY. This is going to end just like a game of Monopoly. The current US recession will drag on for years and lead into the worst US depression of all time. The richest 1% will live like royalty while the rest of us fight over jobs, food, and gasoline. So don’t fall for any of this PR CRAP from Hollywood, Pro Sports, and Wall Street PIGS. ITS A SHAM. Remember: They are filthy rich EVEN AFTER their tax deductible contributions. Greedy pigs. Now, we are headed for the worst economic and cultural crisis of all time. Crime, poverty, and suicide will skyrocket. SEND A “THANK YOU” NOTE TO YOUR FAVORITE MILLIONAIRE. ITS THEIR FAULT. I’m not discounting other factors like China, sub-prime, or gas prices. But all of those factors combined still pale in comparison to that HUGE transfer of wealth to the rich. Anyway, those other factors are all related and further aggrivated because of GREED. If it weren’t for the OBSCENE distribution of wealth within our country, there never would have been such a market for sub-prime to begin with. IF IT WEREN’T FOR THE OBSCENE, UNREASONABLE, AND UNJUST DISTRIBUTION OF UNITED STATES WEALTH, THERE NEVER WOULD HAVE BEEN SUCH A MARKET FOR SUB-PRIME AND THERE NEVER WOULD HAVE BEEN A COLLAPSE IN THE HOUSING MARKET. Sub-prime did not cause the problem. It only accelerated the outcome. Which by the way, was another trick whipped up by greedy bankers and executives. IT MAKES THEM RICHER. The credit industry has been ENDORSED by people like Oprah Winfrey, Ellen DeGeneres, Dr Phil, and many other celebrities. IT MAKES THEM RICHER. In fact, they specifically endorsed Countrywide by name. The same Countrywide widely responsible for predatory adjustable rate sub-prime lending and the accelerated collapse of the housing market. ENDORSED BY OPRAH WINFREY, ELLEN DEGENERES, AND DR PHIL. Now, there are commercial ties between nearly every industry and every public figure. IT MAKES THEM RICHER. It also drives up the cost for nearly every product and service on the market. So don’t fall for their ‘good will’ BS. ITS A LIE. If you fall for it, then you’re a fool. If you see any real difference between the moral character of a celebrity, politician, attorney, or executive, then you’re a fool. No offense fellow citizens. But we have been mislead by nearly every public figure. We still are. Even now, they claim to be ‘hurting’ right along with the rest of us. As if gas prices actually effect the lifestyle of a millionaire. ITS A LIE. IN 2007, THE RICHEST 1% INCREASED THEIR AVERAGE BOTTOM LINE WEALTH AGAIN. On average, they are now worth over $4,000,000 each. Thats an all time high. As a group, they are now worth well over $17,000,000,000,000. THATS WELL OVER SEVENTEEN TRILLION DOLLARS. Another all time high. Which by the way, is much more than the entire middle and lower classes combined. Also more than enough to pay off our national debt, fund the Iraq war for a decade, repair our infrastructure, and bail out the US housing market. Still think that our biggest problem is China? Think again. Its the 1% club. That means every big name celebrity, athlete, executive, entrepreneur, developer, banker, and lottery winner. Along with many attorneys, doctors, and politicians. If they are rich, then they are part of the problem. Their incredible wealth was not ‘created’, ‘generated’, grown in their back yard, or printed up on their command. It was transfered FROM US TO THEM. Directly and indirectly. Its become near impossible to spend a dollar without making some greedy pig even richer. Don’t be fooled by the occasional loss of a millionaire’s fortune. Overall, they just keep getting richer. They absolutely will not stop. Still, they have the nerve to pretend as if they care about ordinary people. ITS A LIE. NOTHING BUT CALCULATED PR CRAP. WAKE UP PEOPLE. THEIR GOAL IS TO WIN THE GAME. The 1% club will always say or do whatever it takes to get as rich as possible. Without the slightest regard for anything or anyone but themselves. Reaganomics. Their idea. Loans from China. Their idea. NAFTA. Their idea. Outsourcing. Their idea. Sub-prime. Their idea. High energy prices. Their idea. Oil ‘futures’. Their idea. Obscene health care charges. Their idea. The commercial lobbyist. Their idea. The multi-million dollar lawsuit. Their idea. The multi-million dollar endorsement deal. Their idea. $200 cell phone bills. Their idea. $200 basketball shoes. Their idea. $30 late fees. Their idea. $30 NSF fees. Their idea. $20 DVDs. Their idea. Subliminal advertising. Their idea. Brainwash plots on TV. Their idea. Vioxx, and Celebrex. Their idea. Excessive medical testing. Their idea. The MASSIVE campaign to turn every American into a brainwashed, credit card, pharmaceutical, medical testing, love-sick, celebrity junkie. Their idea. All of the above drive up the cost of living, shrink the middle class, concentrate the world’s wealth and resources, create a dominoe effect of socio-economic problems, and wreak havok on society. All of which have been CREATED AND ENDORSED by celebrities, athletes, executives, entrepreneurs, attorneys, and politicians. IT MAKES THEM RICHER. So don’t fall for any of their ‘good will’ ‘humanitarian’ BS. ITS A SHAM. NOTHING BUT TAX DEDUCTIBLE PR CRAP. In many cases, the ‘charitable’ contribution is almost entirely offset. Not to mention the opportunity to plug their name, image, product, and ‘good will’ all at once. Which is usually done just before or after the release of their latest commercial project. IT MAKES THEM RICHER. These filthy pigs even have the nerve to throw a fit and spin up a misleading defense with regard to ‘federal tax revenue’. ITS A SHAM. THEY SCREWED UP THE EQUATION TO BEGIN WITH. If the middle and lower classes had a greater share of the pie, they could easily cover a greater share of the federal tax revenue. They are held down in many ways because of greed. Wages remain stagnant for millions because the executives, celebrities, athletes, attorneys, and entrepreneurs, are paid millions. They over-sell, over-charge, under-pay, outsource, cut jobs, and benefits to increase their bottom line. As their profits rise, so do the stock values. Which are owned primarily by the richest 5%. As more United States wealth rises to the top, the middle and lower classes inevitably suffer. This reduces the potential tax reveue drawn from those brackets. At the same time, it wreaks havok on middle and lower class communities and increases the need for financial aid. Not to mention the spike in crime because of it. There is a dominoe effect to consider. IT CAN’T WORK THIS WAY. But our leaders refuse to acknowledge this. Instead they come up with one trick after another to milk the system and screw the majority. These decisions are heavily influensed by the 1% club. Every year, billions of federal tax dollars are diverted behind the scenes back to the rich and their respective industries. Loans from China have been necessary to compensate in part, for the red ink and multi-trillion dollar transfer of wealth to the rich. At the same time, the feds have been pushing more financial burden onto the states who push them lower onto the cities. Again, the hardship is felt more by the majority and less by the 1% club. The rich prefer to live in exclusive areas or upper class communities. They get the best of everything. Reliable city services, new schools, freshly paved roads, upscale parks, ect. The middle and lower class communities get little or nothing without a local tax increase. Which, they usually can’t afford. So the red ink flows followed by service cuts and lay-offs. All because of the OBSCENE distribution of bottom line wealth in this country. Anyway, when you account for all federal, state, and local taxes, the middle class actually pay about the same rate as the rich. The devil is in the details. So when people forgive the rich for their incredible greed and then praise them for paying a greater share of the FEDERAL income taxes, its like nails on a chalk board. I can not accept any theory that our economy would suffer in any way with a more reasonable distribution of wealth. Afterall, it was more reasonable 30 years ago. Before Reaganomics came along. Before GREED became such an epidemic. Before we had an army of over-paid executives, bankers, celebrities, athletes, attorneys, doctors, investors, entrepreneurs, developers, and sold-out politicians to kiss their asses. As a nation, we were in much better shape. Strong middle class, free and clear assets, lower crime rate, more widespread prosperity, stable job market, lower deficit, ect. Our economy as a whole was much more stable and prosperous for the majority. WITHOUT LOANS FROM CHINA. Now, we have a more obscene distribution of bottom line wealth than ever before. We have a sold-out government, crumbling infrastructure, energy crisis, home forclosure epidemic, credit crunch, weak US dollar, 13 figure national deficit, and 12 figure annual shortfall. The cost of living is higher than ever before. Most people can’t even afford basic health care. ALL BECAUSE OF GREED. I really don’t blame the 2nd -5th percentiles in general. No economy could ever function without some reasonable scale of personal wealth and income. But it can’t be allowed to run wild like a mad dog. ALBERT EINSTEIN TRIED TO MAKE PEOPLE UNDERSTAND. UNBRIDLED CAPITALISM ABSOLUTELY CAN NOT WORK. TOP HEAVY ECONOMIES ALWAYS COLLAPSE. Bottom line: The richest 1% will soon tank the largest economy in the world. It will be like nothing we’ve ever seen before. The American dream will be shattered. and thats just the beginning. Greed will eventually tank every major economy in the world. Causing millions to suffer and die. Oprah, Angelina, Brad, Bono, and Bill are not part of the solution. They are part of the problem. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A MULTI-MILLIONAIRE HUMANITARIAN. EXTREME WEALTH MAKES WORLD PROSPERITY ABSOLUTELY IMPOSSIBLE. WITHOUT WORLD PROSPERITY, THERE WILL NEVER BE WORLD PEACE OR ANYTHING EVEN CLOSE. GREED KILLS. IT WILL BE OUR DOWNFALL. Of course, the rich will throw a fit and call me a madman. Of course, they will jump to small minded conclusions about ‘jealousy’, ‘envy’, or ’socialism’. Of course, their ignorant fans will do the same. You have to expect that. But I speak the truth. If you don’t believe me, then copy this entry and run it by any professor of economics or socio-economics. Then tell a friend. Call the local radio station. Re-post this entry or put it in your own words. Be one of the first to predict the worst economic and cultural crisis of all time and explain its cause. WE ARE IN BIG TROUBLE.

    So what can we do about it? Well, not much. Unfortunately, we are stuck on a runaway train. The problem has gone unchecked for too many years. The US/global depression is comming thanks to the 1% club. It would take a massive effort by the vast majority to prevent it. Along with a voluntary sacrifice by the rich. THATS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. But if you believe in miracles, then spend your money as wisely as possible. Especially in middle and lower class communities. Check the Fortune 500 list and limit your support of high profit/low labor industries (Hollywood, pro sports, energy, credit, pharmaceutical, cable, satelite, internet advertising, cell phone, high fashion, jewelry, ect.). Cancel all but one credit card for emergencies only. If you need a cell phone, then do your homework and find the best deal on a local pre-pay. If you want home internet access, then use the least expensive provider, and share accounts whenever possible. If you need to search, then use the less popular search engines. They usually produce the same results anyway. Don’t click on any internet ad. If you need the product or service, then look up the phone number or address and contact that business directly. Don’t pay to see any blockbuster movie. Instead, wait a few months and rent the DVD from a local store or buy it USED. If you want to see a big name game or event, then watch it in a local bar, club, or at home on network TV. Don’t buy any high end official merchendise and don’t support the high end sponsors. If its endorsed by a big name celebrity, then don’t buy it. If you can afford a new car, then make an exception for GM, Ford, and Dodge. If they don’t increase their market share soon, then a lot more people are going to get screwed out of their pensions and/or benefits. Of course, you must know by now to avoid those big trucks and SUVs unless you truly need one for its intended purpose. Don’t be ashamed to buy a foreign car if you prefer it. Afterall, those with the most fuel efficient vehicles consume a lot less foreign oil. Which accounts for a pretty big chunk of our trade deficit. Anyway, the global economy is worth supporting to some extent. Its the obscene profit margins, trade deficits, and BS from OPEC that get us into trouble. Otherwise, the global economy would be a good thing for everyone. Just keep in mind that the big 3 are struggling and they do produce a few smaller reliable cars. Don’t frequent any high end department store or any business in a newly developed upper class community. By doing so, you make developers richer and draw support away from industrial areas and away from the middle class communities. Instead, support the local retailer and the less popular shopping centers. Especially in lower or middle class communities. If you can afford to buy a home, then do so. But go smaller and less expensive. Don’t get yourself in too deep and don’t buy into the newly developed condos or gated communities. Instead, find a modest home in a building or neighborhood at least 20 years old. If you live in one of the poorer states, then try to support its economy first and foremost. Be on the lookout for commercial brainwash plots on TV. They are written into nearly every scene of nearly every show. Most cater to network sponsors and parent companies. Especially commercial health care. Big business is fine on occasion depending on the profit margins and profit sharing. Do your homework. If you want to support any legitimate charity, then do so directly. Never support any celebrity foundation. They spend most of their funding on PR campaigns, travel, and high end accomodations for themselves. Instead, go to and look up a top rated charity to support your favorite cause. In general, support the little guy as much as possible and the big guy as little as possible. Do your part to reverse the transfer of wealth away from the rich and back to the middle and lower classes. Unfortunately, there is no perfect answer. Jobs will be lost either way. Innocent children will starve and die either way. But we need to support the largest group of workers with the most reasonable profit margins. We also need to support LEGITIMATE charities (Check that list at This is our only chance to limit the severity and/or duration of the comming US/global depression. In the meantime, don’t listen to Bernanke, Paulson, Bartiromo, Orman, Dobbs, Kramer, OReiley, or any other public figure with regard to the economy. They are all plenty smart but I swear to you that they will lie right through their rotten teeth. IT MAKES THEM RICHER. These people work for big business. The ‘experts’ they cite also work for big business. They are all motivated by their desire to accumulate more wealth. THEY WILL LIE RIGHT THROUGH THEIR ROTTEN TEETH. So don’t fall for their tricks. Instead, look at the big picture. The economic problems we face have been mounting for well over 20 years. All of them caused or aggrivated by a constant transfer of wealth from poorer to richer. Soon, it will cause the first ever GLOBAL DEPRESION. Its not brain surgery. Its simple math. Like I said, you are welcome to run this by any professor of economics or socio-economics. If thats not good enough, then look up what Einstein had to say about greed, extreme wealth, and its horrible concequences. I speak the truth. GREED KILLS. IT WILL BE OUR DOWNFALL.

    Its already underway. A massive campaign to divert our attention. Trump, Buffet, OReiley, Dobbs, Pickens, Norris, and several other well known filthy rich public figures have been running their mouths about the economy. Finally admitting a hint of severity after almost 2 years of denial. They even have the nerve to acknowledge the possibility of a US/global depression. Still, they refuse to acknowledge the single greatest underlying cause. Instead, they focus on policies, procedures, and circumstances that were born FROM the underlying cause. Dancing their way around the big picture. DON'T FALL FOR IT. Remember: Our national debt was way up BEFORE sub-prime. Consumer debt was way up BEFORE sub-prime. The cost of living was up BEFORE sub-prime. Wall Street profits were obscene BEFORE sub-prime. The middle class were loosing free and clear assets BEFORE sub-prime. Our infrastructure was in bad shape BEFORE sub-prime. Loans from China were taken out BEFORE sub-prime. The dollar was loosing value BEFORE sub-prime. So don’t let these cowardly filthy rich public figures divert your attention or limit your range of thought. THE CURRENT ECONOMIC CRISIS WAS NOT CAUSED BY A SINGLE POLICY OR PROCEDURE. IT WAS CAUSED PRIMARILY BY A MASSIVE TRANSFER OF WEALTH FROM POOR TO RICH. THIS ALSO REPRESENTS A MASSIVE CONCENTRATION OF CAPITAL WORLDWIDE. OTHERWISE, THERE WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN SUCH A MARKET FOR SUB-PRIME AND THERE WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN A GLOBAL CREDIT CRUNCH. MONEY DOES NOT GROW ON TREES AND IT DOES NOT JUST FLOAT AWAY. IT ONLY TRANSFERS FROM ONE PARTY TO ANOTHER. ALBERT EINSTEIN TRIED TO MAKE PEOPLE UNDERSTAND. GREED KILLS. IT WILL BE OUR DOWNFALL.

    A word for those who respond with the usual ‘I know more than you. Look how smart, knowledgable, and articulate I am’ crap. Let me say this in advance. I don’t claim to be an expert in this field. But I did go on record with these predictions long before any public figure uttered the word ‘recession’. If you search long enough, you will find my early postings from ‘05′ and ‘06′. Including the first draft of this rant. Since then, I’ve gone on record against people like Greenspan, Bernanke, and Paulson. So far, my predictions have been accurate. Like I said. This is not brain surgery. For the mostpart, its simple math. When you concentrate the world’s wealth, you also concentrate its capital and shrink the middle class along with the potential market for every major industry. Homes go unsold. Bills go unpaid. Banks fail. More products go unsold. Jobs are lost. More banks fail. and so on. and so on. It happened 80 years ago. It will happen again. This time on a global scale. Throughout the cycle, the rich will tighten their grip. Concentrating the world’s wealth and resources even further and ensuring the collapse of every major economy worldwide. Think it can’t happen? Think again. GREED KILLS. IT WILL BE OUR DOWNFALL.

    Another thing. I don’t want credit for any of this. Otherwise, I would have given my full name a long time ago. As far as I’m concerned, you can put this rant in your own words and take credit for all of it. I don’t care. Just spread the word. Otherwise, the greatest injustice of all time will go down in history unchecked.

    By the way. The bailout won’t work. IT WON’T WORK. The plan fails to address the fundamental problem. The middle class don’t need more credit. They need a reasonable share of the economic pie. They also need a lower cost of living and a chance to catch their breath. They need a break from all of the psychological marketing tricks and mass market BS. Most of all, they need to wake up and see the truth. GREED KILLS. IT WILL BE OUR DOWNFALL.

    To my surprise, two public figures have found the courage to acknowledge this problem to some degree. On 11.07.07 former presidential candidate Ron Paul mentioned the massive transfer of wealth from poor to rich. He also hinted at the possibility of economic collapse. He did so on 'Face the Nation'. He was blacklisted almost immediately for doing so. On 9.28.08 former secretary of labor Robert Reich refered to the obscene levels of income inequality as part of a "recipe for disaster". He mentioned the richest one percent in particular. He did so on 'Late Night With Conan OBrien'. As far as I know, Albert Einstein was the first to explain the link between extreme wealth and economic instability. He did so in 1949. He explained how the first Great Depression was actually caused by a massive transfer of wealth from poor to rich. He predicted that it would happen again. We are about to witness the first ever GLOBAL DEPRESSION. Amazing. The prosperity of an entire world is about to be compromised. Almost entirely because of greed. IT WILL BE OUR DOWNFALL.

    The point about our government printing up more money was that it can't be done "on a whim" and that there are serious concequences for doing so (weak dollar, higher gas prices, inflation). I never said that it can't be or hasn't been done at all. Afterall, those loans from china weren't infused in the form of Chinese currency. They were infused in the form of our own. Not given to the middle class but instead to the banks in the form of credit. Its done nothing but perpetuate the problem. It never has been and never will be the answer. Sorry if I wasn't explicit enough the first time. The original draft was written 2 years ago and intended to fit within 300 characters. Anyway, I'm no English major. So if any of you want to re-word this post, feel free to do so. Whatever it takes to make people understand.

    I don’t find the Rev. Jeremiah Wright or theologians who belong to his church racist. They speak from a history of opposition to and analysis of our racially prejudiced culture. I hate watching Rev. Wright take the fall in this campaign. I do object to those who imply those of us who have reservations about Senator Obama’s qualifications for the presidency are ourselves racist.

    To some degree, Senator Obama and some of his supporters remind me of members of the Kennedy family in their relentless ambition and disregard for other members of the Democratic Party. I have never forgotten how Robert Kennedy divided the anti-war vote and eventual resulted in the election of Richard Nixon. I have not forgotten the disdain with which the Kennedy clan showed President Carter and President Clinton for that matter. Senator Obama might not be like members of the Kennedy clan, but he seems extraordinarily ruthless in his zeal to become president, especially when he seems to have surprisingly little experience to be president .

    Even though I will probably vote for Senator Obama, I will do that with regret. The contempt that his partisans have shown for people who supported Mrs. Clinton lingers like a sour taste on the tongue. The problem is not Mr. Obama’s former pastor; the problems are those of his cohorts who have implied that anyone in opposition to his election are racists. That does bother me and causes me to question whether he merits my vote.

    I detest the intrusion of sectarian voices in our political campaigns. When the leaders of some denominations made an opposition to reproductive choice a vital matter for too many voters, I cringed. The matter simply goes from bad to worse. I wish that candidates had to courage to do what Senator Obama did when he separated himself from his former pastor. Still, I happen to like Rev. Wright much more than I like people like Billy Graham whose pandering to President Nixon alienated me from Rev. Graham, a man I had once admired.

    I believe that religion has a great role to play in our common life. I consider myself as a spiritual heir of Reinhold Niebuhr, Paul Lehmann, and others.

    Well, I am not as bothered by the Rev. Mr. Wright as I have been from time to time by Billy Graham. Several important theologians belong to Trinity United Church of Christ. They are not necessarily out of the mainstream

    what is the deal with Obama and these preachers?...I've never heard such racists' comments in my life...I think there would be a public outcry if comments like these showed up on a rap album getting airplay, much less out of the mouths of these preachers!...Let's call it what it is: 'these guys are nuts'...fruity-tooty, living in their own worlds...and Obama shows up every week to drink it up...until someone says " uhh, you may wanna' distance yourself from these guys, cause it could hurt your chances of getting elected", he cuts em' loose and denounces them...I don't know what's worse...Obama's unyielding commitment (one week) or his 'about-face back-turning' (only a week later), because of what the polls 'say'...That looks like (1)either a 20-year 'poor judge of character' or (2)'a poor excuse for a friend and ally'...either way, it's a damn poor excuse and in no way a presidential one...But then, we've gotten use to that type of thing, haven't we?...I'll have to agree with 'J Gaw' who posted here (apparently a well informed, independent 'thinking' woman - when she states: "Do not let the media sway the voters again, as they did in 2000, going with a personality. There will be more-we need to quickly ask the hard questions of obama, because we are fast running out of time. Listen closely to Hillary's Message, Obama copies everything she does. Again I say you cannot listen to Rev. wright and he is your spiritual mentor and not know this man thinks and speaks like he does. and you cannot say you do not agree with what he is saying-Obama is lying about the influence Rev. Wright has had on him. and that just makes him just like any other politicial. will say what ever he has to say to get elected."...To that, I say: You've said it all and said it well...

    What a sweet, innocent exchange (Billy Bob vs Irene) below as contrasted to the mindless racism on the Jeremiah Wright page. If anything could ever induce me to get off my crippled ass and vote for Obama, those exchanges could, just to spite the fascist cabal.
    Meanwhile,I don't think Obama is responsible for my soulmate Jeremiah Wright anymore. Wright has made it pretty clear that his beliefs require he vote for Cynthia McKinney in November. He agrees with her on most everything and is not the pragmatic type, unlike myself.

    P.S. Yes, I recommend forgiveness, but not forgetfulness.
    I even advocate institutional
    reparations, from the wealthy to the entire working class.
    It's a matter of give and take: Rich boys give it, or we take it.

    FYI Billy Bob: Black men were inducted into slavery by arrest (for loitering, trespassing, resisting) right up into the 1980s, though it slowed down some during WW II.
    And most of the debt peons of agriculture in the South right up into the 50s were Black families. It was easier to kill and replace these later unfortunates than people you bought and maintained. Two good books to catch you up are "Peonage In The Shadow Of Slavery" (Peter Daniel) and "Slavery By Another Name" (Douglas Blackmon). This is not to say Blacks in the rest of the country didn't do the dirtiest lowpayed jobs and get screwed out of education or advancement until the late 20th Century. Even now, if police want to find a perp , they grab the nearest Black. Hispanics (often termed "gangs" even when alone) are beginning to take more of the heat. Billy Bob, do you associate with minorities outside of work? Would you go to a mixed church? As for Jerimiah Wright, most of what he said was accurate.
    Just like Martin Luther King he is standing up for your rights too. He knows no American can be free with others in bondage.

    Obama is the typical U.S. money grabbing, double talking Senator who takes most any donations. As he said in a debate with John Edwards, "This is politics. None of us have clean hands." A truly upright and honest man cannot run and cannot win, Billy Bob. I imagine if Barack got elected and tried any funny business a chump or robot could be found to blow off his head as the T-men parted like the Red Sea. McCain and Hillary are monsters and Nader (and other 3rd partiers)hasn't a chance. Yet a vote rigged election is still likely, so the wealthiest one percent get exactly the boob they want.
    What is your agenda, Billy Bob? What outcome would please you? Only a complete overthrow of corporate capitalism can satisfy me now.
    I want a responsive democracy with the ability to designate where my tax money goes and what it is spent for. Let Congress peck up the chaff. Even France has complete healthcare with about the same tax rate, and they are idiots.

    To Irene Mar. 28 12:10 AM
    Clearly not your church!

    So, Jeremiah Wright did some good and, therefore, his paronoid, racist, hate message should be forgiven? OK--You may be right.

    There seem to be those that want to lay guilt & cost at the feet of some that were born 133 yrs. after the slavers were defeated in the Civil War--would you advise equal forgiveness?

    Good night Irene.

    Billy Bob, Florida where votes don't count unlike Chi-town where even the deads' count

    Time to torque some loose bolts and steer the discussion.
    New question: How responsible is Bill Moyers for his (?) choice of Journal guests and subject areas?

    We all are wondering. This week's piece on the Congo was highly sanitized, appropriate for use in any SBC Sunday School. Send money, not potatoes and bike parts parishoners. The boy who likened the effort to bailing a bottomless boat was cruel but had a point. The Congolese are informed moderm people just like our citizenry, and the powers that police,plan and profit from our world allowed or caused these horrible events. Americans must remember Katrina and the lost B-52 warheads, and realize big business is not protecting us either. If cowboy piracy corporatism is not brought under control like the raging fire it is, we are all gonna die or regress to primate colony existence.
    All you John Birch Juniors out their fearing world government, the UN or other management had better tighten you lug nuts and wise up. The Ron Paul Indian Fightin' Days are long over, and you can't hunt quail in a condo development despite the quaint names of the streets. We need a World Court now to prosecute and punish the Sodom-Bushites, other mass murderers and pirateering corporate speculators. How much patience, how much compassion and forgiveness, how much tolerance for extractive disorder, turmoil and speculation can we of the powerless masses have? You Bigboys are on notice...

    And hostage (68 days) Bill Moyers; This week's show had better be damn good, but not disinfected.

    As usual, Bill Moyers Journal continues to sidestep the endorser/supporter who's the elephant in the room this election. That would be Tony Rezko, on trial in Chicago right now. Obama's longtime relationship with this political fixer is so well-documented, yet underreported, it boggles the mind. And it's not as if the charges are unrelated to the candidate, either. "Extortion and influence peddling". It doesn't get any more blatant than that. (Actually, it does. The prosecutor in the case is Patrick Fitzgerald, the same guy who let Karl Rove and Dick cheney off the hook in the Valerie Plame leak case.)

    Moreover, with all of the Journal's interest in the Iraq War, the fact that Rezko got a loan from Iraqi billionaire Nadhmi Auchi in order to purchase the Obama estate does sort of appear relevant to the programming.

    If anyone's interested in following Obama's apparently endless money trail, click on my screen name.

    Bravo, Clinton Freeman (good monikor for a Hillary man) How well you illustrate your own complaint.

    A candidate should only be only be held responsible for HIS or HER own views. Unfortunately, too many people believe AND REPEAT anything they feel can support their preexisting prejudices, no matter how irrational the argument is. (As discussed in a prior edition of "Journal.")
    Also, candidates should not be allowed to divert questions about THEIR behavior by blaming others, the way Sen. Obama made a question about HIS judgement a "question about race."

    I laughed and laughed this week at the "call and response" between John McCain and Joe Leiberman. Joe, take little wooden headed John on your knee, grasp his neck lever firmly and talk without moving your lips. See how easy that is, works much better.
    McCain: I just flew back from the middle east.
    Leiberman: No wonder your arms look so tired.
    McCain: I don't know much about e-con-o-me...
    Leiberman: But he's good on female lobbyist biology..,
    McCain: But I do know we can fight 3 wars at once...
    Leiberman: What bullcrap, Johnny,you're a dunce (throws dummy on ground).
    McCain: And people will vote for me out of pity...(Whispers:"Good show, Joe.)

    Billy Bob from hot ol' Florida- Do you ever even go to church? I can guarantee you that crazy talk goes around in every congregation, and the gossip is even dirtier. This year I found agendas under every new Easter hat, most of them crazy.
    It's not fear of God keeping truth out of church, but fear of backstabbing and ostracism.
    It's hard enough to pay the tithe to remain a club member in good standing. Only the networking and counter vouching gives church value. I doubt 20% of members really believe all the mumbo-jumbo. Billy Bob, America ain't
    such a great place anymore, and most people know it, just ashamed or afraid to say. Jesus is probably up there having a belly laugh about flag lapel pins. Would you like one, Billy Bob? And a Ralph Nader button? To wear to church? Did you know Jeremiah Wright is a retired Marine who converts inner city Muslims? No cred to Barack...

    Very impressive, heart rending!

    Your program centered on the film "Body of War" was moving and significant. I'm advising my relatives and friends to watch it. At the end you say that one can find local showings of "Body of War" on your web site. I couldn't find this information. Could you tell me where to look. Thanks.

    A picture is stronger that 1,000 words--we saw the movie & heard the words & the message was not out of context, as many have tried to tell us, & they try to say that what we saw & heard was not what we saw & heard & anyway it is justified.

    RonP 3-21 2:03PM Who is trying to think for whom? Seems as though someone got caught with their hand in the cookie jar of spin, denial, deception, & etc.

    Americans' free speech from the extreme left or right is sure to upset some, BUT, to have a candidate for nomination for the democratic party affirm his long time mentor & say that the message was not unusual causes me to question how well the mid-stream & right wing would be representated if your candidate becomes pres.

    Europeans received death threats from bin ladin for a "cartoon"!

    I reject Wright's paranoid msg. & if being considered an unthinking child is the reaction I must endure then so be it.
    In my view, God has blessed The United States & I am thankful for the different views expressed this election year and trust far greater blessings that having a black or woman as pres. will become reality.

    I never voted for "tricky dick" or "slick willie" & though I have been a voting, registered democratic for decades, I may rise up & become a thinking voter for Nader!

    The Russians limit the candidates available to vote for & so have our national parties. That requires some grown-up thinking.
    Billy Bob, Florida

    Unfortunately too many of us will with our esteem and inferiority
    complexes stay stuck on Sen. Obama's relationship with Trinity Church of
    Christ and Rev. Dr. Jeremiah Wright, Jr. until it's dealt with in a
    healthy way. Too bad it's the senator's campaign that has to bear the
    brunt of these vicious attacks but, thank you Barack for taking the high
    road in spite of it all.

    At last here is an opportunity for the news media to do what their
    profession expects from them; search for the truth, report it and take
    to task colleagues who threaten the integrity of the profession.

    Below are links to the Christmas Day 2007 Sermon at Trinity Church of
    Christ by Rev. Dr. Jeremiah Wright, Jr., which FOX News acquired and
    disingenuously used to intentionally create a false and unrepresentative
    caricature of Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Jr., and by association Barack
    Obama. This was the service with the Hillary comment towards the end of
    the sermon.

    Unfortunately people are too lazy to think critically any more, and
    continue to fall prey to news commentators with extreme mal intent who
    continue to treat us as immature children who allow others to think for us.

    Part 1 -
    Part 2 -
    Part 3 -
    Part 4 -


    Rev. Wright tells it like it is. Obama has to pussyfoot because he's "sellin' the product" to ignorant masses. If you listened to "Winter Soldier" this weekend you know about racism and genocide, and that it has never stopped. Next they will be herding up foreclosees and credit debtors for slavery and extermination right here at home. If it makes a profit the elite don't care about your color or any other trait. Hatred is hatred and self-defense is self-defense.
    Arab baiting is hatred, mobilization of the oppressed is self-defense. Hagee: hate; Wright: self-defense. I would rather attend Wright's church than Hagee's: I'd feel safer and more welcome with Wright. It is Obama who is perpetuating a goody-goody myth when he would be powerless as a puppet president. I'm a white guy and I'm scared, scared of property grabbing police, Blackwater and other paramilitaries, false flag attackers and the mobster monsters at the top with all the wealth. (Penny Pritzger- look her up.)

    When I heard Wright's paranoid, race biased, hate message, I was concerned. But, when I heard Obama & black ministeries attempting to justify Wright's hate message as normal in black churches around this country I became alarmed!

    Obama may not be a racist, but he clearly is a politician. The winds of controversy around Obama's close relationship, & vow to continue it, with his long time pastor Wright make it difficult for Obama to maintain his balance between the black vote and the non-black vote. Obama will say anything & associate with anyone that he feels is necessary for him to get to the White House. Sounds like "The Clintons". Where is the CHANGE?

    Why are we talking about only 3 choices this early in the year? Because the national parties have conspired to end-run the Constitution by making "rules" where a few small States eliminate those candidates not approved by the behind-the-scenes power brokers! This results in USA citizens voting from a select few candidates. Wasn't this covered recently in our news about Russia's recent election? Just the facts mama!
    Senator Nelson, of Florida, is drafting legislation to address this problem. However, The Constitution handles it, the people have just dozed our RIGHTS away to scheming, power hungry, big money, interest.
    Billy Bob, Florida

    General FYI re: candidates and the political ramifications of their religious affiliations, in specific instances:
    The story about Hillary Clinton's long (since 1993) membership in "The Fellowship", also know as the "Family" is being largely ignored. The story was covered by respected publications such as Mother Jones in 2007, and has just been brought up again on Huffington Post. This group is much more than a religious group; it has very clear agendas regarding the power of the elite not only here in the U.S., but worldwide. Please investigate this story so that we the public can be better informed about the agenda of this (in their own words, "invisible") organization which Clinton and numerous other U.S. and world politicians and leaders belong to. This affiliation has more significant ramifications than the Obama-Wright concerns, which have been reported on so extensively. Given your time spent informing us about that issue, I hope you will give this at least equal time. (For the record, I also think that McCain's increasingly deep ties to the religious right, and his contradictory stance on that group since at least 2000, is also at least very significant and in need of more investigation, again, because of political ramifications.) It is not individual, personal faith which is of concern. It is the political ambitions and direct influence on our governments these groups exert which merit serious investigation.

    FYI, I'm including links to investigative articles, interviews, etc. on this topic, again, from Lisa Getter, Pulitzer-prize winning investigative journalist for the LA Times; Mother Jones, Harper's, Huffington Post, GNN, etc.

    cc: NYTimes
    Washington Post
    Christian Science Monitor
    Democracy Now
    Air America
    The Guardian
    Le Monde
    Der Spiegel
    The Daily Show
    The Colbert Report

    I agree with you, Mccain is no better-with the hagee and co. So the only choice left is Hillary Clinton. If the Rev. Wright comments/or pastor Hagee-Were aligned with Hillary-the Media would be all over it. they would be giving it round the clock coverage. Cspan'washington journal had two people on the program this am who are obama supports-and of course they had nothing good to say about Hillary.
    the two groups were the nation mag. and Michelle? from the independent womens orga.-and she didn't have anything good to say about Hillary.
    so I say no to obama and pastor wright, and no to mccain and pastor hagee.
    Hillary is the only one qualified to lead this country-everyone knows it.
    she runs circles around obama and mccain on the issues confronting this country. and she is fighting a uphill battle. the media is no help-she is trying to help the american people in spite of themselves. America please lets not cut off our nose to spite our face.
    Let Hillary lead this country. Not much conversation on this site.
    go to abc-jake tapper-political punch.I hope there are some statesmen (women)among the superdelegates and will do what is right for this country-thinking long-term
    and go with hillary-and maybe the other side will be upset for a while-but when she starts with healthcare, student loans, bring the gas prices down,
    and getting this economy up and running again, and starts to bring the troops home-they will be glad she is our president.
    Hillary 08-she is the only hope now for the dems in november-She will be a good president-Give her a try.

    We have the lying con artists of politics joining forces with the lying con artists of religion. If people ever wake up and realize they are being controled by the very religions they were born in and see these men for what they are, then maybe this world will stand a chance at survival. Mr. Moyers, you need to run the documentary you did with Joseph Cambell. John Hagee is evil incarnate and I can barely stand to hear his voice. McCain is no better.

    I do not understand, as an African-american female I will repeat what I have been saying-ever since I heard obama speak-and watched him in debate. People we do not want some one else in the White House who cannot think on their feet when dealing with the issues. When we listen to Rev. Wright saying the things he has said, and accept obama just saying I distance myself from him now, because I never heard any of the things he is saying-wake up people-I looked at the web site-the church is pro pro black-How can a person claim to be a uniter of people when he goes to church and listens to such as that? We need to read Shelby Steeles book "A bound Man: why we like obama and why he can't win. Do not let the media sway the voters again, as they did in 2000, going with a personality. There will be more-we need to quickly ask the hard questions of obama, because we are fast running out of time. Listen closely to Hillary Message, Obama copies everything she does. Again I say you cannot listen to Rev. wright and he is your spiritual mentor and not know this man thinks and speaks like he does. and you cannot say you do not agree with what he is saying-Obama is lying about the influence Rev. Wright has had on him. and that just makes him just like any other politicial. will say what ever he has to say to get elected.

    I am a white female but I have little issue with Rev. White's comments because 1)terrorism did not begin in America on 911. Native Americans and black slaves experienced terrorism at the hands of white Americans. 2)Pres. Reagan sent arms to the Afghan rebels in their fight against the Soviets. Osama bin Laden was a leader of the Afghans and he expected to lead the attack against Iraq after their invasion of Kuwait but was angered when Saudis aligned with America instead. Bin Laden used our own weapons against us, which is so often the case.
    3)Long-standing American support for the corrupt government of the Shaw of Iran infuriated Iranians & helped fuel an anti-American backlash there with the installation of Khomeni. These are only a few instances where American "chickens have come home to roost." If we Americans knew our history, we might begin to understand where the anti-American sentiment originates instead of thinking we are always on the side of good and others are either on our side or part of an "axis of evil."

    I think the Obama's relationship with his pastor, Rev. White, is a very different situation than that of McCain recieving an endorsement from a preacher whom McCain is otherwise not affiliated with. In Obama's case, I do think it is unbelievable for him to try to step away from his own pastor for 20 years! (The same pastor who married Obama and baptized his children.) This is a man Obama chose to be affiliated with for 20 years ... not just an endorsement from a fringe person in his life. Let's hear more from the preacher so we can understand the spiritual guidence that he values. Why is Obama hiding the faith he has practiced for 2 decades? Why isn't Obama isn't being honest about his faith? This is the church and pastor he has supported for 20 years, it is a valid issue to understand the man who is running on judgement and character.

    I don't agree with everything Rev. wright said. But considering his take on 9/11: what really bugs me is some people acting like there's no truth to the fact that our foreign policy, and our domestic policy for that matter, has caused deep distrust on the part of non-white and poor people. Someone on another blog claimed I wanted people on 9/11 to have died because I mentioned this. That disgusts me. We're back to calling traitor and treason to anyone who wants to speak the ugly truth. Some white Americans would rather just keep their heads in the sand about our role in the world and how this country's history of racism has created such a different perspective of our country for African Americans or Native Americans.

    Many 9/11 Truthers supported Ron Paul with all the resources at their disposal. Ron Paul publicly denounced the Truth Movement more than once. Why should he refuse my money if I still chose to give it knowing his position?

    I completely despise McCain but what is good for the goose is good for the gander. If he publicly denounces this religious extremist, and Hagee's radical followers still send support, #1) Why should he refuse it? #2) How could he refuse it?

    Regarding CUFI, I find it frightening that people in this country are so gullible that they are willing to be party to this type of religiosity. Several of my friends here in Ohio told us that their 'pastors' told them to vote for Senator Clinton on Super Duper Tuesday.... Doesn't any American know how to think for themselves anymore?
    I love the Journal!

    Normally I would not hold statements by supporters against a candidate. I was considering voting for Obama until I heard the hateful and racist comments of his minister. If Obama had gotten up and walked out of that church never to return I would probably be more apt to vote for him. Just saying he "disagrees" is not enough for me.

    I’m heart sickened and bogged down by the democratic blog bashing tactics of Karl Rove type supporters.
    The cock sure posture surrounding the arrogant sophistication of ignorance, rising up in words tempered by a culture rooted deep in deceit. The lisping slip of a wicked wagging tongue steadfast cast in bitterness, turned twisted in certainty then hardened in hatred seething with menacing dark shadows, stirring in the fires of inner silence. The banging pang rearing up in the crushing rush of a raging roar, poised to sway the vision of perception.

    Since when is Louis Farrakhan considered on The Left?!!!

    • Should candidates accept endorsements and/or contributions solely from those with whom they entirely agree? Is this practical? Why or why not?

    Obviously, in a Democratic Republic, where the political objective is to garner the most voter support for your candidacy, it would be disadvantageous to cavalierly dismiss the endorsements or contributions from groups which you may have some political disagreements. Any shrewd politician will have to make a political calculation and determine what are the potential political costs and benefits of such a public alliance. Naturally, if the potential political costs outweigh the potential political benefits, then it would be politically practical to distance his or her self from the group or individual in question.

    • How responsible are candidates for the views of their supporters?

    Because of my belief in the freedom of speech as being a right that is extended to all Americans, it is nearly impossible to hold a candidate responsible for the mainstream or radical views of their supporters. In short, an individual’s viewpoint is just that – the viewpoint of that individual, but not necessarily the viewpoint of the candidate.

    • How much should political endorsers and/or contributors affect how voters perceive the platforms and views of the candidates they support?

    The degree to which an endorsement or contribution will affect the perception of a candidate in the mind of a potential voter depends upon how much the voter believes in the old adage, “Birds of a feather flock together.” In other words, will there be any guilt imparted to the candidate through association with the group or individual in question? For most voters, it depends upon the closeness of the association through political interaction, and whether or not the associate can or has asserted any undue influence upon the candidate’s policy positions which will in turn have a direct impact upon them.

    I would like to see Hillary' civil rights record-next to obama-then we will see who should be getting the black vote. I am black-and I am appalled at the fact black people are just blindly voting for obama, without knowing anything about where he has stood in the past. I say while we are spending so much time talking about what surrogates are saying. someone should be looking a little closers to see if obams IS really qualified to be president in these terible times. Hillary has shown what a good leader she is by the mere fact-she is driving this election-everyone is hanging on to her every word-the media-obama copying everything she does-why?-because everyone knows she is more qualified that obama or mccain to lead this country. she runs circles around both of them on the issues. Black people are not voting their interest-obama is going to have so many people he is beholding to if he gets into office-he will not be able to get anything done-especially for black people and the poor. a lot of obama supports-it does not matter a lot to them who is in office. Deniro,wil-i-am, all of those people. they will go on. it is the poor in this country who will suffer.
    his first 100days will not be a honeymoon. Wake up people-He is not ready yet.
    think about what is right for the country in these times-Hillary-If Mr. obama did take the vp-he would learn a lot. he should want the opportunity. He will really be ready when Hillary steps down. She will make sure of that. I wish everyone would look past what every the crazy notions they have about Hillary Clinton-and think about what is really good for the country. I hope we have some real statesmen
    (women) amoung the superdelegates-and they will do what is right for the country.

    To Sandra Noble 3-13 12:07PM & Michael Caddell 3-11 12:35AM You may find Independant Lens' "An Unreasonable Man" aired on PBS, to be enlightening, if you are not familiar with Ralph Nader's political positions. For decades he has told us of our loss of rights to big money. I thought of Nader as a consumer protectionist , but did not consider his politics until I happened to see the above story.
    Billy Bob, Florida

    It seems like Obama is the only candidate that is not entrenched with the pro-Israel lobby. It'll be more of the same if John McCain or Hillary Clinton is elected.

    President of IRAN embraced by ORTHODOX JEWS?

    I STILL ADORE THIS VIDEO OF President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad being embraced,and praised, by so many Orthodox Jews.

    Can I post the link here?

    Thank you

    The End-timers are about to go back to their backwoods chapels with the coming redoubt in November 2008. They know that Bush ruined their chances of a theocratic dictatorship in America, as much as they wanted it since Reagan. In Kansas a very powerful backlash is brewing against social conservatives who have focused on a "Christian Nation" rather than fiscal responsibility. By contantly cutting taxes, bankrupting the state, time and time again after over twenty years of this folly, even old school Republicans are turning against them and either leaving the party and going over to Democrats or going independent.

    So goes Kansas so goes the Republican party ... and it ain't pretty what's taking shape here.

    A fine and usually funny lady at my local wine store said it best last Friday evening on my home from work.

    She said, "My Lord what are people out here going to do with gas at $4 a gallon? People aren't going to be able to make it, we'll be stealing from each other just to get to work."

    She also had some choice words about the rising prices of food and of course beer. People are going to be forced in the near future to re-learn the word "solidarity."

    Older people know that a return to the "dirty Thirties" is in the making with the collapse of the dollar as a "world currency."

    People don't buy that old Woody Gutherie send-up "You'll get your Pie in the Sky, when you die."

    It will take a while before we learn to stick together enough to change our country from an imperialist superpower (yes that's the word) to a sovereign nation seeking peace and economic prosperity.

    Just watch the rise of what I call the "New Isolationists" or "non-interventionists" as they like to be called.

    It's coming, after a bumpy road away from the atomized, infotained, media bombed mindset the citizenry has become ... but it's a comin'

    Direct action and sustainable local communities is the way forward. Everybody is going to have to compromise, just to eat and feed the family.

    I wish you "city-folk" - Good Luck.

    Not all Christians support the views of John Hagee. I don't see preemptive strike as Christian doctrine. There isn't a lot of Love or charity in the remarks of John Hagee. Mr. Hagee needs to spend more time with Mathew, Mark, Luke and John. Read the letters from Paul. Maybe a little fasting would help too. Not all Christians support the views of John Hagee. I don't see preemptive strike as Christian doctrine. There isn't a lot of Love in the remarks of John Hagee. Mr. Hagee needs to spend more time with Mathew, Mark, Luke and John. Read the letters from Paul.
    Paul writes in
    1 Corinthians 13
    1- Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, and have not charity, I am become as sounding brass, or a tinkling cymbal.
    2- And though I have the gift of prophecy, and understand all mysteries, and all knowledge; and though I have all faith, so that I could remove mountains, and have not charity, I am nothing.
    Mr. Hagee seems angry. Maybe some time spent in meditation and prayer would help. A little fasting would help too.
    I don’t think John McCain should be held responsible for the view of Mr. Hagee, supporters, unless he endorses those views. If endorsements or contributions have no strings attached there should be no problem. Party platforms state the positions the party takes on issues. If a candidate does not agree with the platform of his or her party they should make their positions known.
    Turn your question around, and ask should you vote for someone you don’t agree with on every issue? Would you ever find anyone you could vote for?

    What ever happened to thou shall not kill"?

    Bush says he is Christian
    McCain says he is Christian
    Hagee says he is Christian

    All three think pre-emptive war is a good thing.

    Am I missing something?

    In a country where the media is controlled by a handfull of corporations how can any of us expect to hear the truth on any subject? Who endorses who is relevant if the endorsement is accepted with no spoken reservations. I see that McCain is willing to do anything to become President. This should strike fear into the hearts of any informed citizen and demonstrates a willingness on his part to change his rhetoric to meet the expectations of the group he happens to be addressing at the time. In short, he sold out!

    This is unbelievable. The fact that any of these christian fundamentalist wackos are being listened to at all or given any voice whatsoever is shocking. I just don't understand how anyone can believe them. I don't understand why there is not more of a backlash against this offensively moronic and violently dangerous rhetoric. This has made me lost what little faith I had in humanity. I am just so completely baffled - please please explain to me why the religious nuts have proliferated - is it because our educational system and entertainment conglomerate have made such driveling morons out of americans?
    Where are the sane rational enlightened lobbyists? What happened to secular politics? Why do the secularist advocates just lie down and let these religious fanatics and bigots walk all over them?


    I agree with you. There are many instances of people of the liberal persuasion smearing Christians and dismissing the importance of faith in general, but I am a christian and John Hagee frightens me. If you watched the Moyer's show you would have seen christians waving American flags and cheering wildly as Hagee calls for a pre-emptive strike against Iran. When you mix God and the flag like that, it's kind of like idolatry and blasphemy.

    Bill, would you please run a program on the topic of the logical reasons that voters must have full disclosure from the candidate now, in the primaries, not when they are the general election candidate.
    Take a look at this from YouTube as a place to begin:

    You pay/take the money and take your chances . . .
    You make/take the endorsement and take your chances.

    Or maybe it's as mom used to say - "They'll know you by the company you keep."

    Pastor Hagee and senator McCain need each other.
    Senator McCain needs pastor Hagee's influence for votes.
    Pastor Hagee needs McCain's acceptance to help generate those votes.

    They will note their endosement and acceptance as it becomes expedient and qualify it when necessary.

    There is one thing to keep in mind as more "religious content" enters political process.
    We have a participatory democracy, this does not work well with any one religion or religious view.
    When political influence is gained, religion and the religious will dictate, not participate. History; ancient ,medieval and modern bears that out. A good example of the use of that influence is trying to get their "endorsee" to load the Supreme court with judges whose conservative political and religious views are hoped to have more influence over their decisions than the precedent of law.

    This is yet another distraction from the catastrophe that looms in this presidential race. Since the G.O.P. arranged his U.S. senate election in 2004, the Obama candidacy has functioned as the "weapons of mass destruction" equivalent for Karl Rove and the neoconservatives in their quest to hold onto the White House in 2008. The paper trail linking the two camps is endless, but simply not being reported by Bill Moyers Journal or any other outlet. Rove knew he had the perfect foil in choosing an African American to run against the first viable woman candidate. And when it comes to reporting the truth, the fallout of a racism accusation is enough to shutter the lips of even the most fervent anti-war activist. Click on my screen name for a link to an article that outlines what Rove is up to.

    How responsible are the candidates for disclosing their own tax returns, especially when they "lend" their campaign $5 million?

    Petition Clinton to disclose her tax returns. In the comment section suggest asking that she please also disclose her records as First Lady and her and her husband's $500 million charity which also employed some of their key campaign staffers and received tens of millions in donations from their top campaign donors.

    A Comment on Content
    First your own words:

    You're going to have your hands full, frankly. I don't need to tell you of the gloomy scenarios being written for your time. Three books on my desk right now question whether human beings will even survive the 21st century. Just listen to their titles:
    The Long Emergency: Surviving the Convergence Catastrophe;
    Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed;
    The Winds of Change: Weather and the Destruction of Civilizations.

    I'm sure you are aware of 'Peak Oil'. When will the Journal discuss this most important debate? Since it's another of those topics that might get a couple of hours on cable a year (along with overpopulation) shouldn't someone at PBS say something also?

    After watching John Hagee on Bill Moyers I came away disturbed and frightened that people like Hagee have so much influence over politicians and foreign policy.I believe that he and his fellow wackos are more dangerous than any terrorist and must be repudiated and their influence negated.

    Yikes, this Hagee guy is nuts! A religious wing nut(notice I did not say Christian). My opinion is that Hagee is not what he seems---figure that one out for yourself. McCain would do better to stay away from this guy and all other religious nuts like him. He needn't stay away from the church or the church's support, just nutjobs like Hagee. Each candidate ought to check out those throwing support to them in order to see what kind of agenda they represent to the rest of the electorate. Accountability and integrity begins with these simple measures of review of supporters. Money is important to a campaign, but not at a price of ones own integrity.

    Yipe! Hagee is a definitely a religious wing nut--not Christian in my opinion. There is a big difference. He sounds just like Robertson, Dobson, and the late Falwell. Read Gary Wills "What Jesus Meant" and you will see reasoning and compassion and more of the mind of Christ than you could from Hagee or Dobson. As to contributioins and support, the candidates are responsible to know the platform and political views of those throwing support and money behind their campaigns. To have any integrity these candidates need to do this at the very least. Then they can decide to endorse those endorsing them, or repudiate and refuse their support.

    I try to evaluate how much influence the person has on the official--do they seem to have the ear of the candidate? OJ Simpson does not have any influence. A lobbiest, CEO? It would seem they would have the ear and therefore some influence. In McCain's case, he clearly listens to and praises these charlatan preachers--in true Karl Rove-ian fashion, he desperately needs their followers' votes , of course.

    American's are afraid. The Republicans are afraid of radical Islam and the Democrats are afraid of the economy. McCain is capitalizing on the fear of terrorism and Clinton is capitalizing on the fear of the economy. Americans, I fear will vote for whomever panders to fear their fears. I don't feel Americans are ready to come together peacefully and work together for a united, prosperous and peaceful country and world. It may be that those of us who yearn for change and hope may be naive to think that Obama could win.

    OJ Simpson has endorsed Hillary(no kidding, look it up). Who cares? It's the endorsements that a candidate welcomes, like McCain Hagee, that are interesting.

    Come on.

    Farrakhan endorses Obama, and explains in full that he is "hopeful" when he sees the change he represents. I'd be interested to know what particular things he's so happy about, I suppose, but it's not like he's endorsing Obama's friendlyness for a specific Nation of Islam agenda.

    Hagee endorses McCain, and hails his Israel- policy, his Iran policy, and plugs the conservative mainline by announcing that being Strong on terror is a virtue. In other words, Hagee has found a politician that clearly agrees with him on central issues, and therefore endorses the candidate. And it just doesn't help for McCain to suggest Hagee has "come over" to the republicans when that is the case.

    So this is not the same thing. And why is that so difficult to point out?

    So where are the headlines with "McCain and right- wing theologian agree on fundamental foreign policy- issues"? "Crazed minister has the same foreign policy agenda as presumptive republican nominee"?

    *shakes head*

    You know - it's depressing. It's really depressing what america has managed to do with itself over the past ten years. Seriously - before we could at least pretend to like you once in a while. Now you're embracing "the leader" - not as a focal point for a set of issues. But as a symbol, who you can buff up with all your projected emotion - until it's time to sit back and wait until the next election, of the next personality.


    Nutjob Pastor John Hagee endorses McCain, McCain returns compliment:

    Senator McCain and his admiral father sold out the USS Liberty crew for Israel (see as well):

    February 12, 2008
    John McCain and the Neocon Resurgence

    Fallon 'may lose job over Iran war'§ionid=3510203

    Latest on coming war with Israel:

    The Clinton Years Revisited (look at all the Israel firsters in Clinton's regime, so the neocons won't have any problem with a Hillary presidency either!:)

    Obama is owned by the pro-Israel lobby as well:

    I do not think that endorsements should ever reflect badly on the politician. If David Duke were to endorse Barrack Obama, I would take that as a sign of inclusive persuasiveness on Obamas side. If Senator McCain had secured Minister Louis Farrahkan's endorsement, I would have applauded them both.
    I think that endorsements like Super Delegates (I always think of spandex and capes.) shouls be considered an votes that show that someone with influence has been persuaded, little more.

    Rep. Ron Paul Stands Alone (defying AIPAC) in Voting Against Gaza Bill (see the latest CNI send about Dr. Paul's courage which is included below after the following):

    'Going after Syria and Iran would be right in accordance with the rest of the 'A Clean Break'/war for Israel agenda as discussed by James Bamford (who is the most respected intelligence author/writer in America) in his 'A Pretext for War' book (see the 'A Clean Break' link at the top of http://NEOCONZIONISTTHREAT.BLOGSPOT.COM as the following is the direct link for it):

    'A Clean Break':


    Rep. Ron Paul Stands Alone (defying AIPAC) in Voting Against Gaza Bill:

    On Wednesday, March 5, the U.S. House of Representatives passed H.R. 951, which condemns the ongoing Palestinian rocket attacks on Israeli civilians, holding both Iran and Syria responsible for "sponsoring terror attacks." Additionally, the resolution claims that "those responsible for launching rocket attacks against Israel routinely embed their production facilities and launch sites amongst the Palestinian civilian population, utilizing them as human shields …". For the full text of House Resolution 951, please click here:

    This resolution problematically includes a strong defense of the recent Israeli incursions in Gaza. The following is one such exert: "Whereas the inadvertent inflicting of civilian casualties as a result of defensive military operations aimed at military targets, while deeply regrettable, is not at all morally equivalent to the deliberate targeting of civilian populations as practiced by Hamas and other Gaza-based terrorist groups…"
    The resolution passed the House with an unequivocal majority of 404 to 1 with four representatives voting present and nineteen abstaining. Who was the lone Member of Congress to stand up to the Israel Lobby? Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX) not only voted against HR 951, but also made a very strong statement explaining why he opposed such a biased pro-Israel statement.

    Below is Rep. Paul's statement he gave to the House before the vote:

    Mr. Speaker I rise in opposition to H. Res. 951, a resolution to condemn Palestinian rocket attacks on Israeli civilians. As one who is consistently against war and violence, I obviously do not support the firing of rockets indiscriminately into civilian populations. I believe it is appalling that Palestinians are firing rockets that harm innocent Israelis, just as I believe it is appalling that Israel fires missiles into Palestinian areas where children and other non-combatants are killed and injured.

    Unfortunately, legislation such as this is more likely to perpetuate violence in the Middle East than contribute to its abatement. It is our continued involvement and intervention - particularly when it appears to be one-sided - that reduces the incentive for opposing sides to reach a lasting peace agreement.

    Additionally, this bill will continue the march toward war with Iran and Syria, as it contains provocative language targeting these countries. The legislation oversimplifies the Israel/Palestine conflict and the larger unrest in the Middle East by simply pointing the finger at Iran and Syria. This is another piece in a steady series of legislation passed in the House that intensifies enmity between the United States and Iran and Syria. My colleagues will recall that we saw a similar steady stream of provocative legislation against Iraq in the years before the US attack on that country.

    I strongly believe that we must cease making proclamations involving conflicts that have nothing to do with the United States. We incur the wrath of those who feel slighted while doing very little to slow or stop the violence.

    The Council for the National Interest denounces H.R. 951 and encourages our members to call their Representative to let them know that this approval of Israeli aggression and flagrant human rights abuses is unacceptable. To find out how your Representative voted, please click here.

    In addition, please thank Rep. Paul for his brave actions on Wednesday. Contact his office today and express your gratitude by calling (202) 225-2831.

    Council for the National Interest Foundation
    1250 4th Street SW, Suite WG-1 · Washington, DC 20024
    800.296.6958 · 202.863.2951 · Fax: 202.863.2952


    Yes, There Is a Guerrilla War Against Zionism in the U.S. What Should Jewish Institutions Do?:

    The more I learn about John McCain the less of a "straight shooter" I see.
    McCain's challenge appears to be three-pronged. To secure a sufficient number from the base, he has to create a perception of right-wing-nut bone ides to mollify Limbaugh and friends (prolife constructionist judges). Then he has to make a slight left turn to capture a sufficient enough of the independents (national security). Then, he has to take an even harder left turn to appeal to anybody dumb enough to "believe" (global warming and energy independence) on either coast in the hopes of capturing a purple or, God-forbid, blue state. Gosh, his (and Liebermann's) empty words have inspired me already.

    You'll never catch me dismissing the Bible as nothing more than entertainment. No. I prefer the full monty of blasphemy and choose to call it crap. Thanks for the threatening words, anyway.
    Judging by your indecipherable diatribe, I'm guessing the moniker reflects a state of mind. Right?
    McCain wasn't looking for Hagee's money. He was looking for the votes the good paster could deliver. Public financing with 527's is laughable.

    Bill Moyers is aptly conversant with the philanthropic side of the legitimate expression of Christianity. He is also well aware that the American Religious Right has an ignoble history of shameless self-promoters. I for one am most grateful that someone in the U.S. media is not afraid to blow the whistle on the curious bond between state and church that has developed in America which we in Canada find more entertaining than what the late night TV comedy script-writers can conceive.

    I'm enraged and disgusted at the constant use of the terms "extremist" and "dangerous" being used to describe Christians!You "sheeple" need to try authentic individuality and ivestigate for yourselves what Christians have done for thousands of years and will continue to do for society. We are not dangerous and we are not the "threat" you should be worried about! Are you all familiar with every aspect of John Hagee's ministry and others like him? Most likely not. Countless lives of missionaries have been sacrificed to bring the love of Jesus to the far reaches of the earth in the form of food,clean drinking water, warm clothing, education and every form of compassion you could dream up. Our Christian churches continue to humbly and quietly provide outreach to society's rejected and down-trodden.
    Just recently, my church (in one night)gave an offering of over $20,000.00 to a ministry that rescues girls who are sold into sex slavery.
    When many secular charity groups perform these types of acts of generosity they usually have a camera catching it all. The problem with my fellow Christians is that we need to stand up and defend ourselves. Somewhere along the way, it became acceptable to "Christian bash". It needs to stop!! Once again, we are not the ones to be feared. And to the individual who dismissed the Bible as nothing more than careful with your blasphemous words. God is real and so are His holy scriptures.

    What scares me is the fact that, as a graduate student of international relations and particularly as a student of the intersection between religion and politics, I have found in my research frighteningly striking similarities between the "theology" and politics of such U.S. "Christian" political clerics as Hagee and the "theology" and politics of "Islamic" political clerics such as the late Ayatollah Khomeini of Iran. For instance, the ideology of the political "Islamic" cleric Khomeini, the leader of the 1979 Iranian Islamic Revolution (who was, first and foremost, a politician and only secondarily an Islamic cleric), relied upon tapping into religous belief and fervor and religious or theological means for purely political ends. Khomeini provided religious or theological justification for combatting secularism and a "holy war" against U.S. political and economic dominance over Iran [U.S. imperialism] and its perceived agents, the Shah and Israel. Likewise, the ideology of "Christian" political clerics such as Hagee (who also is, first and foremost, a politician and only secondarily a "Chrisitian" cleric) also relies upon tapping into religous belief and fervor and religious or theological means for purely political ends. Hagee provides religious or theological justification for combatting secularism and a U.S. "holy war" against the Islamic Republic of Iran and its agents. Both sides see the other as something less than human and as evil incarnate and both sides see God as being on their side. What is so alarming to me is my conclusion that it is not so much a matter of "us" AND "them" as it is a matter of we ARE "them".

    There you go again ...

    Your CUFI program was captivating for a moment. Then your producers bigotry shown through compromising your veneer of objectivity. After which, I could not tolerate viewing your blatant HATE PROPAGANDA any further.

    Ahmadinejad may be a fundamentalist ideologue, but he did not explicitly call for Israel to be wiped off the map as you "QUOTE" he did. Check your sources and the translation again. Ahmadinejad did not say “wipe Israel off the map” He was purposefully demonized by the media as well as the bush administration and their right wing cronies.

    I expect you will come away with the same interpretation just as may continue to proclaim that the USA is founded on Christian values and the US was defeated Vietnam because of the press, or wasn't defeated at all.

    WHAT"S YOUR MAJOR MALFUNCTION? Aren't you aware of the fact that you are promoting genocide, or are you just STUPID?!!!!!!!!

    That's a rhetorical question since you are convince that the "OFFICIAL" 9/11 story about FLYING KAMIKAZE CAVEMEN beating NORAD/NEADS and WTC7 collapsed symmetrically at freefall speed from scattered diesel fires is true.


    I was sadden when Tim Russert ask Sen Obama about denouncing of Minister Farrahkan, even though it had nothing to do with the issues, there haven't been anything about Sen Obama having dealings with Mr Farrahkan in the past, Tim Russert had never ask any other canidate that question, then John Hagee gave his support for John McCain and you haven't seen Tim Russert or the so call main street media ask him in detail about the support from Hagee, and John McCain have not denounce Hagee yet, I guess the media is going to let him get away with that, my guess McCain can do no wrong in the main street so call media.

    It is too bad Hagee left off auctioneering. But seriously, these ppl have forgotten that Israel was a republic of judges, and adopted monarchy, which, as I recall, displeased God, and the country fell to the Philistines, although the Biblical spin doctors have left different interpretations behind in the scripture. St Paul had the last word on this idea of Christianity in Romans (esp Chap 9), which Hagee has specifically denounced. I don't know if McCain is an incipient fascist or not. I doubt it. But Eisenhower had to put up with McCarthy during his campaign, yet he left no uncertainty about what he thought of him in private. Personally, I agree with New Orleans Mayor Nagin that the hurricane was God's judgment on US environmental policy, not on the city's sexual policy. BTW, Hagee was defrocked by Assemblies of God for his divorce on grounds of infidelity. I think it is hard for any of the surviving Vietnam generation to think, as many did then, like Curtis LeMay, but I do think he knows as well as they should that we lost in Vietnam after we had, for all practical purposes, won, when we did not stick it out. This does not necessarily mean that we should have gone to war in the first place, or that the French or the ppl we backed there were worth it. He also certainly knows that LBJ's micro-management of the bombing campaign in the North is what landed him in the Hanoi Hilton along with most of the rest of the POWs. I do think McCain has been heavily influenced by Goldwater, which has not been discussed anywhere to my knowledge.

    Endorsement by a religious leader seems like an invitation to jihad. Hagee owns his church, literally.

    The size limitation on the House of Representatives should be lifted. Look at the size of Canada's Parliament, or Great Britain's House of Commons. Triple the size of the House, cut their budgets and staff by a third each. Throw out the desks, and put them in bleachers. What were the founders intentions? Two Senators per state, and one congressman per 10,000 citizens.

    Why did you leave out Senator John Cornyn, sharing the pulpit; a worthy successor to the smarmy, fed fat at the government teat, Phil Gramm? Cornyn has trash-talked as much as any right-wing radio nazi.

    Don't you miss Ralph Yarborough, and Henry B.?

    gluttony, greed, pride. No wonder Hagee's so down on Catholics. He's headed straight to Hell.

    Private special interest money polluting the election process for years, big media providing a public platform for the two major parties only, fifty state election laws with fifty different registration rules for everyone except the candidates of the two major parties, and voting stations with partisan polling judges that discriminate against certain ethnic groups who characteristically don’t vote for their political interests. No wonder only a minority of the population votes with that number decreasing in every election. At what point do we cease to be a Democracy, or have we already crossed that line? Ralph Nader is right, this process has ceased to be a Democratic Election and looks increasingly like a coronation of a candidate from the current two-party duopoly!

    I am actually surprised that McCain has accepted Hagee's support uncritically. It could be (McCain expects)that Hagee will find a way to campaign through his extensive media outlets with no enforcement. "In the day" broadcast license holders would have hesitated to carry Hagee's fear and hate mongering, but it seems acceptable over the air as well as on cable now. Having endorsed McCain he can now tell superstitious viewers how to vote without mentioning names (and stay within regulations), so that his religious tax exempt status is not threatened. The real revelation will come when a McCain running mate is chosen. Should it be Sen. Joe Lieberman (who seems crazier all the time to non-CUFI voters)the die is cast and McCain becomes an extremist candidate with the potential to divide Americans more severely than ever. Israel's disinterest in a fair settlement is a millstone around our necks that could drown us in a time of financial and military overextension, especially under such an injustice enabling regime. It remains to be seen, but maybe Obama and Clinton will commit gaffs just as insane as those of McCain. Anyway, public finance won't cure mental illness.

    If campaigns were publicly financed, all these questions would be moot, and candidates would not have to pretend that their endorsers and lobbyist payoffs didn't influence them.
    Unfortunately, winning candidates will never vote for public financing, because they are influenced by their endorsers and lobbyist payoffs.

    Candidates are responsible for the endorsements they embrace, and to show that money they receive is not going to influence their judgment. If John Hagee speaks out in favor of John McCain, that shouldn't matter. If John Hagee sends large amounts of money to John McCain's campaign, directly and indirectly (through "bundling"), it raises the question of what play he expects for his pay; the easiest way to avoid this question is to return the donations. If John McCain publicly welcomes the endorsement of John Hagee, it is reasonable for voters to assume that John McCain is endorsing Hagee's values and to vote accordingly.

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