The Great Whales/Sharks

1. What is the largest creature to have ever lived?
sperm whale
African elephant
Brontosaurus dinosaur
blue whale
humpback whale
2. Grey whales migrate from the Bering Sea to the lagoons of Baja California. The round-trip journey is about:
100 miles
1,000 miles
3,000 miles
5,000 miles
10,000 miles
3. A baby right whale is about:
two feet long
five feet long
10 feet long
20 feet long
50 feet long
4. Male humpback whales communicate by:
5. True or false. On a long, deep dive, a sperm whale can hold its breath for more than an hour.
6. The largest fish in the sea, growing to over 40 feet long, is the:
striped marlin
yellowfin tuna
whale shark
7. The swell shark is different from most sharks because the female lays an egg. How long does it take for the baby shark to hatch from its egg case?
one month
three months
six months
10 months
12 months
8. The giant, 15 foot long, six-gilled shark is rarely seen because it lives at depths of:
100 feet
200 feet
300 feet
500 feet
1,000 feet
9. The fastest swimming shark in the ocean is the:
blue shark
sand tiger shark
mako shark
whale shark
hammerhead shark
10. One of the ocean's top level predators is the white shark. It can grow to 20 feet in length and weigh:
500 pounds
1,000 pounds
2,000 pounds
3,000 pounds
5,000 pounds

Sea Dwellers
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