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Ask the Reporters: Exposé on Bill Moyers Journal

This week, BILL MOYERS JOURNAL collaborated with EXPOSÉ: AMERICA'S INVESTIGATIVE REPORTS to tell the story of several journalists' work in exploring the potential threat of the chemical Bisphenol A in Americans' food.

We thank reporters Cary Spivak, Susanne Rust and Meg Kissinger for taking time to answer your questions about the story. We will post their responses next week.


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I think that we should pull back are troops from the war in Afganistan.

Dear Mr. Moyer:

I watched your segment entitled “Exposé on The Journal: Chemicals in Food” posted at the following link:

This expose really brought to light a question that most people do not really think about. That is, what is in the products that we use everyday and how might they be harming us. Bisphenol A is one chemical used in many plastics that people use everyday that they are saying could be potentially cancer causing. I think it is absolutely absurd that the EPA has yet to test any chemical compounds of the 15,000 that are thought to be potentially harmful. The Food Quality Protection Act that was to make them do this testing was passed in 1996 and in 2007 nothing had been accomplished yet, though they had spent 80 million dollars on that segment. Because of the EPA’s lack of accomplishing its task of testing the chemicals several suits have been brought against them in order to try and make them do the testing.

I think that it is ethically wrong to continue to let so many companies manufacture products that use chemicals that could potentially cause breast cancer, testicular cancer, obesity, diabetes and hyperactivity without thoroughly testing it to make sure. How does one spend 80 million dollars without testing a single chemical compound? That is a lot of tax dollars that could have been used for something else that was actually getting something accomplished. Why the government does not step in and force them to do the testing, or get some place else to do the testing that will not waste tax dollars is beyond me. Put that money toward health care or social security or the national debt, at then it would be being put to use instead of being squandered away with nothing to show for it.

I really enjoyed this segment because it made me more aware of the things my food and beverages come in and materials used to make everyday items that I use. I will definitely be paying closer attention to the materials things are made of.

It has only recently come to my attention (Lindsey Williams:The Energy Non-Crisis; Lindsey is recently deceased) that there is, in fact, more oil under the Alaskan north Slopes and Gull Island than there is under Saudi Arabia.

I have also just become aware of the fact that the reason that we are not using any of our own Alaskan crude oil is not because of lack of refining capacity. The two are not connected.

Under a past administration, Henry Kissinger signed agreements with all of the OPEC countries, except for two; Iraq and Iran; agreeing that we would buy our crude oil from them in return for them buying "E" bonds and similar with a percentage of what we paid them for the crude oil thereby, in effect, buying our national debt. This has been going on for years and years.

At the same time, supply and demand doesn't actually have anything to do with the price that we continue to pay for a barrel of oil every day. That price is set, daily, by the World Bank and the IMF. That, in itself, would be fuel enough for a complete book but I won't go into it here. It has too much to do with the World Bank fogiving third world debt (as they did just a few years ago).

The problem here, my friends, is that if we don't continue to buy OPEC crude oil at the prices that the World Bank and the IMF set every day, we will not continue to have our debt purchased by the OPEC oil producers. The only exception to that rule would be Iraq and Iran; the two OPEC producers that would not sign on to the agreement (H. Kissinger).

We bring the crude oil out of the ground in Alaska (cost per barrel) at a much reduced rate than, for instance, the cost per barrel in Saudi Arabia. But OUR GOVERNMENT, due to past agreements with the OPEC crude oil producing members, will NOT ALLOW one barrel of the Alaska crude oil; our national treasure; to be refined into gasoline in our own country. To do so would be to abrogate standing agreements with the OPEC members and would increase our national debt by untold billions of dollars every year (every month?).

In the meantime our national treasure, the Alaskan crude oil, is, daily, pumped onto tankers bound for China, Japan, Asia and points unknown...

Isn't it time that this fiasco, debacle, or whatever you may want to call it, is re-visited?

I, for one, will be asking this question anywhere and everywhere that I can find to do so.

If you want to know some about Formaldehyde then you need to check out this url :

The Url Got Split. When it comes to Multiple Chemical Sensitivity formaldehyde is one major cause. Dr. Barbara Sorg also personally told me that the molecule is so small for the body to detect it you would have to attach it to a larger molecule to have your immune system recognize it. I also read years ago around 1998 that tiny toxic particles can hit your cells and reproduce the damage when the cell splits. They are so small that your immune system does not even know you have been damaged until after about 4 hits and they can be hits that happened before the cell split and then new hits which add up to that 4 hits. Then the cell is considered foreign to the body and the autoimmune response kicks in or it turns cancerous and the immune system tried to destroy it with no success. I presented that to the California Energy Commission or CEC and they chopped it up and did nothing with it. It was evidence that needed to be looked into in these supposedly clean burning power plants that run on Natural Gas. They are not clean burning as Tons of Formaldehyde is releases on a daily basis in less than 1 micron size particles. People wonder why there is so much autoimmune diseases these days? There is your answer.

In my opinion BPA is bad stuff. This chemical has both the potential to be carcinogen and endocrine disruptor. Does anyone know if the methyl (CH3)molecules or formaldehyde (CHOH) can cause problems with the DNA SNPs (Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms in mammals?
I know BPA is associated with all kinds of things in lab mice (like obesity and diabetes). I once thought BPA could reponsible for obesity's rise but the timeline of (multiple SNP) polygenic obesity doesn't fit. BPA is not old enough but it is common enough.
I think there is common thread though in hyper/hypomethylization of DNA. This stuff is bad. I believe it fat soluble and very toxic at very low doses. It could off lab experiments on metabolism in mammals. People must control for BPA in studies or risk invalid findings later. Ban the crap before the US is last nation to do so.

SG, thank you for providing the link to vom Saal's & Hughes' paper. It contains exactly the type of information I was talking about. Of course, it does leave some questions unanswered & raises others, but this is in the nature of scientific study.

I want to emphasize that, far beyond its importance for my personal edification, it is very important that everybody who watched the report and wants to know more knows how to do so. Especially in the information age we occupy, whenever possible reporters must be encouraged to provide access to supporting documentation for their works. Also, it is equally important that we as information consumers take the time to actually absorb and examine the information provided, and check it for completeness and consistency, lest we be led by dint of our unexamined assumptions to incorrect conclusions.

I hope it's clear that I do not mean to imply the Exposé reporters responsible for this investigative report would have knowingly or intentionally misled anyone. I am simply saying that, especially in today's world, where anybody with a blog is potentially a reporter, we owe it to ourselves and to the professionals to conduct vigorous peer-reviews. It challenges us and them to become sharper, and makes it increasingly difficult for those who do have ulterior agendas to dupe the populace or duck scrutiny. We must all recognize that we provide the bulwark against these social ills. We cannot afford to hold those who inform us to a lower standard than the one to which they hold those they investigate.

Dear Perspicio,
I looked at pubmed and was able to find Vom Saal's studies which details his methodology. In addition, he published a literature review on BPA. You can access the literature review by clicking on this link:

Some of the findings are below:

"Increased postnatal growth in both males and females occurred at maternal doses between 2.4 and 500 μg/kg/day (Honma et al. 2002; Howdeshell et al. 1999; Nikaido et al. 2004; Takai et al. 2000).

Early onset of sexual maturation in females occurred at maternal doses between 2.4 and 500 μg/kg/day (Honma et al. 2002; Howdeshell et al. 1999; Nikaido et al. 2004).

Altered plasma luteinizing hormone levels occurred at a maternal dose of 2 μg/kg/day (Akingbemi et al. 2004), and decreased plasma testosterone in males occurred at a maternal dose of 2 μg/kg/day (Akingbemi et al. 2004; Kawai et al. 2003).

An increase in prostate size in male offspring occurred at maternal doses between 2 and 50 μg/kg/day (Gupta 2000; Nagel et al. 1997; Timms et al. 2005).

A decrease in daily sperm production and fertility in males was also reported at doses between 0.2 and 20 μg/kg/day due to developmental or adult exposure (Al-Hiyasat et al. 2002; Chitra et al. 2003; Sakaue et al. 2001; vom Saal et al. 1998).

Stimulation of mammary gland development in female offspring occurred at the very low maternal dose of 0.025 μg/kg/day delivered tonically by an Alzet pump (Markey et al. 2001a).

Significant disruption of the alignment of chromosomes during meiosis was observed in developing oocytes during puberty because of leaching of BPA from polycarbonate drinking bottles at doses between 15 and 70 μg/kg/day (Hunt et al. 2003), and an increase in mortality of embryos occurred at a maternal dose of 25 μg/kg/day (Al-Hiyasat et al. 2004). Disruption of adult estrous cycles occurred at maternal doses between 100 and 500 μg/kg/day (Nikaido et al. 2004; Talsness et al. 2000).

Altered immune function occurred at doses between 2.5 and 30 μg/kg/day (Sawai et al. 2003; Yoshino et al. 2003, 2004).

A decrease in antioxidant enzymes occurred at the very low dose of 0.2 μg/kg/day in adult males (Chitra et al. 2003).

Changes in the brain include an increase in progesterone receptor mRNA levels at 400 μg/kg/day (Funabashi et al. 2003), ER-α levels at 40 μg/kg/day (Aloisi et al. 2001), and ER-βmRNA levels at 25 μg/kg/day (Ramos et al. 2003) and a change in brain somatostatin receptors at 400 μg/kg/day (Facciolo et al. 2002).

Behavioral effects include hyperactivity at 30 μg/kg/day (Ishido et al. 2004), an increase in aggressiveness at 2–40 μg/kg/day (Farabollini et al. 2002; Kawai et al. 2003), altered reactivity to painful or fear-provoking stimuli at 40 μg/kg/day (Aloisi et al. 2002), and impaired learning at 100 μg/kg/day (Negishi et al. 2004).

Developmental exposure to BPA also resulted in a significant change in the locus coeruleus, where BPA at 30 μg/kg/day reversed the normal sex differences in this brain structure and eliminated sex differences in behavior (Kubo et al. 2003). Developmental exposure decreased maternal behavior at 10 μg/kg/day (Palanza et al. 2002), altered play and other socio-sexual behaviors at 40 μg/kg/day (Aloisi et al. 2002; Dessi-Fulgheri et al. 2002), and enhanced the behavioral response to drugs such as amphetamine at 40–300 μg/kg/day (Adriani et al. 2003; Suzuki et al. 2003).

Hope this is helpful to everyone.

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Until we the people demand a mandate to remove the influence of lobbyists; we will be at the mercy of unethical and life threatening Businesses. The fact of the matter is that people are susceptible to corruption and need constraints to protect themselves from their own devises.

Thank you Milwaukee Journal Sentinel for this important piece of investigative journalism. The manipulation of science by industry and the concomitant acquiesience of Federal regulatory agencies to these industries need to occupy a much more prominent place in our political discourse. I would love to hear the Presidential candidates asked what they plan to do to restore integrity to these agencies so that both the public health and the environment are truly protected.

I would highly recommend David Michaels' book, Doubt is Their Product: How Industry's Assault on Science Threatens Your Health, for an excellent discussion of these very issues. The EPA, OSHA, the FDA, and other such agencies are in serious need of reform. Contrary to the complaints frequently heard about supposed excessive regulation and government interference in business, American products and industries are seriously underregulated.

Thank you, Mr. Moyers for covering this important topic. I hope your program will continue to cover this topic.

What recycle number would be on the bottom of the plastic containers with worrisome amounts of bisphenol? #1 was supposed to be the most inert, but it is a clear hard plastic. Is this one dangerous?

I am curious about plastic Intravenous Administration fluid containers. In the early '70s all glass IV bottles were replaced with plastic. Then at one point they were pulled, and glass returned. With an explanation some chemical in the plastic lining was unsafe,--could be absorbed by the body. Then, before too long,--plastic returned,--and stayed.
Am curious as to whether this is related; and as to whether any change in the plastic container transpired that brought them back?

I would very much like to know what is happening in the European Union regarding Bisphenol A.
Is the EU addressing the safety of BPA?

Thank you so much.

It is heartening to know that investigative reporting is alive and well. It renews my faith in the human spirit when I read fact filled articles that inform all people of the atrocities that are happening to all of us in the here and now.

This BPA article is a real eye opener.

I am angry, disappointed and most of all heartbroken with the government, the EPA, the chemical companies, the manufacturers and most of all with the numerous people who work so hard to hide the truth all for the sake of profit.

Please inform me what products I should no longer be utilizing in order to protect my health and the health of my children. I would like to ban all companies that allow BPA to be utilized in their manufacturing process.

Please inform me on what I, as an individual, can do to see that this negligent atrocity is stopped dead in it's tracks.

Thank you to all of you investigative reporters who put such heart into revealing the facts, so that all people can be informed and make better choices for themselves.

I can appreciate that it must be difficult for you to keep yourselves healthy, happy and content when you are digging up distrubing facts. Thank you for utilizing your hearts, minds and spirits to make this world a better place.

It is heartening to know that investigative reporting is alive and well. It renews my faith in the human spirit when I read fact filled articles that inform all people of the atrocities that are happening to all of us in the here and now.

This BPA article is a real eye opener.

I am angry, disappointed and most of all heartbroken with the government, the EPA, the chemical companies, the manufacturers and most of all with the numerous people who work so hard to hide the truth all for the sake of profit.

Please inform me what products I should no longer be utilizing in order to protect my health and the health of my children. I would like to ban all companies that allow BPA to be utilized in their manufacturing process.

Please inform me on what I, as an individual, can do to see that this negligent atrocity is stopped dead in it's tracks.

Thank you to all of you investigative reporters who put such heart into revealing the facts, so that all people can be informed and make better choices for themselves.

I can appreciate that it must be difficult for you to keep yourselves healthy, happy and content when you are digging up distrubing facts. Thank you for utilizing your hearts, minds and spirits to make this world a better place.

Thank you for this important and well researched report. One thing that stood out for me was the fact that 12 years after the Safe Food Act was passed not a single chemical in its mandate has been tested yet greater than 80 million taxpayer dollars have been spent. Is anyone accountable to this fact? This aspect of your story seems as important as the review of the research on the chemical and its effects. Most Americans now sleep soundly believing that there are a host of public agencies, payed for by them, that have our health and welfare in mind. The biggest irony seems to be that taxpayers are paying for their own hoodwinking. The industry of special interest is at the helm.

On another note, I watched the Exposé segment as a podcast online and have received several emails warning me about the dangers of BPA. Industry needs to learn that in this new era of open information access they are going to have a hard time hiding behind regulators and corporate sponsored research. Information, even unsubstantiated rumors will be hard to control and will impact their bottom line.

Viva the open access of information on the web. Citizens may at last have the tools to counter corporate greed operating in the shadows of our public bureaucracies.

Keep up the great reporting.

Regarding early puberty in girls: I recall artificial lighting being implicated in studies done several years ago.

Hi, I was very happy to see your report on BPA - thank you so much!

I would love to see a report on alternatives to packaging containing BPA. For example, Eden Foods is a company which does not use plastic to line their food cans ( Apparently they are unique in this respect.

I am probably an old curmudgeon whose age and sensitivities are, thus, past consideration, but I find music beds under the EXPOSE segment reportage to be annoying, manipulative and unnecessary if the content of the report stands on its own. Consequently, I find expose reportage to be stylistically less reliable than that which sticks to Ed Morrow's rooftop reports...without music.

I don't expect a change in style...but I am shocked by Milwaukee's aggressive reportage, and salute a small voice in the wilderness.

Finally, since it's been a running slave to your journal - how about asking the candidates about their willingness to repudiate the extension of executive power
established by the Bush administration?

Thanks, Bill.

Thanks you for this wonderful Expose piece; I get my only uncorporate biased news from Bill Moyers and John Stewart now! Much gratitude to the thinking journalists of the Milwaukee newspaper who broke this important story in the U.S. Susanne Rust, you are amazing.
Would you care to take on the cell phone industry's denial of brain tumors next??

Thank you for keeping us informed, Mr. Moyers. Thank you all for this report, it appears you worked, and continue to work, very hard on this issue.

I really want/need to know what containers, bottles, cans, etc, are bisphenol A free? This is a must to know. Is there anything that can be done to help? Letters? Thank you for excellent reporting. Marge Johnson.

Yet another outstanding report from Bill Moyers Journal! With one of our 4 yr old twin boys recently diagnosed Autism, then watching this Expose on your show, well you can't help wondering...

If they refuse to pull this off the shelves in the US, then at least shouldn't they be required to provide some sort of LABEL stating something like "this product is made with BPA" ?

Like they do on cigarettes?

Or are we asking for too much?

Thank you for bringing this to our attention Mr Moyers!

Thank you for this important work. As a two-time cancer survivor, I have become aware of the lies we are told for shareholders' profits, not only about plastics, but about our foods, cleaning supplies, body care products, and cosmetics. I have no doubt that this research will be attacked, as was that of Rachel Carson, but I'm grateful for every bit of truth.
Thanks, Bill and Judith, for doing such consistent good work for so many years.

dear mr. moyers,
i can't thank you enough for still doing the kind of journalism i grew up with! i went to law school when Rehnquist had written Terry versus Ohio, expanding police "rights"- and have lived to be beaten and sexually assaulted, tortured, and run through the "justice system" by local unrestrained law enforcement. when i went to the FBI to complain, i was arrested as crazy- the "danger to herself or others" that permits quick arrest and indefinite detainment.

i became concerned about the appointees to the Supreme Court when it was apparent that people were going to strategically step down so that bush could stack the court- I would try to engage others on the topic and felt much like the old mare in Animal Farm, who was the only one who remembered what the rules used to be- no one even thought of the long term effects. i have lived to see our fundamental rights eroded beyond any recognition. this is no longer my country and i hope - have the audacity to hope- that we can take it back in the fall.

thank you so much for the conversations you have, the topics you cover. i have started to write to you many times, but one of the hallmarks of being sufficiently battered is that you do feel first afraid and finally unable to speak. someday maybe i can write down my story. thank you thank you thank you

As democracy is perfected, the office of president represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart's desire at last and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron. - H.L. Mencken

The world is a holy vision
Had we but clarity to see it-
A clarity which men
depend on men to make. Wendell Berry "The Mad Farmer Manifesto, First Amendment"

Bravo! Wonderful reporting. Can you please tell me which plastics contain the toxic substances? Are they marked in any way, i.e. by the number in the triangle on the bottom?
Many thanks to you for such a wonderful expose.

I am grateful for your dogged and important research and reporting. You are just about the only sane voices left. Let's hear more about spin and media: the interpretation of language and communications. Facts can be and are twisted away. We and our children must learn to think for ourselves and again, question authority...despite the heavy tread of the media. Again, review "The Corporation" and Naomi Klein's "No Logo".

micki z.


As a mother who tries to keep her family safe by staying away from toxic substances and eating healthy foods, I'm so discouraged by the lack of concern for our environment and welfare of human lives. What chance do we have when those who know don't care? My mother has changed her lifestyle completely to all organic foods and no milk products to fight metasticized breast cancer, but I find it frustrating to see that so much of her "healthy" food is wrapped in plastics. We are all victims, and because of ignorance based on cover-ups, we haven't done a thing about it. I want to know how to make a difference. Our entire lives are full of plastics. Where do we begin? I also have 2 children who developed Type 1 diabetes without any history of it in our families (dormant genes that decided to come back to life in this generation) and also endocrine problems associated with growth in other female children (pituitary tumour, late development, PCOS). These are all symptoms that have never appeared in our family histories. Your study has given me a new focus. I want to know more! Thank you for addressing the issues nobody wants to deal with!

Joe Hawkins

You said that that there is a Giant Conspiracy by the Chemical / Pharmaceutical / Insurance Industries plus Government Agencies themselves and Fake Non-Profit Scientific and Medical Organizations and even ones you would not think are phony. They may be the ones that have impacted your life, but the food industry has their own lock on government agencies, fake non-profit scientific and medical organizations,and not-so-fake scientific and medical organizations. The AAAAI (which you cited)is one of them. The Institute for Food Technologists (IFT)is another.

When you look at the increased obesity and incidence of cancer in the US it all starts to make sense!
So what about all the millions of cans - this is a 800 pound elephant in the room!

Joe Hawkins said:

Oh and the guy that commented before me, quite trying to show off that your smart, you are not.
Joe, with all due respect, you missed my point entirely, and were unnecessarily insulting. When it comes to government implementing strong health standards we can probably find a lot to agree about. For example, I would like to see a shift toward the Precautionary Principle in the socio/politico/economic landscape. But your adversarial attitude isn't helpful. If you think a request for more data and a well reasoned explanation of why this is important amounts to showing off, that's really pretty sad, and deriding me for it does nothing to advance the dialogue. People may flock to emotionalism, but the truth is not a popularity contest.

A solid chain of facts and logic must be established if the allegations brought forth in the exposé are to stand up to scrutiny. The report showed very well that the EPA failed in its duty to the public. It also presented a great deal of evidence that strongly suggests that bias may have played a significant role in the determination that BPA is safe. In these two areas, the investigators successfully built and defended their case.

But no rational thinker worth his MSG would accept any of that as conclusive evidence that BPA actually IS a significant health hazard. Maybe it is, and maybe it's not. I personally suspect it is, but it's just not enough to suspect, or believe, or feel it is. Others can suspect, believe and feel the opposite, and cite incomplete data to support their position. The real question is, what do the facts say? The investigators have many of the important ones; not disclosing them is every bit as suggestive of bias as the chemical companies funding research that ends up supporting their desired conclusions.

I say again:

We have to be better than the thing we wish to defeat!

Thank you for your valuable report! In your guide posted on your website, you recommend to put water filters on taps. What type of filter do you suggest? And second, do you know of a website that would list plastic products with recycling numbers 3 or 7 (the most toxic ones)? thanks.

I, too, thank you for your hard work in reporting this story and to Bill for airing it on the Journal.. my question has already been asked but I repeat it because I think it's important... Are there any safe plastics? Is it just #7 plastics?

I would like to thank you, Bill Moyers, your hard working staff and your supporters for bringing such criminal fraud to the surface. We're smart enough, rich enough, and technologically advanced enough to do it right for every living thing. Oh happy day when the masses see fools for what they are and support sanity and wisdom. Thank you so much for digging through the political jungle, making a path on which we can see the way.

Who would the 2008 Presidential Candidates appoint?

"...Right away that new President will have to appoint almost 3,000 political executives to oversee the 15 million people who make up the federal workforce...."

Ms. Rust,

Continue your research, please.

Ten years ago I learned that the EPA knew of concerns from plastics. The topic came up in a discussion on what to research with students doing environmental concerns. At that time, it was believed that EPA was not making this very public because the use of plastics was so systemic in our culture. This remains the case.

I wanted to know more about the subject as I was in water pollution and in those chemicals not removed by normal drinking water filtration. The main concern was the increase of reproductive cancers and birth abnormalities such as undecended testes and born with both sets of reproductive organs. My question is what are the names of the other chemical in this classification with biphenol A? phalates?

In thirty seconds, with one google button I found this. It is the concern of Europe the impact of chemcials in the water and food packaging. It therefore will be the concern of all first world countries and the emerging developing countries. It would be interesting to see the difference in cancer frequencies before the introduction of plastics and in countries with plastics in packaging.

The story that I found was
Chemical inquiry over testicle problem

Teach others to research and analyze as you do. Form a large team, please.

Ms.Rust, I surely thank-you for your expertise. You could have chosen to work in many other fields and applied your education, but you have chosen one that allows you to actually help people by breaking thru the usual roadblocks! I salute you!
I lost custody of my 3 babies 30 yrs ago because I have asthma and my 2nd child was exibiting signs of severe allergies. At that time food allergies were thought to be psychological as well as many other allergies. I had stayed up on all the latest and refused to use plastic near my children. I never used can goods only frozen or fresh. And I never used plastic wrap on stored food or in the freezer, I had a terrible time finding corningware to use for storage, but I managed. I was diganosed as mentally ill and lost custody because I 'mother henned' my children and myself. I have some wealthy uncles who are heavily invested in Hazelton, Dow Corning, and Baychem International. And Robert Chapen seems like their type of employee. Perhaps he needs a thesaurus so he can apply more educated words to his lexicon, I couldn't even find the word flippin' in my Oxford.

Outstanding reporting and commentary week after weeek. We are in your debt.

Another fascinating example of the Bush Administration's war on science.

Considering that BPA mimics estrogen, I wonder if it plays a role in migraines in adult women? I haven't seen any discussion on this.

One other thing, those thousands of studies from other countries that use Stevia such as Japan never showed it caused cancer! Oh and the guy that commented before me, quite trying to show off that your smart, you are not. They brought on on the film that they went way below what is considered safe dosages of BPA. There is your measurement you wanted! Live with it!

I for years was working with other chemicals besides this BPA. I ended up with a MS like disease and MCS or EI which is attacked by the chemical industries.

What I learned early on in my own research once I Learned what had affected me back in the last half of 1995, was that there is a Giant Conspiracy by the Chemical / Pharmaceutical / Insurance Industries plus Government Agencies themselves and Fake Non-Profit Scientific and Medical Organizations and even ones you would not think are phony.

For Example: American Council on Science and Health or ACSH. AS a chemically injured person their editor was Steven Barrett He and Dr. Ronald Got's wrote a book claiming Multiple Chemical Sensitivity or MCS is all in the Head basically. THey where both with ACSH. IN fact in my Worker's Comp. Claim the defense used Dr. Thomas Allems who also has ties with ACSH. ACSH is a paid for whore for the industries and special interests. I have seen their own memos saying so in so many words. Steven Barrett also leads the attack against Natural Healing and doctors and other supporters of Natural Healing and Supplements and etc. He has a site called and I have checked that site over the years on numerous occasions and he has no support for natural healing unless it is owned by a pharmaceutical giant and even then I found nothing on his site about support for natural healing. Barrett in that past Threatened me with a law suite because I quoted a Timothy Bollen to ACSH warning them of his creditials according to Bollen. My reponse to him years ago was go ahead and sue me, I will subpeana your financial records and find out how you get your fundings. Suffice to say the least he never sued me and that was about 9 or 10 years ago. Dr. Ronald Got's also had a clinic that evaluated MCS for Social Security and a news station did a investigative report on his clinic to find that out of over 70 random people chosen in the investigation to follow all 70 where denied benefits. Both of them in court claimed to be expert witnesses and have been thrown out of court as not being unbiased expert witnesses.

You will find that there are many supposed scientific agency's that claim non-profit but in reality they are being paid by the special interests that want studies done for them. Even Bill Moyer's report on Trade Secrets shows the chemical industries have a machine fighting any knowledge of the truth of the dangers we are all in from the thousands of unmonitored chemicals in our everyday lives not even talking about working with them as I did. In his report they declared war on us.

Before those chemicals got me I thought environmentalist where a bunch of yippi's. Now I am one in a sense. I am still alive but my days are numbered thanks to what chemicals have done to me. I was injured out of unadulterated negligence by my employer and later by the Insurance Company, The Traveler's themselves by their Nationwide Policy to ignore environmental claims. As we speak here I have a investigation going on them for their conspiracies and frauds.

You have just seen the tip of the ice berg so far. It goes way deeper than this one chemical. The Medical community hides it, the legal community hides it, the justice system hides it and ignores it, the media avoids it for the most part because who pays for all those chemical and pharmaceutical adds on the TV and Radio. They even have people like Dr. Dean O'Dell trying to tell you the Environmental Illness or MCS is all in the head when the majority of the studies done showed it was not. Dr. Barbara Sorg of Washington State University did studies showing that even lab animals got Multiple Chemical Sensitivity from Formaldehyde. The majority said the truth but the chemical funded studies and Governmental Studies said otherwise.

That is right, "governmental studies" and I say that without prejudice. Take the FDA for example. They are suppose to be a governmental entity yet where do they get the majority of their funding? From the very industry they are suppose to monitor. Everyone knows that a dog does not bite the hand that feeds it. In their case the Pharmaceutical Industry for the most part. It is like in my area the BAAQMD which is the local air management district. They get their funding by the polluting industries themselves and bragged about never turning down a siting case for a plant or power plant. I was in the past involved in 3 Natural Gas Power Plant siting cases. They claim natural gas is clean energy. Far from the real truth. Studies show that the smaller the particulate matter the more damage it does to the cells without even causing a immune response. These plants release less than 1 Micron in size particles. They claim you can stick your head in the stacks and breath it and the air is cleaner than what is in the regular ambient air/ My was response to their expert was then stick it in there for 8 hours and lets see what happens to you then. He just gave me a angry look back. All these experts medical and scientific are nothing more then hired whores for the purpose of lying to you and me.

How does the medical community deal with it? Well in my case as of 1995 my ANA's where as high as 1:1280 titer reading and with natural teas I was able to get it down to 1:80 but never lower than that. 1:20 was originally the normal titer ratios then they moved it up to 1:40. They wanted to go to 1:80 because more and more people are starting to show autoimmune responses in the public but the medical doctors who worked on patients would not allow them to raise it that high so they changed the whole method of measurement and raised it that way. Sense then I read normal which I have not read normal since 1995 and I still wake to pain every day from head to toe. So the Medical Labs Nationwide changed the reference values to compensate for the rise in population showing abnormal reading due to the chemicals in our environment and medications which also are chemicals as far as the body is concerned since they are synthetic chemicals made drugs and not natural any longer. You can not patent and control natural so they make drugs with chemicals!

I could go on and on about this such as the natural safe sweetener called Stevia. The FDA did one out of thousands of studies on that to protect the artificial sweetener and sugar industries. In their study they claims the extract of Stevia which is called stevisoids is cancer causing in lab animals. When you read into the study you find they extracted the Stevisoids themselves rather than buying already extracted Stevisoids. So the the question that they did not answer is what process they used to extract the Stevisoids? Chemical's no less and you find out which ones and there you have it, those chemicals cause cancer in lab animals in more than likely small amounts at that.

As far as I am concerned the FDA is no longer a federal agency. It is a chemical company agency now. You know with medical malpractice killing close to 250K a year not to mention the hiding of many of those deaths caused by medications alone to me it seems the public not only here but spreading world wide is losing a battle that that has been being waged secretly for years by these very industries with the help of lobbying and under the table payouts. We are talking big time organized crime in the name of commerce. Most studies of natural healing versus medications show that herbs and supplements and certain foods work better than any synthetic medications out there. We are all being scammed and we are like crabs in a cold pot of water as it heats up. The heat being the raising of the reference values of what is normal. Pretty soon we are all going to be cooked and it will be too late to turn back if it is not already. Wake Up People! Look at who is funding the organizations you are listening too?

Another example is American Academy of Allergies Asthma and Immunology or AAAAI. Dr. Thomas Allems, the defenses doctor, present a study from AAAAI on MCS to the court from the internet as evidence. On it at the bottom was the words "Sponsored by Schering/Key" and when I got home I researched it and guess who they are, the pharmaceutical company which makes Claritin for allergies, or possibly to cover up the affects of chemicals? The last time I looked it was some other pharmaceutical / chemical manufactures. We are paying high prices to be poisoned when we buy into the synthetic medication song and commercials. Keith Ledger learned the hard way about Ambien but they covered it up that they found the bottle of Ambien real quick except that Jack Nicholson spilled the beans on that as he said on the news that he warned Mr. Ledger about the Ambien. This was the same medication that threw my pre-existing chemical injury over the top and into the ER. The ER did not help at all and even my records where stolen while I was there. Talk about cover-up then the doctor tried to get the history herself and she wrote everything backwards from what we told her. Her diagnosis was I was hypersensitive to medications in the end but everything was butchered. I wrote her back saying if I made a report like that concerning furniture repairs I would have been fired and she is working with humans and lives? Any way, that is my story and I am sticking to it. Wake up people!

Although I respect the effort that went into this exposé, I was very disappointed that it lacked many of the most critical details needed to substantiate the case against BPA. Scientific studies of Bisphenol A provided much of the backbone of this investigative piece, and in any scientific study, accurate quantification is the key to meaningful results. So why was this most crucial data excluded from the report?

Two examples follow.


FREDERICK VOM SAAL: [W]e got interested that maybe this chemical was a lot more potent than anybody had previously thought. And so we did a study where we administered it to mice, and found that at a dose 25,000 times below what anybody had ever tested, we caused damage to the entire developing male reproductive system.

At first glance, 1/25,000 may seem like an amazingly minuscule amount, but a percentage is meaningless without knowing the fixed quantity to which it refers. The mass of the Earth is only 1/330,000 that of the sun, but I would hardly consider it minuscule, and I suspect the mass of the dosage in question is significantly less than the mass of the Earth even though the value of that percentage is 13 times greater. So two of the first questions that leap to mind are, "How much was that dose, both as an absolute quantity and as a fraction of the body mass of the mice?" and, "How was the dose administered?"

The next question, or hopefully even a previous one if one has been paying close attention to the program up to this point, ought to be, "How does this compare to the amount present in the 93% of the population referenced earlier?"


Again and again, the reporters heard two different stories. One example: they found a statement on an ACC-sponsored website. It said that a person would have to ingest over 500 pounds of canned food every day to be at risk from BPA found in the containers.
Other scientists told the reporters that even at very low doses, BPA and similar chemicals can affect lab animals…the concern is that they might harm human beings, too.

We are not told how much Biphenol A leaches into any foods or beverages from their containers, nor are we told what constitutes a "very low dose". For all we know, the five hundred pounds of canned food per day cited in the first case may actually yield only the very low dose of BPA referenced in the second. Given the lack of salient data, these two statements may not even be incompatible with each other!

Based on these and other factors, I feel this investigative report did not go far enough. I do greatly appreciate the information that illuminated (once again) the presence of systemic bias in the EPA, nor was the way this dovetailed into Bill Moyers' opening remarks lost on me. However, in my opinion, as a standalone piece it provided far too little quantitative information about the BPA studies, especially given the wealth of facts and figures available to the investigators.

Instead, it appeared to rely heavily on a general sense of mistrust of the government, and qualitative statements that seemed calibrated to validate and enhance this view. But if this view is warranted, then the facts, when wisely selected and clearly articulated, should lead us to the proper conclusion via a much more reliable path. Without this, the subtle emotionalism (eco-fear-mongering?) is superfluous at best, and weakens the overall case at worst.

I don't know why the following is apparently so hard to understand, but by my lights we're in grave peril if we don't learn this lesson soon:

We have to be better than the thing we wish to defeat. It is not enough to beat our opponents at their own game. To achieve real progress, we must beat the game, itself!

Your show this evening was quite alarming, and draws considerable concern from me, and my family. Please continue the brilliant reporting.

It seems as though any time large corporate profits are threatened, big business gets to work, slaps a smiley face on the problem, and denies that anything is wrong.
I see that greed now causes blindness. How can the executives of the companies who manufacture Bisphenol A continue to defend themselves in good concience?

Amazing. Simply amazing.

It was déjà vu as I watched Bill Moyers Journal story about bisphenol A. What you at the Milwaukee Journal found to be true about research relevant to the safety/toxicity of bisphenol A, is also true of much of the research that says the monosodium glutamate and aspartame are safe. The studies that say they are “safe” were all sponsored by their respective industries. Studies that found that they are toxic were done by independent scientists around the world.

One thing you don’t seem to have discovered yet has to do with those panels that passed on the safety/toxicity of the product. When the FDA has called on panels to evaluate the safety of monosodium glutamate, panel members were friends or members of the glutamate industry and/or the panel was given only industry-sponsored studies to review.

In our case, it is the FDA, not the EPA, that has approved these toxic products, both of which, indecently, are endocrine disruptors. Monosodium glutamate was never really tested for safety, but was grandfathered as safe by the FDA. Aspartame was decreed safe by then FDA commissioner Arthur Hull Hayes Jr. against recommendations from FDA scientists and an independent commission. Hays was handpicked for the job by Donald Rumsfeld, then CEO of G.D. Searle, inventor of aspartame.

Small world, isn't it?

The tactics of the glutamate industry have been documented in the article “The Toxicity/Safety of Processed Free Glutamic Acid (MSG): A Study in Suppression of Information.” Accountability in Research, (1999) Vol. 6, pp 259-310 (Adrienne Samuels, author). You will find the article and a great deal more about how the glutamate industry promotes its product at and\l-manuscript.html.

It is true that Canada has withdrawn plastic baby bottles containing Bisphenol A.
But grocery stores across the country are still selling foods packed (usually hot initially for pasteurisation) in containers that have the mark for a plastic containing bisphenol A on them , the "7 in a triangle" mark.
These foods are made by President's Choice own brand, Dole, and other makers who sell fruit desserts in a plastic cup, usually in packs of four or six. These foods are sold across the continent. Stores have been asked locally to cease doing so, but the only response was that some stores put them on sale at a lower price. These stores include Safeway, Saveon, Canadian Superstore, Loblaws, and numerous smaller stores.
If you live in Canada or the United States look on the bottom of your intended food purchase in plastic, and make a suitable decision.

Do you know if the soft rectangular box containers which contain soy milk, etc. are lined with bisphenol A? I have had an estrogenic breast cancer. It is maddening to think that women are prescribed drugs to remove their naturally occuring estrogen, yet are exposed to strong endocrine disrupters. Thank you for your brilliant and hard work.

In your opinion, if the government does decide to act and announces that bisphenol A poses enough of a risk to ban it from products such as water bottles an the linings of metal cans, what will the fall-out or repercussions be? Will the millions(?) of products inflate in cost along with the regular inflating? Will we see certain products being recalled? What other chemicals are we being exposed to that could cause great health risks that the government has ignored due to corporate manipulation and interests?

And to comment on the reporting: Thank you. Your standard of journalism has been something that lacks in mainstream (I call it "conglomerate") media. It is refreshing to see reporting that benefits "public interest" rather than wealthy businessmen and pundits.

Thanks for some great reporting,once again. The increased rate of breast and prostate cancer is worrisome and could be related to bisphenol A. Is it all plastics labeled with the number 7? I know it includes not only tin and alum. can linings,but those clear hard plastic hiking water bottles sold at REI and all the outdorr stores. These have been used and resued hundreds of times by my family, and I,for one,am throwing them out(landfill? recycle????) and replacing with a stainless steel bottle.
Canada and several Euro countries have already outlawed BisA,but due to our lax governmental oversight and regulation,I guess it is up to us consumers in the U.S. to fend for ourselves and keep ourselves informed. I wonder which other Bisphenol plastics are commmon.. fresh fruit containers?cookies at Trader Joe's? The list could be endless. Congress must address this soon,since this dangerous chemical is so pervasive in our food system and in our society.

Thanks for some great reporting,once again. The increased rate of breast and prostate cancer is worrisome and could be related to bisphenol A. Is it all plastics labeled with the number 7? I know it includes not once tin and alum. can linings,but those clear hard plastic hiking water bottles sold at REI and all the outdorr stores. These have been used and resued hundreds of times by my family, and I,for one,am throwing them out(landfill? recycle????) and replacing with a stainless steel bottle.
Canada and several Euro countries have already outlawed BisA,but due to our lax governmental oversight and regulation,I guess it is up to us consumers in the U.S. to fend for ourselves and keep ourselves informed. I wonder which other Bisphenol plastics are commmon.. fresh fruit containers?cookies at Trader Joe's? The list could be endless. Congress must address this soon,since this dangerous chemical is so pervasive in our food system and in our society.

Linda et al: Not only are girls hitting puberty earlier and boys gonads in danger, but there is an increasing cancer risk for everyone, and for domesticated animals and wildlife. Where did the frogs go? Why are so many fish intersexed and malformed? Even if you eat organic free-range meat it is exposed to plastics in the environment.The water is full of contaminants and carries them everywhere. We have one unitary life support system: the planet. Maybe human science has fried its own goose. Maybe tiny genitals and infertile estrogen monsters will solve our population problems.

What are the characteristics of plastic items containing bisphelol-A? Are any plastics safe?

Great report. But, can you tell me how to determine if my new grandchild's clear plastic baby bottles are safe? Want to put the info into action. Keep up the good work.

Why doesn't the FDA and the EPA err on the side of caution with a chemical like biphenol-A. There are, as this piece showed, a significant number of studies that indicate potential harm to humans. This should be enough to raise the alarm. Industry needs to be forced to come up with alternatives to questionable substances especially something used so pervasively as biphenol-A. How can one possibly avoid ingestion? Any ideas on avoiding biphenol-A from the reporters? Once one knows about the potential risk how does one respond as a consumer?

Thanks for this report! How can we avoid BPA? It seems so pervasive that it is almost impossible. What do you do to protect your own children? Are any lawsuits being filed to force industry to make changes? Keep letting us know what progress is being made.

I've been wondering, since having a child almost 13 years ago, why girls are hitting puberty so much sooner than we did 40 to 50 years ago. I'd read that it's suspected to be the hormones in our meats. Well, my daughter has been raised on hormone-free meats, and she's not overweight, yet she still entered puberty much sooner than I or my friends did 45 years ago. This story has made me realize that these plastics we all use may be one of, if not the, most important catalysts for earlier puberty.

Great investigative reporting! Thanks for showing this on the Journal.

This type of investigative journalism is vital to trying to straighten out this country.
Keep it up.

Susanne Rust, the heroine of this piece, "pursued" a doctorate in biological anthropology at the Univ. of Wisconsin. I take this as a euphemistic way of saying she did not complete her degree. If that assumption is correct I propose she be awarded an honorary PhD. for her service to humanity. Having been a cash-strapped anthropology student I understand how many talented people can not afford to complete graduate work. Not everyone is given grants or an adequate teaching or research position. And there are thousands of ABDs who have never completed or defended their dissertation for a variety of material, political and personal reasons. Anyway (if my assumption is correct) Ms. Rust shows how some persons serve humanity in a better way without the credential.
Thank all three reporters for your persistence and integrity. I hope this "endocrine disrupter" thing will gain public transparency in the near future.
RE Mant: Many academics are on survival salaries and a short leash. Corporations dominate the perversion of our "higher learning." Did you see "tenure-denied Finklestein" arrested in Israel this week. He is of course, correct on Palestinian peace, but can't get past the real estate speculators: Typical capitalist dilemma.

What I've been interested in for many years is why academics so rarely seem to apply their knowledge to public questions, for example as proposed by progressives in Wisconsin, called The Wisconsin Idea. I'm sure there is much the average person isn't aware of, but, except for a few self-aggrandizing types, and pseudo-experts, they do seem to me to be reluctant to enter public debate. Part of this is no doubt due to a sense of proper scholarly diffidence, and maybe they are too seldom asked, but I have begun more and more to believe it is also because many are lazy, selfish and venal. Perhaps academic freedom has backfired.

Thank you so much for this program! Plastic is a heartbreak global crisis for so many reasons, and the bisphenol-a catastrophe is probably one of its most devastating impacts. I can only hope that the myopic mainstream media gets with it and starts reporting like the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

It’s always heartening to see good, relevant journalism. Thank you. How does one determine what plastic items contain bisphenol A? Can it be purged from the body once ingested?

It has been said that cooking in lead pots had caused dementia in the leaders of the Roman Empire during the period when Rome fell. We seem to be headed in the same direction. We have a demented president and have a senile presidential candidate. Is contaminated food, polluted air and corrupt media causing our demise?

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