Family History: Activity Pack


Family stories are a rich window on the past. They can paint pictures of an important period in history through the experience, perspective, and memories of people who lived during that time. These lesson plans which spin off of artifacts and family heirlooms featured in History Detectives episodes offer students opportunities to dig deeper into their own family history. Through activities that emphasize genealogical research and oral history interviews, students can begin to discover and access new information about themselves—as well as acquire the skills required to become history detectives in their own right.

Lesson Plans

Those with Lofty Ideals: Eulogizing Family Members

After watching an excerpt from the Spanish Civil War Eulogy investigation, students prepare to interview parents and other family members to discover how a living or deceased family member lived their ideals. They then write speeches or eulogies about that person.

Treasure Troves: Investigating Favorite Objects and Their Owners

After learning about an investigation of a Siberian Bullet, students investigate the history and provenance of an object treasured by a family member.

On Your Honor: Documenting Family Stories of Bravery

Students watch an excerpt from the History Detectives episode Leopold Medal, then profile a family member who committed a brave act in the form of a monologue.

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McRel Standards

These lessons are aligned to the McRel National Standards. They can also be aligned to the National Standards for History.