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Ask Bill Moyers

If you didn't get a chance to get your question answered during the live chat with Bill Moyers, post it here. He will answer some of the questions in coming days.

You can read a transcript of the chat at


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Great article, thanks for posting

Dear Mr. Moyers,

Thank you for your great interviews. I think it would be great to get a debate between religious scholars such as Ms. Armestrong and Atheist scientists such as Mr. Richard Dawkins. Would you think it's possible? I am puzzled on why if anyone tells us that God is talking to them these days we commit them to mental hospital and force them to take medications but when years ago illiterate people claimed that they talked to God and told us the ways that God wants us to live our lives we take them at face value and if we try to debate the truthfulness of their claim we are condemned to death by organized religions? They go so far as not to let us even change the rules that does not make any sense in today’s life?


Dr. Black has mentioned, one by one, precisely the questions and concerns I have had since this horror began. Worse, I mistakenly believed that Obama would clean this up, "as soon as I am elected." I have written to him about some of these issues with nary a postcard response.

Now, I think between our free journalists, and Black, we need to do something like refuse to spend any money, and at least be brave enough to attempt to save our nation like those in the UK have been doing. We've become crippled wimps since "W" went into office.

Hallo Mr. Moyers,

Where is your reporting on the accountants, the CPA? I do not see them/us having a hard time. Business seems to be booming no matter if up or down economy.

Mr. Moyer, Yoy have the best show on this stinkin t.v. I watch you every week.I wish some of the other TALKING HEADS would do 1/2 the reporting you do. Thank you.

Yep, on the Dodge Poetry Festival piece. It's in the transcript and the video, confronted for shoving her baby brother...

Thanks Sue.

ingrid....the poem about the mother squeezing the wrists of her daughter was read and written by sharon olds....

Ingrid: Try the "Bicycles and Symbols" page: was it Nikki Giovanni?

8.30pm fri 3/6/09 Bill Moyers Journal
like to know the poet (female) who read a poem about a mother tightening her daughters wrist. I like to read the entire poem and more by her. I am haunted by
that poem.

Great show Mr. Moyers!
what he knows about AMERO?
Is it fact or fiction?
Thank you,
Rety Fuller
Vancouver, Canada.

Mr. Moyers:

I just wanted to express to you how much I value the work you are doing. You and your colleagues at PBS are consistently bringing cogent and independent voices on a myriad of issues and challenges that we as a nation, are facing. Thank you for illuminating our path. Please keep up your very good and important work.

David Benton
Glen Allen, VA

I would like to propose the following structure (not perfect, but best) to cure underwater owner-occupied homes:
1. Lender or owner can opt-in. Owner can opt-out
2. Value the property--not easy but certainly easier than correctly valuing toxic tranches full of properties. Every existing underwater owner-occupied qualifies (subject to fraud prevention) up to conforming limits 417,000. No credit scores or income or other means testing.
3. Fannie/Freddie issues a new loan for exactly 105% of the value only if that is less than the outstanding balance(s). Mortgage Insurers and 2nd mortgage lenders will still do better than in a foreclosure. Taxes must be brought current.

The new loans carry these terms:

a. 30 year term.
b. 2% interest rate for the 1st year.
c. Increases by 0.50% each year for the life of the loan.
d. 5 year 5-4-3-2-1 pre-payment penalty on any amount exceeding 20% of the initial loan. Serves 2 purposes; keeps the property off the market and prevents undeserved windfalls
e. Escrows for taxes & insurance.
f. Stiff late payment fees and fast re-foreclosures.
g. The writedowns are not taxable income to the borrower.

On a $105,000 loan the first few years look like this:

Year Rate Payment Balance Pre-pay
1 2% 388.10 102,419.22 5%

2 2.5 414.07 99,983.08 4%

3 3 440.19 97,668.65 3%

4 3.5 466.39 95,455.10 2%

5 4.0 492.60 93,323.30 1%

6 4.5 518.72 91,255.91 0% from here on

7 5.0 544.70 89,236.45

8 5.5 570.48 87,249.10

Also, any Option Arm not falling into the 105% program should have its recast provision stripped out and resulting “losses” treated as in g above

The combination of loan & rate reductions will make these affordable and performing loans. I am a mortgage broker (with equity) and can expect nothing more than a stabilized real estate market from this plan for the 1st 5 years. After that I hope to refinance all of them.

Maggie Knowles: as a realtor you might not like to hear what actions would be necessary by the people to change our governance. I would suggest a targeted boycott of banks and a mortgage payment strike. Maggie, if you're a real patriotic woman, you could suggest others. The founding generation risked and sacrificed for independence and so can we,doing a more through job this time around.
You're starting to think out reality for yourself Maggie Knowles, and that's more than I can say for Kathryn Hines, who blames a sick minded woman's fantasy book. The mindset of the wealthy pre-existed the book, Rand only filled their media order.

Dear Mr. Moyers....your "Journal" is an island of sanity in these uncertain times...thank you. Would you consider exploring the question "Why does America seem to be engaged in endless war?" The rest of the civilized world seems to get all the petroleum and raw materials for it's industries without an obscene military budget and a military presence in 120 countries around the world. Sincerely, SG

I would like to see someone do an investigation of the Ayn Rand philosophy of Objectivism as see in ATLAS SHRUGGED. I believe that the roots of our economic decline are in this philosophy which is embraced by so many of those in the financial world. It accounts for the money being acquired by a few while the middle class shrinks

Here's what I don't like about television shows. Mr. Moyers, you asked your guest "What can we do?" and your guest said he could tell you what to do technically, but not politically. If the problem is politcal, then we need to know the POLITICAL SOLUTION. Why not talk about that? THIS IS A HUGE CRISIS AND NO ONE IS TALKING ABOUT WHAT TO DO POLITICALLY. WHAT GOOD IS YOUR SHOW OR ANY OTHERS IF WE DON'T ADDRESS THIS ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM QUESTION?

Dear Mr. Moyers,
Thank you for your reports. The only news we can trust lately. Thank you for having Mr. Simon on your program. He confirmed with authority what we have all been talking about at the dinner table but were hoping that it was just paranoia leading us to these conclusions. Please let us know what we the people can do about the economic crisis. Who can we contact? What action can we take?

Hello Mr. Moyers,
I find your program soothing and anxiety reducing and I thank you for shunning tickers and DOW boxes and dramatically waving flags. I'm also appreciative of your thoughtful and considered analysis of topics otherwise ignored.
My question is about the Bill O'Reilly ambush that is floating around on the internet. Did you ever get a response or at least a supplicating "I'm sorry" ?I found your reaction to the attack remarkably calm and measured. I'm not sure if you can actually answer this next question but how on earth do you keep your cool?
Carina Scott

Rest assured that some of us read and considered, Ellison.
If you'd care to send the full text to, feel free to do so.

Klark Mouvinon

I once was advised to come up with a new system if I didn't like the old way.

I did and Bill and his Gatekeepers censored it twice and removed it.

So far the smaller edited entry is still there, but I think I am not the kind of input they want and I don't particularly care for censorship.

I wish you well and I am off for places unknown.

Mr Johnson's interview was both scary but hopeful. I wonder too about future "discussions" in Congress about the DOD budget.
As I heard Mr Johnson talk about the courage to break up the "oligarchy" of the bankers et. al., I wonder also about the break up of Military Industrial Complex.
Will anyone have the courage to break that "oligarchy" especially in bad economic times-jobs lost?

One last question:

Can the American public refute the opinion of the court by referendum?

Dear Bill Moyers,

I have been an ardent viewer of yours since the Joseph Campbell interviews and before that... Your contributions to progressive journalism and open debate with the conservative right are unique. But the void is so vast... the polarization so wide... Keep on keeping on.

My questions: Is my understanding of corporate personhood off the mark? Corporate personhood allows protection of their freedom of speech in the form of veiled bribery and intimidation from corporate coffers.

Is it not the root of most of our diminished representation and the major cause of conflicting interest in the legislative branch?

Being that it is only an opinion of the court and not law, it seems to me to be an easy fix. Am I not understanding something about this problem?

Thank you, and very best wishes,
G.L. Monahan


I hope your excellent discussion with Simon Johnson gets widespread attention. I would like to point out the economist Willem Buiter, whose views are quite complementary to those of Johnson. He is a heavyweight. For example, he was called in as an advisor to Iceland after their economy collapses some months ago.

Buiter has a very interesting proposal that deals with two very important issues: getting good banks going that will lend, restarting the economies of the world, and isolating the damage from the toxic assets that are going to bury many banks so that the good banks can function. His ideas are consistent with the Soros proposal. His last column and another recent one describing his thoughts can be found at:

He would make a great interview, even if by teleconference.

Thank you for keeping us informed with thoughtful, insightful guests. I try never to miss your show. I forwarded a message to Senator Collins to please watch your interview with Simon Johnson. I sometimes wonder if our representatives couldn't use a weekly dose of the Journal. Thanks,

Mr. Moyers,
Mr. Simon Johnson's commentary renewed my feeling that--indeed the 'Foxes have been put in charge of the henhouse'. I grieve for the government we were supposed to have where ethical men govern for the common good, not the advancement of special interest groups.

Well Bill and Simon have done us all a favor. Scary but real. Sums up just about all commentary coming from scholars and experts these days. No right-minded person really believes that the economic stimulus packages are going to work. I read the transcript from an interview given to Russia Today by Gerald Celente and it is worth reading. Here is the link:

The main reason these banks are too big to fail is that they own the Federal Reserve System. If they need a bailout make them transfer their stock in the Federal
Reserve to Paul Krugman and Robert Reich.

Highly informative, and chilling report. Why isn't Simon Johnson on the Obama economic team. I recall during the election haunting tidbits abouts the amount of Wall Street money flowing into the Obama campaign. It was troubling then, but terrifying now. Quite simply as Simon made elquantly clear, - FAILED banks and FAILED financial institutions recognize that FAILURE and be disolved. Those failed institutions management must be fired. The French Foreign Minister prosecuted exactly this brave political effort in France. The French government moved in to intervene, or nationalize the failed banks, and the entire top management was immediately fired.

The idea that the predator class is somehow immune or shielded from absorbing losses or deleveraging that they are singularly responsible for causing is absurd. Worse the elitist and calluous intent to heap all the costs of the bail outs and the shielding of the predator class, and the monsterous debts on the shoulders of American children born and unborn is an appalling abuse of power and reprehensible on its face.

Either Obama starts to listen to, and take seriously people like Simon Johnson, Stiglitz, and Krugman among others who are warning that failing to remedy the banking system and model, -and failure to force the oligarchs, the predator class operators, the CEO's and top managers with skin in the game to absorb the pain from losses they are exclusively responsible for causing - and the failure to recognize that their masters of the universe models and management FAILED, - and that these oligarchs and predator class leaderships must be removed from positions of power - will contribute to a worsening of the economic crisis, NOT its' improvement.

I am troubled by Obama's duplicity in allowing predator class lobbiests into his government at all given his proclaimations on ethics - and the lack of any other voice on his economic advisory to counter the predator class blandishments bruted by Wall Street insiders.

Obama is only hearing or only wanting to hear the predator class solutions. The predator class, the oligarchs and financial titans are singularly and exclusively responsible for conjuring, cloaking, profiting wantonly from, and exacerbating the greatest ecomic crisis since the depression. These predator class institutions, and indivuals are accountable and must absorb thier fair share of the pain and losses for their FAILURES and mismanagement, if not financial malfeasance and perfidy.

Obama either changes direction and works toward breaking up the predator class death grip on American banking and finance, - or sharpen your pitchforks, and get locked, cocked, and ready to rock. Either way, predator class heads must roll.


I would also like to mention that not all foreclosure's are done on deadbeats. I built my house with my own 2 hands and mine alone. In my foreclosure, I have interviewed 20 Atty's who don't understand loan securitization process's. I have examined 600 foreclosures in my County. Of 600, 6 were answered. Of those 6, 2 had hand written answers, 4 had Atty written answers. In the Atty answered, all but 1 was a 1 page rebuttal ($500 to $1,000) and 1 was a 3 page reply ($500 to $1,000). Other than a 1st answer, there were no more submissions. Everyone lost their home. Of the 600, my estimate (and only that) is that at least 1/3 of those were filed BEFORE the servicer had the Legal right to file! NO right to file... judgment for the Plaintiff = (only if it's brought to light) a void judgment. Try When this get's mainstram, the Mortgage Co.s are gonna play hell staying alive.

Bill, I am in foreclosure and trying, I hope not in vain, to fight it in the Courts. In the research I have done I have run across what I think might be a good story. It's about the securitization process an dhow the Bankers have screwed themselves with "Bad" paperwork. In my own case, there are numerous documents which, when put together, do no givce the foreclosing servicers the Legal Right to foreclose. This space is to small to write the particulars in, but there's a website, that pretty much sums it up. SOme of the Courts are getting wise to the Mortgage Co. s and their servicers fraud and here's a link to an Ex Fed Reg. who says half of all mortgages aren't worth the paper they are written on. About 3/4 of the way through.,WM,CFC,XLF,JPM#comments

I think Naomi Klein (The Shock Doctrine; The Rise of disaster capitalism) would make a great follow-up guest and add insight into where we are and where we are going with this crisis. Please bring her on the program.

I find the hostile commenter on this blog to be simply amazing. Anti-American? I think this dude needs to take a better look at our current economic situation and consider just who is anti-American.


Dear Bill,

I think you are one of the best examples of a pro-democracy progressive occupying a media position which is privately AND publicly funded. Information about all viewpoints is vital to a healthy democracy. I contacted my representatives today and asked them to sustain PBS funding because, not only of your program, but the array of essential programming PBS offers.

Thank you, Bill for your quality and essential program! You are a True American!

I think you are one of the best examples of an anti-American liberal occupying a cush position,using tax payer dollars to espouse your socialist views and get paid for doing so.I contacted my representatives today and asked them to cut PBS funding because of the leftist views you espouse.

The next time you have a Republican on your journal, please ask that person: If the free market is allowed to correct itself without intervention, what are you prepared to do, or not do, if we descend to a depression where there are thousands of Americans unable to provide shelter, food or basic necessities (especially families with children and aged people?

Thank you Mr. Moyers, we are big fans of yours.

Why is the PBS Discussions board under severe lockdown but still online? If your guys are going to make it unavailable to its members, why don't your guys take it completely offline and save both the taxpayers and PBS contributors a bunch of money?

Dear Bill,

You have been encourage the viewers to get involved and take action. Given the dire situation now, what don't you call and lead a nation wide march or strike to protest. Show people power and help the country now before it is too late...

If you do not do, you do not really know. Thanks you.

I edited this from 5 pages to 2 pages and I removed all my personal comments but one at the end, eleven words.

I did not understand where it fit except I know it is important to every american taxpayer.

I will leave it to you Bill, you may do with it as you will.

To: Whom it may Concern 02/11/2009
From: Anonymous9

First the Federal Government would pay the Home Mortgage of all American Citizens with loans from American Banks. There would be a complete record of every dollar spent and who received the money.

I sincerely believe the Federal Government the US Treasury, and the Federal Reserve could accomplish my idea which bears real fruit and is transparent and puts a foundation under home owners and banks both.

If they paid off all the mortgages of American homes? That is the Taxpayer’s dollars would be spent to benefit the taxpayer in a direct concrete way. And the banks would be made solvent. The money spent would be in the Banks and available to loan to individuals and businesses. The debt erased would free the home owner to spend on automobiles, boats, second homes, utilities, education, healthcare, vacations, and a great many things not listed.

The result would be the Middle Class and the Working Class would be on a sound foundation free of debt and able to spend money in a way as to keep the Financial System humming along.

This Solution also would stop Law Suits against the Banks as it would put money in the very neighborhoods that have been greatly damaged and allow the cities to recover tax revenues.

I do know that a Freeze Date (a requirement of a loan to have been in effect for 3 to 6 months would probably work) would have to be put on home mortgages in order to control, a run on request for loans and the Banks granting loans, both, just to take advantage of the Solution.

Also two additional requirements would be prudent:

No Equity Loans could be given on these homes for a period of 5 years.

No Home could be Sold for a period of 1 year. Two exceptions would be Bankruptcy and Medical Bills in excess of $100,000.00!

If the Home Owner is unable to or unwilling to meet the Three (3) Requirements, then the Federal Government should leave them to the Free Market to fail.

This is not an opportunity to make a profit (the money to pay off the loans should be locked up in the home for as long as possible).

This is a Solution to Stabilize Housing and the Economy and clearly helps the most people directly and would put the most people back to work in the shortest time.

Transparency is achieved by knowing where every Dollar goes and to whom, and would show who received the money and holds the Loans. The holding Bank would be held Responsible & Accountable.

If you wanted further Stabilization you would require the Banks to hold the Loan and not sell it to any other Entity as that was part of the Original Problem.

The term Strategic meaning to place the money where it would do the most good and reach the most people is accomplished!

The money would go to the Taxpayer in all Fifty (50) States. It would relieve the debt of the Middle and Working Class. It would allow the retiring of Credit Card Debt. It would fill the Tax Coffers of the Cities across the 50 states.

If only enough people read this and truly considered how simple it would be and how quickly it would work….

I am,

“Sometimes the truth is too simple for intellectuals”. Jean-Paul Sartre

One personal note:

Pay as you go
Enjoy the ride
Get off the treadmill

Mr. Moyers, have you considered that the natural state of our economy might be a depression? Everyone keeps talking about getting the liquidity markets working again; but the liquidity markets shouldn't be such an issue. Banks acquire income from the interest on loans made to people and businesses. They should not need another source of income. For decades, banks have packaged their loans into securities and sold them--creating alternate income streams. If we begin to think that that securitization income is illegitimate for commercial banks, would not the natural state of our economy be a depression?

Consider the probability that the last twenty years of economic growth were a lie based on fake money created by securitization opportunities created by the investment banks. Now that the lie has been exposed, our economy is falling to its natural state.

We Americans do not have enough fossil fuel energy to have a growing economy, so we must manufacture fake money to enable us to buy fossil fuel from abroad. The collapse of the loan securitization markets restricts our ability to create fake money, and that restricts our ability to buy foreign oil and natural gas, so now our nation begins to feel what it is like to live only on our own fossil fuel energy resources.

What is your stance on the 9/11 Truth Movement?

Would you be willing to give people like David Ray Griffin and Richard Gage a fair hearing?

Mr. Bill,
Thanks, I look forward to your opinion on the following questions.

If your personal financial manager lost 40% of your principle, would you give him a bonus? Would you give him more money to do with as he sees fit?

If stimulus money were given to well run banks, what would you expect the results to be?

Stimulus money was given to terribly run banks, where you surprised at the results? (I posted to your blogs when Paulson 1st demanded $700 billion in small unmarked bills, that the banks would take the money, clean up their balance sheets & loan only to those that did not need the money).

Wed. Barney Franks begged corporate big guys to at least admit they may have underestimated Mainstreets' anger, were you surprised when the Citi guy said that "I get the message & will see Citi gets it too"?

Am I to harsh to suggest that Congress is so scared about the next election, that they are running around in circles (or as this Southern boy usually chickens with their heads cut off)?

Thanks for your blogs & especially this direct opportunity.

Billy Bob, Florida where the DNP & Obama denied my vote

A web chat shows courage. Yet you were able to choose the questions to which you responded. An agenda of MSM critique worked very well. Thank you for sharing the information sources you appreciate each day. I was impressed by your ready knowledge about the insolvency and corporate demise of specific major city newspapers. All in all it came across as a mannerly exchange. I want to thank the people who participated, especially our blog correspondent songweasel from Florida. I was out on the turnpike myself. May I suggest that next time you designate one or two subject areas for discussion and maybe even sponsor moderators or questionees other than yourself for specialized discussion. Inquiry: I wonder what you think will be the next strike against the American public. We had the fear factor of 9/11 and the purse factor of the Meltdown. Will another false flag operation be necessary to maintain elite control or will a scapegoated demographic be defined to divert attention with popular sadistic persecution? Will the Internet have to be intensely policed in a Chinese manner or will it be glutted and manipulated with corporate propaganda? I feel like a mighty sad lab rat when I can't even count on peanut butter and crackers. Be assured that many of us would react with frenzy if your program were removed from the PBS line-up.

Hello Mr Moyers,

Thank you for reading my e-mail.

I have a request, a question, and a comment.

I'm a Canadian who came across your 1987 documentary,

The Secret Government: The Constitution in Crisis

Is there a copy that can be purchased?

I was curious if you had done a follow-up in light of 9/11, and it's aftermath.

I really enjoyed the discussion you had with Mr. Foner about the legacy of Lincoln.

To me I find a chillingly similarity to the assissinations of both Linclon, and Kennedy.

Although both lived at different times, their vision seemed to be one in the same. Lincoln for the equal rights of Americans, and Kennedy for the rights not just for Americans, but how he viewed citizens on a global scale in light of the social revolution that was to become the Sixties, and how it flew in the face of the CIA's foreign policies.

Again thank you, and look forward to viewing your archived material, as I just became a new fan.



What do you think is the "real" reason the republicans are being obstructionist against the bailout pkgs? They likely know that reducing taxes won't increase consumer demand, but possibly they have some bigger strategy in mind. Slightly longer term possibly for the mid-term elections?

The role of the media should be to inform the citizenry of what's going on so that voters can make informed decisions. The laziest form of journalism is to sit between contesting parties and allow an open-ended game of "He said; She said" as is now the practice on "Meet the Press." I believe the name of the program should be changed to "Delete the Press."

In ancient Israel, every 50 years they celebrated the Year of Jubilee. In it, all debts were forgiven, all property rights restored, and all bonded indenture was cancelled. I think that would be REAL economic stimulus.

Can you please have Barry Ritholtz on your program? He can help explain this economic quagmire our country is in. More info about him at:

Dear Mr. Moyers,

In 1987 you produced an excellent program entitled The Secret Government: The Constitution in Crisis. Would you consider doing an update based on the Bush administration and the events of 9/11?

Ned Delaney

Dear Mr. Moyers~
Have you read Howard Zinn's book, A People's History of the United States? If you have, I would appreciate your commets. I would also enjoy seeing him on your program, if he accepts public invitations.
Thank you for your program. I look forward to it every Friday on my local PBS station.

Stephanie Rogstad

I see the number one need of this country long-term to be education - not just K-through-college education, but real consciousness-raising. A re-acquaintance with the founding documents, unvarnished history, and ethical training. Re-learning the joy of simple, hard work and the ability to give one's attention to one thing fully. To peel the scales off our eyes.
To that end, I wish I were Bill Moyers. I think it would be an immensely satisfying life - to be involved in informing and enlightening the public, week after week, year after year. But there can only be one Bill Moyers. What can the rest of us do?

Dear Mr. Moyers,
The comments of Jay Rosen were a revelation--that the power of the internet can be 2-way is obvious yet a new thought to me. Do you or Mr. Rosen know of a group or movement to harness this power for change? It offers hope that "we the people" might make an end run around some media and some politicians. Help, please. Get us started, or at least pointed.
Barbara Briggs-Letson


As I admire you and your extraordinary (and desperately needed) work greatly, I was wondering if you could share with us the people that you admire and learn from. I would be very interested to hear what historical and contemporary journalists, political figures, and especially, knowing of your interest in the arts, artists (literary, visual, or musical) you admire.

Chris Ulrich

I am a growing minority that needs help!!! I am a hard working white, middle-class, heterosexual, non-racist, Christian, male small business owner. I have a viable product and existing customers but am unable to get any kind of government "Stimulus" help in the form of a low interest small business loan. What can I do ... why do I not qualify as a minority??? What can the Democrats and the new regime do to help?

I wish you would interview Paul Craig Roberts on your show.

He has the clearest picture of the present and future US economy in his brief recent Counterpunch article "Driving Over a Cliff," which can be found here:

Thanks for taking my question today. I hope you will have time for the follow-up in which I was a bit more specific.

I see it as a good sign that veteran journalists like yourself are willing to take the time to reach out to John and Jane Q. Public off the street as you did today.

I am an x-for-profit industry life scientist turned grades 6-12 teacher & weekend writer. Currently abworking with urban kids at a new charter school trying to grow itself into a Ron Clark Academy brand of organization. Exciting/rewarding time to be in that line of work, as Obama turns his attention to its value.

My kids will get a lot out of seeing that I could connect with you 1-on-1 like this today. It will help them to feel that they can reach out to the world too, and that what they have to add matters. That's what they need to know most about themselves now...that's what's going to help them rise above the squalor of their present lives and transform into newer, more successful people ready to contribute meaningfully to society.

Mr. Moyers,
It seems to me that the rise of the progressive movement has been at least as important a political phenomenon as the failures in government of far-right conservatism. Yet few people seem to be aware of the movement, what it stands for and what it has achieved so far. Why do we get so little t.v. recognition? The word conservative is pronounced countless times a day on t.v. news, but the word progressive is rarely heard.

Re your recent discussion of Lincoln, the Civil War, and photography. In 1984 while in what is today The Ukraine, I visited a museum and was surprised to learn that the Crimean War, not our Civil War, was the first conflict to be "preserved" by this new methodology. My guide, a young Ukrainian history student was likewise surprised.

Remember the stubborn knight in "Monty Python and the Holy Grail"? He stands and challenges King Arthur's men to fight. One by one, he loses his limbs but still shouts out insults.

Maybe admirable to say, Hamas, but sad and ridiculous to most of us.

Dear Mr. Moyers,
I teach at Van Horn High School in Independence, Missouri. We'll be taking an hour out of our day on Tuesday, February 17th, to discuss your comments about the challenges of race facing the new Obama Administration (posted on January 23rd). Our entire faculty and approximately 600 students will discuss your thoughts in Socratic Seminars.

You are one of my personal heroes and I thought you'd like to know how we are using your personal thoughts to help commemorate "Black History Month".

Sincerely yours,

Don Schulte

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