Cathedral in the Sea

1. How much of their own body weight do sea otters have to eat per day to stay warm in the cold California waters?
10 percent
20 percent
30 percent
40 percent
2. Kelp can grow from a holdfast attached to the bottom in water how deep?
30 feet
50 feet
75 feet
100 feet
3. Who cleans, maintains and defends the Garibaldi nest when it contains eggs?
the male
the female

4. How deep can harbor seals dive to feed on squid?
100 feet
200 feet
500 feet
1,000 feet
5. What reef creature is a potential predator on the Garibaldi's eggs?
sea anemone
sea urchin
sea star
6. What do mantis shrimp use to feed on mussels?
parrot-like beak
large pinchers
hammer-like claw
poisonous tentacles
7. A male bat ray tells a female bat ray he is ready to mate by rubbing her:
8. What cleans the parasites off ocean sunfish or Mola mola?
kelp bass
halfmoon perch
kelp rockfish

Sea Dwellers
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