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These are exciting times for teachers. New technologies and new approaches to teaching and learning open up astonishing possibilities for educators today. But at the same time, teachers still face many of the same challenges as their counterparts of the past. They grapple with large and often conflicting expectations, limited resources, limited autonomy, and limited opportunities for growth and advancement. This is a time of flux for all teachers, when the legacy of the profession's history often clashes with teachers' vision of the future. Here, you can listen to several of the teachers, educational activists and scholars that appear in Only A Teacher as they discuss the issues that most affect teachers today.

Teachers, Activists, and Scholars

Ann Cook

Co-Director, Urban Academy, New York City

Linda Darling Hammond
Professor of Education, Stanford University

Dean Eastman
Social Studies Teacher, Beverly, Massachusetts

Aurora Fleming
Retired Middle School Science Teacher, Springfield, Massachusetts

Terri Grasso
Science Teacher, Urban Academy, New York City

Carolyn Lawrence
Assistant Principal/Former English Teacher, Charlotte, North Carolina

Tsianina Lomawaima
Professor of American Indian Studies, University of Arizona

Frank McCourt
Author/Retired English Teacher, New York City

Lorraine Monroe
Director, School Leadership Academy

Tom Mooney
President, Ohio Teachers Federation

Brian Sheehy
Second Grade Teacher, Hadley, Massachusetts

Gerry Speca
Retired Drama and English Teacher, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Sandy Warner
Mentor Teacher, Roberts Paidea Academy, Cincinnati, Ohio

Alex White
English Teacher, Urban Academy, New York City

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