WWII: Activity Pack


World War II was fought in the form of physical battles as well as psychological warfare. The surviving artifacts from the front lines of these struggles provide a window onto how World War II was waged. These lesson plans are based on History Detectives episodes that examine how several objects played a key role in World War II, particularly the role of Japan and the Japanese in the war. They offer students opportunities to research and write about Japanese internment camps, the air war, and propaganda.

Lesson Plans

Detained: Creating Newspapers Depicting Life in Japanese Internment Camps

Students watch an excerpt from the Japanese Carved Cane investigation in which they learn about Japanese internment camps in the United States during World War II. They then create newspapers depicting life in the camps and in typical American communities at the time.

Up in the Air: Debating the Ethics of Drone Warfare

Students learn about fighter planes used during World War II through the Drone Propeller investigation, then debate whether or not this type of technology should be used in military warfare.

The Art of Persuasion: Analyzing World War II Propaganda

Students view an excerpt from the World War II Leaflets investigation in which they learn about propaganda leaflets distributed in Japan by the United States during World War II. They then analyze period propaganda posters.


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McRel Standards

These lessons are aligned to the McRel National Standards. They can also be aligned to the National Standards for History.