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Reforming Health Reform?

(Photos by Robin Holland)

This week, Bill Moyers spoke with journalist John Nichols and women's advocate Terry O'Neill about the health reform President Obama signed into law on Tuesday.

Nichols said that the reform in and of itself is not sufficient, but that it's an important foundation and that activists must now demand further improvements to the nation's health system:

"For a hundred years we tried to create a project. We tried to take this vacant site and dig a hole, put in a foundation, and start some construction. That's what's happened. The fact of the matter is it's best to understand the health care legislation that was passed on Sunday as the beginning of a construction project, and that's why some people fought so hard against it, because they understood [that] once you begin that project, it is very unlikely that we're going to fill the hole in, tear down all the construction... Compromises are always made, and the most important thing is that we're here today screamin' and yellin' about it... The objections that we raise to this health care bill, the demands that we make that it be improved, that we in fact reform the reform - that's what's going to give us a health care system that is humane, that is decent, that is worthy of the United States... Barack Obama is a cautious president. It is time to go out and make him do the things that need to be done. That's an organizing task, and people are ready."

O'Neill said that the health reforms discriminate against women by, for instance, allowing insurers to charge them more for policies and not providing tax dollars to cover abortions, but that the new laws change the conversation and set the stage for an eventual shift to a single-payer system.

"My organization looked at the entire bill at the end of the day when it was passed, and we concluded that on balance, despite the good things that are in the bill, the bill is actually bad for women... What's best about this law, really, is the concept of it. The actual provisions of it are not good, but the concept that in fact the federal government has the largest role to play, the idea that we as an entire society must have health care for all of our people has not been implemented, but the concept is in the bill... We've been told over and over again that gender rating is gone, but it's not. [For] employers with more than 100 employees who buy into a plan on an exchange, the insurance companies will be permitted to charge higher premiums, up to 50% higher for women than for men just because they're women... [And] age rating - the triple premiums being paid by older people has a disproportionate impact on women... It's so crucial that we undo this pernicious idea that somehow federal tax dollars should not be used to pay for abortion. They must be used to pay for all health care needs, including abortion, because eventually where we need to get to is a single-payer system."

While Nichols and O'Neill both believe that President Obama's health reform laws provide an important first step towards a more equitable health system, others argue that they represent a troubling expansion of unchecked government power. Columnist A. Barton Hinkle wrote in the RICHMOND TIMES-DISPATCH that the reforms centralize too much power in the federal government with no mechanism to prevent intrusion into citizens' private lives:

"The increased federal involvement in health care will become a pretext for increased federal involvement in, well, everything. The reasoning will be that individual health affects health care, which is now a federal enterprise. And everything can be said, with more or less sophistry, to affect individual health. So 'managing' the 'system' will become the all-purpose excuse for dictating the manner in which you live your life... Throughout the Bush years, progressives howled as the administration exploited a national-security crisis to expand executive power, while conservatives egged the administration on. Yet neither paused long to note that Bush did not even try to roll back expansions of federal power undertaken in the name of social policy... Obama has also pushed relentlessly for expansions of social welfare and the regulatory state. Every administration expands power where it wishes, but no authority is ever repealed. And so the ratchet tightens."

What do you think?

  • Are you pleased that the health reform bill has been signed into law? Why or why not?

  • John Nichols said that health reform lacked compassion for immigrants, while O'Neill said that it should have paid for abortions. Do you agree? What else would you have included or excluded from the legislation?

  • How are you working to 'reform the reform?'

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    I think that we should pull back are troops from the war in Afganistan.

    I think that we should pull back are troops from the war in Afganistan.

    I agree there should be compresensive health-care reform, with bi-partisan support. I disagree with the sloppy job Congress did, as well as certain items in the bill that have nothing to do with health-care.

    I agree with proposals from both sides, such as:
    - Ending insurace company abuses, such as dropping coverage when people get sick, and denying coverage for people with pre-existing conditions.

    - Investigating and weeding out medicare and medicaid fraud... as well as investigating and weeding out the bogus medical mal-practice suits.

    As for a public option... I agree with having Medicare For All, for those who can't afford health insurace.

    Bill Moyers is a prime example of what quality, relevant, meaningful, and ground-breaking journalism ought to be. I wish he could keep his show on the air a little while longer.

    Agree. Are we getting too much in debt? Wondering how can we still competitive in the global market, if this keeps going on. Great comments by the way.

    Posted by: Schiphol aankomsttijden

    Posted By David Eddy
    Our problem is not too much debt; it is lack of funds to support a quality social system.
    The top five billionth of one percent of the population control most of the available money. They have gobbled up most of the nations available funds. It is classic financial monopoly end game. There is one winner and everyone else loses.
    We need a new system of economics that provides equity and justice for all of the nation's people.
    Our government is intended to maintain equity and justice not kowtow to vested interests. Without government intervention, we will all be slaves to the few rich and powerful.

    Axiom: the law of functional reality is intended to create order from chaos.

    Agree. Are we getting too much in debt? Wondering how can we still competitive in the global market, if this keeps going on. Great comments by the way.

    Thank God we have a poser in chief who is not constitutionally qualified to sign any of this into law. Congress is not able to pass any new laws because they are not able to acquire the signature of a bona fide President, rendering all such legislation legally VOID;
    Obama cannot legally sign any law, including the present health care debacle! It takes more than the signature of an illegal alien to make a law lawful.

    I feel that the health bill is not solution to the most important problem that we face in the USA: why is health care is so expensive? As a citizen what I see is high premiums and inefficient service. The health bill will reform neither. I also blame the democrats for allowing trial lawyers to get away with no changes in malpractice.

    I am already missing Bill Moyers Journal and wish this month wouldn't end. He is by far the best interviewer this viewer has ever seen. I wish he had a clone. This program (as were all the others and I haven't missed a one) was so interesting, thought-provoking and enlightening. We so need programs like this one. I am going to miss "Now" terribly as well.

    Wow is it HOT OUT THERE! This is exciting! My attitude about the Health Care Bill: It scares the bloody heck out of me!
    The main reason: The IRS will be the main strong arm agency to "manage, enforce and control us". They can enter into our homes at any time, look through our cupboards and refrigerator and then penalize us for whatever they find. They can raise our taxes and our health care payments. They don't even need a warrent for this! They will have the full authority to do this!
    Another point why I'm against this bill: We will all have to get a primary doctor that is certified by the government. If he feels that we are "depressed" from all of this, or "may become depressed from all of this", he will prescribe and ANTI-DEPRESSANT, that we have to take, whether we like it or not - or else be penalized and fined...etc. I believe in Natural Remedies - so, where does that leave me? I became very ill, and dropped down to 92 pounds, scared spitless, went to doctors and they said here is a pill, if that doesn't work we will give you another to counter the effects of the first pill!
    We can always operate, you know! Well, I went to a Homeopathic doctor and she said: Don't be afraid, I'l help you. She saved my life! It was a Gall Bladder infection. Took a Gall Bladder Formula with herbs and vitamins and was completely out of pain and healed! Gained weight and lived to tell about it!
    So now what? By law I will be illegal because I went to a "different, unrecognized doctor".
    You see the point: we will not have a choice! What I did cost very little money, compared to all of the other drugs.
    It is The Pharma Industry that will be making out like bandits.
    It really was the Health Insurance Companies that wrote the bill.
    I read Kevin Trudeaus's book, and it would scare anyone more than Holloween! Well, next to The Physician's Desk Book on Pharmaceuticals!
    Then there is page 158 in the Health Bill: a family of four will be charged $2,250.00 per month for not getting insurance.
    That's right "per month"! I don't mind getting health insurance - it's good , until you get sick or are in an accident - then they hem and haw and cncel you! So sorry!
    It goes on and on!
    We will be at the hands of the government and the IRS. I read The Gulag Archepelago - Russia at it's worst, communism at it's best - and it was frightening! We don't need it! We don't deserve it! Our veterans fought and are fighting for our fantastic Democracy (should be Republic), and so, why should we let them down by giving in?
    Here is a SOLUTION: To have a Health Care Bill that would help us STAY HEALTHY! One that would take out ASPARTAME, SPLENDA, and GENETICALLY MODIFIED FOOD out of our diet! Also that we would have a choice: to be able to go to a Regular Doctor, or a Homeopathic Doctor. That we would be able to eat Organic Foods, take vitamins, minerals, herbs, teas - WHATEVER to keep us healthy!
    It sure would save on the cost of medication, operations, and hospital bills.
    Look at the economics! Look at our freedom of choice!
    Be Healthy! Try to Stay Happy - that's the best medicine!
    Man that felt good to say, Thank you!

    I live in a state where a person is fined if you don't have auto insurance for your vehicle! If you get caught without auto insurance you risk losing your car to the City pound because they tow your car away! Then you can't afford to get your car out of city pound nor can you afford the auto insurance-in our state our government enforces auto insurance. So for those of you against healthcare reform and claiming that we don't need more government maybe you all should come to my state (TEXAS) and ask the many uninsured working class families if having auto insurance is more important than having health coverage.

    That isn't what I said and you know it, billy bob. Recap.

    "The republicans and libertarians are lunatics who don't want to pay for the health and education of children and grandchildren, and who aggressively fight against removing children who are trapped with abusive parents."


    "You ignore the ultra conservative programs that are and have been working to make state agencies afraid to remove kids from homes where abuse is a family value and has been handed down for generations. You expect the kids to pull themselves up by the bootstraps after you basically cut the bootstraps off before the kid ever took possession of the boots. And while you're doing that, you can't even see that what you're doing or allowing to be done in the name of your religious and moral beliefs to the already born is about as anti-christian as anyone can get. I've said it before. Take care of the needs of the children who exist and then we'll talk about abortion."

    The Impudent Tyranny of Sen. Harry Reid!!!!
    Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada is proving once again the maxim that darkness hates the light. Buried in his massive amendment to the Senate version of Obamacare is Reid's anti-democratic poison pill designed to prevent any future Congress from repealing the central feature of this monstrous legislation!
    Beginning on page 1,000 of the measure, Section 3403 reads in part: ". It shall not be in order in the Senate or the House of Representatives to consider any bill, resolution, amendment or conference report that would repeal or otherwise change this subsection."

    In other words, if President Barack Obama signs this measure into law, no future Senate or House will be able to change a single word of Section 3403, regardless whether future Americans or their representatives in Congress wish otherwise!!

    jan says abortion answer to child abuse-mar 28 6:28pm.
    Big Brother could take children away from loser parents & then what too do? For how long? Are abusive parents permitted to rehabilitate & recover their children?

    Seriously, how do you propose identifying abusive parents, does just 1 parent qualify removing child, what will be done with children & for how long, YOUR anger may hightlight a real issue, BUT Hillary's Village to raise kids was put down years ago & she lost her bid for president to Ted Kennedy's Health Care Plan that Obama sold his soul for.
    Where is your answer for these obvious problems--Big Brother?

    Stacey mar 27 10:52am
    1 in 3 women have abortions? That must mean some have 12 abortions a year for 12 years! When liars figure, figures lie!

    Billy Bob Florida

    Mark G. wrote, in part, "An overwhelming number of self serving people have managed to gain control of the health industry as a tool for personal gain instead of the treatment and management of health of the general population. Since it's all about money, it's become apparent that the profiteering motive will have to be removed from the health industry."

    Actually, what is already happening is tens of thousands of deaths from the INCOMPETANCE of such an overwhelming number of people in it just for the money - from mistakes at hospitals to bad manufacturing to bogus new drugs.

    The few who are "competant" do get paid in serious cash for illegal organ transplants and "special" other care...S. Jobs got himself a new liver pretty quickly after his extreme cancer treatment...and what about Cheney - definitely Darth Vadar in more ways than one...

    The VISION for what the health care of the future will be is DEVOID of

    the POWER to cure.

    It's already the fault of the INDIVIDUAL for not living a "healthy life style" just like it was the fault of the INDIVIDUAL for buying a house.

    Now there's some new jobs to be created, eh? Concoct new data to overturn the SCIENCE that PROVED the connection between environmental pollution and's not the INDIVIDUAL's DNA, it's the environmentally damaged RNA in all living cells in all living plants and animals...

    And I believe that the current regime drunk with the POWER over other's health is going to exhibit genius quality in coughing up crazy data...spokeswoman for Obambi clued the hoi poloi in to the "help" that's coming for those with BABIES on one hand and OLD parents on the other hand...gee, that should be another 168,000 out of 6.6 million - just like that "help" that the mysterious subset derived to produce the smallest number of people by "law" got with their mortgages...

    Let me try the math - 16 when "old" parent has the baby, that baby daughter at 16 has her baby, then that baby at 16 has her baby, then that baby at 16 has her baby...and we are still one year short of the magic 65 that qualifies as "old" for government assistance...but that would be great-Grandma who needs the help...

    Yup, the mysterious subset is starting to make's "cultural"...

    As with all other unscrupulous behavior that has confronted society, great sacrifices will have to be made by all (some more than others) to correct the problem. An overwhelming number of self serving people have managed to gain control of the health industry as a tool for personal gain instead of the treatment and management of health of the general population. Since it's all about money, it's become apparent that the profiteering motive will have to be removed from the health industry. The only way we are ever going to regain control is for everyone in this country to cancel their insurance and boycott the industry. Over the last 40 years it has become quite apparent that neither the medical profession nor the insurance companies are willing to refocus on what should be their primary concern-----the health of the population. If these companies are denied revenue, they will be forced to shut down and maybe it will then be possible to restore the system with personnel who are committed to people and results rather than money. It is unfortunately the same with all other atrocities that are occurring based on an obsession with money. We are going to have to stop feeding the beast until it dies----even if some of us have to die in the process. The unscrupulous will never loosen their grip and congress will never assist it's constituency as long as financial profiteering is a sole objective. I realize that this is an extreme radical solution but there seems to be no rational person in place who can bring these fanatics to their knees. Starving the beast to death seems to be the only way.

    The government failed to connect the dots yet again?

    Do we still have a fourth estate - a FREE PRESS - with the POWER to find the truth about where the "health care" IRS shake-down fines are going to go?

    Can "we" prove that the fines are not a sneaky way to fund perpetual war in the Middle East...?

    The Healthcare Bill that just passed is NOT a cure-all, but it is a step in the direction of fixing what everyone has known is bad about what we had for healthcare before 3/2010.

    Healthcare provided by industry dedicated to ever-increasing profits. They were NOT, nor ever have been, about actually providing healthcare to consumers.

    This bill is finally on the way to regulating the healthcare industry to push in them in the direction of actually providing REAL healthcare to consumers.

    Regulation of business IS a government (local, state, federal) function to protect citizens from the *excesses* of business in the pursuit of profit.

    You and your conservative friends are undermining the security of this nation as well as everyone's quality of life.
    You are aiding our enemies who can hardly wait for us to self-destruct.

    This is not at all "reform" but destruction of a health system. Please disregard "reform." I am so annoyed that people use this word relating to this terrible bill that was passed. This thing will hurt our health system and economy.

    Remember when Tom Delay staffers orchestrated the disruption during the 2000 Florida recount? Remember when the corporate media orchestrated hatred against dissention right after 9/11? Well, today, FoxNews and Dick Armey’s FreedomWorks are orchestrating “Operation neoCondor.” Thanks to our neocon broken economy, our neocon media can now mold and program their neocon teabagging drones. So, do you still think FoxNews is a big joke?

    What was Operation Condor?

    In the 1960s and 1970s, populist, nationalist, and socialist movements emerged throughout the class-stratified nations of Latin America, challenging the entrenched privileges of local oligarchies as well as U.S. political and economic interests. In this context, U.S. national security strategists (who feared "another Cuba") and their Latin American counterparts began to regard large sectors of these societies as potentially or actually subversive. Cold War NationalSecurity Doctrine--a politicized doctrine of internal war and counterrevolution that targeted "internal enemies"--incorporated U.S. and French counterinsurgency concepts and anticommunist ideology. The doctrine gave the militaries a messianic mission: to remake their states and societies and eliminate "subversion." Political and social conflict was viewed through the lens of countersubversive war; the counterinsurgents believed that world communism had infiltrated their societies. During these years, militaries in country after country ousted civilian governments in a series of coups--even in such long-standing democracies as Chile and Uruguay--and installed repressive regimes. The "anticommunist crusade" became a crusade against the principles and institutions of democracy and against progressive and liberal as well as revolutionary forces, and the national security states institutionalized state terrorism.

    You seriously must examine yourselves; for if you are this cold toward humanity; no matter how much you attempt to convince otherwise through your progressive socialism; you are lost; as in the epitome of empty; and are in serious need of salvation. Your socialism will not save you; only Providence can. May you find Him before it is too late.
    Posted by: Jeff W.

    Posted by Dave C.
    You need to rethink your theology. "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you" is about as socialist as you can get. "Others" is the key word and is all inclusive.
    "God sent not his son into the world to condemn the world but that it might be saved" is another socialist concept. "The World" is an inclusive phrase that not only includes all people; it also includes the world that God created.
    We were intended to be our brother’s keeper and the caretakers of earth.
    Instead; we are killing innocent people with preemptive war, allowing torture and condemn people to poverty while claiming to be a Christian nation.
    Christ intended that people have life and that abundant not death and destruction.
    Without progressiveness; there is entropy and everyone suffers. Conservativeness is deceptive and self-serving.
    You are going to find yourself on the wrong side of the river when Christ gathers his Sheep.

    I find it heartbreakingly disturbing that I could bring a live frog to the Journal table and use a scalpel to dissect it in front of the forum there and would receive horrified glares of disgust as if I were a barbarian; yet the same three of you while approving; can so callously talk about human life being dissected the same way. You seriously must examine yourselves; for if you are this cold toward humanity; no matter how much you attempt to convince otherwise through your progressive socialism; you are lost; as in the epitome of empty; and are in serious need of salvation. Your socialism will not save you; only Providence can. May you find Him before it is too late.

    Yes, generally pleased the bill has passed along with the amendments. Including student loans looks to me another form of vote buying in Democratic ranks.
    Ilegal immigrants and Abortion have no place or need to be in this legislation. If they are left out Hyde and Roe versus Wade cover the Abortion matter. Having another Legisaltive stab at it achieves nothing other than making it more complicated.
    Illegal immigrants have broken the law and should be deported en masse! QED no need to provide them Health care or legislate for it. Also there is law on the books that says Emergency health services must be provided to anyone. Me I would even deny that right unless a non US citizen could produce a passport with a valid entry visa the only exception the emergency is life threatening.On recovery automatic deportation. Harsh maybe, but this risk might make some think twice before entering illegally, since as of now they probably get better care than in Mexico etc for free!! It's an indirect tax on all Americans.
    How am I working for reform of reform? Answer Any which way I can to improve it, not repeal it, which should be denounced by the Intelligent media as impractical in reality since Obama during his first term (at least) of Office would Veto same until 2012. Unless anyone thinks Republicans could muster a 2/3rds House and Senate majority?!!

    What NOW could do is promote volunteerism/fundraising for Planned Parenthood so that they can provide free abortions to women who can not afford them. If everyone of us who support a woman's right of her body gave at least $20 per year to Planned Parenthood couldn't they afford to provide this service for free to low income women. There are at least 50 Million pro choice supporters in this country. That would give Planned Parenthood $100 Million dollars per year!! Perhaps it's time we see with new eyes on this issue.

    As an African American woman I am no stranger to the concept of twice as hard/twice as smart. If I hadn't heard it from my mother so many times, my career experience has reaffirmed this to be a reality of being a black person in America. When I hear Terry ONeil talk about all the things Obama MUST do, I feel racism is at work and she doesn't realize it. Liberals, women, and some blacks expect Obama to be a revolutionary. They expect him to do something no president before him was able to do--get progressive legislation passed with a conservative Congress. Within one year we are not asking how we can support the president in helping us. Instead, we are saying you haven't done enough--because you're lucky to have that job, we put you there. The Hyde Amendment has been on the books for 36 YEARS. And yet Obama is supposed to overturn it...and gay marriage...and DADT...and Guatameno...and end discrimination against black people...and bring world peace. We need to manage our expectations of this president, lest we reveal liberal racism and create a martyr.

    It's a great idea to buy into Medicare. Hope congress will be working on it soon.

    They keep telling us that in order to attract "talent" we must pay these CEO's mega bucks. But the so called talent only seems to be talented in criminal activities like fraud and extortion. And they are being allowed, with the help of the pernicious tradition of lobbying, to conspire with our elected representatives to place our economy and all of our lives at risk. Since we are a nation where people are allowed to starve and die in the gutter, unlike other nations that provide all kinds of safety nets for their people, our congress just doesn't care and would sell their children and yours if it meant making bucks for them. We should all be up in arms about the acceptance of lobbying and that most of all this needs reform. Like perhaps a super fund for politicians to run or grants for air time. The last thing they should be allowed to do is place all of our lives at risk to make profits for themselves. I voted for my rep to work for me not for special interests!

    For Terry O'Neill
    I'm a VERY progressive woman who happens to believe that abortion is murder in most cases. I DO NOT WANT MY MONEY USED TO FUND ABORTIONS. Lest you think I have no experience with unwanted pregnancy, I ABSOLUTELY DO! Abortion may be allowed by law, but PLEASE do not make me pay for it. I will continue to write my legislators to legislate against federal money for abortions.

    Statistics that were in consideration in 1994 as evidence in a case FOR "reform"

    included the FACT that in between the Doctor/Practicing Health Care Provider

    were 1000 people sucking off the teat of health "care"


    Their "service"...? Paper shell game - whatever $$$ they got you to BELIVE

    (perception is reality)

    you had to pay them to get through the toll gate of "law" to the stitches your bleeding head needs


    We pay TWICE, or more, for the stitches. And these days, they'll be telling you how to do it yourself - the self-checkout line...

    My mono "cause"? Still the same, I'm consistent :-)

    The DATA about REAL "health" needs collected by FOR PROFIT middle men appartchiks

    is CRAP.

    IMO, this reform "bill" has pushed real science even further down the totem pole.

    A "news" article floating on the web today about breat cancer is over a decade old, does not reference any scientific study, and is written in the 7th grade language that does nothing other than encourage GOSSIP about breast cancer.

    1000 people who could never pass an anatomy class

    in charge of YOUR wallet before YOU can get to the doctor is CRAZY.

    What? Are IRS agents slapping penalties on you going to be brain surgeons now by law...?

    To Jan, you go girl - 40 million PARENTS unemployed, 6.6 million HOMES in foreclosure contribute heavily to the demise of even GOOD, non-abusive single-family Mom-Dad households. Indeed, we do not take care of those already here.

    It's sick.

    How shall I put this, Gloria? You're sitting there counting your self-perceived holiness and moral superiority factors and ignoring the fact that there are children whose parents are abusive, children whose parents neglect them, children whose parents are drug addicts, children who are hungry and who have almost no chance of succeeding right here in the U.S. You ignore the ultra conservative programs that are and have been working to make state agencies afraid to remove kids from homes where abuse is a family value and has been handed down for generations. You expect the kids to pull themselves up by the bootstraps after you basically cut the bootstraps off before the kid ever took possession of the boots. And while you're doing that, you can't even see that what you're doing or allowing to be done in the name of your religious and moral beliefs to the already born is about as anti-christian as anyone can get. I've said it before. Take care of the needs of the children who exist and then we'll talk about abortion.

    Everyone on the left and on the right isn't happy with Obama's health care. Well, it looks like he really found a middle ground. :)

    I just want to say that I oppose everything that you all are saying.I don't understand how decent people can be for abortion,it is murder,I don't blame the women that are being told on everyhand that it is alright.I am a Republican and like all other Rep.'s we are for health care reform,but not the govorment taking over.I think Democrats are going to shocked at the silent majority, that is against this.everybody on my email except 1 person are against this.I love pbs(programs) but definetly not your program.Abortion is no different than the Holocaust.There is nothig said about how the pregnancies come about,(sex)no responsibility.There are many, many, many, people that are against these things that have not & would not write about it.

    Considering the insolvency of all entitlements, unsustainability of debt and degrading employment, it is curious why healthcare is the priority and a crisis.

    With programs already in place to manage those without, it seems reasonable to expand the reaches of medicare for those in need of, and those who provide for, by the institution of a small value added tax, and deregulating the insurance companies for those who are not in need. This would provide competitive reduction in insurance rates while providing for the needy with contributions from all and maintaining the expectations of quality care from our health care providers.

    In my opinion, this should be done and could be well afforded by concentrating like a lasar on the economy in a positive direction. History provides a remarkable example of what I like to call Mellonomics. It would be fuel from an expanding economy and low misery index that would provide the means to upgrade and sustain our social safety nets.

    When all is said and done, when the GIANT FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS run out of Black Hole Schemes to keep the Number Game going, who cares? This Capitalistic Market is only a "Belief System" that can no longer sustain itself now that it has Raped, Drilled, Gouged, Bulldozed, Blasted, Poisoned and Enslaved ALL Life on this very "Generous Planet". What Goes Round, Comes Round, What Goes UP, Must Come Down. "The Law of Relativity" Interesting how those who have had the most, Always Cry the Loudest. You'd think after 200+ years of Invading and Colonizing this Continent of "America" we would open our eyes, ears, minds and Hearts and really question, "Why are we here? And who guarantees that We "Human-Centric" critters will continue to "Roll the Dice". After all this has only been a very involved "Experiment". "The Extreme American Dream", now it's time to WAKE UP.
    Who Really is in Control???

    Loretta Huston

    Prolifers wants to enact a moral law, which is God's job, into human affairs, forcing every other human being to live his/her life based on his/her religious prejudice. Yet every prison in this country is so filled with "God-fearing" criminals who have failed to practice what they preach. What happened to the separation of Church and State or the separation of hate from church?

    In one of my posts from an earlier thread, I had mentioned my skepticism for this healthcare bill. I was worried about it not having a public option; could the mandate filter into the middle class; and what about the 15,000,000 people who will remain without healthcare. Well Thursday while I was channel surfing, I caught Ed Schultz's interview with Senator Wyden of the great state of Oregon. They were talking about my first two concerns:

    BIG EDDIE: Ok, I believe that’s section 13-32 of the senate reconciliation bill that says that the mandate can be turned into an option of what the states want to do. Is that correct? SENATOR WYDEN: That -- that is correct, that’s why I say to these attorney general[s], why don’t you work with us to innovate rather than litigate? They’re always talking about states rights -- we’re empowering the states. The counsel for the senate -- the senate finance committee gave them the freedom.

    BIG EDDIE: Ok so Senator, what you’re saying is technically there is no mandate, the states are going to have to choose to do that?

    SENATOR WYDEN: What the legal council said in response to my question specifically Ed is under this particular state option. If a state can show that they are meeting the minimum requirements in the bill, they do not have to have an individual mandate.

    And I’m telling viewers, particularly progressives around the country, you can go to your state legislature, you can go to your governor, and say under that provision you want your state to put a public option in place to hold insurance companies accountable.

    Now don’t get me wrong, Senator Wyden is one of my favorite senators, but this interview didn’t tell me much. As for the public option, Congress has not only passed the bill, but they have also passed the buck. Since too many of them have ties to the insurance companies, they have now pushed this fight onto our state governments. This is probably the down side for the insurance companies, because now they have to spend a lot of the extra money that they will get from all these extra customers on bribing more and more state officials. But look at the bright side; they can’t buy all 50 states -- can they?
    And for Senator Wyden’s response to the mandate, we now know that he hasn’t read this portion of the bill, or maybe he has but he couldn’t comprehend the spaghetti script. I’ll bet this is the case for over 50% of the Democrat in the senate. As for the “minimum requirements,” I wonder what this entitles. I wonder if California and some other states are already unable to meet these minimum requirements. I need more detailed info before I’ll stop worrying about this mandate. But if worst comes to worst, this will be a perfect excuse for President Jeb to step up and happily fix it for us. (Oh, did I say fix?)

    Also, I’ll give anyone 10 to 1 odds for a 100 that either Baucus or Fowler will be working for the insurance industry within the next 5 years, and I get the 1,000 if they both are. Any takers? This has Gramm written all over it (but wait, he’s a Republican).


    Not all is joy in camelot..My My, the progressive liberals in NOW are not pleased... GREAT. As for health care vs seniors..Any political party that has no problem killing the unborn child will have no problem terminating the seniors.. It only logical. Moyers you keep filling your programs with far left over all these many yrs. Its time for change

    I've had it with both sides.

    The buck stops at the president's desk. All the stuff about "it's not his fault he couldn't pass what we needed" is a lie. Sorry mulp.

    The republicans and libertarians are lunatics who don't want to pay for the health and education of children and grandchildren, and who aggressively fight against removing children who are trapped with abusive parents. Sorry D.C. Eddy and billy bob. (By the way, billy bob. How many times have you been pregnant?)

    Women's rights have become unprotected rights; little more than bargaining chips in a political fight. NOW was no help at all and might as well be considered as useless in the future.

    It is time for women to start looking for new political parties and new women's rights groups to become affiliated with.

    I've had it with both sides.

    The buck stops at the president's desk. All the stuff about "it's not his fault he couldn't pass what we needed" is a lie. Sorry mulp.

    The republicans and libertarians are lunatics who don't want to pay for the health and education of children and grandchildren, and who aggressively fight against removing children who are trapped with abusive parents. Sorry D.C. Eddy and billy bob. (By the way, billy bob. How many times have you been pregnant?)

    Women's rights have become unprotected rights; little more than bargaining chips in a political fight. NOW was no help at all and might as well be considered as useless in the future.

    It is time for women to start looking for new political parties and new women's rights groups to become affiliated with.

    By far not a perfect bill, but then again not a perfect world of not so perfect people. The Principle of this fight is far more Relevant than what these uncertain times will actually bring us. For who really is in control???
    Thank you President Obama for channeling and doing the very best you could with such an ancient "Grid-locked" debate. Thanks for standing Firm for the Base of Life that is already here on this most Generous Planet of Life. Thank you for keeping your focus through such tumultuous times. Thank you for taking on such enormous complexities that we are faced with in today's world. I know your heart is in the right place.
    Loretta Huston

    I say we need to reform how bills are created. We are living in extremely complex times in which we need to break bills down into smaller segments and vote step by step so more people are informed throughout the process.
    As in a democracy we need to pick and choose our battles. I would have rather fought for the "Public Option" rather than including a moral issue such as our tax dollars paying for abortion which can be paid by personal funds. This point should have been Clarified from the start to cover an abortion only through rape, incest or threat to a woman's life.
    We need to FOCUS more on Prevention on all levels of Health Reform.
    Single mother of one child.
    Loretta Huston

    I say we need to reform how bills are created. We are living in extremely complex times in which we need to break bills down into smaller segments and vote step by step so more people are informed throughout the process.
    As in a democracy we need to pick and choose our battles. I would have rather fought for the "Public Option" rather than including a moral issue such as our tax dollars paying for abortion which can be paid by personal funds. This point should have been clarified from the start to cover an abortion only through rape, incest or threat to a woman's life.
    We need to focus more on Prevention on all levels of Health Reform.
    Single mother of one child.
    Loretta Huston

    I did not vote for President Obama, but I am still glad Health care Reform is law. John Nichols hit the nail on the head when he said it should have been Medicare for all.
    Differences of opinion are what this country is about, but the fear and hate mongering that is abundant is shameful. Government is going to take over healthcare? You mean instead of the insurance corporations which are in charge now? I can only hope and pray.

    They must be used to pay for all health care needs, including abortion, because eventually where we need to get to is a single-payer system."
    Terry O'neill

    Since when is killing unborn children the responsibility of society?
    Every other word out of your mouth is "WOMEN".
    Maybe you should consider the welfare of children and "heaven forbid" men.
    Your women libbers are never satisfied with anything and are undermining family structure. And you want the rest of the world to suffer with your delusional fixation?
    Your smile is a cover up for your wrong spirited self-ishness.

    The League of Lost Women...

    They fight on the battle field.
    They leave their children to raise themselves.
    They divorce without cause just because.
    They work two jobs to make ends meet.
    They have to be careful what they eat.
    They vote for sociopathic liars.
    They have to have it all even what they do not need.
    They are never satisfied with what they have.
    They find happiness in men's failures.
    They are experts at emotional manipulation.
    They know all, never admit mistake, promises break.
    Their world has gone astray.
    Why does it have to be this way?

    From what I read and hear, most pro-lifers are only pro-birthers. They could care less about those kids after they get here. Forget the education, food and shelter. Not everyone enjoys the luxury of decent parents.
    Sign me up for Rep. Grayson's plan! Now!

    As Dan Quayle said when being interviewed by a young girl with the Children's Television Network, "Women don't abortions, they can get a D&C". In his mind, and often in real life, the same thing. So public funds can fund a "therapeutic" D&C; people support a womans right to decide for herself also pay taxes and deserve as much consideration by congress as those who want to tell a woman what to do.

    Commenters disparaging women who need abortions would do well to remember that they are sneering at their mothers, their sisters, their daughters: 1 in 3 women has an abortion, including the women they know and love. Contraception isn't used perfectly by men or women. The condom broke. He'd been diagnosed as sterile. A planned pregnancy went horribly wrong.

    Whatever the unique circumstance, what is heartbreaking is that women often find that as little as $100 stands between they and an abortion they need. I've worked an National Network of Abortion Funds hotline as both a volunteer and a staffer, and nothing is more heartbreaking than hearing the defeat in a woman's voice when you tell her there's no more money that week.

    Want to help fill in the gaps? Sign up to join a team this April in one of 16 local bowl-a-thon events to raise money for abortion funds (or start a virtual team), sign the petition to repeal the Hyde Amendment, or donate directly to the National Network of Abortion Funds.

    Dear Terry O'Neill,
    Thank you for the work you do.
    Would your organization be able to gain access to the insurance companies' statistics to find out which companies do not discriminate against women and recommend those companies publicly?

    Thank you for your consideration,
    Millie F.

    Unborn haters defame America!

    I can't imagine anyone that has had a baby not beliving their unborn is alive!
    The heavely pregnant lady picks up a soccer ball & the ball is kicked out of her hands--is there any parent that has not smiled at that?
    O'Neil may not want too be a mother, but Bill did you have her on just too show how STUPID pro-life arguments are--you then succeeded!
    Jane Mar 26 11:45pm right with you!
    mulp mar 27 2:57am Hey! Obama just reduced my medicare I was paying for & gave it to meicAID.
    J Fair mar 27 3:40am Exactly!
    Ron A mar 27 3:17 am Vote out incumbents...period!

    Man! Hearing some of these left-wing extreamist is Scary!

    Billy Bob Florida

    O.D. (Obama Deform): (BTW, We the People are getting lipstuck-up to say this!) - As usual, NOW and the Nation only "get it" in the end. Instead of Ducking the FEM, these dabbling quacks contend the DESPOTUS that Hairy Reeded them NOW "owes" them for his George Carlin "service". They're STILL HEAD DOWN in the lake and DIGGING the same old way, "expecting some end different to result" : Insanity! Really, with the Obama "dagger" dangling above and behind them, what kind of position are they truly in? Y'all should Quit LAUGHING about the treacherous perversion of this precedent's Single-Payer PROMISE, STOP digging and take a look around to see which way the wind blows! OR, as said of the Bernanksters and Wall Street-walkers by your second guest - $UCK$!

    Are we getting too much in debt? Wondering how can we still competitive in the global market, if this keeps going on.

    Obama Health care: Insurance company's BAILOUT!

    It has been said history repeats it's self!
    "Communist Movement: Communism is a world in which each gives according to their abilities, and receive according to their needs!

    Is anyone with an IQ above 50 surprised by the outcome of health care bill? I am reminded of a statement by Ralph Nader in the last election where he referred to Obama as a corporate candidate from a to z. Nader could not have been more accurate. Big business got just what it wanted thanks to Obama. Another statement that hits the nail on the head was made by Pat Buchanan several years ago in his campaign when he said there has been too much compromise. Too much compromise is a way of life in DC. I just wish once compromise would work in favor of hard working ordinary citizens. Not a chance of that happening with Obama in office.

    Obama's health care bill: communist movement? communism is a world in which each gives according to their abilities, and receive according to their needs!

    Enjoyed and generally agreed with all 3 of your guests on tonight's Journal. They all alluded to the "lack of voice" the public currently commands with its representatives. Nowhere, however, was there any suggestions provided by any of the speakers of ways the public might pursue toward being heard by their representatives.

    What are our options?

    Keep sending messages that seem to be blatantly ignored?

    Vote out the incumbent Democrats in favor of ????

    Shut up and take what you get??

    Tony wrote: "...I don't think money from the masses should pay for it."

    I don't think the masses should be forced to pay for killing innocent women and children, so they shouldn't be forced to pay for bombs, missiles, and nukes which have in the past killed many innocent lives.

    Face it, abortion has nothing to do with the morality of killing innocent lives, but is all about punishing women.

    Why didn't O'Neill and NOW deliver the Republicans who are pro-choice to vote for the health reform bill so the Stupak votes wouldn't have been needed?

    And please, Congress is setup as an independent branch of government, and Obama can't order them to do anything. Why wasn't Nichols organizing progressive demonstrations and visit to their Congress people over the past year to put the heat on Congress from the progressive side? Wolf Blitzer after the fact said "geez, we never realized that 12% of the 50% opposed to the bill wanted single payer; no one told us."

    Electing the president is not sufficient to pass laws, but merely ensures that the bill won't be vetoed.

    And Obama did try to compromise with Republicans, not objecting to what was a Republican bill, in order to win support from Republicans. And he promised to do that in his campaign.

    As Bill Moyers has noted, MLK kept the pressure on with more demonstrations and marches in order to pave the way for LBJ to act.

    And a wave of progressive demonstrations might have convinced Republicans going hard right wasn't an obvious path to the majority.

    And it isn't too late. This summer might be a time to march on Washington for Medicare for all, or at least a buy-in today for those who can't wait until 2014.

    I've given up. I've given up on Obama. I've given up on the democratic party. And after watching the weak reaction and equivocations of NOW to Obama's health insurance reform that undercuts women essentially through their whole lifespan, I have given up on NOW to be an effective advocate for me.

    I see a lot of people who have been in D.C. too long and who have therefore come to accept the limitations and restraints as a fact of life.

    The democratic party won't see any more money from me nor will they see my vote again for at least two election cycles. I've had it with all of them.

    Mr. Moyers, I'm going to miss you desperately. I hope you find another way to get the truth out.

    How many progressive women candidates have *not* been elected to Congress because they had to prove their legitimacy by taking to the streets in the fight for abortion financing?

    Benighted Yahoos may have been in the opposition, and we should have fought them, but how much women's rights progress has been lost because those women did not got to Congress? Many poorly informed anti-abortion voters voted against progressives for whom they would otherwise have voted except for contention around this issue.

    I have been following Jane Hamsher on firedoglake throughout the health care debate, and no offense but your program was not news! NOW should have been fighting against Stupak and Nelson for months. Her organization should have been protesting, and kicking and screaming against the abortion language. I know this and I am Canadian and I have a job.

    O'Neill's job is to protect women and she couldn't understand this? She kept going on in this interview about how she understood the politics of it, about how she was betrayed by Obama?

    I find this approach naive in the extreme. It is no good to be principled unless your going to take to the streets to FIGHT for what you believe in.

    The abortion rights/financing issue is about as toxic as the gun rights issue, moving the other direction. It has distorted our politics beyond reason.

    As a lifelong pro-choice, pro-feminist person who is professionally aware of the need for safe, legal, affordable abortion, I have come to doubt that the NARAL approach has served us well. I am doubtful that the abortion rights struggle served us well these past months in DC. Could we have some deeper dialog on the issue?

    How many progressive candidates have not been nominated because of their stance on abortion rights? How many progressive nominees have not been elected because of their support for abortion rights? How much progressive legislation has not been introduced because of hot button opposition to abortion rights? How much progressive legislation has failed, or been watered down, because of battles over abortion? How much reproductive health education might have been added to the national conversation over the past few decades, if it hadn't been killed along with other progressive legislation because of distraction over explicit abortion rights?

    Has it advanced our cause to keep the rabble roused against us by our churning it in the government arena? The basic right has become intact, if an activist Supreme Court doesn't kill it. Forget about the battle over public financing; it has done too much damage to all sorts of progress on women's rights.

    Remove the hot button. Advance education. Advance the positions of vulnerable women. Advance the underpinnings of a sane society. Return to public financing in times to come. Focus on the larger issues now. NOW.

    Doesn't that make sense? I can't figure out how the reasoning doesn't work. I fear the abortion rights struggle, in which I participated, may have been self-defeating. I know that without it some women would have had tragedies, but I am forced to wonder if more have had tragedies because overall action was stymied.

    allenwrench, Alex Jones is a flipping egotistical nutcase and conspiracy freak who seems to be able to find a conspiracy in anything.

    If you visit his site it is full of violent, racist, hateful comments. Nothing but kooks, cowards and patriot wannabees follow Alex Jones.

    Ask Alex how his Y2K prediction went or his pre 2006 election false flag attack prediction worked out? Where are those confounded FEMA prison camps?

    Alex Jones...BAH-HA-HA-HA!

    NOW: Thanks for your advocacy. Now, how about something new?

    Please pull together some of the "Yes We Can" crowd who are internet organizational savvy to campaign for a *private* movement to increase Planned Parenthood funding tenfold.

    If PP's funding is increased by an order of magnitude, reproductive health can be charitably financed for all in need. Forget the distractions of politics (those destructive to other progressive legislation as well as those interfering with abortion rights)! Remove abortion from that arena!

    Think "private sector." I know it's been anemic when dependent on traditional philanthropy, but stop it and move to the 21st century.

    Look what "Yes We Can" did for financing Obama. Was that possible in the era of Roe v. Wade? No. Are we in that era now?

    Move your focus from DC to Silicon Valley, and distributed think tanks. Employ new technology, and change the model of supporting women's reproductive rights and needs. Margaret Sanger didn't spend her time on the immovable objects of govt; she took it to the streets. Our streets are now paved with fiberoptic cable. Updating Sanger, focus on PP. Expand PP's financing $10 at a time. Get enough money there to give aid to any applicant. Turn it into a new model of responding to the need.

    Wish I could do it myself, but I know there is a kid in college and in NOW who can pull it together. Get her!

    it is mt president give the next government the most gauge pressure about medicare. nataliawika,alarm system, lockerznews, wika_determination,credit card debt, intothepresence, earn money place, smart site.

    I have, and would again, contribute toward the cost of an elective abortion under the right circumstances,
    But I don't find it unreasonable for the government to be blocked from offering subsidies for the purchase of HC plans that offer such benefits. To do otherwise disrespects taxpayers who object. Having to scrounge, and demand help from the father, is a reasonable hurdle that truly motivated women could overcome.

    The statement made by Moyers about John Boehner was true, back in May of 1996. He made numerous apologies and agreed, it was a mistake. Moyers, give it a rest. Did Frank or Dodd ever apologise for Fannie and Frank? Their mistakes affected the entire country, not just themselves. I find it hard to believe that 40% of American women have had abortions and would like proof, if I am wrong. Also there are numerous clinics where women can recieve free birth-control which is quite cheaper then paying for abortions. Rape, incest and harm to mothers is included in health-care. At least that is what BO said he signed. As far as a previous blog, "right wingers" are Americans. The radical things happening are done by very extreme people with serious mental health problems, not by "right wingers" Why label people when you have zero knowledge on anything you said. Capitol punishment is a law, buying a gun is a right, attacking terrorists is a necessity to protect the nation. As far as thousands of children dying in this country because of no food or water is hard to believe.There are again numerous programs for food, health and housing. You writing all this crap about Americans ("right wingers")is one of the most hate-ful blogs I have ever read. You must live a very sad life!!

    The health reform is a start. Maybe in years to come it will be build into a health care plan to cover all Americans and disarm the insurance company's. Hopefully abortions will never be paid for by any health reform plan. Abortion is not a women's right issue. Abortion is the issue of a female (who has not been raped) making a conscience decision to have sex without any form of contraception. Women it is time to wake up and get a grip. Abortion is not your way out nor is sex without a contraceptive.

    Terry O'Neill lost me with the first words out of her mouth, repeating the outrageous assertion made in Newsweek and elsewhere that 40% of women have had an abortion.
    The math behind the stat takes an alleged number of abortions over a 32-year period and says that represents 40% of women 18+ in 2005. Many, many flaws there, not least of which is that the proper denominator is all women of childbearing age at any point during the 32-year period.
    (Alternatively, the average number of abortions per year over the 32 years, compared with the average number of women during the period, with other adjustments for multiple abortions and other factors needed from there.)
    John Nichols was at least halfway rational; Ms. O'Neill embarrassed her cause.

    maria, we have the same thing going on in florida. our state is broke but they can somehow manage to find money to hire outside lawyers to wage a lawsuit against healthcare. btw, the lawyers come from the same gop lobbying office at which current ag/gubernatorial candidate bill mc collum used to work. nice, eh?
    if you are signed onto face book (and who isn't these days)there are a bunch of groups forming that are against these suits. they are from many states...they have petitions and actions planned.
    you might want to call your local democratic party people, they'll know who's fighting what...:)

    Thanks Bill Moyers for another excellent program. Wall Street and healthcare profiteers won big on these "reforms". Let's hope that eventually there is some reform of the reforms. It is likely that healthcare costs will continue to skyrocket and the healthcare system will continue to unravel. The bill tweaks some of the egregious problems but it doesn't deal with the root cause of the problem--for profit healthcare. Even Obama's oversight panel to see that insurance companies spend 85% of their premiums on healthcare did not become part of the bill. Single payer healthcare will be revisited when the dust settles and it is seen that healthcare profiteers wrote the bill and we have essentially the status quo with little change.

    [Tony | March 26, 2010 9:29 PM "but I don't think money from the masses should pay for it."]

    Well Tony, suppose Scalia and Alito manage to get Roe v. Wade overruled.

    What if your Red State government can then force your buddy's mistress to bear his illegitimate child under threat of criminal law? What if her birth expenses are covered under one of the subsidized insurance companies?

    Do you want to pay for the increased health insurance premiums and police enforcement costs resulting from a public policy of forcing young women to complete an "ill-conceived" pregnancy? Are you going to vote for the bond issue to hire more city detectives to follow young girls around and make sure they go to prison if they don't cooperate?

    Or, if the poor girl has any rights under the state constitution, her body is being condemned under eminent domain in order to serve the public. Therefor, there should be an due process in an eminent domain hearing and your state legislature should be prepared to appropriate money to compensate for the public "taking" and condemnation of the internal organs of her body for the benefit of another "citizen" (aka "fetus"). In short, the government should pay for the use of the unwilling woman's body during her pregnancy and the inconvenience of bearing and raising a citizen she didn't want and wasn't ready to bear.

    Are you going to pay the increased taxes to cover the costs of awarding the girl the "market value" of her internal organs that are being seized by the state to promote a public policy purpose? Are you willing to contribute to the costs of raising the neglected citizen and the cost of keeping him in the penitentiary as a result crimes he commits arising out of the trauma of being an unwanted child?

    I would bet the costs of respecting every citizen's right to compensation under eminent domain would be far higher than the tiny incremental cost of providing insurance to all women for all health conditions.

    What I would like to know is why is it that so many right wingers squeal and wail about the Precious Unborn, but so many of them LOVE their guns, LOVE preemptive war, LOVE capital punishment and don't care too much about what happens to the Already Born. The tens of thousands of childen for example that die every day in this country and around the world from lack of clean water, from preventable disease, from malnutrition, and starvation. Why does the passion about Sanctity of Life not cover them? Or the sick and injured who can't afford health care. And among these same psychos screaming about being Pro-Life, are the bombers of abortion clinics, killers of doctors, and threatening the lives of Members of Congress. Can they NOT SEE the contradiction? How can they expect to be seen as a moral force?

    Mr. Moyers
    What I want to know is how to establish contact with organizations who aim to stop Texas legislators from opposing the Health Reform Bill and from bringing a lawsuit against the Federal Government. Websites to contact my congressman or senator seem to be rather inefective.

    People, what is all this hate mongering about? This issue is really simple, it is a moral issue ... ALL people need health care ... like in All Gods creatures, I don't think God cares if you are illegally here or not, or if your rich or poor ... or if you have great health insurance (for now) and wish to keep lines small so you can get in faster (how selfish) and many of you make out like others are sub human and not deserving of care. The truth is, we give health care to everyone now ... that's why I pay $8 for an aspirin while in the hospital and my bill is double what it should be. If you think it is ok for people to be allowed to NOT have health insurance, then they need to sign a paper that says " if anything happens to me, do not help because I am not insured" - heart attack - let em die on the lawn - broken arm - bring the money or don't come to the hospital; the rest of us who are insured are tired of paying your bill! BUT THAT SHITS NOT GONNA HAPPEN! NOR SHOULD IT! The truth is, "we all need health insurance" and "we all need to pay for it" even the people who are healthy now, because you just don't know when you will need it ... and you will need it!
    Health care should have been simple - four questions 1) What insurance company's should have to cover as a basic policy available to all. 2) How to pay for it so everyone gets at least basic coverage. 3) How can we eliminate waste, fraud, and abuse in the system. 4) What can we do to lower the cost of health care.
    The government runs many things well including our Military, Fire Departments, Police Departments and many more ... besides, last I heard, ALL insurance was to be bought from the private sector. A couple other national plans that worked out well was the "Interstate System" and the "Electric Power Grid". (according to some, probably should not have been done - hell, I don't drive in New York, why should I care if they have an interstate?) You know, if you tell a pretty little girl she is ugly long enough and point out the flaws she does have, she and others around her will start to believe that too! This is just wrong ... don't be a hater ... lets fix the problem ... if we need more Doctors, lets educate them ... if we need more hospitals, lets build them. This is an "all of us problem", it only makes sense that "all of us pay for it".
    What is sad is, that some in congress don't want to solve the problem ... we all know healthcare is, and has been a problem for some time ... it has been debated for years and hotly debated for the last year. The answer for some is " start over on a clean sheet of paper" REALLY? Didn't you put any ideas on your paper over the last year? or several years? And many will not even admit that this is just a ploy to keep the status quo, because EVERYONE knows, if it don't happen now, it will not happen ... for years!
    People, we all need to be part of the solution, not part of the problem ... it is easy to point out what is wrong with something or someone, solving a problem is much harder ... you have to say what you are for, not just what your against. Remember, you, or someone you Love may be just one paycheck from being put out on the lawn to die because you can't afford healthcare ... or maybe you have your medicare, so to hell with everyone else (selfish thinking) or maybe you think you are more entitled to healthcare than the next person - you can tell that to God when you see him ... and you will see him.
    Are there problems with the healthcare bill? HELL YES! But it will be better for the people as a whole than what we have now. I am on God's side ... I'm sure he would say something like "take care of all my children" and "All men are equal in my eyes" Government is not the enemy, it is the tool we use to make happen that witch is good for all, but we can't do by our selves ... military, streets & interstates, electrical grid, keeping food & water safe, regulating commerce, making sure we all can pursue Life, Liberty, and happyness.

    NOW is delusional if it thinks that Roe v. Wade is going to survive another five years without being overruled by the activist, ideological, legislating U.S. Supreme Court.

    It's time NOW developed a new strategy. Instead of attempting to defend Roe v. Wade, it is time to embark on a sound rationale for the right of a woman to control her own reproductive cycle and the uses to which internal organs of her own body are put.

    Any American citizen has a constitutional right against expropriation of property without due process, including at least a hearing. If the concept of property means anything, a woman certainly owns her internal organs.

    If there is a legitimate public policy argument that justifies forcing an exploited young girl to bear the child of whatever lecherous old goat has abused her at a time in her life when she is unwilling and unready to bear a child to term, then it is a form of expropriation.

    In that event, her body is being condemned for public use. Assume that there is a public policy reason that requires that her internal organs be put to the use of the State in order to create another citizen. (Maybe we don't have enough unskilled workers and we need more.) In that case, a woman (or girl) should be entitled to a hearing and compensation for the public use of her internal organs.

    This is foundational law. The Justices Scalia and Alito cannot deny it, no matter how fanatically committed to a reactionary political agenda.

    There is a big movement in the country against eminent domain. It's a big movement in Texas and throughout the Red States. If NOW were to adopt the condemnation hearing approach with respect to forced pregnancy, NOW could tap into this already well developed movement. The eminent domain movement would either accept it, or fall apart.

    NOW must be wise, rather than merely stubborn. Roe v. Wade was not a well reasoned opinion.

    NOW should not be in the position of defending a poorly reasoned decision, any more than it should be in the position of defending this week's health care legislation.

    To your guests who support abortion benefits as part of health care reform--their views don't conform to those of anyone that I know personally (I personally know many people and their views on the subject of taxpayer funded abortions) and we all consider ourselves both liberal and progressive. what ever happened to personal responsibility for birth control (condoms, self-respect and/or control, planning, etc.) as birth control for the vast majority of those who find themselves in need of an abortion? I think that anyone who whishes an abortion should feel free to get one without any moral condemnation on my part, but I don't think money from the masses should pay for it.

    Before conception-pro choice.
    After conception-pro life
    What's the problem O'Neil?

    Do you suggest all conception results from RAPE?
    What's your problem O'Neil?

    Everyone understands that after 1 day, 1 week, or 100 days the unborn is no more dependant on mother than a 1 day, 1 week, or 100 day old newborn!
    What IS YOUR problem O'Neil!?!

    Women have a right & the means to NOT conceive.
    What's your problem O'Neil?

    Billy Bob Florida

    Reforming the Reform....
    In Health....America's Substance Abuse should finally be a top priority.
    Alcohol, Tobacco and Drugs
    are major economic drivers of ruanway costs.
    In Education....Health should be Top Priority on Curriculum...violence is #1
    American disease...we kill ourselves with bad food, language, and behaviors.

    Terry Oneil never mentions the baby lives being lost with abortion. Don't they count? Are we not supposed to protect the least among us? If the mother won't who will. The babies have a right to life as well. Most abortions are because having a baby will be inconvient.

    Bill, I like your show alot. But as someone on your show last week said, the insurance company profits at .4% of total healthcare costs. Insurance company margins on revenue rank the industy as 88th in US industry. Please deal with the facts.

    Is ObamaCare a false promise of reform?

    Yes, and No. It does offer reform in some areas. But the type of reform or change America needs in its healthcare system is not addressed at all in ObamaCare.

    Soon the insurance companies will be back raising rates and working within the loopholes within the ObamaCare bill to run up profits while cutting back on healthcare for America. Then it will sink in what ObamaCare was all about.

    Ron Paul on how ObamaCare will be reformed.

    I don't have much time to write on this topic as this is the high season for work and my garden and orchard now require lots of time. But let me say a few things on this subject.

    I remember McCain talking about the 'individual mandate' as part of his plan when he was running for pres. He wanted to mandate insurance and give people a $5000 tax credit or something like that.

    Now the Reps pretend like individual mandate is the worst thing the Dems could have come up with. But all the while the Reps were for the mandate well before Obama got in.

    "The truth is this is a Republican idea," said Linda Quick, president of the South Florida Hospital and Health care Association. She said she first heard the concept of the "individual mandate" in a Miami speech in the early 1990s by Sen. John McCain

    Just look at what WV Rep Alan Mollahan is running on TV. He is spinning his 'yes vote' as a vote against the big health insurance companies.

    Yes, he really hurt the health insurance industry...that was why their stocks all when up after the ObamaCare bill was passed.

    Always remember...Dems = Reps and Reps = Dems

    And no matter how you, slice and dice it, they both = LYING RHETORICIANS!

    Here is some other interesting tidbits about ObamaCare as well as Barry Soetoro (Obama)

    True...False...I don't know?

    PS: If you like Alex Jones listen to him on SW radio. Think he is on 4840 10 to 12 PM eastern.

    Since the "reform" Obama signed gave the insurance company shareholders exactly what they wanted - 32 million forced customers -- give republicans a choice between their "repeal campaign" or supporting Medicare For All to save even more money.

    Republicans could explain to their constituents why they trust the insurance companies over our 45 year old Medicare system.

    In any event it might bring more media attention to the science behind single payer and century of failed trial and error attempts to acquire Universal healthcare at the least expanse.

    Post a comment

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