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Bill Moyers Rewind: Crossing The Euphrates (2003)

In May 2003, shortly after the American invasion of Iraq, Bill Moyers broadcast the following commentary on NOW WITH BILL MOYERS.
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If Alexander crossed, then Darius crossed, how did they fight being on opposite sides? With arrows only?

In the interest of full disclosure let me report about 1/2 inch of rain here in Sana Fe- a little reprieve before confronting the truth. Let me also state that I'm getting on Johnny Edwards case to put a little bug in Obama's ear:

1-Go for single payer (Youngsters, this does not mean only singles pay.)on the healthcare Barack. You never know until you try.
2-I (Edwards) will be ready to blow my stack if you advocate nuclear plants and clean coal instead of sustainables, and how about switching some farmland back to food, preferably organic. Easy on the additives FDA, that's probably why my wife got cancer.
3.We gotta make taxes more progressive and start making more products domestically or our economy is done for.
4.I (Edwards) think stopping the Iraqi occupation will solve many other problems.
5.I (John Edwards) would be a good Vice President. Keep me in mind.

Moyeristas, Bill:
Today I'm in Santa Fe, NM. Water is everything here. This city of 60 thousand with its tiny river fed by snowpack, in a state under constant threat of wildfire, and burgeoning suburbs, is no longer sustained by cultural tourism and now must grow like cancer to succeed in a hyper-Capitalist milieu. Water has been so perversely regulated that agencies theoretically allocate several times the available acre feet to historic rights holders while under law a minimum amount must proceed downstream to Albuquerque and beyond. Local water board members tell me that the latest trend is to secure resources in wealthy entrepreneurial hands via non-development trusts ("natural preservation"). By retaining the strategic portion of the property for unbridled development the owner can have it both ways. The tax sheltered trust (still private and off-limits to regular persons)enhances the value of adjacent projects at public expense.
And what about the working taxpayer who subsidizes his own enclosure while suffering astronomical water rates?
Thinking about the dams in Turkey and Syria, as well as those in Iraq one comes to realize we are sacrificing our common welfare for the water rights (Tigris and Euphrates)and real estate expropriation rights, as well as the oil marketing rights of our elite wealthy class.
And what is the biggest tragedy? Not that we are expending our military power and economy in their lost cause, but that our idiot average joe and jane taxpayers would be cheering as if at the Super Bowl if they thought "WE" were winning. Such is the power of media propaganda and "OUR" mis-education system.
Think even deeper, Bill!

Thank you for your fine work over the years Bill Moyers. I'm a huge fan.
As for the Euphrates you'd think the warmongers of the world would finally get a clue. Not the U.S. With over 700 military bases around the globe and a populous that either doesn't get it or thinks that somehow we're better than everyone else (Oh Please, haven't we worked through our nationalistic ego trip yet!) and therefore have the right to police and shove our "Democracy" down other human beings throats (never mind killing a few hundred thousand civilians) what will it take before this empire crumbles in turn? Then again maybe we'll learn a little humility and join together with others around the planet to leave our spaceship in better condition than when we arrived! I suspect we're in the beginning of the big American wake-up call. Exciting times......
Thanks again Bill. You are one of the most brilliant and honorable men in America.

Dear Mr. Moyers,

If United States reclaims its leadership, I can see us in 5000 years enjoying the beauty of the Euphrates. If China becomes a world leader, I don't think any humans will be crossing the Euphrates in 5000 years Mr. Moyers.


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