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April 6, 2000

What can you do to help maintain and preserve the valuable ecosystems of the world?

By reducing waste, by reusing and recycling, you will help to prevent the need to clear land, and will assist in decreasing pollution levels around the globe. Every effort you make, no matter how small it may seem, makes a difference. Small differences accumulate into significant effects.


  • Reduce the amount of garbage you create by using less disposable items such as paper and plastic.
  • Pick garbage up off the ground even if you didn't leave it there.
  • Reduce the amount of atmosphere-damaging chemicals (and improve your own health through physical exercise as well) by riding your bike or walking.
  • Reduce the amount of toxic chemicals entering waterways, drinking water supplies, fisheries and other foods by not dumping chemicals down the drain.
  • Reduce the amount of water you use and use it wisely. Take shorter showers. Don't leave the tap running when you clean your teeth or wash dishes. Fresh water is a far more precious commodity than is generally realized.
  • Reuse paper bags for school or work lunches.
  • Rinse out and reuse plastic bags, plastic containers and glass jars.
  • Reuse old bags to do your supermarket shopping.
  • Recycle metal, glass, paper and other materials by setting up special bins for them.
  • Buy and use recycled and non-bleached paper.

Listen to Roger Payne's Voice from the Sea piece entitled:
Equating Human Interests with Interests of Non-Humans.

For more information on conservation and environmental activism, visit Journey to Amazonia: Be An Amazon Activist and Planet Neighborhood on PBS Online.

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