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POLL: Did The Democratic National Convention Address Your Concerns?

This week on the JOURNAL, Bill Moyers spoke with NATION editor Katrina Van Heuvel and political science scholar Adolph Reed, Jr. about what issues the Democratic National Convention addressed - and which ones it didn't.

What issues are on top of your agenda? How would you rate the convention speakers' handling of them?


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I enjoy the posts on this blog, thanks.
Comments here are amazing too. I enjoyed the 'Culture of corruption' by Floyd C. Wilkes.
The world has been watching the US as a leader for the last 50 years. The world now needs the US to be reborn as a leader.

P.S. to Hillary supporters:
I found a video of Sarah Palin on Huffington Post vis a vis church affiliation. If you think Jeremiah Wright's scary... And if you think she has anything in common with Hillary... I'll just leave you to your own conclusions. Please check it out, everyone.

I'd like to very respectfully comment to folks who are still angry that Hillary isn't on the ballot. I was for Hillary until Barack started talking about how we need to mend our relationship in the world. My husband was for her until she tried to thwart the DNC ruling on states that jump the gun on primary dates, and then she turned angry (she approved the rule before she was against it). My dear stepdaughter (she's a savvy, professional woman of mixed ethnicity, much like Barack)was Hil's avid fan until she lost; now our girl's over it and campaigning for BO .

Short story long, I never could see Hillary as VP. Did she even WANT to be VP? She's too strong for second place. I'm sure she'll have a very important spot, maybe in Barack's cabinet (head of HEW?) or, where we really need her, in the Senate.

Dear Elizabeth,
I share many of your feelings and am especially disappointed that there will be no impeachment. However, one of two men will be elected this time, and the only thing I know for sure is that, if it's McCain, there is NO HOPE. Nader, McKinney, Paul, etc., are gonna NOT get elected. So let's just get Obama in there, and start the protests afterward. For now it's enough that we get to express these thoughts in a place like this.

How sweet it would be if we could focus on these issues of "sickness" care, education, economy, etc. Currently, however, the focus needs to be on one thing -- saving the U.S. of A. If the Rovian propaganda machine wins this election for their employers, we can look forward to watching the crumbs of a democratic republic cleaned from "the table," as it were. Pelosi and her ilk started that sweep with their announcement that impeachment was "off the table." The potential for a newly elected majority of Democrats in D.C. to bring the BigGovCorp criminals to justice was great, but with one sweep of the filthy and soured rag of corporatism, it was gone. Do I think Democrats are addressing the most important issue? Has Barak Obama given a rousing speech about saving the U.S. from a fascist Decidership? What does he think the next Republican administration will be, anyway? McCain dies (does he know he has volunteered for such martydom?), Palin becomes the next relatively obedient and controllable Decider. She okays anything that the PNAC Conspiracy DECIDES for our domestic and foreign policies -- the New Wars of the 21st Century (the 21st Century Christianist Crusades) continue. The ever-increasing masses of economic slaves lose while BigGovCorp executives WIN. THIS is the issue! The first and most important issue. I hear no "good Democrats" or "progressive liberals" talking about this. If there is no revolution now, the U.S. of A. is "toast." I hear no revolutionary rhetoric from the very persuasive speaker, Obama, backed by some logical and factual explanations from Biden (he does know that "business" well). It's not happening. WHY?

I believe that everyone who ever lived will always be, and as long as we remember the good things about them they are with us. I know how much it hurts now to be 1200 miles from Gladdie. How awful if I never saw her again. Now I have to get on the (late) plane. I wish you'd email me your story, Sherry. I'm sure Gladdie would like to read it with me. See you when you feel better. I'm glad you care so much about the people in our country. I wish more of us did.

Tis a sad anniversary - while everyone sat glued to their tv's - from across the US on the West Coast, I held my dying child in my arms. Every year that wound re-opens. Due to this I find myself always in a sad, retrospective and pessimistic frame of mind.

Most of your posts are quite informative - but you had lost me on that one. I wonder - will my vote count? So many times we've seen America's hopes dashed on the rocks in the name of Political greed. It's true - many Americans are only now waking up to reality because finally the pinch is felt deep in the wallet.

But once again - I see politicians who have 0 answers avoiding the issues to give lip service to so called moral issues and false outrage to hide the facts from the American public. There is more to being an American than a flag decal or lapel pin.

The convention did give some good ideas for answers - but will they follow through? As I said, this day I will be pessimistic therefore shall avoid posting again until the grief for a lost child once again has lessend.

Sherry: Happy Anniversary! Bill Moyers has been a hostage for refusing to examine questions that could blow corporate capitalism and the oil economy wide open for 227 days, since he refused to accept Rev. David Ray Griffin's book on 9/11 truth. Sherry, because of this, when I vote for Bashful Barry and Delaware Joe Nov. 4th it will mean no more than one right answer (at the $1000 level) while watching "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?" McCain/Palin better phone a friend, or clue in on the next attack.

@Grady - ok, that post made absolutely no sense what so ever. Either too little or too much caffeine/meds.

When we resort to name calling and bashing, it shows the tv turned on and the brain turned off - IMO.

Oprah- Sec. of State, gives Ahmedinnerjacket a makeover, shares her Beano with Pootin, introduces Mugabe to Gail and they go on a road trip, has all the Jewish warlords and land grabbers in Israel reading for the book club. Mediocrity worship is not confined to McCain supporters. Like Bush he f***ed up in school. Obama made straight As and never missed a day, He walked 25 miles to renew a library book... No wasn't that when Lincoln delivered Washington's dentures, retooled after the transplanted slave teeth failed. St. Louis is a boring airport! I wanna go home. This Alexander Hamilton bio has too small print.

R. Bergman Sept. 6 11:16PM
You discuss McCain a lot, his military service, his years in the senate, etc., and it sounds as though you prefer someone that has the least experience of ALL the serious presidential candidates from the early days of the race this year. What,--did your father yell at you once? Obviously you were never in military basic trainning. Our fathers talked little about WWII, and we talked less about Nam, but McCain was thrown into national headlines by the news media. If you think so little of experience, then your Obama-no-matter-what attitude, fits.

Oprah has more experience than her man Obama! Let's see...your myopic belief is that if one does not vote for Obama he is a racist & experience should be only a negative.
Is that right?

Billy Bob, Florida where Obama first said our votes could not count before he said they could! What a guy!

To fiscal conservatives of all stripes and citizens of the planet, I would like to recommend listening to an internet rebroadcast of Terry Gross' NPR interview with Thomas Friedman. He covers national defense, economic and environmental imperatives necessitating that the US lead the Green economic revolution. The country, humanity and our children will likely not endure if we do not embrace the revolution he champions. He explains in greater detail in his new book 'Hot,Flat and Crowded.

Mindlessly mouthing the words "freedom and democracy" inside a catered hall, while police bash heads, pepper spray and arrest peaceful protesters, while not one politician speaks out against such brutality shows where American "democracy" really stands.

This country has wandered FAR AWAY from a real democracy. This is a people that need to educated themselves as to what "democracy" really is.

As long as the people of America elect governments (not just a President) who spend 56%+ of the US Treasury budget on wars and weapons of death they will be an black-hearted, unhappy, paranoid and doomed people. Its really bad karma to engage in behavior that leads to the deaths and misery of countless millions of people as the USA has done over the last 60 years.
When the American people stupidly re-elected Bush and the GOP in 2004 a lot of the human race divorced and abandoned them as beyond redemption. (and its a sad commentary that millions of them defiantly enjoy being hated). That's not going to change much from now on. The USA is a menace to the rest of the world. And the world is onto them.
The conservative corporate GOP should get about 10% of the vote every election...not anything like 50% or more, as they have for the last 60 years.

The American people are pathetically ignorant and lacking in political philosophy and perspective.
In a real democracy there would be socialist, communist, moderate, green, far-right conservative, religious zealot etc….candidates… running for office.
Look at it this way. In all the other industrialized/educated democracies the "conservatives" are waaay left of Obama. They have had socialized medical security and high education priorities for decades... and many many other benefits from government; for their governments exist, as Abe Lincoln (whose words the GOP never embrace) put it "to enable the people to do together what no one of them can do alone."

I think its too late for America. The American people simply do not understand democracy. They're not even close. They deserve everything that happens to them.
They themselves have proven the fallacy of democracy. ""We the people" are just too stupid to govern yourselves.

Great show,Great blog!

Here is why I won't vote for Senator McCain.

My father and his friends saw a lot of combat action in World War II and the Korean War and they never bragged about it, never wrote a book about it, seldom talked about it and when they did, it was usually to relate a story about one of their wounded or fallen comrades. (So and so was wounded or a prisoner at Bataan. So and so had it rough at Pusan.) Most of my father's war time combat I knew of from his buddies. None of them would have ever thought of using their war time experiences for any kind of profit, much less political gain. My father was eligible for military disability but never attempted to collect it, he was too proud.

We all have enormous respect for what John McCain must have endured as a prisoner of war. Unfortunately, it appears that 26 years in Congress has tarnished him.

At the first sign of a faltering campaign, he hitches his wagon to the Bush/Rove dirty campaign people, even though lines in the Naval Academy Conduct Code he swore to, say,” Any midshipman unable to conduct himself at all times in a manner indicating the highest standards of honesty, integrity, and manliness, is unfit to hold a commission in the Navy. Therefore, any midshipman guilty of offenses of a dishonest nature, such as Falsehood (including any form of deception or attempt to deceive) or Fraud... becomes immediately subject to a recommendation for dismissal from the Naval Service

In 2000 when those same Bush people attacked Senator McCain he had this to say "I believe that there is a special place in hell for people like those. “

He has denounced the divisiveness of partisan politics, but he has continued to support the causes of the political party responsible for the slandering of a fellow wounded combat veteran. ('Swiftboat'/'Unfit for Command'/ Senator Kerry negative ads)

He has denounced the big oil and big money people of Washington but staffs his campaign with over 50 of their lobbyists. Once, conveniently, a maverick environmentalist, now with corporate oil money for the RNC at stake, it is drill, drill, drill.

He has supported tax relief for oil companies but denied it for victims of hurricane Katrina.

He says he wants to clean up corruption in Washington but before the RNC convention was over he already had campaign staff lawyers trying to slow down or halt the Sarah Palin highway patrol corruption, court proceedings.

Says he's for energy independence but votes against alternative energy and conservation measures.

John McCain says he is for the working man but he has consistently voted down legislation that supports organized labor, low income educational funding and the middle class.

He has voted down funding for veteran benefits. Apparently the everyday fighting man is not worthy of special monetary and educational considerations? Is this what he means by being fiscally responsible?

He has also hitched his wagon to Joe Lieberman to highlight his aggressive military views to Jewish voters concerned about open ended military support for Israel. He has promised to continue Bush's policy of endless middle eastern war. Estimated already as high as $2 trillion. Fiscally responsible?

John McCain is known by many of his colleagues to be a quick tempered, shoot from the hip, George Bush, kind of guy. His family has lived and breathed the warrior ethos for three generations. Do we really want an even more unilaterally aggressive foreign policy than Bush/Cheney, he has already helped reawakened the Russian bear with his inept foreign policy views?

He has earlier put down Reverend Falwell and the religious right, now when he wants to garner their votes, he panders to them by trying to be one of them, he even picks a hale Mary VP with rumored extreme right wing religious views. Is he thinking Hillary voters are not astute enough to notice?

John McCain has flipfloped and now supports the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy, even as our schools and infrastructure fall apart, while supporting an even more aggressive military stance than George Bush, as over 50 cents of every tax dollar goes to support the largest military buildup since the cold war. That's not counting the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that Republicans, including John McCain, decided our children and grandchildren can pay for. The interest alone on our national debt, largely due to Bush/Cheney/McCain and their Republican controlled Congress is $870 billion, the largest single budget expenditure. But healthcare for more school children is a wasteful, socialist idea.

While being a war hero is great, our country needs fresh ideas, not some fancy repackaging of the Bush/Cheney years. We owe it to the children. Let's give skillful organizing, intelligent diplomacy and peace with strength a chance, For a Change.

Sources: Project Vote Smart/United States Senate Record

Also I would like to recommend definitive book on what's happened to conservatism, who's hijacked it and why.The book is John Dean's 'Conservatives without Conscience'

Employee turnover may be an important factor in the Home Depot/Wal-Mart problem:

The national average for employee turnover in all businesses in 2006 was about 23.3%, and the national average for retail was 34.7%

For Costco (a national chain that’s the major competitor to Wal-Mart in my area), it’s 6%. Wal-Mart does not release its figures, but a study of the stores in the Louisville, KY area got a range of 85% to 104% employee turnover per year for the individual stores.

One estimate places Wal-Mart's average wage at $8.23 per hour, yielding an annual income of $13,861, which is below the estimated poverty level of $14,630. Costco’s average wage is $15.97 per hour, or $26,900 for the same number of hours per year. But most Costco workers are full-time, and most Wal-Mart employees are part-time. The Wal-Mart annual salary is based on their actual average of 33 hours per week. At the more common 40 hours per week of a Costco employee, and average employee working at Costco can earn well over $30,000 per year.

Customer service at both of our local Costcos is excellent. Service at Wal-Mart is nonexistent. If the store takes care of its employees, they are far more likely to, in turn, take care of customers.

Moyers' show isn't news. Its far-left propaganda. Pathetic.

Pleased with program.

This is regarding your Sept. 5th show discussion regarding john McCain's choice Sarah Palen as VP candidate.

Dear Mr. Moyers,

Thank you for so simply articulating an idea I have been struggling with since Sarah Palin was added to the McCain ticket. Your guest was expounded that it spoke of her character that she choose to carry to term a baby with Down Syndrome even with all the implications of that choice and you gently responded, "a choice she would deny others." Thank you for so clearly stating this oxymoron. I am the mother of a four year old boy with Down Syndrome. I found out that my son had down syndrome when I was 22 weeks pregnant. I am also pro-choice. I don't think I understood how profound a right the ability to choose was until the day I made a choice. After finding out the diagnosis, my husband asked me, gently, "Can we love this child?" My answer of yes told me immediately the path we would take. I cannot tell the profound gratitude I felt at my ability and right to choose to continue my pregnancy to term. Because I was making a choice, my son's disability was not something forced upon me. I was able to quickly understand our job of parents had essentially not changed. We were going to love this boy and work to help him reach his potential. Aiding us in making that choice was our good medical insurance (critical when you have a medically fragile infant), access to excellent early childhood education services and a solid embrace by our family and friends. I have found myself offended that Sarah Palin should be the poster mother of children with disabilities. As she declared herself an advocate for those of children with disabilities, I wondered about all the adults. I do not worry about my son's quality of life as long as I am alive, however, i am deeply concerned about his options as he ages. I want him to have a range of opportunities and I do not see a candidate focused on returning more dollars to my pocket will deliver those opportunities. I am also deeply offended by the idea that only a person who is pro-life would make the "choice" to carry a child with DS to term. Our Henry brings us immeasurable joy. To me choice means so much more than the right to an abortion. It is the right for a mother to bring a child into the world with the knowledge that her community will support her as she faces the myriad of challenges that raising a child, any child, in today's world presents. Sarah Palin and I were aided in our ability to choose to bring a medically fragile infant into the world by our knowledge that we would not be bankrupted by medical bills, that our children had two parents sharing the additional responsibilities of this choice and that we could navigate the education system to provide an excellent education for our children. I'd like every mother to be to feel that level of support. Thank you.

Nope, neither side did,I thought I was watching the Half time show of the Super Bowl, when Obama gave his Speech! Come on now, with Stevie Wonder and Other Big Time Song Writers singing songs in a uber "free" concert, before the BIG SHOW, were people there for the free concert or the message? This is ugly politics/ your countries future being pounded by make-up, music and fireworks. This isn't real America, with real problems, like healthcare, war and money, this is HOLLYWOOD dressed up to look like "politics".
I feel betrayed and looked down upon like a 2nd class citizen, worse off than before.
P.S. to the DNC

With all your makeup,fireworks and Hollywood elites rubbing elbows with you, giving millions to your coffers, throwing parties while real people worry about paying bills. When are you going to really looked at "We the people"!

oops -typo.... trying TO FIGURE OUT why Moyers and Kathleen Hall Jamieson, connected at the brain, need to talk to each other.

I'm trying out why Bill has Kathleen Hall Jamieson on so often. Why does he not just question himself? He would get the same answers.

Senator McCain's decision making abilities may have been affected because of his POW status.

People who suffer from Post traumatic stress syndrome and multiple fractures experience severe pain and have emotional out bursts. There are times that they cannot make quick decisions. They will make wrong decisions, later come back and apologize.

Here is a utube video from a decorated POW.

Makes me very worried about Senator McCain

I don't understand what Republicans are listening too as they watched this convention. Gov. Palin came across as negative, vindictive, and not substantive enough. Sen. McCain continues to talk about his POW status as though that is the sole qualification for president. His mention of "we went to Washington and allowed it to change us", while true, again not only is it not a recommendation that he should be installed into the Oval Office, but one has to wonder that he should still continue to be in his current office! There were no issues discussed, no plans or agenda laid out. It was about fighting and haven't we had enough fighting both in this country and with other countries!

They know that they can not run on the record of the current administration, and yet there appears to be a thorough disconnect from reality! Like when a coach motivates the team before a big game, yet not even a good motivation speech!

Sen. McCain has stated publicly that he doesn't understand the economics of government, as he has been in Congress for 30 years that is a sad testament - what bills has he written that have passed yet they were not tied to any monetary figures?! Has this country not suffered enough by the incompetence and ignorance of the current administration, that we the people need to suffer the bullying abusive incompetence of yet a 3rd term (of Bush) with different faces?

The Democrats didn't mention whether they were going to... bring Bush/Cheney to justice.... along with and their whole cartel of war criminals, spies, torturers, treaty-breakers, thieves, bribers and bribe-takers, and treasonous felons.

If not; then justice is dead in America ....and indeed Bin laden did win the war in one day.

Both conventions kept specifics about our real household concerns "off the (kitchen)table." Maybe they should wonder if we have a future before plotting it to their advantage.

Few have access to moosemeat soup or Harvard law degrees.

So grateful both conventions are over and only 60 days until the National election. I remain afraid.
The members of the "Culture of Life" appear ready to blinded repeat the mistake made eight years ago and again four years ago by failing to own that their votes are directly responsible for the deaths of countless thousands of innocent Iraqi civilians.
I suppose because the deaths occurred "over there" and not here.
Shame on the "right" -- your ability to make good decisions in the voting booth is so poor that we the sake of our great country and the people of the world, you should sit the next national election out.

Thank you Catherine for writing and your expressing your views. We, as women, I think should be involved in a cultural conversation about what we want to see in our elected officials, both male and female. I just received a notice from Emily's List about Palin's views and positions and it was incredibly informative.
She is not supportive of women's issues and seems to decide her positions according to what will benefit her career.
I hope the American people will really look at her before they rush in to support her.

Dear Mr. Moyers,

As a resident of Alaska, I wanted to let your readers know that many of us way up here are just amazed that Sarah Palin has gotten the nod for VP. Not only is she not ready to be Pres. if McCain dies, her very hardcore conservative views are not the things we need, that's for sure, and it is upsetting to many Alaskans that our state is being viewed as this conservative. Some of us actually believe that man is causing Global warming, the polar bear is really endangered and that big oil is not the answer to all that's wrong with the U.S. In fact, since Sarah cut funding for our SCHIP program, Denali Kid Care, I am wondering how Bristol is going to get prenatal care? Sarah's ambitions are over-riding our State's needs in a time when our Lt. Gov. is also running for National office....who will we have left to run our State for 2 years? The Republican criminals? In fact, I have heard that Big Oil got her on the ticket to get her out of the way in Alaska....worth considering, isn't it? But, worse still is the fact that she put her family through this ordeal in a time when her daughter may have preferred to remain out of the national/World view, and if Sarah will do that to her own family what might she do to yours and mine?

Amy Goodman and senior producers of Democracy Now were arrested and roughed up while covering protests at the RNC (released on bail). Bill, will you cover this?
Maybe tabloid stories about illegitimate Bristol babies or Sarah the Impaler machine gunning wolves from a helicopter are more interesting? But you know what, reporting on the suppression of legal, peaceful protest is more important. Is Rick Karr on the way?

South Ossetia, Election Engineering and Moral Authority

Given the Republican’s habitual malfeasance with respect to election engineering, isn’t the considerable amount of speculation concerning the motives and sources of influence that may have factored into Georgia’s decision to provoke Russia by instigating hostilities within South Ossetia justified? (see below How the Republicans Win at Consortium News).

Russian prime minister Putin recently alleged the provocation was encouraged, possibly even supported, certainly not overtly discouraged or prohibited by the U.S., suggesting a motive of tipping the balance-of-favor in the election toward Republicans.

True or false: The idea that a rapid, timely thawing of the region’s “frozen hostilities” would also magnetize the news cycle away from the allegations in Suskind’s book, dampening the influence, mitigating the impact and diluting criticism or other ramifications (e.g. impeachment proceedings) seems consistent with the Republican modus operandi? (see Ron Suskind’s The Way of the World, A Story of Truth and Hope in an Age of Extremism).

It seems to me that only when such factors are considered can one resolve what otherwise appears a dull-witted, irrational decision on the part of Georgia!

In light of Suskind’s revelations, Speaker Pelosi’s insistence that impeachment is “off the table” unless “someone can produce credible evidence of a crime” is exposed as absolute hypocrisy; destroys her credibility; and justifies speculation concerning the motives, integrity and complicity of the Speaker and other members of the congressional leadership. The Speaker should step down immediately! Congress must not be permitted to abdicate their responsibilities, without suffering the gravest consequences democracy can bestow and the rule of law administer.

Given the history of Republican election engineering, wouldn’t it be prudent to vigorously investigate such allegation? The only way to rectify America is to restore transparency, integrity and moral authority to our democracy, and that will require vigilance and sacrifice on the part of all Americans.

From Pulitzer Prize—winning journalist and bestselling author Ron Suskind comes a startling look at how America lost its way and at the nation's struggle, day by day, to reclaim the moral authority upon which its survival depends. From the White House to Downing Street, from the fault–line countries of South Asia to the sands of Guantánamo, Suskind offers an astonishing story that connects world leaders to the forces waging today's shadow wars and to the next generation of global citizens. In a sweeping, propulsive, and multilayered narrative, The Way of the World investigates how America relinquished the moral leadership it now desperately needs…

Mr. Moyers,

It would be quite wonderful if you would use your forum to host a discussion/debate involving ALL the candidates for Pres. Having listened to them, I find it appalling that the MSM will probably only allow 2 of them, the 2 with the most "acceptable" ideas and the most money in their advertising accounts to make their case to the American people on TV.

You seem like a man who has consistently challenged "accepted wisdom" in the name of discovering the truth and presenting it to the American people. Will you use your major and widely respected forum to do that for us now? I think that, with you as moderator, it would prove considerably more valuable and informative than the scripted spectacles the MSM will produce.

What better subject for a Public Broadcasting System than such a public debate?

While the soundbite of the Iraqi surplus juxtaposed against the costs of the Iraq invasion and 5 year occupation(to date) seems too temptingly outrageous to not flaunt, it is simply despicable to castigate the Iraqis for being reluctant to pay for the damage we have done to their country. Somehow the American people believe that we have done them a favor and now they should be grateful. There is little cause to commend the Iraqi government, but the fact is that the debt we owe to the people of Iraq for our criminal disregard for international law can not be satisfied for generations to come.

A Culture of Corruption

Our founding fathers warned us concerning the determents of political parties, given that we have permitted our democracy to be hijacked and sullied by the duopoly that is at the root of our present woes, the only real solution is a solution that addresses the root of the problem, not the symptoms. It does not matter which party is in power, four more years is four more years of the past 60 years.

Republican election tactics are indeed appalling, contemptible and morally repugnant. Consider Nixon’s 1968 intervention with the South Vietnamese to disrupt the peace process of the Johnson administration (at the expense of an additional 20,763 American casualties and 111,230 wounded); 1972 McGovern, the Plumbers and Watergate; the Reagan-Bush arms-for-hostages shenanigans in an attempt to defeat Carter; George H. W. Bush, James Baker and “Passport-gate”; the 2000 Florida debacle, vote caging, suspension of the recount, and intervention by the supreme court, handing the election to Bush despite Gore’s victory in the popular election; Ohio 2004 vote counting; but the Democrat’s failure to respond directly, publicly and squarely to such illicit behavior is equally despicable, and accrues to them an equal measure of culpability for the deplorable condition of our democracy (for a detailed examination of these abominations see Robert Parry’s article How the Republicans Win at Consortium News).

It has become perfectly clear that the duopoly that has historically dominated our political culture has deteriorated into oligarchy, and that group is defined by incumbency and governed by whoredom. Vote Nader. Vote McKinney. Vote for anyone other than a Democrat or a Republican, but please vote.

You folks on the left continue to be scammed by this fictional narrative of the communtiy organizer-civil rights lawyer-turned progressive legislator that's being disseminated by the corporate media. How does the so-called change candidate manage to be the establishment candidate at the same time? Please. Anyone who bothers to research his past will find the classic politician on the take. That's why he got $100 million from the Wall Street banks and oil companies even before you all had even heard of him. (It's all in the donor records.) They didn't want a New Deal candidate like Clinton and thought to themselves, why not turn this election into The Next American Idol?

So get real, everyone, and maybe do your homework about this guy before it's too late. At least Sarah Palin has gone after the oil companies and secured a windfall profit tax up there in Alaska. Where else in this country has that happened? Nowhere. McCain may be bad, but he'll probably die in office and then we'll have an honest person for a change who isn't arrogant and power hungry. She may be to the right on social issues but her first veto was for a bill that would have deprived gay people of health and other fringe benefits. She did the right thing then and I'd sure as hell trust her before Obama to do the right thing in the future.

Useful links:

Boston Globe investigation on a decade of slumlord connections

A compilation of documents identifying his G.O.P. links to Alan Greenspan economics, investment banks and oil companies.

The Donna Brazile - Karl Rove Connection

Since the turn of the century the corporate/financial/military/industrial/national security state elite (yes, they ARE all interconnected, know one another, and generally act in their own group's best interest) have ruled this nation and the world with a very sophisticated system of thwarting the will of the population. The only effective impediment to this elite is well-organized, galvanized mass movements. THIS is the VERY reason that the corporate media denigrates and derides the events of the 1960's. That decade, more than any other in modern American history, was a decidedly civilizing and refining influence on the crudeness and coarseness of American society. Conventions? What a JOKE! BTW, yes! I DO vote. I just am not bamboozled into any highfalutin delusion that any substantive democracy-enhancing change ever comes from the elite.

HILLARY and BILL SAVED the DNC!! Very Graciously, and get only LIPSERVICE in return--don't "CONGRATULATE" her Barack--embrace her!!
While I WILL Vote for the Democratic Nominee, and do support most of the Obama's agenda, I am concerned. I do not think the air of superiority, which I DO SENSE, even before used by republicans, is appealing. It is almost a self-righteous demeanor I sense from Barack, although his words are speaking about being down to earth, I don't FEEL it from him. I prefer Al Sharpton.

While I am glad to have a minority representative, I am not feeling we chose the best candidate--especially since we chose it before the convention. DELEGATES should outwardly stay neutral until the will of the people is really known. I am truly disappointed in politics, and the CHANGE I have seen in the campaign is not HOPEFUL. I don't feel he is a motivational speaker, although I WANT To feel motivated and WANT to embrace him.
I truly hope we do win, but we could be stronger if Obama had chosen Hillary, as his VP. Instead he went against the voice of the people and chose against unity and CHANGE, instead of a female experienced VP, he turned to the same Washington politics--hyped up a VP that is not bad nor great, not worth the hype and NOT the smart choice, nor the gracious choice, nor the strategic choice, nor the voice of the people.

Bill, I really didn't enjoy the first segment of your show this week. The main reason is a matter of etiquette. It continues to irritate me when one guest continually talks over the other -- especially when the other guest is saying something of more interest.

If you cannot do a better job of moderating, then I suggest you do not invite guests like the talkative Ms. Van Heuvel back to the show.

She recalls the sarcastic remark I heard in an audience the other day: "please help me, I can't stop talking."

Geaorge - I agree with your comments :
'' We are suffering through the last year of one of the most conservative, partisan, and seemingly willfully incompetent administrations in the history of our country. Mr. Bush and Mr. Cheney have done damage to our military by starting a war under false pretenses and prosecuting that war incompetently. They have damaged the very fabric of our democracy by torturing prisoners of that war. They have gutted the oversight function of the federal bureaucracy to a point that we have banks lending money to people they know can’t pay it back. They have squandered a budget surplus and replaced it with a record deficit. The list could go on for pages. ''

I would only add that it was never incompetence - it was GREED for the ALMIGHTY DOLLAR that motivates BUSH and CHENEY.

To all you who are voting for McCain on this post I have one question :

Are you better off today than you were 8 years ago ?
And if you answer yes what are your incomes ?

Bill, Katrina, Adolph:
I found your discussion about pressuring Obama to be more progressive odd; he keeps saying, "this isn't about me, its about you." I take him at his word that he is making bottom up change the basis for his administration.

And from the interviews and stories about how Obama works, I get the strong sense that he is a person that takes input from all over and synthesizes a core theme. And as one person who worked with him on the Harvard Review said, "he was always asking, what about the people?"

I'm an engineer that learned that in many cases I could sell my idea better by asking the right questions and getting others to provide the answers that defined my idea, often in somewhat better terms, and now what was on the table was OUR idea, not my idea that I was having to pressure eveyone else to support. I now find that an engineering approach works just fine for public policy issues because everything is tradeoffs and you decide between options based on overriding principles and on pragmatics, like costs. Never let the perfect be the enemy of the good.

But most important, make people believe they are leading you.

The idea that Obama got where he is without deserving it is that he hasn't told everyone what he will force them to do, but has instead let others do the leading, and he did the management.

I would go so far as to say that Obama's organization IS THE PROGRESSIVE MOVEMENT.

But I think the "progressive" or "liberal" movement that you were talking about was something that would call for Obama to propose a Constitutional Amendment to create racial quotas, or legalize gay marriage, or gays in the military, or to pass a modern Smoot-Hawley.

And what was this business about "fixation on balanced budget" that Katrina was talking about - Obama's programs was scored at a $3 trillion deficit which was "balanced" only in the sense that McCain's proposals were scored at $3.5 trillion.

JFK cut taxes, but he did more, in that he proposed programs with their spending, and that grew the economy and with it income and with that tax revenues.

For the economy, Obama is basically calling for Carter's energy initiative but with the inspiration of JFK.

LBJ was able to accomplish a great deal for two reasons: one, the economy was growing and labor was in demand, two, he knew how to do the possible, he knew the principles that were needed to be incorporated, and he was pressured from the bottom up.

Bill, you have recounted how LBJ knew what he wanted in civil rights legislation, but he didn't have the vote in Congress, so he wasn't going to attempt what wasn't possible. But when pressured by MLK, he had MLK apply the pressure from the bottom up, and then LBJ told the Congress they were crafting landmark legislation and making history. LBJ got what he wanted, what he knew was right, but he made it seem like Congress has been in the lead.

Likely many knew they had been had by LBJ, but they had been pressured from home, so they could easily go home and tell them what a great job they had done for their constituencies. Or in some cases, they could go home and blame others in Congress, but not so much LBJ.

Bill, you were there, and a little older than I, so perhaps you can explain what it was that LBJ was promising in his campaign, and then what was it that he was planning to do in legislation. Did LBJ campaign promising to pass civil rights? For that matter, did Nixon promise to implement the EPA and all the enabling legislation, or open up trade with China.

That LBJ and Nixon accomplished much of what they did was based on their principles; LBJ was promising to take care of the people in need - a moral commitment to real justice; Nixon was promising peace - in other words, masterful Realpolitik. The specifics flowed in fits and starts from that.

Btw, on healthcare, the approach everyone in the political areana is taking is strategically wrong. The emphasis should be on creating a healthcare system that isn't 33 in the world on the quality metric that costs on average twice as much as the 32 that are better. And the taxes paid for healthcare in the US nickel and dime solution are higher than many other nations tax to pay for universal care. This is the approach that Romney took when he was Governor of Mass, and also the approach taken Maine, California, and others, tho they haven't been as ambitious as Romney or gotten as far. It is defining the goal - Edwards was way too specific, the Clinton plan in the 90s was too specific, and Obama has gone down the specific path instead of focusing on the goal. For example, match Switzerland on cost and quality in five years -- universal healthcare at 20% less.

Doing the numbers for per capita taxes for healthcare in the US and Canada, the US number is higher. It is just spread out in so many different taxes, like property taxes, sales taxes, state income taxes, federal taxes, insurance taxes.

So, by all measures, the US spends more than Canada, more in taxes and more in private spending and more in total per person, and 40 million people have preventative medicine declared elective and thus rationed until it gets critcal.

James Farmer is right.
Canadian health care is not entirely free. My personal British Columbia provincial government health insurance premium totals $648 a year. That's less than $2 a day. Well, to me, that's a pretty good deal.
And, of course, we pay income taxes, etc. in Canada. Who ever said we didn't? But nobody has ever lost their house in Canada because of medical bills. And you know what? If I get sick,I think I'd be willing to settle for being a "mediocre" Canadian;
at least I won't have to take a "dynamic" credit card to the Emergency Room.

I was curious about Bill Moyers' comments regarding the price of oil and saw the comments about the "nirvana" that is Canada. Unfortunately, it is a smokescreen. I have lived in Canada all of my life (49 years) and it is a country that is, ever so slowly, declining into mediocrity. There is no dynamism in the private sector, the country is incredibly over-regulated and the population has been lulled into a false sense that Federal and Provincial governments will always look after you. Despite what Michael Moore and others would have you believe, our health care is not "free"; we are taxed at a rate that is near the top of the G8 Group of countries and the rate of increase, in health care spending always exceeds the rate of inflation. Since there is no incentive for medical practitioners, to be practical, in their treatment of patients, they will always recommend further medical treatments, even if the patient is near death. The U.S. will always beat Canada, hands down, because of the ever-changing private sector economy as well as, American drive/optimism and entrepreneurship. James Farmer

Thanks, Tim for writing about Canada.We Americans are so chauvinistic. We're fed every day with bromides about how great our country is. It has been great, but right now it is also broken. Most people aren't following Bill Moyers, and if you talk to them about what dire shape we're in they look at you like you're from another planet.

Thank you also to George. I agree, Obama is our best hope. He has a real beat on what we need to do. He can do it if we stay vigilant and keep putting out the word that we want change. We need to put pressure on lawmakers constantly. We need to boycott companies that abuse the system.

I don't expect it to be perfect. But people deserve to have a life if they're earning a living.

I'm a Texan living in Memphis, Tn.
Raised in Dallas as a Southern Baptist and was married to a SBC religious educator/minister at one time.
I'm now Methodist with new age leanings. I'm familiar with the Republican issues in the South.
I am an equal rights person and no long accept many of the traditionally organized religion's views.
I've seen the marriage of the Republican Party and the religious right, being married for 20 years to an SBC employee and attending conventions. I'm against what happened to the republicans and being from Dallas and a formmer member of 1st Baptist Dallas, I saw and heard the changes taking place.
I'm a former public school teacher and have experienced reverse discrimination and have had a problem with this Obama phenomenon. I'm very skeptical of this and will probably vote Republican, especially since they picked a female for VP..
I'm very disappointed in the total disregard for Hilary Clinton. I feel it was deliberate, from the beginning.
I didn't vote for Bill because of his obvious sexual addiction, but cast my vote for H. Ross Perot, who I still believe would have been a better president.
I'm a moderate independent. I really enjoyed the Friday night program with the Black brothers.
Thanks for your indepth, honest approach to America's many issues.
Ginger Hearn

Tim -- Hitler would have been a lot less powerful without all the help he got from American corporations. To wit:

Drive across the South and/or Midwest sometime with your radio on.

Hey Beecham
You're right. World War One, 20 million dead. World War Two, 50 million. Even so, if we all hadn't have fought and won those two terrible wars, I'd have had to re-phrase my question for you: It would have read, "Was ist los mit du?"

Why don't Americans get it?



From birth until death.

In school
Video Game

Absurdities repeated often enough become accepted as reality.

But no one is immune from propaganda. Not even Canadians.

World War Two was an atrocity.

World War One was an atrocity.

They were fought for greed and power. Not for freedom or democracy.

They are no better than Vietnam. They merely have better PR.

We are suffering through the last year of one of the most conservative, partisan, and seemingly willfully incompetent administrations in the history of our country. Mr. Bush and Mr. Cheney have done damage to our military by starting a war under false pretenses and prosecuting that war incompetently. They have damaged the very fabric of our democracy by torturing prisoners of that war. They have gutted the oversight function of the federal bureaucracy to a point that we have banks lending money to people they know can’t pay it back. They have squandered a budget surplus and replaced it with a record deficit. The list could go on for pages.

Now we have the opportunity to replace this incompetence with a man who inspires millions of young people, a man who has the skill to manage a national campaign better than both Ms. Clinton and Mr. McCain, a man who has the most liberal voting record in the US Senate. But he isn’t liberal enough for your two guests. They spend their time in the national spotlight carping that he doesn’t go far enough. It was a maddening performance. In my view, you should have pointed out that Dr. Reed has been a long standing critic of Mr. Obama, or forced him to admit it.

One thing I admire, the only thing I admire about conservatives is that they know how to get things done. They understand the order of life. First you get elected, then you change government policy. Mr. Bush won two elections by the slimmest of margins, claimed a mandate, and then set about making major changes in the direction of this country.

My suspicion is that your two guests would rather complain about the state of our country rather than roll up their sleeves and change it. I may however be wrong. The truth may be worse. It may be that they don’t want to see Mr. Obama elected because then they would be partially responsible for the outcome.

“ It isn’t that John McCain doesn’t care,” Barack Obama said, “It’s that he just doesn’t get it.” I’m a fifty-seven year old Canadian, and my question to America is this: “Why is it that Americans in general just don’t seem to get it?”
But before you all start beating me over the head with the stars and stripes, and shouting me down with patriotic abuse, let me explain what I mean.
There’s been no slavery in Canada since 1834; but it took another 30 years, and the bloodiest war in American history before it came to an end in your country. Even so, I can remember standing on the Canadian side of the border and watching the smoke rise from the riots in Detroit in 1967. And apparently, only now, in 2008, are you perhaps finally putting the poisonous legacy of slavery behind you.
Let’s look at health care. All Canadians have had universal single-payer health care since 1965. For almost all the days of my life, whenever I’ve been injured and gone to a doctor or a hospital emergency room, my injury has been well treated in good order. And when I walked out the door, no one presented me with a bill, and I didn’t owe a single cent. Oh, it’s not a perfect system, I grant you. Sometimes there’s longer waiting times than everyone would like. But my mother had a cancer operation, and my father had several operations. And the financial cost to our family? Not one penny.
Let’s examine the history of getting along with one another despite the political and racial differences inside our own countries.
In Canada, we have a northern territory the size of Western Europe governed by native people, and, across the land, we have many native Indians. That’s not to say there are no problems on native reserves, and in other respects. And, in our own history, we’ve certainly made some mistakes. But we never had anything like the sustained genocidal slaughter that characterized America’s dealings with its native peoples.
Now. Imagine an American state, bigger than Texas, whose citizens speak French, and which physically separates Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Massachusetts from the rest of the United States. That’s what we have in Canada; our French-speaking province of Quebec is larger than Texas, and it geographically separates 4 of our English-speaking provinces from the other 5 English-speaking provinces. Sometimes our political and ethnic squabbles have nearly broke up the country. Yet, somehow, we’ve managed to hold it all together. And never have we picked up guns and started to shoot each other. But in America, murder often seems to the common response to both political and personal disputes. In Canada, we have never had anything that even comes close the annual national murder rate that seems to be the accepted norm in the United States. Nor are our jails overflowing.
Now before you all take a shot at me about “defending freedom,” consider this: I’m a working class guy who served in the military for five years. And look at our history. In 1914, we Canadians were in the trenches on the western front; America didn’t get there until 1917. In 1939, we had men in Spitfires flying over Britain; America didn’t show up until 1942. And since the inception of the United Nations, Canadian troops have served in every single peace-keeping mission sent around the world. But we stayed out of Vietnam and refused to join “the coalition of the willing” to attack Iraq.
Now look. I’m not trying to wave a Canadian flag, or beat on America. I’m suggesting to you this: part of the reason for all these differences in our history, and in our current social situations is that our mantra in Canada has been “peace, order, and good government.” Yours has been “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”
Well, I ask you these things: When you get sick, does anyone care about your life? When you walk down a city street at night, do you feel that your life is safe? When you get a medical bill, do you feel free? When you get put on a no-fly list, or renditioned to Syria to be tortured, or have your Emails, phone calls, and library books monitored by your government to protect your freedom, do you feel more free than me? When you bury the young men and women that political adventurers have sent off to Iraq on a “defending freedom” scam, are you happy? When you lose your jobs and homes because your free-wheeling corporate looters and corrupt politicians tell you that the market knows best and that all regulation is bad, are you even happier?
Bill Clinton told you a hard truth: “the world is more impressed with the power of our example, than with the example of our power.”
Why is it then, that in general, Americans just don’t seem to get it?


Change they say.
That's what the more and more homeless say when you walk the city streets of America.
Do you have any change?
Change is going to fix this broken Democracy?
Change what? The skipper of a sinking ship rotted away by greed.
Change the way this ship called America is governed, with its bow slipping under the sea.
Change will raise a sunkin ship?
Change is not the solution my fellow passengers, it time to build a new and better one before it's to late, before we all drowned and go down with the ship.
Now is not the time for change, now is the time to to begin anew.
Jefferson saw it coming,
why don't Americans see it too?


Bill Moyers - please inform the rest of us how you came up with your theory that the Republican party is pressuring McCain to run for only one term.

I pull my TV out of the closet only on friday nights, but I listened to speeches all week and one re-occuring theme seemed to be; "hopes and dreams and two jobs!!" We are in a depression and it would seem the sole function of this two-year 'race' has been to keep that knowledge from TV viewers. Not only did the candidates and cohorts not seriously address that grim reality, but as a life-long anti-fascist, I can't find a single issue that we agree on. Obama's positions are well to the right of bush/cheney, but probably not far enough to win in Nov.

The Democrats are the same as the Republicans. They are both owned by the Corporations.

Did the convention discuss the Federal Reserve?

Did it discuss the REAL story of 9/11?

Did it discuss the military industrial complex?

Electoral Fraud?

Massive Surveillance?

Power of corporations?

The war on drugs?

Change of color only.

I voted for Hillary Clinton because she has always been an advocate for women and children here and around the world. Moreover, I admired her resilience and resolve against a media and DNC efforts to denigrate her. Just recently she and Patti Murphy have come out against the Bush Administration's aim to deny effective emergency contraception.Where were Barry and the other guys on this important issue? While I'm still angry about Hillary's treatment and by extension her old lady supporters, I could never vote for McCain. Now with addition of Palin, the poster girl for the prolife movement, Barry gets my vote and my $.
Inasmuch as I advocate a single payer health plan, state or local control of all utilities, and strigent regulation of all essential industries,I could never find my ideal, electable candidate. The Democrats are definitely preferrable to the reactionary Rebublicans. I certainly hope the American people will demonstrate better judgement in November.

I voted for Hillary Clinton because she has always been an advocate for women and children here and around the world. Moreover, I admired her resilience and resolve against a media and DNC efforts to denigrate her. Just recently she and Patti Murphy have come out against the Bush Administration's aim to deny effective emergency contraception.Where were Barry and the other guys on this important issue? While I'm still angry about Hillary's treatment and by extension her old lady supporters, I could never vote for McCain. Now with addition of Palin, the poster girl for the prolife movement, Barry gets my vote and my $.
Inasmuch as I advocate a single payer health plan, state or local control of all utilities, and strigent regulation of all essential industries,I could never find my ideal, electable candidate. The Democrats are definitely preferrable to the reactionary Rebublicans. I certainly hope the American people will demonstrate better judgement in November.

Bill Moyers' tonight was the most instructive and helpful learning of our week. Though we loved the Dem's convention,too. Thank you, Bill.

Sarah Palin? Why not a housewife from Puerto Rico, or a nurse from anytown, USA? So much for experience. Just a heartbeat away from the Presidency there could be some unknown entity, correct female gender I guess, who, two years ago, was the mayor of Wasilla? How does the former mayor of Wasilla feel about the use of nuclear weapons? We should all be truly frightened.
Wasilla, I think, is a city of about two or nine thousand people,(various reports)somewhere in Alaska. Not sure. OK, that does it--I'm running for mayor of Wasilla. I could be--President in two years! Seriously folks, the onus isn't just on Hillary Clinton, as the editor of The Nation magazine smartly suggested on the Journal, but on all democrats to expose the McCain Veep choice for what it is. Laughable and senile are words that spring to mind. Stupid is blunt but descriptive, accurate. I'm sure there are many more...

You're right , Fran. Good people pick up the bucket and form a brigade when they cut off the water. I just hope the bastards don't poison our well (will). Medicine relieves suffering and offers opportunity to heal. Even those with health insurance now receive a padded bill of uncovered items after treatment. The hospital and the insurance company just point at each other like Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra. That's Vegas, Baby!

I'm beginning to think large numbers of us will be treated in community health centers for basic needs, just like they have in African villages. All this sophisticated medical technology, and very few who can afford it...

As to the question--top issues. Iraq, of course, because that's a moral issue. I love Barack's approach to foreign relations; it's in our self interest to rebuild our image and help poor nations to develop.

Domestically, HEALTH CARE. It goes beyond the obvious: what if I get sick. I'm 61, so i need to stay healthy for 4 years. Nobody's going to hire me for a job in my field at my age. There are very few full time jobs; everybody wants parttimers so they won't have to pay their bennies. How does anyone pay for insurance on $10.per hour at 25 hrs per week? I like Barack and certainly intend to vote for him, but I don't think his health ins plan goes far enough, unless he can make it very inexpensive for poorer folks. At the end of the day, we'll get some hodgepodge plan that suits the insurance magnates and pharm's i guess. But I think a single-payer system would help free up the job market somewhat.

Top agendas: alternative energy technology that has been disallowed from coming forth--they are out there and ready to be deployed if not stopped by gov't/multi-national intervention; environment--we are reaching critical mass with the climate and detruction of critical ecological systems--massive pollution of the oceans, the rapid die off of pollenators, etc.; the economy--540 trillion over the counter derivative crisis, theft from Bank of International Settlements from US and other G-7 governments, end of the petro dollar, global financial collapse, inherent corruption of Fed. Reserve System; Collusion of Multi-national Corporations and government to pillage the planet for the benefit of a very small elite, end of middle class, demise of US economy and destructive dismantling of our ability to participate let alone compete in global marketplace, etc, etc, etc.
Did I hear any of that addressed in the Dem. Convention? - no - but I heard something I haven't heard in a very long time--the awakening of a dream, the hope for change, the needs of the people addressed. I felt hopeful that maybe the rest would follow if we elect this new regime. What I do know is that if the Republicans retain power one more time, there is no hope for any of us.

So, thankfully, I stumbled onto C-Span, which carried all the speeches sans commentary. Aahhh, refreshing. I'm so sick of CNN's self promoting and devil's advocate games, not to mention endless commercials. PBS was ok. The only thing that concerned me was that they over-did the hard luck stories. My family's having a rough time, too, but it started to get depressing. I hope they didn't turn voters off. The major speeches were all awesome!

"When Obama gets power" Bill suggested to Vanden Heuval and Reed, and they proceeded to prophesy about a presidency still not won. Let me suggest that we continue to live on plantations, that the Massa is so big we never see him, that straw bosses like Bill Clinton and GHW Bush only come down to the shacks when we are due a whoopin'.
Sarah Palin and Barack Obama are surrogates of power. When the Big Boss is prohibited from holding office or collecting the government check himself these toilet fixtures are installed to do the job. Only a fine and twisted mind like Robert Penn Warren could speculate whether Sarah and Barack realize their Hannah Montana status. Miley Cyrus dare not break character when working for Disney just as they dare not speak candidly or get off script. They have all the latitude of Addie McDowell when she is selling cosmetics. McCain and Biden are old circus animals by now. They go through their paces: rings of fire, hurdles, perches, ladders and fetching. They've had some beatings and they don't want no more. They are addicted to the treats.

Roosevelt's times are gone, except for the dismal economic malaise that had set in. It is now only the people who can set themselves free, for they have no more reliable independent advocate than chickens in the slaughterhouse, just hungry buzzards lined up at the drivein window of doom. As long as the antique criminal enterprise we call capitalism remains in place and is enforced by a legal system and government skewed by concentrated wealth we live on a plantation.
Hillary unknowingly spoke about Harriet Tubman's advice to keep going when the dogs have your scent and the slave-catchers can be heard nearby. It was as if Big Bird had started discussing derivatives. What is out there beyond the plantation rules and mindset Hillary? Neither you nor barack or Sarah have ever been to look, and if you have you can't say, or they'll shoot you in the head like Lincoln and Kennedy and Preacher King.
"Ciderhouse Rules" examined abortion in a socially responsible context. We will not be free until we shake off the Slaughterhouse rules of the Capitalist Plantation.

So, Adolph, since Obama isn't Eugene V. Debs, we should vote for 4 more years of Bush?

When it comes to the most fundamental question, that of whether or not a candidate can deliver, Palin as Mc's 2nd, has unfortunately delivered more than Obama (number 1) in his 140 days in the legislature. All of your discussions concerning the limits of executive power, Mr. Moyers, seem rather hollow when there is now a presidential nominee promising as much as Obama.

An enormous amount of sour grapes so far today from Democratic-leaning commentators. Before McCain's announcement they were all ready to start preaching the old line that patronizes blacks as much as if they were Stepin Fetchit's, but which, the candidate, himself, has rejected. Sure I have misgivings about the choice of Palin, and what it says about the GOP campaign, but you can't say she is a trophy veep: And the question of commander-in-chief credentials can easily be handles by getting Colin Powell on board as Secy of Defense or State. On the issue of tax cuts, middle-class cuts have never been practical no matter what one would like and the Wash Post reported Aug 10 that they would be no more this time, amounting to voodoo-economics. Neither the Republicans' emphasis on self-reliance, nor the Democrats' patronizing welfare programs, will work as long as the country keeps printing money by too easy credit and Federal budget deficits. End both and standard micro-economics will work, providing both self-reliance and sufficient welfare, as well as righting the distribution of wealth, making progressive taxation unnecessary. Easy money encourages ppl to be selfish, because they know it is unfair, nor, btw, did Adam Smith ever say it was good. If there ever was a one-step economic fix, it is this: End Inflationary Monetary and Fiscal Policy. For my take on the question of progressivism in the Democratic Party, see Wednesday and Thursday's Charlie Rose blog.

Too conservative. Too conservative. Still dumping on working people.

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