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Powering America's Future

(Photos by Robin Holland)

In this week's JOURNAL, Bill Moyers talked with policy analysts Jean Johnson and Scott Bittle about how America's energy policy should change to reflect 21st century realities.

Jean Johnson suggested that America's current dependence on oil is untenable even if one thinks the threat of global warming is exaggerated:

"In China, until recently, not that many people had a private car. If the Chinese will begin to own cars the way we do, it would put a billion cars on the planet. So if you're worried about global warming, you have to think about that. And even if you're not, you have to think about a billion Chinese drivers competing with Americans, competing with the Europeans, competing with the Indians for the oil that we can manage to get out of the ground and transmit it around the world. It is not going to be good for the price or the reliability of energy here. We are heavily dependent - about 80% of our energy comes from fossil fuels... There's only so much of it, it's expensive to get, and it's not going to be here forever. We need to get started on the alternatives."

Scott Bittle argued that the energy debate has been too arcane for ordinary citizens to follow and laid out a few basic decisions that must be made:

"One of the ways in which the debate that we're currently having is so unhelpful to most people in that everyone is talking about percentages and numbers. Should we cut greenhouse gases 20 percent or 17 percent? And it makes a huge difference between the two. Should it be based on 1990 or 2005? Should it be 350 parts per million of carbon? No, maybe it's 450 parts per million... And what it comes down to, though, are a few concrete choices. What kind of power plants do we wanna build? And everything branches out from that. What do we put in our cars? Do we wanna stay with a liquid fuel in our cars like gasoline or biofuels or liquefied natural gas?... Or do we move to electricity? In which case we need to build an infrastructure for that. We can do these things as soon as we make the choice for what we want to do."

What do you think?

  • Does America need to wean itself off fossil fuels? If so, what energy source(s) should replace them?

  • How are you working to promote alternative sources of energy in your home, community, and the nation?

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    CBS 60 minutes last sunday had a piece on the BLOOM BOX which is already being tested and used by EBAY,FED EX to name a few.Maybe you should check it out.

    Posted by: wip

    I saw that and this whole week, everyone has been chattering about it...something to be said for simplicity :-)

    While the LHC team is waiting for repairs, they could investigate what happened to that Lexus.

    I remember thinking to myself the first time that I rented a car that talked at me and insisted on keeping doors locked and other pre-programmed stuff

    (I was hoping the talking car authority would let me pull over at the rest stop when I still needed to and not only after 3 hours, or wha'ever)

    that it APPEARED that the problems with having mechanical EMFs and microchip EMFs competing in the same equipment were "solved"...but then I could not get the door unlocked at the pit stop


    I love my Eddie Bauer hand cranked emergency radio/LED flashlight...and the first record player known as a "victrola"...

    Seriously, "health clubs" should hook up their equipment to produce electricity.

    World's Fairs here we come! Vegas dude said "...all of a sudden, conference bookings are crawling out of the woodwork"...

    Hey Betsy - the A-bomb brought a nice long pause to "ism war" by introducing MAD - mutually assured destruction. For-profit GLOBAL mercenary armed forces aren't in the business of "winning" ANY "war". Make it a HOLY WAR, and then you get creative "soldiers" drinking shots of vodka out of each other's a-sh-les...

    CBS 60 minutes last sunday had a piece on the BLOOM BOX which is already being tested and used by EBAY,FED EX to name a few.Maybe you should check it out.

    January 28th, 2010
    Nuclear Fusion Power Closer to Reality Say Two Separate Teams

    Written by Nancy Atkinson

    Nuclear fusion. Credit: Lancaster University

    For years, scientists have been trying to replicate the type of nuclear fusion that occurs naturally in stars in laboratories here on Earth in order to develop a clean and almost limitless source of energy. This week, two different research teams report significant headway in achieving inertial fusion ignition—a strategy to heat and compress a fuel that might allow scientists to harness the intense energy of nuclear fusion. One team used a massive laser system to test the possibility of heating heavy hydrogen atoms to ignite. The second team used a giant levitating magnet to bring matter to extremely high densities — a necessary step for nuclear fusion.

    Unlike nuclear fission, which tears apart atoms to release energy and highly radioactive by-products, fusion involves putting immense pressure, or "squeezing" two heavy hydrogen atoms, called deuterium and tritium together so they fuse. This produces harmless helium and vast amounts of energy.

    Recent experiments at the National Ignition Facility in Livermore, California used a massive laser system the size of three football fields. Siegfried Glenzer and his team aimed 192 intense laser beams at a small capsule—the size needed to store a mixture of deuterium and tritium, which upon implosion, can trigger burning fusion plasmas and an outpouring of usable energy. The researchers heated the capsule to 3.3 million Kelvin, and in doing so, paved the way for the next big step: igniting and imploding a fuel-filled capsule.

    In a second report released earlier this week, researchers used a Levitated Dipole Experiment, or LDX, and suspended a giant donut-shaped magnet weighing about a half a ton in midair using an electromagnetic field. The researchers used the magnet to control the motion of an extremely hot gas of charged particles, called a plasma, contained within its outer chamber.

    The donut magnet creates a turbulence called "pinching" that causes the plasma to condense, instead of spreading out, which usually happens with turbulence. This is the first time the "pinching" has been created in a laboratory. It has been seen in plasma in the magnetic fields of Earth and Jupiter.
    A much bigger ma LDX would have to be built to reach the density levels needed for fusion, the scientists said.

    Paper: Symmetric Inertial Confinement Fusion Implosions at Ultra-High Laser Energies

    Sources: Science Magazine, LiveSci

    Anyone catch the one-liner about how all the radioactive imaging equipment in hospitals/clinics are NOT being properly taken care of, nor the people trained enough to run them...?

    Anyway, back to the story about 45-64 year old women being put PERMANENTLY out of "work"...

    My electric company is already set up to buy electricity from the house should the solar or wind contraption provide more electricity than used.

    So all the unemployed people can certainly try and barter the same way via "mechanical" production of electricity and have it bring down the cost of their electrical bills.

    If you put in "x" amount of hours at a gym that has all of its motion machines (treadmill, bikes, etc)

    hooked into a bigger version of the Eddie Bauer battery - the one that can be cranked (mechanical motion)to provide flashlight/radio electricity

    then that "labor" should be returned as credit to pay bills.

    But we're back to the FACT that the owner of the battery factory

    either does not CHOOSE

    or has been PREVENTED

    from making a bigger and better battery,

    or pay his workers a "living" wage,

    so I guess it's a dumb idea, huh? Unemployed 45-64 year old women have to STAY unemployed...

    Man, that sure IS a change - now we aren't even being allowed to CREATE a new job that some enronista can vacumn profit out of...

    especially if it's a "labor" job that DECREASES the DEBT of "labor"...

    Maybe Glenn Beck or some other "pol" can set an example for creating jobs by generating the electricity that produces his TV show through a "small business" invented and made in USA treadmill hooked up to a mechanical powered battery...

    Betcha LOTS of people would happily get on that kind of treadmill - especially 45-64 year old women with children and grandchildren on one hand and grandparents on the other...

    WALK your way to weight loss, health,

    and ELECTRICAL supply so that your family doesn't fall behind the technocrat curve of "success"...

    Mechanical run batteries are REAL, people.

    "Labor" in - electricity out.

    Too simple...?

    Since there is all this $$$ "sitting on the sidelines" looking for something to "buy" into...

    And "commodities" are HOT today, is not TOXIC WASTE a REAL "commodity"...

    Since the whole "economy" is a closed loop between the Fed Reserve Board and the Treasury, shouldn't corporate "profits" also become a closed loop of trading? Buy your own waste.

    After all, it took trillions of $$$ to create the waste so how come you don't want what you created with the trillions of $$$...?

    In a closed loop, there is no "debt" other than labor, right?

    I think that Haiti and the Dominican Republic
    should merge and become one single
    federal nation, it would be beneficial for both.

    I love you too, Anna. Get some rest.

    Posted by: Betsy Whitfill

    You have a lazy mind, never chose experience over bs, and are prone to short-cut fantastical thinking. And all these charming character flaws are in service to your lust for power.

    I hope you at least are able to FOCUS on the role the PERFECT atmosphere was designed to accomplish.

    "Dark matter" is part of the process that downsteps atomic spin so that atoms could stay in place in an RNA sequence that, in turn, can host the overlay of the "life force" - the thing like "gravity" that just IS,

    and did not depend on "dark matter" to BE.

    Mystery, Betsy.

    You are free to bear as much financial and psychic pressure against the blank slate of children's minds to bend them to YOUR will, via the talking toaster...

    I am also free to laugh at your attempts

    and to neutralize them, if needed, before you blow everyone else up along with yourself.

    Now, who wants to get a World's Fair going?


    I love you too, Anna. Get some rest.

    Betsy cut and pasted an OCCULT timeline from 1888, a fantastical harry-potter-on-the-potty magic power based on this "theory":

    "Perhaps zero point energy is just one indication of something bigger – a primordial and more powerful field underlying physical reality."

    And because you are so attached to WISHING it were so, this is how a scientist sees it -

    IF your talking toaster taps into the atomic spin of the "primordial" energy field

    to EXTRACT the energy keeping those atoms in a certain shape - like RNA -

    you have ALSO extracted the energy that the RNA needed to keep its shape.

    In other words, "poof".

    Betsy, Why did you not look up the year that USA and USSR decided to keep only enough weapons activated to blow up the world once instead of ten times...?

    Is it because once people use that "baseline" date, how we got to where we are today becomes too CLEAR?

    You can't tap into the primordial "energy" of atomic cohesion without dismantling the cohesion.

    And you can't tap into the "cosmic" background "radiation" without tearing up the


    sear that into your brain, Betsy,


    protection of earth's atmosphere from that "cosmic" radiation.

    Too stupid to even be asking some DELUSIONAL politician/shaman for permission to put up the mirror and water contraption of a solar array...

    and thanks for the way to get around it - it's just "architecture" because it is so clean and simple and PRETTY

    and not an oil refinery, a nuclear power plant, or a coal's just architectural sculpture on MY PIECE OF LAND.

    Now that Martha Stewart is out of jail (okay, it's been a while she served the sentence that was part of the deal to go to jail rather than LISTEN to Hardball's Chris Matthews for another minute :-))

    her show is a good venue for HOME BUILDING, the traditional "female" thing-y, right?

    Cut and pasted from your cut and paste, "JM: I hope that as the new science reveals the incredible interconnectedness of all life, that understanding will be the foundation for humankind’s new story."

    Is that how you're going to play the game now...?

    Pretend you and Moyers and others were NOT part of the burying of Rachel Carson's 1955 book "Silent Spring"?

    So the KNOWLEGE going all the way back to "ottomans" about "inter-connectedness" is going to be given to a new spokesperson for hedgehog DELUSIONAL "science" and everyone going to college into "energy" fields are going to be chasing their own tail FOR YOUR IDEA about taping into atomic cohesion?

    Your Big Giant Head is one mean greed hound...I'd unplug the toaster if I were you and get the gear ready to go play in the snow D.C. is going to get as a GIFT from "god" - should help you all "chill".

    There we go - "sculpture"


    Can't do much with the solar array, but I'm sure a wind mill could look remarkably like Obambi - hey, he's got a "good" sense of humour, right?

    Sell Obambi-look alike wind turbines as "presidential" memorabilia - no "law" needed for that "free market" activity, eh?

    Now if we could only switch the "politicians" role from rendering "government" "incompetant" and a tool for outright ANARCHY,

    we can get them to power the wind mills with all that "atomic heat" of their yaddayadda


    There is hope for the energy future of humanity, but first we must wake up to the reasons why new ideas are so often filed away forever, or are ridiculed while the world slowly dies for want of these solutions. Change threatens the status quo, the sure place at the trough and the certain ease of habit. Wake up.

    From the Jan/Feb issue of Share International magazine, an interview with Jeane Manning about new energy inventions and how they can transform our world. Wake up and consider this:
    "Breakthroughs to energy-resource justice"
    Interview with Jeane Manning
    by Chester Ptasinski

    An excerpt

    Jeane Manning is an award-winning Canadian author. In 1981 she learned about a network of inventors, engineers and scientists who research non-conventional energy generators with the goal of giving humankind clean energy abundance. Since 1986 she has traveled extensively – interviewing key people in the field and attending energy conferences about breakthrough energy systems that could replace oil and nuclear fission reactors.
    Manning’s books are published in six languages. The most recent, co-authored with industrial scientist Joel Garbon, won a silver medal in the international Independent Publishers’ 2009 Outstanding Book of the Year competitions. Its title is Breakthrough Power: How Quantum-Leap New Energy Inventions Can Transform Our World. Jeane Manning was interviewed for Share International by Chester Ptasinski.

    Share International: The subtitle of your new book covers a broad scope. What do you mean by “how quantum-leap new energy inventions can transform our world”?

    Jeane Manning: That refers to the implications of breakthrough energy-converting inventions – for people, ecosystems and the economy. Sweeping changes become possible. So the subtitle refers to social, economic, cultural, financial as well as environmental transformations.

    Transformation in this context means democratization of creative scientific exploration. Today there’s energy apartheid on Earth. The ‘haves’ can power electronics, appliances, homes, greenhouses and workplaces and buy fuel for transportation without hesitation, while ‘have-nots’ don’t have access to fuels and reliable electricity or can’t afford them.

    However, the disparity can be eliminated by turning toward radically different energy sources. Experimental devices show that tapping into ambient background energy or other sources for low-cost, clean energy abundance, is possible. These possibilities open the door to new energy systems that can be fairly accessed by all.

    Furthermore, the emerging science underlying new energy and new propulsion technologies can also be applied to fields ranging from architecture to health. Understanding the background energy of the universe will open us to vast heights of knowledge.

    SI: Your book begins with the down-to-earth here and now, so let’s do the same. What does “new energy” mean?

    JM: When my co-author and our colleagues use the term to describe an invention or an area of research, it means a leap forward to a new understanding of how to tap into a clean energy source – usually a previously unrecognized source.

    New energy is defined by the advocacy group New Energy Movement as a class of innovative and super-efficient low-cost, clean, decentralized energy systems that includes a variety of quantum-leap new inventions. They have the potential to replace today’s polluting energy technologies and clean up Earth. New energy systems are practical and can be developed with relatively small research and development budgets, but have usually been unacknowledged by mainstream scientists and their followers in the media.
    New energy does not refer to incremental improvements to existing technologies. We’re not talking about solar, wind turbines or geothermal (although we encourage their use). Nor are we talking about standard technologies of the hydrogen fuel cell industry. Standard energy alternatives are expensive, intermittent or unwieldy compared to the potential of outside-the-box new energy alternatives.

    The New Energy Movement is not aligned with industry advertisements that frame the expansion of the nuclear fission industry as clean or new energy. That’s dishonest propaganda, and nuclear fission being sold as clean energy technology drives me up the wall. The problem of disposing of radioactive waste has not been solved by that industry. Building nuclear power plants is expensive and involves using 19th century technology – consuming fuel to create steam to drive turbines. Not new.

    Meanwhile, we have an opportunity to go in a fuel-less direction. There’s compelling evidence for a variety of clean local approaches arising from original thinking and experimentation with working prototypes. The best approaches work in harmony with nature. Unfortunately, much of the research is languishing in under-funded laboratories.

    SI: How about some examples?

    JM: To keep it simple I’ll mention just a few of the many types of innovations that we write about. They include:
    • Energy converters that innovatively manipulate magnetic fields to create electricity.
    • Crystal Converters, which convert background energy to electricity without using moving parts or batteries.
    • Water-as-fuel inventions that resonate water molecules, with hydrogen released super-efficiently at point of use to provide power.
    • Breakthroughs in cold fusion, now known as Low Energy Nuclear Reactions.
    • Solid-state (no moving parts) devices in which electronic circuitry and materials resonate with cosmic background energy.
    • Sonofusion – using sound frequencies to create tiny bubbles that implode and release an excess of energy.
    • Vortex technologies – working with rather than against natural motions.

    SI: Hasn’t cold fusion been dismissed as junk science?

    JM: The class of tabletop experiments that 20 years ago were labeled ‘cold fusion’ may be something other than standard fusion of atomic nuclei – but not junk science.

    Whatever they’re named, those experiments have been replicated internationally, which is a scientific success. However, the disinformation campaign against that field has been even more successful. So yes, it’s dismissed by hot-fusion establishment physicists who count on the millions of dollars they’re collectively paid for working on their expensive particle accelerators. Their dismissal is glib, because they expect fusion in a metal lattice (palladium) to act the same as fusion in hot plasma and release radioactivity as happens in their accelerators.

    Elsewhere, tenacious scientists continue cold fusion research. Japan, Israel and Italy have the most advanced programs, and Russia, China, France, South Korea and India are spending on cold fusion too. Their successes involve real outputs of excess energy, unlike the huge particle accelerators. It’s quite a contrast.

    Transmutation of elements happens in some of these experiments. That could possibly be applied to cleaning up radioactive waste. We don’t know how cost-efficient it would be, because none of the new-energy scientists have been able to get funding to pursue it further. Vested interests are instead committed to encasing the wastes in glass or some other established method.

    SI: You mentioned a wide spectrum of research and you name many more types in Breakthrough Power. Do the various inventions have anything in common?

    JM: They are parts of an exciting creative field whose time has come. Underlying many of the inventions is emerging science that’s evolutionary, in contrast to materialistic, reductionist science. We see it as science of a higher mind. Many of the new approaches involve a study of how the universe really works. Examples are the work of Nassim Haramein, seen at, and the rediscovery of concepts of past thinkers such as Dr Walter Russell and John Worrell Keely* who was perhaps 200 years ahead of his time with his “sympathetic vibratory physics”.
    *[Interviewer’s note: Helena Blavatsky discusses the occult significance of Keely’s work in her 1888 book The Secret Doctrine, Volume 1].

    The energy revolution will eventually be seen as part of a revolution in consciousness. The old paradigm is about competition and belief in energy resource scarcity. The new paradigm is about co-operation. The new worldview will have to be about laying down arms – an end to the days of physical conflict. It can be the biggest revolution in human consciousness ever – from warring to caring.

    SI: How could that happen?

    JM: I hope that as the new science reveals the incredible interconnectedness of all life, that understanding will be the foundation for humankind’s new story.

    Energy-resource abundance itself can be a powerful tool for building a higher civilization. It’s not a cure-all, but it is a levering and leveling tool that’s becoming available at the right time.

    SI: A higher civilization – on Earth?

    JM: Does it sound too idealistic in a time of increasing violence? Consider this: our era is changing fast, and while something is in motion you have the opportunity to change its direction. You can’t turn a parked car without forcing it, but when it’s moving swiftly a mere tug on the steering wheel can result in an entirely different destination.

    SI: Quantum physics talks about “zero point energy”. Is that a basis for the energy revolution?

    JM: Zero point energy experiments sometimes deal with a force called the Casimir force, which pushes things together at the very small level – billionths of a meter. But tiny machines aren’t likely to convince us to support a new-energy revolution.

    The mainstream view of zero point energy usually limits the concept to something like “vibrational energy retained by molecules even at a temperature of absolute zero”. Not very inspiring, just a jittering movement of atoms, and that definition doesn’t cover the unknown source of extra power that pours into some of the experimental apparatus. Perhaps zero point energy is just one indication of something bigger – a primordial and more powerful field underlying physical reality.


    SI: As a final question, can you reveal something about the “bigger picture”?

    JM: I’ve seen ample evidence that the human family aspires to become more than what it is now. And anyone tuned into a source of inspiration intuitively knows that a higher civilization on Earth is possible. I expect it will flourish first with energy justice – peoples everywhere having access to low-cost heating and cooling, irrigation, clean drinking water, communication technology, education opportunities.

    A more peaceful world can result from energy abundance and equality of opportunity. In such a setting, availability of leisure time unleashes human creativity in the arts and sciences. A new field of education can start, with vital parts of the curriculum being knowledge of subtle energies and how to live in harmony with nature.

    Architecture can be transformed with new materials resulting from processes in research areas such as fractional hydrogen. Cities anywhere on the planet could be aesthetically pleasing cultural centers with quiet streets – no noisy fuel-burning transportation – and soaring translucent buildings. Any excess heat can be converted into electricity and cooling with the new technology. And conversely no one needs to shiver in a cold apartment.

    A reprieve from the struggle for survival could give beleaguered humans a chance to find out who they really are – a most gratifying lifelong process.


    If you do NOT go far enough back to find out when everything started, then please, at least, give the date that your "channelors" use as "baseline" - for instance, are you not going further back than 1990 for "data-mining"?

    The former USSR and USA made a committment to dismantle the nukes in what year...?

    All you wingnuts that are hoping to build up Obambi into a Big Giant Head through obfuscation and prevarication, destruction of the past history of real HUMAN BEINGS who LIVED what they believed in the age of light that is pre-virtual reality DELUSION, and DEMANDING that people give full-throated homage to YOUR "religious" beliefs about THEFT being "sharing"...well, it stinks of that acrid smell that accompanies the INIQUITY of the power-mad.

    The other day you were a brain surgeon (Oprah show and a checklist and - voila - I can put it on my resume)

    today you are lobbying for a job with the IAEA...?

    Did genius global wunderkids rid the atomic commission of LUCID and knowledgeable 50 year olds, and older, so that YOUR "channeled" factoids are all they know of "history"...?! Yikes!?

    Seems to me like the GENIUS who did the math and created an atmosphere that downsteps the sun's nuclear energy to just the right frequency to support ALL life on this planet did it in such a way so that people could figure out how it works and not destroy it. But the talking toaster in the WHite House told Reagan to CUBE (math) the amount of particulates allowed into the air from "grandfathered industries"...

    Your Big Giant Head, in contrast, is all about the $$$.

    On a big piece of USA land the sun shines 300 days a year. Projects were granted building permission to put up solar arrays. A corporate scorpion was let loose under the guise of "environmentalist" who filed an injunction in "court" and everything screeched to a hold examining, in INSANE and POINTLESS detail, the impact on a LIZARD in the area. FACTS not filed? The adaptability of a LIZARD - that's why a LIZARD is a LIZARD.

    So after all this holier-than-thou bosom heaving to rescue the LIZARD has done the damage to PROGRESS,

    The "political" discussion began in earnest in Phoenix...

    More misery for others =
    more money for ME ME ME

    They want to charge 30 cents per "nuclear" unit of electricity instead of the 10 cents per "solar" unit...

    It's all about EXTRACTING in the wild west - taxing FOOD now in Phoenix...

    Credit Default Swaps were just called "weapons of mass destruction"

    You might want to ask your Big Giant Head to channel a message explaining his methods for:

    More money for ME ME ME.

    I TOLD you that the enronistas would be back in the "energy" biz after they caught whiff of the mano-et-mano WAR against the HEALTH of USA citizens that their Plan A was exposed to be about - IRS forcing people to "buy" health insurance so that the CEOs could give themselves MORE than a 1.8 BILLION $$$ entitlement, er, "pay package".

    The millions of "jobs" that were cut off the payrolls...? All REAL jobs in the life-maintenance cycle...a bankrupt company sent the last tents they had in inventory as a charity donation to more tents on this planet to send to them!

    The building of weapons to "prevent" the armaggedon of a "holy site" WAS THE ARMAGGEDON...

    I suggest you read the book "An American Prometheus" about Oppenheimer - hmmm, wonder how the Oppenheimer fund is doing today on the stock market ticker...

    ...let's do THAT math...

    More misery for others =
    more money for ME ME ME

    Forget "Uranta"....take the scientific route and research....

    From Huffington Post: 1-3-10

    Helen Caldicott
    Founding President of Physicians for Social Responsibility and Founder of Womens Action for Nuclear Disarmament
    Posted: February 2, 2010 05:35 PM

    How Did an Idealistic President Become a Champion of Nuclear Power and By Default, Weapons Proliferation?

    In 1983, Barack Obama, a senior at Columbia University described his visions of a "nuclear free world" in an article titled "Breaking the War Mentality" in the university newsmagazine, Sundial. He described discussions of "first- versus second-strike capabilities'' that "suit the military-industrial interests'' with their "billion-dollar erector sets,'' and called for the abolition of the global arsenals of tens of thousands of deadly warheads.

    As a candidate he acknowledged that he was worried for the safety of his children who lived in Illinois because it has the highest concentration of nuclear reactors in the US - and opposed further nuclear subsidies. "I am not a nuclear proponent," he said:

    Few people are so clear about their philosophical approach to life in the nuclear age, but President Obama was clearly a man with the correct instincts when it came to radiation, nuclear weapons and health.

    However, not only in his State of the Union address did he strongly endorse the false concept of "safe, clean" nuclear power as one of the solutions to global warming - "But to create more of these clean energy jobs, we need more production, more efficiency, more incentives," he said. "That means building a new generation of safe, clean nuclear power plants in this country" - but he has just announced that he will spend $7.4 billion dollars in the next five years for the "security and maintenance" of the current enormous stockpile of nuclear weapons. So what has gone wrong?

    I must admit that I have been worried since he appointed Steven Chu from Los Alamos Labs as his Secretary of Energy and John Holdren as science advisor because they are both enthusiastic endorsers of nuclear power. I had hoped that this president would be a true leader who would take advice from all sides but make decisions using his own instincts and innate wisdom. Clearly this has not happened either in the case of nuclear power or in his noble vision to seek a nuclear weapons-free world.

    The never-ending persistence of the nuclear warriors who inhabit the Pentagon and nuclear weapons labs have prevailed yet again to influence this idealistic young president on whom many of us had placed our hopes for planetary survival. This wonderful vision can only be fulfilled if the great United States of America takes responsibility for initiating and leading the global nuclear arms race by reversing its ceaseless quest for global nuclear security and superiority. The steps are as follows

    1. Take all 5000 US and Russian strategic weapons off hair trigger alert immediately (the use of just 1000 would induce nuclear winter and the end of most earthly life).
    2. Include all nuclear weapons (strategic and tactical) in the new treaty being negotiated with Russia and move rapidly towards bilateral abolition within 5 years.
    3. Cease the sale of nuclear reactors globally by the US, Russia, France and others for they are fundamentally factories for nuclear weapons production because they manufacture plutonium which is the fuel for nuclear weapons.
    4. By example and through the UN enthusiastically encourage nuclear disarmament of all nuclear weapons states.
    5. Rigidly police plutonium and enriched uranium stockpiles in all relevant countries through an empowered and well-funded IAEA.
    6. Ultimately the goal should be the cessation of the production of enriched uranium and plutonium by closing all nuclear power plant operations in the US , Europe, Russia, Israel, Japan, China and worldwide.

    There is no way to separate the production of nuclear electricity from the production of nuclear weapons. Nuclear power is the prodigal son of the weapons industry.

    What then to do about global warming, an encroaching horror which is about to radically alter our lives and to threaten the existence of many millions of species?

    Despite the Obama administration's push for nuclear power it, in fact, will never be the magic bullet which alleviates global warming because:

    1. It adds significantly to global warming gases through its vast industrial infrastructure - uranium mining, remediation of the mines (rarely if ever done), milling and enrichment of uranium, construction of the massive reactor, decommissioning of same, safe transport and storage of hundreds of thousands of tons of thermally, radioactive hot waste for at least 250,000 years.
    2. Nuclear power is exorbitantly expensive if all its modalities and externalities are included in the cost.
    3. To make any significant contribution to alleviate global warming, would mean the construction of some 2,000 to 3,000 one-thousand-megawatt reactors - one per week for 50 years.
    4. The enormous investment in nuclear electricity makes global warming a certainty because it siphons necessary funding away from the real solutions of renewable energy - solar, wind, geothermal, wave, tidal and of course conservation.
    5. Nuclear power, like nuclear weapon production, has been and always will be a socialistic enterprise almost totally supported, insured and funded by taxpayer dollars.
    6. Nuclear power not only induces the spread of nuclear weapons, it is and will be a potent promoter of cancer, genetic disease and congenital abnormalities for this and thousands of future generations.
    7. A meltdown induced by terrorist attack, human or mechanical error could kill hundreds of thousands from acute radiation sickness, leukemia and cancer
    8. 40% of the European land mass and hence food is still contaminated from Chernobyl and will remain so for hundreds of years .
    9. Nuclear power makes war obsolete. The Second World War if fought today would render Europe radioactive and uninhabitable for ever.
    10. Global nuclear meltdowns would exacerbate the catastrophic effects of nuclear war ensuring no survival.

    It's little wonder that after his speech, more than 3,000 advocates of safe, clean energy wrote to President Obama in less than 48 hours rejecting his call for more nuclear power. "President Obama needs to remember what Candidate Obama promised: no more taxpayer subsidies for nuclear power," said Michael Mariotte, executive director of Nuclear Information and Resource Service (NIRS). Mariotte also noted that the nuclear subsidies being promoted by Obama amount to the largest corporate bailout of them all.

    For an idealistic student at Columbia who became a visionary, Nobel Prize-winning President, this is not the sort of change we expected, or indeed thought you meant.

    Indeed, President Obama is forgetting the true cost of nuclear power to communities and nations, as these experts remind us in this video on nuclear energy's dangerous impact on health:

    Sigh. Betsy's toaster is channeling to her a history re-write again today....Big Giant Head Incoming...

    Wait till more people actually read The Urantia Book and see how the "Learned Elders" are "channeling" iniquity through "education"...

    In the meantime, for those who know what "identity theft" channelors are engaged in - it's REALLY FUNNY - omg, it is so funny I had to take a moment here to wipe off the tear of laughter...too bad it's still such an insider joke...


    D.C.Eddy - The chemical properties of carbon make it the PERFECT catalyst. The RNA (not DNA) structure is the "programming", if you will, for how to utilize the catalyst properties of carbon.

    The way benzene rings are structured makes them a buzzsaw design against RNA patterns.

    The entire planet, through the PERFECTION of the atmospheric design, is a system that allows the perfect amount of "radiation" (SUN ENERGY - the original nuclear plant) is processed and downstepped so that LIFE can exist.

    Now, the big philosophical problem that even the Big Giant Head channelors have WRONG

    Is the FACT that "LIFE" energy is unique - meaning that carbon does not carry the LIFE force in it's chemical structures, and therefore, neither does RNA by itself. Life energy was overlaid over the time of Greece's era of philosophers, they had agreed upon that kind of physics - Life Force is unique, just like gravity is unique - it is what it is...and we're not quite sure exactly what it is - as exactly as we are sure about the chemical structure of carbon and benzene, for instance...

    Personally, I am humbled by the genius of the mathematician who put in place the earth's atmosphere - now there is a Being who knew how to handle "radiation" :-)

    France is not going to dismantle it's nuclear power plants and go back to burning oil or coal - so the Big Giant Head needs to stop manipulating the stock market by backing the wrong "energy"...

    Forgot to mention the other obvious sustainable source - Natural Gas

    Lord knows we'll never be running out of "hot air"...

    I have the wind up radio/flashlight and would love to get the bike that also charges up the battery through motion...

    We need a WORLD'S FAIR - pronto - and let the educated "consumer" choose the winners...

    Off to make some toast and today I'll listen carefully to it because it has been granted "Personhood" status by SCOTUS - who knew they were in on the secret that the toaster can channel the earth's "saviour"...?!

    aha ha ha...oh the jokes...too many...too fast...better gain control so I don't "die from laughter"...

    Yes another wakeup call:

    Invisible peril
    by the Master— through Benjamin Creme

    Global warming, toxic pollution, and radiation from nuclear power plants pose immediate threats to life on earth. Humanity must awaken to these dangers and change direction. (467 words) June 2006

    If men were to see the state of the world as We, the Masters, see, they would be amazed, dumfounded and afraid, all at the same time. So far from the reality is man’s view of conditions on Earth, and so lacking in judgement is he about future possibilities, that, without help, man would watch his planetary home languish and die.

    As it is, planet Earth is in a sad and perilous condition while each day brings it nearer to the critical. Many voices have sounded warnings on global warming, and many views have been expressed, but even the most dire prophecy falls short of the calamity facing the world today. Few there are who see the immediacy of the threat and the urgency of the steps needed to counter it.

    Great as is the peril posed by global warming, this, unfortunately, is not the greatest, or most hazardous, faced by man today. Did he but know it, man is engaged in a slow but steadily increasing intoxification of the race and of the lower kingdoms. Toxicity, pollutions, of all kinds, and in all fields, is now the greatest danger to men, animals and the Earth itself. All are poisoned and sick in their own way.

    Sorry tale
    Unknown to men but evident to Us, the greatest harm sustained by men and planet in this sorry tale is caused by nuclear radiation. Men have gone far astray in the development of this most dangerous energetic source. Led astray by greed, and the false hope of vast profits, they have concentrated their experiments in ‘taming’ the most dangerous source of energy ever discovered by man, neglecting, meanwhile, a perfectly safe alternative use of the energy of the atom. Atomic fusion, cold and harmless, could be theirs from a simple isotope of water, everywhere available in the oceans, seas and rivers, and in every shower of rain.

    Man must cease his ‘toying with death’. Atomic fission is the result of the atomic bombs which destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki; which erupted in Chernobyl and causes, subtly, death and sickness today. It is “that which stands where it ought not” and which must be renounced by man if he would prosper further.

    Earth scientists are confident that they have, indeed, tamed the monster, and can keep it under control. They do not realize that their instruments are crude indeed, that they measure only the lower aspects of nuclear radiation, that stretching above these dense-physical levels are levels finer and more dangerous to the health and well-being of all. But for the tireless efforts of our Extra-planetary Brothers in assuaging this invisible peril in so far as the karmic law allows, our plight would be perilous indeed. Wake up, mankind!

    "Confidential Report Leaked!"
    "Government Plan to Confiscate Private Assets Exposed!"
    "This is not a warning about a third-world, banana republic. It's what's happening
    right here, right now in the halls of Congress. Officials in Washington are
    planning to nationalize $14 trillion dollars of private retirement savings.
    To patch up the federal balance sheet. YOUR savings."
    "It’s just one month into 2010, and the FDIC has already seized
    12 banks – the ultimate and embarrassing result of insolvency.
    Multiply that out by 12, and it would appear, on the surface, that the FDIC
    is on track to close about 144 banks this year.
    In 2009, the FDIC closed a total of 140 banks. With the second wave of
    sub prime and Alt-A mortgages set to hit in the later half of 2010,..."
    "The Road to Hell," - unemployment for the working men!
    "Socialism" - "Ramped corruption and CONFISCATION" for the benefits
    of the special interest!

    Until those who wish to serve the world do the actual research on this critical topic of allegedly "clean" nuclear power...being fast tracked by Obama...keep the following in mind from Don't accept this information out of hand, but don't reject it as "talking head" idiocy either. Remember the Luddites, the flat earth adherents, Copernicus..... etc.
    This source says we have 15 years to save the planet, no more.

    The Earth in travail
    by the Master —, through Benjamin Creme, 14 October 2007
    Restoring our Earth to health must become our number one priority, and will require a complete transformation of our social, economic and political structures. (531 words) November 2007

    It may be said that at last some men are beginning to take seriously the dangers posed by global warming and the consequent climate changes that this is bringing about. It is true that there is much disagreement over the reality and extent of the dangers, and of the best means of approaching the problems which are agreed to exist. However, there is no doubt that some men, at least, are recognizing that men face a formidable task in halting the progress of destruction and in stabilizing the environment. It is also true that even the most aware and concerned of men know little of the extent and complexity of the problems.


    The problem of pollution is such a case. Pollution takes many forms, some obvious and easily dealt with, if the will to do so exists. Some, however, require a science and a remedy as yet unknown to man; they are so toxic and destructive that they must be given high priority to overcome. The effect of pollution on the quality of air, food, on animals, and on fish, in rivers and the oceans, is known but largely ignored. The most destructive of all, that caused by nuclear radiation, awaits discovery by Earth scientists. The upper levels of nuclear radiation are beyond the present atomic technology. They are also the most toxic and hazardous to man and the lower kingdoms. On all those levels the problems of pollution must be overcome. This can be achieved only by a complete reconstruction of the present political, economic and social structures.

    Man has ravaged and polluted the Earth, and severely damaged his own environment. Now man must see it as a top priority to remedy what he has hurt and so restore to health his ailing planet. He must learn to simplify his demands on the planet and learn the beauty of simplicity and the joy of sharing.

    Man has but little choice: the urgency of the task demands immediate action; few indeed realize the true scale of damage already done. The question may be asked: can planet Earth be saved and by what means?

    The answer is a resounding YES! and by means which involve the transformation of the present modes of living by the majority of men.

    The paramount ambition of all so-called ‘developed’ countries is to achieve an ever higher percentage of growth of their economies to become, thereby, richer; and, in an economic world based on competition, to attain dominance and power, and so enjoy a higher standard of life. This being so, the pillaging of the Earth, the cavalier waste of resources, is seen as only natural and necessary. This irresponsible action has at last brought planet Earth almost to its knees.


    Maitreya, you can be sure, will not be long in addressing this urgent problem and in presenting His solutions. The first step, He will advocate, is the acceptance of the urgency which many today deny. Sharing, He will say, is the beginning of the process of change which will provide the answers to our woes and the rehabilitation of Earth.

    Autism is in the news more & more with some suggestions as to causes. As some commenting here seem to have researched this & other related issues, has there been studies of the pesticides used to keep homes 'clean' of pest? I don't recall Pest Control as a big commercial business in my youth & don't remember anything about autism. Old people got hardening of the artries & a little confused, but families seemed to handle it.

    Are there time studies that relate the years to the increase in diseases & how much may be due to diagnossis?

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.

    Billy Bob, Florida

    Anna D.
    You are the martial arts master of research maybe you could correct me if I am wrong but as I remember from my college chem classes that when there is a nuclear reaction all of the levels of radiation are present. Why do I keep hearing that there are only low levels of radiation from nuclear contamination?
    I also worked in an area where there was air born carbon fiber. Because of the fact that organic entities are based on carbon rings; I would think that Carbon fiber would be a carcogenic.
    What's your read on these concerns?

    Oh cheeze louize, Eddy still denying the hand in the cookie jar, "My facts will KO your facts any time.
    Have you ever worked in a Radcon Area?"

    Look, sorry you have cancer. I, and we all, have a too-long list of children, and adults in the prime of life, who left the planet from a bout with cancer that they lost.

    Your issues about what happened is with your management, whoever that was/is.

    I'd tell anyone who would tell me that I have a choice to DIE or get fired if I did not do it their way to go - bleep -

    Shoot, that choice is EASY for me - get "fired" rather than "fried".

    There is all sorts of "radiation"...X-rays, microwaves, radon gas...etc.

    None of this is NEW information about proper handling and safety procedures.

    If PROPERLY done, the total POLLUTION affect on the greatest amount of people from "radiation" is MUCH MUCH less than all the benzene ring chemical compounds from gasoline extraction we are already drowning in and I can't even imagine what the total load will be when the last drop is sucked out from the ground...go throw RNA and benzene together under a's probably were exposed to ruthless, industrial benzene compounds that ruined your RNA way before you handles radioactive material...that's why you got cancer...Madame Curie got leukemia in her 60s after hadnling her radioactive specimens with "bare" hands her whole's the COMBO, D.C....

    Follow the bouncing long as your ribozymes haven't been shredded by benzene rings, one-time, low level, radiation-damaged cell repair is done by your body quite efficiently. Also, used to be you didn't need a prescription for iodine...

    Qui Tam worked for an ex-Pfizer employee, it can certainly be used by Radcon employees...important to get the POLITICAL BS power-game crap out of the way so that the REAL world (SCIENCE) can function like it is supposed to...

    over and out...

    There is no filthier "energy" supply for war machines and speed toys than OIL. Tons and tons of "waste" chemical "bu products" that chemists all have to ocome up with a use for - it's insanely filthy - all of it...

    Coal, also, needs to be a "back-up" supply, not primary.

    Solar, wind, water - all a good thing :-)

    I sketched out a solar array that was not just functional, but beautifully iintegrated into the desert in a sun symbol pattern and by taking a moment for the superfluousness of "beauty", I believe the artsy design just upped the total energy output efficiency! But still checking the math...

    Go figure :-)

    And spent nuclear "rods" can be recycled...

    Agreed with you on only ONE "political" issue - the tombstone of USA "future" could very well be "...can't do it, it COSTS too much..."

    Cheap is the twin sister of Greed.

    Anna D.
    Maybe you should try nit-picking your own posts.
    Edit, Edit, Edit.
    Look up Ocham's Razor; you might learn something.
    My facts will KO your facts any time.
    Have you ever worked in a Radcon Area?
    Try to be constructive and ease up on the Atheism.
    Your freind Dave (:-)>

    DCEDDY wrote, in part, "I appreciate your superior intelligence; I just try to get you to be more clear in your presentation and avoid the superfluous."

    Psychobabble is a narcotic for you, eh?

    You have LESS than none

    POWER over my superfluousness

    because my superfluousness never gave YOU power

    and what a nasty way you have of never saying you were WRONG about the FACTS of nuclear history

    Your "mind" shows both a laziness to research REALITY and a smarmy strategy for making $$$ off the stock market.

    To whom it may concern...


    Anna D.
    Maybe France does not have a problem with bean counters making the decision as to how much will be spent on preventing radioactive contamination.
    Maybe France does not acknowledge that radiation contamination is a problem.
    Sometimes it is not what we can physically perceive that is a problem; it is what we cannot perceive.
    Bad ideas are a major problem.
    I appreciate your superior intelligence; I just try to get you to be more clear in your presentation and avoid the superfluous.
    It is my opinion that we are at great risk due to the careless use of Nuclear power.
    We need to develop other sources of energy besides Nuke and oil. Energy comes in many forms. It is everywhere and everything. We need to get it under control or we will be a victim of its power.
    We need sufficient funds to do things consistent with our best interests not just because we can.
    Intelligence and common sense is our only hope for a better future.
    No future at all seems to be the present objective.

    D.C.Eddy wrote, in part, "MY point was that that without proper understanding and management of nuclear radiation there is great risk of disastrous results for people."

    France runs on nuclear energy.

    "Labor" Poland got rid of "communism" - now THAT was ironic :-)

    And I wonder about what CULTURE has been handed down to USA generations who have been here since 1492 and before :-)

    I already asked, "...what psychological test are they giving people so that they only pick out the workers DUMB ENOUGH to allow "management" to take away all safety measures in handling RADIATION?!"

    If you don't have courage, D.C.Eddy to SAVE YOUR LIFE, at least stop attacking and psychobabblizing those who do have common sense and courage - yes, like me.

    I never gave "power" over to liars, thieves, murderers and POLITICIANS.

    Who of NORMAL mind would?

    Their MONEY that you worship is based on fractional reserve banking, correct?

    Which means it was MADE UP monopoly money and is NOT currency, but rather DEBT for LABOR and profit for the scam artist who got people like YOU to believe that perception IS reality.

    How many "managers" did you have? One?

    And how many workers? Ten

    Seriously, ONE person got ten people to handle radiation improperly...?

    Anna D.
    MY point was that that without proper understanding and management of nuclear radiation there is great risk of disastrous results for people. It is apparent that the powers that be are more than willing to risk people's lives to increase their profits or increase their chances of getting elected.
    Scientists are more than happy to fudge findings
    to keep CEO's happy.
    We are all slaves to a source of income to support our responsibilities.
    Ironically, our humanity is lost in the process.
    It will take a major paradigm shift in our social organization to avoid our becoming extinct.
    We are losing our ability to know what must be done and the Ship of State is drifting into oblivion. It is not turning around; it is sinking fast.
    The powers that be do not have the courage to do what is necessary to keep the ship afloat.

    D.C. Eddy, "Yes! You forgot to mention that both Madame Curie and her lab partner died of radiation poisoning..."

    Busted D.C. Eddy, From wikipedia, "Pierre died in Paris on 19 April 1906. He tried to run across the street while it was raining, but he slipped, and then was hit and run over by a horse drawn vehicle. His skull was badly fractured."

    The gas pedal on a car isn't working anymore because of the BUSINESS MODEL that SUCKS out unearned profit by not allowing ANYTHING to be done the correct way!

    Stop thumping the "holy books" of Harvard Business School and learn something REAl now and then, wouldja? :-))

    Madame Curie was looking to radiation as a cure for cancer!

    The question on the table is this after your performance here today - what psychological test are they giving people so that they only pick out the workers DUMB ENOUGH to allow "management" to take away all safety measures in handling RADIATION?!

    My job analyzing data was cut and a new flow of money was organized to go to advertizers...of course, it probably did not help that I noted that if any man age 30 and older did not already know that there was a male enhancement drug available, should some one so below "average" intelligence learn about it from a TV commercial?


    There is an EASY way to collect the REAL information about environmental assaults on the original RNA pattern. Take a sample of the child when they're born, and then track degradation with subsequent sampling.

    Heck, you might have missed it but I got threatened with being microwaved by the "government" for THINKING and SPEAKING here on Moyers blogs, should I sell my stock in cell phones...?

    I applaud your research, Betsy. You might want to go to the site and dig up an article from the 1990s with my name in the list of research authors

    (no big giant head - there were 23 of us)

    who conducted the research into dementia and to date, the drug has NOT been yanked off the market for bad side-effects but rather is used as standard of care for early onset dementia.

    Now both of you go count your "business model" schekles through enronista THEFT tactics

    More misery for others =
    more money for ME ME ME

    instead of playing "scientist" and looking for POWER through nonsence blogging.

    No currency should flow YOUR way for "research".

    Don't go crying "victim" of radiation poisoning, D.C. Eddy. Madame Curie-Sklodowska ("discovered" radiation) wrote about the cancer side effects. I'm sure that book was in the public library when you were working with "radiation", no?
    Posted by Anna D.

    Yes! You forgot to mention that both Madame Curie and her lab partner died of radiation poisoning...
    "Those who play with fire get burned." I got "burned" as have a whole lot of other people.
    I checked Nuke repair tools with a Geiger counter and the dial went to the top of the scale. My personal TLD that I was wearing that was supposed to detect the amount radiation I accumulated did not register any radiation. I was told that the TLD only registered low level radiation.
    What I remembered from college Chemistry; is that when there is active radiation all of the levels of radiation are present.
    Considering you are an expert on radiation maybe you can explain to me why my TLD did not register radiation and the Geiger counter did.
    I do care about people unlike many Nuke scientists who lie to protect their vested interests.
    People depend on specialists to protect them from the devastation of misused technology.
    When profit is the only concern; lots of people get sick and die.
    Maybe we would be better of living in the trees and enjoying life without the complexity and devastation of technology.
    If we are going to do high tech we had better improve our humanity or the sociopaths will create hell on Earth.

    Radiation is MUCH EASIER to CONTAIN....

    If there is anyone who knows the history of the Geiger Counter...and whether or not there have been refinements in its ability to measure radiation since it was invented, that would be germane. One cannot really contain radiation if one cannot accurately measure the finer levels...which are much more deadly.

    Of course, some may argue that if we cannot measure those "finer levels", they don't exist. hmmm but what about the scientific method...the posing of a theory which then is used for further research until it is either proven or disproved.

    Here is an interesting pdf from a major
    medical meeting in Paris, 2009, concerning Alzheimer's disease:

    I would think that anyone sincerely interested in debunking the suggestion that nuclear radiation is causing the increase in Alzheimer's would Google and do some research to back up the debunk.

    You will not find publication of a causal relationship as yet, because science is just now beginning to ask the question about how come there is an increase? Is it because of awareness and more reporting? I'm sure that is involved. But still, recognition of the fact of increased Alzheimer's in younger seniors is, apparently, alarming enough to bring the scientific method to bear. What Share International is suggesting is that there is a causal relationship at work. To boot, certain folks debunking out of hand yet claiming to support the scientific method, would be in favor of building even more nuclear facilities. All you have to do is set up a search for all the articles on line daily with the subject of nuclear power, and you will soon become aware at the depth of the corruption, the ineptitude, the politics, the money, and the negligence which characterize the nuclear power drive in the US today. This is the warning....we cannot handle nuclear power in this country.

    Well then, have an exhibit at a World's Fair where the "women" are barefoot and pregnant and screeching happiness and the "men" can spunk over everyone while they swing through the trees - after all, we are "animals".

    Don't go crying "victim" of radiation poisoning, D.C. Eddy. Madame Curie-Sklodowska ("discovered" radiation) wrote about the cancer side effects. I'm sure that book was in the public library when you were working with "radiation", no?

    Nice cut and paste jobs about the cavalier "business model"

    More misery for others =
    more money for me

    sucking out penny profits for USELESS shareholders

    at the expense of RADIATION CONTAINMENT.

    With the kind of well done documentary that exists about how nuclear enery is utilized in France, you two should be ashamed of yourselves for being so dumb in your "arguements". And where is the MEDICAL DATA about Alzheimers, autism...?

    All you've done is PROVEN that the BUSINESS MODEL in opertaion today:

    More misery for others =
    More money for ME ME ME

    is INCOMPETANT to do anything the way it NEEDS to be done to be efficient, safe, and SANE.

    Radiation is MUCH EASIER to CONTAIN than all the benzene ring based chemicals (millions of TONNAGE) that already IS all over you, your food, agricultural land, water sources, your bed, your "Mother Nature".

    Until both of you educate youselves - for real - with the exacting precision of NON-LYING SCIENCE, please go back to worship at the altar of the twin sisters of greed and cheap and stop pretending you CARE about "the American People"...funny phrase...WHY do politicians use that phrase....? Who are THEY..." Ur-anus-tians?

    Radioactive "waste" is MUCH easier to "contain" from leaking into the environemt than gasoline "waste" - hard P-chem science facts about Daddy Nature...

    And 7 generations out, when we get rid of politicians from "government",

    the "waste" of radiation will be FUEL again - like duh.


    Daniel KesslerGreenpeace Press Officer
    Posted: January 28, 2010 02:57 PM
    "Clean" Nuclear Power? The President Knows Better

    Read More: Barack Obama , Barack Obama Nuclear Power , Clean Energy , Clean Energy Economy , Ed Markey , Green Jobs , Green Technology , Nuclear Power , Nuclear Power Plants , Sotu , State Of The Union , Green News

    In last night's State of the Union address, President Obama said that "(t)o create more of these clean energy jobs, we need more production, more efficiency, more incentives. And that means building a new generation of safe, clean nuclear power plants in this country." Despite his statement, the President knows better.

    Nuclear power is neither safe nor clean. There is no such thing as a "safe" dose of radiation and just because nuclear pollution is invisible doesn't mean it's "clean." For years nuclear plants have been leaking radioactive waste from underground pipes and radioactive waste pools into the ground water at sites across the nation. Mr. Obama was prompted to address the issue when radioactive contamination was found in drinking wells and off the nuclear plant site at Exelon's Braidwood nuclear plant.

    In 2006, when the President was serving as a senator from Illinois, he introduced the Nuclear Release Notice Act to address the radioactive contamination of groundwater at several nuclear reactors in his state. Unfortunately, the bill never became law.

    Rather than hold nuclear power plant owners accountable for the uncontrolled and unmonitored leaks, the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) handed the problem over to the nuclear industry's lobbyists. Despite the fact that tritium releases to groundwater violate the terms of the nuclear plant's license, the NRC has failed to exercise its regulatory authority. Instead, NRC has allowed the Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI) to create a voluntary industry program to deal with the tritium contamination.

    Since then, the trickle of operators of nuclear plants acknowledging that they've contaminated the ground water at their sites has grown into a deluge. The nuclear plants that have admitted leaking radioactive hydrogen or tritium into the groundwater include: Braidwood, Byron & Dresden in Ilinois; Indian Point & Fitzpatrick in New York; Yankee Rowe & Pilgrim in Massachusetts; Three Mile Island & Peach Bottom in Pennsylvania; Callaway in Missouri; Oyster Creek in New Jersey; Hatch in Georgia; Palo Verde In Arizona; Perry in Ohio; Point Beach in Wisconsin; Salem in Delaware; Seabrook in New Hampshire; Watts Bar in Tennessee; Wolf Creek in Kansas; Connecticut Yankee and most recently Vermont Yankee. This NY Times article explains it all.

    This list is likely incomplete and still growing. It remains difficult for the public to track which nuclear plants are leaking radioactive contamination because the NRC has failed to update its website since October of 2007 when it abdicated its authority to the industry's voluntary initiative.

    The President was then less than pleased with the industry's voluntary regulation of radioactive leaks. Then Senator Obama responded that

    (w)hile it's encouraging that the nuclear industry recognizes it has a special responsibility to keep communities informed of tritium leaks, the voluntary guidelines recommended by the Nuclear Energy Institute would still allow tritium leaks to occur without the public ever finding out about it. The nuclear industry already has a voluntary policy, and it hasn't worked.
    Obama's comments now seem prophetic. Recently, just one week after the government regulators extended the operating license for the 40-year-old Oyster Creek reactor in New Jersey, the plant owner admitted leaking radioactive contamination into the plants ground water. This most recent revelation has prompted several members of Congress to ask the U.S. General Accountability Office (GAO) to investigate the leaks and how regulators at the NRC have mishandled the issue.

    According to Congressman Ed Markey, who oversees the NRC, "(u)nder current regulations, miles and miles of buried pipes within nuclear reactors have never been inspected and will likely never be inspected."

    Markey concluded that "(t)his is simply unacceptable. As it stands, the NRC requires-at most-a single, spot inspection of the buried piping systems no more than once every 10 years. This cannot possibly be sufficient to ensure the safety of both the public and the plant."

    If President Obama truly wants a clean energy economy and the jobs that come with it, he should abandon the failed policies of the past. Nuclear power is a dirty and dangerous distraction from the clean energy future the President has promised America.

    --Written with Greenpeace Nuclear Analyst Jim Riccio

    Lack of money is also a root of evil. (:-)>

    Interesting point. Could it be that lack of money in some people's lives is due to the love of money (which is said to be the root of all evil) which dominates others' lives?

    I don't know much about how the US money supply is managed, but I do know that when certain groups want to spend for their own benefit, money is available. When other groups want to spend for truly human interest goals,
    (food, shelter, health care and education for those who, through no fault of their own, are unable to provide for themselves)there is not so much money available.

    What argument is there that validates this ongoing, pervasive yet undisclosed thought form?

    If you know that nuclear radiation spews from nuclear power plants, yet the big power companies and those which have contracts to build such power plants, push through legislation which not only allows them to lower safety standards (because the need is so great, don't you know, and those high standards retard the building timeline), but also to not be liable for any negative outcome of the power plant, and to move forward before disposal of nuclear waster is worked through, how can you sleep at you tell yourself that we cannot afford safe energy? Do you tell yourself that it really doesn't matter because someone, somewhere will make everything right? Do you tell yourself that if your company doesn't build this nuclear power plant, someone else will?
    Do you have another martini and fall into oblivion? How do people keep up this madness we call the status quo. How come Obama called for more nuclear power plants? How could he?
    Does he not know about Greenpeace, whose members beg for hearing.
    Wake up folks. Arguing on a blog will not get it done. We must dig deep and stand up for what is right, is wholesome, is safe energy.

    The future of energy is critical to humanity's survival.
    Posted by: Betsy Whitfill

    Energy is the basis of all physical reality...
    Without it; everything would be frozen in space. Time would not exist.
    Mother Nature is a designed system which is very temperamental and does not like being messed with.
    People need to realize that they are an integral part of nature and that their lives depend on the survival of Mother Nature.
    Economics is the life blood of civilization and there must be sufficient funds to pay for all of the things that protect nature and provide people quality lifestyles.
    Lack of money is also a root of evil. (:-)>

    Anna D.
    I hate to disillusion you but I am a heterosexual male. I also believe that a happy woman is one who is bare footed and pregnant. Ask: you might get a big supprise.
    I put plenty of people to work trying to understand what I am posting. I also hire beople to work for me.
    I worked in the nuke program and it got me cancer and other maladies I have to deal with as well as "glowing in the dark" which has nothing to do with religion.
    Focus Grasshopper; you need focus. (:-)>

    D.C. Eddy writes: "We need to us the words efficient and progressive instead of conservative and liberal. We need the right solution for the problem not rigid ignorance. "

    I couldn't agree more. The "answers" to the serious problems cannot be found in the old terminology, which reflects an old paradigm of competition and dominance. Progressives are even called Liberals because "Liberal" has a specific definition which is easy to fight and spend has been shown to be a failed method of governing, but so has free-wheeling capitalism.

    So focussing on the problem, how can all people live equally, with the shelter, the food, the health care and education needed by all human beings? How can that become normal? How can the planet become safe from nuclear radiation, from pollution of all sorts, from the degradation of oxygen due to huge clearing of forests? These are the important issues which are not being addressed.

    The future of energy is critical to humanity's survival.

    D.C. Eddy elevated herself thusly, "Anna D.
    Saints preserve; you seem to be the expert at abusing religion."

    We all know what you developed an "expertise" in...D.C.


    We don't need no stinkin' "facts" - we can just take the IGNORANT holier than thou matle and run with it

    Do you CREATE a job today for yourself or others, D.C.Eddy with your religious expertise?

    No, didn't think so...

    Since there are so many WOMEN like you and Betsy burrowed into medical research, why is it you don't know how to ANALYZE data?

    France runs on nuclear energy for a long enough time now to have an elderly population to analyze. Are there MORE people with the medical conditions Betsy coughed up?

    Do you have enough maturity to bring in REALITY or are you REALLY only capable of a one-horse PEURILE political schtick...

    Next FACT - USA stopped having World's Fair just as Vietnam carnage ramped up...

    Neither you nor Betsy DESERVE to be given any currency for doing what you do - molls to thieves.

    Anna D.
    Saints preserve; you seem to be the expert at abusing religion.
    Your abusive rhetoric is only undermining your intelligent bent grasshopper.
    Religion would be fine as a means to get beyond our materialistic affliction; unfortunately, religion has become a corrupt institution that is based on selfishness and self-centeredness. Sheep to the slaughter is another big problem. Despite all of this; people are more than the sum of their parts and need to transcend the strife of physical being.

    Guess what...
    We cannot fix anything without the necessary funds to make it happen.
    As people's technology develops and their population grows it is necessary that the means of exchange grow proportionately. If we continue with the present caveman system of economics; our exchange of goods and services will fail and everyone will feel the pain.
    Passing on the present debt will be a piece of cake in comparison to a failed economy. Our children’s children will face poverty and chaos.
    We need to us the words efficient and progressive instead of conservative and liberal.
    We need the right solution for the problem not rigid ignorance.

    Betsy, who gets her "science" from god-knows-where profounds, "Nuclear energy, touted even by Obama who knows better, as "clean" is the source of the increase in early Alzheimer's, Autism, certain cancers."

    France runs on nuclear energy. What is the % of those in France vs. USA?

    And if "energy
    and science is so important, why is your "spiritual teacher" feeding you bogus data?

    Betsy, A young reposter attending a recent religious service being conducted out in the open air and seemingly well-attended by Haitians

    (I guess whether they wanted to attend or not - the preacher/shaman just started going on in their midst - sort of like you do on here)

    well, the reported was SHOCKED at what the preacher was "preaching" - he told the people that the earthquake came to them because they were sinners - so they all started singing and dancing and "praying"...

    I find any and all kinds of "spiritual"-flavored, kicking-'em-when-they-are-down, providing "facts" that deepen ignorance of the natural world, and then screeching that someone is harranging you if they call you out on it

    an ABUSE of "religious" freedom...

    What on earth makes you think your "spiritual leader" nonsense WORKS with anyone on these blogs...?

    Aren't there enough "religious" sites you can worship POWER at...?

    Unfortunately this sort of harangue stops the conversation and is something that Anna D does to my posts all the time.

    Clearly the future of energy is critical to the future of humanity. Nuclear energy, touted even by Obama who knows better, as "clean" is the source of the increase in early Alzheimer's, Autism, certain cancers. I do hope that nuclear energy isn't the lynchpin of our new alternative energy future...but I'm afraid that it is already being put into place.

    The great spiritual Teacher who has come to teach humanity the simple art of living peacefully, has given his first tv interview in America...the first of many.

    Posted by: Betsy Whitfill

    Uh, okay...

    Got his address? I want to send him some photos from the World's Fair held in Flushing, Queens. It was "peaceful" as were all the other World's Fairs held in USA before that one.

    "Capitalism" used to use a math formula based on peaceful trade relations...I'm sure I could dig that math out again, also...

    So what's The Big Giant Head's address...?

    666 Pie In the Sky
    Satellite 666,
    Third Rock from the Sun....?

    You have a craven desire for Power over others, Betsy. Stop trying to feed that need by attaching yourself to someone else's "Technology of Light"...

    apologies for stepping on your sacred cow, but you've been consuming everyone else's cow for too long...

    The problem is not the lack of fossil fuels; it is the lack of funds to develop and provide clean air fuels. We have the technology but we do not have the incentive to make clean air happen. When people either have to wear personal oxygen tanks to breath or they die; then there will be the funds and incentive for clean air. Even then there will be people resisting change because they are profiting from selling Oxygen tanks.

    Q: Does America need to wean itself off fossil fuels? If so, what energy source(s) should replace them?

    A: Yes. Fossil fuels should be replaced by the NON-NUCLEAR alternative fuels in the short term. In the long term, there will be the Technology of Light, which will provide all the energy needed by humanity.

    Q: How are you working to promote alternative sources of energy in your home, community, and the nation?

    A: The volunteers at Share-International ( are providing the information about the requirements needed before this new Technology of Light can be introduced to the world. It is so powerful that it will not be given until we have banned war forever. So if we are to ban war, we must work for peace. In order to have peace, there must be trust. In order to trust, there must be justice and sharing of Earth's resources. In order, then, to acquire the technology which will provide clean energy for everyone, we must first have a peaceful planet. It is critical to the future of humanity, and it must be a stable, self-sustaining, brotherly peace...peace which lives in the heart of each one of us. The great spiritual Teacher who has come to teach humanity the simple art of living peacefully, has given his first tv interview in America...the first of many.

    Some contributors to this blog have quoted statements claiming that there are possibly hundreds of years of fossil fues still to be found or used. However many sources of fossil fuel are found or still untapped, they are all still finite (which, of course, is also true of solar, hydro, and geothermal but they are as close to infinite as is life on our planet). As intelligent beings it is imperative that we plan alternative energy sources knowing that eventually these fossil fuels will be depleted. Nuclear is almost as carbon intensive as traditional fossil fuels if one accounts for building and maintaining plants and we still have no good way to dispose of the waste. We have the technology to use solar and geothermal energy but not the kind of government investment that might make them affordable for everyone. I wonder how many homes could already have become powered by solar panels or cooled and heated by geothermal energy had the stimulus and bank bail-out program money been used instead to promote and fund converting our homes to these systems? I am sorry that the discussion on this program never mentioned what Bobby Kennedy and Mike Papantonio (sp?) mentioned on their program "Ring of Fire" could almost immediately reduce our carbon emissions. Kennedy said:" "The first thing that should be done is we should change the dispatch rule. The dispatch rule, which we have in every state, requires utilities to dispatch coal before natural gas. We have a lot of natural gas capacity in this country – we have about 450 gigawatts – and only 320 gigawatts of coal. But the natural gas plants sit idle 70 percent of the time, while coal plants burn 95 percent of the time. So if there’s a coal plant across the street from a natural gas plant, the gas plant is sitting idle 70 percent of the time because there’s a bad rule that requires the utilities to dispatch the coal first.

    So if nationally you just said, ‘no, we’re going to dispatch natural gas - which is cleaner, which has only 40 percent of the carbon, none of the mercury, none of the acid rain, none of the ozone and particulates, and which does not destroy the Appalachian Mountain chain - [if you said] let’s dispatch the gas first, then immediately you’d get rid of 78 percent of the coal-burning power plants in our country. You’d get rid of 20 percent of the carbon without having to build a single new power plant. You could do it overnight. That’s the best solution, and the fastest."

    I cannot understand why so little attention has been paid to this by any of the environmental groups. If the problem is the coal interests - unions or management could we not just pay them to support change?

    As for the question of my own power use - I keep my thermostat low in winter and high in summer, have used CFLs for many years, Have Energy Star appliances which I use sparingly, drive a 1992 car which gets 30-35 miles to the gallon, walk or bike rather than drive when feasible, use hot water bottles, down comforters and other older or natural means of staying warm in winter, and try to recycle, reuse and compost to the point that I have very little trash.I recently replaced my water heater with an "on demand" heater similar to those used in most of Europe. None of these is enough especially as I fly fairly frequently. I would take trains but can't take them to England where we have family. I was very unhappy that so little was accomplished in Copenhagen and hope the U.S. can still become a leader in fighting climate change.

    We need a have one big giant, on every continent,


    of real science "stuff" so that everyone can pick and choose (and modify, improve, evolve) what would work best in their topographical area of resources as a SUSTAINABLE LIFESTYLE.

    The 25% of USA citizens who are UNEMPLOYED are the ones who were paying attention to REAL stuff and not the fine print that has thrown them out of the flow of "currency"...

    There is no other way to the FUTURE without a big PEACE party :-)

    ...and the simple solution to Einstein's UFT..


    Future Energy: I think the pertetual rotation of the magnetic Earth can generate carbon free all of our future energy needs, and transmitted as wirelessly as sound. Tesla saw it too!
    The solution has to do with stationary waves.


    In terms of peak oil, the best and highest use of remaining oil is developing the infrastructure we will need to adapt to an oil-less world.


    Agreed. Which brings us back to basic math :-)

    Aren't the "wars" sucking up so much of it that in 100 years it won't be "secured" before it runs out?

    "'ll be waiting 'till the cows come home..." which is what you'd like everyone else to be doing, right?
    Posted By Anna D

    The way things are going, we will all have to eat grass and chew our cud.
    The present theory now is that if we cannot eat bread we should it cow paddies.
    The powers that be might want to remember the fate 0f Marie Antoinette.
    As a matter of fact; if you think that is extreme you might want to know that in some parts of Africa people are eating mud paddies to avoid extreme hunger pains.
    The response of a conservative talking head was "there is some trace nourishment in mud".

    Ann D

    Of course, railroads will have a real resurgence as will shipping, as they are the most efficient of moving large quantities of stuff, including people. Yes, the R's have been trying to destroy the RR's since Reagan. Fortunately for everyone, they haven't totally succeeded. Unfortunately, there is a lot of infrastructure repair and building to be done to accomodate high speed trains.

    In terms of peak oil, the best and highest use of remaining oil is developing the infrastructure we will need to adapt to an oil-less world.


    My alternative energy is a humane vegetarian diet that powers my own two feet. Mankind is the only known species in the entire universe (unless you believe in UFOs) that needs help getting around.
    I think it a sign that we truly are not the smartest but the weakest of all.


    Posted by: Michael J Ahles

    You have just described the bucolic existence of a cow - it keeps walking to the next grass patch. Hence the phrase, "'ll be waiting 'till the cows come home..." which is what you'd like everyone else to be doing, right?

    How do you want your veggies to be delivered to your elitist neighborhood...?

    My alternative energy is a humane vegetarian diet that powers my own two feet. Mankind is the only known species in the entire universe (unless you believe in UFOs) that needs help getting around.
    I think it a sign that we truly are not the smartest but the weakest of all.


    Doug wrote, in part, "We can't keep thinking in terms of building more efficient cars and trucks, we need to be thinking in terms of how to do without them and how to replace the most essential services they provide."

    Uh, I believe the past is prologue - that form of transportation was the RIALROAD. Under Bush, the sheikhs he kisses and holds hands with launched a PR campaign to PLOW UNDER THE RAILROADS. Fortunately, no one microwaved the people who just said "no" to that bit of FUNDED insanity...

    There is very little in the way of REAL scienc in all these forum posts and that is SUPREMELY was the ONE THING that remained in REAL service to HUMAN BEINGS.

    All we have being trained by "corporate" philosophy ("education") are a bunch of OCD wonks who can imagine what a great life they are going to have with a job that allows them to suck out people's blood, analyze the "genetic" content of it and then pass along psychobabble-rich "judgement" on to Human Resources about who to hire to properly execute institutional hatred and revenge against "we the stupid"...

    Yes, new oil fields are being discovered. Those who discover them have an incentive to call them "huge", but the fact is the total discoveries over the last decade have been less than total extraction. The fossil fuels were all laid down millions of years ago (much of it when the elemental oxygen content of the atmosphere was near zero, not good for mammals like us or other animals either).
    Antarctic ice studies show that the CO2 content of the atmosphere is higher than it has been in the last 800,000 years (no data before that), and until the Industrial Revolution only once came close to 300 ppm. That was before homo sapiens evolved.
    Energy conservation can reduce electric power consumption. California (with economic incentives to conserve power) has had it's per capita use stay almost stable over the last couple of decades, while the rest of the US has seen a significant increase. Implementing similar policies elsewhere would lead to removing that increase.
    "How are you working to promote alternative sources of energy in your home, community, and the nation?" Almost all the lamp bulbs in our house are CFL or other fluorescent lights. I am eagerly awaiting solid state lamps, with even better life, and no Hg at all (the amount in CFLs is usually exagerated, but not zero). And just a week shy of a year ago, we installed a set of Solar-Voltaic panels ($17,000 after State rebate, still need to calculate Federal rebate), which have generated (as of today) 71% of our electric usage. Because generation is mainly in peak usage times, our usage bill has been over 90% reduced. And it only occupies about 18% of our roof. We can build up similar systems until the majority of our electricity is generated in this way, and then start converting hydro-electric plants to pumped-storage systems, where excess electricity generated (during the day for solar systems, when windy for wind power, during tidal flows or strong waves, whatever) is used to pump water up from a lower reservoir to an upper one, and when extra energy is needed, the water flows back through normal hydro turbine-generators as needed. The overall efficiency of such a system (over 50 years ago) was better than 87%. Environmental damage can be reduced by siting such systems in side valleys, rather than in the main flow, as most are now. The basic equipment can probably be used backward, though there might be efficiency advantages to separating the motor-pump and turbine-generator units. Such pumped-storage systems have been used to handle peak-off-peak loads for nuclear power stations in California (DiabloCanyon-Helms) and in Wales (Trawsfynnydd, now decommissioned, and Ffestiniog), and probably elsewhere. The pumped-storage plants will long outlast the nuclear plants!.
    And we need to start yesterday.

    To whom it may concern...
    We are between the rock and the hard place. The Republicants will not do anything and the Democrats do not have the courage to use their mandate to fix the problems.
    People depend on their superior intelligence to survive. It has become self-evident that we no longer have the intelligence to do what is necessary to survive.
    O' well, maybe the cockroaches will do a better job.
    And we think mother nature is not intelligent?
    Guess again!

    Instead of "Bill Moyers Journal", this should be called "Three people sitting around talking nonsense". On this particular subject, energy, these folks haven't got a clue. Government policies have kept the search, production and delivery of energy lower than it could and should be. We are sitting on an almost unlimited amount of energy. Then there is the myth of "man made climate change". Where do you get these people?

    How buys all the cheap product that China is producing?

    It is America. So the blame of industrialization of China only happen to bypass Kyoto Protocol. Yet know America blames China and India. Too bad you don't want carbon tax on cost of goods produced.
    Oh ya, you want jobs too. ha ha ha.

    I watched the program and have now read the comments in amazement at how little knowledge there is about peak oil/energy/resources. Everyone still seems to accept the current paradigm of how we live and use energy as a given. That paradigm must radically change. Projections I have seen show that, even if we embark on a wholesale program of alternative energy production, we cannot keep up with the imminent shortages of fossil fuel energy. Our only hope in the short term (decades) is massive conservation.

    Matt Simmons, one of the leading authorities on the subject, recently commented on the uproar last year when gas reached $4/gal, saying that gas would have have to be $10 just to maintain infrastructure and explore for more oil to keep up with current production for the near term future.

    The first casualty to peak oil will be our transportation system. The amount of oil devoted to fuel, road building and maintenance and construction of vehicles is huge. We can't keep thinking in terms of building more efficient cars and trucks, we need to be thinking in terms of how to do without them and how to replace the most essential services they provide. The longer we cling to our antiquated energy system, the more harsh the adjustments will be.

    The following sites have a lot of good information:

    We can't hope to deal rationally with the problem until we understand the complexities of the subject and the degree to which our lifestyles are built on cheap oil.

    "Does America need to wean itself off fossil fuels? If so, what energy source(s) should replace them?"

    Americans, and everyone else in the world, will be weaned from excess consumption of all energy sources, including fossil fuels. There is not enough energy available in usable forms to replace fossil fuels and continue unbridled economic growth and consumption at present rates.

    "How are you working to promote alternative sources of energy in your home, community, and the nation?"

    My wife and I live within walking and bicycling distance from work and markets. We use 75-80 kilowatt hours of electricity per month and 6-9 therms of natural gas. Our 800 square foot mobile home is largely passive solar heated with a small wood stove for backup. We drive a car less than 1,000 miles per year. We are members and proponents of community organizations seeking alternatives to consumerist lifestyles, centralized government and corporate capitalism.

    Energy, as posed by authors Johnson and Vittle and just about everybody else, is rendered by a standard cultural meme, regarding the use of power in the form of electricity. Even our most progressive thinkers pander to the statistics generated by whom or where, I don’t know, that American society needs to use as much as it now uses and will need to use X percent more by the year Y. All of these numbers are hefty sums and seem to go unquestioned by just about everybody I ever read or otherwise encounter. Johnson and Vittle are not in line with the best energy policy unless they promote the need to shift over to the demand side for meeting our carbon reduction and prudent capital outlay requirements.

    The whole country was built for cheap abundant energy. Its culture is totally saturated by the same. Now, electricity demand strategy is determined by the marketing whizzes in Walmart and Best Buy and by their engineering counterparts in Asia.

    In China during this century, public policy will be set by larger collective public and global needs, as opposed to the U.S., where new public policy concerning the demand for electricity is a feeble pull by a few weakly powered people in the private and public sector. If they have the will and wisdom to control corruption, China will achieve a fraction of power consumption per capita per amenity than in the U.S. and China will benefit in overall public well being from this ability.

    The U.S. will wallow in its absurdly energy inefficient economy, as the economic weight of this waste grinds down what was once the world’s most powerful economy.

    Very few, including Johnson and Vittle, can imagine a different electricity meme. Until we change the meme, we will pay proportionately more, and more and more for the inability to see out beyond the pervasive normal.

    The new meme can be as simple as “NO HUMAN – ZERO POWER,” meaning, when all of the sensors detect no human is present, the stand-by power is off, the street lights are off, the room temperature automatically falls, the computers go to sleep, if the device battery is charged, the gizmo power cube disconnects, etc.

    On the other hand, if Walmart and GE don’t promote it in Congress, it probably isn’t going to happen. After all money is equal to speech rights and more money is equal to more speech rights. Free speech is not a quality of our democracy, it is a quantity of political power through money. Our highest court is enamored by and has guaranteed corruption in our system. Who would listen to me?

    Who wants to put up a few million two-penny sensors when GE can lobby for the supply side for a new nuclear power plant or AC generators, or wind turbines? Does China have a problem like this? I sooner see China putting up the sensors, because common wisdom for the common good has a better chance to trump the power of raw money over there when it regards macro economic and social policy. How could they bungle energy policy worse than we have bungled health care policy over here?

    Will corporate statism or single political party statism yield a more responsible public policy for both countrymen and to all global citizenry? We can watch demand side energy efficiency as the canary in the coal mine. Only our planet’s biosphere is at stake. We will see, as time passes. Maybe we all will fail.

    In America cap and trade is an anathema. It will be seen as socialist or taxing increasing costs for consumers and attacking specific states and the fossile fuel energy sources America still has in plenty like coal, gas and to degree oil ex Alaska and Canada.
    I believe the only way is to do legisaltion separately by industry which says as examples:-
    1) Mr. Electricity industry, we'll ( govenment) give you grants /tax breaks to make the grid efficient, and reduce your dependence on oil and Coal fired power stations provided those options reduce carbon emissions.
    2) Mr oil giants we'll do the same for you ( grants and tax breaks if you select an alternative energy Option wind, solar, nuclear grants and tax breaks.
    3) Coal industry, you can put up the price as long as you invest 75% of the additional profit in to clean coal technology or carbon capture from burning your fuel
    4) Give tax breaks to capital investment by the Car industry into Eco friendly cars and increase the Taxes at purchase time on non eco friendly cars.
    Each is intended to be self financing in that what the government gives it takes back by the companies having to invest in viable future alternative energy and meeting carbon emission standards.

    Karl Hoff wrote, in part, "Many of the main answers to how to solve these now nearly unsolvable problem we now face are in our past."

    True, but there is always room for improvement :-) Making it look pretty (beauty) has never entered the equation, yet..."simplicity is the soul of both wit and art..."

    But you're speaking from a culture base of knowledge that was nurtured by and actually LIVED in a civilization smart enought to have wrought out sustainable wealth...

    The barbarians at the gate...? They have no idea what they are doing...

    It's ABSURD to start letting delusional barbarians believe that they can use "LAW" to shut you up, Karl, isn't it?

    Yes, "animals" can cut and paste "ideas" on the internet :-)

    as far a i am concerned your guests may as well be discussing two crime mafia families.
    Most of America is seeing the major parities as such.You civilized discourse is merely a white wash for the Bastards in Washington.

    as far a i am concerned your guests may as well be discussing two crime mafia families.
    Most of America is seeing the major parities as such.You civilized discourse is merely a white wash for the Bastards in Washington.

    One point that seems to be missing is that energy is never used up, only increased on our planet. I have been talking about global warming long before the CO2 debate. Even though energy must be present to produce energy that we can use even in plants and animals, it is not used in the process. If you heat a rock, when it cools all of the energy that was used to heat it leaves. If you heat a steam boiler with the Sun, the same happens. If you use the steam to turn a steam engine....that is new energy. Also if water moisture forms clouds and rains on top of a mountain and you use the water flowing down to power a water wheel, that power also adds to the over all energy on Earth if you use it to power a generator and the electric to power a heater. That process will add to global warming. Digging up stored fossil was never a good idea that in time we will come to understand. Many of the main answers to how to solve these now nearly unsolvable problem we now face are in our past. The cave man realized that the earth always produced not only heat when cold, but cool when hot. When I lived in Arizona I built a very rare cellar in that area. At the record breaking 122 degrees it was in the low 80s. when it went down in the 20s, it was in the 50s. I used only a fan and an 800 watt heater with a less than $20 electric bill one month. If we did the sensible thing and build underground, We would use little to no energy, but would avoid tornados, earthquakes, plane crashes, fire that could destroy our homes, as well as making them cheaper, last far longer and harder to break into. A root cellar works extremely well to cool most vegetables and relatively cheap to build and cost nothing to run. Being a futurist, I see that if we were to tap into the power that people waste exercising by having all the machines that they use in the gym because they no longer do much with shovels and other hand tools. Have the gyms connect the machines to generators and produce energy. Or maybe get into shape doing it by hand again.

    Well, you finally did Moyers, you did a show on Peak Ol without having to utter those dreaded 2 words.

    Sure, there are some 'partial' alternatives, but most are not cheap and none of the alternatives are a seamless exchange for crude. Solar and wind are good supplemental power sources, but crappy uninterrupted power sources for the most part. With wind there are transmission problem when the high wind areas that generate the wind power are long distances from the areas that need the electric.

    Let me tell you how an all solar powered house works. In the NE US you need 400% more solar capacity than the high sun states out west for one thing. The deep cell battery banks may cost you $5000 to $10,000 or more and have to be replaced every 4 or 6 years. If you get 10 years from a true sine wave inverter that cost $1500 to $3500 your lucky.

    When you get up in the morning and want to make waffles you look at the forecast for sun. If it is not going to be sunny that day then waffles are out and make pancakes. your batteries would be discharged too much with running the waffle iron. Forced air heat and air condition is out 100%

    Same with electric ranges, dryers, water heaters, etc...all are out with off the grid solar systems. If it is cloudy for days on end you pull out the gas generator and recharge your battery bank just like a submarine does. Then every 20 years or so the whole system has to be replaced costing $40,000 to $70,000 or more.

    Now, a survivalist may be very thankful for this type of life. But the average American would not be so happy. I'm not telling you this to discourage you from going solar or partial solar just bringing the dreamers down to earth.

    When the cornucopians can pave roads and make roofing shingles out of corn instead of asphalt. When they can fly jets on 100% algae oil, make tires out of sewage sludge instead of crude...maybe their time will have arrived.

    Sure we can do much better with renewables. Everyone in the US of A can make use of solar, but do not be under the delusion that everyone can switch to solar and we can shut off the rest of the US's energy grid that is generated by fossil fuels.

    But if solar and wind is all you got it is better than living in the stone-age.

    In the US, 93.2% of our electric comes from non renewable, greenhouse gas producing methods.

    If we are looking to hydroelectric and renewable sources, 4.46% of our electric comes from hydroelectric and 2.34% comes from renewable energy production.

    Out of this 2.34% of renewable sources, an undisclosed portion still contributes to global warming despite its prestige of being a 'renewable energy source' as it involves the burning of wood, black liquor, wood waste, municipal solid waste, landfill gas, sludge waste, tires, agriculture byproducts and biomass.

    Only a fraction of the 2.34% of renewable electric energy that is produced comes from geothermal, solar thermal, photovoltaic energy, and wind.

    We have built a society that demands power 24/7. If there were outages we would have a real mess in the markets with all that stuff spoiling. And industry can't shut down to wait for the sun to shine or the wind to blow.

    Of course if we lower our expectations of how we 'must live' then almost anything is possible. And who knows, maybe the cornucopians day will arrive someday to save us all?

    But as a realist and survivalist I can only work with 'what is' in the present. I'm not poo-poo'ing solar and wind. They are great areas to work with. Just realize they are not seamless and fungible alternatives to fossil fuel and nuke power generation.

    (BTW, peak uranium is an issue to as well as we get most of our uranium from foreign sources.)

    Sorry Stephen, but there is more oil in Alaska that the US capped in the 70's than all of the middle east. And why are we letting 10,000 Haitians die each day, while crates of food and water sit at the airfield?
    OIL!!!! Google or Bing it, "Haiti&Oil"

    @Bill in OKC

    Do you really believe what the Saudi prince has to say about oil reserves? If you do some real investigation other than watching TV, you'll find many facts to the contrary.

    There may be a lot of oil left, but we have taken most of the easy stuff (sweet light crude) and what we're looking at now is oil from sources that are far more expensive to access and produce than anything we've done before. In conjunction with the increasing demand, oil/gas prices will skyrocket soon...if you can even get it, and you will wish you could only pay $5 a gallon for gas! Believe it!!

    Any economic discussion has to be tempered by TARP, which would have funded all energy needs, refinanced all homes, given everyone a GM car, fed the world and preserved all jobs for the middle class! Just an example of who has the real power.

    Bill Griffin,

    You might not be right about the facts.

    Saudi Arabia might not have anywhere near that much oil, and even if they did it would be good not to be dependent on it.

    There are no fast cheap windmills. It seems that all projects have required massive public subsidies to motivate the business investment.

    We might have a few decades of natural gas at the present rate of usage, maybe more, maybe less. Big increases in usage will force some serious thinking.

    NRG Energy owns nuclear power plants, a lot natural gas power plants, and coal systems. Even though there is much reserve natural gas capacity, 91% of actual electric power produced in 2008 came from coal facilities.

    AJ Averett, Here we go with the number game. Obviously the source cost is zero for sunlight, but the capital expenditure, cost of money, depreciation, maintenance, casualty insurance and so on are the costs we know about in an industrial world.

    RN Perkins,

    Your concept is good if it separates hydrogen and oxygen from water. Apparently, an affordable version of this is insufficient to power an automobile, so the systems on the list involve natural gas. Thus, the separation breaks down the CH4 molecule leaving carbon which seems to get combined with oxygen in the process. And thereby, the process gets nowhere as far as not making CO2. You might as well just use coal to make electricity and use that.

    I would be interested in the water break down system if it could produce about 24 kWhrs out of the ultimate rotating device per day. But that would only work with my car concept, where 16 hp for two hours average each day would make things work out.

    You would have to produce ten times as much to drive a modest sized Detroit car for two hours a day.

    Jean Johnson spoke well in discussing how innovation using things we know, can "work the problem." Unfortunately, the eye of the beholder tends to limit the list of the things we know to the things that are currently being promoted and funded.

    Quantitative reality shows that the accepted list will be a serious burden on a society that has fallen out of the industrial world. That of course is not a widely acknowledged fact, but when we started talking about our economy being a 'service economy' we should have started worrying. And now when the solution to our economic problem is mostly being worked out in the financial world, with a little going to jacking up an ineffective auto industry.

    Yes, 'jacking up' is what we should call our pretense at innovation that is stuffing batteries and electric motors in the silly four wheeled boxes that is the limit of what we can perceive as a possibility. 'Jacking up' is what you do to fix something that has failed, and if you don't get the thing fixed right, it will fall hard.

    From what I see, we are indeed not a part of the industrial world. Every day, more and more we cede that role to China.

    Innovation might be more like what I suggest at (Those who look tend to be shocked, but the injury is not permanent, and you will not be asked to buy anything.) Clearly, this sort of thing is beyond comprehension. Even though these suggestions are affordable applications of things we know about, they do not get on the list to "work the problem."

    The indisputable fact is that in less than an hour, the Earth receives from the Sun more energy than the entire human race consumes in a year; to that add energy harnessed from wind and geothermal (to name the largest three 'renewable' sources) and the solution to our energy future and the growing environmental crisis - as well as concomitant national security concerns - are literally over our heads, under our feet and all around us. Distributed generation feeding a long overdue renovated and enhanced grid will take us - and the world - as far into the future as we inhabit this planet. The source-cost of this energy? Zero.

    Warning! NOW on PBS showed us that the Coal Plants may win out by using the powerlines paid for under plan of the building Wind Farms! Also, it's not the C02 that makes the air brown or pollutes with heavy metals! Coal plants now supply the power for electric cars, when solar powered hyrodgen separators should. Be careful not to be lead astray by the Banksters who play the left against the right and win $$$ in the end!!!

    CS, Since your planned generator produces hydrogen as well as other more useable things I would be suspicious of how meaningful that system is as a CO2 reducing system. I would also question the future of hydrogen as a way of powering cars. Hydrogen turns out to be an energy carrier that has to be produced by consuming fuel. And electricity is also an energy carrier that has the same problem whether it is produced at your house or at a central power plant.

    However, I think you are on the right track to be thinking about home based electricity generation. That is something we know about as a real piece in the puzzle that will work in the future.

    We are stuck with a system of central electric power plants located away from population centers so that heat that is thrown away does not bother people much. Distributed electric generating systems using natural gas can be set up to use the heat that has to be discharged from a heat engine, where using that heat would be in a household where it has a variety of real uses. Doing this would displace the natural gas now used for making household heat.

    The central power plant made possible by Tesla and Westinghouse set us on a course of industrial progress, but by doing it their way we also set ourselves on a course to what could be a massive disaster.

    Combined heat and power is not a new concept. It is something we know how to do. The imminent mistake today is the so called 'smart grid.' This will have minimal benefits as far as improving transmission efficiency while having a long term entrapping effect of perpetuating the central power plant system. Here is where numbers count. Electric distribution now causes a 7% to 9% energy loss. Electric power plants now mostly suffer a 70% energy loss. The 'smart grid' might trim 2% from the power line loss, while setting into ever more permanent stone the wastefulness of our power generating structure.

    If this is not convincing, think of the possibility of mine mouth power plants where coal is not transported but electricity is. Yes, the 'smart grid' will make this possible, just as it would make possible wind farms far away. Guess how the economic reality will sort this out.

    paul sentner
    Pittsburgh PA

    The fact is Paul, the last Nuclear power planrt we built is just 40 miles south of me here in Texas and that plant was completed in the 1980s. We shut our nuclear industry down almost 30 years ago and the expertise and financial support to pursue these new technologies hasn't existed in several years. India is decades ahead of us in the development of Thorium reactors you spoke about, a technology that holds the promise of safe, reliable, abundant, and clean technology to support the future power requirements that these folks are talking about. The problem is a segment of the environmental movement that continues to raise the spector of the nuclear boogie man from 60 years ago to promote the ongoing use of dirty, expensive, and costly carbon based fuels for the same lobby that we have been fighting against for over half a century. It explains in large part the push for wind and solar technologies that are only supplemental sources of power at best and they definitely lack the stand alone future requirement to support a growing planet with increased requirements for power. We must join the countries of Asia in their cooperative efforts to embrace nuclear power for the future or pay the price of a steady reduction in our standard of living in years to come !

    Excellent conversation on energy but showing movie clips does not solve energy dependence. I challenge your expert speakers to review last years campaign rhetoric of "Drill Baby Drill", and the actions of the Energy Sector the past four quarters. Courtesy of the Wall Street Journal's free Annual Reports Service, I have received the Corporate Reports of Energy Provider and Energy Service Corporations. The common thread across the entire sector, besides having opertions offshore (tax purposes) is that they ALL recognize the difficult economic times and have adjusted operations to compensate mainly by scaling back explorations, expansion, and all expenditures, including taking refineries off line for maintenance. Each corporation assures that when conditions improve, operations will return to expanded levels.

    Thus as I watch gas prices creep up and hear media companies report that production problems are limiting supply, or there is more demand over the holidays, I say the Oil companies are in control.

    Channeling my anger, I research alternative fuel vehicles to say goodbye to oil companies. Alas one model is found, produced by Honda. As I apply for financing at my local bank offering "green loans" for alternative fuel vehicles, the refuse because that model is not in national production. Once again I know the auto industry is in control.

    Finally, as I look to replace my 15 yr old heat pump in my home with a super effecient Home Generation Station that provides electricity, hot water, hydrogen for the alternate fuel vehicle, AND clean power to sell back to my utility company, I realize the only tax incentives are for installing a slightly more effecient version of the same electric heat pump I have now. I know the power companies are in control. Financing thru a Home Equity Loan is an epic rant best left for another Moyers episode covering the true causes of the Economic Crisis. Has everyone forgotten the $4.50+ gas prices and what effect it had on "Main Street" household budgets?

    The Oil, Auto, and Utility companies are all involved in trading on the stock market, thus have relationships with Wall Street Finance. Please have an expert commentator "connect the dots" and offer simple, concrete solutions to breaking the cycle of entreched Oligarchy.


    Future Honda Home Generation Station Owner
    Future Honda Clarity Driver

    Only if I can get Financing!

    I do not support nuclear power generation as it is today --BUT how about a discussion about Thorium -- "...the supersafe, green and clean, massively abundant.." (and apparently potentially less costly to the consumer) fuel to replace uranium in power plants?

    See "The New Nuke" p.114 in WIRED magazine Jan. 2010

    Forget about same old same old oil drilling, and coal, and let's get into this new matter before everyone else does, and we end up buying power from them.

    paul sentner
    Pittsburgh PA

    As much as I agree with the guests on what we could do if ... I am pessimistic given Americans proclivity since the 60's for the quick fix, the do the one shot big solution to allow them to get on with their sitcoms, pcs, Web surfing, home/sports entertainment centers, Ipods, etc. What can we make of analysts who say disparagingly that a wind power project will result in "only a 4.3% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions" as if this incremental achievement as part of multi-prong approach is not worth pursuing?

    Prince of Saudi Arabia on Charlie Rose THURS 21 Jan 2010 stated his country has 100 years of oil available.

    We have untapped decades of oil. Therefore these discussions are rather wasteful.

    Seems no one knows any facts. I may have to stop watching if you don't start calling these people (guests) on their misstatements.

    The ability to use alternative resources is shown overseas. But the USA is not likely to convert when it is easier to stay with making the oil companies richer.

    It is easier and faster (two to four weeks) to put up a windmill. And a lot cheaper than drilling a well.

    So many misinformed guests on your show tonight.

    Most of the time you have intelligent, well read, and quality guests.

    Bill in OKC

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