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What Questions Would You Ask of the Presidential Candidates?

Numerous viewers have written to BILL MOYERS JOURNAL lamenting what some say has been the most sensational – and least educational – election coverage that the corporate news media has yet provided.

Whether or not you agree with that dire diagnosis, you may have some questions for the Presidential candidates that have not penetrated coverage of the horse race.

What questions would you ask of the Presidential candidates?

Please respond below or email your questions to moyersblog [at]


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Been a fan of airplanes and aviation for any extended time, fascinating weblog.

Why America would allow a concentration of wealth and power in NY, or in the realm of health care, all of the power concentrated in the board members of the AMA in Maryland?

I would ask Senator McCain the following questions. You say you will lead us to victory in Iraq no matter what the cost may be. Are you willing to reinstate the Draft ? How many American lives are you willing to sacrifice to achieve victory ? When will you know we have won in Iraq ? Please define victory in Iraq.

I would ask Senator McCain the following questions. You say you will lead us to victory in Iraq no matter what the cost may be. Are you willing to reinstate the Draft ? How many American lives are you willing to sacrifice to achieve victory ? When will you know we have won in Iraq ? Please define victory in Iraq.

I would ask Senator McCain the following questions. You say you will lead us to victory in Iraq no matter what the cost may be. Are you willing to reinstate the Draft ? How many American lives are you willing to sacrifice to achieve victory ? When will you know we have won in Iraq ? Please define victory in Iraq.

I would ask Senator McCain the following questions. You say you will lead us to victory in Iraq no matter what the cost may be. Are you willing to reinstate the Draft ? How many American lives are you willing to sacrifice to achieve victory ? When will you know we have won in Iraq ? Please define victory in Iraq.

I'd love to get an answer on this.

If you go to Woods Fund Chicago, and look at the who we are, William Ayers is right there. If you scroll down to the middle of the Board of Directors there is Patrick Sheahan. Turns out he works for UBS Investment bank.

My question is this; Doesn't that mean that former Republican Phil Gramm is actually "funding" the person that Palin and McCain want us to believe is the second coming of Osama?

If anyone from either side of the aisle can explain this, I'd love to hear it!

To each candidate, how will your budget affect the overall deficit by the time your first term is over?

Houston B. White: I wonder where you served and what you learned. You must be about retirement age now. Got Medicare? Consider this: If we had universal single-payer health coverage you would not be worried over eligibility at the Veterans Administration,unless they have some specific expertise you need. Anyway, if we had a good health care system not distorted by greed, we would probably be treating our soldiers and veterans a lot better. Let's tell the government and business welfare queensto, ?Hold on, Buddy, no more dipping until we meet our moral obligations. First things first. People in physical and mental distress can't wait. Your money? Fuggitabowdit!"

As an honorably discharged veteran of the U.S. Army (1961-1964) I am a "priority 8" status to receive Veterans Medical Benefits. I volunteered to serve while many were evading the draft, when my country needed. When I enlisted I was told that as a veteran these benefits would be available, now when I need these benefits they are not. Where does Sen. McCain and Sen. Obama stand on changing, so that all veteran have the medical care they need in there later years.
Thank you,
Houston D. White

As an honorably discharged veteran of the U.S. Army (1961-1964) I am a "priority 8" status to receive Veterans Medical Benefits. I volunteered to serve while many were evading the draftmj, when my country was needing me. When I joined I was told that as a veteran these benefits would be available, now when I need these benefits they are not. Where do Sen. McCain and Sen. Obama stand on changing, so that all veteran have the medical care they need in there later years.
Thank you,
Houston D. White

Someone has to explain to me some things:

Why should one continue to pay their mortgage payments when the government is proposing to let you default and pay it for you? Basically it's ok to buy a home you can't afford then borrow off it to buy every new model car and item you want then default, keep all the items and have the government pay for it?

And someone explain, why does filing taxes as "Married filing separately" cause people to pay a higher tax rate?

Was this country not formed because of being over-taxed by the British?

Century's ago did not the Rich tax the poor ..and tax ..and tax...will the government become the next land baron?

Do we teach the children of today anything about respect, hard work or are the adults just too lazy?

WHEN WILL THE PEOPLE OF AMERICA GET UP AND SAY THAT IS ENOUGH? Or has this country become too self-involved, luxury driven and lazy. I hope we wake up while we still have a country.

It's a HUGE pet peeve of mine when candidates (Democrat and Republican) tactfully dodge or don't answer the direct questions they are asked by moderators or media people. I'd like to see both candidates and the people asking the questions to stay on topic and not let them change the question easily.

C. B. Nickrass: Check your facts, Sarah Palin had a relatively easy upbringing. She partied her way to a flunk-out at the Univ. of Hawaii before graduating from the Univ. of Idaho. Her father had to leave Idaho to pursue his lucrative but illegal safari/ big game hunting business on which they've never paid taxes. Most beauty contestants are not poor girls. It takes connections to become a TV sportscaster even in Alaska, but then intelligence is a liability in that career. She served as an ice flow call girl until big executive hunters began to appreciate her talents and chose her as a political surrogate. More bear poop is due to hit the fan when her service on the Alaskan Energy Commission is investigated. Poor boy Todd couldn't have afforded exotic racing snowmobiles on his fishing income. He was never in the oil business until he received the favor through Sarah's connections. Even then no one can explain how they afforded their $300,000 float plane.
The media needs to crack-down on Palin, the reincarnation of Spiro Agnew. Beware you nattering Nabobs of Negativism.

C. B. Nickrass: Check your facts, Sarah Palin had a relatively easy upbringing. She partied her way to a flunk-out at the Univ. of Hawaii before graduating from the Univ. of Idaho. Her father had to leave Idaho to pursue his lucrative but illegal safari/ big game hunting business on which they've never paid taxes. Most beauty contestants are not poor girls. It takes connections to become a TV sportscaster even in Alaska, but then intelligence is a liability in that career. She served as an ice flow call girl until big executive hunters began to appreciate her talents and chose her as a political surrogate. More bear poop is due to hit the fan when her service on the Alaskan Energy Commission is investigated. Poor boy Todd couldn't have afforded exotic racing snowmobiles on his fishing income. He was never in the oil business until he received the favor through Sarah's connections. Even then no one can explain how they afforded their $300,000 float plane.
The media needs to crack-down on Palin, the reincarnation of Spiro Agnew. Beware you nattering Nabobs of Negativism.

"One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors."

Trust no one but yourselves.

Question for John McCain; In recent weeks, you have repeatedly asked the electorate to see you as a "change" candidate. You devote a lot of energy to distancing yourself from the policies of Bush/Cheney. Question: Do you, or do you not represent 30% of the base that remains loyal to Bush/Cheney?
Follow up: If yes, then how do you expect them to come to terms with your political platform based on change?

Question for both candidates, starting with McCain. In the VP debate Palin remarked that she would like to broaden the powers of the VP. We have seen the Bush administration expand the power of the presidency, and espouse that the executive branch be accorded "Unitary Executive" powers, effectively gutting the founding priniple of governence by 3 co-equal branches. Yes, or No, if elected, will you pledge to renounce the powers of the Unitary Executive, and restore our system of democracy by three co-equal branches, even if it means giving up power?

To Bill Moyers et al,
If I were allowed to ask the candidates a question it might be simply this:
Should a US President conduct any foreign policy with the express or implied intent of regime change in order to further the interests of the United States?
Yours, pete sanders
Olympia, Washington State

I would ask both Candidates if they would be willing to name, before the November 4th election, the financial team that they plan to put together to tackle the current economic crisis once they are in office. I want to know who is advising them. Not a complete list, but a few names please....

I would ask John McCain:

Mr. McCain, you say you love your country. Your campaign's slogan is "Country First". You elude that Obama is not as patriotic as you nor a "real" American. You also say that you are not like George Bush. If you so love your country why choose Sarah Palin - the female version of George Bush? Was it a decision based on "Country First"?

Dear Mr. Moyers,
We are sliding so far backwards as a nation that it sickens me. As a bi-racial woman I've experienced a great deal of racism in my lifetime. I grew up in a small, mainly white, military town in Northern California where people hung the confederate flag in their window and liked to call the black community 'little Africa'. When I got older the racists comments were more subtle, just like what I see happening to Senator Obama in this campaign. I too heard things like, she's not like us or we need to preserve our America (which is code for white people's America) The GOP couldn't make Senator Obama into the angry black man, so they linked him to one. They couldn't outright call him a terrorist so once again they tried linking him to a terrorist. These are all different forms of racism. When I look at Sarah Palin I feel nauseated by what she represents. Her patriotism is a mask for her parties xenophobic beliefs and even the media, whether intentional or not, has bought into it. The spunky white woman is going to save (white Americans, such as herself) from the scary black man. Whether you like Senator Obama or not he has run a fantastic campaign and yet he hardly gets any credit for it, accept by his supporters. At he same time Sarah Palin bats her eye lashes, flashes a smile, spouts imperialistic views and is hailed by the media and others as a hero. John McCain, Sarah Palin/Rush Limbaugh/Bill O'Reilly and the rest of the GOP have once again given a voice to the religious zealots, the bigots and homophobes in this country and I am sick about it. I'm only happy to see that so many Americans are seeing through what is going on, mainly because most Americans already know how to get along with, and live with, people of different races, religions and sexual orientations (which is what America was founded on) My husband, who happens to be white, pegged this thing from the very beginning, he said this whole campaign will be about creating an image of a scary black man. I wish the media would start doing their job by calling John McCain and his party out on all these things. I shouldn't have to turn to SNL to get a true perspective on who won the debate. The ideologies of John McCain, Sarah Palin and the rest of the GOP are dangerous to this country, and to the world!!!

Linda M
Northern California

Hey Dean,
As Emma Coleman Jordan clearly pointed out on Moyers’ 10-3-08 broadcast, lending to African American borrowers was not the source of bad mortgages. Indeed, these borrowers had better credit ratings than those in states like CA, NV, or FL where folks were looking to capitalize on the bubble by flipping their housing “investments.” These are where the most foreclosures are today. You should tune in some time and maybe get the context of your facts correct.

OBAMA has the blood of this financial debacle on his hands. He used President Clinton’s Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) regulations as part of ACORN to manipulate the banks. He manipulated the banks by threatening the bank’s CRA rating. Obama personally trained ACORN activist to stage protest in bank lobbies virtually black mailing the banks into making bad loans lest they be called racist. He raised money for ACORN and has supported this organization from the beginning of his political career.

OBAMA is at the very least a sketchy person. When you are either supported by or associated with Racist, Organized Criminals, and Terrorist your credibility is nonexistent.

John McCain and John Glenn were acquitted in the Keating and the S&L debacle; they were only investigated for political purposes.

These are the facts.

Sarah Palin is now the GOP point person in questioning Obama’s crossing paths with Ayers, the underground terrorist of the 60’s. She chided Biden during the VP convention with “there you go again, looking at the past…” I would like to ask the McCain/ Palin mavericks to explain John McCain’s “non involvement” with Keating and the S&L debacle (that cost tax payers millions) when their paths crossed in the 80’s. John may have to answer that one since Sarah (in the 80’s like Barack in the 60’s) was not really old enough to know what was going on then.

Shouldn't all congress persons be required to return all monies plus interest obtained from Freddie/Fannie just like they would not accept political donations from tainted sources?

To McCain: explain how this is different from the S&L debacle and why should we trust you with this current economical issue in light of the Keating 5 secnario that played out after the savings and loan bailout?

To Obama: How will you achieve the funding for healthcare and social programs under your administration?

@ Brian O'Neill:

By our own governments standards, as created over the past 6 years - Sen. McCain was NOT tortured but simply put in stress positions and some minor psychological discomfort in order for that countries leader to gain meaningful information from a deemed 'enemy combatant'.

Or are you saying......... he was tortured but when we do the same thing it's not?

Senator McCain
You have stated that there are times when our "civil rights" must take a backseat to the need to national security.

Please explain why you're willing to protect my right to have an AK-47, but you believe my right to free speech doesn't deserve the same protection.

I completely agree with Darlene Little's question in regards to allowing third party members into the presidential debates. It is no wonder why in these televised debates presidential candidates are allowed to avoid certain issues completely. The vast majority of American voters are left to pick from two candidates that may represent 'more of the same' because they believe that they only have two choices. This is the shame of both Democratic and Republican parties but also the committee that sponsors these events.

In response to Brian's comment regarding Senator Obama's upbringing in the Hawaiian Islands being tough - I think he (Brian) would find it interesting that Hawaii is a state that has one of the highest costs of living in the nation. Over 50 percent of school-aged children in the public school system participate in the free or reduced lunch program. In the Senator's defense, I would say that because he came from a single parent household it is likely that he himself was a participant in this program. So maybe he never went without eating lunch, but maybe he did. I can assure you from experience that growing up on the tropical beaches of Hawaii is no picnic. Many local families live in tents on the beaches because they cannot afford to buy a $500,000 home (the median price of a single family home in Hawaii) or pay $1,500 a month to rent an apartment.

to the question, "Mr. McCain and Mr. Obama, one simple question for both of you. Have you ever gone hungry ?" Don't ask McCain that question, POW's arent given three meals a day, more like 3 beatings a days. As for Obama, gee what a hard life being raised on the tropical beaches of Hawaii. Ooo, what a tough life...

Who does a person get to marry who is undefined as to sex, or who has the characteristics of both sexes. My college professor married what I thought was a woman but she turned out to be a man, who decided to be a woman at the age of twelve.

By your definition she would not be allowed to do so, since she was a male at birth.

Why do you hold both biologically ridiculous notions, and ones based on religion as well?

We all like to criticize the Wall Street/banking system for it's horrendous loaning practices. What we fail to remember or recognize is that the credit card industry has been using the same kind of practices for many more years that the banks are now using. What will you do to reign in the loaning practices of all financial institutitons including the credit card companies? (I would have liked to have seen Sen. Biden answer this)

Do you agree with the assessment that many home owners got into bad financial straits because of over use of credit cards? Since the bankruptcy laws were changed to force fuller repayement to the plastic companies, people were forced into taking out larger and riskier mortgages to pay their run up on credit. If you do not agree, how have the credit card companies and the newer bankruptcy laws prevented foreclosures?


Which religion? Assuming you mean the Abrahamic faiths, and not needing all caps to yell, wasn't it America's so called wealthy religious leaders who backed George Bush - who states he has a direct line and vision from God?

Buddha help us.............

I don't think any question posed to Palin would produce a genuine response. She's like a GOP Barbie with a rotating recording of "folksy talking points." She sounds completely brainwashed.

If you agree with a political philosophy you should agree with it, not be controlled by it.

Biden is the real deal.

Gov. you think everyone in the U.S. is a soccer mom, joe-6 pack. Please Gov. Palin...answer a question stop side-stepping them. If you don't know, say so. I'm for one am tired of your fantasy world thinking you are even close to being qualified to lead this country. Gov. you understand sub-prime loans? I don't think there is much you do understand.

Mr. McCain and Mr. Obama, one simple question for both of you. Have you ever gone hungry ?

For both candidates: Excepting only the United States, which country or countries do you admire most....and why? Please note their economic strengths, social attributes and historical importance to our nation and the qworld.

For either canidate:

If an uninsured person gets medical treatment, the fee is more for him than if the person who has insurance, sometimes the fee is double or more than the insured fee. What are you as a canidate going to do to put the uninsured rate on equal footing with the insured rate?

Read "The Republican Noise Machine" by David Brock. If I could interview Obama, I'd ask him: How about reopening all the 9/11 investigations, because evidence (that the current administration has suppressed) shows that 9/11 was an INSIDE JOB (read: HOAX.) Once we prove that, the political landscape changes quite a bit, so that's really important. I'd ask him: do you intend to prosecute various members of the Bush administration for their WAR CRIMES and CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY? Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice, Wolfowitz, Perle, and many others need to be tried in the Hague and to GO TO JAIL for what they've done. I'd ask him: Why DON'T you support a woman's unrestricted right to an abortion? I'd ask him: will you DO anything to correct the authoritarian abuses of the people: the warrantless wiretapping, suspension of habeus corpus, the PATRIOT act, and "torture is fine"? I'd ask him, what are you going to do to put political power BACK IN THE HANDS OF THE PEOPLE, WHERE IT BELONGS, and take it away from people who think money rules the world? I'd ask him, are you willing to stand up for the PEOPLE even if it means you'll lose your next election? I'd ask him to FILE A BILL to remove all the Bush administration's judicial appointments (Bush wasn't entitled to make them: he wasn't elected, NOT ONCE.) Then FILE A BILL to get rid of the remaining justices who voted for Bush in 2000: Scalia, Thomas and Kennedy, and censure all five, including Rehnquist and O'Connor, for STEALING THE VOTE FROM THE PEOPLE. I'd ask Obama if he has the guts to tell America: WE ARE NOT KLINGONS. WE WILL NEVER HAVE ANOTHER WAR UNTIL THE AMERICAN PEOPLE ARE ON BOARD 90%. WE WILL NEVER HAVE ANOTHER WAR BASED ON "SECRETS" AND LIES. I would ask him: do you agree with these principles?

Unfortunately he would not agree, and McCain even less. So finally I would ask him: DO YOU HAVE THE GUTS TO DEBATE RALPH NADER?

Please ask the VP candidates if they would support single-issue legislation and a total ban on oinker bills (read pork barrel spending)?

Governor Palin,
Do you mind if I do everything possible to undermine you in order to ensure the success of my preferred candidate and book?

I would like to ask Gwen Ifil some questions: How in good conscience can she be the moderator/now that her upcoming book has been announced and her 'support' for Obama. Also,does she know the definition of the word--moderator--as defined in Merriam-Webster dictionary?

I'd like to propose two questions for Gwen Ifil to ask on Thursday evening?

Governor Palin, In your acceptance speech to the Republican National Convention, you referenced the "bridge to nowhere." You said you told Washington "Thanks, but no thanks." Since that was the first time many Americans heard you speak, what do you think most thought then happened to the money for that bridge?

A second question:

Governor Palin, you've indicated that you are against abortion in all instances. Your 17 year old daughter is now pregnant. If, God forbid, her continued pregnancy placed her life in serious jeopardy, what would you counsel her to do?

Question: if you evenly distributed the $700 billion bailout to every American citizen over the age of 21 how much would each receive?
Explain why you would vote against such an idea while voting instead to give the money (via bailouts to their failing companies) to the likes of Lloyd Blankfein (Goldman Sachs), Martin J. Sullivan (AIG) or Richard Fuld (Lehman) and why this would be a better use of these taxpayer dollars.
Note that as potential recipients my wife and I would:
pay taxes on this dividend back to the treasury,
pay off our first and second mortgage,
pay off all our credit card debt,
pay off our student loans,
set up college trust funds for three grandchilren
and purchase adequate medical insurance for each of us.
Then we’d replace our aging, polluting vehicles with greener versions and double our contributions to our local charities.

We should ask Sarah Palin what branch of the government the vice president belongs to. And which branch is responsible for Habeus Corpus and do we have Habeus Corpus and should we and why?

As a nation, we must take time out to heal our country from decades of faulty leadership, and misplaced values. In that light, it's imperative to strengthen our abilities to help one another; only then can we consider helping other nations.

If you believe that principle, what will you do to give us back our very basic rights to "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness," and how do you propose working with both houses of congress to bring about our nation's health? Who will you bring into leadership to carry our nation forward for the people?

Lastly, are you courageous enough to use intellect and not war against other nations?

Dear Candidates,

Would you be willing to (please) keep your mouths shut about your personal religious beliefs? It is rude, inappropriate and offensive. Frankly, particularly in the case of this crazed woman Palin, it is unsettling to say the least.

I would ask each of the would-be Presidents and Vice Presidents to whom I am their sister In Christ: If you had to choose, would you forego my 27 year old daughter's vote in favor of her turning from her agnostic stance and believing in her heart and confessing with her tongue "Jesus is lord of my life and I accept him as my personal lord and savior for all eternity"? Of course your answer would be "yes". Because as christians we know that God already knows how this election will turn out, we continue to do our work for Him. Rock on in His name. Thank You!

I was going to applaud Sarah Palin's honesty but...

It seemed refreshing to hear a politician admit that they did not know everything under the sun.

In her interview with Katie Couric, Palin told Couric she would get the info for her at a later date as she was not able to answer her question.

I felt that if McCain could not answer a simple question about how many houses he owned and had to refer the question to his office. What was wrong with Palin doing some research to answer a question?

Then it occurred to me Palin was making claims based on knowledge she did not have...AKA just another lying rhetorician.

I would respect Palin much more if she came forth and said I got swept up in the political frenzy, I was overworked and tired and did not have the facts that I claimed to have. I apologize to the American public and will try to do better in the future with being honest.

(...and no, I'm not voting for Obama...just another lying rhetorician.)

How are you going to help those of us over 65 living on pensions cope with rising costs and lessening coverage on health care?
Our savings are disappearing and some of us are going to lose everything we own because of health issues.

In light of the Abu Ghraib scandal, reports out of Guantanamo Bay about prisoner abuses including water boarding, and public discourse about the difference between "torture" and "enhanced interrogation", do you believe that the US is upholding our international agreements regarding prisoners such as to the Geneva conventions? What specific changes should be made to our current policies, if any?

I would like to ask Sen Obama, about his pledge to sign the Freedom of Choice Act as his first priory as President. Since this bill will lift all individual State restrictions on abortions, and the federal late term or"Partcial Birth Abortion Ban", I see this as a two fold concern; State rights and human rights. Please explain your overwhelming support of this bill, Sen. Obama and I would also like to hear Sen. McCain's view on this.

To both candidates~
How would you feel about amending the rules of order for the Congress and the Senate with the inclusion of three words:
Nothing gets tabled.

I would like the Presidential candidates to answer or comment on the charges in this piece from the Christian Science Monitor on Liberalism and " careful what you wish for."

URL provided above

I have an energy independence question for the candidates:

With 3% of global oil reserves, even if we drill EVERYWHERE and tap ALL of our reserves, what's to keep Saudi Arabia from dialing production back 3% to keep prices high?

A question for John McCain:
Have you ever sought treatment for, a common illness among many veterans, the possibility you may be suffering from symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder(PTSD)based on your military service in Viet Nam?

My question to ask each presidential candidate is:
Do you think the statement by Bin Laden shortly after 9/11 about destroying the U.S. not militarily, but economically have any bearing on our present perilous economy?

I would like to ask Senator John McCain if the glaring absence of Sarah Palin following the debate is due to her being in the hospital and getting a Cochlear Implant so that answers may be fed to her in the upcoming VP debate. Short of that, how could she possibly even chit-chat with someone the likes of Senator Biden?

I would like to ask Sarah Palin to please explain the answer she gave to Katie Couric's question about why she only obtained a passport last year:

"I'm not one of those who maybe came from a background of, you know, kids who perhaps graduate college and their parents give them a passport and give them a backpack and say go off and travel the world. No, I've worked all my life. In fact, I usually had two jobs all my life until I had kids. I was not a part of, I guess, that culture." [emphasis mine]

I'd like to know why she's suggesting that managing to leave one's own country at least once before reaching middle age is somehow an elitist practice.

To Senator McCain: You have said in the past that the most important factor in picking a VP should be whether they're qualified to be president. You're in your 70's and have had 4 bouts with cancer. In your judgement, is Sarah Palin qualified to be president of the United States? Yes or No.

As I said before, one candidate may have better spin on the question - so you vote for him or her. Another candidate has traveled more, so you figure being well traveled also equates to ethics, honor, honesty and good judgments.

But when it comes down to it - politicians are pretty much all lying the ignorant public just votes for the best liar!

And then we can also inject our own personal prejudices as one responder brought up. She did not like the 'lack of humility and respect' showed to her political deity when Obama called him by his first name.

Psychologist William James once said, "A great many people believe they are thinking when they are merely rearranging their prejudices."

Where were the questions in the debate on peak oil and the end of American life as we know it?

The questions on the dieoff that faces humanity as all fossil fuels as well as uranium are depleted...not one peep.

The questions on our future food shortages and starvation that we face as a new way of life?

And why is the gov preparing the military for mass unrest and martial law?

But then, no one ever likes to talk about these issues...too depressing...too upside with getting more votes, especially with peak oil, since they can't be fixed.

Well, the upside is in the preparation and a more manageable and orderly transition with less deaths.

Have you ever heard your political deity utter the words Peak Oil...even once?

Your political deities can't do the work for you. No, they can't even talk about the underlying problems. And any problem that cannot be discussed in public is one scary problem.

As they say in 12 Step programs - admitting you have a problem is step 1. And our country cannot admit it, after all, admitting this problem would raise hell with our retirement funds. And until we can admit it, we cannot begin on our long road to a 'semblance' of recovery.

The intellectuals can keep their mind fixated on the future and fantasy as long as they want. They have no reckoning in the present. Their currency of trade is in 'thought' and not in practical application.

The survivalist on the other hand must come back to the present to prepare for and implement via 'practical application' what his future needs will be.

As futurists we try to anticipate future events and the direction the world is headed in and as survivalists we try to prepare for those circumstances.

You still have some valuable time left to prepare for what awaits you down the road. We are in the 'Indian Summer' of a post carbon world.

Don't wait until the winter sets in to start work on your preparedness efforts.

Will the REAL president elect please step forward. I want to know which facet of the candidates will be the one we see once they're in office.

The politician and public servant, with a history we can use to understand you?

The candidate you have become, bending every which way and being vague in your quest to get votes or not lose votes?

Or, the figure head of an administration we should assume will payback those interests which have paid for you to get where you are?

I am sure that those who have financed your campaign would like to know, and as a citizen whose vote is the ultimate ticket, I demand to know. Its said that Washington is broken, dirty and corrupt. Well, sunlight is the most effective and economical disinfectant.
Thank You

One question I have wanted to ask every candidate but never knew how, so thank you for this chance. I like alot of Americans am on disability, the average pay is about 600-700 pr month however the average rent is about 400+ which leave utilities and such as well as food. The average apartment home expects a tenant to make at least twice the rent a month as the case in my city. Along with that I have 3 children who barely get christmas for example and always second hand, thank God for the uniforms at least they cant get teased for wearing the same ones over and over. But we are talking so much about children in poverty in other nations. Who is going to help this nation's children. I hear people talk about how their taxes support my kids well, while taxes are a help remember alot of us parents were not always in this situation therefore our taxes aided this as well, but think about this the state of KY thinks that my kids can be aided with 288.00 a month. Yes I have my SSI but thats not alot and other families have less. So before fixing other nations shouldnt we fix our's? Who is going to stand up for us? We hear so much about how the rich are affected by the crisis, HELLOOOOOO!! So you can't buy prada big deal half the time the average American cannot afford Ramen. So while I hear about the defense budget and I understand it is important, I am still not hearing from either candidate what is going to be done, if anything. To be honest I almost don't want to vote, because even tonight on the debate I never heard a straight answer. Bring Hilary back at least she did speak straight up on what she wanted whether we agreed or not, besides she ran it pretty well the last time. Sorry Mr Clinton. But please think about that before trying to convince the lower class like me and middle working class to vote, talk in terms we all understand. I can spout off terms as well, but does it mean anyone gets what I am about? For instance this post?

@dede - As a person with cancer, I can tell you that the doctors will inform you that additional stress will weaken your system and cause it to flare up/spread faster, even if you think you are in remission. Chemo is debilitating. Radiation is debilitating - your thought processes are unstable, you are capable of emotional outbursts/actions that you regret, and there is no energy for just daily life. Imagine trying to run a country under these conditions. Also - the older you are, the greater the chance of devestating recurrence due to an immune system also weakened by age.

My question to the candidates:

Can you quit living in the past and take the country in a new direction; and if you find that you are on the wrong track - Will you step down to let someone more competent take the lead?

IE: Is it your power or the American people that come first.

I have to comment on the fact that Senator McCain looks really ill. The main question that I have is if Senator McCain is elected and God forbid something happens to his health. Gov. Palin will be the President of the United States and Nancy Pelosi will be the Vice Pesident. Somehow, I don't foresee harmony in the Oval Office. Please vote for Senator Obama.

I found some of the comments already given to be quite fascinating. !st of all the 1st comment I read by Tracie may be a bit hasty and rather colored, for lack of a better word. One may want to take note on who didn't look over at their opponent the entire evening. Also if McCain wanted to talk, he should. He is feisty enough to but in if needed. Also The other interesting note is to see who was throwing out talking points and who was actually trying to make an effort on explaining their point of view. Also take note on who it was during the debate who would not only agree with the other candidate, but would respect him enough to say so. Obama didn't need to do this. He could have kept his mouth shut and let McCain stay negative and insulting. You don't do such an informal debate (Which was agreed upon beforehand) and not look at your opponent and throw out lines like "He doesn't get it" or "This shows how wrong Obama is on his positions". Whether or not you agree with one candidate or another Obama clearly was the more gracious. I was originally for McCain in the beginning during the run up to the primaries.
I find I bring one main point to the table even though I am a democrat. Who tells the truth the most. This is who I vote for. McCain was amazing w/his "Straigh Talk" That being said the amount of twisting of records, the amount of switching or sliding into new camps to appeal to more constituents I find nauseating. I find Obama to be in the lead so far, but you never know.

Right now I'm just so disappointed in the lack of humility and lack of respect by Sen. Obama to Sen. McCain. You don't call the other candidate by their first name.

No class, no respect.

How do you define a US victory in Iraq?

Jim, Ask Obama how much he appreciates you allowing him to talk more than Sen McCain and how much this will raise your standing among the Washington elite?

My question for these candidates would be..
If you were elected to the office how would you help the current students with paying for college?

Do you think we should continue to send billions of dollars every year to Israel when we have homeless on the streets and are SO MUCH IN DEBT?

I would ask the candidates to answer the question as many times as it takes to get the answer.

(Asking does nothing if they evade the question.)

I would ask john/sarah why they call themselves 'prolife', when war and guns and lack of medical care for children and overpopulation and starvation end life.

Why can't they even be honest with themselves and call themselves 'pro-birth' as one of Bill Moyers guests call these anti-choice individuals?

thank you-- diana

I would ask Senator McCain:

Considering the current Wall Street meltdown, do you still support privitizing Social Security and sending retirement funds to Wall Street? Isn't this a bad idea? I would like Senator Obama to comment also. Thanks.

I'd like to know what the candidates have to say about this Reuters article
which found that "the surge" did not do everything it has been purported to do, and that an ethnic redistribution which began before "the surge" is, in fact, the reason for reduced violence.

From the article: "Our findings suggest that the surge has had no observable effect, except insofar as it has helped to provide a seal of approval for a process of ethno-sectarian neighborhood homogenization that is now largely achieved".

How will we pay for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan?

What will we do about getting justice for those who are locked up as terrorists without trial that might be innocent? Or because they’re non-Americans are they always assumed guilty?

How do we end the War on Terror and what will you do to achieve that?

It is obvious from reading many of the questions that people are either stupid or have no idea what the real issues are.

What will the candidates do to rein in government spending, regulations and interference in citizens lives? My second question is what will the candidates do to hold people accountable for their actions, personal choices and mistakes?

I would like to know what the candidates are reading now, and especially what history they have read recently that they were impressed by.

the American people demand an emergency
presidential election and an immediate transition.
One week from TUESDAY, all paper ballots.
This is the only way we get to regain confidence.

Anyone who would enrich these unelected
and lying group of malefactors is a traitor to the
american constitution and people.

While the daily news is replete with info on the bailout of the investment firms, and congress has responded in part with the requirement that homeowners obtain relief as part of the deal, there is no mention of the burdens consumers face from the credit card companies. Derequlation has allowed credit card companies to charge 30% interest - a rate that in most states was considered illegal usury not too many years ago. The credit card lobby was responsible for almost eliminating the availability of a consumer to get a "second chance" in bankruptcy. I believe that Obama/Biden ticket would be better for the Country going forward, I am concerned that the credit card companies have Biden in their pocket. It has been little reported that the credit card companies have also "securitized" credit card debt. When will that shoe fall? Since credit card use is such an integral part of the US economy, and consumer spending so important to the strength of the US in the world market, why hasn't government protected that most precious of our resources, the ability of the consumer to continue spending. Instead, government has allowed deregulation to such an extent that credit card companies have been also allowed to create a huge transfer of wealth from the consuming middle class to the corporate elite. What will be done to stop this phenomenon from breaking the backs of the middle class. In a related question, since the mortgage meltdown has been caused by the sharp rise in interest rates on these adjustable rate mortgages, instead of "bailing out" the banks by giving them billions of tax dollars, why doesn't the government just recast the terms of the adjustable rate mortgages so they don't rise above the original lending rate? This would shore up the mortgage backed securities and stop foreclosures in their tracks. And, most equitably, make the mortgage companies, who have gauged homeowners with these ridiculous interest rate increases, suffer because they are the real culprits which have undermined the entire financial system? This wouldn't cost the taxpayers anything in "bailouts".

"The gospel is meant to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable."

Garrison Keillor

Are you going to comfort the efflicted or are you going to comfort the comfortable?

What do you do when your best isn't good enough? When all you have to give can't fix all the problems in the day.

14 QUESTIONS That need to be asked the Candidates and have never been answered

If the media would read my blog, they would have some great questions to ask the candidates in the next Presidential debate or in their next TV interview or program for A REAL CHANGE.

Since they have not read the blog see the questions below that have never been asked and need to be answered.

The questions and the correct answers to all of these questions are in my blog which has been emailed, faxed, web mailed and carrier pigeoned to the President (and all of the possible Presidents to be), Congress and the media numerous times.

Some of the answers are so simple that it is scary. The answers are not part of the present Democratic, Republican, Liberal or Conservative programs. They are part of THE WE THE PEOPLE'S PLATFORM from all of the states that are now RED, WHITE and BLUE. They are MIA - missing in action in the present Presidential campaigns and media coverage




THE QUESTIONS that need to be asked: :
1. What is the world's most powerful weapon (more powerful than a B2 bomber loaded with nuclear weapons), how would you use it in Iraq as a political solution (NOW DESPERATELY NEEDED TO WIN IN IRAQ)?

General Petraeus, Defense Secretary Gates, and Adm. Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff should also be asked this question as they too have been previously sent the answers.
This weapon system attacks the Achilles Heel of Al Quada and other terrorists, It can win the war on terror in Iraq and bring our troops home with honor and with term limits, without cutting and running. Both candidates have personally experienced the power of this weapon system. However, they have never personally read about it or responded to the emails and web mails sent to them about using this military weapons system that is MIA in Iraq.

2. If you know the answer, Has this weapon system been used in the US successfully recently?

3. Would you vote for a 1040 check off box on the tax form 1040 for a WE THE PEOPLE SUPPORT THE TROOPS FUND for $5 of the taxpayer's taxes - just like the Presidential Campaign check off Box? If $5 is too high (and would hurt the Congressional Universal Pork Programs and the Presidential Campaign Finance Program) would they vote for a $1 check off box program?

4. As President would you ask some of the countries, such as South Korea, Japan, and Germany, if we could borrow 25,000 of their troops in each respective country to replace 75,000 of our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan (who we financially support in their country at our expense)?

5. If not, would they each (country) send 25,000 of their combat troops to Iraq and Afghanistan to ease our burden so that we could send home 75,000 of our National Guard troops to serve at home guarding and sealing our national borders?

6. Is it possible using the principles in the THEORY of Tax-Enomics, to lower tax rates and increase tax revenues, and if so tell us the principles and equation used in this theory?

7. What is the hidden AMT Tax that works in the reverse (The lowest income taxpayer pays the higher rate of tax), where a taxpayer who earns $1,000,000 pays this tax at the rate of .006045% and the taxpayer who earns $10,000 pays the TEN TIMES higher rate of 6.20000%?

8. Is it possible , using the Theory of Tax-Enomics, that this hidden "AMT" tax structure be revised to increase tax revenues and to lower payroll taxes enough, that we could use a Health Basic Care Tax to finance part of a Universal Health Basic Care Program, similar to Medicare without increasing the total payroll taxes presently being assessed against all taxpayers earning less than $100,000 per year?

It may not even be too complex for our students of legislative taxation - The candidates, the White House, the Congress and the media.

9. How could we integrate, solve and control (for the benefit of the US Consumer of gasoline to avoid foreign oil import gas price gouging) our problem of dependence on foreign oil imports with an integrated program solution to stop the future insolvency of the Social Security fund?

Can you describe this program in basic detail?
10. What will be our primary source of energy in the years 3000 and 4000, when all of the fossil fuels will have been consumed, and bio fuels will either be limited or non-existent because the world's population will have increased at least hundred fold and will need everything grown to feed itself? Also there will be no where safe on earth to deposit any nuclear waste.

Which alternative energy can be the most cost effective to use because of its unlimited supply for ever?
11. What plan using the Theory of Tax-Enomics can make our country energy sufficient domestically, and at the same time increase tax revenues using lower tax rates, while granting domestic tax credits to US Taxpayers?

How using the Theory of Tax-Enomics can the is plan be basically self financing, reverse our current economic and infra-structure crisises, with the creation of jobs stamped "MADE IN THE USA"?

Would they vote for a Solar Panel WPA program to put solar panels manufactured in the US (with materials and jobs stamped MADE IN THE USA) on 2,000,000 federal, state and local government office buildings?

Would they vote to expand this SOLAR PANEL WPA program to put SOLAR PANELS on 20,000,000 homes in the US?

12. Would they vote for dramatically increased R&D to solve the need for maximum efficiency for a cost effective system for storing and collecting Solar Energy, such as placing them on the roofs of all passenger and freight trains, or by using magnification of Sunlight?

13. Which programs, using the principles of THE THEORY of Tax-Enomcs, having a major change in the tax laws, could have a substantial effect on stabilizing the present home market value crisis and provide a specific program to solve the home mortgage foreclosure crisis?

14. Which programs, using the principles of THE THEORY of Tax-Enomcs - at both the Federal and State Levels, could dramatically revive the US Auto Industry, with alternative energy power sources,"GREEN JOBS" stamped "MADE IN THE USA", and competitively prices for vehicles sold?

There are more questions, but the Presidential Candidate that gets all the right answers to ALL of these questions, will definitely get the keys to the White House with a 4 year renewable lease.

The Media program that uses these ideas and questions in their program will certainly raise their ratings.

Guaranteed those that have not read the blog, will fail to get the right answers.

Other food for thought for all from an excerpt from my blog:

I leave you with one other thought from


Politicians, Governments, Presidents, Prime Ministers, Secretaries of State and Defense, Foreign Ministers, Defense Ministers, Parliaments, Congress and Generals make and declare War.

However, it is always WE THE PEOPLE (and rarely, but not never, any of the above) who with our national treasure - the volunteer youths of our country who have to fight and die in the wars.

True statesmen after considering all the consequences from the loss of our national treasure who will only use war as a last method of dealing with radical, totalitarian governments and their dictators that support terrorism.

Just as the pen is mightier than the sword, the "VOTE WEAPON" is more powerful than our mightiest military weapon. It is the missing political and military solution needed today. It is time to unleash its power to win decisively THE WAR ON TERROR worldwide.


1. Do you consider the three branches of goverment as equal with checks and balances on the other two?

2. How do you justify that our defense spending is more than all the other major powers combined and are you willing to cut this budget given our deficit, by closing bases and eliminating cost plus and no-bid contracts?

3. In your opinion which do you think the average American feels is a greater threat to their security. An attack by a terrorist or the loss of their job, their home or their health insurance? Which would your administration out the greater emphasis on eliminating?

4) The estate tax has been refered to as the "death tax". Do you feel it is regressive and if it is how do you account for a family such as the Waltons being on the Forbes 500 list after having paid this tax?

5) List the top 5 reasons you feel you are qualified to be president and also the top 5 reasons your Vice presidential candidate is qualified for that position.

Dear Candidates,

Please define the words "politics" and "leadership". How do you embody these words, and in what way would your views on these two words effect your sense of personal responsibility when making policy decisions?

Dear Candidates,

Please define the words "politics" and "leadership". How do you embody these words, and in what way would your views on these two words effect your sense of personal responsibility when making policy decisions?


Do you relate this video to our current president?


Why do you insist on boring us with such a long campaign in which the same things keep being said over and over endlessly? Why do you insist on embarrassing yourselves by raising obscene amounts of money that could be put to use in far better ways? How many days during this inordinately long campaign have you spent in the Senate, doing the job you are being paid to do?

I no longer want to ask the candidates questions. I want to tell them not to buy the bailout. The president’s speech tonight defines the incompetence and hubris of this administration . No more!

I am not certain what we need to do. The Swedes seem to have gotten it right a few years ago. The proposals before the Congress won't do.

The Rich Ruler:
Luke 18;22;
When Jesus heard this, He said to him, "You still lack one thing. Sell everything you have and give it to the poor and you will have treasures in heaven. Then come follow me.
You are either a follower of Christ or you are not a follower of Christ.
My question is:
Why would Christians support bailing out the rich at a cost of 700 Billion dollars instead of providing for the needs of the poor?
How can Christians justify such an obvious disobedience of the teachings of Christ?
Since when is it acceptable for Christians to steal from the poor and give to the rich?

My question for our presidential candidates:

In the first 100 days, the new president will exercise one of his most important powers. He will bring to Washington over 500 people to head up our institutions of government.

What plans do you have and what criteria will you use to fill these positions?

I just wanted to bring to your attention a recent article I read in the Army Times, dated Sept 8, 2008.

The reason I'm bringing it to your attention is because it has not been covered at all in the main stream press (there was brief mention of in on a recent broadcast of Democracy Now and in a couple blogs) and I feel it should be covered and perhaps investigated more deeply, or at least commented on. I find it unsettling that the United States deems it necessary to deploy the 3rd Infantry Division's 1st Brigade Combat Team within the borders of the United States "as an on-call federal response force for natural or manmade emergencies and disasters" and "be called upon to help with civil unrest and crowd control" when such tasks should, I feel, be left to state and local police, the FBI and the National Guard. I feel it is an overstep to utilize the United States military in such a way, and I feel the citizens of the United States should be made aware of such a utilization in order to decide for themselves whether or not such a deployment of military personnel is appropriate. Will our next President support such a use of our already overburdened military personnel?

Thank you for your time. I deeply appreciate the quality work you
have done, Mr. Moyers.

Jason Aide
Minneapolis, MN

A question for all the candidates here tonight,

Where are all the other presidential candidates? If the two of you are so much more in touch with the american people and them oh so irrelevant why not let them come makes fools of themselves as you lay them to waste with your incredibly keen debating skills and your finger so firmly on the peoples pulse.

If you believe in democracy what is the problem? Since 1988, the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) has sponsored every presidential debate. Since its inception, the CPD has always been headed by two former chairs of the Democratic and Republican parties.

Brooke Gladstone and Les Payne seemed to forget them too, in Bill's discussion with them about media coverage on the 12th.

Here's something I clipped a while back:

"The Pentagon's black budget has grown exponentially, doubling since 1995 in inflation-adjusted dollars to more than $30 billion in the current fiscal year." [St. Petersburg Times (FLA), 3/9/07]

and here's another clipping:

"No Money shall be drawn from the Treasury, but in Consequence of Appropriations made by Law; and a regular Statement and Account of the Receipts and Expenditures of all public Money shall be published from time to time." [US Constitution]

Question: do you see a contradiction here?

Here's something I clipped from a book recently:

"In recent years the number of government secrets has exploded. In 2005 the government reported it classified 14.2 million documents as either "Secret" or "Top Secret." That's 39,000 documents every day, but it's not the full story; Homeland Security, the Office of the Vice President, and the president's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board refused to report their numbers. The cost of all this--the locks, the vaults, the background checks and clearances--is over $7 billion per year. For each dollar the government spent on declassification, it spent $148 on classifying new secrets." [from Nation of Secrets, by Ted Gup, pg 8, 106]

My question: are you OK with this? Do you have any ideas for how to control it? Would you favor putting government agencies on a "secrecy budget" which would make them feel some cost for classifying all those documents?

1. Is the use of private email accounts to avoid scrutiny just unethical or is the practice also illegal?

2. To Gov. Palin: why is your husband participating in your job and what role will he have if you're elected?

3. To Senator McCain: Do you think that birth control is the same as abortion?

4. Does the end always justify the means?

5. To Senator McCain: According to the current policy of this administration, the acts you suffered at the hands of your wartime captors is by definition not officially 'torture'. Do you think that by changing the name of the act makes it less evil and what will your policy include endorsing the behaviours once known as 'torture' as long as they're done while singing 'The Battle Hymn of the Republic'?

Mr. Moyers,

Tried e-mailing this, and I'll write a letter and put it in the mail marked 'personal'. Maybe it'll get by your screeners, but I'm not getting my hopes up, too much. If you see this, please respond. It's important.

Earlier in the year, you presented several programs addressing the idea of impeachment of Bush and Cheney. I think I heard Pelosi tossed in the mix just for good measure once, as well. Your reasoning, stated on air, was that this was the only way to address the expanded powers of the executive, and perhaps return to a constitutionally mandated limitation on the Executive branch...a sentiment I whole-heartedly share.
Then Obama and McCain got chosen for us as the only choices for president, and comments concerning the nature and abuse of the presidency just disappeared. My question for you: Why? Is the nature of the office one of these men will acquire no longer germane? Is it implicit in the election that either will publicly return the office of the presidency to its proper role in our system? Did somebody tell you to shut up? What happened?

My letter's in the mail. Hope to hear from you. If you ever get down my way (southwest Virginia) let me know and maybe we can sit ut on the back deck and talk. The view from my back yard is well worth the trip up the dirt road.

Bruce Noble

Senator McCain, Can you please give me one reason why I should even consider voting for anyone in the Republican Party? Especially after that party has told one of the most egregious lies in the history of our country, in order to get us into a war over oil.

C. Meeks

Senator Obama,

Please describe how your tax plan, in contrast with Senator McCain's, would affect a married household with two children and an annual income of $60,000, about the median for a working family. Senator McCain, you will be given a chance to rebut or clarify what Senator Obama said.

Have any changes been made in the voting process? Will our votes truly count or will the elections just be a repeat of the last two? Exit poll numbers and a vote count that were statistically impossible? Diebold machines with no paper trail and provisional votes that aren't counted?

Senator McCain,

In June of this year, you changed positions on offshore drilling, strongly backing the "Drill Here, Drill Now" campaign. You did so even though the federal government's Energy Information Administration determined that such a policy would have an insignificant impact on gasoline prices (a few cents at peak production in 2030, when this oil would constitute about .2% of world supply), and do little to diminish our dependency on foreign oil. Polls show that a majority of Americans now support expanded offshore drilling, but one has to wonder if they do so only because they were misled by the vast marketing campaign in which you played such a prominent role. Please explain why you changed your mind and are supporting “Drill Here, Drill Now”.

To Senator Obama,
The "War" on terror is a sham much like the war on drugs. Would you call for a resolution determining that there is no 'War' on terror, thus reducing any more of a Presidential abuse of power?

1. Is the Congress going to be smart enough not to pay off on the Bush Trillion Dollar debt load he is trying to dump on the American People- every person should be calling their representatives to remind our Congress that their job is to protect the public trust- being violated again by Bush-and that the money in question is not theirs to pay for wall street greed.

It is obvious both the Democratic and Republican parties are no longer interested in protecting the public trust -
go to click on con of the century to begin the process of citizen action to take back this country from the incompetent
Congress and political manipulators.

My Presidential Questions --

First question is a yes or no reply (only)!

1.) Do you think that the government has committed fraud, abuse of power, violated our constitutional rights, and discriminated against the American People like they have for decades within the Social Security Administration?

This is what I have gone through the last 8 years.

This next question will required the next President to take immediate action if the next President is sincere about real change.

2.) A Two Part Question – Part One

As President what will you do about this hardship and corruption that the government has inflected upon the American People?

Part Two - When will it be done, if you are sincere about real change?

These are the questions that concern the American People the most when they slip into poverty.

I would really like an answer to my questions at the debate on September 26th, 2008!

Thanks --
Kent C.
Portland, OR.

Senator McCain,
You claim to be a maverick and your mantra is "Country First". How is this remotely believable when as your very first decision of chosing a VP running mate you chose Sarah Palin, a woman of limited experience and world scope? Considering your age and your medical history with cancer how is this putting Country First and not just a political gesture to pander to your base and possibly leave our nation at great risk in the event you die in office?

Dear senators:

As defined by popular culture,not Washington spin, were you both "on the take" from either Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae at any time before their meltdowns ?

I would like to ask the candidates what they will do to rectify the injustice and blatant pandering to the lenders that was done with the bankruptcy law of 2005. Who added the "backroom" section that allowed private student loans to be considered the same debt as taxes and child support. The students of today are saddled with more debt than ever seen before at the hands of shady, predatory student loan lenders like Sallie Mae who lobbied the change to the bankruptcy law in 2005. Will either candidate repeal the protection provided these private consumer student loans and give the financially burdened students the relief they deserve?

I would like to hear thoughtful, detailed answers for the following 3 questions: 1. What would the candidate do to decrease U.S. carbon emissions 80% by 2050? 2. What policies would the candidate seek to implement to improve health equity across all U.S. citizens? 3. What regulations would the candidate like to see implemented to reign in the financial industry.

I'll keep this short.
1. Gov. Palin, what branch of the US Government does the office of Vice-President belong? Why?

2. Sen. Biden and Gov. Palin, what do you advocate as the strategy to end the genocidal war in Darfur?

3. Sens. McCain and Obama, would you commit government funding to Remote Area Medical ( for use to set up weekend clinics throughout the United States? How much?

4. Sens. McCain and Obama, would you pursue a criminal investigation into the Cheney VP office for the outing of Valerie Plame, for destruction of records in violation of the Archive's Management laws, and for violations of open government practices?


I would ask Obama why he has turned his back on the ideology he once held, and now panders to business.

I would ask McCain to address the imperial ideology responsible for the current state of income inequality, both in America and in the rest of the world.

Bill, please have Ralph Nader on your show.

I wonder who was the author of the $700 billion bailout package?

Why are there no options for oversight of the price the assets are sold to the American Public?

Bill -

I would like them to explain the phrase "taxation without representation", and tell me where they have seen it before.

I want to know why John McCain is keeping Sarah Palin from speaking to the media. If she knows so much about foreign policy why wouldn't she be allowed to field questions from the press. What is there about Sarah Palin which he thinks will prove that she knows something about the complexities of international relations and foreign policy?

I would ask the canidates if they would end the policy of not showing the American public flag-draped coffins of American war Heros returning to American soil for burial?

Is either afraid too, the public would rise up, as in the Vietnam war, as we did see our soldiers returning and popular opinion may shorten a war?

I would like to know why the federal government is spending Social Security money on other things besides retirement pay outs.
They keep telling us Social Security is broke or will be soon, yet it's my understanding that the government has borrowed funds from Social Security funds and used it for non-Social Security reasons.

Why can't this be stopped?

I would like to ask Senator McCain is he plans to pay Palin less than other VPs. Say 77% of what the men made.

Palin paraded her 17 year old, pregnant, unmarried daughter, Bristol, around the stage at the RNC. (In fact, Sarah Palin’s first child, Track, was born when she had been married about seven months). The abuse of office charges against Sarah Palin.

John McCain, fifth from the bottom of his Naval Academy class of 899 members, and widely known for serial adulteries, married Cindy one month after he divorced his first family. Cindy’s admitted drug addiction and drug thefts. Cindy’s father, Jim Hensley, was convicted of a felony. There are numerous distortions and deceptions in Palin’s and McCain’s speeches .McCain has flip-flopped on issue after issue.

This pair in the White House and their families would provide much fodder for the tabloids .

Such terrible examples for our young people.

When will the American people learn the truth about Miss Agnes Dixon No.45108 KCV 2001

Question for both candidates:

Given the future outlook for Social Security, Medicare and the skyrocketing Federal Deficit, it seems apparent that US Citizens are in for a decade or more of "tightening the belt" and possibly worse. Most of the financial problems the USA faces today are a result of decades of putting off difficult and unpopular reforms, so that politicians get elected and re-elected. Each passing year the problems increase exponentially. It seems clear with this weeks $700B plus Wall Street "bailout" that although both candidates talk about tax cuts, there will not be any room to cut taxes, or add government programs in the next administration.

Although this is much the fault of our government leadership, some of the blame rests soundly on the "buy now - pay later" consumer mentality of the general population. Household savings are at an all time low: 40 years ago, people saved between 10% and 20% of their income for unforeseen, education, housing, transportation, temporary job loss, etc. 2007 saw household savings at -2.9%!! ...yes, that's a NEGATIVE sign.

The culture of MANY, but NOT ALL Americans is "live up to your means, and then hope for government to bail you out when a problem arises." I do not mean to blame all of these people. I believe for many, it's been an insidious, sub-conscience philosophy, exacerbated by sophisticated marketing campaigns. But I am just pointing out what the prevailing mentality has become. Many have grown up in a "land of plenty" and don't register that there is NO SUCH THING AS A FREE LUNCH!

Those who have houses that fit their budgets, have driven fuel efficient cars for years, and saved for their retirement, want to know HOW you plan to change this cultural way of thinking? How do you plan to get this VERY UNPOPULAR MESSAGE across to the American citizens? That in order for our nation to survive into the future, EVERYONE needs to give up something for the betterment of the country and future generations?

Of course, it is obvious that leading by example and implementing reforms that affect our politicians and big business is primary. Also, cutting out or capping unethical CEO severence packages and salaries (statistic: in 1960 CEO's made 10 X's what the average employee made ...ok .... in 2007..CEO's make over 400 X's what their employees made!!! ie. How many "bad" mortgages could have been paid off by the $364M severence package that went to the CEO of Bear Stearns?) is a step in the right direction. BUT the question is: How do you advance the CULTURAL changes necessary for our country to survive in the long term?

There are many people who have lived within their means ALL their lives and watched others around them live above their means, and now the "have nots" are bailing out the "haves".

I know life isn't fair, but, given the resources of this great country, it sure could be a lot fairer than this.

It's breaking my back and my spirit.

Senater McCain we can see visually the physical abuse of your captivity but your psychological well being is not seen,My question is what type of psycho therapy and medication did you recieve and what are the short term and long term effects did they have and are you still on medications today?

I would like each candidate to discuss Climate Change, and not just what the Federal government will do to help, but what everyone can DO NOW to help. The government will not solve every single problem and it needs the help of its citizens. I strongly suggest both presidential candidates as well as their running mates should emphasize what people can do like picking up trash, planting a tree, taking public transportation to work instead of driving, riding a bike. There are so many things all of us (not just the politicians) can do to help in stopping Climate Change and I think the candidates need to emphasize that. Thanks very much for letting me comment.

For the Candidates, the Congress and the Senate:
Did you not turn BLIND EYE, and supported the fail policy by this administration?
Did you made sure that the LAWS were enforced by the JUSTICE DEPARTMENT?
The INDEPENDENT register voter far outnumber the registered REPUBLICANS and
DEMOCRATS voter, why are you excluding in the debates the independent candidates
as well as candidates of others parties?
Is this not justice denied?
Are these not AMERICANS?

Will you, as President, support formal fact finding activities regarding crimes which likely occurred during the previous administration and whose perpetrators received pardons? What other efforts would you support to restore constitutional balance of powers between the three branches of the federal government? For instance, what is your position on presidential signing statements?

Dear Candidates:

Half the number of Americans who are eligible to vote never do. How much of that is the fault of both your parties self-serving nature ?

Could you please post side-by-side solutions for;
• the economy crisis
• the crisis in Iraq and the military shortage
• the crisis in Afghanistan and the reconstituting of the terrorists
• the energy crisis

…for the electorate to review?

Could you also post a paper on what you believe cause them with MLA documentation?

Mr. Obama,

Do you believe in the idea of a "war on terror"? If you do, how long would such a "war" last?

What exactly is the US's objective in Afghanistan?

What do you plan on doing to help bring about a resolution to the Israel-Palestine conflict?

McCain will you disclose the investments you and your wife hold jointly and separately? What types of investments do you two have? What percentage of these investments have been or are in the military/defense arena?

1. How do you plan to change current national policies away from profit as the highest value, toward welfare of people as the highest value?

2. Do you pledge to choose the welfare of the people over corporate welfare?

3. The famous 19th century Robber Barons did with railroads what war profiteers are now doing with perpetual wars. The fat cats are bilking the national Treasury dry and expecting bailouts when their gambling fails to pay off. Each have/had Congress in their pockets and got legislation passed that may not be just. What do you think about the 1886 Supreme Court ruling Santa Clara County v. Southern Pacific Railroad? Do you believe that it gave personhood to corporations? Should corporations have personhood?

4. How and when do you propose to restore our Constitutional rights?

5. How do you propose to restore the manufacturing base to the USA?

6. Are Presidents above the law? How do Bush's signing statements affect the next President?

"Will and wisdom are both mighty leaders. Our times worship will."

Clarence Shepard Day

When will our politicians learn that "will" is dangerous when there is no wisdom.

Presidential Debate Questions:

1. If the U.S. were to drill and deplete more of its petroleum reserves to supply our rapacious consumption, how would we be able to fight a war with Russia, who currently has the world’s second largest petroleum reserves?

2. Granted it would be a good idea for Russia, Georgia, and South Ossetia to get along better, but because of the isolated enclaves and ethnic animosities in the Caucasus Mountains, wouldn’t it be better to leave it to those people and nations to solve their problems short of us interfering in their affairs? Recall how our government was involved in Nicaragua when we were told the Russians were shipping arms to the Sandinistas.

3. Please explain how mergers of large corporate entities on Wall Street serve the public interest at the same time these such entities were being deregulated and their taxes being lowered. Also how do you propose to protect the American people if you support the privatization of Social Security. Finally, when will the government repay the Social Security Trust Fund what the Reagan Administration borrowed to pay for its enormous tax cuts given the wealthy and corporations?

4. How will parents pay for K-12 schooling with vouchers that provide less than the per capita funding required to support our current public schools. Will these vouchers be large enough to allow children to attend prep schools, and if not why not? Who will oversee the teacher certification criteria for these voucher schools?

5. We constantly hear about appointing strict constructionists as justices to the Supreme Court, can you tell me where in the Constitution the issue of abortion is addressed?

6. Can you explain how and why Congress and the President asked the American public to go to war in Iraq and not sacrifice along with paying higher taxes? Is this leadership?

7. The United States is tremendously dependent on many foreign nations for the energy and mineral resources that underlie our manufacturing/industrial base, while Russia is not as dependent. At the same time much of our manufacturing base has been outsourced to foreign nations. How will you deal with this reality, and what will you ask the public and corporations to do in order to maintain our economic leadership in the world?

Dear Mr. Moyers
Thank you for the sensible and professional journalistic program you provide. I don't know about other viewers but I am so tired of 15 second sound bites that I have stopped watching most news that is dependent on advertisers. Without such programs as yours, we have nothing going on but spin, also known as propaganda. The operative word in this election, mostly on the McCain side is, tell a lie and repeat it often and it will become the new truth. Since my undergraduate degree was history/political science I am reminded of some of the darkest times in recent world history which makes me very uneasy and concerned for our nation.
The questions I want to ask of the presidential candidates are:
1. What will you do to prevent tax payers and retired persons like me to bail out Wall Street? The greed and risk taking that has been going on, in particular, in the current administration is now on the taxpayer’s doorstep. Why should we trust the Treasury Department to look after my interests, particulary since those in charge have also been in charge of the problem?
2. Why do we have to bail out investment bankers who have made billions of dollars through risky financial transaction, swaps and other transactions most of us don't even understand that did nothing but enrich Wall Street.
3. Why is it OK to allow Wall Street to do anything they want in an unregulated environment and expect tax payers to pay for their greed and excess because they hold a gun to the heads of taxpayers and Congress? We went through this recently by rushing into a war that was not warranted and we have been bleeding in American blood as well as billions in tax payer dollars monthly. And let's not forget that under another Republican administration during the S&L bailout the tax payers again ended up holding the bag. What will you do to change this?
4. Why do we have to support a war in Iraq, when our economy is in the worst shape since the Recession? Who are we protecting; the oil companies' interests or American interests?
5. This question is for Mr. McCain; how can we trust you when your party and you propose more tax cuts which we will obviously not be able to afford, and how are you really different from the Bush administration? I am not interest in platitudes, slogans or imagery with your VP pick (by the way, that is another story), just tell me specifically what will you do differently than George W. Bush and his band of incompetents?

President Bush, aided by his politically appointed and vetted legal team, has invoked his article II powers as Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces to instigate and condone torture and kidnapping and to disregard The Geneva Conventions and War Crimes Statues. Please describe the concrete steps you would you take to reverse the misdeeds of the Bush administration, restore our moral reputation (if possible), and hold the perpetrators of war crimes at all levels of government accountable.

With the conditions in the world and in our economy setting the next president up as a long-term scape goat, why do you want to run for president?

I'd like to hear both candidates perspective on the necessity of Section 8 of the bailout plan presented by Paulson.

How can any of us TRUST anything you say?

It has been my experience that most if not all, politicians will say whatever it is we want to hear, just to be elected!
After all, look at the mess we are in, now!

The great UNITER! ???

and... all the other promises we were given - none fulfilled, in my opinion.

i would like to ask Barak to list the name, voting date and consequence of every bill both he and McCain have voted on that affects the economy, military, health care and education. i would like Barak to highlight his differences w McCain using CONCRETE information like voting record.

Dear Mr. Moyers -

My first question is for you: My Roman Catholic email list thinks you are the most qualified person on earth to host a special TV program on faith and the candidates. Would you consider doing so, please?

Now, for the candidates:

1. Senator McCain, I am respectful of our different faith traditions and was raised Episcopalian. Can you reassure me that you are baptized, and if not, convince me that it is a "personal matter" (as I have been told by your polite by noncommittal campaign staffer?) I am unable to reconcile your pro-life stance with being an "unbaptized Baptist"...can you help me understand this?

2. Senator Obama, can you please clarify the now-tired-but-still-an-issue business about you being a Muslim?

3. Governor Palin, you were born Roman Catholic and were baptized again in the AG and now attend a non-AG Bible church. Why all the switching? (Not that I have any reason to throw stones as a recent 2002 Catholic...and I'm not throwing stones, just interested.) And I'm not being sexist, honest. I'm hopelessly good-looking, too. :=)

4. Senator Biden, I'm not sure how representing your constituency ranks relative to your duty as a Roman Catholic. Please clarify.

5. All, discuss and reflect on the difference between being anti-abortion and being pro-life.

6. Pro-life and anti-abortion issues have ripped this country apart. Is there any common ground on which we can all stand and move forward united to reduce the number of unborn babies aborted each year? The current system does not appear to be working.

7. All, two Popes have spoken out against the war in Iraq as being an "unjust war" which does not meet the criteria specified by the Church's just war doctrine. How do the deaths of unborn and post-born Iraqis and all soldiers compare to the 50 million abortions performed in this country since 1973?

8. Brilliant Mary Ann Glendon, Harvard law professor and Ambassador to the Vatican has written on the relative ease of getting an abortion on demand in the US compared with even the most "liberal" European countries, where counseling is required and mothers are supported by social services provided by the government. Can we reduce the number of abortions by providing better care to the mothers who chose to have their babies?

9. Notre Dame political scientist Joseph Wright summarizes his abortion reduction strategy thus: "In my opinion, a post-partisan abortion reduction strategy
would have three main elements: (1) abolish Medicaid funding for abortions (for conservatives); (2) abolish family caps on TANF (for progressives); (3) spend something on the order of 10-20 weeks of Iraq war money on well-targeted economic assistance to women in crisis pregnancies. (Congress could be persuaded on this scale of funding. They didn't flinch on giving half that much to Bear Stearns stock holders.)" Please comment.

Thank you and God bless America, land that I love.


1) Should homeless people be allowed to vote?
2) Senator Obama has addressed the issue of race. Would you make it clear that you don't want the votes of anyone who is reluctant to vote for Senator Obama because of his race?
3) Will you make it clear that you want every citizen to vote and anyone who engages in voter suppression techiques will be excluded from any influence on a McCain administration?

Two questions --
To either or both candidate(s):

What will you do to undo the damage George W. Bush has done, and what assurance do we have that you will keep the citizenry informed of what's going on, and not try either to trick us into wars or subsidizing wealthy CEOs?

When will you give us access to ALL of the information on 9/11 and UFOs, because we know that certain information is being withheld? Of course, maybe the White House will destroy all that info before you even get there, but we want the government to stop treating us as if we're not able to handle the truth.

If you are in NYC, Pop down to the Green Room Theater September 29th and see Lizz Winstead talk with Bill Moyers live about the financial crisis, the election and the state of our media.
For Tickets and more info:


I would ask:
Rather than change, what about staring over again, what about starting anew? Anew Democracy right where the old one once stood so proud and so strong. What about building anew Democracy before the old one's roof comes crashing down on our heads? Isn't it time to start building anew? Change Mr. McCain and Mr. Obama, is that all we really need? What about anew?


Senator McCain, pro-life people make the right to life sound like it is an absolute right, but I wonder what the parameters really are.
Just so we all start on the same page, let me list 6 assumptions that I think are true of the pro-life position before I ask my question.
A pro-life person believes that
1) human life, and citizenship (protection of the law), begin, not at birth but at conception
2) each human being has an inalienable right to life
3) a pro-choice person believes there is an inalienable right to dominion over your own body. a pro-life person would believe that either there is no such right, or that a person does have the right of dominion over their own body, but this is a lesser right than the right to life
4) when the right to life and the right to dominion over your own body come into conflict, the right to life should always win
5) we should have laws, or a constitutional amendment, to prohibit abortion because it is the responsibility, even the obligation, of government to protect its citizens and uphold their right to life
6) the government should enforce these laws, via the criminal justice system, and, perhaps, even to the point of taking a pregnant woman into custody to prevent an abortion
OK, so my question is:
As a pro-life person, wouldn’t you have to be in favor of the government requiring you, even enforcing you, to donate one of your kidneys to another human being and fellow citizen, who is of the same tissue type, and who will soon die if they do not receive a kidney transplant?
If not, aren’t you really pro-choice when it comes down to YOUR body being on the line to uphold another person's right to life?

How will the candidates deal with the greedy bankers and Wall Street CEOs (& others) who have stolen millions from the rest of us and triggered the $$$ devastation? How will they be brought to trial and made to pay it back?

Also, what will you do to counter the media sexualization of children?

I'd like to see some "rules" for the debate that disallow dissing the other candidate and sticking to expressing their own ideas and opinions. Although I'm compelled to watch the debate, it sadly promises more of the same - which are ad hominum attacks and sound-bites.

Here is a question that I would like to ask Senator McCain:

Many Americans are reluctant to grant oil companies access to offshore sites, not only for environmental reasons, but because they have learned that production will not occur for five to ten years and that there is no guarantee that this will result in lower gas prices.

Would you be willing to require oil companies to commit to a binding guarantee that new offshore oil will be realized within a set timeframe and sold at substantially lower prices before receiving permission to drill in these areas?

If not, wouldn't investment in alternative energy infrastructure be better justified from both an environmental and financial perspective?

I would like to ask both candidates, or for that matter all candidates from the past twenty years, if they have ever had to sign a check and pay for personal health care insurance?

Dear Candidates:

Do you understand how money is created? Are you prepared to eliminate the conflicts of interest engendered by the Federal Reserve system? Will you hire a Secretary of the Treasury who will stop payment of all monies to all holders of our federal debt?

Are you prepared to take control of our economy, or will you defer to soothsayers and mystics that will caution you to guard against exercising this tremendous responsibility and opportunity to "do no further harm?" Are you afraid to have the Treasury print its own interest-free currency for distribution at federal credit unions and FDIC banks, under conditions mandated by the government? Do you think it is still efficient to print interest-bearing bonds and notes as private or institutional "savings" to be disbursed as private revenue on loan to the highest bidder? Is this more efficient or more just? (Or neither?)

Can the government continue to call itself a "democracy" while forfeiting its responsibility to provide security - to mean also "safety from the damage wrecked upon human beings by our economy" - and a reasonably fair allocation of resources?

What is the role of the United States when confronted with the reality that genocide is happening abroad? Take, for example, the situation in Darfur, Sudan. For more than 4 years the US has recognized that crisis as genocide, but has failed to lead the world in protecting the civilian population.

My only question to both candidates

1) Why are you so afraid to incorporate Ralph Nader/ Barr in your Presidential Debates? What do you have to lose?

I'm just reading down through some of the recent posts. You guys are giving me inspiration. I think I'm hitting my stride. How's this:

"Can either of you think of any way we could lock the president in his room for the next 4 months so he can't do any further damage?"

Hello, just one question:

Why is it that neither candidate adressess notion that today's problems may be due to the faults of Americans? Can we really expect to be the greatest nation if its people insist on looking for one person to have the cure all for its woes?

How would you encourage discouraged, angry, disenfranchised youth in inner cities, especially, to do well in school and contribute to bettering their community? How would you ensure that there would be jobs for them if they did so?

I would like to ask both candidates to tell us HOW - not why, not who, not what or where, but HOW
1. HOW are you going to get us out of the Middle East? HOW soon?
2. HOW are you going to provide universal health care? HOW soon? HOW will you finance it?
3. HOW are you going to begin the difficult task of rebuilding the economy?
HOW will your solutions affect me directly?
If both Obama and McCain will answer these ?'s without the why, who caused it, where, etc., I will have a lot more respect for them.
And PLEASE - no more negative politics! We don't want to hear it!

For Sarah Palin:

At a recent event, when asked the question of your foreign policy experience, you talked in circles and ended with a challenge to play stump the candidate, but did not allow anyone to actually follow up with any stump the candidate questions.

Here are mine:

1. How can we expect you to be strong in international diplomacy and relations, when you are too timid to speak to the mainstream news media, (Fox News is not mainstream).

2. What world leaders did you meet with during your tenure as governor and what was discussed.

3. What are your views on Iran. Israel/Palestine.

4. If you claim to have a transparent government in Alaska and plan to carry this policy forward to the White House, why are you refusing to cooperate in the TrooperGate scandal. What do you think this says about you as a candidate, that you are involved in a scandal even prior to being elected for federal office.

5. When you say lobbyists are responsible for the meltdown in the financial markets, how do you justify the large number of lobbyists who comprise the McCain/Palin campaign staff and that these staff.

6. When you claim that you and McCain will fight the Washington insiders, how do you explain that the lobbyists that staff the McCain/Palin campaign were also members of the Bush administration, that they are the very same Washington insiders you claim to be ready to fight against.

7. What books did you request to be banned and why.

8. What is your relationship to right-wing radical Dominionist leaders such as James Dobson and Pat Robertson.

9. Do you think our founding fathers were Christians. Are you familiar with the term Deist.

10. What does a separation between church and state mean to you. What did it mean to our founding fathers.

11. Why do you think you are qualified Vice-President.

12. What does a Vice-President do.

The question I would like answered at the presidential debate on Friday is: Given the racial climate surrounding O.J. Simpson's ongoing trial in Las Vegas as well as his 1995 acquittal, do you, Senator Obama, still maintain, as you did in an interview on Nightline, that O.J. murdured his wife and her friend Ron Goldman, even though a strong majority of African Americans believe he did not, and that evidence was planted against him by LAPD?

I would ask our candidates: why should we vote for a dried up old prune and a pistol packing mama for president and vice-president?
Why would we want four more years of lunatic politics that are killing people and destroying our economics?
Why would we want to continue the moral decadence, greed and selfishness of the last eight years?

What is the No. 1 Issue you will attack immediately upon entering the White House?

Will you release the papers of Reagan and Bush I which Bush II blocked illegally?

Dear Bill:
Here are some of the questions I would like asked of the Candidates during their debates:
1. Is Iran less of a threat today than 7 years ago?
2. Is the U.S. economy better today than 7 years ago?
3. Is the U.S. stronger today than it was 7 years ago?
4. Is the U.s. better thought of world-wide than it was 7 years ago?
5. Is the U.S. military stronger today than it was 7 years ago?
8. Is health care coverage better today than it was 7 years ago?
9. Is our education system better than it was 7 years ago?
10. Is our infrastructure [highways, bridges, power-grid, aircraft & flight control, fresh water, etc] better today than it was 7 years ago?
11. Is the U.S. better equipped to respond to a catastrophy today than it was 7 years ago?
12. Is our environment healthier than it was 7 years ago?
13. Is the U.S. less dependent on oil imports than it was 7 years ago?
14. Are the immigration policies more effective than they were 7 years ago?
15. Do our regulatory agencies have adequate personnel and funds to carry out their task effectively?

And, in response to each question: What specifically would you propose to offer as ways to strengthen this dimension of our nation?

At what point does the betrayal of this country by its highest leaders become treason?

Oran's Dictionary of the Law (1983) defines treason as: "...[a]...citizen's actions to help a foreign government overthrow, make war against, or seriously injure the [parent nation].

Outside legal spheres, the word "traitor" may also be used to describe a person who betrays (or is accused of betraying) their own political party, nation, family, friends, ethnic group, religion, social class, or other group to which they may belong." (Wikipedia)

We are forced to consume tainted goods from China. Forced to sell our homes after being duped by spurious lenders after all the regulations put in place after the Great Depression were dismantled. Forced to put up billions of dollars to maintain and build foreign countries whiles our country languishes in despair and infrastructure rot.

What will you do FOR the American people besides ply us with more rhetoric? What concrete plans do you have for jump-starting OUR country's economy and protecting it from corporate America and the Washington lobbyists they have produced?

McCain and Obama,#1 how to re-build our military? #2 What kind of force, a fighting on 'terrorist',or for a 'new cold war'?

How do YOU justify the bailout of WALL STREET by MAIN STREET, and all the other past bailouts of capitalists by the ever-reeling taxpayer? Something is horribly with a government that dumps all his financial sewage on ordinary citizens, some who are barely surviving paycheck to paycheck?

Re the financial crisis: repeated rationale for numerous bailouts is that the many and varied institutions being rescued are "too big to fail". What is the position of each candidate on the topic of creating a situation where companies are prohibited from being "too big to fail", especially as that relates to Anti-trust law? Related questions - what does each think about anti-trust in general? Why does each candidate believe no one is discussing anti-trust laws in relation to the behemoths the US taxpayer is being asked to bail out?

When I learned about the FDIC in middle school, the teachers made it clear that its installation prevented a financial disintegration akin to the 1930s.
Without recounting past service, either military or social, would you give me two specific examples of each: A) As you both have former members of Wall Street giants assisting your campaign, what exactly will a Wall Street reform look like? B) Will you implement inquiry and critical thinking, the foundation of a functioning Democracy, into our schools and if so, how?

Dear candidate: Do you feel that the now $11.3 Trillion dollar national debt (not including looming future obligations to Social Security and Medicare) is a siginificant problem to the American economy and our overall national interests? If not, why not?

If you do believe it is a problem...what do you propose to do about it? Is it something you plan to address as President?

Or, like many before you, will you just ignore it and leave it to the next occupant of the Whitehouse?

To the candidates:
Given the global impact of all of the US decisions - economic, ecological, military, educational, and so on - what would you do to rebuild and nourish global cooperation, and to become a model of responsible, transparent governance at home and encourager of responsible, transparent governance abroad?

Dear Candidates:
Based on your use of unethical attack ads and vague promises for the bulk of your campaign strategy,I can't help but feel my only choice in this election is between "Mr. Haney" (Obama)or "Boss Hog" (McCain). Am I wrong ?

Question for McCain:
You have made much about the success of the surge in Iraq. Since the major objective of this military action was to give the Iraqi government some space, flexibility so they could address other specific objectives required for Iraqi's success, how many of those specific objectives had been achieved?

Cutting Taxes vs Increasing Deficits.

How does each candidate justify new tax cuts when we are in serious debt and will be even more so once the various financial bail-outs are approved and more and more supplementals for the Iraq war on the way?

Have they considered the win/win of a modified version of the Tobin Tax, name James Tobin, the Nobel Prize-winning economist.

During the 2006 election cycle one of the candidates for senate proposed eliminating all Federal income tax on the first $100,000 of income. This would amount to giving a 22% raise to 90% of Americans. To make up for this loss of revenue, a tax of 1/10th of 1% – a 0.1% micro-tax on the purchase of stocks, bonds, currency and derivatives – would raise more than $1.2 trillion annually, which is more than triple the amount raised by taxing the first $100,000 of income. With this additional money the United States can reduce its debt and provide for the basic necessities of the American people, e.g. health care for all, free college education, rebuilding of the U.S. infrastructure, and transformation to a sustainable, clean-energy economy.


ISSUE: HEALTH! We must know if each candidate is physically healthy (not to mention emotionally, intellectually, spiritually) sound and can serve and survive as President and Comander in Chief.

PROBLEM: We do not know enough about the candidates' health.

QUESTION: Senator McCain: What is the state of your health? (not your mother's health.) What medication do you take? What is your medical history? Will you disclose your medical records?

SPECIFIC QUESTIONS: 1) Did cancerous melanoma metatasize inside his body? Did he have 3 melanoma moles removed? What was the depth of each mole? How much medication does he take? What medication does he take? What are the side affects of these drugs?

2) Does he take heart medication (like Cheney)and how does this medication affect his body (particularly liver i.e. anger), moods, mental clarity, judgment, memory, energy, etc.?

3) How many surgeries has he had and when did he have them? (Anethesia affects memory.) 4) Has he had other medical problems and treatments? How do they affect him physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually?

MY EXPERIENCE: Like John McCain, I've had melanoma, have good genes (a sharp 96 year old mother who lives on her own) and I've had a hard, stressful life - which I suspect will negatively affect my longevity along with the fact that we are constitutionally weaker than our parents.

SPECIFICS: Melanoma is a deadly form of cancer! I had a deep melanoma mole excised from my leg some years ago. My dermatologist called me up at 11 pm one night to give me biopsy results, tell me that (even after surgery) melanoma could reappear 10 or 15 years later, and that I would probably die. (Luckily, I orchestrated a miraculous healing using alternative treatment,but that's another story.)

Later in my sixties, because of a long period of excesive responsibility and stress, I developed GERD(worsened by acid blockers & uncurable by the A.M.A.). Near death, I found effective treatment from one of the best Chinese doctors in the USA. I have experienced how perscription drugs, surgery and even small amounts of natural herbs can affect and alter the ability to take action, think clearly, recall memory, affect energy, sleep, mood, emotion, etc.

OPINION: We can't have a 2008 leader who is prone to illness and whacked out on Big Pharmacutical Drugs!

EVIDENCE: Cheney's original personality wacked out on drugs equals a dangerous character. I don't know where the real Cheney begins and where the drugged up Cheney ends, but I do know his meds influence him. Drugs can squelch appropriate emotion or fuel unappropriate emotion. (If you know anything about Chinese medicine, you know that imbalances of the heart meridian can cause mental illness and unbalances.)
And look how powerful, important and impactful Cheney has been as a leader.

DIGRESSION: I wonder if Cheney is President of the other 3 branches of the Shadow Government consisting of the Corporate Money top branch, the Military branch and the Media branch. I know that among President Bush's 3 governmental branches,the congressional branch has the least power and is at the bottom of the totem pole.)

YOUR EXPERIENCE: Look around and notice how illness (thyroid problems, diabetes, cancer, heart disease, insomnia, etc.) and drugs affects you and your friends.


If you are in favor of the massive $700 billion bank bailout, will you accept responsibility if this bailout fails to bring us out of recession in two years?

I want to know what the canadates would do about Blackwater as I seem to be dealing with a land grab here in the states by one of their employees, what are the canadates going to do to put these people in check so the same activites do not happen here in the states as they are happening across the world by this orginazation.

For Obama

The alternate minimum tax (AMT) is now hitting many middle income taxpayers. This tax was meant to get to those high income taxpayers who were getting away with not paying their fair share of taxes, not middle income people. Will you abolish the AMT tax for all middle income taxpayers making less than $250,000 the threshhold below which you have said you would not increase taxes?

My question for the candidates/president-elect: While you may have an excellent plan to resolve such issues as the current financial meltdown; the need for guaranteed no cost health care for EVERY American citizen; make sure people who wish to come to this country to live come here LEGALLY; overhaul our education system to put the USA at the top of educational ladder instead of at positions 21 and 25 out of 34 countries in the areas of engineering and science; make sure there is a "good paying" job that can support our families without having to "rob from Peter to pay Paul" for all our citizens
and stop sending our jobs to other countries; assist other countries without bleeding our own country dry to do it; ELIMINATE the lobbyists or organization the most powerful lobby that represents me (Ms. Average American) and everyone like me; how to make sure we "baby boomers" who have worked all our lives can be sure that the funds we have put into the SS system for 40 plus years will reap a benefit we deserve and we have EARNED will provide us with some peace of mind in our old age; and probably a half a dozen other things --- how you are going to get your solutions to be accepted by Congress - for as we know while you can have ALL the answers, the Congress has the decision and law making power, quite frankly with or without your approval depending on the vote. We have a Congress that is much more interested in following what their "party" wants than what the citizens of this country want. While we have elected them on trust, once they get to Washington they forget and IGNORE who sent them them. So that's my question -- what are your solutions and how do you get them inacted and enforced.

Since Republicans can't win now without Diebolding their way clear, I'd ask Obama how he will handle an inevitable destruction of the American economic system, exactly as the Soviet system collapsed from within 20 years ago.
How will he bridge the dismantling of local and state government from falling sales and property tax revenues, and with it, the collapse of retail and rise of black markets, meth wrecker recyclers, check cashers and other financial scam artists, extortionists, kidnapping, blackmail, and lawless corporate mafias and egregious gangsterism in government, or do we have to inevitably go through the post-Soviet experience?

I mean, come on! Don't rely on government!
As McCain said, "You're all on your own, now." Prepare! Prepare! Prepare!

I would ask, under your administration, will there be any investigation into war or other crimes perpetrated by anyone in the Bush Administration against our country and constitution and if not, why not?

Alida: I have a similar theory on American education. Do you belong to any good associations. Margaret Mead would agree with what you're saying. If the factories are gone then why do schools resemble factories? Why are prisons and schools getting more alike? Why are the best teachers treated so badly? Contact me at if you wish, Alida. I hope your kids are doing well in school, hope they're the Teacher's pets. Got'ne apples?

To both candidates,

Compulsory schooling begun in the 19th century with the goal to educate youth to be efficient in the economic enviroment of that era.

Since that era, in fact in the last few weeks the face of our economic landscape has changed dramatically, yet our educational system has not changed. It is a system, that has been failing for years. The only solutions offered by members of congress is to do more of what is not working.

Would you be willing to meet, not only with educators, but also with parents like myself who have chosen to home school their children (not for religious, but rather for intellectual reasons)in order to revamp the system and would you be willing to try innovative and creative new curriculums that would address the needs of the 21st century and beyond?

Explain how you would do this, who's advice would you seek and how can the public get involved?

There's no doubt in my mind that Jim Lehrer & Co will come up with a good batch of questions, with help from these posts.

I do however hope that the rules or agreements will include something on the order of the civility and simplicity of speaking for, and on behalf of, opposed to bashing one another. Jim, don't let them get away with anything.

My only question echoes what others have said: What is the truth, as you see it, about what our country is facing and how will you fully engage the American people in the solution?

Why can't America have 100% free education like that of the "most educated nation in the world" which is Finland?

Why can't America move it's energy system (mainly the power plants) to at the very least 50% renewable energy sources. Greenland has moved more than 70% of it's energy system to hydroelectric and geothermal?

Does John McCain still think that we can't get away from oil independence within 10 years? He said that he didn't think we could on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno about a year before announcing his candidacy for president.

I would like to know how both candidates are going to extricate the government from the influence of big business. How far are they going to go to get rid of corporate lobbying, revolving doors, constant deregulation along with regulatory capture, a culture with fundamental values of profits instead of people, and the privatization of and corporate creep into one of the columns of democracy: the press.

I would ask both candidates about the "culture war" and why noone mentions the far greater and more lasting conflict between a culture of citizens, accountability, and ethics versus one of consumers, apathy, and runaway greed.

I would ask Obama why he voted for the latest FISA bill, why he voted for the continuation of Bush-era policies at a time when he was rallying against them, and how his support of expanding executive power is indicative of any sort of change.

I would ask McCain why he feels he is ready to lead this country into some of the most difficult economic times it has faced when he has admitted he knows little of economics or even computers, and has picked a running mate who left her own town heavily indebted and has virtually no real experience or qualifications.

I would ask both candidates how they are going to change a fundamental flaw in the current culture of American politics and business: the skewing of statistics and accounting, or the lack thereof. The constant deception of the public so as to hide the true state of the nation and its major players. A problem that shows itself in the hollowing out of the government trust funds, as the government diverts money from social security to pay for budget deficits in other departments, yet does not count this in the total budget deficit figure. A problem that shows itself in the inaccurate portrayal of the unemployment situation by ignoring "discouraged workers". A problem that shows itself in reports by the GAO that detail massive accounting holes throughout the government, and in the DoD specifically. A problem that is fundamentally no different that the issues of lacking accountability within the current Administration.

I would ask both candidates how they can realistically suggest major new spending programs or the continuation of major tax breaks for the wealthy (I'll let you figure out which goes to which candidate) given the massive budget deficits, federal debt, and economic tempest descending on the country.

Above all of these questions, I have to plead to Lehrer himself to focus and press on the more fundamental problems, and give as little room as possible for sound-byte answers. To try to find and word questions that cut to the quick of the issues facing our country, and strain the marketing gloss of the candidates' images to reveal whatever truth can be found underneath.

No disrespect intended, the American people need a pitbull in that ring to fight for them, not an obedient poodle.

And I would lastly like to say we need to question not just the candidates, but the party system itself. I think we need to ask the most fundamental political question of all: both parties are in the pockets of big business, are complicit, and are so far from the average American at this point. Why should we, the voters of this country, support either in this coming election? Isn't the real problem the party system itself, one that simply "reaching across the aisle" and "cleaning out the beltway insiders", empty words even if accomplished, will not really address?

If Senators McCain and Obama identify themselves as Christians, and Senator McCain, in his 2004 keynote address to the Republican Convention said "This country must never hesitate to search out and destroy its unpardonable enemies", and if Christ said in the Sermon on the Mount "You must love your enemies", does Senator Obama adhere to this McCain Amendment to the Sermon on the Mount?

During the last 8 years Washington has suffered from Group Think that led us to war and has destroyed our economy. What are you going to do to avoid Group Think in your administration?

chris m:
The bailout above our heads and on our backs erases any doubt I had that 9/11 was an inside job. You can't even ask these candidates about 9/11.

You election reforms are common sense in a nation of equality, but we'd have to achieve some political power for the popular interest (of most citizens) first. Guess how we do that chris m...
Voting ain't enough.

My Question would be...
What the hell happened to my country?
My advice would be...

What are your views on the separation of powers: Executive, Legislative, and Judicial? How would your administration differ from the previous one with respect to this issue?

How do you view the presidency in terms of its dual civilian and military roles -- head of the executive branch and commander in chief of the armed forces? How would your administration differ from the previous one with respect to this issue?

The Iraqi government has indicated all foreign military forces will leave that country by the end of your first term. How should the United States define success in Iraq?

What should be America's strategy for Afghanistan and Pakistan? What tactics should, and what tactics should not, be used to implement that strategy?

How will posterity distinguish your administration from those of Bill Clinton and George W. Bush? How do you view the coming term of office in the most broad terms of risk and reward?

In light of the most recent American financial crisis:

I would ask John McCain whether he still supports the privatization of social security.

I would ask Barck Obama why he never has.

My questions for the candidates would be;

Would you oppose federalization of the voting process, providing the people with a tamperproof and verifiable vote count nationwide?

Federally funded elections only?

Regional primaries with all presidential candidates participating in publicly televised debates?

A national election day holiday?

Abolish the electoral college?

This will be an important week with congress being asked to
act on the bail out of the mortgage industry proposed by the
treasury secretary and fed. chief.

What assurances if any would you give to the individual mortgage holder that his losses will be covered?

Will U.S. taxpayers realize the benefits of an equity stake in these companies we are bailing out.?

The tragedy of 9/11 has been exploited as a pretext for every
misguided and hedgemonic policy turn this administration has

Did our response as a nation to 9/11 need to be a military one
or would a coordinated response on the part of world police agencies have been more effective?

Thanks for the opportunity. C.


I would ask Presidential Candidate the following:

"How can one ask for tax payer's money to bail out these big financial institutions during crisis, before asking CEO's and top executives who are walking away with millions without any consequence?"

I would like all four candidates to answer the following question;

If Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln and Franklin D. Roosevelt stepped out of a time-warp into the Oval Office on January 20, 2009 and received a briefing of the last eight years of the Bush administration, what would each man react to most?

I would ask,

"Why haven't you and the rest of Congress passed the whistleblower protections provided in S.274 and H.R. 985, bills that passed their respective houses but are STILL waiting for reconciliation and a final vote? Shouldn't voters conclude that you don't really want honest government?

I would like to ask the candidates:

--Would you continue the use of private military contractors, such as Blackwater, as the Bush administration has done in Iraq? If so, why? If not, how would you meet our military needs and how would you go about eliminating the private military contractors?

--Al Qaeda seems to have an M.O. or attacking when there is a change in administrations: they attacked us in 1993 in the first year of the Clinton presidency; they attacked us in 2001 in the first year of the Bush presidency; and they attacked the U.K. in the first year of Gordon Brown's administration. Given this, it seems likely that we will face another attack before long. Would you implement the recommendations of the 9/11 Commission? If so, would you do so without delay? If you would not implement those recommendations immediately or at all, what measures would you take to protect this country from another terrorist attack?

Why is it that US government pays the Chinese 4% on bonds while our own citizens recieve 1.8% on their social security deposits. The SS system would be more than solvent if we had paid the 10 year bond rate on SS accounts over the years.

i would ask john mc cain what he thinx the john mc cain of the hanoi hilton would think of the conduct of the john mc cain running this campaign
thank you

1. For both candidates:
Question: What corrective action(s) would you take against large corporations such as FedEx who misclassified workers as independent contractors then control them as employees?
Additionally, what would you do to strengthen U.S Laws to discourage this unethical practice?

2. For both candidates:
Question: Do you support or do not support Employee Free Choice Act and why?
What changes if any would you encourage?

Why don't we waste large chunks of time during the debate talking about gay marriage, how to keep the mexicans out of the country, boxers vs briefs and if all else fails we can always talk about flag burning.

BTW remember the New World Order?

Of course terrorism always works but the real terror is about to be unleashed from Wall Street.

That should have been:

Re Sarah Palin,
Senator McCain, What were you thinking?

From Alaska.

Senator McCain
What were you THINKING?

Is it a republican thing to pass all the business debts to the citizen to protect the governments military spending ,negligence of the wall streeters and the large Corporation?

Is it a republican thing to pass all the business debts to the citizen to protect the governments military spending ,negligence of the wall streeters and the large Corporation?

There is nothing in the Constitution or Bill of Rights that prohibits intoxication, although there are local laws that prohibit driving under the influence, drinking on the public streets, and being a public nuisance. Yet we spend large amounts of money on a War on Drugs, and make drugs illegal on the national level that contradict State law and that of other countries. Destructive personal drug use is only a symptom of a far more insidious cancer that lies deep within the core of our society. And the prohibition against recreational drug use is a symptom of that same cancer.

What exactly is wrong with getting high and why is it a national priority? Didn't we already have one revolution in order to win the right to the pursuit of happiness? Shouldn't drug use be a Public Health issue rather than a criminal issue? Why have laws that violate of the Declaration of Independence, and become meaningless when universal sanctions are absent and the drugs are used commonly among all levels of society in every nation of the world? Why are we wasting dollars on a war instead of sending money to Public Health?

I recently viewed a program on Link TV titled "Time-Bomb: America's Debt Crises" To me the gist was America has been sold a bill of goods on the real size of the public debt. If what was said is true, what and how can either candidate or party deal with something so large? Will the American people ever be told what is owed and when it will be paid. Or will they pass the buck to another generation yet unborn to pay off?

Do either of the candidates support H.R. 676 `United States National Health Insurance Act (or the Expanded and Improved Medicare for All Act)'?
The bill would create a publicly financed, privately delivered health care system that uses the already existing Medicare program by expanding and improving it to all U.S. residents,

My question: if an angel came down from heaven and said "Name any amendment to the Constitution and I'll guarantee its ratification," what would it be?

My reasoning behind this is that it would give us insight into where they think the flaws in our governing structure are (if any) and how they might be fixed. Eliminate the electoral college? Less political influence over the judiciary? Limits on the debt? Congressional term limits? There are many interesting possibilities and they merit discussion.

Due to unacceptable levels of civilians killed, the president of Afghanistan has recently requested a termination of U.S. airstrikes in his country, first privately requesting it of President Bush, then publicly demanding it when rebuffed. The question I'd like to ask the candidates (although I'm almost sure how one would answer and have a good idea the other's would be similar) is this: How would you respond to this insistance as president? Would you respect Afghani sovereignty and agree to President Karzai's request, agree with reservations, or refuse?

Instead of bailing out the financial institutions, why doesn;t the government bail out the taxpayers and give each one $1,000,000. Then they could pay off their loans and credit cards, hav a secure future. The banks would be back in business and we could eliminate social security.

As a citizen, you can only have one of the following, which would it be? The best plan or the best leader?

Which are you more passionate about, being the President or upholding the constitution?

The current prescription drug coverage under medicare devised by the Republicans under Tom DeLay's leadership, is a joke. The "donut hole" should be eliminated. Also the goverment should be allowed to affect prices charged by the drug companies under medicare. What would you as president do to make prescription drug coverage for seniors more affordable under medicare?


I learned my lesson about politics in the 6th grade - student council presidential race and I vote for the kid who promised Chocolate Milk, as we all did - he won. Only problem was he couldn't give us chocolate milk and we were stuck.
So every time I hear one of them open their mouths I think Chocolate Milk.

I would love to ask and get a REAL response.
"Why can't you tell the American people the truth? Do you even know the truth about the things that we need answers about – the economy, healthcare, the war… Why do you play American citizens as fools and stupid?”

And a question for each of us Americans: Why do we Americans put up with this political rhetoric, campaign talk and general double speak and patronizing pats on the head implying ‘You silly American you don’t know what you need, but I will tell you what you need, when you need it and how good it makes you feel’?”

As to the economy and your fantastic interview with Kevin Phillips - thank you for the eye opening!! I am urging everyone in my circle to watch the interview and buy the book. But I have one question for Mr. Phillips: What do we, ordinary hard working people do now and for the future?

The Grand Traverse Mall in Traverse City, Michigan has a voting experience for youths ages 13-17. There is the basic beliefs of 4 polical parties' missions/beliefs. Reading each without consideration of what you've ALWAYS been - Democrat or Republican, etc. There is what was once the Democratic stand. It is now Nader's Independent party. The young people vote and the results will be conputed sometime within the next weeks. It is being put on by Envision EMI. Why can't Obama have the same agenda as Nader? I believe that is what the Democratic people want.

How is the destruction of the middle class going to benefit the nation.
I now at 61 face the reality of needing to work until I'm 70 And even then I work and my debt gets even greater. My health insurance deductible is 1000.00 and it doesn't cover the medication I take. What are the answers for hardworking people to survive through this crisis. It is taxation without representation to let the CEO's go with severance pay and make us pay. We have so little voice; their is no representation for the working people. I wonder how long before the revolt begins.

1. Would you commit to strictly policing the financial industry to protect the taxpayer's interests? How would you do that?

2. Would you require the executives of bailed-out Wall Street companies to return the outrageous bonuses they have received over the last few years to help defray the cost to taxpayers?


Both candidates should be asked how they will identify, vet, and select those who will surround him and be part of the executive branch management team.

Elections are hiring decisions, so debates and interviews of candidates should be focused on learning who is most capable and likely to do the job well...not on WHAT they [their writers] say they will do, but HOW and WHY.

Since the position of President is, first and foremost, that of LEADER, it's critical to know how each candidate will select his cabinet and fill other key positions. So, they each should be asked HOW they will identify, vet, and select those who will surround him and be part of the executive branch management team. If they can be pushed to name a few people likely to be on their teams, all the better.

People voted for Bush and we got Rumsfeld. They voted for him and we got Ashcroft and then Gonzales. We got FEMA's Michael. Lest we forget.

Thanks for asking...and I hope you will be sharing the information with Brian Lehrer before the first debate.

Regardless of what questions are asked, as a Human Resources consultant, I would like the moderator to frame them in such a way that the candidates cannot simply fall back on glib answers. In other words, "give us specific examples of how you handled XXXX? What were the results?" And, don't be afraid to ask follow-up questions if the candidates side-step. Ask them each to describe themselves in 5 adjectives.

Negative campaign ads degrade the election process to the level of a B-grade horror movie. They insult the intelligence of many voters and breed apathy within the ranks of undecided voters.
My question is : Does the use of negative ads by both parties prove that both parties care more about getting elected than they do about uniting this country ?

How and when will the conservative ownership of the media be broken, the broadcast bands returned to public ownership and control with the fairness doctrine reinstated? Particularly, the public getting the benefits of revenue from its property the broadcast bands.

From NObama: Why do fear the open debates? It is a fact that Clinton was partially responsible for the guidelines to eliminate other choices, but for someone who made a public statement on debating those on the ballot, you have AGAIN reneged. Why do you fear the competition? We know you won your seat by eliminating the competition on the ballot, is this the same tactic?


For both candidates:
will you promise the country that you will make the CEO's of failed companies pay back the last few years of bonuses and salary they got under false pretentions. And if called for put them on trial. stop future outrageous bonuses and salary with regulations for any company who defrauds it's employees and shareholders.
Will you promise to stop once and for all Bush's plan to privatize SS.
And will you make in your first 100 days REAL plans to use renuable energy for our energy needs and to save the planet for our children. this would also create jobs and growth for the economy if it's really done right. Wind, solar, water, high speed trains, speak to Al Gore if you don't know what to do.
There are many more ?'s to ask but I want some real answers so I'll stop now.

Who are you chief financial/economic advisors and what are their credentials?

I would like the cadidates to address the following exerpt from a 10/3/88 press release by the League of Women Voters.
"The League of Women Voters is withdrawing sponsorship of the presidential debates ... because the demands of the two campaign organizations would perpetrate a fraud on the American voter. It has become clear to us that the candidates' organizations aim to add debates to their list of campaign-trail charades devoid of substance, spontaneity and answers to tough questions. The League has no intention of becoming an accessory to the hoodwinking of the American public."
The integrity of our democracy is the most important issue, one on which the fate of all others hinges. Could the candidates also comment on the following, 1. Instant Runoff Voting 2. Popular Vote instead of Electoral College 3. Equal media sponsered advertising for all candidates 4. the National Initiative.
Would they support the 12 Step Program to Save US Democracy which includes some of the ideas listed above?

Is either candidate brave enough to answer the following "third-rail" questions:

What will you do (specifically) about:

1. Immigration?
2. Returning to the gold standard?
3. Ending the Bush doctrine?
4. Social security?
5. Medicare?
6. The racial divide?
7. The economic divide?

Would you be willing to re-visit these issues publicly after you are elected?

Would you be willing to have a facts-check meter running during your upcoming debates?

Hi Bill
I would ask the candidates these three questions (at least):

1) Relative to the circumstances and record of the current administration, what, if anything would you do differently to make good on the Oath of Office, specifically the part that says "... preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States."

2) What are your thoughts on the treatment of "Prisoners of War", such as the abuse and torture of prisoners in Abu Ghraib prison, by agents of the United States? and, as U.S. Commander in Chief what would you have done differently regarding setting and enforcing treatment standards of detainees/POWs, and handling of investigation of reported prisoner torture and abuse?

3) What exactly will you do to end the undue influence of paid lobbyists on congress?

Steve Omand
Manchester, NH

Can you promise sound money?

For Senator McCain:

Your malignant melanoma was reported as having a 66% chance of recurring. Melanoma often metastasizes to the brain.

Yet your medical reports made no mention of an MRI scan of the brain.

How would the American people know you don't have brain cancer at the present time?

Why did you decide not to get the MRI?

If you do become disabled due to mental or medical problems how will you know when it is time to turn responsibility to Sarah Palin to become acting president?

What are the lows that regulate when a president must be declared medically or mentally incompetent?

Do you believe Ronald Reagan's Alzheimer's Disease impaired his abilities as President?

Do you believe the law was broken in concealing President Reagan's Alzheimer's Disease from Congress, the press and the public?

Have you been told that surgery could repair your arms and shoulders? Is there any reason you have chosen not to have modern surgery for your arms and shoulders?

While you have been clear in public statements about incurring your injuries during ejection from your airplane why do you allow people to think your shoulder injuries occurred because of torture?

Your targets for bombing Hanoi were factories and bridges - civilian infrastructure. Did you feel like a hero while you wer bombing Hanoi?

Have you used your POW status to become a "celebrity"?

Do you consider yourself a war hero, for example like General Eisenhower?

For Senator McCain:

Your malignant melanoma was reported as having a 66% chance of recurring. Melanoma often metastasizes to the brain.

Yet your medical reports made no mention of an MRI scan of the brain.

How would the American people know you don't have brain cancer at the present time?

Why did you decide not to get the MRI?

If you do become disabled due to mental or medical problems how will you know when it is time to turn responsibility to Sarah Palin to become acting president?

What are the lows that regulate when a president must be declared medically or mentally incompetent?

Do you believe Ronald Reagan's Alzheimer's Disease impaired his abilities as President?

Do you believe the law was broken in concealing President Reagan's Alzheimer's Disease from Congress, the press and the public?

Have you been told that surgery could repair your arms and shoulders? Is there any reason you have chosen not to have modern surgery for your arms and shoulders?

While you have been clear in public statements about incurring your injuries during ejection from your airplane why do you allow people to think your shoulder injuries occurred because of torture?

Your targets for bombing Hanoi were factories and bridges - civilian infrastructure. Did you feel like a hero while you wer bombing Hanoi?

Have you used your POW status to become a "celebrity"?

Do you consider yourself a war hero, for example like General Eisenhower?

THe average American can see on the news scenes from Chinese cities that are BOOMING with newly built factories employing hundreds of thousands of workers. Many of those factories have American names on them. Now in India we see the same: call centers to manufacturing hubs. Yet we are borrowing money from Asian economies, so it seems that this turnover of jobs is bad for us, good for them. Will you reform the rules and incentives for KEEPING JOBS HERE?

Just one question really.

If you could, what reforms would you make in the campaign electoral process that would enable you to develop policies that are free of the corrupting influence of lobbyists and corporate engendered Big Money?

Implicit in the question is the assumption that neither one of you will govern the country based on policies that spring from the populist generalities that you have mouthed while on the campaign trail.

What are you going to do to stimulate job growth, and do you think it would be a good idea to have a federal public works program similar to what was done with the New Deal.

America is a country of ideas why not open up the debates to all parties that are running in the election?

What are you going to do to keep jobs in our country, and do you think it would be a good idea to repeal the Taft-Hartly Act?

Are you willing to investigate the Bush Presidency for possible law breaking?

Can America afford a larger military budget?

I would like see more about third party candidates. If the candidate is on enough ballots to mathematically stand a chance to win, they should be involved in debates and at least mentioned in the media. A candidate like Ralph Nader polling around 10% stands a legitimate chance if included in the debates (see Jessie Ventura). Bill I would really like to see the leading third party candidate Ralph Nader on your show since the corporate media refuses to have him or mocks him when they do have him on.

I agree with climate scientists who predict a ten-year window to solve the climate crisis. Do you support the goals of Al Gore to Repower American and make utility companies carbon free within that ten year window? Do you agree with Al Gore that the technologies exist now and that we need the political will to achieve these goals? What worries me is losing the snows of Mt. Rainier and the marine life of Puget Sound, our home.

If you were to name your cabinet today, who would they be and what do you see as their main role.

Do you plan to continue making huge decisions on a wing and a prayer like you did with Palin? It is pretty clear that you do not respect education or high intellect but, don't you think the American people deserve a thoughtful, intelligent leader? You have made a mockery of our highest political position by choosing Palin.

I have two questions that I would like to hear the answers to from all four presidential and vice-presidential candidates:

1) What books -- other than religious books like the Bible -- have you read over the last year or two that would help you be a better president / vice-president and why do you consider them to be significantly helpful?

2) What should be the role of science and scientists in running the country? Would you actively seek the knowledge and advice of reputable scientists to help formulate policy?

Many scholars have stated that the Bush administration has overstepped the bounds of the Constitution. How will you make sure that doesn't happen. And how well have you actually studied the constitution?

To: John McCain
One of Al-Qaeda's goals with the 9/11 attack was to destroy the U.S. economy. Isn't it ironic that we have almost done that ourselves with the real estate/financial crisis? In this regard, it seems we are greater enemies to ourselves than are the Middle Eastern terrorists. How will you avoid being a president who puts too much attention and resources on fighting evil "out there" and not enough on putting checks and balances on the evils that are inherent in American capitalism?

What is your understanding of executive privilege?


What legislation would you propose to get rid of the undue influence of K Street lobbyists on America's future? What laws do you think congress should put in place to eliminate the ability of federal officials to profit from the revolving door to K Street and Wall Street?

Privatizing Gains & Socializing Losses
Thanks to the Trickle Down Republicans

I say this is TREASON! Bastille Day may look like a picnic in the park if this collapse keeps going south ... If Liberalism is a disease, what is Conservatism?

We have two candidates who have very different points of view when it comes to waging war.

On the one hand we have McCain, who still thinks the Vietnam war was just and necessary, even though the majority of people (including some of the architects of that war)disagree. He also believes the Iraq war was justified, in spite of mountains of reports and evidence that would prove otherwise. In addition, he has said he doesn't want to negotiate with Iran, etc., and has even been shown to be somewhat reluctant to talk to the PM of Spain, perhaps because he pulled Spanish troops out of Iraq.

On the other hand, Obama said 'no' to the Iraq war, but wants to put more troops into Afghanistan. He appears to be willing to sit down and talk with leaders of countries who disagree with us. And he hasn't shown quite as much aggressive talk towards Russia.

These are distinctive personality types, but it doesn't really prove to us how the candidates would act in an international crisis.

I would like to know how each candidate would sift through the facts so that he doesn't send any troops to an unnecessary war, but also so that he can respond quickly enough if a true and present danger happened to threaten our national security.

I would also like that term 'national security' to be defined - ie., does it mean protecting oil pipelines in other people's countries, or does it mean keeping bad people from attacking our citizens here and abroad?

Dear Presidential Candidates,

How can I believe anything you say that you will do after taking office, when I know that you will be controlled by your party leaders and the influence of big money on capital hill? The root of all evil is money and that has never been proved more so, than by the current crisis we are all in. My family has had to tighten our belts just to pay the bills. When is our government finally going to "grow a pair," tighten their belts, and do the right thing?

I would like to know if there is an organization that actually speaks for the people : non partisian.

I am mad that CEOs that mismanaged these large companies and now bailed out, by our government, walk away with millions and the taxpayers are suffering.
Is there no law being proposed to stop letting them walk away with no penalty?

Why isn't the share holders suing them?
What are the employees walking away with?

Why isn't the government seizing their assets like in a bankruptcy?
Joe Blow average guy would be out on the street and own nothing.

The government seems to be in charge now and maybe they need to put in place exit rules if a company is bankrupt because of the CEO management.
After all they are rewarded if the company does well.
So many people feel they have lost pensions, annuities,saving and jobs and they walk away with nothing.
This is not fair and I am mad at Bush because he is part of the Big Business Crowd.
He is saving his friends but not the people at the bottom that walk away with nothing.
What is he going to give them for their losses?
We the people deserve better we pay our taxes, They do not.

1) You have said you know how to get bin Laden. when did you figure this out and have you told President Bush?
2) How should we pay for the Iraq War? Taxes? Debt? Or specific, identifiable cuts in the 2009 budget? Please give us $100 billion.

DERIVATIVES! The #1 root cause of the current crisis in the financial sector is the use of derivatives such as the mortgage-backed 'securities'. Derivatives are essentially bets superimposed on bets and make Wall St. worse than Las Vegas.

Alan Greenspan did not have a conceptual grasp of the impact derivatives trading would have on the economy.

I would like to know if either presidential candidate has a strategy which would involve either abolishing or regulating these toxic financial instruments.

Dear Bill,

We watch you religiously (and I know you have a strong progressive faith background!) every week. You are one of the few beacons of light and reason in these difficult times.

One gripe: In this week's stories on the economy, there was no mention of military spending, in particular this debacle in the Middle East. We've spent about the same amount of money there as in these bailouts. Isn't there a link between excessive military (not defense) spending and our current economic woes? Please, do what you can to make that issue more prominent in future stories about our economy.

Keep up the good work. We're about the same age and I too come from a faith background, but one expressing itself in the kinds of issues you believe in. I'm glad you got back in to journalism. Retirement was tempting I'm sure, but you were somehow pulled back into the fray - and we're grateful.

Paul Whiting
Billings, Montana

what ever happened to we the people for the people, sever the people? the senators, who make the laws an run this country,should be ashamed of them selfs. being payed off by big buisness,this country is being run straight into the ground.the old saying the rich get richer,the poor get poorer, is true.If our for fathers could see us now ,what would they say?if a company fails let it!the CEO should not get million get dollar pay offs then we the people bail them out! every president is guilty is of this,back room deals,so they can help there buddy. Its wrong an needs to stop!Do you think if we the people lost our job,that one of these CEOs , living in castle would give us a room?let alone some change to help feed our families.I think,ben, george,thomas,john !!! would roll overin there graves.

With people losing their jobs in Michigan and no prospects of getting new ones, how does a person pay their mortgage and repay a federal student loan? 


Will the government bail out students who incurred large student loan debt? 


I lost my job in 2003 because my entire industry was outsourced.  Thereafter, I was told at multiple interviews that I had to have a master’s degree to get hired in jobs I previously held without a degree.  I obliged.  I went back and got my masters in labor relations—with all the jobs being outsourced-- I still am unable to get a job.


How does the government expect me to repay my loan if jobs are being outsourced overseas and people work for .50 per day? 


I am not a dead beat.  I have and continue to seek work in/out of my field.  People have told me to move out of Michigan -- I would like to, but, what will I live on?  I have used all of my savings. 


Once upon a time I made $70K – I bought a house, paid down my mortgage debt by 50%, I have no credit cards and I owe no one – and now I am living on welfare.  Now, I am an educated welfare recipient who still cannot get hired, not for the lack of trying.  I continue to interview but to no avail. It used to be that if a person had transferrable skills that would do -- not any more.  As resources decrease, competition tightens and companies now are requiring certificates of competency (even though I have a masters in their field) which would cost me $15k and they provide no guarantee that once I get that “certificate” there is a job for me.


I turned 50 this year.  My competition is 30something, tall, blonde, and thin.  With the government bailing out investment banks and billion-dollar insurance conglomerates like AIG, who will bail out the like of people like me who want to work but see  jobs continue to move to Jamaica, China, India...every place but in the USA?  Will the federal government forgive or bail me out when the banks come knocking at my door demanding repayment on my student loan?  How will I pay them, with food stamps?

I would like Sarah Palin asked if she believes that dinosaurs roamed the earth 4,000 years ago. It may seem like an obscure question but she can strongly influence our education system and I think it is very relevant.
Thank you.

Will you recind the excessive presidential powers seized by president Bush through Executive orders?

If elected, who would you select to be on your economic team of advisors?

Question to Senator McCain; Right after the meltdown on Wall Street you said that the fundamentals of the economy are sounds-given the biggest bail out in history, can you please, explain what do you mean?
This questions is for Senator Obama, What would do different to get our country on the path of fiancial sanity? Please give concrete examples. Thank you.


Here's my question for both candidates. Since you have both engaged in advertising that tears down you opponent and the principles for each the other stands, how can you possibly expect either of you and your party affiliates to find common ground on which to deal with and acheive concensus on the actual issues and challanges facing the American people?

Terry O'Brien
Mt. Laurel, NJ

My question for the candidates: Why are you still breathing? Why don't you go away and end the occupation?!!!!

Having just watched the interview with Kevin Phillips, and about to celebrate my 66th birthday, I would like to know how secure my social security payments will be and if I can count on them in my retirement. I would like for both candidates to answer.

Polls are showing that most people don't think that Sarah Palin is qualified to be vice president. Because he would be the oldest president were he to be elected and sworn in, it seems imperative that John McCain release all of his medical records to the public. I would like to know if he will do this.

There is so much to ask! But I have one for Sen. McCain:
1. In your campaign speeches and rallies, I hear you talk a lot about "energy independence." However, you focus only on fossil fuels. You describe you would "drill here, drill now." You talk about the oil and gas resources in Alaska. But you rarely go into any discussion of RENEWABLE energy, which is where a lot of people think we should focus right now. Without bashing Sen. Obama's plan, please explain in more detail your plan for developing renewable energy.

I am like most of my neighbors in my community. We would like to have the occupation in Iraq ended. We want to know we will have a job in the coming four years. Renewable energy? Great idea. We would love to see them in my neighborhood for coffee and cake like they do in the Midwest, yeah sure.
But if I had the opportunity to sit with them I would ask the following:
1) Are you going to turn President Bush and Donald Rumsfeld over to the Hague for war crimes?
2) Are you going to give back our personal freedoms by repelling at least 90% of the Patriot Act and Fisa bill?
3) Have you thought about revoking all of the current administrations passports?
Yes or No answers are good enough for me.


I was horrified to read Seymour Hersh's New Yorker article of a few months back that outlined how the U.S. is actually funding Al Queda operatives in Iran who are opposed to the Iranian government. How can we be doing this? I would propose that question to the candidates.

How are we going to reclaim our government from the corporate sell out? Why dosen't the government get the money from the CEO"S to bail out the banks and Ins. Co.,that have made millons off of the American people with there greed. It's time they are held accountable, why should we bail them out with corporate welfare?

Couple energy questions for the candidates:

We import 70% of our oil at a cost of $700B/year. We have only 3% of the world's reserves while using 25% of the world's oil, making it unlikely we could realistically drill our way out of this problem. Recently, we have seen that a spike in oil prices has caused us hardship, but also increased our oil conservation as a nation. Therefore, would you consider a gradual DECREASE in our income taxes from the bottom up, to be replaced by an equally gradual INCREASE in our gasoline tax, dollar for dollar? Do you believe that this strategy would allow competing fuels to emerge through marketplace innovations and reward fuel saving citizens who walk, use public transportation or get smaller cars with overall lower taxes?

Is it true that our government gives tax breaks to corporations when they have facilities overseas, and if so, how does that help/harm the United States? Will you continue the practice?

Amtrak's rail passenger service would seem to have significant implications for numerous problems, including mobility and congestion, safety, energy efficiency, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and public infrastructure initiatives. Barack Obama and John McCain seem to have starkly different views on Amtrak. Sen. Obama has called for strengthening Amtrak services and initiating highspeed rail projects, and he is a co-sponsor of a bill (S. 1926) to create a National Infrastructure Bank to provide additional funding for infrastructure projects including new rail development. Sen. McCain has consistently called for cutting funding to Amtrak, abolishing the agency, and turning passenger rail service over to the private sector. Have recent developments in terms of petroleum and motor fuel prices and the financial crisis caused either candidate to modify his position on Amtrak?

How will you pay for the financial rescu packages?
borrow the money or actually ask the peaple to pay for it with new taxes?

Not only the taxpayers but all who have dollar assets (insurance, savings, annuities, pensions, fixed income) will pay for the expansion of the money supply that the politicians are now contemplating to save financial institutions. Our lives will be severely hurt by the decline of the dollar's purchasing power, as they have been since the Bush administration.

Given Hillary's recently stated intent to 'obliterate' a nation of over 70 million people in response to an aggressive act against an ally in the region, how would you, without negating or diminishing the premise of this question, deal with the aftermath of such an act on our part, in terms of the consequences for international relations, likely interruption of the flow of oil, and 'winning hearts and minds' in the region and all over the world?

Two most important to me are

1 Will you continue the Bush Doctrine, if not what
would you put in it's place ?

2. Will you continue the philosophy of trickle down
econmomics, and if not what will you put in its place.

Citing a looming crisis in America's transportation infrastructure, last January the National Surface Transportation Policy and Revenue Study
Commission called for raising the federal motor fuel tax by less than 10
cents per gallon a year over five years to help pay for critical transportation infrastructure needs - such as bridge rehabilitation (to
prevent disasters such as the recent I-35W bridge collapse in Minneapolis) and to expand highways, public transit, and railways. Where do the candidates stand on implementing these recommendations?

How do you plan to restore the coequal branches of the government? Do you believe in the unitary president? What will you do to protect the constitutional rights of the American people against the recent incursions of the government - specifically freedom of speech and protection from unreasonable search and seizure?

There are many questions that I would ask of the presidential candidates during the debates. One of the most important ones I think, would be to ask them what their understanding of the constitution is? I would ask whether or not they would continue to throw it aside by claiming the same unprecedented Executive Powers that the current administration has been claiming?

The Pentagon admits to 750 military installations in over 100 countries. What will you do with this empire? How can we afford it?

Mr. Moyers, there appears to be a monopoly on democracy that's been perpetuated by the media. I am talking about the national news media blackout of 3rd party candidate Ralph Nader who has been polling between 7-10% nationwide. Presidential candidate Ralph Nader is tethered to issues of great concern such as healthcare and free trade and should be given an equitable shot at explaining his platform to millions of Americans. Of competition arises quality and this is no different with politicians. Usually when Mr. Nader is given a 2-3minute slot on a national news program most of the time is spent on issues regarding 'spoiling' elections; a politically bigoted position that stifles dissent and democracy.

Thank you for your time and I hope you consider giving Mr. Nader some national air time.

Daniel Saman

I would ask the candidates this:

1. When will you hold debates including third party candidates?

2. What do you plan to do to fix the disparity between corporate executives and their lowest paid employees?

3. How do you plan to fix FEMA? (This one is specifically for Senator McCain)

4. What are your specific plans to fix Wall Street?

5. What are your plans to strengthen the laws governing the executives of corporations?

6. When will we see a real living wage, rather than the minimum wage we have now?

Would you be willing to present a proposal to the nation to call upon our young people to be enlisted in the National guard to serve their country as long as they are not in college?

This could serve two purposes it would give us some backup for emergencies and get idol youth off the streets.

Would you as president give bonus to people or companies that help create alternatives to keep cars running while helping our planet. Leaving this to the car manufactures means years of waiting.They need to make cars that actually get gas miles per gallon, that mean something like 45 miles to the gal. min.

Would you be willing to propose a reform on how we finance elections.
For instance, no, more TV ads only town halls, debates and the usual travel to talk to people.
These TV ads serve no purpose to inform the public.
This is one reason Big businesses use Lobbyist because they know no one can get elected without big money.
We need to fix that.
It is these companies that are running and influencing our laws and candidates.

Would you as president do everything within the international community to gain support against countries that are developing nuclear weapons.
For these groups of extremist we need the international community to bond against these threats we cannot take on the world, following them from country to country.

Would you as President get the world community behind the Pakistan govermentfor it's lack of willingness to give up Bin Laden.
He is still a powerful enemy ,he is a believer, that has proven he can convince people to die for the cause.
He needs to be put on trial for murder.
He plotted and planned it and is spreading his message thoughtout Afganistan.
This is not a war as we know it. It is like the plaque.
We need a new solution.

It is like digging for oil it never solves the problem.
We need a new plan. Sending more troops will not stop the hate we helped create while invading Iraq.

In 1989 Francis Fukuyama, at the State Department, penned The End Of History And The Last Man in which he posited the end of human social evolution and the arrival of liberal democracy as the final and universal form of human government. His critics were effusive and dismissive. They might not have bothered; Despite being a contributor to the Reagan Doctrine, a central figure of the early neoconservative movement and one of the forty co-signers of William Kristol's September 20, 2001 letter to then President Bush, Fukuyama could not have anticipated the consequences of the rise to power in America of a man of such unpromising ability and scant resume as George W. Bush.

Kevin Phillips a senior member on Nixon’s 1968 campaign staff and early conservative strategist who helped craft the “Southern Strategy” of the 70’s and 80’s predicted thirty years ago the movement of Texas and Virginia to the republican camp and northeastern states to the Democrats.

When questioned about which single factor most influences risk in the market place and error in economic modeling economists are quick to reply that it is the human element, which can not be predicted with any precision. In his conception, Fukuyama was relying on the sanity of human beings to render critical judgments based on facts in the selection of national leaders. Phillips, in conceiving the advantages of race bating white southern Democrats to flee to the Republican fold where their racism would find a comfortable home, trusted that Republican power brokers would, by some mystical means or another, manage always to put forward candidates of unimpeachable integrity and unassailable intellect.

One year after signing onto William Krystol’s letter Francis Fukuyama lurched away in horror from his support of Bush policies and revulsion of his mad rush to militarism as universal balm.

Kevin Phillips, his grand design for a brighter Conservative future, now grotesquely transformed into a Frankenstein monster throws up his hands in disgust and walks away calling Bush the greatest disaster of all time.

Phillips is the mad scientist who put Bush where he is today! Perhaps he would like to pretend his strategy of preying on the racist attitudes of his electorate bears no blame for the resultant schism that has shattered the country and debased the political discourse to one of insult, gutter accusation, and outright lies. Fukuyama signed a NeoCon plebiscite demanding action from a pathetically inept and abysmally ignorant halfwit to become something he could never be, a man of greatness. In so doing Francis waved fire in the monster's face and loosed him on the world and encouraged it to run amok destroying everything in its path.

Is it your contention that by bringing Phillips on the air (and I know that he might be a friend of yours) we may gain some insight by gazing into the mad scientist's mind?
we don't need more reasons why things are bad - we need solutions on how to fix this mess. These two geniuses should be spending the last of their days working to the correct the mistakes of the their miss- spent youth.

If American capitalism posits that people should be rewarded for success, why must taxpayers pay to compensate CEOs for failure?

Kevin Phillips had to bite his tongue to keep from saying it's hopeless.

Both candidates are run by their handlers, all from the past who've caused our current woes.

It appears the speed to destroy our country has been accelerated.

Hank Greenberg, founder of AIG and largest stock holder, begged by phone, letters, etc to AIG CEO and govt. for a seat at the table to help solve the problem, i.e. venture capital, soverign wealth funds, etc so that the company wouldn't be socialized. He was ignored.

Cheney is headed for Dubai forever and Bush wants whoever is responsible for the financial demise to be "persecuted". Can't even speak English, i.e. prosecuted.

The biggest threat to our future is our ever-increasing national debt. No politician has had the courage to tell us that we are not omnipotent, that we don't have inexhaustible resources, that our money will be worth less and less as the years go on unless we rein in our debt and stop printing more money, that we are but one nation among many and not the sole savior of the world. Will you have the courage to tell the American people the truth about our economy and will you have the courage to do something about it?

To John McCain,

During the Savings and Loan crisis which cost American taxpayers $124.6 billion, you were one of the "Keating 5" senators accused of aiding Charles Keating and was criticized for having exercised "poor judgement" in helping Keating and his industry resist governement regulation.

How do we know that you have sound financial judgement and are looking out for best interest of the average American family if you ended on the wrong side of the last financial crisis, having a part in the S&L crisis?

What is your position on deregulation of the financial industry and what would you do to fix it?

Will the federal government now be in the foreclosure business?

The questions I would most like to ask both men are these; Can you tell me the first 3 concrete steps you would take improve regulation of the financial markets? What specific duties would your vice president have in your admistration?

It is mandatory ALL sub prime mortgage borrowers pay for Mortgage Protection Insurance (MPI). This insurance NO WAY protects the borrower it is supposedly to used to protect the ‘lender’ if the borrower defaults on the loan.

Where did all the premiums paid to the select 3 insurance companies chosen by Fannie and Freddie go? Why are they not covering the losses on the sub prime mortgages?

What other insurance does an individual pay policy premiums on each and every month but are forbidden to have a policy? This is Mortgage Protection Insurance. I challenge anyone posting to this site to get a copy of any MPI policy. The borrower can NOT choose or review benefits, limits and liabilities of any of the policies. Is this Fair Disclosure?

Anyone that defaulted on a sub prime ALREADY paid for protection of the lenders so why should they have to pay for a bailout for the misuse of their premium payments. Why should any taxpayer pay for this insurance fraud?

1. As Commander in Chief will you force the public release of the videos showing what hit the Pentagon on 9/11?
2. Will you establish an independent investigation of the collapse and destruction of WTC#7?
3. Will you make it possible for American veterans to receive medical care in their home communities rather than sometimes making it necessary for them to travel to another state?

Messr. Phillips all but said it's hopeless. These candidates are told what to do/say by their handlers who control the purse strings and have brought us more of the same for many years. Only now, the speed to destroying our country has sped up.

Hank Greenberg founder and largest stockholder of AIG begged for a seat at the table to help save AIG with venture capital, soverign wealth funds, etc. so the govt. didn't need to bail them out.

His pleas by phone, letter to CEO and govt. officials were ignored. This was a done deal to socialize the financial world.

It's rumored Dick Cheney is headed for Dubai forever when his term ends.

Yesterday Bush said who's ever responsible for the financial demise should be "persecuted", can't even speak englis prosecuted.

It turns one's stomach to say the least.

Both of your political parties have been controlling our government since before the Civil War, leaving us in the mess we are in today. Yet there are no 3rd party candidates debating with you. Are you afraid of real change from candidates with no institutions to protect ?

What role should the ferderal reserve play, or not play, with the crsis that is unfolding. Are these bailouts constitutional? Should the federal reserve be a trasparent the people have the right to know who they are?

Dear Mr. Moyers,

I learn and enjoy lots from your program and I contribute to PBS in New York. I wonder if a segment could be done on Ralph Nader, specifically on his position regarding business and our current financial crisis.

Thanks very much,


My quesions to the Presidential Candidates are:

When do we bail out the needy instead of the greedy?

When do we stop calling Republicans conservative when they have caused trillions of dollars of debt, started a preemptive war based on lies that cost billions, gave millions of dollars in tax breaks to their contributors and no bid contracts to favored contractors.

"One of the best ways to win any game is to write the rules."

Michael S. Malone

If it were up to you, would third party candidates be present at the presidential debates? Please?

Questions for the candidates?

What are the candidates going to do to stimulate job growth, and do you feel a public works program similar to the programs that took place during the New Deal would be good today?

America is a country full of ideas, why not open the election debates to third party candidates?

What are you going to do to strength watch dogs on corporate crime, and bad banking?

What would you feel about repealing the Taft-Hartley Act so to strengthen unions and worker rights?

Question for both major paryt candidates:

It is time for ordinary people to bring back the

Thank you Mr. Moyers for your contibutions to a better world.

I have no hope for truth in campaigne promisings, SO..................................

My question is; I have a small home in Mpls. and now that I have suceeded from this union...What will you do to me ?

Q: Kevin Philips book BAD MONEY reveals predictions of this current financial crisis we are in now.

He makes suggestions and predictions that could benefit both canadiates. Would you both be willing to rid your campain of the characters with KNOWN failures and also in office bring in more citizens with no financial connections for advise like Mr. Phillips?

Also please remember your running for an office of our Country and no one gets to chose the questions, timing nor the speed of the teleprompter roll.

Sen McCain: You have proposed a health plan that would tax health care benefits provided by employers. Would this benefits tax extend to 1) retirees who receive health benefits through their employers? 2)Military retirees? 3) Federal government employees, including members of Congress and the executive branch?

Mr. Obama: Much of the money in politics comes from the same source and flows to both parties; while you have received donations from many small donors, you have also received your share from Wall Street and others seeking to maintain the current system that you and many others acknowledge is corrupt. You opted out of the public financing for your campaign, citing the defects in the system as one of your reasons for doing so. Can you please give a specific example of legislation that you, as a constitutional law scholar, would propose to clean up the current system and that would pass constitutional muster?

Will the next president turn back the clock on the USERY changes that takes ethics, HONESTY, INTEGRITY and decency out of the financial markets relied upon by the commoon people?

I feel like I really got to hear from an intelligent man who communicated to me~us~in a way that is to be believed.

His vast prior experience starting with Nixon to his current feelings of total discust (that's the moment when I believed, lol)

This is probably one of the most tragically stupid and ignorance filled elections of our time. We have stooped as a society to such low levels that it's now for me become comic.

I so appreciate his thoughts regarding both canadiates. His very little encouragement about Obama, that he spoke with him years ago and Obama had read his previous books....that's a little hope. McCain and (gasp) Palin are programmed and empty in their retoric. Both canadiates have 'the bad guys' working on their canmpains. Both are pandering to people to give them the job and yet no one goes any further than spewing empty words.

Please for the sack of the Nation, I say to people of both party's "start demanding more from our people in office and running for office" I personally am so sick of all Congress. I think we should revolt! Educate ourselves, get out of the petty school yard mentallity and self serving childish behavior and stand up to this government that is making a joke out of us all.

Lastly and a little off the subject...when ever in history has the candiate running for the highest office in this Democracy refused to reveal their politics unless they were good and ready and the bullies quit picking on them?.........this stupid argument sounds, feels and smells like Rove.

My gratitude Mr Moyers for a fine segment. Mr. Moyers, one request? Could the webmasters of PBS put in spell check when leaving a comment? I sure takes a long time to look up words or too embarassing to leave the words spelled worng, lOl. Thanks!

Dear Mr. Moyers,

Thanks for another excellent show last night, and for all the excellent work you've done over the past several decades as a journalist -- it is very much appreciated.

Question for candidates: What will you do as President to preserve our Social Security system so that those who need it will be able to use it as they retire in the coming decades? I am terrified that our Social Security system will cease to exist by the time I need it in 2029. I'm 45 years old, and though I'm a mostly full-time worker (a writer) and have been since I was 18, I do not have savings or a pension, and don't anticipate that I'll have any by the time I'm 65. I use what I make as a writer to live on. When I reach 65, I want to use what I've been paying in to the social security system since I was 18 to live on. According to the social security statements I receive annually, I should be able to do that when I reach retirement age IF the system is still in place. I am deeply worried now that it won't be, in which case, what am I going to use to live on? I can still work part-time for a few years after 65, but it's not realistic to expect most people over that age to work full-time. For people like us, single, without children, and who are renters rather than home-owners, social security is a grateful necessity. It is fair enough to me to help bail out financial institutions and home-owners now, AS LONG AS there is help for me when I reach retirement age. Senators Obama and McCain, what are you going to do to see that people like me receive their social security payouts in 20 or 30 years?

Mr. Moyers, thanks for the opportunity to ask the questions and to post my comments.


Elizabeth A. Gibson
San Mateo, CA

Bill, please ask Senator McCain the following:

You have been Chairman of the Commerce Commission and a vigorous supporter of deregulation. Now that the chickens have come home to roost, you want change, and the “change” you advocate is like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic!

Why can't you admit that you were wrong in supporting the Commodity Futures Modernization Act in 2000, which exempted credit swaps from both state regulation and any capital requirements?

As you should know, credit swaps are insurance of mortgage-backed securities and have been the principal cause of the AIG debacle.

Why don't you admit you were wrong and call for proper regulation of financial instruments?

By the way, the SEC does not regulate insurance and while Cox has been inept, he certainly had nothing to do with AIG's problem. Calling for his resignation merely underlines your lack of understanding.

Last question: How in God's name can you be so god damned lazy that you are unable to learn the basics of what's going on in the financial markets? Given your vice presidential candidate's obvious inadequacies in this area, are we going to have four more years of inept, inadequate and incompetent government if you are elected?


WHAT CAN YOU DO BEFORE YOU TAKE OFFICE, OR IMMEDIATELY UPON TAKING OFFICE to staunch the flow of blood? I want specific answers, not just platitudes and promises.

1. I have concerns over a pre-emptive strike against Israel. What specific responses would each of the candidates make to such a scenario?

2. Would the Bush Doctrine (pre-emptive strikes) be utilized by either of the presidential candidates or their vice presidental running mates?

3. What specific proposals would either candidate make in an effort to recoup some, if not all, of the American tax dollars expended to salvage the recently-failed financial institutions?

Dear Bill:

About twenty years ago, you and I had some correspondence (I was in Texas then) about an economic issue which I don't remember except that we disagreed and you were quite gracious. Having enjoyed your shows and admired your courage in discussing vital issues ignored by the mainstream media, I want to first thank you for what you do!

Here are my thoughts on the current financial fiasco. Bailing out all the companies is merely accepting the obligations of banks to each other and we will end up spending about a trillion dollars. They say that if we don't, the whole economy and the ordinary person will suffer.

The ordinary person has been suffering for as long as I can remember with stagnant wages, reduced or no health care, gradually disappearing pensions and now unpayable mortgages. Why don't we use the trillion to help people directly? We establish a Federal Mortgage Emergency Administration, a kind of financial FEMA. It can examine individual cases and deal accordingly, including punishing the mortgage brokers and banks responsible with fines and even prison terms for blatant fraud.

This way some of the suffering poor suckers might actually get help for a change.

Bill, keep up the good work! Don't stop and live long! ... since there seems to be no one else.

Sincerely, Arshad M. Khan

Given that Wall Street are MAJOR contributors to both campaigns how do you expect to push reforms?

In response to Jack,

As you have stated I am outraged. This entire issue is not about red versus blue. It is about the wealthy versus the rest of us.

I am a real estate agent and everyday I experience the results of the greedy 10% of this country. I feel what is happening to middle class America. I hear parents cry because they can find no one to help them save their homes. Contrary to popular belief most of these people want to keep their homes and they are not bad people who don't want to fulfill their obligations. Some have lost jobs, gone through medical bankruptcy or other challenging issues. Many have suffered at the hands of the lenders being told that everything was OK and they could refinance in a year and get a better rate. That did not happen. I did loans for a year but got out of it because I was not willing to lie to people. The lenders called these horrible loans, liars loans. They have known all along what was happening and that the government would bail them out. They made money on the loans, now they are making money from us bailing them out and they are purchasing real estate in mass. Many of the wealthy see this as a wonderful time in America because they can buy real estate at pennies on the dollar and increase their portfolios. They make money off us again.

People got into these loans because they were told they could live the American dream. These homes gave people a sense of accomplishment and they provided security and warmth to their children and themselves. "A man's home is his castle."

I shudder when the media and government officials speak about how these lending companies are working to help people stay in their homes. They way these corporations do this is to tell the home owner to hang in there, help is on the way and oh yeah keep making your payments. Trusting families continue to pay, hanging on to the hope that they can survive their hell and their cries have been heard. In about three to four months they are finally told they cannot be helped. Then a letter comes in the mail that says they have 30 days to vacate or the sheriff will be called. They have been lied to again. When the family tries to talk to the lending company they are told, "Sorry, we did all we could. From the very start of the issuing of these loans this has all been a pack of lies.

Now this panicked family does not have the money they wasted on keeping up the payments, nor do they have any money for rent, deposits, etc. Because they have been issued a foreclosure notice they now have a credit score that is shot. There is no way to have a acceptable credit score so they can rent. They are out on the street. If you go early in the morning to rest areas you will see MANY families living in their cars. Others have purchased wrecked RVs and live in them in parking lots. As you walk to the restroom you will pass children in their PJ's with toothbrushes in hand. All the while these CEO crooks relax on a beach somewhere in Dubai with millions in their off shore accounts. All paid for by the middle class.

Wealthy politicians and millionaires do not care about the middle class. I do not think it makes a difference if you are red, blue or somewhere in between. What most of us common folk do not understand is they do not live in the same reality as the masses. They are heartless because they have all they could ever dream of and they never stop to consider what many human beings in this country are currently going through. They do not know what it is like to be terrorized by their own government and the politicians that supposedly represent them.

Take a moment to feel the lowest in society's reality and maybe you will look at life and humanity in a different way. We are all in this together but they are trying to keep us apart. Like the saying goes, "United we stand divided we fall."

I believe that France (many of you are probably cringing right now) has some thing to teach us. When French people are unhappy with what is happening they take to the streets in mass protest. And like someone wrote below, they shut the country down. Why is it that we think somehow there are more of them than us? Why do we sit silently like the Germans did?

I do not want to experience another great depression, world war or a civil war in this country nor do I want to leave that legacy for my children and grandchildren. It amazes me that we have been the greatest nation in the world but we do nothing to stand up for ourselves. Writing to your senator or congress person is useless. It falls on deaf ears. They are not going to stand up for us and loose their cash cow. WE MUST STAND UP FOR OURSELVES! No one else is going to do it for us. Just how long will it take for us to stand up and take back America for "WE THE PEOPLE"?

Each year our federal government refuses to levy sufficient taxes to fund its spending. The resulting budget deficits must be funded by borrowing. Over the past eight budget years, such deficits have totaled $4 trillion and ballooned the government’s debt to $9.7 trillion. When the next president is inaugurated in January, the debt bubble will likely exceed $10 trillion.

The debt is a huge cost to taxpayers. During the past eight budget years, the debt’s interest consumed $3 trillion of their tax payments. Moreover, besides their mortgages, car loans, etc., taxpayers are also responsible for repaying the government’s debt when that process inevitably begins. Yet, most taxpayers have no idea of their soaring debt and interest burden.

Clearly, the government’s soaring debt burden upon taxpayers and its risks to the government’s solvency should be a top election issue - but is being irresponsibly ignored. Therefore, I ask:

1) The U.S. is supposedly the world’s greatest economic superpower. Why then, is its federal government unable to balance its budgets, becoming increasingly dependent upon foreign investors to fund its budget deficits, and burdening its taxpayers with a soaring debt bubble?

2) You both are making detailed promises for cutting taxes. But what are your detailed plans and priorities for balancing budgets and capping the debt at an enforceable level?

3) In addition to foreign creditors, the federal government is dependent upon borrowing from government trust funds. But, for example, the solvency of Social Security benefits depends upon the government beginning to repay the fund in about 2017. Will you commit the government to repay the trust funds and put the government on an enforceable repayment path?

4) The government also faces about $55 trillion in unfunded future liabilities which, if not met, will severely impact the American social culture. Will you lead the government in openly acknowledging these liabilities and putting the government on an enforceable funding path?

5) Will you agree to propose additional debates before the November election to exclusively and fully discuss these fiscal issues so that voters can become understanding of their enormous challenge and importance to our country’s future?

6) If elected, will you - unlike your predecessors - report the progress in solving the above government fiscal problems at least during each State of the Union Address and preferably more frequently?

A question for both....

Given our most recent economic catastrophe

and Both Ralph Nader and Ron Paul have advocated a investigation/restructructuring of the Federal Reserve System.

Do you now feel the same way?

Are preventative actions, (pre-emptive strikes)to circumvent corruption, mis-use, abuse, as far as our infrastructure and non-transparent systems and institutions (FBI, CIA, Homeland Security, ICE), is concerned now higher than ever on your priority list?

What are the steps you would take to ensure that the union card check legislation passes?

If you support most-favored nation trade status and citizens' private travel to repressive and communist China, do you also support resumption of trade and private travel to repressive and communist Cuba?

Define steps you would take to let both Israelis and Palestinians know that when your administration commences in January the U.S. will be even-handed in all its dealings with both of them?

Since we taxpayers are now bailing out companies "too big to fail" what trust-busting steps will you take to break up any companies that are still that large and to ensure that no business entity gets that big in the future?

There are almost as many contract workers in Iraq as there are soldiers. What will you do to end outsourcing of our military's roles to mercenaries?

Did you support Bush's plan to put some of Social Security into Wall Street investments? Given what has happened do you think that is still a sound plan? Why or why not?

The deal was that if Wall Street was deregulated the market would work its magic and reward winners and punish losers. Now it seems that no one is willing to punish the losers, unless that is the term you use for the "ordinary taxpayer" who is getting tons of debt shoved on them. Given that this idea about the market has failed, what regulations would you champion?

Do you believe that conservation needs to be one part of achieving energy independence? If so, what conservation would you champion? If not, why not?

Pleas ask bot candidates this:

Giventhe unprecidented outlays for supporting the Financial Markets, and your support for increasing the Military, how much money will you cut from the Air Forces and Navy budgets, ( new Aircraft and Ships that will do nothing to surpress the Terrorists) to pay for more Army personel?

I'd ask of each candidate:
Assuming you both(Obama, McCain) are sincerely seeking to follow Jesus Christ, who was your most recent spiritual advisor(s)/pastor(s), and will you sincerely seek to reconcile with that person(s) (before the "sun goes down" on your anger)?

After reading several of the other posts- how many of these questions will actually be presented to the candidates - what good is asking a politician what they are going to do about another politician?
There needs to be a Citizen Constitutional Convention established , to arrest the derelict politicians- complaining about the blatant misconduct is not going to do any good- all of the posted responses are aware of the crooked business that washington
is conducting- the names of the crooks should be posted - on every front page newspaper to begin with- if we are serious enough to form a citizen committee of constitutional enforcement - we should begin by the posts becoming a rally point, to then a citizens action- which is then a Constitutional duty to remove by whatever means necessary the pervaders of corruption.

I have two questions, first for both candidates:

When was the last time, while not campaigning, that you spoke face to face with an American earning under $50,000 a year?

Second, this one is for Senator McCain:

You advocate retraining as a solution to American jobs going overseas. However, upon looking into retraining, one finds that anything worth retraining in is either already going overseas or has no entry level jobs. Also, what do you do if you're over 50? It's not like politics. An employer will not hire you over someone who is young. And if you get past those hurdles, it's only a matter of time before your new profession is either offshored or is filled by foreignors coming into the country on special work visas such as H1B. So, my question is: shouldn't the solution be to keep the jobs here in the first place?

2 questions for both Vice-Presidential candidates:

1. Please explain the ramifications the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act had on our current financial crisis on Wall Street; and what will be the short & long term effects of the bail-out for the country.

2. Please tell us what qualifications/expertise your bring to the office of Vice-President in the areas of domestic policy & foreign policy, and what major policy agenda would you pursue as Vice-President?

3 Questions for the Presidential Candidates:

1. Do you think it was worth the lives of over 4,000 American soldiers, spending almost a trillion dollars, millions of Iraqi's dispersed around the Middle East as refugees, thousands of Iraqi's dead, just to remove Sadamm Hussein from power?

2. Please define what are your domestic plans for economic recovery.

3. When you make a mistake in office, either in policy or judgement in implementing a policy, will you hold a press conference and admit to the American people that you were wrong and what you will do to repair the wrong?

One more suggestion / question for the candidates:

Do you think the Republican response to the Bush administration's policies would be different if he had been a Democrat?

And if you do think so -- what does this say about the predominantly two-party system?

1. Al Gore in one of his books has suggested that we eliminate the corrupting influence of money on politics by eliminating campaign contributions and having all candidates only use Federal Campaign Finance money. Would you propose and support such legislation if elected.
2. At the end of you first four years in offic. What would you like to see accomplished to consider your presidency to be a success? Be specific. What pieces of legislation would you propose in your first few months in offcie to accomplish these goals?

I believe what Naomi Klien says, that Bush, Chaney and Wall Street want to use this fiscal crisis to do away with Social Security, Medicare and Medicade. They have already done away with most unions and pensions and our health care system is broken. They want to privatize everything and marginalize goverment so that there is no oversight or accountability and our tax dollars will just go to private companies without and intervention from congress. It will be total taxation with zero representation. It will mean the complete destruction of our democratic government and will turn it into window dressing. This agenda will hurt and threaten the lives of ten's of millions of Ameircans, as it already is, and leave our nation and others on the economic ash heap of history. If you look at McCains track record there is every indication that all of the above will happen and degregulation will be a big component for the Neo Con agenda to do away with a system where our tax dollars help us. This notion of privatization and degrulation with no governmental accountability it the actual theft of our tax dollars for private use. There is terrorism. but it is economic terrrorism and it is coming from this bunch that has hyjacked our nation, stolen 2 elections and is setting the stage to steal the next one too. So what ever you do, vote Obama because he is the best bet we have and he is already seeking advice from nobke prize winning economists. Ask yourself what does national security realy mean?

I believe that energy policy is an essential element of our economic stability and also a key component of what the world will look like in 2025. I also believe that our current use of energy is frivolous, has a negative environmental impact and is not sustainable.

I appreciate the ingenuity of Americans. I would like to know how, as the President, you would lead our country and the world in developing a sustainable energy policy? How would you support the development of a more ingenious and sustainable future? What will this mean to me, my children, my grandchildren, my neighbors and my community?

2 Questions to Pres candidates:

1. What will you do to ensure that the Constitution is upheld?

During the confirmation hearings for William Casey, the ranking Republican on the Senate committee, Arlen Specter, stated that the Administration had violated the law, had subverted and twisted interpretations of the Constitution, had generally behaved as a bad citizen-- the irony is that the Bush administration was never brought to trial despite widespread recognition that they had violated the law flagrantly. One only needs to consider the President's signing statements to appreciate the very low regard this administration has for the Constitutional principle of separation of powers.

2. Will the previous administration ever be accountable and what will you do to ensure that this never happens again?

Since politicians are so dishonest, I would ask any candidate if they are willing to a national recall vote on yearly basis? If the top dog can't get it done, replace him or her with the VP. And if not yearly, what about every other year?

If they are not willing to put their job on the line via a national vote, this says it all...just another power hungry, lying, egomaniac.

All these question that have been proposed mean very little. You will get the same bang for your buck as when you write your congressman and they send you a canned reply and a smile then throw you letter in the trash.

Sure one candidate may have better spin on the question - so you vote for him or her. But when it comes down to it - politicians are pretty much all lying the ignorant public just votes for the best liar!

Politicians are the lowest of the low - hypocrites and haggard shells of humans that spin webs of deceit to entrap their prey with so many lies you politicians dream up to screw the American public.

Our government has lost its focus of 'the government of the people, by the people and for the people' that Lincoln wrote about in his Gettysburg Address.

The politicians we have entrusted our lives and our country to have failed miserably with the job they have been given.

The politicians are corrupt, dishonest, greedy, power hungry, egomaniacs that will do anything to maintain power. The only conscience they serve is that of their special interest groups that shell out the dollars.

But lets be honest. When you go from this...

To this...

ANY person that lives a rock star life would be ruined as a politician that is supposed to serve the people first. I would too, so would you. After all we are only imperfect humans.

The Greek philosophers knew that when passion rules the mind, that the only job left for reason is that of the subservient task to find cleaver ways to satisfy the passions. They called it "putting passion before reason."

So, when our imperfect politicians succumb to too much greed and luxury they need to be brought back to earth and need a little help from the citizens they serve via a citizens oversight committee.

Our government has become so complex, that almost nothing substantive to help America can be done. The first step is to simplify the government and start returning to the ideal of 'the government of the people, by the people and for the people.

All we have to do is to look at who our leaders are as men to see the tickle down sickness that the public gets mentored with. When the presidents are too busy sticking cigars in women's private parts while on duty or become slap happy idiots that work overtime on finding new and creative ways to shoot off their cap guns at every imagined threat...what else do you expect?

And now we are putting all our hopes in someone that can't even be honest with how many houses he owns?

So if such a person can't be honest with such little things, how can they be trusted to be honest with very tough things to convey to the public?

Or the year in - year out delusional cries of making education and medical insurance affordable by the democrats. If a party is so delusional how can they be trusted to see truth and convey it to us? I'm afraid you politicians are dismissing this massive problem that faces humanity with something called wishful thinking.

My sister-in-law had to borrow from her retirement fund to pay $92,000 for her kid to go to college for just 3 years. Now she is broke and can't afford the 4th year. Do democrats really think they will be able to reduce a $125,000 college bill down to $10,000?

Awhile back, O'Reilly had a blissninny democrat saying how he would outlaw nukes worldwide. When he was pressed how he would do it, he only said HE he is God.

What was the big topic about on the news about the slap happy dems many nights to give to the Clinton's to talk? Did they mention Peak Oil? Our looming food crisis? Or how we will run out of uranium in the dot so distant future? No, they just worked on masturbating their egos.

Listen up knuckleheads....ALL politicians are cut from the same cloth.

It make no difference if you vote for piece of shit A or piece of shit B - shit is shit and that is the bottom line.

The ONLY alternative America has in being force fed this diet of shit is abstain from eating shit any longer and to clean the remanning shit up.

On the radio it said one proposal for mandatory health insurance required the average family to pay $13,000 per year while getting a $5000 tax deduction. If I understand that correctly the $5000 would mean barley $2000 in actual tax rebates. so the net increase in cost of living to the family would be roughly $11,000.

How do they expect to force families to pay another $11,000 that they can't afford? Do they plan to attach liens to their hoses to foreclose?

If $13,000 per year can be reduced to maybe $1000 per year in out of pocket expenses they may have something.

But if the out of touch politicians understood anything about the working class they would realize that if a family does not have health insurance it is because they can't afford it.

...and some can't even afford to add the $1000 let alone the high cost the politicians have in mind.

If you can just get a few changes made in government you will be on your way to a government that serves its people, instead of people being slaves to the politicians.

When the politicians vote on a bill - it has to be a vote on one single proposal. Outlaw the bundling of all these special interest add-ons that corrupt bills into a putrid mess that no one can understand. In addition a citizens oversight committee must be formed and it must have teeth to act.

Our imperfect human leaders make mistakes and we citizens have little or no recourse to fix those mistakes and this must change if you want something different from the diet of shit you are being served. That is why revolutions come about for change. But we must be careful about what we are revolting against, as what we replace it with may be worse than what we have destroyed, so keep that in mind.

BTW, if and when America is ready for a revolt over the travesty of American political system, all you have to do is to follow the lead of our politicians and DO NOTHING.

America can be shut down by the citizens - just by doing nothing and go on strike.

When it comes down to it, we are dependent on strong government to keep the invading armies at bay. But everyday life is NOT dependent on the politicians flapping their jaws and blowing hot air out their ass.

What we are dependent on is each other and our cooperation at making life livable from the lowest shit shoveler and up the ladder to the highest doctor or airline pilot.

But coming back to reality the citizens of the US of A are...IMPOTENT and COWARDS. They will do nothing but keep taking it in the rear from their beloved political deities.

I have not voted since I was in college back in the '70's. I could see back then what sort of diet they were serving up and decided to abstain until something better was offered. Well, the menu never changed, so my vote was always been an abstention vote.

Some voters say, if you don't vote you can't complain. Well, that is not true. There is no law on the books that says that. Neither does it say that American must vote to live in America. The bottom line is this - you can't complain unless you are willing to do something.

Voting just got us in the mess we are in, so voting does little to fix the problem and in reality it just perpetuates it.

But until RADICAL change has been FORCED on our politicians NOTHING WILL CHANGE.


We can't afford politics as usual any longer in our country. America is headed for collapse due to peak oil, peak natural gas, peak food and the rest. Citizens take back your country from the self serving politicians while you still have something left to call America...the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave.

Four Questions

1. Will you faithfully execute the law as required by the Constitution and as passed by the Congress, or will you legislate from the White House by perverting the laws, passed by Congress, with “Signing Statements”?

2. Will you appoint an Attorney General who will, without bias and with vigor, prosecute all law breakers, including those in Government, even those who may have contributed to your election?

3. Will you advocate for and fully support aggressive oversight by the SEC, EPA, and other regulatory agencies of the Government?

4. When may we expect you to investigate and prosecute GWB and Dick Chaney for lying to the American people?

Senators Obama and McCain: Is expanding NATO worth a war with Russia? Specifically Georgia and Ukraine.
also, Is not an ABM system in Poland a violation of START?

1) I would like a simple, clear factual question about how McCain (and Palin) can continue to scare already scared Americans about "tax and spend" and "fiscally irresponsible" Democrats given clear independent analyses that contrast the Republican and Democratic contributions to
a) National Debt,
b) Federal Deficits,
c) income disparaties and
d) tax fairness.
I believe you all are more skilled at constructing this question, but I would try to keep it simple and factual and call into question whether there is any basis for the Republican attacks or if it is just a political tradition intended to scare average voters.

2) I believe there needs to be hard questions asked about McCain's medical record in light of the number of melanomas he has had, his age and the relative depth and size of his most recent one. In particular, will he release the results of a recent of a head and chest MRI.

Thank you for your excellence in reporting.

Tom Mendelsohn

Dear Mr. Moyer:

Here are some questions to ask Obama that I doubt you will ask because all of the elite media have been in the Socialist tank for decades.

Just ask Obama these Yes / No questions. It shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes:
1. Do you support your blogger Sam Graham- Felsen’s urging to Noam Chomsky when Graham-Felsen was in college … I paraphrase … ‘tone down your Marxist rhetoric in order to fool the unwashed masses…’
2. When you spoke in Germany and called yourself a “citizen of the world” and called for the tearing down of the economic walls between the industrialized and non-industrialized countries … was this code for supporting the implementation of the U.N. world tax and Agenda 21 which has the agenda of eliminating national sovereign borders?
3. Since President Bush has a 30% approval rating and the Democratic led Congress has only a 9% approval rating, doesn’t that translate into President Bush having an approval rating that is 200% higher than the Democrats?
4. Do you support the statement that your fellow Democrat, Maxine Waters, blurted out / stammered to the oil executives the threat that “ we will will Sociali … Nationali …take over control of your companies” …?
5. Ask Obama … isn’t it true that your idea for your ‘Civilian National Security Force’ comes from the Canadian “Katimavik” program which was begun as an attempt by the Marxists to take over Canada … and to some degree it has succeeded?
a) In a follow-up when he denies knowing, tell him this … you do know that you are basing your plan for this civilian force on something whipped up by Canadian Senator Jacques Hebert, called the “Katimavik“. Katimavik is the Inuit word for “commune”. Hebert, an admitted communist and avowed socialist, was a big supporter of the USSR and communist China as far back as the 60s and 70s. In the late 70s, he came up with the idea for and initiated Katimavik, in an attempt to get rid of Canada’s version of the ROTC, the volunteer military cadets. Hebert called his Katimavik a “people’s peace brigade”
6. Why are the Democrats invested in defeat in Iraq? When he says no … use their own sound bites … there are plenty that show the Dems on the wrong side of history and some like Murtha’s even paint the Dem’s leadership bordering on treason, if not actually making treasonous statements.
7. Did you support Pelosi and why isn’t she in jail for violating the ‘Logan Act’, when she met with our enemy in Syria and sent the deceased Lantos to meet with the “PKK” in order to try and destabilize the Turkish border and cut the flow of supplies off from our troops (putting them at peril). Wasn’t this a last ditch attempt to lose the war in Iraq for political reasons?
8. You know that the Democratic leadership have done everything in their power to aid and empower our enemy ever since we entered Iraq … Is that not Treason?
9. Isn’t the Democrats and your ideology to have America ruled by the same ‘Command Control’ Marxists policies that have failed everywhere else they have been tried?
10. Aren’t you and the Democrats also invested in energy defeat? If it takes 10 years to realize oil production from drilling, why did Bill Clinton veto the energy bill 10 years ago and why did Democrats in Congress not support overriding that veto?
11. What about the fact that oil has decreased by 30% since President Bush rescinded the executive order about drilling off our coast? When he asked Congress to do the same, they ran out of town for 5 weeks. Do you support that action by your comrades?
12. Do you approve of the way the government schools have taught half of the American population to be economically ignorant by making them really think the president and government somehow is responsible for correcting every hangnail they get?
13. In a speech you talk about decimating the military the way Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton did. Why do you and your fellow Democrats hate the America founded by our forefathers and prefer an America designed by the ideologies of Marx, Stalin, Hitler and Castro?
14. You lectured Americans about not taking care of their ‘brother’, but you have a ½ brother living on $1.00 a month in Kenya and you haven’t helped him. Doesn’t that make you a hypocrite?
15. Why do you continue to support Kenya's Raila Odinga, even after Odinga has been blamed for inciting tribal violence and slaughtering Christians?

16. Why have you surrounded yourself with some of the following people and/or organizations who are rooted in Communist / Marxist ideology and why would the listed foreign organizations and people want you to be elected?
a. ACORN – one of your ‘community organizing’ associations (Communist / Muslim front organization under several investigations for voter fraud and funneling money to terrorist groups)
b. THE NEW PARTY (Illinois Marxist party that got him elected)
g. FRANK MARSHALL DAVIS (deceased but avid Marxist & Obama’s child mentor)
o. MALIK ZULU SHABAZZ – NBPP (New Black Panther Party)
z. RASHID KHALIDI (PLO got $75K via Obama’s Woods Foundation)

Bert Gray


Mr. Moyers;

Thank you for your objectivity in reporting. You are one of the few standing American Heroes and I salute you for that. I was wondering if you could run a program on the upcoming War with Iran to shed some light on that for the rest of us.

Thank you.

We need an interest rate that rewards SAVERS instead of BORROWERS. Will you stand up for those of us who want to stay out of the Wall St. casino and simply put our hard earned savings into a CD that will keep up with inflation and grow our retirements without risk?

Mr. McCain , why did you vote yes for the Gramm-Leach-Bliley during the Senate vote, along with all the other Rebublicans?
Gramm-Leach-Bliley effectively repealed the second Glass-Steagall Act which, among other things, barred investment banks and retail banks from merging. This removed ( dereugulated) and helped bring about the financial problems the country is now in. Do you have any regrets in following Phil Gramm's lead?

In Iowa during the primaries, John McCain said that, if elected, the first thing he'd so would be shut down Guantanamo.

Since then he's called the Supreme Court's recent decision on Guantanamo prisoners' rights one of the worst decisions in its history.

I'd like to ask McCain whether he would still keep his pledge to close Guantanamo, whether this Supreme Court decision was worse than Plessy v Ferguson or Dred Scott, and finally whether he being tortured in Vietnam was any different from the U.S. torturing suspects in Guantanamo (other than the fact that he was caught red-handed).

to Both Candidates:

What kind of America do You Envision...with you as President? What does it look like? How does it relate to the rest of the world?

But what I would like to ask the candidates is what they intend to do about the huge debt that our government has just doubled with this 'bailout' of investment bankers. Since our government doesn't have the money to pay it's own bills, how is it going to afford to take on the bad debt created by these predators throwing poor and middle class out of their homes? Why are we once again helping the victimizers instead of the victims?

It has been said if you want to make a change be the best example of that change and others will follow. There have been several attempts over the years to expose and clean up wasteful government practices that cost us the taxpayers billions of dollars, however every time its proposed it never get past committee. Seems if you want to have credibility at home or anywhere in the world you have to clean up your own house. Specifically how does either candidate intend to identify and stop government waste?
Please no election speech responses.

Barack & John:

As a registered voter, I am highly interested in your responses to any of the following questions:

1) What does "flip-flop" mean to you? How is it different from changing your mind? Give example of a time that you did both in your political career.

2) What three campaign promises can we hold you to? Please be very specific.

3) How can both parties say we need to "change" Washington? Don't the two major parties dominate D.C.? What kind of changes would you seek and how would you do it? Is this an issue of party reform?

4) As a Senator and leader, what are you CURRENTLY doing to work on energy issues, the economy, education, or the Iraq war?

5) What do you believe is the role of the president? What powers do you believe the president has? In a time of frequent promises, what limitations would you acknowledge in what a president can do?

6) What do you like about what George W. Bush has done as president? What are some things he has started that you would like to continue?

Scott Berry
Jeffersonville, Indiana

Does anyone really have to explain what is wrong with a flat tax? You want to tax a billionaire at the same rate as someone with 2 kids living on thousand a year? What say we keep the graduated tax and still get rid of the loopholes. Of course Forbes is for a flat tax. He's a billionaire.

To all of the candidates, I'd ask if they would be willing to sign a contract that ties their pay (and personal wealth) to the success or failure of living up to all of the "pre-election" promises, once in office.

We "the many" have allowed our politicians to bulletproof their own futures (via high salaries, guaranteed health benefits & a guaranteed political pension for all who serve six or more years in office), while gambling with our own futures.

It's time we put our politicians' paychecks where their mouths are.

Are McCain and Obama committed to preserving American's Access to Courts and the right to represent oneself in court and receive the procedure written? With no hearing, no citation of law, and no finding that I did anything improper, I have been denied my right to represent myself in court and I was imprisoned by federal Judge Edward Nottingham, without an evidentiary hearing or an independent prosecutor, on the charge that I engaged in civil litigation while representing myself. Do they advocate that citizens must be forced to pay for a lawyer in order to petition government?

Not only should those responsible for the changes in American capitalism (now called by the French "Capitalsime sauvage") but those who have profitted from the damage to workers and damage to the environment
from corporate destructiveness be required to compensate the American people.

To either candidate: Will you be willing to change all or the majority of Bush's signing statements made on laws and regulations that Congress enacted?

What will you do to:

1) Stop job outsourcing?

2) Bring outsourced jobs back?

3) Make quality health care available to all citizens?

4) Make quality education available to all citizens?

5) Promote, support and protect small business growth?

6) Protect consumers from banking, lending and credit bureau abuse?

I have been wondering why for the past month, no one has really discussed the inter-connected issues of this crisis. It feels to me like we have been heading to this point for a long time.
The health care issue, which has been bankrupting the middle class for so long, is so on a back-burner now. It is only mentioned to note that we as citizens should not expect that there will be any action on that front because there won't be any money for it.
I would as Henry Lowengard's post mentioned ask each candidate how they think the financial crisis reflects the current problems of peak oil, overpopulation, climate instability and what can be done on those fronts, in terms of education and policy to make sure this country has a healthier economy at the end of four or eight years.

Personally I found Kevin Phillips refreshingly honest and yet narrow in his assessment of the candidates. No one person, president or not, can have the perfect package, all the right answers. What I want to see is the call our candidates make to the public in solving the issues at hand. So far, Mr. Obama has engaged us and Mr McCain has alienated us.

My question to Senator McCain concerns voting reforms.
Oregon has one the best voter turnouts in the Nation
since overwhelmingly passing a Ballot measure which allows
Oregonians to vote by mail. (87% participation in 2000.)
As President, what would you do differently than the last administration,
who is documented to be financially connected with Diebold & their
electronic machines that were such a debacle in the 2000 election?

Given the facts that laissez faire capitalism became monumentally worse in the 1970s when corporations stopped increasing wages when productivity increased, and when trade agreements put US workers in competition with the most poorly paid workers in the world, should it not be resolved that: those responsible for these decisions that have resulted in financial and environmental losses to the American people be required to compensate them for these losses?

Do you think the 9/11 Commission was an adequate investigation?

Do you think seven-hundred and thirty-seven international US military bases are too many? Why or why not?


Do you support increasing the size of the US military? Why or why not?

Do you believe that war can be legitimately used unilaterally to secure "vital US interests?"

Do you intend to track down the estimated three trillion dollars missing from the US treasury?

How do you plan to pay off almost ten trillion dollars in national debt?

Do you think OPEC oil trades should be denominated only in US dollars?

Do you support the North American Free Trade Agreement?

Do you support opening up the debates to more than two candidates for president?

Why did you allow US troops to preemptively deploy to your nomination conventions?

Would you support the appointment of an Attorney General who refused to clarify his position or disagreed that the practice of "waterboarding" constitutes torture?

Do you believe in due process?

And lastly:

Do you agree with the use of "Free Speech Zones?"

To Obama - Re-read BAD MONEY and fire your main Palin-stripe suit advisor. You will fool no one with him onboard.

To Biden - Why not walk your talk and do what you say President Bush should have done after 9/11? You say he should have opened up a World dialogue and asked the tough questions about solving terrorism and how it began, so why not do the same with the financial insiders, Joe?

To McCain - Please read BAD MONEY and make the author part of your team? You will look even better with Sarah Palin at your side!

To Palin - If I were you, which I'm not, I would join with McCain in reading BAD MONEY, now, and get on top of your game.

Thank you.

Thank you

I sent this e-mail to the Dennis Kucinch campaign as a 'REPLY' to a request for support they sent me. Below that is the answer that I received from Dennis Kucinich's blackberry hours later. My letter; Fri, 11 Jan 2008 17:58:15 -0800 (PST)
From: "xxxxxxxx"
Subject: A question for Dennis

If you take the time to check, you will find that I have been a regular contributor to the Kucinich campaign. Further, I blog for him and rant to friends and working crew. I have requested in the past a definite answer to a particular question. until I receive a straight forward answer my assistance to the Kucinich campaign is on complete hold. My question:

Mr. Kucinich, have you ever been a member of, attended a meeting of, or made a commitment to any of the following;

The Bilderberg Group

The Trilateral Commission

The Council on Foreign Relations

A note with Dennis Kucinich's signature, A link to a video of Dennis unequivocally addressing this question in all parts or equally plain means of assuring me of authenticity is what I require to continue my support.

I believe the assault on our nation's Constitution is the most vital concern in this election and will not accept a fifth columnist as a recipient of my vote or support.

Thank you xxxxxxxxx

Dennis Kucinich's answer;

Subject: From Dennis
Date: Sat, 12 Jan 2008 15:36:24 +0000

Easy answer:

No way.

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What is your philosophy regarding the role of the executive branch vis-a-vis Congress? Would you do anything to role back the power of the presidency that has grown immensely in the last several decades? or What changes might you initiate to make the executive branch, including your appointees and executive orders, more responsible to the public?

Please ask them why it is that all they do is lie and lie and lie and damned lie over and over and over year after year after year after year. And why is it that they must try so hard to divide the country and work so hard to demonize the other and create such hate? And please ask them why they hold us all in such disdain? And please ask them to not lie and dance and weasel when they answer the question.

Please ask McCain and Sarah Palin why they are hiding out from the investigation of her abuse of power allegations in Alaska? What is she hiding? The public has a right to know the facts of this investigation before the election. It makes them look like they are criminals in a conspiracy with high powered lawyers protecting her and her husband and staff. It stinks.

Dear Mr. Bill Moyers,

First I would like you to know that Iam Assyrian from IRAQ the Indigence people Iraq that have and are being killed sence middle 1800's untill now with out discrimination from all sides from Kurds, Sunni, Sheeqa and especially now after the invation is a linving nightmare every second for Us in IRAQ, I couls not beleive that senator Obama have chosen senator Joe Biden as running mate for Vice president Iam in disbeleive and shocked of his his choice, Senator Biden stood in the senate floor with a map of divided Iraq to three section for Kurds, Sunni, Sheeqa I just could beleive how could he comeup with such Nightmare and Genocide Idea?? Senator Biden is killing the Indigence people of IRAQ, whats the different between him and Hitler that killed over Six millions Of Jewish, why Senator Biden is repeating the Genocide to Indigence people of IRAQ??? For God Sake why???? isnt enough what they have been through and still continues till this moment.

Lenin, in one of his 20th Century writings, predicted that American capitalism would eventually fail, and that the United States “would fall from within – like an overripe plum – without one shot being fired…” The reason for this failure, in his opinion, would be greed. While we can all agree that he was no prophet, our government has gone from a union 'by the people, and for the people," to a government by the corporations and for the corporations. I would like to know what either candidate plans to do, if anything, to GIVE US OUR GOVERNMENT BACK. Our country is controlled not by government but by businesses.
In addition to the lack of oversight in the financial sector, our food supply is unsafe, we are paying ridiculous prices for drugs which are produced in a jungle somewhere, wages have been depressed by illegal immigration and out-sourcing, our highways are unsafe due to the deregulation of the trucking industry, our education system is a joke, and we are no longer respected overseas as the leader of the free world. You remember the fool who had the goose who laid the golden egg each day? Well we consumers are feeling a lot like that goose.
Also, America’s dirty little secret is our dual educational system. We need the same educational opportunities for urban poor as suburban middle and upper class students. Not the outdated textbooks, broken down facilities and sub-standard instruction now being offered – that is, if you are really serious about NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND. Put your money where your mouth is.

We want opportunities for our children. How painful it is to watch them struggle to get ahead under the job situations in this economy. We used to be the “Land of Opportunity.” Now we are the land of treading water if you’re lucky. Do you know how to fix this?
Each of you talks about change. EXACTLY WHAT CHANGES DO YOU PLAN TO MAKE?

Besides the economy and foreign wars as major issues which neither candidates say anything specific about how they’ll correct the problems, I ask specifically how each candidate will solve the mega problem of street gangs with members amounting to a small army in our country.

Sharon: I'm glad you're willing to work for peace and justice, maybe walk or bus to Washington (start organizing on your own authority?) Do not honor me for I have only edited the words of many people, and they are hardly my own. Make your own manifesto or add clauses to this one. People need not agree on every point to demand needed reform. We are capable of sorting it out as we go. And in the end people need not conform to the same solutions, for there should be choices tailored to condition, taste and circumstance. All we should ask for are reasonable limits on injustice so we can think, work, create and live together. I am interested in hearing more from Sharon than her well-worded, brief outraged posts. Contact beretco.op@gmail if you wish.

I thought both Annie and Ralph nailed everything i would want to ask. My issue isn't what should be asked, but what should be allowed as answers, if these answers are the same glossy, superficial nonsense that we've been hearing this last week, then the following questions should address this with questions that require the candidates to actually step out of their comfort zones. I feel the best way, the most fantastical way would be to hold each up to a lie detector throughout, however one must always keep in mind that Hitler thought he was doing the right thing, i would imagine the current president feels the same (and is having similar results). Only a government that fears its people is ever mindful of the people's needs...

I honor the inspiring words and compassionate heart of the post by Jack Martin. I support the ideas you have so eloquently described. This can become our world if we all work together.

For both candidates:
Will you agree now to a full return to the rule of law in this country? Specifically, in support of this objective, will you agree to make the following specific commitments to the American people:

(1) Acknowledge that all "detainees" now in custody have the rights delineated in our "Bill of Rights", regardless of their nationality or citizenship.

(2) Agree not to pursue or support renewal of the Patriot Act.

(3) Rescind all Executive Orders and/or Presidential Directives which, upon judicial review, are found to be unconstitutional.

(4) In cooperation with congress, subject all national security legislation enacted and approved during the last eight years to similar judicial review and support vacating all found to be unconstitutional.

(5) Call upon the justice department to establish a special prosecutor to investigate and prosecute all crimes involving the loss of life, liberty or property without due process as a consequence of any previous executive order, directive, or nationcal security legislative action, regardless of the nationality or citizenship of the individual(s). involved.

I will not say this is a lot to ask. This is, by direct statement or implication, part of the oath of office for the position you are seeking.

I would ask McCain: With the apparent need for the government to intervene and bail out Wall Street, essentially socializing Wall Street debt and privatization of profits, and since, as President Bush put it 'it is a risk, but a risk worth taking,' and since Main Street is now essentially the canary in the mine shaft, can you talk abut your position on socialized health care - has your position changed upon reflection of the occurrences of the week?

Should adjustable rate mortgages (ARM's) be outlawed?

How do you [Sen Obama; Sen McCain] rate Kevin Phillips positions presented in "Bad Money"? If you have not already read it, why not? (being that he has been so cunningly "ahead of the curve".)

Please ask the candidates:
1. If they agree with David Walker's estimate of $52.7 Trillion Fiscal Exposure under current law.
2. If not what do they think the correct number is.
3. What would they propose as the best policies to deal with the problem.

What role do you feel you will play in the Palin Administration?

I would ask the candidates if they would work to make sure that the 2008 elections will be honest and fair? Do they think that the Republicans will use this as a crisis to declare martial law? The republicans have been given everything that they wanted. If they had been allowed to privatize social security there would be nothing left of that program for those of us close to retirement. Mr. McSame: Do you still intend to privatize social security? Maybe if the Dem's would have had the courage to stand up to this idiot and his regime we would not be in the grave situation we now find ourselves in. Do they have any plans to give us single payer health care and continue social security as it currently is? or will they use the economic situation as an excuse to take even more from us?

A great many mercenary troops have been used in the Iraq War, and about 1/3 of the money for Iraqi reconstruction has gone to fund these troops... some of which get paid up to $1000 a day, I want to know why their lives are worth so much more to the government than our enlisted soldiers. And what they will do to end this disparity.

To the candidates: The present administration has made extensive use of devices such as signing statements, broad assertions of presidential privilege, and others. This has been characterized as the "imperial presidency" that has skewed the distribution of power among the three branches of government heavily toward the executive. Do you agree with this description? If so, what will you do as President to restore the balance of power among coequal branches of the federal government?

Is it time to teach the history of petrodollars in American History classes yet?

My question for all candidates:

What do you think is the most critical issue facing mankind? The Second most critical? The third?

There is currently more than $915 billion in US credit card debt.

Just like mortgage-backed securities, credit card debt is packaged and sold to investors.

Defaults have increased by more than 34% in the latest available reports.

In January of 2008 Bank of America sent letters to its cardholders, saying it would more than double their rates to as high as 28%

How will you protect the consumer from these exorbitant rates and predatory lenders

I would like to ask the candidates why everything is being done to save the top wealthiest 2% of the population while nothing is being done to save the middle class. The amount of money these crooks have made running corporations into the ground is staggering. I think they should have to give us all of their personal savings and retirement funds. If we ended the war right now, we would save trillions as well.I would also ask them how long they think the American people will put up with this greedy behavior? I believe now is the time for all of us to get out on the streets with signs to show our disapproval and the fact that we have had enough. We have a responsibility to stop this as well. We must stand up and be heard.

Everybody talks about change.
But these days, more of the same is on the menu.
Corruption on Wall Street, politicians being cleared in sex scandals, high gas prices, stagnant wages...
People are fed up!
Mr. McCain, your party has been in charge at the highest level of government for 8 years.
The only credible change in your situation (being a republican), would be changing party. So could you run as a democrat? Why or why not?
I can't ask the question to Mr. Obama since his election would in effect change the party in the white house.

Ask Pelin if she understands the Constitutional mandates of the three co-equal branches of government and the primacy of separation of powers, and does she subscribe and submit to them?

Ask McCain how much the education which he flipped off at the Naval Academy cost the taxpayers, and why he ignored three automatic alarms on his bombing run which cost the taxpayers $860,000 for the loss of the A-6. And why, after declaring he came back with honor and love, did he dispose of his first wife like a discarded Kleenex, and took up with #2 before his divorce was final, and marry her a month later, and now revels in being called a "war hero?" (Facts all taken from his book, "Faith of My Fathers."

Of the bailouts discussed this evening on Bill Moyers' program about the state of our current economic situation, nothing was mentioned of the greatest bailout... Iraq. How much is that bailout costing the American taxpayers?

I would ask which candidate will be the first to state that we need to take care of ourselves - first, for a change?

The United States give millions of dollars a year in support of Israel and have tended to have a knee jerk reaction in support of Israel often neglecting recognition of Palestinian rights or interests. This seems to be the opinion of many of the people in the Middle East and a source of much anti-U.S. sentiment. What sort of policy would you pursue vis a vis Israel and Palestine?


The Maliki government has repeatedly said that it wants a timeline to withdraw. U.S. forces from Iraq.

(1) Should the U.S. respect Iraqi sovereignty and pull out?

(2) For Senator McCain: Define "Victory"

Hello Bill:

I would ask the presidential candidates if they could ever admit they were wrong and to give an example of a serious problem they faced because they were wrong.

A true coward is someone that can never admit they were wrong.


Bill Montag
Leadville/Vail Colorado

If the government needs to bail out companies that are "too big to fail," shouldn't there be an antitrust effort to break up those companies so that we don't have corporations that are "too big to fail."

My question would be this:

"How do you intend to hold the the members of the previous administration accountable for their blatantly criminal abuses of executive power?"

(Maybe that's just a good "opening statement." It then might be necessary to break down the answer in terms of specific controversial situations and actions)

Why are you two afraid to include the other third parties in the debates?

Why are you two afraid to include the other third parties in the debates?


Senator Mccain:
(1)There are limitations on insurance companies ability to screen people out in group plans.

However, in individual plans and those trying to get insurance on their own insurance companies basically have free rein.

(2) Senator Mccain's plan more or less shifts away from group coverage and towards individual coverage.

What does Senator McCain's intend to do to help those affected by the insurance companies "pre-existing condition" practices get insurance?

There are six major related crises impending and in progress right now:
- climactic instability
- the end of cheap oil
- air, soil water degradation
- financial turmoil
- population explosion
- lack of political will to address these issues

As president, you actually have little real power to address these issues - but you should use the "bully pulpit" to educate the world on these issues and work out whatever legislation and treaties and inspire action. These crises are international in scope - much work needs to be done removing international barriers to addressing these problems, and the president acts as our chief representative in the world.

The pointless war being fought today will pale like a schoolyard tiff in the face of these global crises.

How will you address these crises and what advisors will you bring to help you?

I like many others here hope that all the candidates will be asked this question.

For both candidates:

Would you agree that the future of any country really depends on the level of education of it's people?
And if so, how would you propose to restructure the educational system so the United States will be competitive globally in the near future?

I would like to ask both Presidential candidates if they believe the #1 priority for whomever is elected should be to get the rich, selfish big wigs who took all the money from these failing financial institution and the money market managers who took billions in bonuses from Wall Street to pay it back. Just like what should have happened when Enron failed, the bonuses should have been paid back to shore up retirement accounts that the hard working Enron employees lost. That when the Federal Government should have taken the steps to stop these big bonuses and golden parachutes that are ruining our country. I truly believe that the average american will be in bread line before anything is really done to correct the rich from pulling all the money out of the economy and screwing themselves in the process. I would also like to ask the candidates what will they do in the future to make sure wealth is distributed more efficiently, so there is more money in the hands of everyone to keep out economy going. Who's going to buy the goods produced if no one has any money. I am seriously considering not voting for President. I have been able to vote for more than 30 years and I am sick of voting against a candidate. I really would like to be able to vote for a candidate; however, in my voting life time I haven't ever voted FOR a Presidential candidate. This election more than ever, I believe there is no real difference between the two parties candidates. They're both full of ____!

why are the heads of the
financial institutions
not being held acountable
for the dollars lost.
Should they be required to
pay back the monies they
took in when these private
companies went bankrupt?
If a private citizen did this they would go to jail.
Private citizens did not
bankrupt this companies.

How quickly will you end the failed drug prohibition war?
Do you think it has been effective to turn the "land of the free" into the country with the largest prison population in the world (many of whom are medical cases, not criminal), while simultaneously providing funding for terrorists and civil wars in other lands?

My question for both Candidates is:

We continue to be told that Social Security is going broke. Yet noone seems to mention that the main reason Social Security is "going broke" is because Congress has "borrowed" and spent all surplus Social Security taxes for decades. By taking all surplus social security tax dollars paid in each year and spending it year after year, Congress has left the American taxpayer with a $2 Trillion IOU and no plan to repay it.

My question is this -

Before you allow any benefit cuts to Social Security as a fix, will you first require Congress to repay the $2 trillion it owes the American taxpayer? If not, will you at least promise to veto any budget or spending bill Congress tries to pass that is in any way funded by "borrowing" any more surplus from the Social Security Fund?

For all candidates:
Many of my friends are out of work for months now because of outsourcing and company cutbacks. This group includes many highly educated people. What are you going to do provide good jobs, not just any job?

Dear Candidates
Will you promise to hire Kevin Phillips as a financial consultant immediately ?

Mr. President elect, I am not going to defer to you by asking a respectful question. I assume you are a political hack at the beck and call of the wealthy class. What you must understand is that the great majority of our people are afraid and disheartened. They feel betrayed and badly used. Many are ready to lie down and give up. They would be a dangerous mob if not for unprincipled mercenaries and the omnipotent technology of death which you will soon command. I hope you will back away like humanitarian Mikhail Gorbachev if a confrontation comes. His empire fell (and reorganized), ours now follows.

If you want to offer us hope and motivate us to strive you will have to offer concessions to the working people. The U. S. now resembles crumbling merchantilist Spain of the 18th century or war indebted France just before the revolution. The new world in the dreams of Gandhi, Eleanor Roosevelt or Martin Luther King must inch a little closer if humanity is to deal with the energy crisis and climate instability. As you know the situation from Galveston to Louisville following Ike is worse than Katrina in New Orleans and has been ignored because of the financial crisis of the wealthy class. Are you going to be like a Haitian dictator or are you going to be a leader and statesman?

The reparations owed the American people are summarized in the 12 point manifesto below. You may choose to ignore it and impose draconian controls to cause great suffering. I only want to tell you what hopeful people are thinking so you can see outside your bubble of wealth and security. These are examples and you may implement other equivalent measures. I only want to tell you what I think must be done to move into a new more humane era.

I have argued with mistaken ideas and halfway measures from the beginning. My mantra: It is difficult or impossible to become or remain extremely wealthy (or poor adds Bill Moyers) in a fair and just society", has been oft repeated. You comfortable ones have laughed and asked for practical reform actions to your liking.
There are none "to your liking", that can perpetuate what you've become accustomed to, or bring you material security, for your material security has become dependent on crimes. The predatory economy, the shameful exploitative jobs we are forced to perform are fascistic and sadistic in nature. Strategies like these take humanity half a step forward and several steps backward each business day. All real security is socially collective.
There have been some honest analyses, by people like Ravi Batra and Kevin Phillips, but such writers don't convince us to hope. The pipe dreams of Amory Lovins and Jeremy Rifkin are evaporatibg now and Barbara Ehrenreich's accounts are increasingly hopeless. We will need peaceful civil action and a Quorum Massing on Inauguration Day to give you a push, Mr. President elect. We collectively must bring our needs and demands for reform to instill respect in our officials, including yourself.
PEOPLE POWER has materialized and I suggest no halfway measures.
1. We must demand limits on wealth disparity and the prerogatives of the wealthy class in order to restore democracy and preserve the environment. Grassroots capitalism works to a degree with small entrepreneurship but is a failure otherwise. But do not be afraid if you are involved in a local enterprise or service for you will not be adversely affected.
2.Corporate personhood must be abolished for accountability and transparency. Legislation to promote and mandate worker ownership and collective enterprise (nationalization of some vital industries and enterprises) is clearly necessary. Energy companies and utilities will be nationalized. The wealthy will be compensated with true security and respect of an egalitarian nature, but must be contented to retain capped amounts of property as per legislation. Those attempting to flee will be pursued and prosecuted, assets seized or frozen.
3.Government will be made more glasnostic by the immediate abolition of lobbying and the ability of all individual taxpayers to designate the use(s) of their contributions. Some offices may be filled by lottery until public financed campaigning can be agreed upon. Some previous illegitimate wealthy and powerful persons may be excluded from holding office.
4.Embezzlers, chislers and war criminals must face legal trials or at least hearings of reconciliation. Longstanding conspiracies and assassinations will be investigated publicly. The truth will out and we will face our national shames.
5. Education is no longer compulsory, but is free and will be reformed to societal needs by public consensus. Community instruction will be funded.
6.An environmental and energy emergency will be declared with lower speed limits, restricted traffic and ad hoc mass transit beginning ASAP.
7, A national security strategy of protected domestic production of vital commodities such as food, clothing, housing, small-scale energy and medicine will be instituted and reinforced by tariffs and incentives. In many cases shipping for import/export wastes energy by impracticability and duplication and must be closely examined. Immigrants not wanting to return to the states of origin will be treated as citizens but all borders will be closed to immigration indefinitely, or until our economic adjustments can be stabilized.
8.Legislative incentives will reward property owners for energy conservation and sustainable production.
9. People will meet to plan and appropriate local greenways so that anyone can walk or bike safely to needed destinations, local or far.
9.Predatory employments will cease and the resultant unemployed be reemployed in useful tasks.
10.All overseas military deployments not sanctioned by the United Nations will cease immediately and service personnel return home. Military expenditures will be minimized and reevaluated considering our new isolationist policies. No more empire: No more adventurism. We shall serve the world by example with caring generosity as we are able, and not by force, coercion or interference.
11. We will criticize the violation of human rights wherever it may occur. Individuals may elect to volunteer as aide workers or peacekeepers, but only under the auspices and protection of the UN. Citizen committees will decide the role of any intelligence assets or agencies, such as spy satellites or electronic monitoring.
12. Medical care is to be completely underwritten for all citizens through a universal, single-payer (government sponsored) health care insurance system. This nationalized but publicly reviewed and managed system would be able to buy in bulk and negotiate price for goods and services including prescriptions. Hospitals or other providers not performing up to review board specifications will be subject to reprimand, penalty, intervention and takeover, just as schools are under NCLB at present. The definition of medical care and wellness will be studied and expanded to include preventive care and activity and to accommodate the advantages of proven non-traditional methods and practitioners. Allopathic (dominant medicine) will be reviewed and refined in its practice and training to eliminate vested interest and to instill a humanitarian, rather than a financial, incentive into training and practice. The public will be encouraged to honor and reward practitioners in a whole new trusting way.

Mr. President elect, please add proposals of your own and expect an endless stream of additional ideas. There are almost 300 million of us, and you are only one mortal man. But don't, I admonish you, try to deceive us or let us down in this time of changes and paramount crisis. Consider this disruption an opportunity to implement something better. We deserve it.

Both candidates: In other countries of the world, kids who are suited to university studies prepare for further education. Other kids, whose interests, talents, and knowledge are suited to vocations and technical jobs are given training so that they graduate with certifiable and useful skills they can implement in the workplace. In America, we force every American kid in the country to prepare for college. Only after the vocationally talented students struggle through to graduation are they allowed to pursue their real interests, but most have to fund their own training. Meanwhile, we compare all of our students' achievement scores with those of the educational elite in other countries. Is it proper to impose one identical set of standards on all students?

For all candidates:
Many of my friends are out of work for months now because of outsourcing and company cutbacks. This group includes many highly educated people. What are you going to do provide good jobs, not just any job?

For both candidates: I have not heard if either candidate will thoroughly investigate, and hopefully rollback, the types of "executive privilege" that Bush slapped in our faces. I must so far assume that McCain is in favor of these excesses for his administration, as his running mate Sarah Palin and VP-dude are using every stalling tactic in the book by refusing to cooperate with her own state's Troopergate investigation of her. McCain, if she is convicted, will you then just pardon her and laugh it off like Bush so often does? It's time for these lawbreakers to participate and uphold and face the music if applicable of the very laws they swear to uphold.

Both Obama and McCain:
I believe it is way past time to separate money and power from government. Our current government has proven itself at least 100% incompetent. It is beyond ridiculous. Would you support a congress and senate made up of normal americans serving like jury duty for one year or less? Or some other method of separating government from money and power.

I would like to know how either candidate is going to financially support their proposed programs. We have had 8 years of an ever increasing debt and deficit. It leves no room for social programs or continuing tax cuts. How does Obama propose to have a middle class tax cut and improved social programs. How can McCain pay for continuing with the Bush tax cuts and improve the overall economy. The Reagan years proved that a trickly down economy does not work.

What is the first act you would take as president to address the economic crisis in our country to strengthen the working and middle class?

Would you be willing to pull out of the bailout and let banks and speculators of toxic debt fail ?

I would ask both candidates for a plan to balance the budget.

Sen. McCain: Do you believe that any "executive experience" that President Bush had acquired when he was governor of Texas had made him "ready to lead" as President?

Would you be willing to encourage congress to pass laws which regulate the size of the financial institutions? These institutions became so big the entities knew the country would have to bail them out. Credit unions seem to be doing fine.

In light of the recent debacle on Wall Street, the national and international economies have been put in peril.Terror in the financial markets put our futures( IRA. 401K's ) at risk.
1.Instead of feeding the beast shouldn't we starve it?
2.Isn't this a matter of national security? So who were the terrorists? Do you intent on investigating and prosecuting the executives who manufactured this crisis? It seems to me that most of them are walking away free and rich and they don't even hide in caves!

Are you satisfied with your current health-insurance plan? If you are, then would you be willing to give it up for the one that you are proposing?

Senator Mcain has stated that he has reorganized Washington. I would like to know exactly when and how he did that.

Does he feel any guilt that the financial crises we are now in could be in part because of his support of the Grahm legislation deregulating the banking system.

i would like to ask both candidates if they have seen the bill moyers journal essay 'getting taken at the old ballgame'. im not an economist by any means, however, that doesnt mean im blind. will they watch this essay and not cast a blind eye to the plight of the taxpayers at the whim of big business and the elite?

Mr. Obama

The Democratic party stonewalled on behalf of Fannie Mae and Freddymac when President Bush and Republican senators implored new oversight and regulations to keep those two from aquiring as much high risk debt as they did.

Given that Yourself and Mr. Biden are both the highest paid contributees of FannieMae and Freddy Mac;

Please Mr. Obama explain this major conflict of interest, ( your parties, and your own personal close affiliation to Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac's executives). How we can trust you to get rid of special interests in Washington when 1) you have NO record of rocking your Party's boat. and 2)you are on the record as recieving major funding from one of the principle culprits in the housing melt down the proceded and precipitated the bank failures and colapse of our financial system?

In light of the above,How can we trust you too bring "Change" to Washington?

Dear Candidates:
Do you plan to tell the American people the truth? We're weary and lost with records hidden in cabinets, closed doors, claims of privacy, mysterious disappearances of documents and facts. Tell us that bandits are coming up from South American, marauding and murdering Mexican citizens AND crossing our borders, and this is the true reason for the "wall" and the panic about the south border. While we pretend it's working immigrants who purchase homes, pay taxes and work hard. Tell the people that the oil companies purchases large blocks of land on Canadian soil on the Hudson Bay, in order to create a massive port there for trade to the far east. At the same time decrying global warming and ice melt as ridiculous. Tell them China is selling us poisoned products and we don't want to "offend" them and why is that? So we play that down while US citizens purchase these products and children and beloved pets die. Are you going to talk to us? Because we are smart, and powerful, and loyal and determined. We'll be there to solve these problems and stop these pirates, if we have a true government once again, by and for the People. Are you going to reestablish Truth? When? And How?

Bill -
The question I would like to surprise both candidates with is, "Would you be willing to make a decision that would be the best for this country in the long term, but would likely cost you re-election to another term?"
Keep up your unequaled journalism.

Please place your hand on your heart. Now you are under oath; tell us all if you are an honest person?

Also the excluded candidate.

Public opinion on global warming has profoundly changed to a call for action in just the last three years. As seen in books like Peter Senge's "The Necessary Revolution," which shows the business world taking steps the government has not, what will you do to bring about the necessary changes to economics, infrastructure, and new energy generation (not drilling, it's not 1938, remember)? How will you get everyone on board?

(Remember that

Question for Senator McCain:
If you do not want to use embryos for stem cell research, what should be done with the thousands that are presently kept frozen and what the difference is between destroying them or using them for research? If his response would be to keep them frozen, who then would have to pay for keeping them in this frozen condition? Another question would be what the status is of a ‘deep frozen’ human being?

Question for Senator Obama:
Although he repeatedly claims to be interested in our environment, why he does not want to write a letter to the EPA Administrator to hold the EPA accountable for never having implemented the Clean Water Act and still allows rivers to be used as giant urinals?

What do you think a sustainable population for the United States is? What criteria did you use to reach your decision? When do you think we should try to reach that level? How do you propose we take the population to that level and hold it there?

Senator Obama, if you are the second most liberal senator, why are you so conservative?

Senator McCain,

Did you commit adultry with your current wife when you were still married to your first wife?

Do you see a difference between capitalism and free markets. Can you explain a distinction between unfettered capitalism and rampant free market?

Why not ban products made by American companies in China from coming into the U. S. so these products may be made here in the U. S. by American workers?

Where is the "individual responsibility" now that the banks are failing? I guess that is only for commoners like me not investment "bankers" and other flim-flam artists.

Why is it that big government is bad until you need your bank or investment house run by crooks bailed out so you can run off with the taxpayers' money?

Why is socialized debt OK when socialized medicine is not?

I guess "trickle down" economics is dead now that the New World Order has been accomplished.

Does anyone else feel this has been a giant Ponzi scheme run by Bush and his financial buddies to rob America of every red cent before he is outsted? How does Karl Rove play into all this?

In the 1970's, when Gas prices first drove the economy into the ground, Brazil bit the bullet and set up a massive canesugar ethanol infrastructure. The result is that they do not have to import oil. The United States, because of the oil lobby, decided that that would be to expensive so We abandoned our plans to do the same for ourselves. Now we are paying ten fold for our complacency.

The same thing happened with the Big Four auto manufacturers. We demanded great fuel efficiency and alternative fuels then, but the big four some how convinced Congress that this would cost too much to retool. "It will cost too many jobs." Now their complacency and that of the congress has lead to their near bankruptcy and the loss of more jobs than we care to count. Meanwhile, our foriegn competitors are hammering Domestics. One wonders if making domestics more fuel efficient, or even finding alternative fuels, or powersources, while domestics were strong, would have prevented this. Given that you both have significant corporate interests backing your campaigns: What are you going to do to make sure that our industries are never able to whine their way out of their social responsibility to provide better technology to replace obsolete and inefficient technologies?

Mr Moyers -

This question is about oil: In the rush to "drill here, drill now", I would like to know if the oil produced from new wells in the United States and its coastlines is going to be kept for our use, or could it be sold to the highest bidders in international markets?

How old is the earth?
Should Creationism (Creation Science, Intelligent Design) be taught along side Evolution in publicly funded schools?
Is Global Warming primarily a result of natural causes?
Should the U.S. unilaterally invade another nation?
What wars have been initiated or escalated with false claims issued from the office of the U.S. president?
Has unfettered capitalism improved to living standards of workers?
Have corporations been responsible stewards of the environment?
Do corporations have the best interests of the populous in mind?
Since clones can be created from a skin cell is a scratch murderous?

How would you work to correct the volatile economy that now must be capped, with a restoration of supply and demand balance that is based on reality needs - rather than on our constantly whetted appetite for excessively more than we need? This economy begins to evaporate when concerns arise, because we can cut back on non essentials, without significant sacrifice - and then begin to increasibgly deflate the bubble we produced.

why are we not having debate from the independant partys. Why don't we do what JFK did when he tapped his people. Give then an intelligence test. Ralph Nader has a chapter in every business class. why don't we listen to someone who know how to resolve these problems that the twin parties created.

Question for the candidates: Will you seek out and prosecute to the full extent of the law those guilty of robbing the country its wealth through the use of the banking and financial systems as a means to exploit the American public INCLUDING members of the administration who knew what was going on and did nothing?

Question for the candidates: As we know from recent history, there is no way of knowing what circumstances you will have to address when you become president. You are making promises about healthcare, taxes, the war and the economy. When you are finally in a position to implement your ideas, you may have a completely different set of circumstances than we have today. What worldview, values and beliefs will guide you in making decisions? Where will you get your guidance?

How do you define Free Trade and compare it with Fair Trade? Where do you stand on each and specifically why?

Do corporations have a civic responsibility to their employees, community, and country or is their only responsibility to maximize their return to shareholders?

Where do you stand on the principal of preemptive strikes? Does it apply only to stateless terrorists or nations as well? What prevents decisions to exercise preemptive strikes based on faulty intelligence?

Is education a national priority or a state or local responsibility?

Do you believe that full economic costs of energy resources including environmental and employee safety should be equally applied to all energy resources when pricing and supporting them with subsidies. Do you support equalizing the subsidies of all potential energy technologies so that the problems each have can be overcome? How would you do that?

Senators Obama and McCain:

Corporations are wanting a bailout funded by the American Taxpayer, however in August the General Accounting Office reporting that from 2000 to 2007, 1500 of the largest companies operating in America, foreign and domestic, pay a net corporate Federal Income tax of Zero. These same companies can deduct everything as an expense so that their net profit is Zero. And these same companies can then run amuck unregulated, gamble with investors money, tank the stock market; CEO's walk away with outrageous exit salaries, and then they fire employees at will when they're in trouble or outsource jobs overseas.

This allowed behavior is so out of line with the average American worker who has no such equivalent bailout.

Shouldn't these same companies receiving a bailout funded by the American Taxpayer be mandated to pay a fixed revenue tax to the IRS, be prohibited from lobbying Congress and the White House for special treatment while they pay off their indebtedness to the US Government, require 100% of the work done in America be performed by American workers, and limit the executive pay scale of these same "welfare" corporations to no more than 5 to 10 times the average employee salary with no golden parachutes?

It can be argued--and many do argue--that the executive branch of government has recently exercised powers in excess of those allowed by our Constitution. The next president will be making difficult decisions about the appropriate role of the federal government's executive offices in governance, given precedents set in recent years on the one hand and the balance of powers outlined in our Constitution on the other.

I would like to know how each of the two presidential candidates views the current balance of powers and if and how they plan to adjust the executive office's portion of that balance. I would also like to know how each candidate views the Constitution: as a fixed or flexible document? Finally, I would like to see each candidate apply their fixed or flexible reading of the Constitution to a controversial issue such as the power to declare war/the use of military force or the types of Supreme Court Justices they might look to appoint.

Thanks for the opportunity to contribute to the discourse. First of all I would ask the candidates what they are going to do to bring to justice the individuals that have looted our treasury? These thieves have committed the largest transfer of wealth in history and just when I thought there was nothing left to steal they plan to bailout this latest fiasco. Secondly, I would ask them what they propose to do to end the environment of corporatism that prevails in Washington. The blending of government and business has got to stop. The revolving door of regulators coming from the regulated only leads to a lessening of standards.

What criteria will you use in choosing cabinet secretaries and other political appointees in the executive branch, cabinet level agencies, and independent agencies? We do not need to see the reappointment of holdovers from the previous two Bush and tthe Clinton administrations since none of them accomplished anything of note?

First, two related facts:
1. The annual trade deficit in this country is five percent of our GDP. 2. The future survival of our automakers is in serious jeopardy because their major competitors in every other country do not have the burden of paying healthcare costs for their employees.

Is there any doubt or question that a national healthcare program would take that burden from all of this country's businesses, both large and small and add to their prosperity and the prosperity of the USA as well? Be specific!

Senators Obama & McCain, I have a question for you both. The American People want the Global Warming Crisis addressed as the TOP PRIORITY of your administration and yes, we want to see an "Apollo Moon Project" type effort to dramatically ramp up viable energy solutions such as wind, geothermal, solar, & fuel cells. But, when are you both going to stop taking nuclear industry lobbying money, advice, and junk scientific spin-doctoring from the supposedly "clean, noncarbon polluting nuclear power industry." And when are you going to fully research and investigate the great dangers of relying on nuclear power. First of all, the mining of huge amounts of uranium creates a great carbon footprint (not to mention huge piles of toxic uranium mill tailings). And decommissioning and dismantling of nuclear power plants also adds to this huge carbon footprint. Secondly, nuclear power is a huge terrorist target requiring a small army and antimissile force to guard each plant (adding uneconomical costs to so-called cheap nuclear energy). Thirdly, America has stuck its head in the sand regarding the huge military-civilian nuclear waste problem. Large amounts of waste are piling up in all civilian plants and there is no reliable place (Yucca Mountain and WIPP just don't cut it) to store civilian and military nuclear wastes some of which are deadly for tens of thousands of years. There is a radioactive plume from Hanford (Manhattan Project & Cold War nuclear bombmaking plant--one of hundreds of contaminated sites only a few of which have been "cleaned up" by DOE) approaching the Columbia River. What are you going to do about that? When are you going to be up front with the American people and admit that nuclear power is NOT an answer to Global Warming. Not just that, but that the current civlian-nuclear waste problem is a ticking timebomb that will register on all Americans' radar screens sooner than later? This needs to be a MAJOR PRIORITY OF YOUR ADMINISTRATION JUST AS PRESSING AS REGULATORY REFORM, STOPPING A NEW COLD WAR WITH RUSSIA, CUTTING GOVERNMENT SPENDING (ESPECIALLY IN THE AREA OF NONESSENTIAL "DEFENSE" BUDGETS THAT GIVE AMERICA HUGELY EXPENSIVE ANTEQUATED COLD WAR WEAPONS INSTEAD OF PROPER ARMORED VESTS, VEHICLES, and VETERANS HEALTH CARE FOR OUR BRAVE TROOPS, ETC) AND ENDING THE OCCUPATION OF IRAQ. When are you going to stop being shills for the amoral, blinders-wearing, putting-profit first-over-safety nuclear power industry? I don't expect you to take my word about the NUCLEAR THREAT AT HOME--but PLEASE check it out. It should NOT be another "out-of-sight, out-of mind" problem without a constituency--DON'T YOU AGREE? WITH RESPECT, JEFFREY MASON OF WALDORF, MARYLAND

Senators McCain and Obama, I would like to know if you are in favor of our elections being paid for 100% by the American taxpayers and eliminating corporate and special interest money entirely from the political process. I believe this would be the best investment Americans can make for their future. Please clearly state your postion.

The most important issue in the United States and the world , at this time is money and the economy. If we can’t solve our fundamental money problems, it is unlikely that we will solve many of the others that depend on finances: poverty, education, health care, rebuilding our national infrastructure, preserving the environment, etc.

People do not understand the basic banking system; seeing the difference between symptoms and disease, between causes and effects, is impossible without a basic understanding of our money system.

Please ask some basic questions:

1. Who creates the US money supply?
2. How is it created?
3. How are Federal Reserve notes different from US notes?
4. What is fractional lending?
5. What are bank reserves?
6. Where does the money bank lend come from?
7. Why doesn’t the US government issue all the money for the economy?
8. Why do we have a national debt when the government can issue its own money debt free?
9. If the banking system creates only the principal of government bonds and private debts, where is the source of money needed to pay the interest on these contracts?

Other than Roe v. Wade, give two examples of "leglislating from the bench".

Senators Obama & McCain, I have a question for you both. The American People want the Global Warming Crisis addressed as the TOP PRIORITY of your administration and yes, we want to see an "Apollo Moon Project" type effort to dramatically ramp up nonrenewable energy solutions such as wind, geothermal, solar, & fuel cells. But, when are you both going to stop taking nuclear industry lobbying money, advice, and junk scientific spin-doctoring from the supposedly "clean, noncarbon polluting nuclear power industry." And when are you going to fully research and investigate the great dangers of relying on nuclear power. First of all, the mining of huge amounts of uranium creates a great carbon footprint (not to mention huge piles of toxic uranium mill tailings). And decommissioning and dismantling of nuclear power plants also adds to this huge carbon footprint. Secondly, nuclear power is a huge terrorist target requiring a small army and antimissile force to guard each plant (adding uneconomical costs to so-called cheap nuclear energy). Thirdly, America has stuck its head in the sand regarding the huge military-civilian nuclear waste problem. Large amounts of waste are piling up in all civilian plants and there is no reliable place (Yucca Mountain and WIPP just don't cut it) to store civilian and military nuclear wastes some of which are deadly for tens of thousands of years. There is a radioactive plume from Hanford (Manhattan Project & Cold War nuclear bombmaking plant--one of hundreds of contaminated sites only a few of which have been "cleaned up" by DOE) approaching the Columbia River. What are you going to do about that? When are you going to be up front with the American people and admit that nuclear power is NOT an answer to Global Warming. Not just that, but that the current civlian-nuclear waste problem is a ticking timebomb that will register on all Americans' radar screens sooner than later? This needs to be a MAJOR PRIORITY OF YOUR ADMINISTRATION JUST AS PRESSING AS REGULARATORY REFORM, STOPPING A NEW COLD WAR WITH RUSSIA, CUTTING GOVERNMENT SPENDING (ESPECIALLY IN THE AREA OF NONESSENTIAL "DEFENSE" BUDGETS THAT GIVE AMERICA HUGELY EXPENSIVE ANTEQUATED COLD WAR WEAPONS INSTEAD OF PROPER ARMORED VESTS, VEHICLES, and VETERANS HEALTH CARE FOR OUR BRAVE TROOPS, ETC) AND ENDING THE OCCUPATION OF IRAQ. When are you going to stop being shills for the amoral, blinders-wearing, putting-profit first-over-safety nuclear power industry? I don't expect you to take my word about the NUCLEAR THREAT AT HOME--but PLEASE check it out. It should NOT be another "out-of-sight, out-of mind" problem without a constituency--DON'T YOU AGREE? WITH RESPECT, JEFFREY MASON OF WALDORF, MARYLAND

Barack: Are you gonna be able to shake off that Chicago School mentality, Man? Gotta dump that punkshit.
John McCain: Here's a chair. You look and sound like Rocky after 14 rounds. "Adrienne! ugh, Ci-i-i-ndy! ugh, Sa-a-a-raa-ah! Get these Spaniards off me, I can't get my dukes up anymore. The fundamentals of the economy are sound, sound I tell you, sound my friends, and I'm minority chair of the commerce committee. Ugh, We can whip Russia and Iran at the same time. Honor and victory my friends... The light is getting dim... ugh." (death rattle) Now it's Sarah the Impaler! "Impeachment is hiding with me under the table," whispers Pelosi.

Banking 101: You do not fund subprime mortgage backed securities with short term over night loans.
Former Investment Bank CEOs should have to write 181 billion times on a chalk board near the bull on wall street, I will not fund long term assets with short term funds.

Be sure to discriminate between investment banks, commercial banks and savings banks. IndyMac was a savings bank(a remnant of the old s&l days). Commercial banks have rules and supervision. Investment banks have neither.

It takes great courage (political suicide?) for a candidate to raise issues such as Thomas Friedman in his new book and similar concerns raised by your recent guest Andrew Bacevich. Some short-term sacrifice and acknowledgment that our infrastructure is crumbling, our consumption of resources is not sustainable, and that we must change because we consume more than we produce, etc - who is strong enough to challenge America and lead us on a new path?

If congress established campaign spending LIMITS, as opposed to campaign financing laws, they (and you) would be less inclined to take money from special interests. Bringing back equal time and truth in advertising laws would eliminate the need to have a campaign by commercial.
Would you commit to either of these ideas if you were President?

Why is the U.S. bombing Afghanistan? How soon can you stop? Why is the U.S. occupying Iraq? When will that stop? How soon can you close the gulag? not just Gitmo, the whole entire thing, and release all the prisoners?
Can you tell the ICE men to lay off our immigrant friends?

Im a disabled coal miner.I worked 15 years in a coal mines.the goverment took 33 an 1/3 for taxs.while the owner paid half of that.He was a millionare.I cant work an draw social security an cant make it he is living good.Thats not right.

What is wrong with raising capital gains taxes on profits from income related to certain kinds of transactions and on people with total incomes above certain levels? A mere sixty percent capital gains tax on say deferred income from stock bonuses above a million dollars seems fair.

And, as some have said, Ronald Reagan was wrong. Government suddenly is the solution.

Have any of the candidates given serious consideration to Steve Forbes'proposal of a flat tax, e.g. 15% of income for everyone- no exceptions, no loopholes ?

Which candidate has the courage to use their millions of dollars of advertising money to remedy any one of the many areas of suffering of people in the US, such as ins. premiums for thousands, build housing in New Orleans or clean up & restore recent hurricane destruction. This would be taking real action and may very well convince more people to vote for you than any 60 second commercial.

What former lobbyists do you have on the inner circle of your campaign staff? What is their role in creating your policy positions?

Why did neither one of you participate in publicly funded elections as you had both said that you would since you both say you want to be free of the influence of lobbyists?

How can the U.S. government afford any of the tax cuts that either of you are proposing when many experts say that social security and medicare are in trouble, we are still spending billions on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and we are now spending billions bailing out the financial markets?

Senator McCain,

Remember ? Alquieda blew up one of their commuter trains and killed and wounded many of their citizens.

If we can't trust you to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth in your commercials and in your podium speeches, how are we supposed to trust you in office?

When will the American people learn the truth about 9/11?

Are you even eligible to be president?

Debates? Nader, McKinney, Baldwin, Barr?

Corporate subsidies?

Federal Reserve?

Do you understand the Constitution?

Will you preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution?


Will you do anything positive for America? Anything?

Do you have any sense of morality?

What are your legislative agenda with priorities and commitments for the first 100 days of your administration?

Many Baby Boomers over the last several years have lost good middle class jobs to plant closings, non-profit agency cutbacks, downsizing of office staffs and jobs moving overseas. Many are having trouble getting even entry level jobs and have seen their savings dwindle and their standard of living decline. How do you suggest that they weather the years until they retire if they are stuck with part time jobs with no health benefits?

I believe that "Annie" said it all. You Go Girl and God bless.

Is there anuthing you would not do to be elected?

Are the candidates keeping up to date on the discussion in the Senate about what can be done to regulate what has been going on with the financial institutions?

Do they agree that Senator Dodd was correct in asking where were the cops on the beat? Should the Senate Banking Committee have been aware of what was happening before this train wreck?.

Are both Senator Obama and Senator McCain willing to work together on this issue and not play political gotcha over an extremely serious matter?

How does the candidate view the use of executive power as usurped and used by George W Bush?

Will the candidate use executive signing statements? If so, under what conditions and in what ways?

Will the candidate work to restore the Constitution, Civil Rights and Human Rights to pre-George W Bush status by counteracting the USA PATRIOT Act, the Military Commissions Act, the FISA legislation allowing for domestic spying, and curtailing the ability of all government agencies to surveil Americans and treating everyone with a suspicion of guilty until proven innocent?

What will the candidate to to abolish torture absolutely?

What will the candidate do to insure that all prisoners and detainees are afforded the protection of the Geneva Conventions?

What will the candidate to to restore the moral standing of America in the world?

What will the candidate to to repair and restore the US economy?

What will the candidate do to assure that all Americans have the ability to access essential healthcare without undue burdens of cost, access, or incurring preventable harm, suffering or death?

What will the candidate do to promote science, research and educational opportunity for scholars, individuals and businesses?

What will the candidate do to assure that everyone has clean potable water, nutritious food, safe shelter and a safe/reliable means to travel to school and work?

What will the candidate do to assure that all veterans receive essential and appropriate health care and other benefits at the right time in a convenient place and in the right setting by the right professionals?


We want to know what is going to be done about torture and illegal detention. In our view, nothing has had more long lasting and disturbing impact. The character of the nation has been profoundly damaged.
Will the perpetrators, including those at the highest level, be held to account? Will the distorted power of the presidency, the vice presidency and that office of the attorney general be addressed?

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