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The Voyage of the Odyssey is a five-year program designed to gather the first ever baseline data on levels of synthetic contaminants throughout the world's oceans. It will use whales and pelagic fish as indicator species for measuring the health of the seas.

The Ocean Alliance is dedicated to rigorous scientific research in conjunction with global education in order to improve people's appreciation for, and understanding of the ocean environment and the creatures within it, and to contribute to the conservation of whales.

Sperm Whale A sperm whale
Photo: Iain Kerr

The material we post will be advanced multimedia material offering a thematic, hands-on approach to understanding life in the seas. For the five years, the Odyssey will be continuously connected to the world via an interactive website and 'live' classroom linkups from the field.

Linking 'live' to the Odyssey from the classroom will give students all over the world a chance to participate in a voyage of discovery that is circling the globe — a unique educational opportunity for teachers and a formative experience for students.

During our voyage we have created the Class from the Sea, an interactive education program linking the Odyssey directly to schools around the globe via the internet.

To learn more about our present expedition in the Atlantic Ocean, please listen to the current Daily Log and the latest Voice from the Sea pieces on the front page of the website. View the current position of the Odyssey daily as well as live audio, video, and still images along the way in Track the Voyage.

Learn more about some of the scientific papers and media generated during expedition - click here to view some of the results so far.

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