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Learning to live together means deciding how responsible we are for one another, and how we fulfill that obligation. When should a nation of immigrants close its border? How many uninsured is too many? Is poverty inevitable? What's the proper role of religion in politics? These are deep questions, and they deserve more than a "conservative" or a "liberal" answer.

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Katherine Newman, photo by Robin Holland
On the fragile stability of the missing class: "One parent who gets sick. A health insurance plan that fails you, or no health insurance at all, which is true for many of these families. And you end up in trouble. And you could fall down below the missing class back into poverty. Which is what no one wants. They're absolutely desperate to stay out of that category. And if the economy's strong, they often do. And, in fact, can move up from the missing class up to the middle class if they get more education. But it's a fragile existence because they don't really have the security that comes with owning a home, for example. Or having a savings account. Or any of the other buffers the rest of us have. And they don't qualify for federal benefits for the most part. So they don't have that safety net that we put in whatever patchwork ways underneath the poor."

Watch Bill Moyers interview with Katherine about the "missing class".

Melissa Harris Lacewell photo by Robin Holland
On evangelicals and social responsibility: "And there are variations within the evangelical community. What I hear on the one hand, we have certain fellow believers who view the future in very well-defined ways and who or absolutely convinced that there's nothing that anybody or anything can do about it. And yet we also have the clear teachings of Jesus about being peacemakers, about caring for the world, about loving your enemy. How do those two things go together? So there's that deep biblical tradition that evangelicals can draw on to find another way."

Watch the interview with Dr. Timothy Weber and Rabbi Michael Lerner.

Dr. Samuel Rodriguez, photo by Robin Holland
On Latino voters and immigration policy: "We're all in favor of border protection and securing the borders, of course. But however, what we actually did see in the Republican Party is the emergence of something that subtle in the Republican Party, the xenophobia, American nativism under the guise of border protection and border security. And the amount of polarization — I'm a generation X'er, born in the great republic of New Jersey — I never would have imaged in my lifetime that I would have to prove my citizenship in order to apply for an apartment in Oklahoma, Texas or Arizona."

Watch the rest of Bill Moyers' conversation with Dr. Samuel Rodriguez.

Cory Booker, photo by Robin Holland
On race and American culture: "Well, I don't want us to be an America that is sanitized, homogenized, 'deodorized' as a friend of mine says, and forgets about race. The richness of America is that we are diverse. We're not Sweden. We're not Norway. We are a great American experiment. And as soon as we start trying to forget race or turn our back on race, number one, we don't confront the real racial realities that still persist. But, number two, is we miss the great delicious opportunities that exist in America and no where else. So, I don't want to be a race transcending leader. I want to be deeply understood as a man, as African-American, as a Christian, all that I am. But, ultimately it's a portal to punch through to a deeper and more textured, more nuanced understanding of the beauty and the brilliance of America. So, that involves a difficult conversation, not a sound bite."

Watch Bill Moyers interview Newark's mayor Cory Booker.
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