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Only a Teacher - classroom
Only A Teacher
Online Resources
American Federation of Teachers
As described on its web site, the American Federation of Teachers "represents one million teachers, school support staff, higher education faculty and staff, health care professionals, and state and municipal employees.

The New Teacher's Guide to the U.S. Department of Education
This guide, provided by the Department of Education, includes information about voluntary national tests in reading and math, raising academic standards, and facts about various offices of education.

Education Commission of the State
In the "About" section of the web site, the ECS explains that its mission "is to help state leaders identify, develop and implement public policy for education that addresses current and future needs of a learning society."

Education Week
"American Education's Online Newspaper of Record" has an incredibly in-depth web site, with news reports, coming teacher-related events, special reports, state-related information, and searchable archives.

National Education Association
According the site's description, "NEA is America's oldest and largest organization committed to advancing the cause of public education. Founded in 1857 in Philadelphia and now headquartered in Washington, D.C., NEA proudly claims more than 2.5 million members who work at every level of education, from pre-school to university graduate programs. NEA has affiliates in every state as well as in over 13,000 local communities across the United States."

National Center for Education Statistics

The National Center for Education Statistics is the "primary federal entity collecting and analyzing data that are related to education in United States and other nations."

National Commission for Teaching and America's Future
The National Commission for Teaching and America's Future "provides partners with policy development support, access to research and information about successful practices, and opportunities to network with and learn from colleagues nationwide. The Commission also undertakes research aimed at providing practitioners, policy makers, and others concerned about teaching quality with the data and tools for helping them carry out reforms."

The Coalition for Essential Schools
As described on its web site, the Coalition for Essential Schools is "a growing national network of over 1,000 schools, 19 regional centers and a national office seeking to promote higher student achievement and to develop more nurturing and humane school communities."

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