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Bill Moyers Rewind: Fooling With Words (1999)

As April is National Poetry Month, here is a look back at our 1999 special, FOOLING WITH WORDS WITH BILL MOYERS.
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If you listen to reverend wright's whole message,he is right,But maybe people don't want to hear the truth.I think jeremiah was hurt that obama chose politics over defending a man of God whom he had known for 20 years.

RE: Rev Jeremiah Wright. Sometimes one has to look at the history of an issue to gain a perspective of the probable outcome. I do this with the study of generational study of history. A look at the racist history of the Negro in the US is illustrative of this thought. Look at it this way:
143/30 = 4.8 generations
43/30 = 1.4 generations
The first civil rights act was passed in 1866. It was never enforced. The second civil act was passed in 1965. It was enforced with some better degree by the federal government, but the attitude of the white people did not substantially change. The whites were the superior race and the negroes were the inferior race. Until that attitude among the white people is subantially improved, the progress for racial attitudes will be slow and uneven. History shows how difficult it is for a racial issue to be debated without any degree of emotion. Part of the problem is that the Bible gives one ethnic group a superior position over other ethnic groups. Could that be the benchmark where all of this emotion starts? That is why I consider this problem a generational issue among the races that will take more than one to resolve the emotional differences that exist.

RE: Interview with Jamieson

I was disappointed that you allowed Ms. Jameison to regurgitate unchallenged the Republican spin that McCain's "100 years in Iraq" commnent was taken out of context. It was not.

Anyone who truly believes -- as McCain obviously does-- that Iraq is like Korea, is seriously out of touch with reality. That is the point and context for the criticism of his comment.

Despite his putuative credentials on military and security issues, when you listen that what he actually says, it is obvous that he does not know what he is talking about. He gets away with this, becuase his supporters, like Jameison and most of the media, are allowed to "fill in" the context for him, essnetially re-writing his comments for him.

He is never held to his actual words.

re: 5/2/08 broadcast & wright interview.

mr. bill moyers,

i have personally been a long time fan of your work, ranging from the short t.v. interviews/documentaries on pbs, NOW, to the Journal that bears your name. though i may not have agreed with all the interviews point of views (namely with joseph campbell on purely personally philosophical reasons), i have always found the broadcasts regarding those subjects both informative and profound.
in regards to reverend wright, candidate obama, the 24 media (which is my pet name for the regular media aired on cable), i have attempted to keep myself informed on as many levels of this event as possible. i call this particular series of incidents (the public appearances of Wright, his appearance on your show, the sound bytes and the sermons attributed to him, and the subsequent distancing and denouncing by candidate obama, all as an event; a semi historical event (what i mean by that is an entirely different story).
this semi historical event is natural, however painful it may be. on one level, this is the public displayed version of separation of state and church. on another level, this is the division of two visions of american society. on another level, this is exactly what needed to happen. in many ways, as opposed to other countries and cultures, america needs opposites to express the truth: the carrot and the stick. america can never forgive when the stick becomes the carrot, and vice versa. in many ways, to the detriment of their relationship, reverend wright and candidate obama have taken to those roles. what those roles are, only time can tell. all of this is exactly how american culture defined and mythologize the relationship (or lack thereof) between Reverend King, Jr. and Malcolm X. it is a bi-polarity in the perception of ANY culture that is the ultimately toxicity of any society: it only allows for rigid action and reaction, not fluidity and adaptability (which any darwinist will tell you is the secret of survival).
but this split is full of hope, despite the pain. in this time of not only economic bad times, horribly tragic moments with soldiers overseas, nightmarish treatment of citizens, and (what i found terrificly stomach churning, the state sanctioned murder by covert means of a Somali rebel who may or may not have been guilty by Al Quaeda association), we, not just this government, but with this act, without our knowledge, have all become complicit) despite all this, there is hope.
there is hope in the fact that, there are things that candidate obama cannot do, not because he is deficient, nor that he lacks manpower, nor that he lacks popularity, nor that he lacks intelligence, nor that he lacks charisma, nor that he lacks eloquence, nor that he lacks strength; it is that he ultimatley refuses to give into the ability to be baited (by either pleasure or vengeance).
that is the only hint of criticism i see of reverend wright's speech in regards to obama.
i personally never have seen candidate obama as a politician, but rather as a stateman (old school style); but in many ways, candidate obama HAS been acting like a politician. only recently, after reverend wright's speech, has this changed. in many ways, it may have rejuvenated candidate.
america can not only stand the idea of being condemned for being wrong, nor can it stand being shown the solution of this particular problem, no matter how simple or obvious it may be. (historical scholarly research shows enough ample examples). while creating an illusion of bi polar discourse for american political culture to follow, what the wright event does is three-fold:
1. it concentrates and distills the racial arguments against candidate obama in such a way that, in many ways, reverend wright has become an unofficial lighting rod for controversial corporate media stupidity.
2. it displays the absolute arrogance and ignorance and poverty of intelligence and integrity (in their continually denial of their behavior) in those like Charles Gibson, George Stephanopolous, a great many members of the National Press Club.
3. (i think this is the most important of all) that this truth of not only oppression, but of binding, of unknowable standards, of the philosophical implications in regards to human nature that we have not seen on a scale since the discoveries of Auschwitz and Dachau--that, ultimately this truth is being told.
though others may be disagree as to the style and timing of Reverend Wrights National Press Club's speech, i continue to be disappointed by the Press' inability to not only do their research, but the inability to bravely look into the eye of the hurricane.
but i wish to offer words of hope, not only to everyone else (who got this far in the commentary), but also to you. the hope (i personally hate using that word, because it is so inadequate) is that this division is not the end: it has impelled both Reverend Wright and Candidate Obama to really consider the objectives to their reality (one being in the public "political" sphere, and the other being in a semi-public "religious" sphere) and that it might be the same, though they have to depart from their mutual path for awhile, and that in this crucible of america politics, that if the best candidate comes out, that it will ultimately be obama, because they threw the kitchen sink at him, and he stood there thought about it, and solve the problem, with the help of some good, smart, empathic people (or at least that is what i like to think based on his behavior so far). no, i offer this hope in that, both candidate obama and reverend wright have obviously shown the absurdity of racism through the repercussions of their actions (this may or may not be their intention); and that the ultimate joke is on us all who lack power and believe in a freedom that is not freedom, and as both Reverend Wright and Candidate Obama become more prominent in political and cultural standards, we see how race and gender is used to define power in this day and age.
and that is the great hope. for what better way is there to turn what where men intend evil, God intends good.


Rev. Jeremiah Wright's words are so bold and brutally honest until they offend not only a whole lot of whites; but also some blacks who have hidden from the truth of their existence and their past. It is pathetic that Rev. Wright's truths have impacted so negatively on Sen. Barack Obama's campaign. The reason is because never before has there been a successful black candidate who has gone as far as Sen. Obama and the naysayers look for the "rose-colored glasses" for his authencity. Some say Sen. Obama must be judged by the company he keeps. How ludicrous is that? It begs the response of what is being felt about Sen Hillary Clinton and her company with her husband and The Clinton Chronicles; among other dalliancies. Personally, I could care less because whatever former Pres Clinton did, or did not do does not define Sen. Clinton. At any rate, wonderful and beautiful history is being made in America with Sen Obama running so close in his campaign. Both Rev Wright and Sen Obama are heros in the sight of my family and I and we wish the very best for them. We are hopeful that this controversy will cause a lot of Americans to look deep into their souls for truth while recalling, (or learning about), the history of these "United States", to discern why Rev. Wright speaks the way he does.

re: Reverend Wright on Bill Moyers Journal

I felt grateful to Bill Moyers for interviewing the Rev. Wright. I was surprised and touched by his thoughtful and intelligent remarks. He is indeed a profound man who has studied Theology and American History. His comments reflect an empathy not only with his people, but also with Native Americans and others who may have suffered under the rule of the American government.
I am Caucasian, American born and a supporter of Hillary Clinton. That said, I do not have any vitriolic feelings towards Senator Obama. I think he is a very idealistic man who is trying to be the perfect American candidate.
In summary, I feel that the Reverend Wright has given all Americans an opportunity to look at our nation's history from the perspective of a person of the Black race. I agree with him that though we may be "one nation under God," the Ten Commandments historically have been interpreted so that they best serve the God of the powerful.

I'm sorry. I generally like Moyers, but the comments from Wright are outlandish. Also, Wright made every effort to tone down and appear benevolent, and, from viewing the comments here, many fell for it. Yes, I listened to his entire speech, both the original one aired and the one given in Detroit. Yes, African Americans have been treated horribly in the past. So have other in varying degrees. The Jews. The Irish. The German and Japanese in our country during World War II. The list goes on and on and on and on worldwide. But I don't see the Jewish people, for example, acting out, ranting and spewing. Tuskegee occurred many, many years ago at a time when racism was rampant. It was also done for a progressive purpose, albeit horribly. It was not done to destroy the black population. It was done to study syphilis and it was done on black people because they were seen as inferior, less than human by the people performing the experiments, just as many prisoners on whom experiments are performed today are viewed, just as Jews were viewed by the Nazis (who suffered even more horribly). To claim that AIDS is spread by the US to the black community just for the sheer visciousness of it is not only preposterous but it erases every shred of progress that has been made in the last 250 years. Does this behavior bring people together? Hardly. Does it promote discussion of a constructive nature? Look for yourself. And it's going to bring down the candidacy of Barack Obama. I'm not an Obama supporter, but I feel sorry for the guy. His minister loves the attention he's getting, not to mention the MONEY. He has a somewhat bullying manner that suggests if you don't support him, you are against all black people, just as many suggest if one doesn't support Obama, one must logically then be racist. The world is not an easy place and never will be. We can only try to make it better - FOR EVERYONE.

I first heard Rev. Wright in 2002 as I was dosing in and out of sleep. My aunt was driving and my uncle, a good friend of Rev. Wright, was listening attentively in route to Atlanta. We were going to best friend’s graduation from Morehouse. What I heard, waking, were words most preachers were scared to say. Rev. Wright is a gifted educated man. I would go to church every Sunday if he were in New Orleans. In fact, I would like to ask Rev. Wright to come here and challenge our leaders to go the distance and actually do what is right, not what is convenient...

I'm dissapointed with the interview. You really failed to ask the tough questions. NOTHING mentioned about his comments about the government infecting blacks with the AIDS. Where were the questions that would hold Wright accountable for what he said. You did nothing to evoke a complete discussion on the controversy. Thanks for nothing.

Fooling with words, huh? I heard a man not an hour ago "foolin' with words," pretending to be totally out of touch with reality. He claimed he'd not yet seen the GDP (actually GNP to include some global operations)figures due out tomorrow, which were probably the impetus for today's news conference. The hemming and hawing, the aw shucks with the news bunnies, and the tired old rants made him seem like the captain of the Titanic, playing for time. President Bush recommended domestic drilling for oil, nuclear plants and more refineries. ANWAR is a melted mess that would provide only a flash in the pan of energy, leaving a wasteland of abandoned infrastructure at the top of Alaska. And this while our forces can't access Iraqi oil at 12 billion dollars and 35 soldiers a month. How long would it take to bring a nuclear plant, or even a cluster of oil refineries, on line? Fission is insane when you have no waste disposal, and even oil companies know that building new refineries for a dwindling product (Hubbert Peak Petroleum) is a waste of resources. "We gonna have battrees in 'r cars," he says: This the man who appointed electric car crusher Andy Card as his chief of staff. Does he even understand that his Chevy pick-up already has a battery to start it?
Well, only 8 more months, before the real horror of the new President begins, should we get that far. It is our very system and ideology that is strangling itself, and I don't see how a slightly different leadership can make any difference. As criminal and secretive as Bush has been, he has remained faithful, true and open about his pro-business(Hyper-Capitalist ) program. That "course" was not altered in today's presentation. I'm actually glad that an extremist has shown Americans and the world a preview of our demise as a result of insane clinging to the market and the price system while ignoring blatant needs and urgent changes.
Notice here that Bush's God is money, else he would have portrayed our occupations as Christian crusades, sacred oil as provided by a Deity, and Global Warming as the "Big-man-in-a-sky" is melting us out new places to drill for oil and grow ethanol. Not that it would matter this late in the game, but would cartoonish logic inspire confidence in the American majority who are fearful to express religious doubt in public? (I include the 3 candidates for Decider II.)
The point I'm making is that politicians "fool with words", but that people like Jeremiah Wright are sincere, and not fooling. Who do you trust?

Hats off to you and your interview with Rev. Wright! It is refreshing (and rare) for anyone but you to give listeners a chance to hear a controvertial issue discussed with any depth. I thank you and wright, both, for intelligence and enlightenment.

Eric Burton [4/25, 2:47], the American taxpayers you reference who support public television include liberal, voting Democrats and Republicans who believe in truth and the value of a quality, informed, non-biased media. Bill Moyers is the last true American journalist who is also a statesman. His faith is in God, not in the government. Moyers' mission is to "speak the truth in love" as commanded by our faith in God. You and your conservative Republican racists have placed your faith in your political identity and replaced God with a Republican label. You take comfort in your hatred of the gospel that commands love and charity and inclusion. You and others like you have made your party your god. The far-right wing conservatives, aka racists Republicans, wouldn't know truth if it bit them on the tongue. This is still America and public television is American. If you need to suck your tongue, go watch Fox Nonsense Network.

Jeremiah Wright is right. Devotees of Fox are false. Fox is faux, a fraud for fools. Go confess your sins to Hagee.

I am most certianly glad that Rev. Wright has had a chance to defend his statements. Mr. Moyer did what he was supposed to do, allow the man to speak for himself. We have tried and convicted this man in the media court. A killer even has his day and say in court. The present day media has become a factory of opinions, "shock and awe gossip", and and foolishness, fueled with the agenda of financial gain and not of any substance or facts. In the meanwhile we have been brainwashed to not form our own opinions or look at the facts within a context. The fact of slavery for instance is evaluated from the context of western caucasion thought. When will the entire context of the psycological effects of slavery be allowed to be discussed and examined through the eyes of black America and not just in history books of western thought? This is what Rev. Wright is speaking about. Someone has to go deeper in thought to bring up questions and answers to invoke a true understanding of what all citizens of this country deal with. If you can't sit still and listen with an open mind and engage in a conversation of understanding, wisdom and knowledge, then don't complain about the issues facing America. We can't sit and say "those on the left are the problem, or those on the right are the problem" somewhere we have to meet in the middle. This is true progress. The truth has to be the capstone of progress, we have to look at ALL of the facts within a context, this is the truth. Everyone has to have a say, and I thank Mr. Moyer for allowing one man to have his. Now, without the agenda, without the editorial slant, we can sit down together with our opinions and facts and make a true critical anaylsis of how to achieve progress in this country.

Excellent interview! I’ve come to realize is how much I’ve been subconsciously manipulated by the 24 hours news shows in not having to think - just listen & repeat someone else's opinion complete with snippets, good lord – obtained from youtube. Thank goodness you allowed us to not only listen FULLY to Rev. Wright but also the context of his sermons, his intent and his record. How nice it was to be engaged as a listener during your interview instead of idly being fed repeated sound bites and analysis from people who haven’t a clue! Now, at least we have more than 5 seconds of which to base an opinion. Many thanks Bill!!!

Once the Rev. Wright controversy broke, I immediatly did one thing. I educated myself. I went to the source. I watched the sermons in question in context. I posted them on my website too. Then I began reading. I read articles by Tim Wise and other "REAL" journalists who were investigating, not spinning. I then did another thing, I began writing to the mainstream media and begging, pleading, demanding that they put Wright into context and not use him as political fodder. I began giving up hope that anyone was listening. The voice of reason and truth had been silenced.

I became more distrubed when I began hearing reports of death threats and bomb threats to members of Trinity. I became frightened that the racial fires had been fanned and that the media wouldn't stop until someone was dead. Who do I blame? I blame those of us who listen without questioning, and I blame the media for spouting propoganda as fact and letting themselves fall into the propoganda trap.

Thank you Bill for being brave enough to tell the truth. I'm angry that I've yet to see one fair or accurate report from any of the media outlets since your interview. Before your interview aired all the pundits were screaming that Rev. Wright was hurting Obama by speaking out. Like the truth was about to be revealed and the one that really got hurt were themselves. I'm ashamed of our media right now. Sickened that they are now silent about a grave injustice. Thank you for speaking out. Rev. Wright will have my prayers and best wishes for all time. I thank God that there are people like you who work for the good, and spread the message of God. Please remember, that the voices of hate here are not what all white America thinks. I'm white and love you and am grateful.

Rev. Wright should be running for President instead of the fraud Barack Obama.

I am certain we'll never see the Bill Moyer interview aired on any of the major media outlets- at least not w/o distorting Rev WRight's truly positive message. Rev Wright is quite obviously a man of God. He came across as honest, compassionate and sincere. As a devout Christian, his ministry has done a lot to help his church community lift themselves up. Isn't that what this country wants- everyone to live healthy, responsible lives? It is very unfortunate that there is a movement in this country to DELIBERATELY ruin Obama's chances at winning the White House because he represents a different kind of politics. He represents a type of politics that would give power back to the people. I know from personal experience that when you possess such good qualities as Obama does, there are that many more people working extra hard to tear you down. Currently, there is so much going wrong in this world we live in and Obama offers HOPE that as a nation we can take this country in a new direction that embraces Love, Peace, Justice and Prosperity for all. May God have his say on Election Day!

For those who kept bringing up the AIDS thing rev. Write talked about...Ask yourself this, Why will it be inconceivable to say the country that infected section of her own citizens with syphilis, enslavements and internment camps is capable of infecting this same group of people with HIV/AIDS?
The question is not proving she is capable of doing it but rather give evidences to say she is incapable of such.

Thank you Bill Moyers for an incredible opportunity to see the real Rev Wright! The injustice that our media and hate filled, and ignorant people have done to Wright and his church is unconscienceable. This country owes a big apology to Rev Wright.

Excellent! Thank you so much for having Jeremiah Wright on the show so that we could hear him in person instead of just by sound bites. Please repeat this program...I will notify all of my friends...all Americans need more Black history lessons...we are so narrow sometimes...

I agree with every word I heard from Reverend Wright including this interview with Bill Moyers, KUDOS gentlemen!

And to Mr. Wright, as soon as I heard the bites, I knew what it was, as usual, out of context devices to bring down the very civil and righteous Mr Obama; who has stayed positive despite all the disinformation slinging by his political enemies (Sen Clinton and former Pres. especially). I have been saying these same things since the selection of mister bush (the man doesn't deserve capitalization), I watched violence in Israel, and our part in the killing of the Palestinians. I was growing up, maturing as a man and began to ask questions of everything- our history, our support of violence, and the corporate and political will to rewrite history while toying with the present.

If we do not ask these questions, even as an agnostic like myself, how dare we pretend to know god and his (her, it's) will?

What Reverend Wright said was only a poem,
And you wouldn't understand it
if you didn't know 'im,
It was a long endless song that lasted for years,
That excoriated and lamblasted
his friends and his peers,
For rejecting Christ's love due to wealth and careers.

One ambitious parishioner whose name was Obama,
When he spoke for effect would insert a comma,
Said this Jeremiah has broken my heart,
His few choice words drove my supporters apart,
His accusation of our nation was crude and uncouth,
I expect his sharp tongue cut too close to the truth.

So all you folks clinging to Bibles and guns,
Hear Billie Holliday sing about seeing Blacks hung,
And feel syphillitic about Tuskeegee science,
And lock up your women cause we might be giants,
Come shoot down progressives and beat up the Quakers,
For suggesting we get a mule and 40 acres,

For 400 years we was the mule,
Who towed this country through incompetent rule,
Our labor and valor has been the foundation,
That belatedly preserved this unworthy nation.
While we never could vote, could not go to school,
And you treated our bodies like throwaway tools.

The revolutionary church has served as a mother,
A refuge where we can go to recover,
And it can be yours too, in this uncertain time,
When sacred oil runs low, and the law commits crimes.
With the price of the bread and the wine never higher,
You'd best take heed of our lead, Jeremiah.

I'm both happy and saddened by the comments I've read thus far. We are here giving our opinions. And that's all they are, opinions. And forgetting to talk to each other. The purpose of these outlets are to communicate with one another and not talk at one another. We all can and probably have been dooped before. With slanted and doctored video and print. Let's stop focusing on the comments or the spoon feeding of info and talk about what the issues are. A lack of understanding of ones' words can cause us to miss the message. There are things our "mine and your" government has done that we should not be proud of. Instead of fighting, let's hold these guys accountable for their actions. All "People over Possesions".

Bill should have asked Rev. Wright about that AIDs statement though. I'll have to watch it tonight and find out.

What amazes me is; this same Jesus that Rev. Wright has preached about for many years, was a radical, Anti-Ceasar (render unto Ceasar that which is Ceasar)and not one of these Big Time Preachers is rallying behind the Truth !!! Not Rev. Wright! but the Truth !!! The Cock has Crowed three times and denial is present. How long will this stiffneck society continue to accept lies from a few and hurt so many? 4,000 puls dead and 30,000 + wounded in this war because of a lie! And the so call "Christ"ian" Right support the lie! America support the lie about the voting for the past two presidental election. Now look at the results of not standing up for the truth! We didn't even ask for a divorce(impeachment) after Bush broke the bank on this lie machine. Wow! Only the trugh will set this country free. Until then, we reap what we sow! You who are called by His Name (Christians) better be real careful what words you based your actions upon wolves do wear sheep skin clothing. Obama 08'

David Duke's race was not enslaved and oppressed (in recent history anyways). David Duke's race had never been experimented on maliciously by the US government as African American's were in the Tuskeegee experiments (which is probably what Rev. Wright was referring too). I am not an appologetic for Wright's comments; but I think there is a historical context for all things said like this in these churches. But also a more immediate context for these comments within each of those sermons.

Why is this the only quote from Wright mentioned I am much more offended at his outright racism, the white man gave aids to the black man for example, which many in the black community actually believe just as they believe the liberals respect them and will keep them fed and clothed for votes. Wright is first and foremost a racist pig in the same way that David Duke was a racist pig, they are one and the same.

For all those out there that have been marinated in the the Rev. Wright soundclips I suggest going to see the full surmons on YouTube or TruthAboutTrinity website to get the full context. They cast these comments in a completely different light. Afterall, I think some of his comments even on the surface, bring up good questions. The bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were acts of terror committed on innocent people with a political end goal. We should be discussing things like that in this nation, instead of saying someone is unpatriotic for suggesting this.

What's with America objecting to freedom of speech, when our soldiers are around the world fighting for other's to have rights when at home we have idiot's like Eric making comments as if we live in a communist society. Let the Reverand Wright say what he will short from screaming fire in a public place, when there is none!!!

I am pleased to see and hear mr.moyers again ...for I had almost given up the search for real journalists in this day and age!
The talking heads ...nay empty talking heads...that offer their putrid comments are like the proverbial empty wagon making a clatter and this noise turns heads their way looking to see from whence comes the din....

...and out of the 100% of those who stop look and hear the din are the 90% mental lemmings that become enthralled and march in lock step over the cliff into the abyss of religious,political,tribal,ethnic or other rapturous intonations of the wagoner.

.....and they become the most enraptured and mindless of followers ..or as the great philosopher ERIC HOFFER termed them...THE TRUE BELIEVERS.... my mind they are a danger and are a needed quantity at the same instant....We inhabit a small mud ball of a planet in a system of millions if not trillions of worlds....and were it not for the mental lemmings among us, not much would have been accomplished on this mud ball island Earth !

I PRAISE THEM AND I CURSE THEM!!!! religion promises it's true believers that their ALIEN messiah will return to earth and rule all the nations with a rod of IRON....hmmmmmm!!??
A new politic??
A benevolent dictator???

......chapter be continued*****

Eric, sorry you feel that way. Unfortunately you and many Americans are hardly justified. To quote Stephan Colbert, "Reality has well-known a liberal bias." Objective, uncomfortable-question-asking, CRITICAL journalism is somehow cast as having a liberal bias. Imagine if all media were sensationalists and mouthpieces for the Republican party (like FOX)?

RE: Eric Burton... the reason PBS is putting him on is b/c no other corporate owned media outlet will do anything else but put on his 5 or 10 second sound clips of a sermon that's most likely been taken out of context. If you don't like it, don't watch it, you're not having anything "shoved down your throat". Dissent is the ultimate form of patriotism, and from reading your harsh and angry post, you've obviously forgotten that.

Why is PBS being given public money? This isn't objective this is extreme liberalism being shoved down our throat. Moyers just proves he is nothing more than a left wing politcal hack and his anti bush and government message, all being funded by the American Tax dollar. Is there going to be equal time on this discussion?

Poor Reverand Right has been falsely smeared. Yeah right.

Please pray for this world and the worldly people in it. we are so quick to judge others and take ones words out of context. requardless of how big you think you are God is bigger. This world is huge, but theres only one God control this universe, of course unless you are living for satan, which appears to be most of you. Rev. Wright has not broken Gods law only mans. All of you doing the judging will be judge one day too. When god ask you why you could not forgive Rev, Wright for nothing he's done to you, What would your answer be? I hope hope God does not throw you in the fiery pit like you guys have done the Rev. May
God not only bless you guys, but give you knowledge of understanding and forgiving.

Did Bill Moyers make up the questions he posed to the reverend or did the reverend give them to Bill Moyers? What a joke. No more money to PBS.

National Poetry Month

So Much Hate

Whites against Blacks
Daughters against mothers
Sons against fathers
Brothers against sisters.

Why so much hate?

Where is the love for one another
Where the morals and the guidance?
Where is the unity and peace?
Where is the security and brotherhood?

Where is this nation headed?

When will be united as one family
When will prejudice and racism be erased?
When will neighbor truly love his neighbor?
When will Martin L. King’s dream come true?

It starts with the golden rule,
“Loving others as you love yourself.”

© Eve Hall 9-11-01

The program that I saw about Iraq with Leila Fadel was wonderful and very detailed in the explanation of just how complicated the situation in Iraq (was before the U.S. got there)and has evolved into now. Because of this program and a few others that I have viewed of Bill Moyer's Journal...I have decided to become a fervent viewer and think that this is one of the best informational programs on Television. I have becmome completely dedicated to you Bill Moyers! are truly inspirational in what true dialogue about issues in this country should be about. P.S...Could I please have a JOB???? I would work for you and your cause almost for peanuts!!!

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