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Policies To Save Our Planet?

This week on the JOURNAL, Bill Moyers spoke with Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA), chair of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, about her efforts to advance “cap and trade” legislation as a response to climate change.

“We have to have a bill that gets the job done, that reduces greenhouse gas emissions so that temperatures don’t go up, you know, much above a couple of degrees over time, because if they do we’re in a lot of trouble here... There’s never going to be a good time. This is hard, we have to deal with it, and so we have to act. You cannot hide under the covers and say ‘wake me up when gas prices go under a dollar a gallon and then I’ll bring up global warming legislation’... I believe this can be structured in such a way that it actually brings around an economic renaissance.”

An article from the WASHINGTON POST highlights some of the challenges the “cap and trade” model has faced since its implementation in Europe and could encounter in the United States.

“What the snappy name ‘cap and trade’ means is that the market will put a price on something that’s always been free: the right of a factory to emit carbon gases. That could affect the cost of everything from windowpanes to airline tickets to electricity... In some ways, Europe’s program has been a success... in other ways, the approach has been a bureaucratic morass with a host of unexpected and costly side effects and a much smaller effect on carbon emissions than planned...

One key issue is how to deal with imports from countries that don’t price carbon. A U.S. system that raised costs for U.S. firms would make imported goods, especially from India and China, even more competitive, adding to the trade deficit and possibly driving U.S. companies out of business”

What do you think?

  • Should the government act on climate change? If so, should it pursue a "cap and trade" policy, or would you suggest alternative legislation?

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    Grady: If anyone (in this debate) is being "paid off," it would most certainly be a proponent of this hoax, not the side represented by actual scientists and facts!

    You see, the report that Gore (and other idiots of his ilk), depend on to make their case (for GW) is from the IPCC, which is part of the U.N. (who definitely doesn't have our best interests in mind!).

    In fact, many people on their "scientific advisory board" aren't even scientists, they're lobbyists. And their main man, Al Gore, has made over 100 million dollars from this lie (so far).

    So, despite the overwhelming proof that GW is pseudo-scientific nonsense, Al is not going to stop lying now!

    Cowards and scoundrels post using the names of others. They have no confidence in their own thinking and must consult O'Reilly or Limbaugh.

    Global Warming is no longer in dispute. Paul Ehrlich spoke this week about ongoing mass-extinction and there is a very peculiar storm over Florida, with an unpredictable path and strength. I guess some people are just fixated on the office thermostat and the big boss's approval.

    Do you concur Ella? (Since you are a stranger to me, with independent thought and a distinctive lifestyle)

    I love the attention I get from babies, makes me feel parental.

    Ella and Grady,

    You two are so clever. Did you learn all that in the American Public School Systems or some anti-capitalists,anti-progress "elite ivy league school". The 31000 scientist is not old news it came out in May 2008. No I dont watch these anti CO2 movies. It is a big deal. Like I said before why do those that propse this global warming agenda are those the ones flying around in their private jets and driving in their limousines? Did you know Al Gore's daughter drives a Masaerati with a HUGE V-8 engine. This argument is not about is this demonization of CO2... Global warming is now blamed for some extra rain here or some flood there. If there is a "green house gas effect" you do not get excessive snow or floods. The last two winters have had tons of snow and they were brutally cold. NOW THIS is blamed on global warmind(man made). Let me also say this. I am a huge fan of bio-diesel. In my city they just put them on the road and they are quiet and black smoke free. But they still put out CO2.
    A gas we all put out when exhale etc,etc. Maybe we should all run around in re-breathers.

    What is happening is that you are blinded by science and a left wing agenda brought to youby our media and George Soros.

    By the way the tempreture has gone down since 1998. The GW models are continually wrong and the GW theorists are constantly changing their theories. Also Al Gore parlayed nearly his whole theory on more and stronger hurricanes. Neither of which has happened. As I speak the Canadian scientists are trying to get the Canadian government to pull out of Kyoto. That treaty would have destroyed the American economy, which is what all liberals really want, but thats ok b/c you all will still listen to the Al Gore(father of the internet) store bought scientists.
    I exclaim proudly that I am a global warming denialists!! But I better be careful saying that because if I say the wrong thing I know Stalinist like you will try some way to incarcerate me b/c you all hate free speech also.

    In conclusion I am sure massive unemployment would affect neither of you two; because being psuedo- intellectuals as you are; you are desperate for acceptance and try to be so clever. I know this because I see coffee shops that are packed with all of you unemployed psuedo- intellects hovering over your lap tops,never buying anything,searching the internet for all these insane global warming conspiracies.

    PS By the way I dont watch these left-wing anti-progress crock-umentaries like 11th hour etc.

    But I could never get you to understand becuse all you hate the free market and you want the govt to "save" everybody; or to bring successful corporations and people down to your level. Have fun "hating" me at your coffee shop tomorrow.

    P.S. The "Dire Straits" were a really good band too. I think the aware people were into them during Reaganomics. Read "Inside Job" about the S+L mess to understand modern banking procedure. Daddy Bush and Bill Clinton love it when a plan comes together! Worship the A-team (the top 2%)!

    You sound way qewel ella. I wish you would e-mail me at so we can confer more about your energy strategy. I wonder if woodstoves are ethical anymore? It's a shame Dildoman- types consume thought-like substances while the organic truth remains affordable. I just saw Neil Young on Charlie Rose and even he is trying to build alternative powered vehicles. Wish I had an EV-1 right now. Please write.

    Thanks for the support Grady Lee!
    That 31,000 is so old news and what the "hoax" purveyors all harp on. In fact I think I was trying to make the point, but obviously didn't, that the people who still do not want to accept the global truth about climate just keep using the same tired explanations and citing the same tired old science.

    I started looking into alternative energy in the 1970's when Common Cause published a paper on what it would take for the United States to develop solar and make it cheap enough for people to use. I was at that time living with a wood burning stove and everyone was starting to come on strong about developing nuclear power. No one back then was talking about how much money it would cost to store the waste of nuclear energy or even how much it would cost to develop it. Now at least all alternative energies are subjected to cost effectiveness scrutiny.
    The bottom line is that it should not have to take a climate catastrophe for the majority of people to get on board with making changes in our lives in terms of pollution, in terms of energy use.
    Most of all I would like our young people to inherit a planet and an economy that they can feel proud of, be excited to share with their children. I want them to inherit a United States where there is opportunity for education, an opportunity to get a decent paying job that can support them and their families, without the third world suffering from our excess. Frankly, I just can't see how supporting energy diversification, conservation and education is such a harmful thing to anyone. With or without global warming.
    And Dill Mann... did you watch Crude Impact?? Would you like to debate the science yet???

    You can't put climate change back in the can when top NASA scientists (see Hansen)and 99% of the relevantly degreed scientific community are in agreement. (Cram your 31,000 paid bozos back in their corporate clown car.)I have read your idiot comments about the tilting or flaring of the Sun and the Sun's menstral cycle and so on (mythology) but the heating from CO2 and other industrial gas buildups is obvious, completely documented in duplicate. (I expect you still smoke menthols and take anabolic steroids too.)Melting glaciers all around the world and polar shrinkage can't be refuted. We can't withstand a 500 year flood every ten years in the Mississippi system and absorb 150 million flooded out Bengladeshis (Muslim farmers mostly). This has been so real for so long now only a faschist idealogue would try to deny it in order to please his depraved Fuerher. Goddamnit- There will be NO-o-o-o-o economy, capitalist or other, if we don't stop burning fossil fuels!!!!!!
    Lay off ella, you sadist twinks! She loves the Earth and wishes people well. Go ride a jet with your muscle -daddy Arnold. Al Gore is so puffed up because he's afraid to emit any gases at all, but you just let it rip!
    Note: And while you're at it try drilling in the melting Artic. About the time you get your $200 dollar a barrel trickle in ten years some terrorist ofr capitalist futures speculator will come along and blow your old rusty Trans Alaskan pipeline in two, and the you'll be shoveling up several USGS survey plots of frozen goo.
    That vulnerable pipeline is a security risk menace in itself. If you want to see something worse than 9/11 happen to New York, watch Speilberg's "AI."


    This is for you: If the planet is in such dire straits, why does Al Gore, Arnold Scwhartezenagger and these other liberals keep flying in these big jets by themselves.(Big time CO2 output). Because they are elitist liberals. Al Gore claimed ten years ago that the earth only had 10 yrs left. We have go 7 to go. His movie has been chipped away by "credible science". So you need to get your head out of the sand. I recycle, I plant trees, and I drive a fuel effc car; but I draw the line at this global warming hoax. A hoax perpetrated by liberal-yellow journalist like mega-wimp Moyers. By the way I am going to give you a project to work on.Look up the info I have included. Now it requires you grow up and look objectively at this issue(hoax). I know most of you libs are angry, unhappy, America haters; and that these "green-shirt nazis" wont stop until we are living in caves around a fire. OOPs!! They wont allow fire...too much CO2!! I refuse to give up my life style that I am accustomed to while the likes of Al Gore Live like kings.(By the way Al Gore did not invent the internet.) SEE BELOW!!!!

    "31,000 scientists reject 'global warming' agenda
    'Mr. Gore's movie has claims no informed expert endorses'

    More than 31,000 scientists across the U.S. – including more than 9,000 Ph.D.s in fields such as atmospheric science, climatology, Earth science, environment and dozens of other specialties – have signed a petition rejecting "global warming," the assumption that the human production of greenhouse gases is damaging Earth's climate.

    Wow... how tired are educated people getting of seeing these naysayers still trying to prove that global warming is a myth and that Bill only represents the liberal left.?
    I can answer that... incredibly tired.
    They sound to me like scared rabbits, sticking their heads in the ground so they don't have to understand what measures and sacrifices it will take to correct the problem. I think, that at times over the past five years, as I have gone about educating myself on this issue I have felt overwhelmed and lost. It is a lot to digest and I know that scientists don't have all the answers yet. But I have a great deal of optimism for the future, and belief in our educated young people that they will create and develop technologies that will help change the outcome of the dire situation we are in and in doing so will develop an healthier economy where reliance on fossil fuels is a small piece of the energy pie.
    So all the people who are still writing about how global warming isn't "real" please stop trying to convince us; just slip away and hide your head in the sand. You clearly don't want to do anything about so-called myth, why not let those of us who do perceive a real threat figure out where to go from here. Just think of how much laughter you'll enjoy over the years watching us scurry to save ourselves.
    ...Or watch the documentary Crude Impact and then tell me you do not believe the science included in it.
    Oh and Bill Moyers is the only journalist brave enough to take on this constitution-bashing administration. There is nothing anti-American about that.


    Bill only reports on one side of the issue. The liberal,left-wing anti-American, anti-capitalists,anti progress side. With that said; GLOBAL WARMING IS A BLUE RIBBON HOAX. It started in Europe in order to bring the US engines of industry down a few pegs. As Mitterand "the socialist" said to "level the playing field"! By the way, all you public school grads who were socially promoted, Mitterand was the French prime minister.

    This years average temprature is the same as it was in the 1940s. And now there are over 31,000 scientist who now refute global warming. Many scientist have had to adopt GW b/c the socialist liberals have threatened their livelyhoods if they dont embrace it!!! Long live free speech.
    "Google 31,000 scientist"

    "31,000 scientists reject 'global warming' agenda
    'Mr. Gore's movie has claims no informed expert endorses'

    More than 31,000 scientists across the U.S. – including more than 9,000 Ph.D.s in fields such as atmospheric science, climatology, Earth science, environment and dozens of other specialties – have signed a petition rejecting "global warming," the assumption that the human production of greenhouse gases is damaging Earth's climate.

    Now, where was Bill,the socialist, on this issue when he interviewed Barbara Boxer. He conveniently left it out b/c he is a liberal journalist. Bill operates in the bubble of tax dollar funded PBS. He does not have to do anything. He knows he cant compete in the free market. He would have 0.00 % rating.

    Just like the thugs at NPR. you guys relied solely on the free market, you would have gone the way of Air America. You know if we take up this global warming legislation. Within 2-3 yrs we will see double digit unemployment.

    Even liberal economics have said that!!!

    And the only people who get hurt are the lower income people. So where are you left wing Marxists going to go when you have to pay $10 for a gallon of gas and $ 7 for a cup of coffee? These are policies you endorse. Uncle George Soros wont help you then. This will destroy our economic engine. Over a socialist hoax perpetrated by Al Gore b/c he is still angry over losing Tennessee, his home state. By the way does he get more stupid or fatter or both as he gets older.

    But I digress. Please Google 31,000 scientist now.


    A happy American who does not hate his country or the "evil" oil companies!!

    The Bush position on this issue is absurd. And "carbon tax" is no better. Want to save the planet & actually _benefit_ the poorest people? Build OTEC & Solar Power Satellites. Neither pollutes. Both work 24/7 (which wind & solar won't). Neither produce toxic waste (which the batteries of terrestrial solar will) nor put hundreds of hectares of land into permanent shadow (which terrestrial solar will). Both can be built _right now_, if USG would stop giving billions to_fusion_ research, which hasn't produced watt one yet, despite over 20 years of trying. And it'll help take industry (& pollution) off the planet, out of the biosphere, so we can turn earth into a park.

    And if you _really_ care about saving the planet (& humanity, which I have a suspicion the eco-nazis would be just as happy to see extinct), this will also enable us to intercept the killer asteroid that will, sure as the sunrise, destroy all life on earth eventually. Also, it'll let us leave, so when Sol goes red giant & earth turns into a 5 billion ton briquet, we won't have to die with it. (Of course, we may well have killed ourselves off well before that...)

    "People like planets", you say? Planets are nothing but gravity wells. Get over it.

    i tried posting comments critical of he ec-nuts & heir POV on this issue, but couldn't. Evidently somebody on the site dislikes it.

    I agree with some of the comments already expressed: this is a perfect example of Bill Moyers' bias. Global warming is something that is still very much debated by scientists ( whether it is real, whether it is caused by CO2 emissions, how soon its effects will start [ anywhere from 20yrs to 300 yrs. ] and whether its effects are harmful [ e.g. global warming will probably result in longer growing seasons across large parts of the Earth long before Florida sinks into the sea ]. There was a nice piece in Wired about this )

    CO2 in summary is not a pollutant in the way say acid rain is. Even if it were, capping our CO2 emissions unilaterally while leaving say China and India free to do what they like isn't going to do much good for the planet.

    None of these points were brought out in Bill Moyer's piece because he only talked to Barbara Boxer ( whose let's face it, enviromental mania is well known ). And as far as filibustering is concerned : are Democrats without sin ?

    The alternative to solving the global warming situation now is to solve it later. It is a problem that will inevitably take many decades to turn around. If we start when it is too late, we are playing Russian Roulette with our entire world.

    As for the argument that a cap and trade system will be expensive: DUH. If I break my leg, I may not enjoy wearing a cast, but it's the best way to heal.


    To make a long story short, these 2,200 to 2,000 year cycles are a physical phenomenon caused by the wobble of magnetic North. It dictates the constellation the sun rises through at the vernal equinox. In and by itself this remains a physical phenomenon with astrological correlates. The issue theologically is that in the Kabalah and Egyptian Mystery Religions these constellations have a persona associated with them. For instance, -60 to 2,100, Pisces, The Martyr. Christ became the most complete symbolic expression of this particular inner shape of Spirit/archetype of the Collective Unconscious Mind of the religious communities of the West. The cycle ca. 2100 to 4200 AD is Aquarius, Arcanum IX, with the ruling inner shapeof Spirit being The Sage/Wiseman, which also explains the increasing affinity to Eastern Religions,because it dictates an identical goal of all religions both East and West in the coming age. It also gives the ecumenical principle of the necessary common denominator for valid discourse and synthesis of religons East and West. Thus this theory also denies the fundamental misconception of the ecumenical movement that all religions worship the same Mind of God. Only on the criterion of the onsetting archetype are they similar, but this negotiation requires that revealed religion becomes religion revealed.

    In addition to this,this is arguably the first new idea about the meaning of Jesus Christ, arguably the most famous person in the past 2000 years.

    These cycles explain the basis of the new paradigm of Spirit.

    Egyptian, Greek,and Jewish Artists understood these Arcana (Latin: Mysteries) in order to show people what God is in any of these 2000 year epochs. For instance, Christ had to be a Martyr to become God for the period -60 to 2100, in his own words to Pontius Pilate, This is the only reason why I am hear. Obviously there is a difference in how others look at the meaning of the phrase.

    This is whatI call a substantive advance in a discipline of Spirit such as theology, philosophy, Master Class Artistic Mediums, and religion. I believe it has the real potential to change the world more than the theory of relativity.

    The further absurdity of this is that this is the first time in the history of civilization East or West this has ever been placed in a system of concepts. It is the reason why I say it is also the basis of a legitimate New Scienceof Religion.

    Stay in touch, thank you for the question, and I'll be in and out of here for the next few days. I'll send you a copy of the lecture at WAVES.


    I'm surprised at the suspicion that people have about cap 'n' trade. I suppose 8 years of Republican rule can make anyone suspicious of any government program (tongue only partially in cheek).

    To the naysayers, may I ask if you remember the acid rain crisis? Lakes' pH were dropping b/c of acid rain caused by pollution from coal fired plants. Well it's not as much of a problem any more, thanks to, you guessed it, cap 'n' trade.

    All that said, if you don't like cap 'n' trade, how about a carbon tax. Tax companies and people for every pound of CO2 they cause to be emitted into the atmosphere. Look at how GM stock has gone south b/c of gas prices, how Toyota can't build enough hybrids. A tax will bring the true cost of using fossil fuels to the consumer, and companies will have to find non-fossil fuel alternatives to offer to them. Doing well will be the same as doing good.

    In the end, there are two things we should all agree on: reducing the amount of CO2 we emit into the atmosphere is a good thing; reducing our dependence on a finite resource that currently is found under the ground of unstable governments is also a good thing.

    Toyota and Honda hedged the bets, developed battery and electric motor technology, made their plants flexible and they're eating GM and Ford's lunch- Chrysler's to come. As long as we keep our heads in the sand, America will fall behind. The *irony* of GM's HumVee division: made popular by a war over oil. It's like serving donuts at a hypertension drug convention.

    This Promblem has grown out of control!!

    What ever happened to THE ELECTRIC CAR ?

    Here's an idea!
    How about we tell the corporations of America: "Yes, we're going to make you pay for the carbon you emit, but we'll take the money you pay us and use it to fund health care for all Americans, including the ones that work for you, so you no longer have to shoulder the burden of paying for that."

    That way, we get some consciousness about carbon and alternative energy sources/conservation, AND we can work in health care/coverage for everyone. AND, more importantly, we're putting American companies on the same playing field as many of their over-seas competitors.

    Neat, huh?

    Global warming and associated climate change in artics are occurring not due to carbon emission but due to Suns Irradiance and wobble.Mars and jupiter are warming in exactly the same proportion as earth and no green house gases there. Global warming will expose new land mass in arctic which can be exploited by humans for crude

    Global warming and associated climate change in artics are occurring not due to carbon emission but due to Suns Irradiance and wobble.Mars and jupiter are warming in exactly the same proportion as earth and no green house gases there. Global warming will expose new land mass in arctic which can be exploited by humans for crude

    Dear Bill,

    You had somebody on your show one time talking about how it would be one of the greatest things if we could communicate with

    Please fill free to let him know that I have found a way where we can communicate with potential afterlife people in a way that can be measured.

    I thought this Sir guy would be interested.

    You can find more about it at a topic on a lot of different sites called
    "The Department of Positive Out of Body Possibilities"

    Thank you for reading my invisible thoughts,


    At least your blog covered the MANY MANY MANY reasons to oppose "cap and trade," which ius more than I can say about the show.

    Cap and Trade sounds like a good idea, but it wont work unless it is run by someone you can trust. You have to have someone to honestly make sure companies are doing what they're supposed to and that all the money the government makes is actually given to the people. sadly, both of our parties are too corrupt for this to happen. if we go for cap and trade we will end up spending huge money for minimal help to the environment and lots of dollars for polluters. Sherrod Brown was right and Boxer is a shameless liar.

    In the 1800's the smartest people in the world new and warned the world about the use of petroleum for engines.
    The first combustion engine was designed to run on hydrogen for they knew it was clean burning, largest commodity on earth and replenished itself.
    But the cartel's and the car manufacturers made an engine to run on gas and diesel which was a cheaper engine and knowing it would break down only helped make their decision easier.
    They never cared about people at all and only were after the power and control.
    This is the one reason we are after Iraq and Iran for these two countries were the only two who didn't sign the oil agreement back in the 60's. (Kissinger)
    In the 50's, Igor Sikorsky, after using hydrogen to be the first one to fly over the north pole in a helicopter (using hydrogen) also warned our government as they tried to in the 1800's. Health and invironment were at stake but the oil cartel said it would cost too much to change. So once again they kept there power and control which only broadened.
    The AMA has warned us of our health with the use of this petroleum and still no one listens and only wants it to be cheaper.
    We only have 139 refineries in the USA and they are working 24/7 so all the oil in the world won't help.
    60 billion profit to world banks.
    32 billion profit to Shell
    10 billion to Exxon
    and this is just in last year. Plus the almost trillion dollars they get from tax grants etc each year.
    No gouging though, must have a new word for flat ass stealing.

    Speaking of threats to our planet, Sen. Barbara Boxer has been absolutely mum on the conduct of the Democratic presidential primaries. How anyone can claim to be working against global warming and yet stand by and watch the Wall Street corporations who own the media destroy Sen. Hillary Clinton is beyond the pale. If we lose this election in November, there will be no planet to save in a few years. Clinton is (was) the only person who would take action and the bad guys know it.

    Unfortunately, few progressives have done their homework on Obama, and have bought the hype that he's the Starbucks version of Gandhi. This is a huge mistake. Dig deeper, folks - It's called Google - and you'll find that he's the weapon of neoconservatives and the Pelosi-Reid cabal to make sure no pro-environment, pro-jobs or pro-human rights candidate gets on the November ballot. (Click on my screen name for an article that documents the manipulation of this election and Obama's ties to Chicago crooks and war profiteers in Iraq.)

    The City Edition is currently sponsoring a public pressure campaign to get the Senate Commerce Committee to investigate FCC and anti-trust violations by the media conglomerates in this election. Boxer sits on the committee and should be contacted, along with the other members. To join the effort, please click on this link:

    If you want to go at this from the biblical angle, I've always thought the reason we did so well as a nation was due to the safety net that FDR constructed. IMO, social security, medicare/medicaid are for the most part a physical embodiment of the christian principles of taking care of the poor and elderly as efficiently as you can expect a government as big as ours.

    Taxes are criticized for impeding economic progress, but the goal of a carbon tax is to correct for the market failure that emitters don't directly face the consequences of their emissions. If the taxes can be set at a value that represents the external costs of emissions, then a carbon tax will improve the market and be more resistant to Enron schemes than cap and trade.

    I have to say something about poverty. Bill you are great on poverty, so here it is.

    "The average American is not poor."

    Republicans are correct in saying this. This statement is intended to obscure the fact that far too many Americans, 37 million in fact, live in poverty. Many millions more have no health insurance. The US has a high poverty index relative to other countries. Poverty has increased quite a bit during Bush's tenure, even including during the period when the economy was expanding.

    We should not have that many impoverished people living in America. They are not all bad people who deserve to live in poverty. This is especially true of children born into poverty whose opportunities are far and few between.

    It doesn't end there. There are another 57 million or so "missing class" who have fallen through the cracks and are barely scraping by (quote at end of post has more detail). These people barely eek out a living and are at constant risk of becoming impoverished. Their children tend to do very poorly too.

    So in total we have almost 100 million Americans who are living like they are in the third world - the number may be above that by now because the above numbers were recorded before the latest downturn. That's almost 1 in 3 Americans living like they are in the third world. 1 in 3. That is a disgrace.

    Let's bring in a little religion here. The Republicans are quick to portray themselves as the more religious, more moral party so let's apply their own standard to them. What would Jesus Christ say about this? Do you think he would take kindly to all the excuses and blame that the Republicans pass around for these statistics? How do you think Jesus would react to a Republican who blames it all poor people being lazy. What would Jesus say to a Republican who says the government should not try to create more opportunities for these people because they've gotten what they deserve? What would Jesus say to a Republican who says we should spend our money fighting in Iraq and not on saving the tens of millions of children who live in families of the poor or missing classes?

    If you ask me, here's what Jesus would say, what he did say in fact. He would say help the poor. He would say to the Republicans, I forgive you. Save yourselves. Stop spending all that money on unnecessary wars and start spending it to help people in need. God Bless everyone. I mean that.

    ""The missing class are families that are above the poverty line, but well below the middle class. So they earn about $20,000 to $40,000 a year for a family of four. The federal poverty line is $20,000. They have multiple jobs. Both as individuals and in their households. They often have to press their children into the labor market and pool that money so that their households can maintain themselves above the poverty line...They work every hour that exists. And sometimes that means they're not around very much for their children. Because they can't stay above the poverty line unless they put in many, many hours."
    There are over 50 million Americans who fall into the missing class — including 20 percent of the nation's children. That's many millions more than the 37 million Americans who are living below the poverty level — a level which is the official cut-off for many federal services. (The 2006 poverty line stood at $20,614; for a family of four. More on poverty measurements from the Department of the Census.)"

    Dear Bill,
    I always watch your show. Your thoughtful insight places your commentary in the non-skewed reality where journalism ought to be. I hope we, as a nation will make informed decisions in not repeating the same mistakes, for a third time. Fool us thrice, and shame on us all!

    Dear Bill,
    I always watch your show. Your thoughtful insight places your commentary in the non-skewed reality where journalism ought to be. I hope we, as a nation will make informed decisions in not repeating the same mistakes, for a third time. Fool us thrice, and shame on us all!

    Jane, Jane and Jane,
    How can you complain about the people who lean left when the people who lean to the right are leaning so far to the right that they are flat on their Back and undermining the stability of our nation.
    The Republican right has
    started an unending war that is destroying our economy and the oil companies and Halliburton are stealing us blind. We are in debt up to our ears and will be until our economy collapses.
    What do you not understand about a failed agenda?

    The Republicans are filer busting every attempt by the Democrats to improve the lives of our people. What have you got against Justice and Equity?

    Dear Bill Moyers:

    I watched your show when you interviewed Senator Barbara Boxer. I was impressed with her commitment to reducing global warming and renewable energy.

    I am an Black African American Entrepreneur who is seeking seed and startup capital from venture capitalist to start Allen Hydro Energy Corporation. This company will provide clean renewable hydroelectric energy in large metropolitan cities in the US and internationally.

    I would love to discuss my project with you, in an attempt to get exposure to Investors. If you agree that the idea makes, since, I would like to provide you with an exclusive interview.

    I can be reached at 614-755-4846 or by email at


    Charles E. Campbell, Founder of Allen Hydro Energy Corporation

    The remarks by SirScud are a perfect example of arrogance and sarcasium coming from the left. No problem solving, just disrepect and hate.

    People leaning left on every issue, such as moyers, refuse too look beyond their thoughts and beliefs and to them, any ideas and plans that don't fit his agenda, are automacially bad ideas. Libs present nothing but arrogance and if one doesn't believe and vote for them, they represent stupididy, Their minds are closed to anything that appears to justify that American's are well qualified to handle their own choices and lifestyle without constant "help me" from the Gov. Of all the Social Servicese created, the percent of their success is quite low.

    On Posted by: SirScud | June 29, 2008 03:49 AM[INCOMING>>>>
    There is a grass-roots effort in San Francisco to rename a waste treatment facility The George W. Bush Sewage Treatment Plant. This is a "surge" that makes sense, finally someone has discovered something that our president is fluent in, effluent!]
    Great one!
    a small clarification though - - 'Dubya' IS the 'effluent' and the 'treatment-plant' will be the IMPEACHMENT COMMITTEE !

    On Posted by: SirScud | June 29, 2008 03:49 AM
    There is a grass-roots effort in San Francisco to rename a waste treatment facility The George W. Bush Sewage Treatment Plant. This is a "surge" that makes sense, finally someone has discovered something that our president is fluent in, effluent!]

    a small clarification - - 'Dubya' IS the 'effluent' and the 'treatment-plant' will be the IMPEACHMENT COMMITTE !

    The global warming/Barbara Boxer interview highlighted the growing disconnect between Congress and it's constituents. Whether republican or democratic, congressional representatives and senators seem to be far more interested in the intricacy of the steps they're taking than in providing results that actually benefit the American people. They have their own little world, their own little reality and the rest of us don't appear to exist in that world.

    Oh and about that cap and trade thing? I think the end result will be a shell game followed by "business as usual". I think the same people who tried and succeeded in stopping the bill will use the cap and trade system to declare that we have unused pollution credits and therefore we should allow them to be used. I don't see that as a improvement.

    There is a grass-roots effort in San Francisco to rename a waste treatment facility The George W. Bush Sewage Treatment Plant. This is a "surge" that makes sense, finally someone has discovered something that our president is fluent in, effluent!

    Fox is fading at last.

    "But the back-and-forth these last few months masks a more ominous trend for Fox News, particularly as its gears up to cover the general election campaign. The most dominant cable news channel for nearly a decade and a political force in its own right, Fox has seen its once formidable advantage over CNN erode in this presidential election year, as both CNN and MSNBC have added viewers at far more dramatic rates."

    Sometimes the good guys win and the really bad guys lose. It could just be one of those times.

    "Meanwhile, Fox’s hosts have seemed to struggle on camera to find a new voice. Three times in less than three weeks in late spring, Fox acknowledged making inappropriate references to Mr. Obama, the presumptive Democratic nominee. It said on June 12 that it should not have referred in an on-screen headline to Mr. Obama’s wife, Michelle, as his “baby mama.” Previously, a Fox anchor, E. D. Hill, apologized for likening a seemingly affectionate fist bump by the Obamas at a rally to “a terrorist fist jab,” and a Fox analyst, Liz Trotta, expressed contrition for making a joke about a possible assassination of Mr. Obama.

    Those comments notwithstanding, a pillar of Fox’s strategy, at least in the weeks since Mr. Obama vanquished Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, has been to bash him relentlessly.

    On Monday night, for example, the viewer did not even have to listen to an interview that Sean Hannity and Alan Colmes conducted on their prime-time program with Dick Morris, a Fox contributor who has written a new book, “Fleeced,” at least partly about the Obama campaign. During the interview the screen flashed continuously with dire warnings set off in quotation marks — “Obama would take this country to the far left”; “Obama would open the door to illegal immigrants”; “Obama would lower penalties for dangerous drug criminals”; “Obama’s tax plan ‘might trigger a stock market crash’ “ — apparently distilled from Mr. Morris’s book."

    Could it be the dog food Fox is trying to get people to eat?

    Turn it off. Just turn it off. The world will be a better place if we all do.

    Bush in 2000 versus Gore:

    "Somalia. Started off as a humanitarian mission then changed into a nation-building mission, and that’s where the mission went wrong. The mission was changed. And as a result, our nation paid a price.

    And so I don’t think our troops ought to be used for what’s called nation-building."

    New Army report on why our Iraq occupation failed so badly:

    "“The military means employed were sufficient to destroy the Saddam regime; they were not sufficient to replace it with the type of nation-state the United States wished to see in its place.”"

    I am so confused. If a tree flip flops in the forest and no one hears it . . .

    Why are we in Iraq again? Why aren't we targeting all our guns on public enemy number one - bin Ladin?

    Bush, McCain and Cheney must have all the answers. They are so certain of themselves.

    Must just be a communication problem that's keeping them from sharing any plausible explanation or excuse as to why after all these years Iraq remains as big a fiasco as ever.

    Mr Moyers - I wish you would do a story examining supply side economics versus the effects of conservation. The Republicans only want to expand supply by drilling at ANWR and offshore. they oppose conservation. They allow my utility company to charge me a higher rate because I attempt to conserve energy.
    When we as a society promote increased consumption, we cut our own throats because supply side is slower to react and increased demand raises prices. The energy companies make huge profits. the American people pay the price. Conseravtion makes much more sense to me. It would be nice if the Republican principles were exposed for the anti American/pro big business principles that they are.

    Keep up the good work.

    If leaning "left" is bringing the truth, then Bill Moyers and his guests are doing a great job. Sad that it become a "left" thing to want to expose wrong doing when people's lives and livelihoods are at stake. Say for example workers being mistreated or the fact that oil companies have a backdoor to the Whitehouse. Thank you to Mr. Moyers for doing what the main stream media isn't doing: reporting the news.

    If leaning "left" is bringing the truth, then Bill Moyers and his guests are doing a great job. Sad that it become a "left" thing to want to expose wrong doing when people's lives and livelihoods are at stake. Say for example workers being mistreated or the fact that oil companies have a backdoor to the Whitehouse. Thank you to Mr. Moyers for doing what the main stream media isn't doing: reporting the news.

    Moyer's and his "guests" lean so far left that when his show comes on, my TV falls off the table!!!

    Thanks for the Expose on worker injuries in the meat industry. My father is a doctor who volunteers some evenings at a free clinic in Wisconsin. He spoke of seeing some Mexican immigrants there with cuts on their hands from cutting meat.

    I want to open by challenging B.M. Twin on his insulting remark. It doesn't belong in this or any other discourse. Personally I'm glad that Mr. Moyers is out there, keeping issues like this in the public eye. America has alot of dirty laundry to take care of, and we must address it, if our democracy is to survive.

    Now, about the comment on impeaching Barbara Boxer: I don't support any action (or in Mitch McConnel's case inaction) the threatens the livability of this planet, and thus, my daughter's chance at a reasonable future. Even the Bush White House, after years of censorship and dodging the issue, has asserted that global warming is real and anthropogenic in nature. We are basically playing Russian roulette with our environment, and that is unacceptable. Ray Anderson, the former CEO of Interface Flooring, one of the county's first and most successful green companies, used to say in presentation that "the economy is a subset of, and complete dependent upon, the environment." The sooner we sit everyone in this spoiled, greed-infested country down and explain that to them, the better off we will all be. In this election year, I am hopeful that we are seeing the beginning of a process that will turn America around and set it on a course toward a green future. We have no choice to do otherwise. And for those of you who refuse to sign on to that future, the rest of us refuse to wait for you anymore.

    Interesting how those most assertive in hating Cap & Trade have resorted to either a) attacking Bill Moyers personally (a non-argument) or b)calling Cap & Trade a 'tax', which is either a misunderstanding of the word or a lie.

    When a government levies a tax, it is cutting itself in on a transaction. If a person doesn't make the transaction, they don't pay the tax either. But when a person (or corporate entity) takes something that doesn't belong to them and uses it up (like air) if they don't pay for it, thats called 'stealing'. By imposing a fee on that action, its called 'paying for what you take'. Now, if one takes what one has paid for and turns it into a marketable product,and tallies up the cost of producing the product and computes the desired profit, the result is the 'price'. If you don't want to pay the price, don't buy the product. But don't call the cost of making the product a 'tax'.

    Polluters have had a free ride using our atmosphere as a dump site for long enough. When I produce garbage, I take it to the dump and I pay the fee because it requires money to deal with my wastefulness. Is that a tax?

    If people don't want to pay the true cost of electricity because it includes the cost of fixing the mess that electrical generation makes of the atmosphere, then they should switch to another source of electricity. That is the point of Cap and Trade.

    Its a shame that so many people feel it is a right to steal the very air we breathe and on which the life of our planet depends.

    Thank you Bill for your program on global warming. Please continue to keep us informed on this most important issue of this century.

    I find most of the segments thought provoking but they include so much information that I feel overwhelmed. But some comments stay with me and I was particularly struck by the comment in the segment on the poultry industry. "The Department of labor does not protect the workers. It protects the business." The practice of deregulation that started back in the 80's has devolved to the point that our government must increase the level of oversight because businesses abuse workers in order to increase profit for investors. Federal agencies have become hapless under the direction of Bush appointees. This is the kind of change I want to see out of Washington after the election.

    There is no time to waste anymore. All of us need to make our voices loud and clear to wake up our elected officials to deal with global warming before it is too late.

    Why don't issues like these get more attention. Republican distractions. That's why.

    Two United States Senators implicated in extramarital sexual activity have named themselves as co-sponsors of S. J. RES. 43, dubbed the Marriage Protection Amendment. If ratified, the bill would amend the United States Constitution to state that marriage "shall consist only of the union of a man and a woman.""

    Who do these fools think they are? Really? They are naked little nebishes who don't know the first thing about marriage, or morality. It's time to throw the Republican bums out. The Republican Party is unwilling to toss out the crud like these two guys, and instead welcomes them to sign on to pandering nasty homophobic legislation.

    This is what the Republicans are about these days. This is it to a T.

    The notion that John McCain is as environmentally responsible as Barack Obama is simply false. McCain has missed several votes on important environmental legislation over the last year (McCain has missed many more votes than Obama has,)
    and McCain's overall record on the environment is woefully substandard.
    McCain's approval rating from the League of Conservation Voters is close to 25%. Obama's is close to 85%.

    Like Bush, McCain has too many friends in the energy business to be trusted with environmental stewardship.

    Obama is the only choice to clean up our world.

    I find it very difficult to believe that cap & trade actually makes sense in Senator Barbara Boxer's head. It does nothing but place more taxpayer dollars in the government's greedy coffers. I'm not sure coffer is the proper description here since that implies a strongbox, and we all know that the feds can not hold on to our taxpayers' money for very long.

    For starters, how can Sen Boxer say that they will charge fees to those companies with high carbon emissions. Then how is it even possible for a type of person who is hired by the american people to predict possible future crises and have sensical solutions at the ready to solve the dilemmas as they arrise. and yet, she is completly oblivious to the fact that the consumers of those companies will be the individuals held liable to pay for the fines and fees to the government upon their requests. That sounds like a tax-raise to me and my family.

    Secondly, how can Sen Boxer actually think that the cap and trade system would actually reduce carbon emissions which is what she claims is her sole reason for her actions. However, it just does not add up. If all of my neighbors did a cap & trade with the regard to our carbon footprint relating to our automobile exhaust; I would leave a very small footprint, but a couple of my neighbors who drive alot more and often than I, would be able to use up all of their credits and the rest of my credits, and therefore, never even reduce any of the emissions. The only reduction was the money from the main user/abuser forwarded to the federal governemt. Which in all actuality, those fees will not be paid by the abusers, but the fees will be paid by us consumers Since it is going back to the feds, it is just another tax to be stolen from my childrens' and family's food, education, health and so on.

    I said all of this under the assumption that this global climate peril is somehow the result if man. If a person has an interest in researcing the history of the earth in relation to geological, geographical, hydrological, and the volcanism and the various others un-man-made massive changes upon this globe. Regarding global warming, the science still hasn't even began to explaine the how's and why's of all of the seas that have transgresses and recedded just in North america alone, not to mention world wide. The climate, air, & land, has been changed, altered, twisted and in so doing, has changed the face of the world millions of times over. In which, mankind had no role in this account. To think that mankind can control this multi diverse interrelated global system is a completely arrogant notion, not only from a politician, but even our greatest minds in the many fields of sciences. Further, when our elected officials were hired/elected to manage the peoples' government, treasury, in an ethical manner on the peoles' best interest, the electors can not even balance any of their designated budgets and protect our highly loved and value constitutional rights and libertys of the individual and the property owners.

    I hope all involve in the design and supporting of the Cap and Trade program are prosecuted at the full lenght of the laws. It is nothing more than a scam by the government attempting to get money from taxpayers without having to offer any type of service or entitlements for this influx of taxdollars.
    Sen Box is not stupid, so someone please tell me what is her agenda and how or will this type of bill ever pass.

    Like I said... Bill is a jack ass and so are most of his guest for even associating with him. If it were up to him and his guests everyone living in the U.S. would pay $50/gal for gas, walk to work, and eat hay for a living. What a gray haired old fart.

    I think the public would like to have known how Obama and McCain voted on the Senate bill: for the record, BOTH sent word that they would have voted for the bill had they been in session. Did Moyers omit this fact from his interview because he wanted the viewers to ASSUME that Obama would have been in favor of it (since he is a Democrat) and that McCain would have been against it (because he is a Republican?) Moyers is always interesting to watch. I wish he was more balanced in his presentation. This omission was misleading and not worthy of his reputation.

    I am worried that we will do nothing until it's too late. What really bothers me is that the super rich who caused most of the problem will suffer less than the poorest of the poor. The rich will say, "Let them eat cake," as the poor starve in flooded and drought ridden areas. I hope eventually they will fall as hard as the French aristocracy.

    Bill is a jack ass and so are most of his guest for even associating with him. if it were up to him and his guests everyone living in the U.S. would pay $50/gal for gas, walk to work, an eat hay for a living. What a gray haired old fart.

    I was so happy to see Barbara Boxer take the gavel from my Senator,James Inhofe...I am going to make copies!!..Cap and trade is too weak..The situation is too serious to allow such co2 production..We must have a Carbon Tax..The Green Party understands best how desperate things are w our planet!!!Thank you

    Perhaps you can help me with a misconception.

    I was under the impression that the Journal's mission was to present prescient issues of crucial importance to United Statians in a context based on FACTS authenticated by independent expert consensus, be they political or scientific in nature.

    However tonight's program on CAP and TRADE came across as a spin job since it failed to challenge the STATUS QUO of 10 years to pass a major environmental protection bill as put forth by Sen. Boxer. I apparently missed the part where the premise of the bill was evaluated, since incentivizing self regulation using the profit motive has been a dismal failure across the board to date. In FACT in this case moving carbon credits to and fro in no way reduces the total output in any meaningful way to begin with.

    I'll get my eyes and ears checked at DOCS tomorrow, but unless I'm mistaken this segment was a complete FLUFF PIECE. Was that your intention? Have you changed your mission statement to reflect the standard set by your vacuous coverage on accountability for FAILURES leading up to and in the aftermath of 9/11 regarding EPA deceptions on air quality at GROUND ZERO, as well that the total absence of investigation into the symmetrical implosion WTC-7 that was NOT hit by any missile? Are you another branch of the Voice of America Network, or have you morphed into a satirical program in the mold of the Colbert Report?

    In regard to an alterative solution to CAP & TRADE, simply fining polluters who fail to immediately implement green alternatives incetivized using the same means used to drive the installation of high efficiency windows in NYC apartment buildings would do the trick. Hasn't the association of Mayors taken on this issue as well? Accepting inside the beltway cesspool stagnation based on "SPECIAL INTEREST" (MULTINATIONAL CORPORATIONS) as inevitable STATUS QUO is the 1st mistake. If you expect to prevent or delay the likely declaration of bankruptcy by the US TREASURY based on the collapsing dollar that SOVEREIGN WEALTH FUNDS and FRB DEBT to foreign banks will no longer consider a good risk, then STOP coddling the officials on your program and USE your CLOUT to inform and EMBOLDEN the public to TAKE DIRECT ACTION.

    Do you think you did that with the OSHA EXPOSE? How about with Fein and Nichols regarding IMPEACHMENT? What's PBS stand for again?

    This is the problem with representative government, the representatives from other areas can actively work against your wishes and desires, and there is nothing you can do about it. Is there any way the rest of us normal people out here in the red states can impeach Barbara Boxer?

    Yes!!! Government should act ASAP! There are two actions that should be taken immediately.

    One is to directly tax CO2. I liked Al Gore's idea, to pile tax directly on emmissions, like gas and oil, business activities, etc, and then to compensate low income persons for the added expense by eliminating payroll taxes at the lower end. That way citizens and businesses will directly experience added costs to emitting CO2, and this will act as an incentive to reduce. There is no perfect way to do this, no way that will distribute costs with 100% fairness. But the costs of inaction are unsustainable and are growing rapidly.

    The other action to take immediately would be to encourage investment in and development of green technologies. Give generous tax credits to individuals and businesses installing renewable energy systems, replacing conventional transportation with hybrids and more efficient cars, etc. Give tax credits to investments that improve efficiency and reduce energy use across the board.

    The policy change we most need is a shift to land value taxation.

    There are a lot of reasons for this (related to economic justice, wealth concentration, and improving the economy), but in the area of environment, sprawl, greenhouse gases and energy usage, land value taxation is a necessary reform.

    Without it, we simply are not going to get to the population density we need in our towns and cities to make effective public transportation viable.

    Without it, we are still going to see 1-acre and even 5-acre zoning within an hour of cities whose commuting radius is 2 hours, forcing people onto the roads and the limited existing public transportation to get from land they can (just barely) afford to jobs which pay the wages they need to afford housing! A vicious circle which can only be corrected -- into a virtuous one -- by land value taxation.

    We simply aren't going to get the housing we need -- affordable for people at all the points on the income spectrum, within a reasonable distance of their jobs -- unless we provide the incentives that will nudge the private sector to put underused land to its highest and best use. When we nudge the private sector via better incentives, they will put the choice sites to the uses the market demands, and they won't be able to continue to engage in land speculation, which is at the root of many of our most serious problems.

    We can't solve these problems without land value taxation. We can spin our wheels, and call the problems intractible, and let the poor, the working poor, the middle class and the elderly suffer -- or we can get to the root of the problem and enact the necessary reforms.

    We have to reduce the DEMAND for energy. Supply-related solutions just aren't going to cut it!

    Nothing I've heard in the discussion of cap and trade touches on the individual energy users.

    What was it Einstein said?

    * Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
    * A clever person solves a problem; a wise person avoids it.

    What does a wise country do? If we can't be wise, can we please be clever, and start placing more of our tax burden on land value? It will solve a lot of otherwise intractible problems.

    There should be no carbon tax on carbon that was obtained from the atmosphere; it's only fossil carbon that we're concerned about.

    I am concerned that a carbon tax will discourage private citizens or small businesses from making and using ethanol fuel from a local source. Cultivating crops or collecting vegitation from private citizens for local production of fuel is the very thing that could crush the petroleum cartel and reverse global warming. I think another tax must be well thought out before enacted. Often in our history, a tax has backfired on the citizenry, consolodated control and aided the wealthy.
    For information on alcohol for fuel read, "Alcohol Can Be A Gas," by David Blume. He debunks the myths about ethanol spread by the petroleum industry and he gives detailed how-to instructions.

    Hello Max, my California friend, always for the people.
    What Max says is not that unworkable if the parent bureaucracy has teeth, is well managed, and as simple as possible.
    Looking back to the inception of our flawed and outdated Constitution, one reason it was rammed through without mass approval was the governmental bonds (war pay script, deferred loans and moneys owed for materials and services to the Continental Armies). They had accrued in the hands of wealthy speculators (like Robert Morris of Philadelphia and General G. Washington, equivalents of our billionaires in their time). Such speculators were eager for face value payment of instruments bought at cents on the dollar, especially as ratification became imminent. They also wanted their western land titles protected, their businesses guarded from foreign competition (import tariffs), other debts owed them enforced and assurance they would not lose their slaves and indentured servants. About one sixth of the moneyed male minority eligible hurried Constitutional approval ahead of poorer men's reaction. What a FIAT or COUP it was! (Read Charles Beard's "An Economic Interpretation of the CONstitution...")
    Why am I talking about the "founding speculators"? Well, if they had that kind of power then with secret conventions, pamphlets and a few newspapers imagine how much more uneven the informational battle is today. (Review- National Media Reform Conference) Considering profits and wealth concentration today, about 75% of our workforce is due reparations for low-waged exploitation since 1983.
    That old First Congress didn't need to tax foreign goods and little backwoods stills to pay those bigshots. If they'd only realized it they could have issued enough paper money by fiat (as the Federal Reserve does today) to pay off rich George W. and the master speculators. Inflation, says ye? So much the better for the debtor farmers and mechanics, the real backbone of the country.
    We do need to get away from consumerism where shopping is 75% of the economy, but it wouldn't hurt for the little guys/girls to have some solar power and windmill investment money, funds for substantive and idle curiousity education, even funds for more websites and micro-radio stations. We will all have to walk and bike more, count our energy calories to save our planet, but the convivial lifestyle Ivan Illich mapped out is waiting to be tried.
    Max and Bill Moyers know what I mean, do you? Moyers paraphrases the Beret Co-op mantra at 33 minutes into this year's media speech. We say:"It is nearly impossible to become or remain extremely wealthy in a fair and just society." Moyers adds that poverty will also be scarce under such a regime. We have our quibbles, but we're on the same track to worker ownership and community control of vital production. And now it is do or die. I doubt even Diane Feinstein grasps these solutions or their vital urgency. It may soon be time for citizens committees of correspondence and a less property-sacred constitution. The age of American empire has ended. Now there is only reform (addiction recovery, shaking off the illusions) or ecological suicide. (We should be working on a better human waste disposal infrastructure right now. Some energy savings could come of it as well as cleaner fields and rivers.)

    The government should act on climate change, either through a carbon tax or cap-and-trade. There are some interesting discussions going on about a cap-and-dividend proposal, where part of the money from auctioning carbon permits is given directly to the people, making it easier for them to afford necessities whose prices will rise when their carbon cost is factored in.

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