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Bill Moyers & Michael Winship: It Was Oil, All Along

Below is an piece by Bill Moyers and JOURNAL writer Michael Winship. We welcome your comments below.

It Was Oil, All Along
By Bill Moyers & Michael Winship

Oh, no, they told us, Iraq isn't a war about oil. That's cynical and simplistic, they said. It's about terror and al Qaeda and toppling a dictator and spreading democracy and protecting ourselves from weapons of mass destruction. But one by one, these concocted rationales went up in smoke, fire, and ashes. And now the bottom turns out to be....the bottom line. It is about oil.

Alan Greenspan said so last fall. The former chairman of the Federal Reserve, safely out of office, confessed in his memoir, “…Everyone knows: the Iraq war is largely about oil.” He elaborated in an interview with the Washington Post's Bob Woodward, "If Saddam Hussein had been head of Iraq and there was no oil under those sands, our response to him would not have been as strong as it was in the first gulf war."

Remember, also, that soon after the invasion, Donald Rumsfeld’s deputy, Paul Wolfowitz, told the press that war was our only strategic choice. “…We had virtually no economic options with Iraq,” he explained, “because the country floats on a sea of oil.”

Shades of Daniel Plainview, the monstrous petroleum tycoon in the movie THERE WILL BE BLOOD. Half-mad, he exclaims, "There's a whole ocean of oil under our feet!" then adds, "No one can get at it except for me!"
No wonder American troops only guarded the Ministries of Oil and the Interior in Baghdad, even as looters pillaged museums of their priceless antiquities. They were making sure no one could get at the oil except... guess who?

Here’s a recent headline in the NEW YORK TIMES: "Deals with Iraq Are Set to Bring Oil Giants Back." Read on: "Four western companies are in the final stages of negotiations this month on contracts that will return them to Iraq, 36 years after losing their oil concession to nationalization as Saddam Hussein rose to power."

There you have it. After a long exile, Exxon Mobil, Shell, Total and BP are back in Iraq. And on the wings of no-bid contracts – that's right, sweetheart deals like those given Halliburton, KBR, Blackwater. The kind of deals you get only if you have friends in high places. And these war profiteers have friends in very high places.

Let’s go back a few years to the 1990’s, when private citizen Dick Cheney was running Halliburton, the big energy supplier. That’s when he told the oil industry that, “By 2010 we will need on the order of an additional fifty million barrels a day. So where is the oil going to come from? While many regions of the world offer great oil opportunities, the Middle East, with two-thirds of the world's oil and the lowest cost, is still where the prize ultimately lies.”

Fast forward to Cheney’s first heady days in the White House. The oil industry and other energy conglomerates have been headed backdoor keys to the White House, and their CEO’s and lobbyists were trooping in and out for meetings with their old opal, now Vice President Cheney. The meetings are secret, conducted under tight security, but as we reported five years ago, among the documents that turned up from some of those meetings were maps of oil fields in Iraq – and a list of companies who wanted access to them. The conservative group Judicial Watch and the Sierra Club filed suit to try to find out who attended the meetings and what was discussed, but the White House fought all the way to the Supreme Court to keep the press and public from learning the whole truth.

Think about it. These secret meetings took place six months before 9/11, two years before Bush and Cheney invaded Iraq. We still don’t know what they were about. What we know is that this is the oil industry that’s enjoying swollen profits these days. It would be laughable if it weren’t so painful to remember that their erstwhile cheerleader for invading Iraq – the press mogul Rupert Murdoch – once said that a successful war there would bring us $20 a barrel of oil. The last time we looked, it was more than $140 a barrel. Where are you, Rupert, when the facts need checking and the predictions are revisited?

At a congressional hearing this week, James Hansen, the NASA climate scientist who exactly twenty years ago alerted Congress and the world to the dangers of global warming, compared the chief executives of Big Oil to the tobacco moguls who denied that nicotine is addictive or that there's a link between smoking and cancer. Hansen,
who the administration has tried again and again to silence, said these barons of black gold should be tried for committing crimes against humanity and nature in opposing efforts to deal with global warming.

Perhaps those sweetheart deals in Iraq should be added to his proposed indictments. They have been purchased at a very high price. Four thousand American soldiers dead, tens of thousands permanently wounded for life, hundreds of thousands of dead and crippled Iraqis plus five million displaced, and a cost that will mount into trillions of dollars. The political analyst Kevin Phillips says America has become little more than an "energy protection force," doing anything to gain access to expensive fuel without regard to the lives of others or the earth itself. One thinks again of Daniel Plainview in THERE WILL BE BLOOD. His lust for oil came at the price of his son and his soul.

Bill Moyers is managing editor and Michael Winship is senior writer of BILL MOYERS JOURNAL.


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Naja, das muss ich mir sp

Yes Iraq was largely about oil but this semi conspiracy Bill Moyers implies about big oil meeting with chenny before 9/11 and Iraq invasion is very strange.

Inflated profits by big oil? Merely a coincidence. Markets and a cartel called OPEC control the price of gas Bill not evil corporations.

You also take statements out of context. For instance Dick Chenny is an evil man but his statement on the middle east is the big prize could be refering to oil supplies in general or Saudi Arabia or Iran. Give me the whole statement.

The Iraq invasion was about oil but not entirely. If it was then we could have easily invaded Nigeria or Venezuela two countries with horrible human rights records and tons of oil reserves. Iraq was strategic and it played into the neo-conservative ideal of America as the sole superpower and with that power we could crush threats before they emerged. Bush did lie/exaggerate the case but Iraq could have been invaded on the human rights merits and strategic location alone. Yes don't police the world but sometimes intervention may be needed.

Case in point Rwanda. Don't complain progressives when the bodies pile up in the Congo or Darfur or Somalia and at the same time push for non intervention and pacifism. Pick one or the other. The UN is worthless in protecting against genocide but sending in Marines to crush death squads is definitely more effective.

Come Bill did I just hear the simplistic words come out of your mouth. I'd think a little deeper next time and elevate the discourse. But your audience is more than likely the "No blood for Oil" crowd playing dress up.

Excuse me. I have imported this earlier relevant post from another page.

The lies are all of one piece.
When oil executives testify that drilling in delicate places will solve our capitalist dilemma, ask them why nothing is forthcoming from the country we occupy, the country with the second most abundant reserves in the world, Iraq. What more delicate place is there than that failed state?

Our troops (and millions of other people)died for oil profits, not oil itself, because invading Iraq has been the most successful speculative manipulation in economic history. When investors buy oil futures while simultaneously withholding product from the market (waiting for peak price and term convergence) we are enraged. As the puppet Iraqi regime is bribed into further sequestering we realize American citizens' extortion at the pump is synonymous with Iraqi citizens' nightmare of limbo amid plenty.
Surely we do need to move past this knot to alternative energy, but what better way to control and mediate (maximize profits from) the inevitable adjustment than to make the change desperate and sudden. This tack makes even the greater evil debacle of new nuclear plants (at public expense and liability for guaranteed private profit) seem reasonable (in the short term irrationality).

Naomi Klein in "Shock Doctrine" delineated their method, but maybe the corporate elitist success, masked as civil failure in Iraq, is the most cruelly ingenious and most diabolical Machiavellian strategy humanity has ever endured. The
parallel and entwined shorting of food commodities only reinforces
my assessment. False flag terrorism even seems possible with such a gigatinormous jackpot in play: such is faschism!

Now awakened, we've all become soldiers by default in a common struggle against our overlords. Is our abbatoire fate sealed by the demise of our privacies, rights and freedoms? Has the "gas chamber" door closed?
Answer me, Moyeristas. Will I see you at the Inauguration with brave Tomas on your minds?

Feel free to comment at

Of course you are right Bill and Michael; the war was started in the interest of oil and other powerful, money-grubbing special interests. Noam Chomsky points out (Failed States, 2006) that after the invasion UN weapons inspectors secured defunct Iraqi nuclear and chemical weapon sites left over from the 1980's and developed with US help. American troops left the sites unguarded and let them be plundered in a sophisticated and systematic way, while the troops secured the oil fields. That surely puts the lie to the claim this war is being fought for security reasons.

In the interest of factual correctness, I feel impelled to state that hundreds of thousands, not tens of thousands, of Iraqi's have died as a result of the war. According to the only scientific estimate, which was undertaken by a team of Johns Hopkins academics, 100, 000 to 300,000 Iraqis died as a direct result of the invasion. Several years of deadly war have taken place since that time.

Oh, angry American, don't be so angry. We can't all be critical thinkers.

Just kidding, just kidding. Though slightly... what bothers me the most about politics is that some people never question a thing- they just blindly follow.

Truth be told, I'm not that into politics for this reason. I don't even know you and yet there's animosity!

Agree to disagree?

Wow. "Republican" actually believes that? Yet another non-thinking swallower of the lies this administration and its cohorts have fostered on the gullible.

Yes- the truth: that democrats will believe anything. Who are the oil barons? Oil companies make 9 cents per gallon. Who makes the other 18 cents? Uncle Sam. And who wants to double that tax? Obama. Funny that the poor groups he's trying to protect typically rely on the consumption of oil and gas for their jobs... (farms, factories, etc.) And Obama knows this, but hey- he only wants to get elected, not to tell the truth.

So glad we have a country that still subsidizes a liberal-based public broadcast so we can continue to "tell the truth" to America.

Please let me reiterate my contention that Iraqi oil has been temporarily sequestered in order to maximize price and profit. Sharon Abreu is also correct that diversion of federal budget to war has been used to hollow out the infrastructure and the care structure of the United States. Corporate power and influence are now maximized so that democracy (including elections) has become a sham. This diabolical series of events was obviously initiated by 9/11 chichanery (as stated in neocons "New American Century"-new Pearl Harbor).
We are supposed to hate muslims now.... How many others (starting with Native Americans) have we been taught to hate, and which group domestic or foreign will be next? I'm sure both an Iran attack and a domestic incident (maybe nuclear) are both in the works should the elite political economy script get off track. Did you ever destroy an anthill as a child? You may be about to find out what the ants experienced.

Most bloggers have been saying Iraq was all about oil, since the first bomb dropped in Desert Storm!
And capitalist like Chaney and Bush and the oil companies they court, are not interested in making gas prices fall. They are just interested in production and resulting sales to countries like China.

Bill's probably right. It probably was about oil, but there's more to it than that, and it boggles the mind that so many people in the press have let the story of "The Project for the New American Century" go. If you want to know why we're there, beyond the thirst for oil, if you want to know about the history of the idea of permanent US presence in the Mid East, then go here:

This is the web archive of The Project for the New American Century, a neocon think-tank populated by enough of the names in the Bush administration that it'll make you wonder why you've not heard about them more often.

I first read about them just after the war in Iraq started by searching out the original website. But the website and the think tank itself more or less folded last year...the neocons running to hide like scoundrels.

Read the website, and look up some information for yourself. It ought'a get your dander up.

On one level, the war was clearly about oil, but on another level, oil was really just another pretext. While it is conveniently easy to explain this particular round of imperialism as a 'grab for oil', the reality is that imperialism will always find a reason. We've had wars for bananas, pineapples, tea, water, and pigs, if I recall correctly. Those are some examples of resources that were used to justify wars. When the resources are plentiful, wars have been started to open up markets for surplus resources or production. History is quite clear on this point: Like an addict who always can find a reason to look for a fix today and a cure tomorrow, the imperialist can always find a reason to start a war today and look for peace tomorrow. If they didn't have oil, we probably could have ginned up a sand shortage.

The US gas garrison by Michael T. Klare has a good summary of the problem:

The Carter Doctrine, established 28 years ago, put the US military in service of assuring the nation’s regular supplies of imported oil. This has near-bankrupted the US and corrupted the military, yet left the US insecure in energy sources and globally loathed. The time has come to demote petroleum and stand down the troops.

In this brief summary, Michael T. Klare has handed the Democrats a bullet-proof issue for the fall (because it happens to be true).

I will add one more element to this: Bush is endangering the at least defensible goal of energy security with one that is not--forcing the Iraqis to give up most of the profits of their oil to big oil companies in the Hydrocarbon Law.

A possible result of this is that once our military is further weakened or we withdraw, Iraq could cancel contracts and laws they were coerced into signing, and cut off our oil as happened with the Saudi embargo in the 70s when they were mad at us for backing Israel in the Yom Kippur War, and when America lost any diplomatic influence over Iran after the revolution because we had backed the oppressive Shah for decades, and the Shah was installed because the OIL COMPANIES asked us to get rid of Iran's democratically elected president who wanted to nationalize their oil.

The greed of oil companies too often conflicts rather than dovetails with our needs for access and relatively low prices for oil.

Strategic Access vs. Corporate Excess

Bill Moyer is a simplistic fool, and so are his fans.

WD Denis,
FYI, you are 180 degrees out from reality. The Nazi organization was the political right and the Communists were the political left and we were based on a two political system party that were called Democrats to the left and Republicans to the right. Republicans represented big business and the Democrats represented the working people.
you have been deceived by Republican lies. The present administration has done everything it can to turn this country into a dictatorship with all of the power going to the government and ignoring the needs and desires of the people. Those who support the present administration are not patriots. They are supporting the end of our Democracy and are installing an Oligarchy dictatorship that will make us all slaves to industry.

I do not agree with the present Democratic agenda but it is the lesser evil by far. We need a government Based on the will of the people, the benefit of the people and the equitable distribution of goods and services. You are a victim of lies and scare tactics. You need the courage to realistically face the present threat to our freedom and the quality of our life.

Bill- I sent a link of this program to friends with the heading of "most of us knew this but it is finally being reported on" and this was one reply-"Thanks J., Of course we knew; the real question is how the "in" crowd is so powerful that nothing was done to stop them."
So what is the answer to this one- is it our connection to Israel or other factors? Please continue to report on this subject.

I enjoy watching the Journal almost every week and I appreciate the analysis of the war for the oil in Iraq. But it's only part of the story. I would argue that we are in Iraq first for Israel and then for oil. Israel wants no substantial opposition in the Middle East for its expansion plans. And we have succeeded in partitioning Iraq into 3 small states who will fight among themselves for decades, offering no opposition to Israel. Next big opponent for Israel - Iran! But they want the US to do the dirty work. Oil is nice but our Neocons and AIPAC want us to do the heavy lifting against Iran. I would appreciate more research on the Israel/ Administration connection.

Dave Eddy,

FYI, I got my political groups right. The Nazi party is extremeley similar to the Communist parties. Both were against all types of religious worship. Both wanted the people to follow a single political party. Both dealt with there internal enemies with brutal retribution(death camps)etc.

Both Stalin and Hitlers first acts were to disarm the people. Wonder why?

The Nazi party still relied on the German business machine but grew stronger in controlling all aspects of society. Therefore, it became identical to communism which is the 1st cousin to modern day liberalism and the Democratic party.

Why would I support a party that wants to take my gun rights away. Bring back the Fairness Doctrine to shut down free speech and who wants America to be a commpletely secular society. The modern day Democratic party dispise real Americans considering them hicks or rednecks or idiots who are beholden to their way of thinking. Nancy Pelosi is backing the Fairness Doctrine to shut down certain speech she does not like!!

The global warming hoax is being used to tax and control us even more.

If the Democrats do get full power we will see goose stepping troops coming to the houses of conservatives and Christians and those red states to bring them to their regional camps. So you see Naziism = Communism = LIberalism = modern day Democrtatic Party. Conservatism is tolerance for all.

Thank you for your non-Corporate influenced dumbdown spin. Thank you for talking about the truth. Thank you for having common sense, and not being scared to tell it like it is. Thank you for giving this country commentary that it so desparately needs.

A telling commentary, almost all of which I support--but there's a logical fallacy committed too:

"The kind of deals you get only if you have friends in high places. And these war profiteers have friends in very high places."

The implied conclusion doesn't follow. Change "only if" to "if" or to "if and only if" and it does follow. The problem is that for that version to work, it has to be sufficient to have such friends in order to get the deals, and that's a tad implausible.

The way the argument is phrased in the original, such friends are necessary (but not sufficient) for a sweetheart deal. That's plausible, but as indicated the conclusion doesn't follow.

In the 90s I worked for Kurt Schmoke in Baltimore, an enigmatic and often paranoid mayor. The budget was so tight I often had to buy little items out of my own pocket to complete projects. City gas and vehicles were being rationed. I believe it was 1998 when Kurt decided it was vital to spend about a million we didn't have (maybe more) for a fireworks contractor to put on a 4th of July show. I immediately applied for leave and avoided any fireworks that year. Instead I traveled to Bryce Canyon and Zion National Parks in Utah. At the moment of Kurt's explosions I was assisting elderly and disabled persons up the trail at Zion to see peaceful waterfalls. (I admit this was an energy self-indulgence on my part.) This year I see that because of budget and fire dangers many localities have seen fit to cancel these fireworks spectacles. I doubt if even the lapel pin crowd want to foot the bill.
More important is the symbolism of war and violence as the heritage of our nation. If you support PEACE, say no to fireworks in any form. Maybe this incident remains poignant in my memory because the Baltimore Sun I read when I returned told how two undocumented explosives workers had died in Baltimore's display as the show went right on.
Were these men heroes? What is the difference between them and Chicken plant workers? Most of our military casualties are victims no matter how much we may demand heroes. They mean well, go out there trying to do the job and earn a living, but are exploited and lied to, then discarded and lied about.We can't allow any more fuses to be lit by traitorous speculators.

This is not the time for circuses, for diversions. Read and study about our nation's near hopeless plight on Friday July 4th, 2008. Maybe you could have a Peaceworks instead. We need to organize our neighbors for change protests on Inauguration Day 2009. I hope I can walk to Washington starting January 1st (no fireworks then either) and meet busloads of like-minded Peace patriots on the National Mall. I don't want to lead, don't want to speak, just be present in a massive silent vigil without fireworks.

Thank goodness left-wing hack jobs like Bill Moyers & co. don't have political power in the US.

I, like Ruth, would like to see an Expose on the Federal Reserve and the World Bank.

Please consider developing an expose about the Federal Reserve, World Bank, Project for the New American Century, and the Bilderburg Group. Americans need to become aware and understand what is really going on and why.
Politicians are the puppets and the International monopolistic greed mongers pull the strings. Iraq (oil), Afghanistan (opium and oil), illegal immigration (cheap labor, Reagan-era), the mortgage deabacle, China, the list goes on and on...

Thanks for the limited hangout, Bill.

This war is for Oil AND Israel.

This war would not have happened if it had not been for the neoconservatives, who perforated the intelligence apparatus and OVP of the Bush administration.

You cannot analyze how we got into this mess without studying those 20 or 30 neoconservative individuals, who are predominately Jewish, and ardent Israel supporters; and their think-tanks and PACs (JINSA, AEI, AIPAC).

Question: wouldn't it have been more beneficial and less costly to treat these oil-rich muslims countries as friends and allies, and negotiate oil prices constraints? The answer is yes, but it would never happen as long as AIPAC, JINSA, AEI are dictating the agenda in Washinton.

Thank you for keeping the First Amendment alive and well.
Please do a show on the status of the movement to impeach 'shrub'. Thank you


Obama has surrounded himself with Milton Friedman, Chicago School economists, the same brilliant minds who backed Pinochet in Chile, bankrupted every country they touched (so they could buy the pieces at fire sale prices), and have turned the whole continent of South America against us.

My hope for Obama is that he will be at least somewhat better than Bill Clinton was, which means he might head in the wrong direction, but public pressure could steer him closer to the correct one.

If McCain wins, he'll drive the car off a cliff and either ignore all of us screaming in the back seat or reach back and slap us.

How many times can Bill Moyers deliver the most excellent commentary on television? This one about the ties of big oil to the Iraq War had to be one of the best I have heard. One can so clearly see the i's doted and T's crossed. It is absolutely wrenching not surprising but gut piercing. I knew most everything Bill said but he made it ever so crystal clear and easy to understand. Oil, said Rupert Murdoch, after Iraq was going to be twenty bucks a barrel. 4000 dead, thousands horrifically wounded, millions displaced, trillions spent -- 130 bucks a barrel later, a recession if not a depression looming the rationales go down the toilet. I don't know how these guys sleep at night. They simply do not care. That's is the nature of the American right wing or maybe any right wing. It's what they are all about. They just do not care about anything except money any way they can get it. If it means rolling over the Indian, carting human cargo in slave ships or bombing any country into oblivion some administration perceives as defeating American monied interests, they will do it. Deception and not caring a bit that is how they operate. They dupe middle America or middle and low income Evangelicals to fight their battles, dupe them into thinking they support them and laugh all the way to the bank as big money and big God walk hand in hand to get there. I don't know how they do it I really don't. Maybe they are the ones that have it right as their fortunes go from one generation to the next on our backs. This time they win IF they have a planet to bestow to their progeny!

Re: Dems silent about the oil situation
What do you expect when the entire country is owned by foreign interests?
Who do you think is funding Obama...the once (until rather recently) unknown Illinois junior senator who now has more money than God and is headed straight for the White House with or without a majority vote?
Obama is backed by heavy hitters who possess equally heavy agendas; only one of which concerns oil. Enjoy Obama's seductive rhetoric today and the silence of his peers surrounding him because if you think life in the US is going to get any better than what we've experienced these past 8 Bush-years, better think again. I am not condoning Bush, it is just that we (US citizens) are no longer in control of our national destiny. It is no longer our nation to control.
And remember: whatever happened to Democrats Tom Daschle (South Dakota)and Russell Feingold (Wisconsin)? No rhetoric from either of those two, just the truth. Truth? The heavy hitters don't want ANY of that!

Great article. One topic in THERE WILL BE BLOOD is addiction. Daniel Plainview, in the beginning of the movie nips from a flask. By the end he is chugging from a jug. Addiction is a disease that tells us we are fine. Addiction is progressive and does not get better without work and help. Our nation is chugging gas, even at $4 a gallon. Our nation needs intervention.

Great piece, although its phrasing indicates to me it's mostly intended to encourage the sympathetic reader, not to convince an opponent.

If you'd like to re-edit it, however, please change "headed backdoor keys" to "handed backdoor keys"; "old opal" to "old pal"; and "would bring us $20 a barrel of oil" to "would bring us $20-a-barrel oil prices."


Dear Mr. Moyers,

Why are the Democrats silent on the oil motive for the Iraq War? In most cases, they talk in the same propaganda framework laid down by the Republicans, and either say they could do it better or that we should get out because we failed at those false goals. When someone does go after the oil motive like Dennis Kucinich and handful of others, they are either ignored or marginalized by the congressional leadership.

When Democratic leaders are asked in person about how the terms of Iraq's Bush-backed Hydrocarbon Law gives most of the country's oil wealth to big oil, they either feign ignorance or run away. It's on video:


Biden & Kennedy on video, text of Reid

The Iraqis who know what's in the law oppose it, and those who don't oppose the concept of privatizing their oil.

Scholars, oil workers, and oil bureaucrats

Poll of Iraqis on oil

Greg Palast, Antonia Juhasz, and Naomi Klein have all done good work on this, but no one has dug into why the Democrats have been silent or complicit.

I agree with your statement that the actions our government has taken on behalf of oil companies amount to crimes against humanity. The only way to stop more from happening is to have at least one party that opposes it, and openly calls it by it's right name.

If they did this correctly, they would not be standing alone, but could call all other businesses, large and small, to stand with them and against a corporate thug that demands a bigger and bigger taste of their business.

Given your high public profile, you would be the most likely to get access to those with power in the Democratic Party, and if you couldn't, if you publicly questioned their complicity, they would be more likely to respond.


Professor Smartass


Well, reading these comments is a dispiriting insight into the real USA. It is really interesting how the bushites mostly find it necessary to be crude and insulting, instead of simply coming up with facts that might convince someone.

I was going to do it anyway, but their shocking comments got me to do it today: I joined my local PBS station because I want to be able to watch people like Moyers and Rose and Smiley.

Regarding the neo-slavery issue, good job but really doesnt go far enough.

It is well enough to discuss the issue as a past historical problem, but there are contemporary issues to deal with as well! Moyers and his staff must be aware of the contemporary prison demographics. To ramble on and on about the past without linking it to the alarming present does the entire issue of slavery a complete disservice.

Ultimately, even if one does not care about human rights, slavery is an addiction that stagnates markets rather than invigorate. I have heard the argument extended to the decline of the Romans, ie given their level of math and engineering, the argument goes that a steam engine could have been developed. Alas, but for the addiction to cheap slave labor, any incentive for technological advance was non existent.

How can slavery be overcome in the present day? In Scotland a pilot program for robotic food harvesting machines is being studied (Edinburg). The cost to enslave a human must be made greater than other available tools. Efforts to increase this cost should not be glossed over in a discussion of the past, but pressed squarely into the present. Taxes and regulation on the private prison industry must make it all but infeasible for new "slave quarters" to be constructed- for those looking for a get-quick-rich scheme in the labor-trafficking markets. The prison population consists largely of ethnic minorities convicted of non-violent drug crimes. Seems like a non-violent drug charge is all too similar to the once often-cited charge of vagrancy.

From farms to electrical manufacturing, prison labor is still driving all part of the economy.

Here are some more pertinent articles:

"here are approximately 2 million inmates in state, federal and private prisons throughout the country. According to California Prison Focus, "no other society in human history has imprisoned so many of its own citizens." The figures show that the United States has locked up more people than any other country: a half million more than China, which has a population five times greater than the U.S." (the prison population is mostly black and hispanic)

"Thanks to prison labor, the United States is once again an attractive location for investment in work that was designed for Third World labor markets. A company that operated a maquiladora (assembly plant in Mexico near the border) closed down its operations there and relocated to San Quentin State Prison in California. In Texas, a factory fired its 150 workers and contracted the services of prisoner-workers from the private Lockhart Texas prison, where circuit boards are assembled for companies like IBM and Compaq.

[Former] Oregon State Representative Kevin Mannix recently urged Nike to cut its production in Indonesia and bring it to his state, telling the shoe manufacturer that "there won't be any transportation costs; we're offering you competitive prison labor (here)." "

Bill Moyers please extend your piece to cover the contemporary issues which mirror the past.

I was born in America and I can't stand this country! Only in America can a stupid hick like Bush that can't even say a sentence without getting hung up on a word with more then 4 letters be "voted" in for two terms! He bought his first term since only in America can you lose the popular vote and still become president! We only have the stupid ass ignorant conservative Christians to blame for his second term. Everyone complains about these two crooked ass, bought and paid for oil "men" that "run" our country to their benefit with no concern for the people. But what can we do about it? We need to hold Bush and Cheney accountable for all the corrupted things they did and all the people that died to help fill their pockets! IMPEACH King Bush and Minion Cheney!!!

Posted by: Kathleen | June 29, 2008 11:51 AM "Dear Bill, You do the country a service with your investigative reports. However, you are silent on the relationship between Barack Obama and corrupt Iraqi foreign agents, such as Nadhmi Auchi and Aiham Alsammarae - "]

Details ? and make sure you did not get it from FOX NEWS!

Thank you once again for exposing these
C-R-I-M-I-N-A-L-S !!!

As for the 'Conservative-Repugnants-And-Politicians'( also known by the acronym "CRAP") who have played along and supported this regime, the day-of-reckoning is rapidly approaching -

Dear Bill, You do the country a service with your investigative reports. However, you are silent on the relationship between Barack Obama and corrupt Iraqi foreign agents, such as Nadhmi Auchi and Aiham Alsammarae.

In fact, the entire MSM has said little about this and has played down his link to crime figures in Illiinois such as Rezko. I'm really concerned about the coordinated effort to push this candidate on the electorate without investigating these important links.

Please do this, Bill. You are one of the honest voices in this country.

In addition to the pursuit of Middle East oil, I believe the Bush administration had much to gain by invading Iraq, including bankrupting our country, thus creating an excuse to gut our social and education programs. George W. Bush has little if any regard for human life. He demonstrated that as governor of Texas. I don't believe that he or Dick Cheney have any concern for the suffering of Iraqi civilians, American citizens or even our veterans. Rather than plunging more freshly printed billions into the Iraq occupation, the U.S. should be investing aggressively in sustainable renewable forms of energy like Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) which can be distributed through the energy grid. Several years ago we should have launched an aggressive ad campaign encouraging people to conserve energy and to choose energy-efficient appliances. We hardly talk about energy efficiency and conservation, and these are key to curbing the consumption of energy in the U.S. We have the freedom to choose a balanced and compassionate lifestyle. We have freedoms of many kinds, but freedom comes at a price, and I'm concerned about the price of unbalanced consumption.

The programs do upset me. However, that is necessary. Thank you.

To round out my comments (which are posted in reverse order), it ought to be clarified, since the general public has not been informed of the fact, that the vast allegedly proved hydrocarbon reserves of the Persian Gulf, including Iraq's, are anything but proved. No doubt the region still has a lot of oil, but perceived need to control that region is today better understood as part of a desperate struggle over table scraps, as the Bush Administration evidently understands better than most.

There are many indications that Persian Gulf reserves have been hugely overstated for years. To start with, 6 OPEC countries raised their claimed "proved" reserves by huge amounts in the 1980s - by 50 to 200 percent, literally, in each case, from one year to the next. These changes were not accompanied by announcements of great new discoveries.

For example, Iraq claimed 47 billion barrels at the beginning of 1987, and 100 billion barrels at the beginning of 1988. Interestingly, there were no changes in the posted estimates for the Neutral Zone _shared_ by Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, and in fact those reserves have declined gradually in the years since, in keeping with production - unlike all the others.

The principal motivation for the dramatically increased claims is also not seriously disputed: For example, Adnan Shihab-Eldin, then Acting Secretary General of OPEC, in October 2005 acknowledged "that sort of race to declare higher figures for reserves, driven by the anxiety about the quota system, which everybody knows."

A report in Petroleum Intelligence Review in 2005, based on an internal Kuwait Oil Company audit put that country's reserves meeting the standard of "proved" at 24 billion barrels - a mere _quarter_ of the official number. The late Dr. Ali Samsam Bakhtiari, a retired National Iranian Oil company executive, wrote: "As for Iran, the usually accepted official 132 billion barrels [of reserves] is almost 100 billion barrels over any realistic assay. If the higher figure were for real, its oil industry would not be struggling day in and day out to keep output at between 3.0-3.5 million barrels per day (inclusive of Persian Gulf offshore)." Many commentators think that Saudi Arabia's famed 260 billion barrels is similarly overstated. Finally Qatar's North Field - the co-star of the fictional Syriana - is touted as the world's largest natural gas field, but the government announced an indefinite moratorium on new projects in 2005, after Conoco-Phillips drilled a dry hole in the middle of it.

It's important also to understand that we need not rely on anyone's reserve estimates. A more direct measure of of the prospects is based on the idea that rising output cannot be maintained for long once the biggest fields go into decline. For example, Iran's four largest field's all peaked between 1967 and 1977, as did the country as a whole (1974), which means that the observed declines cannot just be a result of political disruptions or lack of investment. There is substantial evidence that northern Ghawar, the very heart of the Saudi miracle, is now in net decline, and this inference can even be supported by a number of statements from Aramco and OPEC officials. Kuwait's Burgan field was described by officials a few years ago as "exhausted," it being officially announced that the plateau level of 1.9 million barrels a day could no longer be maintained. Something like 80 percent of Iraq's output has come from four fields that have been in production for 50 to 80 years, and which were known to have been damaged by production practices under sanctions, resulting in "permanent loss of huge reserves of oil" (UN experts report, 2000.)

Finally, while we don't know precisely what their thinking was in 2002-2003, it is clear that the Bush Administration is by now among the doubters. For example, the oft-repeated sound bite version of the import of Bush's visits to Saudi Arabia this year, wherein it is claimed that Bush begged King Abdullah to raise production, is a blatant distortion. What Bush actually said was "If they [the Saudis] don't have a lot of additional oil to put on the market, it is hard to ask somebody to do something they may not be able to do." (ABC Nightline, January 15, 2008.) At a press conference the same day, he said "I hope that OPEC, if possible, understands that if they could put more supply on the market it would be helpful. But a lot of these economies are going - a lot of these oil producing countries are full out." Back in February 2006, former Commerce Secretary Don Evans told Hardball: "The world is producing oil, the Middle East, every country is at its full capacity and it's very unlikely that we're going to be able to see supply in the world grow from the levels where we are right now." That same spring Insight magazine reported that according to sources close to Cheney, US intelligence assessments were predicting that "Middle East oil supplies will become increasingly precarious after 2008" (May 16, 2006.)

so little MANY "America love it or leave it" types need
to pick up a rifle and take
the place of the REAL HERO'S
dying in Iraq...YOU IDIOTS
folks who took th' short bus to school..(i.e. Stepher
in YAKIMA, Jerry H, and especially W.D. Denis..."D",
you remind me of the wack jobs that used to call my radio show...Thank God for you Bill & sorry for the ignorant "flag waving" republican weasels you have to put up with...

I offer the following quotations and chronology by way of illustrating the central claim of my first post, which appears below this one.

In May 2001, Bush said: "What people need to hear, loud and clear, is that we're running out of energy in America," and he took issue with those whom he said "believe that without finding additional supplies of energy, this nation is going to be okay." The same month the Cheney Energy Task Force noted that "Estimates indicate that over the next 20 years, U.S. oil consumption will increase by 33 percent, natural gas consumption by well over 50 percent, and demand for electricity will rise by 45 percent. If America's energy production grows at the same rate as it did in the 1990s [i.e. hardly at all, with oil already in permanent decline] we will face an ever-increasing gap." Since "we recognize that a significant percentage of our resources will come from overseas," "Energy security must be a priority of U.S. trade and foreign policy." In March, 2001 Energy Secretary Spencer Abraham said, "America faces a major energy supply crisis over the next two decades. The failure to meet this challenge will threaten our nation's economic prosperity, compromise our national security, an literally alter the way we lead our lives." A couple of weeks later, energy industry banker Matt Simmons told a
Senate committee - one day after he had, by his own later account, personally summarized the contents of his testimony in private meeting with President Bush - that "We are now in the early stages of the most serious energy crisis this country has ever faced. It will become more serious over time and if we do not correct the severe energy problems we now face, America's economic future is grim. As the energy crisis unfolds, it could become the most critical threat to our economy since World War II." In an interview with the BBC shortly before the 2003 invasion, Simmons specifically said, "It's just the fact that so many of the areas that we used to rely on are showing signs of no longer growing and possibly shrinking that gives rise to just an uncomfortable sense that we have a lot more serious energy problems to address than we've really thought about for twenty years." BBC: "And the U.S. Administration is worried about that?" Simmons: "Yeah, absolutely." (Today exports from our third largest supplier, Mexico, are declining at a rate that will likely reach zero within 4 or 5 years.) In April 2002, at the same summit at which Tony Blair agreed to go along with Bush's plan to attack Iraq, the two leaders also quietly formed the US-UK Energy Dialogue, which was explicitly concerned with "security and diversity" of supply, with working groups focussed on Africa, the Middle East, the Caspian and Central Asia, and Russia. (In the background, UK North Sea oil production had peaked in 1999 and was by then in terminal rapid decline - to date down more than 40 percent from the peak.) By 2006, a report issuing from the second Oil Shockwave exercise, conducted behind closed doors at the 2006 World Economic Forum, with the participation of ranking former U.S. officials, including Robert Gates, subsequently promoted to Defense Secretary, contemplated scenarios in which "Thousands of businesses in many sectors of the economy will declare 'force majeur' and break contracts. There will be massive waves of legal suits and a surge in bankruptcies. Layoffs in these vulnerable industries will spread throughout the economy because of traditional economic multiplier effects.... [Policymakers] will try to ... reassure financial markets that they will prevent institutions from failing. However, given the severity of the shock, it is unlikely that they will be able to significantly mitigate the pessimism that will permeate the financial markets."

There are good grounds for believing that the U.S. invaded and occupied Iraq under seriously false pretenses, and that the real reasons had everything to do with oil. In that basic claim, the anti-war protesters and the current essay have been undoubtedly correct. However, as both the essay and the comments taken as a whole attest, the public, on both sides of the political spectrum, is still being poorly informed about the full contours the energy crisis lurking in the background. The U.S. action was evidently a response - however criminal or irrational in terms of survival prospects - to a severe threat to business-as-usual that was clearly perceived in the early days of the Bush administration: specifically, it was understood that the U.S. would soon have grave difficulty importing energy supplies commensurate with its projected "needs." From the point of view of survival, the rational response would have been to come clean with the American people about the impossibility of sustaining their current lifestyle, or the powerful financial, economic and political structures that go with it. Instead, since no serious departures from business-as-usual could be considered, they went with the knee-jerk response of military aggression. No doubt, the interests of Big Oil, who are having an increasingly difficult time "replacing" reserves, also figured in a secondary way. (We have, among the Judicial Watch documents Moyers and Winship refer to, the one concerned with non-U.S. "suitors for Iraqi oilfield contracts," and the agreement with the Maleki government last November privileging American investors.) Obviously these statements require more justification than can be given here. I'll provide a few relevant quotes in a subsequent post.

Further proof, Mssrs. Moyers, Winship and the American people: also this week, it was announced that the Bureau of Land Management (the BlM), which normally only messes with the lives of the Native American Indians, decided this week to SHUT DOWN ALL SOLAR POWER PROJECTS ON FEDERAL LAND FOR TWO YEARS, thereby putting a near death knell to our advancements for at least 10 years, given the start-up costs and research that has to be done.

And why, you ask?

Get this... The Bush Administration's BLM has "come to Jesus", as it were, and decided it needed--this is rich--AN ENVIRONMENTAL STUDY.

Right. The Bush Administration thinks it needs an environmental study. Isn't that great?

But wait. There's more.

That same Bureau of Land Mangement IS, in fact, gearing up and expanding (love that smaller government, don't you?). But do you know why? Well, there's all those oil and gas applications they've gotten, what with oil being $140.00 per barrel.

So instead of trying to go on to the newest, best, cleanest, renewable energy source-- solar power--the United States is, instead, plowing more money and time and energy and resources into yet more FOSSIL FUELS.

Way to go forward, "W". Way to take the United States into the future. Way to get out of the Middle East. Way to help the environment. Way to help reduce greenhouse gases. Way to help us reduce the effects of global climate change.

In 2004, there was a bumper sticker that said it best. It was: "Re-elect President Bush. It takes 8 full years to REALLY screw up the country."

You know? It looks like they were right.

For more, go to:

Thank you, Bill! Thank you for bringing us a comprehensive story about such an important issue! I wish there were more journalists like you!

WD Denis,
You have your political groups backwards. The Nazi party was called "The National Socialist German workers Party. They were considered to be conservative right whereas the Communists were considered the liberal left party. The Nazi party became a dictatorship that ruled with an iron fist. The Germans had no control over their destiny just like our present situation in the US. The Communists party also turned into a dictatorship. If we want to regain our Democracy. We will have to vote Democratic and hope the Democrats will return the US to a Democratic society without the present grievous corruption.

I am in disbelief when I see what people like Sharon write about "global warming"...

Sharon, global warming is a blue ribbon hoax!!! Recently we have had 3 back to back brutally cold winters, no hurricanes, and the earth's temprature has dropped since 1999!!

At recent scientific meeting in Washington more than 31,000 scientist have come out against G warming.

But Bill, the wimp,Moyers wont report this because he is a fraud!! Global warming is enviromental NAZISM. THey and people like you want to control eeverything we do. SOme communities want to ban bonfires, bbq's and firworks; citing global warming as the
reason. Around the world people are coming to their senses and are becoming deniers, thank god. They are trying to shove this down our throats as fast as they can becaus people are now believing this is junk science. I will fight this lie tooth and nail and never let this new NAzi movement take over my life. Beware of false profits Sharon.

Seig heil!

To Stepher in Yakima,

This we, the people does not agree with you.

I was born in the U.S. and am as patriotic as you are.

Scientific research has shown that there is not enough oil here to make drilling worthwhile.

The vast majority of scientists agree that global warming is real, based on prolonged and thorough scientific studies of ice core data and climate trends going back thousands of years.

What are the facts on which you base your conclusion than global warming is a myth?

I feel sorry for people like Jerry H who can't face up to the reality of what's happened to our country over the last few decades. If we remain in denial, we will lose our country. We are close to that now. Corporate and political egos are out of control. This isn't about hating Bush or hating anybody. It's about getting real that we're losing our country to egos out of control with greed. There is no compassion there. The term "compassionate conservatism" drained the meaning from the word "compassionate". We need to reclaim that word so that we are really the compassionate nation we want to believe we are. Wanting it to be will not make it so. It's not about hate, it's about love.

Thank you, once again, Mr. Moyers, for being a brave voice of truth in a dark jungle of lies.
And to you myth-loving "American-power-is-always-right" types, may God have mercy on your complicit, truth-hating souls.

In his post here, Marc Andersen points out that "the war was fought with strategic intentional incompetence."

Michael Parenti has been giving compelling speeches about exactly this strategic intentional incompetence, going back to the 9/11 attacks. I strongly believe the 9/11 attacks were at the very least allowed to happen because the Bush administration didn't act on or share information it had.

One more point. We should be aware of the terms we use. The situation in Iraq has never been a "war" - it was an invasion and it is an occupation - plain and simple.

In his post here, Marc Andersen points out that "the war was fought with strategic intentional incompetence."

Michael Parenti has been giving compelling speeches about exactly this strategic intentional incompetence, going back to the 9/11 attacks. I strongly believe the 9/11 attacks were at the very least allowed to happen because the Bush administration didn't act on or share information it had.

One more point. We should be aware of the terms we use. The situation in Iraq has never been a "war" - it was an invasion and it is an occupation - plain and simple.

Dear Bill and Journal Staff:

Last night's show was perhaps your most important yet. As someone educating about energy and climate change since 1999, I cried when Bush and Cheney were handed the White House. I knew putting two oilmen in charge of our country would be bad - I just didn't know how bad. Now we know.

James Hansen is a true hero, and we all need to have his back - actively support him. You are a hero, too, Bill.

But I need to know what to DO. I can't sit still any more. I've been educating about climate change and energy but I don't feel my reach is nearly far enough.

None of us seem to know what to do to stop this runaway train of corporate control and profits enabled by our government, in both political parties.

Bill, how do we stop this? Where is the movement? What should we do now to save our country from complete destruction? We're almost there now.

I want to be part of the movement to take back our country and make it a leader in true compassion, generosity and humanity. We have a long way to go and I am chomping at the bit to get started.

We can't pin our hopes on Barack Obama or any other elected official. We need to do it - now. How are we going to do this?

It's Oil, All Along was a great piece. Thank you for the truth. I get so very frustrated hearing the truth and seeing Bush and Cheney hiding in plain sight. Is it not possible to try them for war crimes? They, but especially Cheney, have sold this country and the 4000+ lives for their own greed. Is there no end to the corruption in Washington? Is there no punishment for such evildoers?

Blood For Oil- Our brave young troops, more than four thousand of them, as well as hundreds of thousands of Iraquis, all needlessly slain for Bush and Cheney Oil Games. Very tragic. Impeach them now.

It is good that there is still PBS to tell it like it is.
Sad but true; the US has sold its soul for a barrel of oil. Part of the price of the oil is the corruption of our government.
Instead of celebrating Independence Day; we will be celebrating "Dependence Day".
Our patriots have become the defenders of a corrupt Republican Administration.
We are now officially an Oligarchy dependent on crumbs from the table of industry. We are the victims of fear and greed.

"Politics does work better when citizens are guided by a sense of right or wrong rather than sheer expediency."
George Soros

Did you know that mankind is the only known life form in the universe (unless you believe in UFOs) that needs mechanical help to get around. Does that make us the weakest or strongest and, most like God?
Want to do something good about the greed for Texas tea and global warming, sell the car and walk, it works beautifully and equally for the Earth as well as me. The solution is not what they're going to do, the cure is simply up to you and me.


Thanks Bill for excellent journalism. It's inspiring to realize someone is actually watching out for and looking after we, the people. After all the brainwashing we have been subjected to because of the current administration and media giants, there is still hope! It's because of writers like you. Thanks.

Dear Sir,

One thing that is often left out of the conversation on these late breaking aha moments is that the war was fought with strategic intentional incompetence.

Think about it, Rumsfeld and the rest had to make certain we did not win the war too fast so that 51 military bases and the world's largest embassy had a chance to be built. That takes time.

Do you see??? The neocons actually used our soldiers as cannon meat, (ied target practice) for five long years so the neocons had time to complete the bases and embassy. Had we won too quickly, Iraq would have kicked us out, and unlike now, our military would not have had the bases to pull back into.

Yes. That drip, drip, drip of blood of our soldiers was yet another neocon means to an end. If you doubt this, ask yourself, how else could they have done it? McCain is now ready for the handoff from Bush, and he can say (as he now does) 'we can pull our troops back to the bases for a hundred years and suffer far fewer casualties', Gee what a hero.

Dear Bill,

It is shocking that the whole group of war criminals who planned and executed this war are not at this moment facing a tribunal in the Hague. But it's beyond belief that the Oil Magnates are now setting up shop in Iraq, even as Bush tries to cram an agreement on the Iraqi PM to permanently host 50 US bases on Iraqi soil.

Energy conversion seems the obvious choice: and yet our toadying Congress collectively duck-and -cover whenever the President pounds the patriotic war-drum, and they duly sign off on yet another "emergency spending" bill to fund the oil war, substituting the will of the people for the will of the lobbyists.

Thank you for this thoughtful analysis of the actors and motives behind this illegal war. A shame that most of them won't face the justice they so richly deserve.

Here is the best example of left wing propoganda, telling lies again. It is not about oil and you know it.In telling of secret meetings of the Bush administration like it means something, and making of Murdock comment about oil would be cheap if we went to war means nothing. What was the program showing us? your a Bush hater. thats all.
Why won't you go one O'Reilly Factor and face someone that will challange you on propoganda. I like what Bill Clinton had said when asked about if he thought that the goverment was behind 9/11. He said "shame on you"...

It's a shame when we need to thank anyone for "telling the truth", as the statement reads below, but we live in strange times.

That said, Bill Moyers is a National Treasure: Both for telling truths, and for being a great American.

Bill, mega-wimp, Moyers,

You follow in the sleazy tradition of all "yellow" journalists. How in the hell do liberal vomits congregate in NPR and PBS.

What gets me is that you are so blantant. By the way in Iraq. Sadam stole the land and the oil from those companies. You know oil, that product that you put in your limosine. Secondly there were multiple Democrats that wanted to invade Iraq before including Clinton, your idol, Kennedy and self inflicted wound Kerry. So I know you, NPR and PBS belong to the democratic party but remember to try and and least skirt the truth.

By the way I am a memeber of a growing conserative group that are pushing to pull your government funding... because face it Bill; you liberals can't make it in the free market. I would love to see how fast you liberal vomits would make it in the free market. Try and compete against Limbaugh, O Reilly, Hannity!! You wont because you cant. History will exonerate GW Bush; like history will prove Bill Clinton was the reason 911 happened. But I am sure you will recieve undesreved awards by other liberal journalist who would fail in the real world. Have fun at the Democratic convention with all your anti- American friends.

I feel so frustrated by the disaster of the past 8 years that I want to DO something.
Do others feel the same way? If so, I just started a discussion group:
so that fans of Bill Moyers Journal can discuss the shows and work for change. Our hero, Bill Moyers, has nothing to do with this. It is just for his fans to discuss ways to turn our outrage into action. Just send an email to the above address and ask to become a member. I will axe any comments like the jack ass ones listed above.
Let's pull together to DO something about the disaster this administration has put us in!

Like I said... Bill is a jack ass and so are most of his guest for even associating with him. If it were up to him and his guests everyone living in the U.S. would pay $50/gal for gas, walk to work, and eat hay for a living. What a gray haired old fart.

Bill is a jack ass and so are most of his guests and the people who report this crap for him for even associating with him. If it were up to him and his guests everyone living in the U.S. would pay $50/gal for gas, walk to work, and eat hay for a living. What a gray haired old fart. BTW, I'm glad we booted Sadam and can get at the oil and hopefully get our economy going again some day. Two GOOD things with one new government. No down side so far as I'm concerned.

hello Bill,
I am a citizen of the USA and was born here and I know for a fact that man made globel warming is LIE!!
Just do the math and figure it out! Also, we the people want to drill here and drill now..The failure of the Democrats to let the usa companies drill for oil is the only reason oil is at $140/ barrel. And we the people will vote in to congress for those who will drill here and Now, we the PEOPLE do not want there stupid reasons why not to!!
Thank you, Stepher in Yakima Washington

(I recorded your show and haven't view it yet so my apologies if the following comment is not applicable.)

With the exposure of all the official explanations as deliberate deceptions, the most obvious one, oil, is coming to the fore. But we need to be careful of simple answers. The following article appeared in this morning's Asia Times: "Flat-earther blind to oil facts", by Henry Liu. Liu is well respected in economics and financial circles. This is what he has to say about the motive for the invasion as well as past and potentially future 'oil wars':

"Fighting for oil faces little popular opposition at home, even though for the United States the need for oil is not a credible justification for war. The fact of the matter is that the US already controls most of the world's oil without war, by virtue of oil being denominated in dollars that the US can print at will with little penalty. PETRO-WAR IS LAUNCHED TO PROTECT DOLLAR HEGEMONY, WHICH REQUIRES OIL TO BE DENOMINATED IN DOLLARS, NOT PHYSICAL ACCESS TO OIL. Much anti-war posturing in an election year is merely campaign rhetoric. Military solutions to geopolitical problems arising from political economy will remain operative options for the US regardless who happens to be the occupant of the White House, populist or not."

Read the entire article. You will be rewarded.

Please keep up the great work on bringing us the "real" facts about what has gone on and continues to go on regarding the war, the administration and its descecration of our Constitution. Please continue to research this topic and expand your report and encourage your fellow journalists to research and publish on this topic. Thanks!!!

I Love you Bill Moyers!
There are those who knew this war was a "crock" from the get go. The question now is... what action can we take to get this act of terror upon us, by our own government, be answered to by them.I can sit here at my computer and applaud you but I want to Do something! Anyone out there have any ideas? Sitting here, feeling like a victim of this mess is unacceptable.

Once again I am saying "Thank you Bill Moyers for the best journalism anywhere. Every week you present another facet of the kind that I need in order to speak to my congregants about our call to speak truth to power.

Please air this episode over and over.We must hold them accountable.Thank you Bill and PBS for airing some truth.Check out Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth dot org.Undeniable proof explosives brought down the three buildings.

Thanks so much,Bill!!So well put together..You speak for me.Your example helps me have courage to speak up,protest publicly..Thanks!!!

I am so grateful we have you to cut through the illusions.
Thank you so much for your insights! I feel like your journal is the only media program that I can totally trust for the truth.

Every week I vow not to watch your show another time because of the frustration and sense of hopelessness I feel when yet another report of the shenaigans of this admistration are brought to light. Tonight you outdid yourselves. Thank you for doing what we ordinary citizens can not, find and broadcast the facts. Would that the regular press could get their hands on this and let the rest of the country get a true sense of what is going on.

Thanks for telling the truth, once again.

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