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Special Preview: Next week, LINCOLN'S LEGEND AND LEGACY

Be sure to tune in next week when BILL MOYERS JOURNAL presents a deeply moving and intimate performance by award-winning actor Sam Waterston and eminent historian Harold Holzer.

LINCOLN'S LEGEND AND LEGACY features the spoken poetry and prose of American writers as different as Walt Whitman, Frederick Douglass, Allen Ginsburg, Langston Hughes, Harriet Beecher Stowe, and many others who have struggled to find words to adequately describe this tall, plain and gangling man – and the transcendent significance of his presidency.

Reflected on the arc of ideas, language and history included in excerpts of their writings, Bill Moyers says, "Lincoln changes as we hear these words, and so does the country."

For more information on next week’s special edition of BILL MOYERS JOURNAL, visit our Web page on LINCOLN’S LEGEND AND LEGACY.


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I think that we should pull back are troops from the war in Afganistan.

Friends: It might intrigue followers of the Moyers Blog to know that in May, 2007, Gordon-Michael Scallion in a presentation to the Association for Research and Enlightenment, the Cayce Foundation, mentioned in a Cayce-like reading that Lincoln would once again occupy the White House. When asked to clarify this, his three-syllable answer was: "Obama". Mr. Scallion's work is reliable and confirmable. Mr. Holzer in particular should be keen to know that his beloved Lincoln is indeed back in the flesh. However, it must not be assumed that the Lincoln we already know and cherish will be the same this time around. Life evolves and the work to be done now must take new shape and direction, even though the underlying themes found earlier in this great man will still obtain. One may explore Mr. Scallion's work further at I look forward to the Journal on April 10. Regards, Ron Crider

Let me say only this about Lincoln: He was the first of many American political leaders and candidates to be assassinated in public view as a result of a far-reaching conspiracy, not to have the plot that killed him fully investigated or revealed to the general public. In later times the machinations that permitted such a cover-up increased and evolved so that today the people are asked to remain quiessant over serial mass murders, global financial collusion and false flagged attacks on our own nation, for fear oligarchs may "notice" us as individuals. Only totalitarianism can squelch obvious compelling news that should be shouted from the rooftops and gag the so-called "free information superhighway." A gun was in the Ford's
Theatre, and one bodyguard stepped away, but now the eyes and the guns of the Oligarchy are ubiquitous, even into an aged Pentium II computer somewhere searching for hidden truth.

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