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Bill Moyers & Michael Winship: Some Choice Words For "The Select Few"

If you want to know what really matters in Washington, don't go to Capitol Hill for one of those hearings, or pay attention to those staged White House "town meetings.” They’re just for show. What really happens – the serious business of Washington – happens in the shadows, out of sight, off the record. Only occasionally – and usually only because someone high up stumbles -- do we get a glimpse of just how pervasive the corruption has become.

Case in point: Katharine Weymouth, the publisher of THE WASHINGTON POST – one of the most powerful people in DC – invited top officials from the White House, the Cabinet and Congress to her home for an intimate, off-the-record dinner to discuss health care reform with some of her reporters and editors covering the story.

But CEO’s and lobbyists from the health care industry were invited, too, provided they forked over $25,000 a head – or up to a quarter of a million if they want to sponsor a whole series of these cozy get-togethers. And what is the inducement offered? Nothing less, the invitation read, than “an exclusive opportunity to participate in the health-care reform debate among the select few who will get it done.”

The invitation reminds the CEO’s and lobbyists that they will be buying access to “those powerful few in business and policy making who are forwarding, legislating and reporting on the issues…

"Spirited? Yes. Confrontational? No." The invitation promises this private, intimate and off-the-record dinner is an extension “of THE WASHINGTON POST brand of journalistic inquiry into the issues, a unique opportunity for stakeholders to hear and be heard.”

Let that sink in. In this case, the “stakeholders” in health care reform do not include the rabble – the folks across the country who actually need quality health care but can’t afford it. If any of them showed up at the kitchen door on the night of this little soiree, the bouncer would drop kick them beyond the Beltway.

No, before you can cross the threshold to reach “the select few who will actually get it done,” you must first cross the palm of some outstretched hand. The WASHINGTON POST dinner was canceled after a copy of the invite was leaked to the Web site, by a health care lobbyist, of all people. The paper said it was a misunderstanding – the document was a draft that had been mailed out prematurely by its marketing department. There’s noblesse oblige for you – blame it on the hired help.

In any case, it was enough to give us a glimpse into how things really work in Washington – a clear insight into why there is such a great disconnect between democracy and government today, between Washington and the rest of the country.

According to one poll after another, a majority of Americans not only want a public option in health care, they also think that growing inequality is bad for the country, that corporations have too much power over policy, that money in politics is the root of all evil, that working families and poor communities need and deserve public support if the market system fails to generate shared prosperity.

But when the insiders in Washington have finished tearing worthy intentions apart and devouring flesh from bone, none of these reforms happen. “Oh,” they say, “it’s all about compromise. All in the nature of the give-and-take-negotiating of a representative democracy.”

That, people, is bull – the basic nutrient of Washington’s high and mighty.

It’s not about compromise. It’s not about what the public wants. It’s about money – the golden ticket to “the select few who actually get it done.”

When Congress passed the Helping Families Save Their Homes Act, "the select few” made sure it no longer contained the cramdown provision that would have allowed judges to readjust mortgages. The one provision that would have helped homeowners the most was removed in favor of an industry that pours hundreds of millions into political campaigns.

So, too, with a bill designed to protect us from terrorist attacks on chemical plants. With “the select few” dictating marching orders, hundreds of factories are being exempted from measures that would make them spend money to prevent the release of toxic clouds that could kill hundreds of thousands.

Everyone knows the credit ratings agencies were co-conspirators with Wall Street in the shameful wilding that brought on the financial meltdown. But when the Obama administration came up with new reforms to prevent another crisis, the credit ratings agencies were given a pass. They’d been excused by “the select few who actually get it done.”

And by the time an energy bill emerged from the House of Representatives the other day, “the select few who actually get it done” had given away billions of dollars worth of emission permits and offsets. As THE NEW YORK TIMES reported, while the legislation worked its way to the House floor, “it grew fat with compromises, carve-outs, concessions and out-and-out gifts,” expanding from 648 pages to 1400 as it spread its largesse among big oil and gas, utility companies and agribusiness.

This week, the public interest groups Common Cause and the Center for Responsive Politics reported that, “According to lobby disclosure reports, 34 energy companies registered in the first quarter of 2009 to lobby Congress around the American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009. This group of companies spent a total of $23.7 million – or $260,000 a day – lobbying members of Congress in January, February and March.

“Many of these same companies also made large contributions to the members of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, which has jurisdiction over the legislation and held a hearing this week on the proposed ‘cap and trade’ system energy companies are fighting. Data shows oil and gas companies, mining companies and electric utilities combined have given more than $2 million just to the 19 members of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee since 2007, the start of the last full election cycle.”

It's happening to health care as well. Even the pro-business magazine THE ECONOMIST says America has the worst system in the developed world, controlled by executives who are not held to account and investors whose primary goal is raising share price and increasing profit – while wasting $450 billion dollars in redundant administrative costs and leaving nearly 50 million uninsured.

Enter "the select few who actually get it done." Three out of four of the big health care firms lobbying on Capitol Hill have former members of Congress or government staff members on the payroll – more than 350 of them – and they’re all fighting hard to prevent a public plan, at a rate in excess of $1.4 million a day.

Health care policy has become insider heaven. Even Nancy-Ann DeParle, the White House health reform director, served on the boards of several major health care corporations.

President Obama has pushed hard for a public option but many fear he’s wavering, and just this week his chief of staff Rahm Emanuel – the insider del tutti insiders – indicated that a public plan just might be negotiable, ready for reengineering, no doubt, by “the select few who actually get it done.”

That’s how it works. And it works that way because we let it. The game goes on and the insiders keep dealing themselves winning hands. Nothing will change – nothing – until the money lenders are tossed out of the temple, the ATM’s are wrested from the marble halls, and we tear down the sign they’ve placed on government – the one that reads, “For Sale.”


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A provocation for:

Jim Anderson: I doubt you'd keep your column if you changed your "line." Quit playing it safe: Advocate the radical solution you think most likely to succeed: Find out who your real friends may be.

You live not only on an island, but in Canada? I don't believe it! How lame can you get? And the f**king Bilderburg Group, and the Council on Foreign Relations? Such evil thinkers! So-o-o-o-o Ba-a-a-d! You ain't uncovering the Devil yet, but you're working for him. Did you see "The Lives of Others" about the butt-sniffing dogs? That's the very definition of corporate fascism. When's your next interrogation?

Why are the Washington primadonas not listening to Bill and his guests/

I live on a small island off the coast of British Columbia and write a column entitled "Saltspring Soliloquies" in a local free newspaper: The Marketplace,
I am constantly and continually inspired and moved by the vision, integrity and courage of Bill Moyers and his Journal.
Ideas are the only thing that truly changes our world...that and doing the impossible together, hand in hand.
Here is my last article.


“highways are jammed with broken heroes on a last chance power drive,
Everybody’s out on the run tonight, there’s no place left to hide.”
Bruce Springsteen; Born to Run.

I live in a world of fantasy and illusion. I believe I am in control of my life, and that I can think for myself. But, nothing could be further from the truth. Every essence of my life, and every corner of my personal, private world is manipulated, programmed, marketed and controlled by a carefully orchestrated and finely tuned system of advertising, media, propaganda and subliminal influence. Through a finely screened avalanche of programmed information I am told what to eat, drink, buy, wear and most importantly think. It is estimated that in North America each of us are inundated by on average 3000 advertisements every day, alone. Each of us are bent, shaped, spun and manipulated, made to need, want and desire and to consume. And all of our lives, hopes, dreams and hungers are plotted , calculated and targeted.
This avalanche is the leading edge of what has become an absolute consolidation of power and control by a handful of supremely wealthy and omnipotent human beings on this planet. That growth of centralized and absolute power and control has evolved to overwhelm and dominate all of our common lives. Evidence from powerful, cloistered organizations like the Bilderberg group, Trilateral Commission and Council on Foreign Relations rumors that the global governance and New World Order they are relentlessly pursuing will completely reshape our world by overseeing and engineering radical economic and social restructuring and chaos in order to implement their long term agenda of Global control and dominance. They believe it is the only course of action…the only way for humankind to survive. It is hard to contest this. The logic and mantra has remained unchanged for eons. At all costs, power, profit, privilege, control and capital must be preserved. For them there is nothing new under the Sun. It is a timeless and ancient dogma that has now become a global and draconian juggernaut. And it is this ancient mindset that has caused this omnipotent handful of supreme elite now holding our absolute and final destiny in their hands to be certain that even if humankind has to be brought to its knees and economic order destroyed that this radical course must be stayed. There is disagreement on this radical path by some of the inner circle of the supreme elite. They fear that destruction of the world economy and the ensuing chaos that must follow could destroy not only the world order, but could ultimately destroy their control and power forever. Still, they believe they are right. But this is a desperate gamble. In maintaining their stranglehold of total power on earth they are prepared to risk the stability, sanctuary and survival of the order that now protects us all.
They have the absolute power, technology and deadly force to do this.
But what if they are wrong?
What if the catastrophic crisis now haunting us all in truth means that we can no longer afford or support power, profit and privilege itself on earth. That the time has come for us all to step out of an ancient mindset and find something new under the Sun. Time for us all to stop all selfish and primitive deception and hazard our fear, fatal ignorance and all that we are; each of us risking and giving all that we have to give so that together we can do the impossible, hand in hand.
What if what is needed today is that here on earth it is time for the few chosen and powerfully privileged among us to truly LEAD humankind. Using the gift of omnipotence they have been given to capture that which is finest in us all. To instead of manipulating and consuming us, to inspire us to be more than we ever thought we could become. Finally and at long last capitalizing on the true gold in this world: the potential, power, will and magnificence of human beings and their courageous lives now being spent and wasted all around us in this madness we call civilization.
They are wrong. Like Humpty Dumpty, when they break down and destroy our world, no one will be able to put all the pieces back together again. Least of all those who manifest and embody such primitive and selfish vision in a world where humankind is careening towards oblivion and extinction unless together we find something new under the Sun. For those modern walking dinosaurs in that lost, brutal and shattered insanity and hell on earth where “the living will envy the dead”, there will truly be no place left to hide.

thank you so much for the opportunity to contribute here.

Until that time,

Jim Anderson
Saltspring Island

Something occurred to me today. The fact is that our Culture has become schizoid and sociopathic in dealing with people, and their inherent value. I do not thing this is a problem that coalesces within all Classes and levels of disparity, but something that is handed and beaten into those that are not residing at the table of affluence as a countermeasure against acknowledging reality, and the stirring of revolt of lesser men.

I can say that recently I went to a community center to receive a food box. I was ashamed. I questioned why? Why should I be?. We as a nation will comfort the rich and hand them the blood and the sweat of the masses-out of recognition of their seeming entitlement. When a mom is struggling- to put food on the table, an elder debating to eat or to live, a woman who must face bankruptcy or die of HER-2 Breast Cancer-for them to ask for assistance. They are derided and shamed for taking one tenth of a trillionth from the coffers as if they were taking Fort Knox to glut on in private.

A community center being shunned and desired to be shut down by a city because they do not like the homeless. They are people, they have mothers, they are parents. They are someone to somebody. I guarantee there will be more hurt tomorrow if they shut a place of need down the way the government is doing it en masse.

What happened to the idea that charity of the affluent society was not only a duty but a right. I mean take Batman for instance. He was a son of one of the most richest families in Gotham and the world. His parents were gunned down by a hired hand/thug/Joker-whatever the storyline. Remembering the hurt of his orphaned life he became a Knight protector of his city- so no other child should grow to have a family as a mere memory. Yes, I think he took it to the extreme-but with kids and their burgeoning morality you kind of have to take it to the extreme for them to see the bigger picture. But now the child brain is permanent in our culture for some reason. I think it is partly artificial and partly accepted as the norm.

But here we are 2009, 80 years from the start of 'The Great Depression'. Has anyone learned.I do not believe so in my most amourous phantasy.

United we stand, divided we fall... and the scavengers shall reap to its benefit. I am no sermonizing from just my hard circumstances, no its been a debate on going since childhood. I lived in Sausalito, San Francisco, Los Gatos, Cupertino, etc. My dad is a Software engineer. When times were tough, we never needed to go to a food bank or sleep in a car. I had papa stew and Laser disc rentals. I saw the toll: Regan, Bush, and Clinton had the answer when things go to tough-Punish the Rabble.

I am sad. Marx is sounding more apt as the months tread on. The economy is being artificially held aloft by the taxpayer still-money is fungible. When Christmas and the first Quarter come around, the chickens are definitely coming home to roost. Only the Rabble will be more aware and weary. The Lofty-deaf and swimming in gravy.

We are becoming a nation of sociopaths.

I just watched that 250boycott video, and I hope anyone who does will actually THINK about the consequences of what's proposed.

Remember George W Bush saying, "It's your money! You can best decide how to spend it." Who was he appealing to?

Now, think about California and its budget problems. Think about how many times you've heard, "California is ungovernable." A big contributor to those problems is the initiative process. Some rich guy, some corporation, or some group of wingnuts (from either party) gets funding from the first two, pays signature gatherers, and gets what they want on the ballot. Then the real nastiness begins...

Propaganda in the mail, on tv, robocalls, etc. - All of them offering distortions and outright lies, pro or con. Think about what people vote for NOW. Think about "What's Wrong with Kansas?"

The people of California wanted to ensure that Education got enough funding - in good times and bad. They were tired of money being taken from schools to fund projects they didn't want or like. So they passed Prop 98. What happens every year during budget negotiations now? They still find ways to shortchange education!

Think about the people who say they shouldn't pay property tax for schools because they have no kids, the people who don't want taxes to go to libraries because they either don't read or they buy their own books, the people who resent being asked to pay for health care for those who can't afford it, the people who think "welfare" means free food, housing, and medical care for the undocumented and the lazy slobs.

Now think about the national advertising and propaganda campaigns that would precede annual "tax time." You think all the advertising and speechifying about health care is bad?

This may or may not be a sincere attempt to "democratize" the Federal budget. Regardless, it's an idea that doesn't address real current problems and introduces serious new problems as well.

You want to do something about the way our elected representatives ignore our wishes? Vote them out of office. Join a push for campaign funding reform, or to make it illegal for government officials to jump into lucrative jobs in the industries they are charged with regulating. There are better ways!

Bill's July 10 commentary was on target and superbly delivered. Average citizens are sick and tired of the exclusive, elitist process whereby crucial public issues are determined by the high and mighty. Thanks again Bill for your courage and insight!

Maybe Bill Moyers should start inviting on his show, Green Party members, Ralph Nader and others to discuss these issues and help build up some alternatives to Republocrats. It's useless to continue spending energy on discussing issues like these when the underlying problem is the corrupt two-party system beholden to big money. Expecting Democrats to change their colors is like continuing to be in a dysfunctional, unhealthy relationship and expecting your abusive spouse to change. Will Mr. Moyers invite those who are critical of the two-party system on his future shows? If he cares for real democracy, then it logically follows that he should. They were blacklisted by the major newspapers during the last elections too. Both Ralph Nader and Green Party had single-payer healthcare on their agenda during the last Presidential elections, yet the media ignored their platform.

I have been saying for YEARS that if we could somehow get LOBBYING OUTLAWED that the People might actually have a chance to have a say in the issues, and who we elect might be drawn from a better pool of people. I saw a description once of a pyramid, with World Bankers, Big Pharma and Banking and Oil at the top of the pyramid. The next layer down was the Military Complex. The "common people" were at the bottom of the pyramid, which was a representation of where the True influence came from. It made me sick to see it, and to know it was true! Andrew Jackson, George Washington, and Thomas Jefferson would ride through the Washington of modern times, chopping heads off with their swords if they came back today and saw what has become of what they helped make. Surely this was never intended, and it needs to be spoken about incessantly!

I for one will be looking into the 250boycott effort - maybe there is a chance in hell they will listen someday, before it is too late.

I think we need more Social Commentators like Martin Luther King, Abbey Hoffman and others to come to the fore so people have a leader in this re-taking of our government. A new 60s movement, for the 21st Century!

Dream on bloggers, health care can never be an absolute right; especially if the gov. takes over with single payer. The only possible outcome will be government rationing in short order. As soon as Obama is done pressuring Congress for his show-case health care legislation, cost containment will quickly follow. The first target will be restricting care for the elderly. "We just waste too much $$ at the end of life". So count on long wait periods for surgeries & therapies for your grandparents.
Since we've gotten accustomed to ending life with abortion, denying healthcare to the weak/elderly will face little resistance from the electorate. Just look at Holland to get a glimpse of our near future. They've already moved through rationing and are practicing "involuntary euthanasia". Funny how that was left out of Michael Moore's documentary.
I'll say again; there is not such thing as a right to healthcare! That is why so many voters are facing the reality that though our current system is imperfect, as any third- party payer system will be; at least it provides the individual some control over their future. If you want good health care, buy it yourself. If that means driving a crappy car or living in a little apartment or not eating out for dinner, then that's your choice. No one else "owes it" to you. That's not to say that charitable organizations won't be there to help the needy,but the gov. will always, always cut their expenses by rationing as soon as costs get uncomfortable.

I am a U.S. citizen actually taking real steps to implement a new economy that gives equal chance for all citizens to participate simply by posting a sign in their window. The 250BOYCOTT is complete with a powerful symbol, new language and a complete and far reaching philosophy that can EASILY launch a new paradigm that humanizes our entire existence.

Get involved! Don't just comment! Watch "Max Trinitys Trickle Up Global Economics Series" on youtube and take the action described. It could EASILY start a totally PEACEFUL revolution.

you can google 250boycott (one word) and it'll take you right there.

Take 10 minutes of your time to see how we can overwhelm the SELECT FEW with words and ideas.


Why should people be surprised that single payer health care is not getting covered by the corporate media. Look at the amount of money that is paid by insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies for advertising in newspapers and magazines and on television. It goes against corporate medias financial interests to try to inform people about the truths of single payer health care. Spread the word about Independent Media, for example, Democracy Now, Grit TV or

Dear Bill:
This whole arguement on the role of government and healthcare really boils down to a very simple idea, so don't be led down the path of complication.

A working democracy is based on a "risk pool". Everyone-absolutely everyone-buys into the risk pool by agreeing to live under the elected government. A totalitarian regeme does not represent a risk pool!

In the same way, true health "insurance" is rightly identified as a risk pool-everyone buys in, everyone shares the risk. We need to stop identifying the package that corporations offer as insurance. It is not.

What we are being offered by private groups is not based on the a risk pool since all members of the affected society do not belong.

Once you split up the pool into subpools, it's like saying that "Oh, sorry, we can't elect a new Captain of this Ship for the next voyage. Of course, you're free to book passage on some other vessel."

Or worse, "Sorry, we're setting you adrift in the lifeboat because you didn't serve the champagne according to the accepted procedures during the Captain's Mess last night. You are free, of course, to row over to the next ship that happens by."

The simple truth is the Risk Pool. Judge and evaluate the relevance of community concerns by this measuring stick.

If not this measure, then we are saying that only a select few have proven themselves useful to the community by the measure of economic partition. How about the underpaid teacher that taught the engineer how to design the bridge? Drop this poor fool. He obviously doesn't belong in the pool.

I had a problem with my Conexis prepaid medical card that require me to get a statement from Medco and Medco doesn't have the capability of sending a statement showing what prescription I got from them other than SNAIL-Mail, no fax no pdf-email.

"Why can't we, the people, the small business, the health care professional who care about the people, organize our own non-profit health insurance?"

Sounds good, but it cannot compete with the blood suckers. Insurance companies will underprice the plan for those who are young and don't get sick, while such a plan will be left with all those who are priced out of the market and dropped by the insurers. Thus, the plan will be guaranteed to have very high prices -- higher than most could afford.

The problem is the insurance companies can set their prices and pick and choose who they insure to guarantee their profits.

Even with a national plan, such will happen. Only if past history doesn't matter, and even age doesn't matter can we have a stable health economy where all can be insured. We got to outlaw taking past history into account. Naturally, the young and healthy might pay more under such a system, but we won't have a huge uninsured population.

Even a very healthy person will fall into that trap if he gets just one serious illness or surgery. So don't tell me to practice healthy lifestyle and I won't have an insurance problem. I do. I still have an insurance problem just for the reason I have survived this long and have one of the many ailments that most people my age are suffering many of.

There is a clean election bill with co sponsors in both the house and Senate. I think it's Durbin leading the bill in the senate and Kucunich leading the bill in the house.

The bill restrict large contributions for corporations. It cost so much money for politicians to buy air time on TV. I thought the public owned the airways!

We must fight for this bill. This bill should have passed before stimulus, energy, or health care.

Why can't we, the people, the small business, the health care professional who care about the people, organize our own non-profit health insurance?

Sign this petition to the DNC

Please sign these petitions on single payer health care.

Also sign these petitions.

Carol Paris wrote, in part, "And no mention of his arrest of 13 professionals who interrupted his sham Health Reform Roundtables on May 5 and May 12 because we couldn’t get Sen. Baucus to give a Single Payer, Healthcare for All Advocate a seat at the table."

I saw that "live" on TV, Carol. It was the most disrespectful and brutal form of censorship I have ever seen. THAT is not how a USA Senator is supposed to behave. Vote the bum out. HE was the hooligan.

Becareful what you wish for?
Grew up in England live in the USA still have family living in England so have horror stories and good stories of the National Health. Had a neice working for the National Health trying to ship patients to different parts of England to get surgeries done quicker than the year wait for some surgeries.
Hospitals understaffed, six people in one room.
So take a real look Mr.Moyers instead of playing to the liberal crowd.
I am sure National Health can work but with unions profiting highly the cost will be tremendous.

What exactly would you recommend that we do about this, Mr. Moyer? Like many of the people who watch your show, I am actively involved in trying to get real healthcare reform passed. I give money, I go to meetings and marches, and I write and call my congress people. Yet nothing changes. I appreciate your efforts to bring these issues to the public. But I'm getting a little tired of you and others then turning around and chastising me and my fellows for not doing enough to bring the necessary changes about. If roughly 75% of Americans want a strong public option or single payor healthcare, and yet our "select few" are once again stalling real reform what can "we" do about it? No, really, Mr Moyer! What, specifically do you expect me to do differently?

I have been working for single payer since 2003 and much more so since there appeared to be some hope for real reform. After reading much about the activity of the medical industrial complex I am so discouraged but still fighting. What can we do beyond writing, calling, educating, demonstrating constantly? Money has bought our Congress. The implications for our economy if we fail to get real reform are truly frightening. I have written to the president many times. We elected him to change the status quo and advocates are very disappointed.

Let's get back to square one and solutions-- education and prevention. Health is a personal responsibility: get involved! Until Anatomy and Physiology and Nutrition are taught in public schools, one is unable to understand how the body "works",how to assess and prioritize disease , how to communicate and partner with health practitioners, and how to stay healthy.

Lobbists will not go gentle in any good night, but groundwork for health reform can begin at the local level.

The program discussed the huge problems in Washington and within corporations How about creating manageable empowerment at the local level now, while waiting for future health reform?

I sent this letter to the Washington Post today. I don't have much hope they'll publish it...I don't have the money to grease any palms.

"In response to Andrew Alexander’s Opinion piece of 7/12/09, the lack of letters to the editor criticizing the Post is construed as tacit approval. Is the lack of public outcry justification for ethical breaches by the Washington Post? I have resubmitted a letter I wrote to the Washington Post on 5/24/09 and, while it may be somewhat dated, I feel it is even more apropos in light of the Post’s recent foray into private “salons” where the unspoken message is “tell us what you’d like us to cover.”

For Baucus, Health Care Is the Issue Of a Lifetime, Washington Post 5/24/09, is a perfect example of the mainstream media blackout that exists in the health-care reform debate. Four columns of print devoted to Senator Max Baucus’ devotion to a bailout for the private insurance industry that, with the help of reporters like Shailagh Murray and Ceci Connolly, he hopes he can deftly masquerade as true health-care reform. And no mention of his arrest of 13 professionals who interrupted his sham Health Reform Roundtables on May 5 and May 12 because we couldn’t get Sen. Baucus to give a Single Payer, Healthcare for All Advocate a seat at the table.

A FAIR (Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting) Study: Media Blackout on Single-Payer Healthcare, 3/6/09, concludes “a media consumer in the week leading up to the (President’s Healthcare) Summit was more likely to read about single-payer from the hostile perspective of conservative columnist Charles Krauthammer than see an op-ed by a single-payer advocate in a major U.S. newspaper.” This, despite the fact that opinion polling (New York Times/CBS News Poll 2/09) suggest that the majority of the public would actually favor single-payer.

The American people expect more of our elected officials; we expect them to represent us, NOT the monied interests of the insurance industry lobby.
And I expect more of the Washington Post.

If you would like to devote four columns to an editorial on the Single Payer option, Healthcare for All, I’d be happy to write it."

Carol A. Paris, MD, member of “The Baucus 8”
Leonardtown, Maryland

Shakespeare said in one of his plays (first we kill all the lawyers). I don't advocate anything so severe as that, but we really need to get the lobbyists out of Washington. Then maybe we will also get rid of some members of Congress who are in there for these perks they get from lobbyists. It would be nice if all Americans have health insurance to match the health insurance of the people who represent us. After all, they forged their own plan. Does that tell you something?

my comment is best expressed by this email I sent to about 50 or my friends -

If you did not watch Bill Moyers last Friday 7/10, I suggest you watch it on his website - just google Bill Moyers Journal. I thought it was one of the most devastating indictment of the health insurance industry I have ever seen. And what is more it shows how a bright man with good morals can be so unaware of what his actions do to others due to the isolated monied culture he lives in. It also makes so clear the need for public financing of campaigns. (If you haven't written to your senators and representative to pass FENA (Fair Elections Now Act) do so. Even if your person in Congress is openly for it like Durbin of IL or strongly against it, let them know what the populace thinks anyway - who knows the Durbins may need all the encouragement they can get and those against it need to know that not all their people agree with them. If we don't write, they will never know.)

Moyers interviews Warren Potter the former head of PR for Cigna. Potter was not fired by Cigna; he simply resigned on his own which makes his testimony more powerful. Watch it and maybe you will like it too so as to urge your circle to also watch it.

Bill Nerin

'' the fierce urgency of now - - ''

And at this moment there is nothing more urgent than seeing a Universal Health Plan, become a reality, after decades of hand-wringing by politicians; enough with all the ''listening tours'', ''town-hall discussions'', posturing and pondering !!!!!!!!

We all know what needs to be done; JUST DO IT !!!!!!

You had more than enough money, HUNDREDS - OF - BILLIONS, to throw at Banks and CT&T [aka Corporate Thieves & Traitors] !!!

This is NOT a Democracy anymore; it is a ''C-O-R-P-O-C-R-A-C-Y'' totally out of control !!

Cut ALL so called ''Defense'' spending [WHICH IS actually, 'WAR' SPENDING!]

Why is it soooooooo hard for our ''leaders'' to get anything done that benefits the 'ordinary citizens' [aka 'Main-Street'], as opposed to helping-out Corporations and WallStreet ??

You have to ACT BOLDLY; FDR did, from a wheelchair and in more dire circumstances.

Who and What are you afraid off, to do what is R-I-G-H-T for the PEOPLE ??

If you know, deep in your heart [and I am sure, you do] that, THIS IS THE RIGHT THING TO DO, go ahead and DO IT with ALL your power; the prayers and well-wishes of millions of ''ordinary'' people of this country, will give you strength and fortitude, not to leave out the blessings of a just God in heaven

Enough said already, JUST - DO - IT !!!!!!!

The CHOICE is very clear, Mr President:

DO YOU have the courage to follow through on your convictions, that you espoused so clearly during the campaign, on behalf of the middle-class


ARE YOU going to play the same old 'Washington-game' and betray the trust of your people, now that you are elected ?

Why is the MSM silent about all this, as many of us have wondered? Are they also part of this ''Corporate Conspiracy'' that we have come to suspect ??

Insurance companies and their shareholders are getting rich denying health care claims. Profit from illness is immoral and tantamount to Murder for economic gain !

What price has your insurance company decided to put on your head before you are no longer profitable ?

Will you loose your insurance because a coworker gets sick, the current health care system in this county is nothing short of criminal

I love the Irony of how the hospitals with Christian crosses on their buildings have decided that there is a bottom line to caring for human beings. what Would Jesus do ?

If you are a Christian I hope there is a special place in your Hell for anyone who profits from illness in this life. I can imagine a hell where theses wretched humans suffer every plague of man simultaneously and for eternity !

Unfortunately there is no eternal justice for Atheists !

[''That’s how it works. And it works that way because we let it.'']

So Bill, what exactly do you propose, that we-the-people [including you] ought to be doing, RIGHT NOW, to get our ''elected'' Reps to do what 3/4th of the country wants them to do ??

You Bill, have been in 'belt-way' and have first-hand experience dealing with all this; WILL YOU LEAD US ????

Positive proof that many senators are bought. Who is standing in the hot sun trying to get their voice heard by their senators?THE PEOPLE. Who is walking through the doors of congress freely? THE CORPORATE LOBBY.

Bill Moyers is absolutely the true voice of "We, the People," - who needs cable, or a satellite dish when you can watch PBS and shows like Bill Moyers Journal. His words resonate for those on either side of the Healthcare Reform issue. Moyers' interview with Wendell Potter is absolutely riveting. All I can say is "We, the People," need to educate ourselves beyond the talking points and soundbites, and get out our own pens and stationery and send letters to our Representative and Senators, while they are scribing the language for the forthcoming Healthcare legislation.

Thomas Dunn: Do you expect that automated surveillance will not detect arcane revolutionary language (tumbrils/tumbrels)? You figuratively place an esteemed heiress and holy entrepreneur like Kay Weymouth in a prison wagon, or upon a guillotine dais and expect to retain your free speech. Were I Thee, I'd be checking my mental health coverage (policy language, caps and deductables, and subrogations, my boy, subrogations), for an insanity plea may become your only salvation once you are remanded. Poppy Bush warned you little ones against class warfare and Warren Buffet announced the triumph.

Great, great program! The folks who are supposed to represent us are bought by the vested interests. We really do have a government by oligarchy. We folks out here aren't stupid but what does it take to be truly heard. And your commentary at the end of the program was so d#*n good and spot on, I couldn't believe it. Inspiring. Stunning. And congratulations Mr. Potter. Thank you.

The commentary "Some Choice Words for the Select Few" is in my humble opinion the best example (so very rare these days) of genuine and relevant opinion journalism I have ever seen on TV.

Despite appearances, we do not face a lot of seperate problems, we face one basic deficiency. That is the failure to become a democracy.

The need for a Congress ended in 1964, when it became technically feasible to send computer data over telephone lines, which means that political business can be conducted without delegating the political authority of the citizen to others, to be exercised at some remote central location called the Capitol.

An intelligent restructuring of the system based on the possibility means a real democracy can exist regardless of scale. The people, acting directly, replace the Congress, thus eliminating the market in which wealth is converted to power, which is the basic corruption from which we suffer.

The skewed distribution of income and wealth, so often mentioned as corrosive, would become less problematic if the rich had only the same political power as everyone else, one vote each.

We do not need to confiscate wealth, we need only the amend the Constitution.

What can we do about corruption?
Campaign Reform: to restore integrity, representation and reduce corruption

Level the field - take the money out of politics at least the election process, no more lobbyists , no more special interest ?

Anyone legally eligible to run for office will be able to and will compete equally.

All public television and radio stations will provide free air time of xxxx hours to each and every candidate equally. No one can buy give or receive additional air time.

The “People” Government “tax payers” will provide xxxxx dollars in campaign funds for each candidate to cover campaign costs other than broadcast television or broadcast radio expenses each will receive the exact same amount. No one will be allowed to spend additional funds.

Candidates will be required to establish viability and legal requirements of xxxxx to be considered for air time and campaign funds. Petition signatures voter nominations?

The People / Federal government will provide xxxxx for Federal /National elections each Federal/National candidate xxxx hours of television and xxxx radio hours of air time for each election.

The People / Federal Government will provide xxxxx dollars in campiagn funds for each candidate to cover campaign costs other than broadcast television or broadcast radio expenses.

All public and private entities that broadcast use or produce FCC communication will provide free to approved candidates xxxxx amount of air time Federal candidate xxxx, State = xxxx, County =xxxxx, City =xxxxx. Hours of television and hours of radio air
time at no cost to candidate.

Federal government will provide for Federal/National elections / candidates?
State government will provide for State elections / candidates?
County government will provide for County elections / candidates?
City government will provide for City elections / candidates?

We appreciate your program fully, even if the SF PBS sends you to the 10pm ghetto with no between program advertising. We're usually asleep then, so we tape you.
Always full value, and inspiration to keep on keeping on. We'll continue to advocate for Single Payer,even if our Representative says "not enough interest".
Thank you.

WOW!.talk about POWER!!!
WTTW in Chicago did not air the episode even though it was listed and shown on the info guide, as being on.
I have sent them my disgust with what they have done and asked them to explain their agenda! of informing citizens.
I had planned on taping it as an educational tool and was totally dismayed and Angry!!

About 60% of the US population is already taken care of under a federally financed health system: VA, Dept of Defense, Medicare, Medicaid, Indian Health, and Community Health systems. America does not have to reinvent the health care wheel. There are plenty of examples around the world where private and public plans co-exist without any major problems.
The issue is the enormous sums of money by many different groups of people to be made at the expence of sick people.

"Study what Hitler did. He cut healthcare cost in order to finance his war. Under his T4 HMO system, doctors were forced to deny treatment to people in order to cut costs and wast. People with chronic disease, elderly, handicap, mentally ill, poor people were considered to expensive to treat and labeled as lives not worthy to be lived. So, they were killed and a fake death certificate was given to the family. This insanity led to the death camps. In the Nuremberg trials, Doctors were executed for going along with this insanity. It's in the history books. Its hard to swallow. But, It happened. Obama is going down that same road. google LPACTV

Posted by: David"

True enough, David. And the Russians let their "weak" die off naturally while Stalin went on a mission to kill off everyone he perceived was smarter and stronger and "healthier" than himself.

Seems we have both, and so much more, in charge of "health".

Aren't psychiatrists part of the medical industrial complex? How come they haven't correctly diagnosed the mental health of people who are unhappy with taking ONLY 20% of the money (AS PROFIT) paid in to the "system" for HEALTH CARE OF SICK PEOPLE?

This Washington Post story casts some light on the attempt to bring back the "salon" addition to the "political" scene - ala French history. Cindy Madoff ran her own version of "society" for quite a while, also. Hardly "news", is it? :-)

In the final analysis, everything that is going on is a carefully crafted plan carried out in secrecy for too long. The motivation? Vengence.

The Hatfield and McCoys moral play is nothing compared to "societies" who carry on with hatred to each other for millenia. They're getting back for WWII at whomever they can concoct a case against in the "media".

Mr. Moyers, Thank you so much for the interview with Frank Potter. I only wish I knew what I could do to help bring reform about in this country as we so desperately need it. To start, I will be sure to send my congressman (MI) the link. I believe that the average person listens to and agrees with opponents to Health Care reform because they fear the loss of capitalism, and of having "govt" have a say in their medical needs, not realizing that they now have big business deciding what's best for them medically. Personally, if I have to choose, I would rather have govt (who does not need to make a profit and who I can vote out if they do a poor job)than Wall Street. Also, people I know worry about national health insurance because we have already been burned with mandatory auto insurance. Since it is mandatory, insurance companies sock it to us and we are paying through the nose for insurance that doesn't do us much good at all. I would also like to say that I think that an abundance of greed is at the root of most of our problems--not only the greed of CEOs (no one truly needs to earn billions each year), but also, too many people trying to get as many $$ as they can through false claims, suing doctors, etc. A return to the basic pleasures of life (many of which are free) and perhaps another reading of George Orwell's "Animal Farm" might help us all to realize where we are going together if we don't change our ways. Thanks for listening.

If you study Obamas Healthcare program, he wants to keep Privet Insurance Companies and beef up the HMO system so it does a better job at cutting costs and wast. He wants everyone without insurance to buy insurance and pluged into the HMO system. He calls it a public privet program but it's not. It's 100% privet. Study what Hitler did. He cut healthcare cost in order to finance his war. Under his T4 HMO system, doctors were forced to deny treatment to people in order to cut costs and wast. People with chronic disease, elderly, handicap, mentally ill, poor people were considered to expensive to treat and labeled as lives not worthy to be lived. So, they were killed and a fake death certificate was given to the family. This insanity led to the death camps. In the Nuremberg trials, Doctors were executed for going along with this insanity. It's in the history books. Its hard to swallow. But, It happened. Obama is going down that same road. google LPACTV

Thank you, Bill Moyer for having Mr Wendell Potter on your program today. I would hope the big 3 networks, ABC, NBC & CBS would do the same. I have a lot of friends from Canada, and not one of them are willing to give up their Health care coverage. When I hear members from Congress talking about the long lines in Canada for Health Care. They need to be reminded that there are 50 million men, woman and children here in America that don’t have a line to get in.

Posted by Dan Martin, Ohio

And I might add, nothing is going to change until we start throwing the b*stards out. Start in 2010 and vote for the primary challenger in your party. You will still get to vote your regular party at the November election. At the very least you will send a critical message that you aren't going to take it anymore.

The program with Wendell Potter made a strong argument for a single payer nonprofit system. Potter joins Linda Peeno, the courageous physician who exposed the heartless denials made by Humana.

The Moyers-Winship essay on the power of money (and the secret deals)in DC should make us all very concerned.

What can one do? Contact your reps in Congress. Support single payer. Join Public Citizen, and VOTE.

Wendell Potter is a courageous human being, and so is Bill Moyers! (It makes me very proud to be a PBS Member.) “Knowledge IS Power", but this information has left me feeling insignificant and powerless. What can we do?

Carol Crown wrote, in part, "I so agree that the Soviet Union did not just crumble when Reagen said "tear down this wall". What an urban myth! They fell because they were not serving their people, and neither is our government."

Teensy clarification to your observation, Carol. Not only did the Stalinistas not SERVE the Russian people, they actually killed about 35 million of their "people".

The uniquely USA spirit is more common sense than anything else. "We the People" aren't delusional enough to expect a "government" to serve us.

We want a "government" that does not MICRO manage their THEFT of the fruits of OUR labor.

But fear works, as it did with the Soviets. When the rest of the world's countries, like Sweden, Canada, Netherlands, etc. see what the USA "government" is doing to its own people, they WISELY figure out that USA will do, at least, the same to them and probably worse.

We have to let the world know that "we the people" in the USA are NOT the "government". It's on the record now - the "secret" CIA mission begun in 2001 HURT USA citizens. Obama is allowing the mission to continue. You think "health care" is not part of CIA's mission to genetically elimiinate the best and the brightest and the healthiest in the USA? The "whistleblowers"...?

Okay, changing this government for sale system would require changing parties, election financing,and coporate charters and other things as well. How do we do it when our elected officials are the beneficiaries of the current corrupt system?

Mr. Moyers: Health care is a human right. We should NOT have a for-profit health system. Insurance companies already take 20% of the premium dollar to fatten their bottom lines and it will soon be more if we don't have a public option in the healthcare bill. Without a strong public option, there will be no reform. Obama seems to be wilting in the face of lobbyist power. We all have to holler as loud as we can--it's votes against money!
Judith Nicolson

I think your piece with Mr. Potter is one of the finest moments in this debate.

So many people are speaking about rebellion in face of the evidence that our government and many of our institutions are severely corrupt. Thank God! I so agree that the Soviet Union did not just crumble when Reagen said "tear down this wall". What an urban myth! They fell because they were not serving their people, and neither is our government.
The "rabble" will have its day. I hope it is bloodless though. A revolution at the ballot box is possible but not if we are bound in the constraints of the 2 party system. I will vote third party or do a write-in ballot from now on. How horrible it is to feel betrayed by a man who offered so much hope with his words as did Obama. I wish he could tap a pair of ruby slippers and go back to "Kansas" where he listened to people for a living and not the gurus of greed.

Mr. Moyers,
Your programs are truly informative. The 7/10 discussion of the healthcare industry was disturbing.

In North Carolina one of our Senators a Democrat has been seen in lovely commercials praising her for her leadership in the formation of the coming legislation. Many were wondering why now? Last evening I noticed that the sponsor of the ads appeared to be pharmaceutical companies. Now i am trying to find out why they are doing this at this time.

We will see.

Bob Medford

Mr. Moyers: Where did the number 46 million uninsured in this country come from? If from "for profit" entities, then I bet it is in error (probably intentionally). I'm sure that number is higher, especially since the "collapse" of Wall Street last fall.

Second question: How can I be made to enroll in a healthcare plan? Even if Congress passes a law stating every American has to choose and be covered, and pay for it, then they can just come and lock me up now...I won't be dictated to or controlled by fear.

There is revolution coming in America...when the people take back their country...maybe not in my lifetime but it is coming.

Third question: Would you look into Corporate America (especially issuers of credit cards) being Big Brother?

Thanks from an American citizen.


I cannot afford paying for and sending a copy of last nights program to every congressman/woman. However, we both know that the production costs of the disks is less that a dollar or two. Why not send a copy to all of the Congress - so that they can review the truth. I think it would be a VERY effective use of a couple of thousand dollars. God Bless you sir.

Mr. Moyers you are the most honest and impressive journalist we have in America today. Were it not for your tireless effort, the truth might well remain hidden from many of us.

Tonight's episode was amazing. Your words regarding "compromise" resonated powerfully with me. It is so tiring to see Democracy ignored and the people crushed.

Our health care system is so sick. Yet all we hear about is the fear of government run systems. It's sickening.

The time has come to take our country back. And Mr. Moyers you are clearly leading this charge.

I am hear to fight the good fight with you and to learn from your amazing program!

Thank you Bill Moyers!

Having gone from indemnity insurance (nearly 40 years ago!) to an hmo to cobra to individual PPO coverage to being uninsured for the past 9 years, I heard little from Mr. Potter that I didn't already know. However, I will recommend this show to everyone I know and to every politician who needs to see it. When I tell people the truth, they tend to think I'm speaking from a personal perspective. Finally! The facts have been presented by an insider - who may still have insurance.

Mrs. Clinton's insistence on a mandate was one of several reasons I voted for Obama. I'm hoping we don't get one now - unless we also get at least a public option. My fear about health care/coverage reform is that we will get half a loaf - the half the for-profit Medical Industry wants us to get.

As far as I'm concerned, a dollar paid to a for-profit insurer is a dollar I won't have available for medical care. (That was why I gave up the individual policy. I was paying so much for the policy - the premium went up 85% in 2-1/2 years - I could no longer afford the $40/30% copays.) Absent a public option, I will refuse to pay. They can come and get me. I will hold a news conference if they do. And if I can't do that, my friends and relatives will. Politicians are not (or should not be) the only ones who can draw lines in the sand.

I am waiting for those (politicians, especially) who have the guts to show up and push back on the Medical Industry's propaganda machine. Tonight's show made me even more pessimistic on that score. The WaPo "party" idea turned my stomach. I won't be going to the drugstore about it, though. When you're uninsured, you learn that time, a few deep breaths, or a bit of exercise and/or fresh air can work wonders.

I am a long-time fan...never miss a Friday night... tonite's show was the most outstanding I have seen. Congratulations to Wendell Potter and to you, of course, for helping him to get the word out. The next few weeks are going to be critical for health care. I hope that there are more shows planned on this vitally important topic.

The cost of a new Health Care plan is reportedly cited as too expansive. But no one talks about how much we're spending now. Your program tonight was enlightening, but more needs to disseminated as to the profit motive of the insurance and pharmaceutical companies. Until that factor is removed or at least lessened, nothing can be accomplished. We need a single payer system or a public option component. Please do another program on the subject soon!

Thanks for one your best shows yet. I almost wonder if you should keep up the work on this topic until the voice of that 75% of the people who want healthcare for all wins.

Thank you so much! Your show this evening was excellent! The more I listened, the more I have come to the conclusion that private health insurance seems to be modeled on car insurance. If I have no accidents or traffic violations, then my car insurance covers me. If I have accidents, then my costs go up or my policy is cancelled. But it is the wrong model. We are not "in control" of our medical needs. We all need medical care -- from birth to death, whether we are well or not. Health care should be not for profit and private insurance companies should fail because they are essentially immoral -- profiting just because I am alive and if I cut into their profits, they can actually kill me!

Thank you so much for your continued quality journalism and advocacy of real American vaules for all Americans. Your unflinching ability to speak truth to power and state the truth as it really is appreciated more than words can express. The way you so eloquently express what all of us regular Americans (non-Washington insiders/elites) have known in our hearts for so long and have desperately wanted to express is breathtaking. I can't begin to thank you enough, and I (like many other) greatly appreciate the fact that someone else "gets it" and is not afraid to say it. Again, thank you, thank you, thank you so much...

I cannot thank you enough for tonight's program. Ironically I opened my mail just after watching tonight to find two flyers from my Congressman "Paid for by Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America and Healthcare Leadership Council". I immediately phoned my Congressman and left a voice mail asking that both he and his staff watch tonight's program on line. Thank you again and again.

To Matt SF - I google the news for health care reform every day. I have attended town hall meetings all across my state each and every politician is using the same phrases. Just for fun go to google news and search "uniqely American solution" or "quality,affordable health care". There is indeed a uniquely American script. No doubt "Paid for by Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America and Healthcare Leadership Council".

Well- I guess that's what it takes to keep the Washington Post in print.

A Russian named Gaydar (no joke) who served under Gorbachev and Yeltsin as Minister of Economy said their empire fell when they could no longer "feed the people." He discussed food but explained how "feeding" meant also strategic self-sufficiency in essentials. Not only has the USA failed to deliver good medical service to the majority, but wholesome food, critical minded quality education, affordable housing, clean energy, reasonable transportation systems, and confidence. The University of Michigan Survey might do better to measure citizen confidence instead of consumer confidence (as Sears and K-Mart begin Christmas shopping promotions next week). Mr. Gaydar gives our empire less than 20 years, and that with good luck. He read where a potato farmer opened his fields last year for public gleaning and remembered how he had tried the same thing in 1990, and Bukharin (a Stalin victim/30s deputy)the same during the Great Depression. He was surprised how fervent the American response became, every spud dug so well next years plowing became unnecessary. Capitalism has used the environment as a sink for externalities for many decades. Easy oil and uranium are gone. Weather is now precarious. New frontiers require genocides and ethnic cleansings. Corporate Capitalism tasted its own tail in the Meltdown and has partially devoured itself. There is no normalcy to which we can return.

Conventional thinkers (many gifted of mind like Roger Altman@ recent Charlie Rose or David Brooks@ NYT op ed today) insist healthcare reform and many other things are unaffordable (may lead to stag-hyperinflation) without higher taxes on wealthier people and profitable business. How can it be that a nation is worth saving when it can't accomplish the simplest useful task (except warmongering and surveillance?)

The social contract is primary, for without it the extreme Libertarians are correct. If the State cannot compensate people for the self-sufficiency and self-directedness they have surrendered to be part of modernity, then we shall soon return to bonesetting with a bite stick, and blood feuds over our sisters' honor. Some few think they want that, but most of us clearly do not.

Mr. Obama seems drunk on exceptionality, for when he left the Pope (Encyclicals in hand) laughing, for Africa, he mused that Africa was typified by bribes for jobs and other access. If Barack Obama cannot understand how corrupted our own institutions have become, worst Congress, and thinks bribes hamper the Africans' worse than we, he will soon be administering a failed state, and I'm not kidding. The days of deferral to the wealthy class are over, one way or another. Rich guys, what do you prefer, something or nothing. You breathe and drink water, and your eyes close at night, unless you lie sleepless over bad healthcare and banal evils.

Great show Bill. Only problem is, after taking in knowledge like this, it becomes notoriously difficult to unlearn.

It's scary to think we live in a country where legalized corruption (e.g. the lobbyist tradecraft) takes place everyday. After all, the individuals who write the laws are the same people receiving the lobbyist funding.

You and Mr. Potter couldn't have shown it any better by watching politicians stand up and spout off the pro-private insurance spiel. Funny how similar their well crafted arguments were actually were when you played them one after the other. Almost as if they had been written out like a screenplay, memorized, and repeated over and over.

John Kennedy was the last elected official to take decisive action against a growing plague of that time that has come to be a permanent fixture of our government; the Military Industrial Complex. Many historians assert that his move to dismantle the escalating Viet Nam war movement resulted in his untimely death.

I hate what our culture has become with most of our elected officials shirking the responsibilities of their office to placate the new owners of our once great country. However, it's easy to play armchair quarterback when you and your family will not be facing retaliation from a ruthless and parasitic corporate oligarchy !

Looks like Katherine Weymouth just earned herself a place in one of the first tumbrils. That's where we seem to be headed.

Words are not adequate to thank you for the truth-telling you do week after week on PBS. What can we average people do to help you spread the word about health care? And thank you to Wendell Potter--a true hero for what he is doing.

True health care reform would be health insurance coverage and reimbursement for preventive care - individual food choices, vitamins, exercise regimens, herbs and any appropriate alternative treatments that a patient chooses to use, with their physician's approval. True health reform will not be merely cutting the price of 'overkill' tests and drugs but financially rewarding physicians who KEEP THEIR PATIENTS WELL, not ill. Costs will go down considerably for everyone (as will profits) if major illnesses are avoided with healthy lifestyle choices.

Perhaps an answer to at least some of the multitude of issues raised in Bill Moyers interview with Wendell Potter would be to upend the healthcare industry and recreate it as a non-profit "industry".
For one, I would be glad to see health insurers deleted from my shrunken investment portfolio in the interest of an equitable healthcare system that, in this day and age, should no longer be a luxury.

Bravo Mr. Moyers. What I would give to have your show tonight broadcast on every station so every citizen and every politician could see it. I applaud your guest the former Cigna employee for his wonderful contribution.

Please convey from us (American Citizens) our appreciation, and urge him to do as many like -interviews on as many shows as he can get on. He is the kind of credible voice we need out there.

And thank you for your frank and truthful commentary at the end of your show on our pitiful state of politics today. You are definitely a good guy and my hero.

No Pay, No Say. And the result: we common people would rather watch Michael Jackson's memorial service than read about or watch what the lawmakers are debating and voting on. Government has already become irrelevant, along with news coverage. Entertainment prevails. "For Wall Street" has replaced "For the People."

ba-da bing!
you guys must be carpenters 'cuz you hit that nail on the head!
must share.:)

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