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Verity Steptoe Photo

Verity Steptoe
Science Intern / Deckhand - Red Sea Passage, Mauritius & Maldives
Home: Perth, AUSTRALIA

Verity has been passionate about the marine environment for as long as she can remember. This enthusiasm drove her to pursue a career in marine biology. In 2000, she received a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Western Australia and a Bachelor of Antarctic Studies degree at the University of Tasmania in 2001. The latter degree included a 6 month honours research project investigating the foraging ranges of the Royal Penguin, endemic to the sub-Antarctic Macquarie Island - satellite telemetry was used to determine individual foraging ranges during the breeding season and whether oceanographic features influenced their behaviour.

Prior to joining the Odyssey, Verity has been involved in a number of marine-based projects, including assisting in the establishment of a native turtle aquaculture industry in a remote aboriginal community in the Northern Territory, behavioural studies of Australian Sea Lions on islands off the coast of Perth, Western Australia and employment as an eco-tour guide in Western Australia's beautiful Ningaloo Reef. Recently, Verity completed a 3 month research and education internship with Ocean Alliance, based in Gloucester, Massachusetts. The internship involved daily trips to Stellwagen National Marine Sanctuary working in collaboration with a local whale watch company (Cape Anne Whale Watch) - to provide education to the public on whale and ocean conservation and conduct behavioural and identification research on Humpback whales.

Verity plans to use this exciting opportunity aboard the Odyssey as a chance to combine her passion for cetaceans, the ocean environment and marine education as a means of promoting increased awareness of important issues to ensure conservation of the marine environment for future generations to enjoy.

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