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Perfect Illusions: Eating Disorders and the Family
About the Show
Special thanks to the individuals and families who participated in the program and Web site for their courage and honesty, and for opening their world to us.

The Show


Peggy Case

Host and Narrator
Lauren Hutton

Supervising Producer/Writer
Fred Peabody

Josh Golding

Directors of Photography
Paul Mailman
Greg Davis
Valerie Vozza
Marc Pingry

Daryl Ondatje
Valerie Vozza

Production Coordinator
Kari Basford

Assistant Producers
Jillian Rood
Vanessa Kaneshiro

Title Graphics/Animation
Rodney Shelden Fehsenfeld

Music composed by
Michael Cozzi

Sound Design & Mix
Jim Wilson/Wishupon Productions

Audio Facilities by
Pure Audio
Studio One/Eleven

Anna's journal read by
Melissa Albin

Marya Hornbacher photos by
Mark Trockman

Project Consultants
Douglas Bunnell, Ph.D.
Craig Johnson, Ph.D.
Diane Mickley, M.D., F.A.C.P.

Special Thanks
Mary E. Brennan
Steven R. Mitchell, M.D., Ph.D.
L. Wyatt

Computer Czar
Gordon B. Hayes

Production Interns
Jorji Knickrehm Rich
Ellen Frick

General Counsel
Monica Reisner

David Ahneman

Thank you
Friends and Family Northwest
Redmond High School
Rich Huntsman
Jennifer Wong
Doris and Tom Smeltzer

Production Manager
Nolan Lehman

Executive Producer
Rupert Macnee

Executive in Charge of Production
David Rabinovitch

Major funding for Perfect Illusions: Eating Disorders and the Family is provided by the Don and Melissa Nielsen Family Fund. Additional funding is provided by the Janet Upjohn Stearns Charitable Trust.

The Web Site

Virginia Bogert, Laughing Dog Pictures

Tim Olson

Copy Editor
Helene Wecker


Jennifer Southwell

David Viau

Jeff Johnson

Thank you
Peggy Case
NOVA and the "Dying to be Thin" documentary and Web site for providing additional information about Eating Disorders.
Joe Kelly, Dads and Daughters

Pat Fallon, Ph.D.
Joel Jahraus, M.D.
Steven R. Mitchell, M.D., Ph.D.
Cynthia M. Bulik, Ph.D.
Craig Johnson, Ph.D.
Margo Maine, Ph. D.
Holly Hoff, NEDA

Web Site Sources Include
National Eating Disorders Association, NEDA
Harvard Eating Disorders Center
National Institute of Mental Health
Eating Disorder Information Center
Academy of Eating Disorders
The Anna Westin Foundation

Partial funding for Perfect Illusions: Eating Disorders and the Family Website is made possible by The National Eating Disorders Association, NEDA.

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