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Moyers Rewind: Is God Green?

In 2006 as part of the series MOYERS ON AMERICA, Bill Moyers took a look at a growing divide among evangelical Christians over global warming and other environmental issues in "Is God Green?" The documentary follow the path of some of the evangelicals leaders who split with colleagues and released "An Evangelical Call to Action" on climate change in early 2006. Now, THE NEW YORK TIMES reports the "an increasingly fierce backlash against the mingling of Christianity and environmentalism has emerged from other quarters of the evangelical movement." Review the debate by watching "Is God Green?" and exploring the links below.

Watch the Preview

  • "An Evangelical Backlash Against Environmentalism," THE NEW YORK TIMES, December 30, 2010.
  • Glossary: From Creation care to mine slurry
  • Documents: Read the Cornwall Declaration. Explore the global warming debate
  • Timeline: What happened in Donora, PA that led to the Clean Air Act? When did the Kyoto Protocol go into effect?
  • Sites:Check local air and water quality. Find out about other faiths and the environment.


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