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Bill Moyers Rewind: Life On The Edge (2002)

In 2002, NOW WITH BILL MOYERS broadcast this report exploring hunger in Oregon. From producer Tom Casciato, the story profiles the Oregon Food Bank and their struggle to reduce hunger.
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Eventually, people in this country will have to realize that these things exist here. Real hunger, not just families needing food stamps to buy bologna and white bread, but even more hunger, where the food stamps don't last long enough and families -- children -- go to sleep hungry. No bologna, no bread. Hungry.
And we DON'T have the best hospitals and health care in the world. And we DON'T have the only decent universities and research labs in the world. And we DON'T have the best this, the best that, the best everything. We have a good country. We have a country we can love. But we're not taking care of it, and it's getting shabby around the edges.
Time to wake up and smell the ... oops, sorry, no bologna, no bread, no coffee.

Like Dr. Paul stated our democracy is broken.It has ran its course.Lets turn the page.

Concerned viewers need an update on this rewind. It is not as if things have turned around in Oregon since then. Watching people for a half hour makes us curious about their fate. I can say that there are schools in Gaston County (N.C.) where 90% of the students are eligible for free lunch, but that the county commissioners and the school board don't want them to have it. Admitting the truth subverts their boosterism.

What do we do with people who can't make it under this system? Do we wait for Haitian style food riots? I've been hungry enough several times to consider crime as a relief to my predicament. When 10% of the citizenry is on food stamps (as humiliating as that can be) we know many more aren't able to eat right or have a decent bed.
The conclusion would be apparent to any reasoning individual. This economic system is not fair and does not work. We will continue having the paradoxical problems until we change the economic system, and to change it we need responsive democratic (not the damned party, per se) government.

It's like the wealthy class is separated from the rest of us by the Dwayne Andreaus Fault.
I always have to harp on those who say education is the answer. It is not a solution in a system with a finite number of employment opportunities. (Witness laid off social workers.)I think the unnecessary boom in formal education is due to crazy unnecessary competition. Most education is only pre-socialization anyway. Most anyone can learn most anything on the job, or with some supplementary classes. People who can't compete in high tech and high literacy have other talents and we should design positions to use their gifts. (I've worked with illiterates who were geniuses.)
I haven't worked in 4 years and have no income by choice because there are no paid jobs I can get where I can do little harm and serve humanity. (This is the way I avoid supporting war and corporate welfare.) I'll never go back to designing and building McMansions for the financially lucky crowd. (Sleep well admidst your strandboard, cheaprock and petroleum based vinyl siding.) I have formal education and am continually self-educating. I hope I am accumulating knowledge that will help fight this failed morass, and help implement your good ideas to fix it. I am an older person but I'd like to prevent nightmares that I will not live to see or suffer.

Not only is spirituality of less quality when you are hungry, but your ability to complain or resist. The asymmetry of power is well illustrated by the Olympic Torch Run in San Fran. this week. Here is the symbol for an elite organization, a symbol originated by Nazi Germany, protected by Chinese commandos averaging 6'3", representing the competition of a bunch of drugged up, corporate fed muscle heads being paraded before us to drum up sales.
I advise everyone to boycott this olympic fantasy by not watching it on TV this August and not discussing it. I also advise slackerism on your job (There is no security anyway in this economy.) especially if your pay is low or if you are preying on the public to make your master's living. I stock at night for fascist Walmart, which means I hide, fool around, play dumb, sabotage and waste time making Renee, my supervisor explain everything to me and reprimand me. I do just enough to hang on by a thread, and I enjoy the game. I'm tired when I go home but I sleep so sound and have dreams about a future where people have rights and fairly paid jobs. My alarm clock sounds exactly like the "inventory control" alarm though. I started eating at a soup kitchen before work instead of stopping at Wendy's or B. King. The food is better and so I give them $5 or $10 to cover the cost. I ain't no better than the other people there-You ain't either. Also, do your own taxes you dummies, and don't pay some toady who is stupider than you'll ever be to extract money for their parasite employers.Don't waste time contacting politicians when you can vote them out in November. Maybe we'll march on the new Congress in 2009. Maybe commandos will kill us or maybe we'll twist some arms. Redress is our right.

I was deeply saddened by the program on hunger this evening, but my sadness turned to outrage when Rep. Robert Bentley was interviewed and used the age-old rationalization that the poor may be hungry, but they're rich spiritually. Shame on you, Rep. Bentley, sitting there so smug and free from hunger. Try cooking up a spiritual stew for dinner tonight and see how full you get.

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