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The JOURNAL's Top 10

We've tracked your favorite JOURNAL stories, so check out the JOURNAL's top 10 most viewed online features were in 2009 here.

And, tell us what your favorite BILL MOYERS JOURNAL pieces were in 2009 below.


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Noooooo! Say it ain't so! You can't go, Bill!

The last Bill Moyers Journal?!?! How can this happen? Who else will present a forum to foster sanity in this crazy world?

Bill Moyers Journal is the favorite TV show here in our home. We marvel at the interviewing style of Mr. Moyers, he conducts such interesting discussions on a wide range of issues. He will be missed on Friday nights by my wife and me. This is most unfortunate decision... taking Mr. Moyers off his regular spot.
Phil Miller -- Kansas

I think that we should pull back are troops from the war in Afganistan.

Thank you for bringing these important issues and ideas to viewers! Each guest is a compelling person who has thought deeply about the subject they are discussing. They aren't just working from emotion. They consider the larger perspectives of the issue by looking at many sides and, with your guidance, communicate it articulately to the audience.

Your guest Thomas Frank fit your liberal views to a tee// We won't see a conservative show unless it be a rino like David Brooks.. It such a double standard on pbs..all liberals & biased..

Your program has become a reason to stay home on Friday nights and be the recipients of intelligent interviewing and reporting. The segments that covered religion were especially unusual because with your background and long standing connections you were able to include such a wide variety of guests and viewpoints. Your programs have drawn in the entire family and continue to represent excellent reporting, sensitive and respectful interviewing, and dynamic presentation of complex issues. I asked my husband what he thought about your program and his response was “He better not ever die". And here we are getting notice of your departure. Thank You Bill Moyers : Truly a master of journalism and someone who would arouse patriotism in anyone.

Hi people, all woman's situations have their inconveniences. We feel those of the here and now but never see or feel those of the future

Dear Bill,
I learned today that your program will soon be discontinued. What has happened? You are one of the best journalists our country has. Your show is always so informative as well as setting a high standard in reporting. Your treatment of your guests whether you agree with them or not is an example to us all and you have a great skill for getting people to feel at ease and share their views.

If it is your decision to discontinue the program I do hope that PBS can find someone that approaches your stature to do something similar. No one can replace you.

A loyal viewer.
Elizabeth Fitting

After hearing from Oliver Stone I reread the Marine Corps unit diaries from the months in 1966 and 1967 when I was serving in Vietnam. I was reminded of the emphasis the Marines placed on community projects within local villages. In return for our efforts to assist and cooperate with local villages, many of the villagers we assisted by day would attempt to kill us at night. Is this not exactly what the situation is in Afghanistan? As a nation, we appear to have some profound learning disabilities. Perhaps if war was not profitable we would not be so dumb.

Interviews that had a profound effect on me:
- Jeremy Scahill [06/09]
- Oliver Stone [12/09]
- Andrew Bacevich [8/08]

Regarding Eric Foners thoughts on Lincoln. I think I feel more comfortable believing in Santa Claus than the mythology of the great emancipator. Those who believe that history is a ever changing concept do us a disservice. Lincoln was what he was and did what did. Time can never change that.

We are concerned! Are you leaving PBS or asked to leave?
Please advise.

Correction: I just realized the discussion with Andrew J. Bacevich took place in 2008, so it doesn't really qualify for 2009. Maybe he should be interviewed again.

My favorite interview/discussion? There were certainly some great ones, but I think the one that brought out the best insights into America today was the discussion with Andrew J. Bacevich. I think he is, incidentally, the kind of man we need among our leaders, but the kind we'll never get, as we move inexorably down the road outlined by Chalmers Johnson in "Nemesis."

I like you and your guest efforts to stop the mid east invasions

The one person that I have longed for you to have on your show and would love to see you interview and culd benefit your viewers on how to understand American culture is Richard Slotkin author of Gunfighter Nation. His absence is a glaring omission in your pursuit to present real alternative views to your viewers.

Posted by: Mike Demmer "What I don't understand is how...!"

"To understand how...," one must look at the "DEREGULATION!"
The regulation that were in place in 1930 and thereafter are not
To "understand how" one must look into the Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Act,
Debt Act [either that be Federal, State or Local], Immunity Act,
Education Act - indoctrination, Health care Act, Patriot Act etc. These are
"LEGAL LICENSE LAWS;" Laws to commit fraud, legal right Laws to
confiscate for enrichment. Laws that no one in government is held liable
and/or accountable.
Laws that by pass the intended purpose of of the CONSTITUTION!
Laws that denies the people to participate in the process of a

Bill, You should write a text book and distribute it around in inner city schools.

Dear Bill,

I watch your program all the time and I am amazed at the quality of your guests. I appreciate that politicians are mostly in power to get money from the special interests and further their agendas. What I don't understand is how a bunch of greedy bankers could bring the world to the edge of catastrophe and then in less than a year,already move back to their immoral ways. Imagine how popular a polition could be if they actually did something about it rather than ineffective soundbites. As always, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. It is a sad statement that the morals of today's society have sunk so low that they are allowed to get away with it.

I always learn a lot from the Journal, but none did my heart better than when I was introduced to Marcy Kaptur. Here is the elected official for the future. A person who puts 'The People' first. It is so often said that one is always faced with voting for the lesser of two evils. Well, those who get to vote for Rep. Kaptur have to feel good about it. I know that feeling having voted for Rep. John Lewis many times. These two are exceptions to the rule and it's sad that that is so. If people would do a little homework and not allow slick TV adds to tell them who to vote for, we'd get more leaders like these two in Congress. I tell you, if I hear Rep. Kaptur is in a tight race I'll be sending her a small contribution for her campaign. Now more than ever we need people like her in Washington.


I find all the programs you do are excellent and I trust 'The Journal' will continue to tell it like it is.

I don't have any favourite programs, but those which reveal the truth about the workings of politics and business are particularly interesting.

The quote attributed to Lord Acton "Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men." in 1887 says it all.

Whether Dick Cheney, Tiger Woods, Mexican Drug Lords, or even the CEOs of Wall Street, the quote seems to apply to quite a few men and it is refreshing to see at least one journalism program try to expose the truth.

Merry Christmas.

September 4, 2009 - "Balancing Big Money and Free Speech"....

And a follow-up is needed to such an all-encompasing court case...

especially since the "privilege" of profiting from the misfortune of others ("health" in a skin suit) was granted to a THING (health insurance companies)

by the Supreme Court as they argued away the "privilege" to health care that PEOPLE need...

something better than a metaphysical woo woo interpretation of "law" that PROPAGANDA books like "The Evolution of God" are rationalizing away...


(aka "religion" - think about it)

we've been enduring in the USA since the 1980s

is unprecedented in Occidental civilization!

One would have to go back to the Inquisition - oh, right, we did...we actually FORBADE people from criticising "torture"...

Yup, most important "issue"...

"Balancing Big Money and Free Speech"

Runner-up: "Were War Crimes Committed in Gaza"


killed off "science", didn't it?

So many episodes have made strong impressions on me so it's difficult to choose. But if I simply look at what books I've read this year based on recommendations then it becomes clear to me. I am still reading Robert Wright's book The Evolution of God. I first read his other two books before I started this one so I could better understand his line of thought. Bill's interview with Robert Wright in July is still making an impact on me as I attempt to make sense of our development. It's been invigorating to explore such ideas.

The web exclusive Glenn Greenwald interview was easily the most important video you made this year - should have been an entire hour long program interviewing Greenwald

LBJ & VietNam - the most impactful story of the season. Obama's waterloo is not the immanent defeat of his (feeble) attempt at health care reform (altho it could be argued such) - his waterloo is the "war" he declared & made his own. Maybe he gets two waterloos - maybe more - the right rejoices...fn

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